GL Transcript Thursday 3/12/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 3/12/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light".

Colin: We need to treat the cancer aggressively with an immediate course of radiation.

Shayne: I don't want to go. I don't want you out of my life.

Reva: That would hurt the baby?

Colin: That's why I'm recommending a c-section.

Reva: No chance in hell.

Shayne: What did you expect to find in Bosnia, exactly?

Dinah: I didn't know. Something. Anything.

Shayne: Well, it worked.

Phillip: Today is the big day!

Alan: Yes! A big day of disappointment for Doris Wolfe and Buzz Cooper, when their star witness doesn't show up.

Phillip: What makes you so sure he won't show?

Alan: Well, let's just say I took care of Mr. Foley.

Phillip: You did?

Alan: I can't imagine he is going to show up.

Phillip: Huh. Well, I hope you're right. Because if his testimony comes to light, they're going to have a pretty good case. Because you did, you hired him to kill Jonathan Randall, right? But I know he ended up running over Tammy Winslow instead, but, still, if the grand jury hears that you were behind all of that, you could have a problem.

Alan: Luckily for me, son, I don't think any of that is going to happen. I'll see you later.

Phillip: Yeah, unfortunately, Dad, I think you're right.

Doris: Hey. There are a few things I want to go over with my star witness before the hearing gets started. Where is the little devil?

Buzz: He's probably on his way.

Daisy: No. I... I don't think he's coming. I think something's wrong.

Doris: Well, he'd better show up, or he's fired.

Edmund: Hello, Dinah.

Dinah: You startled me... during my private time.

Edmund: Ooh, sorry.

Dinah: That's fine. It's a public park. Plenty of room for you, too.

Edmund: It is, isn't it. It's a lovely one at that. The pond, the swans.

Dinah: Yes, I like to read here, quietly.

Edmund: Me, I come to walk, listen to music.

Dinah: Britney?

Edmund: Ah. It's one of Laraís favorites.

Dinah: Very sweet.

Edmund: It is, isn't it? Unlike you. You know, you can't win Shayne back by giving him Laraís music box. You destroyed the only moving image of the woman he loves, just as you destroy everything you touch.

(Knock on the door)

Josh: Good morning, son.

Shayne: Good morning, Dad. Listen, I'm not having a good one, okay? I'm not in the mood for the father-son heart-to-heart chit-chat, fix my life thing right now.

Josh: Well, thank God for that. Because you know what? Neither am I. Look, you know what? We got to cut through the crap and we got to think about something else here. Because this situation between the two of us is not working out at all. We're not friends. We're not business partners. I'm not your coach. I'm not your minister. I don't want to be any of those things. I just want to be your dad.

Shayne: Okay.

Josh: Okay. Moving on then, here's the deal: I won't talk to you about Lara. I won't talk to you about the accident or Edmund or anything else that needs to be solved. We're just going to be two guys from the same family who just happen to be hanging out, okay?

Shayne: What did you do with my father?

Josh: (Laughs)

Shayne: Yeah, that's okay because I can hang.

Josh: Football? I also have brought, um, let's see. Hang on. Super bowl III, a classic, Joe Namath, the Jets and Colts. And I also have "Call Of Duty IV", which I'm going to warn you right now, I happen to be surprisingly skilled at.

Shayne: You have what? Yeah, well, I better warn you back, so am I. Why do you have that?

Josh: Okay. Okay. And just one more thing. Hold on. (Clears throat) Pizza? And beer.

Shayne: Beer?

Josh: Uh-huh.

Shayne: For you? Before noon?

Josh: The breakfast of champions.

Shayne: Okay, champ. How about some eggs first?

Josh: Do you have hot sauce?

Shayne: And ketchup.

Josh: Oh, boy.

Reva: Hey. Hey, you're not dressed yet. We're going to be late.

Jeffrey: Late for what?

Reva: We have another birthing class this morning.

Jeffrey: You're kidding me, right?

Remy: No, no. And this one is going to be amazing. I had us signed up for that particular class because the woman who teaches, teaches it, wrote this book.

Jeffrey: Reva, we're not going to a birthing class.

Reva: Oh, come on. Don't you want to know everything possible about what's going to happen in the delivery room?

Jeffrey: Did you not hear one word that that Colin told us last night? Reva, your cancer is spreading. You need radiation. They're going to deliver the baby today, a c-section. Today, Reva. The doctor has cleared his schedule, and he is waiting to hear from us.

Reva: Well, I'm going to deliver this baby when I'm absolutely positive that it can survive on its own, and not a minute sooner. Now, hurry up, come on. We're going to be late. I'll meet you in the car.

Lillian: Here's some water, honey. And I did as you asked. I called Cedars. He wasn't admitted. So he just probably lost track of time.

Daisy: I just-- I don't know why he would do this.

Lillian: Well, I'm sure he has some sort of an explanation.

Daisy: We were just so happy yesterday. Things were really good with us. He... he gave me this.

Lillian: Very pretty.

Daisy: No, it's not. It's not pretty. It's just-- it's his. It's why he gave it to me, because we're together. And he agreed to this, he agreed to testify against Alan because of me, because he loves me.

Lillian: Daisy, love doesn't always mean the same thing to men as it does to women.

Daisy: There is something wrong, or else he would be here.

Buzz: Okay. Let me get this all straight, okay? The grand jury hears everything, and then they hand out an indictment, right?

Doris: Yes.

Buzz: And then Alan goes in the slammer?

Doris: Well, he's out on bail, but they'll set a trial date.

Buzz: That's it? That's all?

Doris: Well, that's the next step.

Buzz: I donít... when does the trial begin?

Doris: Well, I-- that's normally anywhere from six months to six weeks.

Buzz: Oh, no, no, no, no, no! This is unacceptable! I need this not to take as long!

Doris: Thatís...

Buzz: He has to suffer right now!

Doris: That's the process, Buzz.

Buzz: Oh, no, no. Daisy?

Lillian: Is he here?

Doris: No, he's not. And your boyfriend needs to get his ass in here right now!

Buzz: Get him on the phone. Tell him if he doesn't show up now, the whole thing falls apart.

Alan: What? No Grady Foley? Well, let's see, he has 17 minutes before he has to testify. I'm sure he'll be here. He wouldn't want to disappoint you.

Reva: Come on. We're already ten minutes late. I can't believe it took you so long to change your clothes. We'll just kind of slip in quietly.

Jeffrey: Well, we shouldn't be going at all.

Reva: Well, we're not that late. We...

Jeffrey: Are you going to pretend, like this, all day long? Are you going to pretend that this isn't something critical right up to the last minute?

Reva: I'm not having a c-section. I'm going to take this birthing class, and I'm going to prepare myself for when the baby is ready to come. And you can come with me or not.

Janice: For some women, contractions can be more comfortable on your side. Others prefer to walk until the final stages of labor. And some patients find that a warm shower can be helpful.

Reva: Are there actually showers in the birthing room?

Jeffrey: This is ridiculous. That's a ridiculous thing to ask.

Reva: Well, no, actually, honey, it's not. I mean, I would be the one that's in labor, right? So if I want to take a shower, I will. Or if I want to take a walk on a treadmill, I'll do exactly that, because the decision is up to me as far as how this baby actually comes into the world.

Janice: It is important to make sure that your wife is comfortable.

Reva: Yeah.

Jeffrey: I need some air.

Reva: As far as birthing tubs, I've been doing some reading about that. Are there birthing tubs in any of the rooms?

Janice: Uh-huh.

Reva: Oh.

Josh: Oh. Oh! We should have stuck with the pizza. Ach, ach.

Shayne: Are you kidding me with this? You shouldn't have put so much hot sauce on it.

Josh: Oh, the hot sauce was meant to drown out the awfulness of the eggs. Do you have something... oh, man.... that I can wash this down with? Do you have some juice, coffee, or...

Shayne: (Laughs) Yeah, I've got something for you.

Josh: Maybe we should pop open one of those beers or something. Look, look, look, you know what?

Shayne: It's fresh --

Josh: No. Can we go? Maybe throw the football around a little bit somewhere. Because, to be honest, the room smells like eggs and socks.

Shayne: It smells like victory. Smells fine to me.

Josh: Get yourself ready. We're going out, all right? I've got the pizza. I'll get the car, and I'll meet you.

Shayne: I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming.

Phillip: Hey.

Dinah: Cousin Phillip, wow! Home at last. Wow! I wish my father would have lived to see this day.

Phillip: Me, too.

Dinah: I was going to stop by and visit you.

Phillip: No, something's always coming up.

Dinah: Yeah. At least you're out now.

Phillip: Yeah, well, not completely. (Laughs) I still have my limits.

Dinah: Other than that, how are you?

Phillip: I'm good. I'm good, yeah, yeah. It's a little strange being back. Some things are the same. Some things are very different. Still settling in. When I do, you'll know.

Dinah: I'll know?

Phillip: Have you heard?

Dinah: What?

Phillip: The news about Lizzieís kidnapping. Yeah, she finally figured out who did it.

Phillip: You seem a little tense. I thought you'd be more relieved. This could clear Bill.

Dinah: I am relieved. I am relieved. I just, I don't think you know how stressful it all was. Sometimes it feels like it will never really be over.

Phillip: Well, I guess I can understand what you'd feel that way. But, with the news, maybe it is finally over. Aren't you going to ask me who did it?

Dinah: Yes. Of course. Yeah. I thought, I was just waiting for you to tell me.

Phillip: Grady Foley.

Dinah: Wow. Just Grady?

Phillip: Well, I don't know. I mean, who else would be involved?

Dinah: His brother?

Phillip: Cyrus?

Dinah: Yeah. I'm not saying that he would do anything like that. I mean, I'm not trying to...

Phillip: Pin it on him?

Dinah: No.

Phillip: No, no, I understand.

Dinah: So is Grady in custody?

Phillip: No. He's not in custody.

Dinah: Wow? Did he just leave town? Where is he?

Phillip: I can't answer your questions about Grady.

Dinah: Wow, so he could still surface?

Phillip: Anything's possible.

Josh: Oh, man. Oh!

Shayne: You could do better.

Josh: No. I'm done. I'm done, really. We should have stayed back and watched Super Bowl III.

Shayne: What do you mean you're done?

Josh: (Laughs) I'm sorry.

Shayne: You're turning into my old man right before my eyes.

Josh: Hey, hey, hey. I was a minister for a year-and-a-half. Okay. I didn't have a lot of time to go to the gym.

Shayne: Oh.

Josh: I had a higher calling.

Shayne: Oh, that's right. That's right. So, I think we need to get you back into shape there. I'm going to need to drag you to physical therapy with me. Christina is real good. She's cute, too.

Josh: Of course she's cute. She's what, 20 years old.

Shayne: You know what? You're right. She's too young for you.

Josh: (Laughs) Oh, what.

Shayne: (Laughs) No, no, no. What's your limit when it comes to dating?

Josh: Well...

Shayne: What's your limit when it comes to dating? High end? Low end?

Josh: Why are you even asking...

Shayne: Just give me a ball park figure.

Josh: ... Me that question?

Shayne: Because I need to know for when I start fixing you up with someone.

Josh: Oh! I see.

Shayne: So, tell me. Because if 20 too young, well, then, is 60 too old.

Josh: Age has nothing to do with it. It's not important. What is important is a-- yeah, personality.

Shayne: Personality, yeah. Here's to personality. (Laughter)

Josh: Nice to see you smile, son.

Shayne: Give me that pizza.

Edmund: Tossing around the old pigskin, I see.

Josh: Edmund! Nice to see you. Would you like a beer, maybe a slice of pizza?

Edmund: Ooh, what's on it?

Josh: Pretty much everything.

Edmund: Sure.

Josh: Okay. Actually, you know what? It's a good thing that you're here, because, I'm sorry, I've got to go. I have a lunch meeting with your Uncle Billy.

Shayne: Next time you should invite Billy.

Josh: Yeah, but then we'd have to get more pizza.

Shayne: Oh.

Josh: I'll see you.

Shayne: All right.

Edmund: I saw your good friend Dinah, today.

Dinah: Be sure to tell Lizzie that I'm very happy that everything is resolved. I've got to get back to the station. I'm late for an edit session.

Phillip: Well, actually, I didn't tell you everything. Bill figured out that Grady was the kidnapper. And Grady grabbed him.

Dinah: What?

Phillip: Yeah. But Bill got away.

Dinah: Oh, my God!

Phillip: Yeah. Yeah. How scary is that? I bet that makes you want to run over there and check on him, make sure he's all right.

Dinah: Of course I do, yes.

Phillip: Yeah. I can tell.

Dinah: Yeah.

Phillip: Well... it's so good to see you. (Laughs)

Dinah: Yeah.

Phillip: I'll catch you later.

Dinah: Yeah. See you later. I'm dead.

Buzz: Damn it!

Doris: Okay, they're giving him two more minutes. Find Grady Foley and get him into that courtroom.

Daisy: Did you do something to him? If you hurt him, I will never forgive you.

Alan: I guess I'll just have to live with that.

Lillian: Don't talk to him.

Daisy: He might know where Grady is!

Alan: I can assure you that I don't have any idea where Grady is.

Doris: Okay. That's it. They broke for lunch. It's over.

Buzz: Oh, no. Let me talk to them.

Doris: You can't talk to them. Your not a material witness. Besides, nothing you have to say will make any difference. You'll probably help Alanís case. And you, you tell that boyfriend of yours that that was the most humiliating experience of my entire career. He's fired!

Alan: What a pity. I've wasted this entire morning when I could have been home getting a massage.

Daisy: I hate you! I'm sorry, Grandpa. I don't know what happened. I know Grady was planning on being here. He's going to call, he will. He'll call, or he'll just show up, because he wouldn't leave without saying good-bye. I know he wouldnít.

Reva: Your books are really so amazing. And I've read-- whoops! Every single one of them. I love the way you explain every step. I mean, I've been through this before, but it all makes me feel a whole lot calmer.

Janice: Oh, I'm so glad that that helps. Good luck with your baby.

Reva: Thank you. Thanks. It is your loss. You know what? They do have birthing tubs here in some of the rooms. It is a little weird, but they lower the lights and they play this beautiful music. It's very peaceful.

Jeffrey: These are for you. Admitting papers. You're scheduled for 3:00.

Reva: I'm, I'm not signing those.

Jeffrey: Well, they're already filled out and signed.

Reva: That's not legal.

Jeffrey: I have your power of attorney, remember?

Reva: This is the not your decision to make.

Jeffrey: It's my baby, too, Reva. Let's go home and pack your bags.

Shayne: So what do you say? How about it?

Edmund: No, thanks. It's not my game.

Shayne: H'mmm.

Edmund: You know, I found the music that was on Laraís music box, downloaded it onto my IPod.

Shayne: That's not exactly IPod kind of music.

Edmund: (Laughs) No. No, but it reminds me of my daughter. I'm glad Dinah found that music box and gave it to you. I guess she thinks it makes up for what she did.

Shayne: It kind of does.

Edmund: Shayne, don't let Dinah fool you. She's very good at worming her way into people's lives and making herself invaluable to them.

Shayne: With the exception to what happened the other day, Edmund, Dinahís been a very, very good friend to me.

Edmund: Good. I'm glad. I just think you should protect yourself. Protect yourself against someone who will do anything and hurt anyone to get what she wants.

Dinah: Grady, it's Dinah. So I've been hearing that Lizzie has been running around town telling everybody that you are the kidnapper. So I really need to know what's going on. Do I need to leave town? What do I need to do? Call me. Look, don't call me at... just call me.

I've wasted my time

I've tried all no way to decide

I tried...

Buzz: Grady! Grady! Where the hell are you? Where is he? How could you let him out of your sight?

Lillian: Buzz, stop this.

Daisy: I sat here and waited. I waited for him half the night. I don't know where he is. I want to see him more than you.

Buzz: You want to see him more than me.

Lillian: Honey, honey, he's just really upset. He's going to calm down, and then we're going to go and we'll find Grady, okay?

Daisy: And then what? Then when Grady gets back, and Grandpa's going to be so mad at him. The whole thing is ruined.

Lillian: Well, boys like Grady are not always trustworthy.

Daisy: You don't know anything about him.

Reva: Just hold on! Stop a minute! You are so out of line!

Jeffrey: I'm trying to keep my wife alive. That's my first priority.

Reva: Well, I'm not going home to pack a bag.

Jeffrey: Okay, fine. Then we'll check you in now, and then we will go home and get your bag after you have the baby.

Reva: I am not going in there.

Jeffrey: Okay, then we'll go home and get your bag and then we can come back here.

Reva: No, no. I'm going to go home. I'm going to go home, and you're bu-- I can't have this argument again!

Jeffrey: What are you doing?

Reva: I just, I'm going to go home without you, and you're going to go somewhere.

Jeffrey: Reva, what are you doing?

Reva: We need some time apart.

(Knock on the door)

Shayne: So you ready to lose your butt in that game of Call Of Duty?

Dinah: It's me.

Shayne: Hi. What is it? What's going on?

Dinah: I'm scared.

(Knock on the door)

Reva: No! Do not come in! I told you to go away. You need to find some place else to sleep tonight! Oh... hi, I'm sorry.

Josh: Is this a bad time?

Reva: Well, that depends. What do you want?

Josh: I just had lunch with Billy. We have some paperwork for you to sign before we can file taxes.

Reva: Oh. Do you have a pen?

Josh: I think you keep the pens in that drawer over there.

Reva: I knew that.

Josh: Do you mind if I grab a beer?

Reva: You're honestly going to drink a beer in front of me?

Josh: Yeah. Every drop, actually.

Reva: In the fridge.

Josh: Thank you.

Jeffrey: Doris, hi. Clerk said I would find you here.

Doris: Well, here I am. What do you want? You've got ten minutes. I'm having a really bad day.

Jeffrey: Okay. Thanks. I'm looking for precedents, husband forcing his wife to have a procedure to deliver a baby prematurely due to health reasons.

Doris: Is your baby in danger?

Jeffrey: No. Reva is.

Daisy: Please call me. I don't know why you're not here. I don't understand what's going on. Please, if you're in some kind of trouble, you can tell me, okay? I love you.

Lillian: Buzz, Buzz?

Buzz: Yeah?

Lillian: What are you doing? Throwing Alanís head away?

Buzz: Yeah.

Lillian: Well, let me tell you something. You're going to make yourself sick. You are. Listen, we all want Coop back. Believe me, I do, too. But throwing Alan away or putting him in jail isn't going to change anything. Coop will still be dead.

Buzz: Yeah. It's not fair.

Lillian: I know it's not fair, but your behavior isn't fair either, Buzz. You have your little granddaughter out there crying her eyes out. Marina needs you. Frank needs you. I am so worried about you.

Buzz: I don't need anyone to worry about me!

Lillian: Yes, you do! I think you do.

Phillip: You look happy.

Alan: I am happy. I'm celebrating my freedom. Do you care to join me with a cigar?

Phillip: I take it the grand jury ruled in your favor.

Alan: Well, actually, Phillip, they didn't even get that far because I made certain that they didn't have anything to hear.

Phillip: How exactly did you arrange that?

Alan: Remember, I always taught you to know your enemies and stay one step ahead of them.

Phillip: No. I'm just asking you in this case, how did you make that happen?

Alan: I sent Elizabeth to talk with Mr. Foley and make him a deal he couldn't refuse.

Phillip: You sent Lizzie to deal with her kidnapper?

Alan: Phillip, while you've been gone all of these years, I have been watching Elizabeth. I can assure you, she can handle any situation.

Phillip: You sent my daughter to deal with the man who had tormented her?

Alan: I know how to deal with Grady Foley.

Phillip: Grady Foley has been dealt with. He'll never hurt Lizzie again, and neither will you.

Alan: Wait a minute. What do you mean?

Phillip: There is nothing that I will not do to protect my children. I know that now. Don't you ever hurt her again.

Dinah: Right now, I need to really get out of here. I need to pack my bags, and I need to get out of here. But I don't know where I'd go. I can't figure out where I'd go.

Shayne: What's going on?

Dinah: You know what? I never really thought that I would get away with this, you know? But now I'm going to lose my brother and my mother and everybody, you know? It was never my idea to grab Lizzie.

Shayne: Okay. Hey, calm down. What happened? Tell me what happened?

Dinah: Everybody knows! Everybody knows that Grady kidnapped Lizzie. Once he is arrested, he is going to try to nail everything on me, of course, unless he's left town, which is my only hope. But I don't know if it is too late.

Shayne: Too late for what?

Dinah: My brother found out about Grady, so Grady locked my brother up somewhere. The thing is, Bill is back. So what if Grady told him about me?

Shayne: Slow down. Okay? It's 50/50, there's still a chance that he didn't say anything.

Dinah: No, if he was planning on killing Bill, no. I-- it is possible. Okay? Why not? Why wouldn't that happen?

Shayne: Okay. Just sit down for a second.

Dinah: No. I don't want...! No. You see, it's over for me. It had all gone away, it had all gone away. It was in the past. I had my life back. And now...

Shayne: Listen, you can still wind up in the clear here. Okay? It's going to be okay. Maybe Grady is gone. Yeah, maybe he locked Bill up and then he split. You said yourself, they haven't found him. They haven't arrested him.

Dinah: Not yet.

Shayne: Okay. Then so what... what's going on?

Dinah: No. So, so, so... it's the waiting. See, it's the waiting. It's almost worse than being charged.

Shayne: It's okay. Why did you come here right now? Why did you come here to me?

Dinah: I had no one else to turn to. I can't talk to anybody else about this. You're the only one who...

Shayne: The only one who what?

Dinah: Understands me.

Just stay, stay, stay till the

morning you can take, take, take

what you want if you leave me, if you don't believe me that


Dinah: I canít.

Shayne: You come over here, and you tell me that your entire world is crashing. Come here scared out of your mind. And now you're, you're pushing me away?

Dinah: Yeah. I need to find out my part in this kidnapping.

Shayne: Hey, it's okay for you to need me.

Dinah: I don't need you.

Shayne: Hey...

Dinah: You are everyone else's hero. You're not mine.

Shayne: Wow. Okay, if you want to lie to yourself, I'm going to let you. But you know that I was you a few months ago.

Dinah: You've never been me. You've never been me. You have been unconditionally loved from the first day you were born. The moment you got back into town, you were almost smothered by that.

Shayne: I know what it feels like not to be able to count on anyone. And you know, that I know what it feels like to be alone. We are not so different.

Dinah: Oh, okay.

Shayne: We're not.

Dinah: Well, you know, you have never cared about anybody who has left you. Reva is sick. Lara has died. And Marina, you left her. So you have never been with anybody who has deliberately left you, had a choice and did not choose you.

Shayne: Dinah, none of that matters.

Dinah: Yes...

Shayne: None of that-- how does that matter.

Dinah: It does matter because nobody who has ever loved you ever wanted to leave you. Everybody who loves me has never wanted to stay. So it does matter. It does matter. Come on! I have to do this on my own. You cannot help me through this.

Shayne: I want to help you through this. I can get you through this, and I want to. Please! Why are you so certain that I'm going to hurt you?

Dinah: Because I don't know that. I don't know that, but I don't want to have to think about that and always wonder. So I am going to probably handle this on my own, okay? And that's how I'm going to have to deal with it. And I'm sorry that I have to be the first person to ever walk from-- away from you and not choose you, but I think I need something else, Shayne.

Shayne: Don't do this. Don't do this. Dinah!

Lillian: Well, I'll make some lunch, for everyone. I think I better go upstairs and check on him. Are you going to be okay, sweetie?

Daisy: Yeah.

Lillian: Promise me. (Cell phone beeps)

Daisy: It's a message from Grady! "Dear Daisy, sorry to disappoint you, but I knew I couldn't really change. You'll be fine. You'll find someone else. A guy who can be good for you, and a guy who deserves you. I did love you in my way. Grady."

Phillip: Sorry, Daisy.

Everything that I've owned is in my four bare walls

it's just me with my head and my four bare walls

and the things that I did and you can write me off as the

carpenter's son who was afraid of life

so he decided to run to some but you better to believe me

when I tell you I'm gone 'cause I'm gone, I'm gone...

Reva: You better take it easy, little guy. Your mommy is not going to stay mad at your daddy forever. It will all be over once he realizes that I'm right. (Knock on the door) The bar is closed to ex-husbands. Hi.

Messenger: Reva Shayne OíNeill?

Reva: Yeah, that's me.

Messenger: These are for you. They're from the D.A.'s office.

Reva: Well, are you sure they're not for Jeffrey? That's me, all right. Okay. Thank you. There you go. Hold on a second. Okay. Here you go. Thanks a lot. Have a good day. That bastard!

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Olivia: Emma.

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Olivia: I don't have her.

Reva: Mel, hi, it's Reva.

Olivia: Phillip...

Reva: I need a lawyer.

Olivia: You took my little girl, you bastard.

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