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Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 3/11/09


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Marina: Look. Look at the way his little eyes crinkle up when he's sleeping. And those chubby cheeks. I think I'm attached already. How is that possible?

Mallet: Oh, hey. There was a moment after I met him, where I didn't know if it was going to work out. And, wow, he's wrecked me.

Marina: What happened? The people on that list, did they decide that they didn't want him? Is that how we got him?

Mallet: No. We were never going to get a baby off of that waiting list.

Marina: But that's why you went to Washington, to get through that red tape.

Mallet: I haven't been completely honest with you about Washington D.C and about the adoption agency. They flagged us, Marina, so they were never going to give us a baby.

Marina: They found out about your past?

Mallet: Well, apparently, all of the adoption agencies talk to one another. So if one flags, you then...

Marina: Mallet, did you steal him?

Mallet: What? No, no.

Marina: But you said...

Mallet: No, they were never going to give us a baby. We weren't going to get a baby in America, okay, so I left the country. But this is... this is 100% legal.

Marina: What if... what if the agency finds out about your past? What if this one does? Are they going to come back and try to take him home?

Mallet: No, shhh. No, no, no, no. They didn't flag us because of my past. It had to do with the Santos family.

Marina: What? Because I dated Danny Santos at one point, they weren't going to give us a baby? Oh, my God.

Mallet: But the only thing that matters in all of this, right here right now, is there are a lot of babies out there that need a good home. Like this one, our son. Say hello, little guy, to your mama.

Shayne: So, is that it? I, uh, don't get a hello?

Dinah: I've had a rough couple of days and... wiped out.

Shayne: When did you get back?

Dinah: A few hours ago.

Shayne: Why didn't you call me?

Dinah: Because the last time I talked to you... you wanted me out of your life.

Shayne: Oh, no.

Dinah: I didn't want to have that argument again.

Shayne: Neither do I.

Dinah: Then you should probably go.

Shayne: I don't want to go. And I don't want to fight. I don't want you out of my life. I donít. I don't want that most of all.

Reva: Oh! Your hands are cold.

Jeffrey: What are going to do tonight? You want to see what's on TV, maybe there's a movie. You can practice your knitting.

Reva: Would you stop that? I don't knit. Those needles should be used for one thing... as weapons, that's it.

Jeffrey: I just want you to fulfill yourself, as a woman.

Reva: Really? I can think of other ways to fulfill myself as a woman.

Jeffrey: Oh, really?

Reva: One. Two.

Jeffrey: (Laughs) (knock on door) You know what?

Reva: We should...

Jeffrey: We've done enough. Let's not get it.

Reva: Go, go. I'm going to make myself respectable.

Jeffrey: Don't do that.

Colin: Hi. I need to come in and talk to both of you.

Natalia: You want us to be married?

Frank: Yes, I do.

Natalia: I didnít... I didn't expect this.

Frank: I know it seems sudden.

Natalia: It is... it is very sudden.

Frank: But it doesn't feel sudden to me.

Natalia: It's just that we've been dating a very short time.

Frank: You're absolutely right. We have not been dating very long.

Natalia: Frank...

Frank: Natalia, please, hear me out. It doesn't matter how many dates we have been on. I know you, you know me. And all of this feels just so right. I've never known anyone like you. Natalia, I love you. I love you very much, and I want you to be my wife.

Marina: Okay... okay, I can't do this.

Mallet: What?

Marina: I can't do this. I think you need to tell me the rest, but you can start with... I don't know, where you came from?

Mallet: Bosnia.

Marina: Bosnia. Okay, what made you go to Bosnia?

Mallet: I got a lead, online. I was doing some research, and I found an orphanage that had a lot of kids that needed good homes. And they like to work with Americans.

Marina: Why didn't you tell me?

Mallet: Because... after Coop died, I didn't know if this place was going to work out. I didn't want to get your hopes up.

Marina: Okay, so you flew to Bosnia and they gave you a baby.

Mallet: Well. I mean, it's never quite that easy. I mean, there's always a lot of paperwork, and they had this requirement that both parents should be there.

Marina: How'd you get around that?

Mallet: Um, do you want to sit down? Just sit down, I'll... tell you the whole story. Um... I don't know if you're going to like this part.

Marina: That's encouraging.

Mallet: It was Dinah.

Marina: You asked Dinah to go with...

Mallet: No. I didn't ask Dinah to go. Absolutely not. No, I ran into her there.

Marina: In Bosnia!

Mallet: No, well, yes. In Bosnia. It's pretty unbelievable, I know, but it's true. She was there... she was there doing her own thing. I heard a woman speaking English, and I turned around and, look, there she was. And I was telling her about the orphanage, about the requirement they had that both parents should be there.

Marina: She volunteered. Out of the goodness of her heart.

Mallet: Yes, yes, she did. Well, that must've been a lot of fun for her. Pretending to be your wife again.

Mallet: There was a lot of documentation, and it all worked.

Marina: Dinah signed those papers. So she's the mother.

Mallet: There are not going to be any problems from Dinah. There will be no problems, I swear.

Dinah: Like I said, it's been a rough few days. I just.. I really need to relax.

Shayne: Okay, I understand. Can I come back tomorrow? All right, then you're going to make me say this now. The other day when I found you in Edmundís apartment and realized what you've done.

Dinah: I know you were angry.

Shayne: Yeah... yeah, I was angry. I told you that I didn't want to see you again. But then, all of a sudden, you were gone. And, um, I realized how much I really was miss... where did you find that music box anyway?

Dinah: Did that box mean a lot to you?

Shayne: It meant a lot to her.

Dinah: Then I'm glad I found it.

Shayne: People that were in our line of work travel light. You're either in a war zone or in a former war zone, so there's really not much room for personal stuff, especially anything that you cared about.

Dinah: Did you give that to her?

Shayne: No, she got it when she was a kid. She never really had much of a family or a home, but she had that music box. And she would take it wherever she went, played it, and it made her feel more peaceful.

Dinah: The way she made you feel.

Shayne: You know, we danced to that box. The last night that we spent together. How did you find it?

Dinah: Well, let's just say that I'm a very good liar. I can pretty much bluff my way through anything.

Shayne: Yeah, I know. So who did you have to bluff?

Dinah: The U.S. Consulate.

Shayne: The U.S. Consulate in Bosnia?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: You went halfway around the world to find... what did you expect to find in Bosnia, exactly?

Dinah: I didn't know. I didn't know... something. Anything that would make up for what I did to you and how I hurt you. How I erased the video of Lara.

Shayne: Well, it worked. I can't believe you found it. You really have no idea what it means to me.

Colin: The test results weren't what we were hoping for. The chemo hasn't been enough but I've consulted with all of your other doctors and I think we've come up with a good source of treatment for you.

Jeffrey: Okay, good, what is it?

Colin: Well, it's a little radical, which is why I wanted to come over and deliver the news, personally.

Jeffrey: Like a new drug or something?

Colin: No, no. None of the drugs I am going to propose are anything new.

Reva: Do you want to stop pussyfooting around in here. Just say whatever it is that you want to say.

Colin: We need to treat the cancer aggressively with an immediate course of radiation.

Reva: That would hurt the baby.

Colin: Yeah. That's why I'm recommending a c-section within the next couple of days.

Natalia: I don't know what to say.

Frank: You know what? You don't have to say anything. I know I've caught you off guard.

Natalia: I mean, it's a beautiful ring.

Frank: You're beautiful. Look, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to figure out what's going on here, but I know now. I really know why you've been upset. I know why you haven't been wanting to talk to me, because it's really who you are. And I know that now.

Natalia: You know what I'm feeling?

Frank: I do know what you're feeling. I know exactly why you were upset after we made love. It's because of your faith.

Natalia: My faith.

Frank: Yeah, your faith. And I want you to know, and I want you to believe that I completely respect that.

Natalia: That's really sweet, Frank, but I have to be honest with you.

Frank: Please, may I finish? You have to believe what I am telling you right now. I honestly respect your faith and who and what you are. It defines you. It's what makes you who you are, and I know that some people might think it's old-fashioned, but I donít. I don't do that at all, because you know what, you're exactly like me. And I honestly believe every single day, when I get up in the morning and I go to work, I'm going to make one person's life a little better. And Natalia, I want to make your life better. I want to make it a whole lot better. And the first thing I want to do is I want to work hard for Rafe. I want to get him on an early release thing from prison and...

Natalia: What?

Frank: You want to be able to walk down the aisle with your son, don't you?

Natalia: Of course, I would want...

Frank: When my brother died, it was a serious wake up call for me. It really reminded that if there was something so special in my life, then I better work so hard to never lose it.

Dinah: That was wrong.

Shayne: It didn't feel wrong to me.

Dinah: That' because you're not thinking.

Shayne: Okay, stop thinking and kiss me.

Dinah: Last week you threw me out of your life.

Shayne: Now I want you back in my life.

Dinah: What happens next week? When I do something wrong or I say something wrong? I can't do that, I cannot base my life around people accepting me. I did it with Mallet, my brother and now you.

Shayne: I didn't ask to you go to Bosnia for me.

Dinah: I'm glad I went. I just, I need you to heal and I need you to be happy again.

Shayne: Okay, so help me.

Dinah: I need my life to be mine. And I can't get involved in someone else's drama. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Natalia: Oh, Frank, you have to know how flattered I am. Marriage, it's sacred to me, you know, and it has to be for the right reasons. It can't be because you miss your brother or I'm trying to... I have to think. I have to think about everything. Did Olivia leave?

Frank: I don't know. You know what? Ask Olivia. You know, get someone else's opinion. Talk to her. Yeah, I've been married before. But I don't ever want to get divorced again. So, yes, marriage is very sacred to me. I'll be waiting for your answer.

Woman: First time, huh? Don't worry, it's not that obvious. It's my job to greet the newbies, get you all signed up, give you the free gift. Look, she smiles. Relax, honey, have fun.

Olivia: I just thought-- I was out walking and just needed to have a drink, so...

Woman: Okay.

Olivia: I'm not homophobic and I'm not a lesbian. I've been married a lot, to men. I like men. I'm attracted to men. Just that just so happens that right now I'm attracted to a woman.

Woman: Is she attracted to you?

Olivia: I think so. I know so. And there's one thing I know is when's somebody's into you. She's definitely into me. Trouble is she's religious. I'm not talking about I go to church twice a week kind of religious. I mean her faith is everything.

Woman: Then I'd say walk away.

Olivia: What?

Woman: She's going to break your heart.

Olivia: You don't know her. And you don't know me, and you know something, you don't know what I have to offer someone. So thanks anyway.

Mallet: He's sleeping pretty well. Do you want to hold him?

Marina: Okay.

Mallet: Okay. I don't want to wake him. (Knock at the door) I'll get it.

Doris: This is not what it looks like.

Olivia: This isn't a lesbian bar?

Doris: No, it's a straight bar.

Olivia: It's ladies only night.

Doris: I'm meeting with some of my constituents. I am mayor to all the people.

Olivia: I can't believe this.

Doris: What, just because I was married to Alan Spaulding? Please. You were, too.

Olivia: That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about that speech you made, that awful little speech, about my daughter's paper, "My Two Mommies." You made it sound like it was bad, like it was wrong. How could you do that?

Doris: Same reason that you deny you were in a gay relationship when you stormed into my office. Look people don't like to be different, okay? Trust me, I come from a small town. Nobody wants to be different. People are afraid of different. Do you really think I would have been elected mayor if people thought I was a lesbian? Absolutely not. My own daughter doesn't even know. So what's it going to take for you to keep this a secret? You want a tax break for the Beacon?

Olivia: I can't believe how you lead your life, like it's one big secret, like it something to be ashamed of.

Doris: Yet your daughter wrote a paper called "My Two Mommies" and you swore up and down that you were not a lesbian. And here you are. On ladies night. Hanging out. Are you a lesbian, Olivia? That's what I thought. So tell me, what's so honest about the way you live your life?

Baby's got trouble got to face it right now

nothing's easy well it ain't supposed to be

take a look at yourself tell me, what do you see

can you see your colors color let em shine through shine through...

Marina: So you're here. Did you come back for your baby?

Dinah: What?

Marina: Dinah, you just happened to be in Bosnia at the same time as Mallet.

Dinah: Oh, right, of course you would be skeptical. I know it does sound like a plan.

Marina: It sounds like you.

Dinah: Yes, and I can understand why you would think that. But I'm here to tell you that I did not set this up.

Mallet: No, she did it for us.

Marina: If you needed your wife to be there, then you should have called me and I would have flown there.

Mallet: There was no time.

Dinah: He needed to make that decision right then.

Marina: I should have been there. It should have been me holding him for the first time.

Mallet: Yes, you're right, it should have, and I wish I could have made that happen.

Dinah: He would have lost the baby if we hadn't done something. If we had done something else he would have lost the baby.

Mallet: He's your baby.

Dinah: I found this in the car. Here you go.

Mallet: Thank you.

Colin: Of course the baby will be coming early, but he's viable.

Reva: Viable?

Jeffrey: What are his chances? I just want all the information that's available.

Colin: It's a valid question. Unfortunately there's no exact answer. Every fetus is different. Now, there are benchmarks of development along the way, just like a child in their growth patterns, but it's not consistent.

Jeffrey: So if we decide, you know, to deliver this baby, I mean, what would the next step be?

Colin: Well that's why we need to deliver the baby immediately. The test results are serious enough, given your history with cancer, that we need to blast Reva with massive amounts of chemo radiation, simultaneously. The treatments will be extremely difficult and that's why we need to take the baby, because left in vitro it could be deadly.

Jeffrey: How much time do we have to decide?

Colin: Well, the OBGYN is waiting for your call. He's ready to schedule tomorrow afternoon.

Reva: Tomorrow?

Colin: I know it's a lot to take in a short period of time. I can wait here until you decide, or you can call me later.

Jeffrey: We'll call you.

Colin: Of course you guys need to talk it out. Keeping you here on this earth is one of my top priorities. I can't make any promises except that all the doctors will do their best.

Cause I'm crazy, too the most craziest about you the most craz--

Reva: No chance in hell.

I'm the most crazy, baby about you...

Marina: Thank you for bringing back the pacifier.

Dinah: Sure. I checked the car, there's nothing else.

Marina: That's good.

Dinah: Yeah. I know that this is probably got to be a little weird for you. I've spent my whole life kind of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. For once I was in the right place. And I'm very happy that I could help the two of you. This is your baby, and the two of you are going to be great parents.

Mallet: Thank you.

Dinah: Okay. Now, you let me know if there's any trouble with the legal papers at all, okay?

Marina: Okay. Dinah...

Dinah: Okay, you're welcome. Bye-bye.

Olivia: Hi. Is Frank still here?

Natalia: No, he left already.

Olivia: Did you know that-- we're you expecting that?

Natalia: Absolutely not. I told you, I said we shouldn't, you know--

Olivia: I don't think he heard you.

Natalia: Where did you go?

Olivia: Errands. Errands. I wanted to give you and Frank some time. So when's the big day?

Natalia: I couldn't give him an answer.

So here's my heart it needs your love...

Frank: Whose baby is this?

Marina: Ours. Mallet got him for me.

Daisy: You got him for her?

Mallet: Mm-hmm, yeah.

Frank: Where did you get this baby?

Mallet: I got this baby in Bosnia. There's lots of children over there that need good homes.

Daisy: That's so amazing.

Frank: And you're going to be able to keep this baby?

Mallet: Oh, yeah, it's all legal, all the papers are done. He's our son.

Marina: You're a Grandpa.

Daisy: What's his name?

Frank: I'm a grandpa.

Marina: This is Henry. Henry Cooper Cameletti.

Frank: That's a great name. I'm a grandpa. Oh, my God, he's beautiful. Hey, buddy.

Natalia: What is wrong with me?

Olivia: There's nothing wrong with you.

Natalia: When a person is proposed to, they should know if the answer is yes or no.

Olivia: It's a big question.

Natalia: How many times have you been married?

Olivia: I'm not a good example.

Natalia: I mean, I loved one man my entire life.

Olivia: Gus.

Natalia: And the entire time he was gone, I never let one person close to me, because I had this image in my head of what love was supposed to be, and it was him. But now he's dead and I'm still doing it. I am still fixated on this image, and I'm shutting everything else out.

Olivia: Some things are just really hard to let go.

Natalia: So what does God want for me? Am I supposed to be alone for the rest of my life?

Olivia: No, I can't imagine that.

Natalia: But maybe God has someone for me and is just not who I expected. I just don't want to regret anything.

Olivia: Funny, I was just talking about that, about regret. What it would be like to make decisions based on what someone else may think.

Natalia: Why am I so afraid?

Olivia: Because it's new and different and that's scary.

Natalia: Frank proposed to me because he respects my religion.

Olivia: Frank.

Natalia: He knows I'm old fashioned and we could have a long engagement, because he doesn't want me to are to do anything without Rafe around. And what kind of guy says that?

Olivia: Frank is a good guy.

Natalia: He's a great guy. He is everything I could ask for. You know, he fits perfectly into my life. And that's everything I need to make me happy, right?

Olivia: Yeah. Yeah. Look, if Frank... if you think he is everything that you need, then maybe you should say yes.

Natalia: Really?

Olivia: All I want is for you to be happy.

Jeffrey: I know this isn't what we wanted. I realize how hard this decision is going to be for you.

Reva: No, it isn't, there is no decision. Jeffrey, we've had this conversation before. I'm not delivering this baby until I know he's 100% healthy.

Jeffrey: Reva, with our circumstances there is no guarantee that he was going to be born healthy, under any circumstances, there's no guarantee, Reva, nobody gets that guarantee.

Reva: No, you're right, no one gets guarantees, okay? I know that. But we give him every possible chance, don't we? We don't lower his percentages.

Jeffrey: You know, maybe, maybe I have to explain to you again how much I love you, and what it's like for me to watch you in this position. Reva, losing you, that would be the hardest thing for me to possibly imagine.

Reva: You won't lose me.

Jeffrey: How can you say that? Reva, you're walking around, you're making videotapes to this baby so he can get to know his dead mommy.

Reva: No, what I'm doing is hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

Jeffrey: I want you in my life.

Reva: And I want this baby.

Jeffrey: So do I!

Reva: Really? Because obviously his father is more than willing to put other things before him. Well, I'm his mother, and I'm going to do everything I can to protect him.

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Jeffrey: These are for you, admitting papers.

Reva: I'm not having a c-section.

Jeffrey: Well they're already filled out and signed.

Reva: That's not legal.

Jeffrey: I have your power of attorney, remember?

Phillip: Have you heard?

Dinah: The news about Lizzieís kidnapping.

Phillip: She finally figured out who did it.

Dinah: I'm dead.

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