GL Transcript Monday 3/9/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 3/9/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Mindy: We're not in high school.

Beth: We're just going to reunion.

Lizzie: He's here, the kidnapper. I'm at the cannery warehouse. I don't want to be here.

Phillip: Lizzie! We need to get out of here.

Lizzie: That's where he had me tied up, right up there.

Grady: You called me all the way out here? Who are you?

Phillip: I'm Lizzie Spaulding’s father.

Grady: Well, I'm flattered to meet you.

Phillip: This is about Lizzie.

Grady: Save your breath. I know exactly why you're here.

Phillip: You do?

Grady: She tried to buy me to save the old man, and now you're here to do the same thing.

Phillip: Am I?

Grady: Yeah. You know, if I wanted to deal with a Spaulding, I'd do it with her. Dude, she's hot. Don't worry. I've got a good thing going with Daisy. I wouldn't want to screw that up. You have my word.

Phillip: And your word means so much.

Grady: You don't know me very well. I hope we're on the same page.

Phillip: I know what you did. You took my daughter and you threw her in a van, and you held her captive for days. Are we on the same page now?

Grady: "Next time Lizzie Spaulding won't be so easy to find."

Lizzie: Grady left this message on Bill's phone to make Bill stop looking for him. Bill must have gotten too close. Grady must have... Grady must have grabbed him. Why would I think that Bill would have done this to me? Bill would never do something like this to me. Why didn't I listen to him?

Cyrus: Bill never accused Grady.

Lizzie: Maybe he found out after he gave me the phone.

Cyrus: Did he tell you that?

Lizzie: No. He has been missing since then. I mean, I guess maybe he's back. I can call his dad or his mom to see if they have any idea where he is.

Cyrus: So what do you want to do?

Lizzie: Okay. Um... I'm going to call them. And then we are going to go to his office and then his apartment. I've already been there, but maybe there is something that I missed. Grady was at his apartment when I found the dog. He was totally aware of the fact that Bill was missing. I can't believe this. I bought his stupid story that he was there to watch the dog! I am an idiot! Oh, my God! Grady's going to hurt Bill. We have to find him. Right now.

Mindy: Isn't that your third one?

Rick: Yeah. I get a whole sugar rush so I can keep up with Pizza Face at the dance.

Beth: Rick, if you're going to date her, don't you think you should stop calling her Pizza Face?

Rick: No. No. She actually likes Pizza Face. That's my pet name for her. She likes it. She told me. (Laughter)

Frank: Hey, guys.

Mindy: Hey, Frank!

Frank: Mindy.

Mindy: Hi.

Frank: You look great.

Mindy: Thank you.

Frank: I didn't know you were here. So, um... anyway, this is a lot of fun.

Mindy: Yeah.

Frank: I don't mean to interrupt here, but, um, I just missed a message from Lizzie on my cell phone. She said that she has Bill's cell phone, and the kidnapper left a message on there, all right? And I tried calling her, and she didn't call me back.

Beth: Well, that's odd.

Frank: Do you know anything about this?

Beth: Yes, I mean she did... she did say something. But, Frank, we're all trying to figure this out right now. Maybe... maybe you should look for Bill.

Daisy: Five bucks. You're off your game tonight, Grandpa. You need to play some more to get the practice in.

Buzz: Maybe.

Daisy: I have a little while before I have to meet Grady. You want to... I don't know, watch some TV or something?

Buzz: No.

Daisy: Look, I... I know, um... everything has been really hard for all of us. But you fixed it. Grandpa, you... you. Alan is going to jail because of you. This town is going to be so much better once Alan is gone. Coop would be proud of you. And, you know, Grady is like a different person. He's a good man, Grandpa. He wants to be good, too, and you're giving him this chance to show everyone what a really great guy he is.

Phillip: Lizzie figured out that you were the one who kidnapped her. See, unlike you, she's smart. It's all over.

Grady: You know, people who threaten me don't fare too well. You might want to remind Lizzie of that.

Phillip: Oh, you're going to be far away from my daughter. You're going to be rotting in a jail cell next to my father.

Grady: I get it. You want me to testify against Alan. You want to get back at your dad for shooting you. Why didn't you say so?

Phillip: You really do have a simplistic mind.

Grady: You've come to the right place. You want to put that old geezer on ice? You're gonna need me.

Phillip: So you're saying that we should be allies?

Grady: You can call it whatever you want. I'll turn Alan in, and you forget about my little kidnapping stunt, huh? Maybe we can make a deal.

Frank: Did Lizzie give you any idea where Bill might be?

Beth: No. She doesn't know. And like I said, she has his cell phone. So she has no way of getting in touch with him.

Frank: All right. I'll see if I can get in touch with Bill's family. You know, Billy, Vanessa, Dinah... see if they have a clue. But you call me if you hear from Lizzie.

Beth: You might check with Alan. He might know where she is.

Frank: The last time I saw Alan, Dad tried to kill him when he found out that he posted bail.

Beth: I'm sorry.

Frank: You know, Beth, even if I assigned a whole taskforce just for the Spaulding’s, I wouldn't have enough manpower to keep up with you guys.

Rick: Oh, my gosh.

Mindy: Hey, there you are. I've been looking all over for you.

Rick: Hey. This is Mr. Edward's class.

Mindy: Yeah.

Rick: Remember? Remember?

Mindy: Yeah.

Rick: Mr. Bauer, I've noticed that you're noticing something interesting on Ms. Lewis' test. Would you care to share the information with the rest of us?

Mindy: Wait, wait, wait. Enough, enough. No more sugar for you, or chocolate. You should have seen him imitating Diane Sawyer.

Rick: Oh, that was my best. That was my best.

Mindy: No, no, not really.

Rick: It was Mr. Hempler. He failed me. Let's pile these desks and tables on top of each other.

Mindy: No, Ricky. Rick, we're not actually in high school.

Rick: I know! Exactly! We can't get in trouble anymore! Come on!

Mindy: Listen. No, no! Could you do me a favor and go get Beth and I a piece of chocolate cake.

Rick: I'd love another piece of cake.

Mindy: Oh, not you. Us.

Rick: Us, fine.

Mindy: Yeah. Go.

Rick: They'll find this in 10 years.

Mindy: Oh! He's so... he's so Rick!

Beth: He's having fun.

Mindy: You're not, though. Are you okay?

Beth: I just... it's just with everything going on, you know, and... I'm just worried about Lizzie.

Lizzie: I don't know where he would have gone, but there must be something in this room that connects Bill to Grady. There must be something. Do you have any idea what Grady would have been looking for?

Cyrus: I have no idea.

Lizzie: Well, I know... I know that Grady is not holding Bill at the warehouse where he had me because I was just there. Maybe he has him in a van. Maybe a white van. We should start looking for a white vans.

Cyrus: Lizzie, calm down. I need you to stay calm.

Lizzie: No, no, no. Grady was in here, and he was looking for something. Oh, my God. Oh, my God! What if he had Bill in here when I was in here. What is Bill was tied up in the closet? Why wouldn't I have checked? I should have checked.

Cyrus: Stop! Grady never had Bill in this room!

Lizzie: How can you possibly know that?

Cyrus: He's my brother. And I think I might know how you can find Bill.

Lizzie: Good. Good. Okay. Then we're going straight to the police, and you can tell them how your brother's mind works. Come on, let's go. Come on, let's go!

Daisy: Please stop being sad, Grandpa. Everything is happening the way you said it would. Alan is going to go to jail, and everyone is going to love Grady because he's going to come through for you, just like he did for me.

Buzz: I hope.

Daisy: Look what he gave me. Look. This is his dog tag, and Cyrus has one just like it. It's like a family thing. And this symbol, the key, and that's kind of our thing. I think what he was trying to say was I've become part of his family.

Buzz: You really want this, don't you?

Daisy: Yeah. Yeah, like he'll be a part of ours, you know? He can feel you opening up to him, and it's changing him in a really good way.

Buzz: You really love him, don't you?

Daisy: I do. Thank you for giving us this chance. We won't disappoint you.

Phillip: So you ensure that my father goes to jail.

Grady: If you look the other way on the kidnapping. Simple.

Phillip: Is there anybody in my family that you wouldn't like to hurt?

Grady: Your old man is a real menace here. He knew about the kidnapping, but do you think he told Lizzie or the cops? No. He recruited me to frame Bill. Excuse me, I really need to take this.

Daisy: Hey, it's me.

Grady: I'm a little busy at the moment.

Daisy: Oh, okay. Sorry. I was just missing you. And I just wanted to let you know how much I love you.

Grady: Me, too.

Daisy: I'll see you tonight.

Grady: Excuse me. Girlfriend. Where were we?

Phillip: You were telling me how my father knew about the kidnapping.

Grady: Oh, yeah. And he hired me to frame good ol' Bill.

Phillip: I'm sure he didn't have to ask you twice.

Grady: Of course, this can go either way. I can get a sudden case of amnesia, and make sure Alan is cleared. It can go either way.

Phillip: This is not a game! You hurt my daughter!

Grady: Don't put all of this on my tab, buddy, all right? Dinah Marler is the one you want to be talking to. She master-minded this whole kidnapping. I've got something on all the Spaulding’s.

Phillip: I thought my family was better off without me. And I just left them at the mercy of scum like you.

Grady: Yeah, yeah, sticks and stones, buddy. So, do we have a deal? It's the only way that you can be sure that Lizzie lives a long and happy life.

Phillip: What did you say?

Grady: Just do as I say and nothing will happen to Lizzie.

Phillip: No one hurts my little girl!

Lizzie: Frank, did you get my message?

Frank: Where the hell have you been? I've been trying to reach you.

Lizzie: I figured it out. I figured out who kidnapped me, and it wasn't Bill.

Frank: Let me guess. Grady Foley?

Lizzie: Yeah.

Frank: Do you have proof of that?

Lizzie: Well, he left a message on Bill's phone.

Grady: "Next time, Lizzie Spaulding won't be so easy to find."

Frank: Unbelievable.

Lizzie: You can use that, right? You can use it to make a voice match?

Frank: We'll do our best.

Lizzie: Wait, wait, wait. I almost forgot. Right when I said I was going to bring that to the police, I got this text message.

Frank: Are you sure this is from Grady?

Lizzie: Who else?

Frank: Who else knew you were going to the police?

Lizzie: My mom and my dad. (Cell phone rings)

Frank: Hold on a second. Cooper here. Listen, this is not a good time right now. Can I get back to you? Sure. Just give me your number. Yeah. Okay. Thanks. Daisy.

Ashlee: Hey, can I come in?

Daisy: Um, sure, yeah.

Ashlee: How is everything? Is it okay being here with your family? I really miss you guys.

Daisy: Yeah. We miss you, too. But it does feel right, being here. My family needs me. So...

Ashlee: Yeah, I just talked to Buzz. He’s...

Daisy: Yeah. But everything is going to be okay, because we're going to fix it, Grady and me.

Ashlee: Grady, yeah?

Daisy: Yeah. Actually, I'm going to go see him now. He's taking me out to Towers to celebrate.

Ashlee: Towers, wow! Must be some big celebration, no wonder you look so nice.

Daisy: Do I? Good, um... it's going to be a really special night, I think. Um, Grady is getting a room at the Beacon.

Ashlee: Ooh-ooh, the Beacon. How is he going to swing that? I mean, he works for my mom. He makes no money.

Daisy: I don't know. He must have a little saved.

Ashlee: You really do look perfect, Daisy.

Daisy: That's what Grady deserves.

Announcer: Remember, the dance starts in 20 minutes in the gym.

And there is still plenty of time to sign up for the hustle contest.

And don't forget to leave your e-mails with the reunion committee.

It's not too early to start planning the 30th, everybody.

Exactly. (Cheers and applause)

Rick: I've got my first dance with Pizza Face. Do I have any spinach in my teeth?

Mindy: Yes. There... no.

Rick: My breath?

Mindy: Not good. Not good. Come with me. I've got something in my purse. Come here.

Beth: You missed quite a bit. Rick got a date with Mary Paxton, and Rick and Mindy are going to try to win the hustle contest. Are you all right? Phillip, where have you been? Phillip, what's going on.

Mindy: Hey!

Rick: Okay, don't act like you don't know. I see you checking out Pizza Face. She's mine. Stay away.

Mindy: Was Rick always this dorky in high school, as he is now?

Beth: Oh, it's part of his charm.

Rick: Thank you. Let's grab a frosty before we go out and dance. What do you say?

Mindy: A frosty? No, no, no. No more beers. I've been seeing you spike the punch all afternoon.

Rick: Have you had any? I need to know how easy you'll be to take advantage of in say, an hour.

Mindy: Shame on you. Already cheating on me with Pizza Face.

Rick: Okay. Well, then let's go out to the football field.

Mindy: Oh, yeah, right. In these heels.

Rick: I'll take you up there. Come on. Piggyback ride.

Mindy: Oh, okay.

Rick: You're the boss. (Laughter)

Beth: Should we go with them?

Phillip: Yeah. Let's just go with them.

Lizzie: Get out of my house. You are fired.

Cyrus: Fine, I'm fired. Just let me talk to you.

Lizzie: There is nothing that you could say that I could possibly want to hear. What, are you going to kidnap me?

Cyrus: No, but I need to tell you things.

Lizzie: You told your brother that I was going to the police. You heard me and you protected him!

Cyrus: I've been protecting him for a long time.

Lizzie: How long?

Cyrus: That's not important. What you need to understand is I had no choice. He's my brother! Just like Alan is your grandfather and Beth is your mother.

Lizzie: Did you know he was my kidnapper?

Cyrus: He's my brother. Lizzie, I can help you find Bill.

Lizzie: Why on earth would I possibly trust you?

Cyrus: Because helping you may be the only chance I have to save my brother.

Rick: Oh, wow! (Laughter)

Mindy: It's exactly the same!

Beth: Yeah. It brings back a lot of memories.

Rick: A lot of memories. A lot of memories of you girls breaking my heart.

Beth: Oh, Rick. There have been a lot of broken hearts over the years.

Rick: We had a lot of good times in between, didn't we?

Mindy: Hey, does anybody remember our class song?

Beth: By Heart, wasn't it?

Rick: Heart. Oh, my gosh, they were the sexiest women. Oh, my gosh.

Mindy: I can't believe he's a doctor.

Rick: I'm a guy who needs a night out.

Mindy: Yeah.

Rick: I love this song. I have it on my IPod.

Mindy: I hope they play the Bee Gees.

Beth: No. He'll do that finger pointing thing.

Rick: Beth, I know what you're thinking, and the answer is yes. The answer is yes. Take your time and don't be afraid. Look at me. Here we go. One, two, three. (Laughter)

Rick: Here you go. Almost. Almost. You almost captured my heart.

Mindy: You know, look at them. Look at them out there. Just look.

Beth: Look at us back here. Nothing's changed.

Rick: You two are still the most beautiful ladies in this room.

Mindy: Thank you.

Beth: Thank you. Oh!

Rick: Can I have this dance?

Mindy: Yeah. What about Pizza Face?

Rick: Ah, I don't miss her. Besides, you've had a little more to drink.

Mindy: Oh, you're so romantic.

Phillip: That's nice.

Beth: Yeah. Seems right, somehow.

Phillip: Yeah, it does.

Beth: So, do you want to, um sit down?

Phillip: Okay.

Lizzie: Stop, stop, stop! Stop following me. I don't want your help. I should be calling the police.

Cyrus: I can help you more than the police.

Lizzie: No, thank you. No, thanks. I can do this on my own.

Cyrus: Fine. How?

Lizzie: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm going to tell you so you can call your brother and give him my every move.

Cyrus: I haven't spoken to him.

Lizzie: That's probably why you have been following me all day. So you can tell him everything I've been up to.

Cyrus: I don't work with my brother. I find out about all of the catastrophes he's created after they've happened, and I spend all of my time trying to keep him out of jail and keep him from hurting people.

Lizzie: Well, you suck at it. Oh, my God. You are still following me. What do I have to do to convince you that I don't want your help?

Cyrus: You need me. I'm sorry, but you do. What other choice do you have?

Lizzie: I have no idea, but anything is better than you.

Cyrus: Lizzie... hey, listen to me. There will be a day when I come to you and apologize, a day when I will try to explain, because as hard as it might be to believe at this moment, I value our friendship. And if possible, I don't want to lose that. But right now you have to make a decision to trust that I can help you. And then maybe together we can find Bill.

Frank: Daisy! I need to talk to you! Daisy, come on down! I need to talk to you. I know you're here. I saw your car outside.

Buzz: Frank, stop yelling. She's out with Ashlee. And then she's meeting with Grady.

Frank: How long has she been gone?

Buzz: 15, 20 minutes. I don't know.

Frank: Pop, where did they go?

Buzz: To Towers to celebrate.

Frank: Okay, fine. You know what, I'll call Towers. You get her on your cell phone.

Buzz: Frank? What's the drama?

Frank: Lizzie came flying into the station. She had a cell phone with her. There was a recorded message on it from her kidnapper. And she claims that it's Grady’s voice.

Buzz: Oh, hell, Grady?

Frank: I've got a team working on it right now to see if that recording and his voice matches.

Buzz: Frank, Frank! Are you going to arrest him?

Frank: If there is enough evidence, yes!

Buzz: No. There cannot be any controversy, Frank! They cannot arrest... I mean, there cannot be any controversy surrounding this guy, surrounding Grady until he's nailed Alan!

Frank: I can't stop justice.

Buzz: Justice! Justice! Justice is Alan going away to a small cell for the rest of his life. Who cares if Grady is the kidnapper or a sadist. I don't care. He is the one that can nail Alan.

Frank: Do you even hear yourself talking right now? Because right now Grady could be with Daisy, which would mean that she would be in a hell of a lot of danger.

Ashlee: So.

Daisy: Thanks for the ride.

Ashlee: Any time.

Daisy: Oh, you can... you can go. Wait, why aren't you going?

Ashlee: Um... I just... I just don't want to leave you here in the dark.

Daisy: I walk home in the dark all the time.

Ashlee: I helped you get dressed, and I drove you here. At least, I can take a photo of you guys on your special night.

Daisy: No, thanks. What are you doing?

Ashlee: I was going to wait with you.

Daisy: No, you're not.

Ashlee: What if Grady is late?

Daisy: I brought my IPod up here, and I'll just sit and listen to some music.

Ashlee: But, it's cold. It's cold. So we should get back in the car.

Daisy: Ashlee, what's going on with you?

Ashlee: Nothing. I... I just think that maybe you could use the company.

Daisy: I've waited on that porch for Grady like a million times. He likes to make an entrance.

Ashlee: Okay. But I'm really glad we're still friends.

Daisy: Me, too.

Ashlee: Have fun!

Rick: It's time to make my move on Pizza Face before my knees give out, okay?

Beth: Where's Mindy?

Rick: Mindy? She's over there with Dave Carter, at least his back is okay. Listen, guys, don't wait too long because the night doesn't go on forever.

Beth: He's having a good time.

Phillip: He needs it.

Beth: Everyone deserves a chance to be happy.

Phillip: Do you want to dance?

Beth: That night...

Phillip: Beth, I remember. All of it.

Beth: Changed my life.

Phillip: Mine, too.

Beth: You know, I don't think that I ever felt safer than I ever did that night, in your arms. I thought that these strong hands would take care of me forever.

Phillip: But they didn’t.

Beth: No. In some ways, here I am, just as scared as I was all of those years ago.

Phillip: I'm sorry.

Beth: Maybe that's what tonight is about, huh? Maybe it's about letting go of the past and concentrating on what's good.

Phillip: How?

Beth: Well, you could take me in your arms and make me feel safe again. You know, I always found strength in these hands.

Phillip: I'm not sure it's there anymore.

Beth: Yes, it is. I can feel it.

Buzz: Frank --

Frank: This is ridiculous, Pop. I need to find Grady.

Buzz: Look, how do we know that Lizzie is telling the truth?

Frank: I need to check it out, Pop. That's why I need to go right now.

Buzz: Frank, it could just be a ploy, just to keep him from testifying against Alan.

Frank: Who would want that?

Buzz: Well, he's a Spaulding! That's who would do something like this. He's just using Lizzie, just making her do his dirty work. Listen, think about this: Is it convenient, Frank? Isn't it convenient, just when Grady is going to testify against Alan, just then she comes up with this story to keep him from talking to the grand jury.

Frank: She's got Grady’s voice on a cell phone.

Buzz: Oh, come on. That could be fake. That could be fake. A guy on TV said today he was faking his voice to make his wife look guilty.

Frank: You're talking about "Law and Order" here. We're talking about real life.

Buzz: I'm talking about the Spaulding’s' world. He can make anything happen!

Frank: Look at you. You need to calm down, Dad.

Buzz: Frank.

Franck: You need to calm down. Whatever I find out, I'll let you know.

Buzz: Frank, don't arrest him, okay? Please! Don't arrest him.

Frank: I've got to get Grady, and I've got to get him now.

Buzz: Frank!

(Phone ringing)

Beth: You're still a good dancer.

Phillip: Anything fast comes along, we're out of here.

Beth: So what do you think? Do you think Rick will ask Pizza Face to marry him tonight?

Phillip: I wouldn't put it past him. (Laughter) Want to go get some punch?

Beth: Rick Bauer’s special? No, thank you. I'll have water. You know, I should call Lizzie. I'm a little bit worried about her.

Phillip: You know what? Actually, she called before when you guys were away. I heard your phone so I picked it up and answered it. She's fine.

Beth: What did she say?

Phillip: She was still a little bit nervous, but, um, I took care of everything.

Mindy: It's time for a very special dance. Mary asked me to take us all back in time to that night. So close your eyes and remember where you were, who you were standing next to. Who you came to the dance with, and who you really wanted to be with. So much has happened since that time. But I'll tell you, that time was innocent and pure. And to remind us of that beautiful moment, we would like to re-crown our king and our queen. So put your hands together for your king and your queen, Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines! (Cheers and applause) Oh, you look beautiful. (Cheers and applause) (cheering) And now the dance.

Beth: Yes, the dance. (Cheers and applause) It's a new beginning.

Phillip: A new beginning.

Lizzie: You better take me where I need to go.

Cyrus: You can trust me, Lizzie. I want there to be a happy ending to this as much as you do.

Lizzie: Take me to Bill. All I care about is Bill. What is this moron doing? Get out. Get out and tell him to move! What is he doing? Oh, my God. Is that Bill? It's Bill.

Next on "Guiding Light",

Olivia: Which one of these brain surgeons posted your bail?

Phillip: Does it matter?

Olivia: All it matters is that you stay away from Emma.

Phillip: I don't have any idea what the future holds for us, but I really do appreciate you guys helping me move on tonight.

Lizzie: I just want tonight to be all about us.

Bill: Is that him in the car?

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