GL Transcript Tuesday 3/10/09

Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 3/10/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Olivia: No one could ever hate you the way I love him.

Natalia: Frank could, the way I led him on.

Man: You don't take this baby right now I will drop it back on the street.

Mallet: This is all I have. You will take this and I will take this baby.

Phillip: No one hurts my little girl!  

Grady: Oh!

Grady: Don't be stupid.

Frank: I know you are really working hard on this, but could you put a rush on it, please?

Marina: What's up?

Frank: Ah, Lizzie Spaulding came in here with a theory that Grady Foleyís her kidnapper.

Marina: Oh, my God.

Frank: Yeah, she had Bill Lewis' cell phone and there was a message on it and I'm just trying to see if that voice matches that of Gradyís.

Marina: What if it is?

Frank: He's got a lot off explaining to do. I have an A.P.B. out on him.

Marina: Does Daisy know?

Frank: No, I can't find her. I don't know what is going on, but Dad's really upset about this whole thing.

Marina: Why?

Frank: Because he doesn't want anything to interfere with Grady testifying in front of the grand jury. He wants to bring down Alan no matter what.

Marina: Is he okay?

Frank: As long as his heart holds out.

Marina: I just want everything to go back to normal, you know. I don't think I can take any more surprises.

Mallet: Yes. Hey.

Dinah: Hi.

Mallet: Okay, hat?

Dinah: Right here.

Mallet: Okay, great. Here.

Dinah: I'll take him.

Mallet: You take him. Just watch the head.

Dinah: Okay.

Mallet: Great, I'll take the hat.

Dinah: Hi there. Hi, there.

Mallet: Here, sit down. I'll put the hat on.

Dinah: Okay. Here we go. Here we go.

Mallet: Okay, there we go. Uh... pacifier.

Dinah: It is in your right coat pocket thing.

Mallet: Good. Jacket.

Dinah: Right.

Mallet: Okay, well once they bring our immigration papers back, we can get out of here. Hi.

Dinah: Do you think I over dressed him? He looks a little flushed.

Mallet: I don't know. Too many layers, you think? I was afraid of him getting cold.

Dinah: No. I think you got it just right.

Mallet: Wow, wait until you see your new home, hey, champ. And you're going to meet your new mommy and you are going to love her almost as much as I do.

Dinah: Yeah. Oh, I have to go. I gotta go. As swell as it was pretending to play your wife, I've got to go. I think it's a good idea to get both of you back to the real thing. Okay? All right. There you go.

Mallet: Thank you. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Yes. Come here, champ. What's wrong?

Dinah: It's stuck. You got any butter? Butter works.

Mallet: Uh...

Dinah: Is it in your bag? You got any butter in that bag by any chance.

Mallet: Everything but...

Dinah: Oh, okay.

Mallet: Why don't I just give you a ride home?

Dinah: Well, no.. I think I'm going to take a flight to somewhere hot and steamy, bury my toes into some sand.

Mallet: Okay. At if I-- what do I tell Shayne if he asks?

Dinah: You know what, I helped him with a music box so we are even. Congratulations, okay? Congratulations.

Mallet: Thank you. And thank you for everything you did.

Dinah: Well, I did what any friend would do. Okay? I have to go, I have to go. Ciao. Ciao.

Mallet: Bye. Yes, yes. I'm going to miss her, too. Mm-hmm. (Baby gurgles) You'll see her again.

Olivia: Freeze. Jellybean, it's after dark. Where are you headed?

Emma: You know that new girl across the street? Her cat had kittens.

Olivia: Hey! Shh. Uh-uh. It's late and you're jingling.

Emma: No, I'm not.

Olivia: Yes, you are. I can hear the change in your pocket. You were going to take the bus to town, weren't you?

Emma: I want to see Daddy.

Olivia: Without my permission, Em?

Emma: He's been here a long time and we haven't seen him.

Olivia: All right, listen to me. I know he's your father, but I'm your mother and I'm in charge, okay? You're going to go up, get your PJs on and go to bed. You have school tomorrow. Hey, Jane, it's Olivia. I know it's late, but I need you to come over and look after Emma. Yes, I have some business I need to take care of.

Rick: Come in. Wow. We really do have this place to ourselves.

Mindy: You know, it's a little weird being here with no customers. Happy high school reunion.

Rick: I feel weird going home. I don't even know what decade we are in..

Mindy: It doesn't matter, Rick, your hair would still look the same. (Laughter)

Rick: My hair is natural.

Mindy: Oh, yeah. So is mine. So is mine.

Beth: It anyone is interested, there are a few cold beers.

Rick: Pop 'em open, sweetie. Absolutely.

Mindy: Of course you want one.

Beth: Somebody should make a toast.

Rick: Hey, a toast to Mary, Pizza Face.

Mindy: No!

Rick: What do we toast to?

Phillip: The future.

Mindy: To the future.

Rick: The future.

Bill: It's really you.

Lizzie: You are here. You are okay.

Bill: You are more beautiful than I even remembered.

Lizzie: I was so afraid I was never going to see you again.

Bill: Are you kidding me? No chance you wouldn't see me again. All I could think about when I was gone was getting back to you.

Lizzie: Where were you? How did you get here?

Bill: Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter because we are together now. We are together now and you are the only thing that I can see. I cannot believe that you are in my arms right now.

Lizzie: Don't let me go.

Bill: I won't.

Lizzie: This is unbelievable. A couple of hours ago I couldn't find you. How did you get back here? I was looking for you everywhere. You're hurt.

Bill: Oh, it must have happened when I was climbing out.

Lizzie: Climbing out of where?

Bill: Grady grabbed me when I found out he was the kidnapper.

Lizzie: I know.

Bill: You do?

Lizzie: I know, it was his voice on your phone.

Bill: And I thought it was Cyrus. And I followed them back to their house and there was a fight. When I went to find you to warn you, that's when they grabbed me.

Lizzie: I knew that Grady had done something to you.

Bill: Not just Grady, Cyrus too.

Lizzie: No, no. Cyrus was just out to find you.

Bill: When?

Lizzie: Just now.

Bill: Is that him in the car? I need to have a word with Cyrus.

Mindy: You know, I have always wanted one of these.

Rick: What you think you always wanted? Please, you are a little princess. You've got a million hiding in the drawers.

Mindy: No, not one.

Beth: You can have this one..

Mindy: Oh, but it's not the same.

Rick: Hey, buddy, can I wear your crown? Please?

Phillip: I left it in the car.

Rick: No! We really should do this more often, guys.

Beth: What, eat cafeteria food and ask out girls who wouldn't date us in high school? (Laughter)

Rick: No, I'm talking about this, you know, just, you know, getting together. I mean, we're at a point in our lives, guys we could just say hey, let's take off to Italy and actually do it.

Mindy: Or Paris. You guys can come visit me in Paris.

Rick: Or the Great Wall in China. I mean the point is just all of us getting together, even if once a year to, just to get together and kind of remind each other of who we are and where we've been. What do you think?

Mindy: Yeah.

Phillip: Ah. I will be right back.

Rick: Should he get the crown?

Phillip: Olivia?

Olivia: You are out celebrating your freedom?

Phillip: High school reunion.

Olivia: I can't believe you're walking the streets.

Phillip: Out on bail.

Olivia: And which one of the brain surgeons posted your bail?

Phillip: Does it matter.

Olivia: All that matters is to stay away from Emma. Enjoy your party.

Mindy: Did I see Olivia out there?

Phillip: Yeah.

Beth: Are you all right?

Phillip: Yeah, I have a lot of amends to make.

Mindy: Well, thank God you didn't invite her in. (Laughter)

Phillip: I'm going to get some more beer. Anybody? (Soft rock music playing)  

Frank: Natalia.

Natalia: Hey.

Frank: Hi..

Natalia: I wanted to bring your dad these cookies. And I went over there and he had gone home already, which is great, huh? I figured I would bring them to you because I know you like them. I am rambling, I'm sorry. Ignore me.

Frank: I can never ignore you. So how are you?

Natalia: I'm good. How are you?

Frank: Good. You know, I called and...

Natalia: Yeah, I know. I got your messages. I just...

Frank: The reason I called was I just wanted to say maybe things between us kind of moved too quickly and that, if you needed some time and space that uh...

Natalia: There's a little butterscotch mixed in these, I know you like that.

Frank: I love these.

Mallet: Come on, shhh. Got to deal with this, all right. Got to deal with this and try to figure this out. Is it a diaper thing? (Baby cries) No, it's not a diaper thing-- thank God. I mean, thank goodness. Shhh. Stop crying. Uh... you have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you...

Dinah: I can hear you guys all the way from the girl's room.

Mallet: Oh, hey.

Dinah: Hey, hi.

Mallet: Singing to him, you know.

Dinah: Are you reading him his rights?

Mallet: Well l was... it's the only thing I know. It's the only thing I have memorized. I was going to move on to "The Pledge of Allegiance."

Dinah: Hi, oh.

Mallet: Glad you are back.

Dinah: Yeah, only as a public service. Cranky babies, you know, they disturb the people.

Mallet: Yeah, I don't know. I am new at this. Hungry, tired? What do you think?

Dinah: It's simple. I think you need to put on your best clown face, mister?

Mallet: What? Excuse me?

Dinah: Yeah, yeah. All right. All right.

Mallet: Clown face?

Dinah: Come on, help me out. Don't act like you don't know me. La, la, la, la. (Baby cries)

Mallet: He's resisting.

Dinah: Oh, he's such a cop. Do that face you used to do.

Mallet: What face?

Dinah: The one when I told you that we were going to a party and it was black tie.

Mallet: Ay, that one? Oh... yes! Hey, good one. You are a natural.

Dinah: Yes. You do realize when your son grows up, he's going to think all adults are crazy.

Mallet: Wow. "My son."' Sometimes it just hits me. Heís my son. I've been so focused on finding you and I have been focused on bringing you home, there he is. There you are. I get to share your life, don't I? Your first words and your first loose tooth and the first time you ever see snow, yeah. We're going to experience all that together. I never thought I'd be a father.

Dinah: And now?

Mallet: I can't imagine it being any other way.

Dinah: You guys look good together. In fact, you look perfect. Shiny. This is a little diamond. Yes, it is. When you grow up and get married, you remember that diamonds are a girl's best friend. (Baby fuses)

Mallet: I know. I know. Now you don't have to listen to her, you really don't. All you need to do is find someone you love, yes, and someone who gets you, someone who makes you laugh.

Dinah: Yeah. Someone who lets you watch football on Sunday.

Mallet: Yes.

Woman: Mr. And Mrs. Camalotti, I can tell you are happy to get your baby home.

Dinah: It's a big day for us. From the first day we met. We always dreamed of having a family.

Woman: Here are your papers, and good luck.

Dinah: Thank you.

Mallet: I'm so sorry you have to keep pretending to be my wife.

Dinah: I'm not sorry. (Cell phone ringing)

Mallet: Hello.

Marina: Hey. Hey, I'm sorry missed your call. I am hanging out with Remy. So, are you coming home soon?

Mallet: Yes, yes, soon.

Marina: Well, I will come pick you up at the airport.

Mallet: No, no. Don't worry about that. I will just jump in a cab.

Marina: Okay, I love you.

Mallet: Love you, too.

Dinah: You can't take him in a cab. I'll drive you.

Mallet: No, it is against the law to take a baby in a car without a car seat.

Dinah: Well a cab is a car, right.

Mallet: Well, I don't want you getting in trouble.

Dinah: Because we haven't broken any laws getting this kid, right? Alright. Let's go.

Remy: Alright, let's play some pool.

Marina: Next time, man. Just talked to Mallet and heís finally, coming home. So I've got to get back to my place.

Remy: I'll walk you to your car. (Whistles) You keep baking Frank cookies like that, next thing you know you two will be jumping in the sack.

Natalia: What did your Frank tell you?

Remy: Nothing, nothing, what-- Frank? (Laughter)

Natalia: Don't say anything.  

Remy: I am not going to say nothing. Why would I tell anybody you slept with Frank and not me, that would be really tough on my reputation.

Natalia: Reputation? What are you talking about, reputation? You are married now.

Remy: Yeah, yeah. You want a ride?

Natalia: Sure.

Frank: Have some cookies, man, these are delicious.

Olivia: Put him back in a cell right now.

Frank: Hello, Olivia.

Olivia: I don't know why that kidnapper is around having drinks with his friends with the children he took before he has access to.

Frank: I assume we're talking about Phillip Spaulding?

Olivia: Are you going to do something or not?

Frank: First of all, he posted bail. Second of all I can't go rounding up somebody because you're a little irritated.

Olivia: You're useless.

Frank: Some cookies?

Beth: I donít know. Do you think I should go help him?

Rick: No, don't go out there, no. He is doing that thing, you know, I am moody and having deep thought thing.

Mindy: Well, women like that, I am moody having deep thoughts thing. You ought to try it, Rick.

Rick: I don't have deep thoughts, it doesn't work for me.

Beth: No, no, it doesn't. You have to stay the class clown.

Mindy: It seems like Olivia might have upset Phillip. She is such a bitch. Some things never change. You know it's okay if he needs a minute by himself.

Rick: Don't hold back, Mindy. Don't hold back. Just.. I don't know. This whole thing seems a little weird, having a good time, pretending nothing happened, l mean, he did kidnap the kids.

Mindy: But he does seem okay now.

Beth: Yeah. Yeah. He does.

Phillip: Hey, honey, it is your father, there's no need to call me back, I was just checking in. I just wanted to tell you that everything is all right now. You are going to be safe from now on. I love you. Okay.

Bill: He and his brother grabbed me and locked me up and that was before his brother kidnapped you.

Lizzie: He was trying to help me find you tonight.

Bill: How do you know that is true? He is a liar.

Cyrus: This time...

Bill: Shut up!

Lizzie: I don't care about Cyrus. I don't care about anything that has happened before this moment. All I care about is that you are here, you are here with me.

Bill: But...

Lizzie: No, who cares about anything else that has happened before tonight. Just let it go. Because I want to be with you. I just want tonight to be all about us.

Cyrus: (Grunts) Oh!

Bill: Now tonight can be about us.

Lizzie: (Gasps)

Olivia: Baby, I know how much you want to see your daddy. But it is dangerous. I just can't take that chance when it comes to you.

Remy: Got you home safe..

Natalia: Yes. Thank you.

Remy: Hey, if you ever want a night of meaningless sex, how about you call me instead of Frank, okay?

Natalia: Stop. Please don't make jokes. I feel bad enough as it is.

Remy: Sorry. I didn't realize it was such a big deal.

Natalia: Those things are sacred to me. You know, you are married, don't you feel that way about your vows?

Remy: I was too drunk to realize I was getting married.

Natalia: That's terrible.

Remy: No, it's not so bad. I'm getting to know her.

Natalia: I don't understand it. You know, the bond between man and woman, it's supposed to be very special.

Remy: It is. See you later, okay?

Natalia: Thank you.

Dinah: Well, here we are.

Mallet: Wow. That was some trip.

Dinah: Yes. Hey at least you got yourself a souvenir, not a tacky t-shirt or a keychain.

Mallet: He's totally asleep.

Dinah: Yeah..

Mallet: I hate to move him.

Dinah: No, I think you should take him in.

Mallet: Dinah, thank you. We totally owe you. If it takes until this little bugger's in little league, I will pay you back.

Dinah: It's nothing.

Mallet: It couldn't have been easy pretending to be my wife, sit beside me and pretend when we're not together anymore.

Dinah: It was special. And it was an honor helping you with something like that, you know, I felt like I was helping someone give birth, without all the screaming part.

Mallet: Thank you. If you need anything...

Dinah: I know where you live. Come on. Get this little guy to his mommy, okay?

Mallet: Okay. (Laughter)

Lizzie: Put me down!

Bill: Okay, good. Because this romantic stuff is really hard. Look at you. You're perfect.. you really are. You are beautiful. In fact, I can stand here and just stare at you for the rest of my life. Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing? You stay right where you are. Because I am going to get Springfield to come over here and see how beautiful you are in this moonlight.

Lizzie: Okay, okay. I think you went a little crazy when Grady locked you up.

Bill: No. I was crazy when you and I were together. And not realizing you are the most important thing in my life. Now you are the only thing that matters. I'm serious. Not the company, not the money, not my family's approval, just you. And I'm sorry I didn't see it before.

Dinah: Here's your stuff, here we go. Bye-bye.

Mallet: Thank you. For everything.

Dinah: Youíre welcome. Hey, don't be too good there, little guy, give Daddy some trouble.

Mallet: Bye.

Dinah: Bye..

Frank: Wow, the place looks nice.

Marina: Wow, so do you.

Frank: You think?

Marina: Definitely.

Frank: Thank you. All right. I will be out of here in just a few minutes. You know, honey, it's really nice to see you smile again. All I want for you in life is to be happy.

Marina: That's funny, because that's exactly what I want for you.

Frank: I'm working on it. All right. See you later.

Marina: Oh, Dad, will you take out the trash on your way out, please.

Frank: Oh, sure. No problem.

Marina: I just don't want it smelling up the room when Mallet gets home.

Frank: Yeah, it's nice to know my place around here.  

Olivia: Great, thanks, Jane. I will need to use you a lot more. I can't let her be alone for a second. Thanks.

Natalia: Trouble?

Olivia: I caught Emma trying to sneak out of the house to go see her father.

Natalia: Tonight? She was going to run away?

Olivia: I don't know what her plan was, but she had bus money, she had her backpack and she was determined to see him.

Natalia: Well, he's her dad.

Olivia: Don't do that. He's not Captain Kangaroo.

Natalia: I know. I am saying that I understand from Emma's point of view why she would want to see her father.

Olivia: I don't know how this is going to turn out.

Natalia: I don't know either, but, we will work it out. We will do it together. I'll help you.

Olivia: You will?

Natalia: Yeah. We're a team.

Olivia: We are a team.

Natalia: Of course we are.

Olivia: Thanks. I um... you've come to mean a lot to me. I think about this a lot, actually.

Natalia: What?

Olivia: You, us.

Rick: Oh, oh. Go, go, go, go. Hey.

Mindy: Hi.

Phillip: Hey. Sorry, have I been gone that long.

Rick: Please. When you are the king you can do whatever you want. (laughter)

Phillip: You know what? Somehow when I am with you guys, you have a way of making even the worst moments okay. You really do. I know there has been a bit of a cloud hanging over the evening tonight.

Mindy: Hey, tonight was still a lot of fun.

Phillip: So if it was, you guys have been willing to put aside whatever fear or anger you may have about things I've done in the past. And I didn't want to let it go without saying thank you for that.

Rick: Hey, we've all done things in our past we would like to forget.

Phillip: I know. And that's what this night is about, that's what I am going remember this night for, that we are moving forward.

Beth: That's what life is about.

Rick: Exactly.

Phillip: You're right. It really is.

Rick: This has been so much fun, you guys.

Phillip: It really has. You know what, I don't have any idea what the future holds for us, but I really do appreciate you guys helping me move on tonight.

Rick: Of course.

Mindy: Yes, yes.

Bill: You know, I had a lot of time to think when I was trying to get back to you.

Lizzie: Really? What did you think about?

Bill: Yeah, I thought about that. Yeah. (Laughter) But I mostly thought about how much time I wasted, from that first second I kissed you I should have made you my whole world. Lizzie, I don't deserve you, all of the mistakes I have made.

Lizzie: Stop, stop. I made mistakes and you don't have to tell me any of this, because I feel it, too. I can't believe that I wasted one instant worrying about anything other than how you were feeling. I knew, I knew that first second I met you that you could rescue me. But I wouldn't let you.

Bill: What are you talking about? I didn't try hard enough.

Lizzie: No, you didn't.

Bill: Is it too late? Is it too late to rescue you now?

Lizzie: You already have.

Mallet: Marina?!

Marina: Yeah? Hey.

Mallet: Don't open the door.

Marina: Okay. Why?

Mallet: I want you to close your eyes and come out on the porch, okay?

Marina: What?

Mallet: Close your eyes and come out, but no peaking.

Marina: Okay.

Mallet: Okay, close your eyes.

Marina: They are closed.

Everything will be okay if we just stick together

it will make us better than we were before things will go our way if we just hold a little longer

it's sure to make us stronger in the end

no need to dry your eyes that's just how you've been feeling

it's everything we love and I just need to know if you want me to stay then you know...

Shayne: Hey, stranger. Hi. I missed you.

Bill: You know what I wish?

Lizzie: What?

Bill: That I could get back every moment that I wasted fighting this off.

Lizzie: I do, too. Okay. How can we do that?

Bill: We need a do over.

Lizzie: Right. Yes. Except that we cant have that.

Bill: Oh yeah, why not? Start over. Yeah.

Lizzie: Where are you going?

Bill: All right, we are gonna start over. We donít know each other, we meet and fall in love, head over heels.

Lizzie: When do we have sex?

Bill: I donít know, maybe after a few dates.

Lizzie: Bill.

Bill: You canít call me Bill because we donít know each other.

Lizzie: Youíre crazy.

Bill: I love you.

Lizzie: I love you.

Natalia: I am really sorry about the whole Emma and Phillip situation. But we are gonna figure it out because we always do.

Olivia: Yeah, we do and thatís really amazing. I never had anything like this. Someone who has fought for me just because they want to.

Natalia: You have fought for me.

Olivia: Well Iíve fought with you.

Natalia: Oh, you fought with me a lot.

Olivia: I guess we are a team.

Natalia: We are a team, like a two person team?

Olivia: I think so.

Natalia: Who is that?

Olivia: Itís Frank. Iíll be inside if you need me, okay?

Frank: Hi, Iím glad we are alone, Natalia Riviera, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? Will you marry me?

Next on ďGuiding LightĒ...

Natalia: You want us to be married?

Frank: Yes I do.

Natalia: I didnít expect this.

Frank: I know it seems sudden, but it doesnít seem sudden to me.

Olivia: I like men, I am attracted to men. It just so happens that right now I am attracted to a woman.

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