GL Transcript Tuesday 3/3/09

Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 3/3/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Mallet: I just found out they have to meet both of the parents? I'm going home empty-handed.

Dinah: Not necessarily.

Alan: You are responsible for your son's death.

Beth: Will he skip town? And the answer is no.

Judge: Bail is granted.

Buzz: My heart.

Olivia: Hey, that is a lot of bleach you're using.

Natalia: Well, you can never get anything too clean. I just want to do something right.

Olivia: I'd just use a vacuum and call it a day.

Natalia: You can't just cover things up and pretend they're in the right spot, you know?

Olivia: Do you want me to help you?

Natalia: I've got it. I'm good.

Olivia: Good, because that does not look fun. Uh-uh.

Natalia: There is more to life than having fun.

Olivia: Really? Like what?

Natalia: Like hard work and family and being honest and fair.

Olivia: Yeah, them some good times.

Natalia: You know, not everything is a joke.

Olivia: Fine. But you know something? There's nothing wrong with having fun. Fun can help you get through some really difficult things in your life. So what? So go out and eat some good food and have some good sex and just...

Natalia: Sex is no way to solve your problems.

Mallet: Okay, are you ready to do this thing? Do you want to go over it again? We're married. We're in love.

Dinah: Yeah, it's a stretch, but I think I can pull it off. And we are desperate for a baby.

Mallet: We want a baby.

Dinah: Yes.

Mallet: Right. We want a baby.

Dinah: Yes. You're going to be great, okay? And I'm going to be great. Don't worry, all right?

Mallet: You do realize that this is not a game. We're committing fraud.

Dinah: Well, I've crossed that line before. Yeah.

Mallet: Really? Have you?

Dinah: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. I want you to have this baby almost as much as you do, okay?

Mallet: Thank you.

Dinah: All right.

Mallet: All right. Thank you. Now, just as a backup plan if this goes south...

Dinah: It's not going south. It's not going south. Okay? I'm very good at pretending to be other people. Now, this is my one shot to make up for how I messed things up for Shayne. And if I can help you and Marina, then I would have done some good, right?

Mallet: Yeah.

Dinah; right.

Mallet: True.

Dinah: Yes.

Mallet: Ready to do this?

Dinah: Mm-hmm.

Mallet: Okay. Let's do it. (Knocking on door)

Mrs. Dovic: Mr. Camaletti, what are you doing here?

Mallet: Mrs. Dovic, good to see you again. I would like you to meet my wife, Marina.

Buzz: What are you looking for?

Marina: I'm just making sure you don't have any restricted foods in here.

Buzz: Me?

Marina: Yes, you.

Buzz: I'm fine. I'm just following doctor's orders.

Marina: You need to take care of yourself. This family has been through a lot, and we need you.

Buzz: Coop needed me. Where was I?

Marina: There is nothing that you could have done.

Buzz: Why don't you go home to Mallet?

Marina: He's still in D.C., trying to get us moved up on the adoption registry. What can I get you?

Buzz: I need to talk to Daisy.

Marina: Okay. I'll go find her. Stay warm. I'll get her. I'll get her. Here. This could go on for a while. Something interesting to read?

Alan: Nurse! Nurse, I'm still alive in here, but I can't get this bed to do what I want it to!

Lizzie: Granddad. Oh, thank God you're okay.

Alan: Oh, Elizabeth. Well, I'm not okay. I just had a heart attack.

Lizzie: Well, I mean, you're not dead.

Alan: Well, I might as well be. No one has come to see me since they've wheeled me in here. It's probably because Rick Bauer forgot to file my admission papers. You're the first family member who has come through that door.

Lizzie: You know that that's because I love you.

Alan: I love you, too, Elizabeth. You know, you're all I have. Our family is a mess right now. But sometimes it takes a crisis to bring us all back together.

Lizzie: We are having that crisis right now-- or at least I am, so I'm going to need you to get out of the bed and come home with me right now.

Frank: Your bail has been posted.

Phillip: Thank you, Frank.

Frank: You know, if it were up to me, you'd be locked up for the rest of your life.

Phillip: I understand.

Frank: Well, see, I don't understand. I cannot believe a judge granted you bail. Not only are you a kidnapper, but you show up at my brother's funeral, you grab a gun from one of my officers, and you shoot it off in the middle of a room full of people. And yet you still go free. It must be good to be a Spaulding, huh, Phillip?

Phillip: Yeah. It's great, Frank. Do you have my watch, Frank?

Frank: Your watch.

Phillip: Sorry, Frank. I got him out before the explosion. I wish I could have done more.

Frank: Me, too.

Grady (altered voice): Don't be stupid. Next time Lizzie Spaulding won't be so easy to find.

Lizzie: That's it. It's him. That is the kidnapper's voice.

Alan: I'm aware of that. It's the third time you played it for me.

Lizzie: He's out there. He is out there. He could come after me.

Alan: Elizabeth, no one is going to come after you, sweetheart.

Lizzie: How could you possibly know that? The kidnapper called Bill's phone. Bill brought me his phone. He played this message for me. He accused Cyrus of being the kidnapper. I had to ask Cyrus to open his shirt in the middle of Towers just to see if there was a scar there, and there wasn't a scar.

Alan: Let me ask you something, where is Bill right now?

Lizzie: I have no idea.

Alan: I'll tell you where I think he is. He's out celebrating, patting himself on the back. And why? He is the kidnapper. He sent you a message just to throw you off track a little bit, and you bought it. Now, you know he's the kidnapper. You've known it for a long time.

Lizzie: I don't know anything right now. This is why I need you to get better, and I need you to come home, because I need someone to protect me. I can't go anywhere. I'm really scared.

Alan: Sweetheart, it's going to be all right.

Lizzie: No, no. It is not going to be okay. If the kidnapper doesn't get me, then Dad will.

Alan: Your father is in jail.

Lizzie: He's supposed to be in jail, but he showed up at Coop's funeral. He cornered me in the casket room. He had the nerve to say that I was just like him!

Alan: Well, in some ways, you are.

Lizzie: Well, that's just great. I don't want to be.

Olivia: Well, if I didn't know any better by that reaction in the kitchen, I would say that somebody got laid.

Natalia: That is not polite.

Olivia: Sex isn't always polite.

Natalia: That is not the way I like to talk about the sacred union between a man and a woman.

Olivia: Okay, I'm sorry. I really am. I don't mean to make fun of you. It's just that I know you, and I know that something is going on, and I want you to know you can talk to me.

Natalia: You wouldn't understand.

Olivia: What is it I wouldn't understand?

Natalia: I pray every day.

Olivia: I know.

Natalia: And I really believe. I mean, I really believe. There were some dark times when I was raising Rafe by myself, and God really came through for me. Now heís... he's my best friend. And don't you dare laugh at me.

Olivia: No. Look, hey, I've had a couple of beers with God. I'm not trying to be disrespectful, okay? It's just that I have prayed. You know, I have, a couple of times.

Natalia: The difference is that I try to practice what I preach and be a good person, atone for my sins...

Olivia: What sins?

Natalia: I've sinned. Everybody sins.

Olivia: Yup. So you're human, like the rest of us. It's nothing to feel guilty about.

Natalia: Do you know that it says in the bible that if you even think something, you're just as guilty as someone who does it?

Olivia: Okay, so your thoughts aren't always pure. I don't think God is going to send you straight to hell for that. (Cell phone rings)

Natalia: Hello? Oh, my God. Okay. I have to get to what? What?

Mallet: That's right, honey. How long have you been at the TV station now?

Dinah: Two years. Actually, my mother works there with me. I'm all about family.

Mallet: Yeah. And her work schedule is very flexible, which is good, because I'm a street cop.

Dinah: He was a detective, and then he asked to go back out on the street. He likes people. He's a good guy.

Mrs. Dovic: Tell me how the two of you met.

Mallet: Oh!

Dinah: It's funny, actually. I used to be a little bit of a troublemaker back in the day, and, you know, Mallet always had a way of finding me and throwing me over his shoulders and rescuing me from all my troubles.

Mallet: Yes, I did.

Dinah: It's actually the most romantic thing that ever happened to me.

Mallet: Mrs. Dovic, is something wrong?

Mrs. Dovic: Well, you said your wife was in the States. A death in the family.

Mallet: That's right. And what happened was...

Dinah: I took care of everything at home. My family knows that I'm here, and they know how important this is to us.

Mrs. Dovic: I don't know. It all seems a little convenient. You're not even wearing a wedding ring.

Dinah: (Laughing) Thank you. Thank you so much for reminding me.

Daisy: Hey, Grandpa, how are you feeling? Marina said you wanted to see me?

Buzz: Where is Grady?

Daisy: I don't know-- work, I guess.

Buzz: I need to talk to him.

Daisy: Why?

Buzz: I need to talk to him. So if you could go find him for me...

Daisy: Okay.

Buzz: Now.

Daisy: Okay.

Buzz: Find Grady.

Grady: Is he dead?

Buzz: No, but I thought I might die waiting for you to get here.

Grady: Look, whatever your problem is, this time I didn't do it.

Buzz: Did I say you were the problem? I need you to do something for me.

Grady: What?

Buzz: I need you to tell the police that you were driving the car that killed Tammy Winslow.

Grady: Uh-huh. I'm out of here.

Buzz: I need to get the son of a bitch that killed my son, and you can help me do it. You could put Alan away for the rest of his life.

Grady: You're crazy. I'll go down, too.

Buzz: No, you wonít. You nail Alan, and everyone in town will forgive everything you've done, especially me.

Mallet: She is so funny. My wife, she gets nervous when she travels with her jewelry on.

Dinah: You can't be too careful these days.

Mrs. Dovic: No, you canít. It's a dangerous world.

Mallet: Yes, ma'am. Yes, it is. It's a dangerous world. That's why my wife and I promise to do everything we can to make sure our child has a happy and safe home.

Mrs. Dovic: Well, I'll have to check your references, but overall, I'm impressed.

Dinah: You are? Really?

Mrs. Dovic: Our children here are in desperate need of good homes. I hope for all our sakes there won't be a problem. We never talked about whether you'd prefer a girl or boy?

Dinah: Whatever you've got. We'll take two.

Mallet: A baby. We just want a baby, a baby that needs a home. Oh, thank you! You were awesome! You were good!

Dinah: I tried to get my voice a little lower.

Mallet: No. You were perfect. You were really good. Good job. One question, though.

Dinah: Yeah?

Mallet: How long have you been carrying that wedding ring around in your purse?

Shayne: Phenomenal, eh?

Marina: Mm-hmm.

Shayne: No, say it, phe-no-me-nal.

Marina: Phe-no-me-nal. Mm-hmm. Okay, they're good. But you keep eating these, and you're going to have to do separate laps at spring training.

Shayne: Extra laps? What are you talking about? Spring training, huh?

Marina: Mm-hmm.

Shayne: All right, go. An "A."

Marina: I'm sorry, an "A"?

Shayne: An "A." Never again.

Marina: Oh.

Shayne: Mm-hmm. I had you for a coach once already, and I've still got the scars.

Marina: Well, you've got a mean curveball. Maybe you can teach it to my kid.

Shayne: Wow, your kid. You know, I always saw you with a redhead, a little fireball, like a troublemaker, bossy. Definitely bossy.

Marina: Well, Mallet is still in DC, trying to get us moved up on that adoption list, so we'll see.

Shayne: Huh. I guess I was wrong about him. Looks like you caught a good one, huh?

Marina: Well, thank you. I'm sorry that you... what happened with Lara. I just can't even imagine.

Shayne: I need to wash this dog down with a beer. Want one?

Frank: Hi.

Natalia: Hi. I didn't know that you were going to be here. How is your dad?

Frank: He had a rough night, but he's sleeping right now. The doctors are very optimistic, though.

Natalia: Good. That's good. I'm praying for him, for all of you. I know that this has been really a sad time for your family.

Frank: Yeah, well, thank you. It hasn't all been sad.

Natalia: I'm going to actually come back when Buzz is awake, so will you please just let him know that I stopped by?

Frank: Natalia, I've tried calling you. I've left you a bunch of messages.

Natalia: I know. I'm sorry. Work has been crazy. And I meant to call you back, but...

Frank: I know what happened. I know it wasn't planned. And I know it wasn't the romantic weekend that we talked about. Look, we were both upset, you know? And one thing led to another, and... Natalia, I really care about you a lot. And I don't want things to get weird between us.

Natalia: Well, they won't, because what happened between us can never happen again.

Olivia: Hi. Mind if I work in?

Jeffrey: Well, that kind of depends. Are you Olivia number one or Olivia number nine?

Olivia: What does that mean?

Jeffrey: Well, it just means that, you know, I live with a woman now, so I understand that living with one woman is sometimes like living with many. Some of them are fun, and some not so fun.

Olivia: Okay. I'm sorry that I snapped at you the other day.

Jeffrey: It's okay. You know, love can sometimes make people sensitive.

Olivia: Oh, shut up!

Jeffrey: And cranky. I rest my case.

Olivia: No, I feel... I feel a lot better now, actually. You just happened to catch me on a bad day. And I've been thinking, you know, talking to you made me realize that maybe I just shouldn't talk about it.

Jeffrey: Okay.

Olivia: I mean, you should have heard her this morning. She was on a tear, scrubbing the floor and giving me a religious lecture.

Jeffrey: Sounds like fun.

Olivia: It was not fun. She knows nothing about fun or laughing. She has no sense of humor. I don't even think she likes sex.

Jeffrey: Whoa, you would know? I mean, I didn't think it had gotten that far yet.

Natalia: Oh, God.

Frank: Natalia...

Natalia: I am so sorry. This is so awkward for both of us.

Frank: But it doesn't have to be.

Lizzie: Frank, Frank, you have no idea how happy I am to see you.

Frank: Lizzie, this is not a good time.

Lizzie: Listen to me. I don't know where Bill is. I haven't heard from him in a couple of days. And the last time I saw him, he had his phone. He gave it to me. He played this message for me that...

Frank: Okay, listen. Have you seen your father?

Lizzie: Yes, yes. I saw him at the police station.

Frank: No, no. I'm talking about today. He's out. He made bail.

Lizzie: He's free?

Frank: Unfortunately, yes.

Phillip: Hey, I heard you had a heart attack. How are you feeling?

Buzz: I heard you got out of jail. How are you?

Natalia: You've always been so good to me, but I slept with you because you needed to feel close to somebody, and I was using you. And I feel terrible.

Frank: Look, nobody was using anybody here. We weren't doing that. It was...

Natalia: It was a sin. That's what it was.

Frank: No. No, it's not a sin when two people are there for each other, to help each other and be there for each other.

Natalia: It's a sin when you sleep with someone and you're not married. It's a sin when you can't control your thoughts.

Frank: Natalia, I know this is going very quickly. I'll tell you what, how about we just pretend nothing ever happened? We start all over again, and...

Natalia: I canít.

Phillip: Hey, I want to tell you I'm sorry about what happened at Coop's funeral. I really just wanted to pay my respects, but then everybody was fighting and... so how long do you think they're going to keep you here? Yeah, who knows, right? Well, listen, I'm sure Harley will be calling you at some point. You know, it goes without saying that I would like to see Zach, but I don't want to overstep. Well, listen, I'll let you get some rest.

Buzz: How's your dad doing?

Phillip: I don't know.

Buzz: I'm going after him.

Phillip: Do what you've got to do.

Lizzie: I made it. I'm home.

Grady (altered voice): Don't be stupid. Next time Lizzie Spaulding won't be so easy to find.

Dinah: I haven't held on to this ring out of some misguided belief that we'd get back together. I just look at it sometimes to help me remember that I'm not all bad.

Mallet: Well, you don't need a ring to remind you that you're not all bad. You can ask me. For instance, did you, or did you not, get a music box to Shayne?

Dinah: Yes, I did.

Mallet: Not all bad.

Dinah: Thank you.

Mrs. Dovic: I have a surprise for you.

Dinah: It's a baby. It's a baby! Hi there.

Mrs. Dovic: You get acquainted while I finish checking your references.

Dinah: Oh, Mallet, he's beautiful.

Mallet: He's really beautiful. Yeah, he's beautiful. Hey!

Dinah: Hi.

Mallet: It's a boy. It's a boy?

Dinah: Yes, dopey. He's wearing blue.

Mallet: Wow, it's a boy!

Dinah: Okay, baby, do you want to meet your daddy? Here he is.

Mallet: No, I don't know. No, you hold him. What if I drop him?

Dinah: You're not going to drop him. You're not going to drop him.

Mallet: All right, hold on. Hey. Okay.

Dinah: Oh, it's okay.

Mallet: Come here. Shh. Come here. Oh, my gosh. Hi, pumpkin. Hi! You want your bottle? Where is that bottle? Yeah. Okay. You just hold the bottle in case he needs it, all right? Oh, my gosh. This makes me a father. He's a son.

Dinah: Your son.

Mallet: He's my son. Hey, buddy, I never thought I'd get a chance to say that. Wow!

Dinah: Sweetheart is very lucky. I can't think of a better daddy to have, except for mine. Except for mine.

Mallet: We're going to get you home, and we're going to introduce you to your mama. Yeah! Yeah. Oh, buddy, we've been waiting a long time for you. Yes, we have. Yeah. Now, just a little bit of an update here, okay? We're not millionaires, okay? We're not millionaires, but we've got a really nice house. I think you're going to like it. Yeah. I don't know if, you know, everything is going to be perfect all the time, or things are going to be easy all the time, or that you'll get everything you want all the time, but you know what? You know what? I promise you, you will always be loved, okay? Is that a deal? And then we'll just be fine. Yeah.

It was late last evening when the wheels started turning

and the fire was burning down the coals

and I was drinking when I should've been sleeping

I should've been thinking alone.

Daisy: Look, please do it. I haven't really asked that many things of you, you know. I do want to be with you, of course. But I shouldn't have to choose you or my family. I get to love all of you.

Grady: So I have to confess to a crime to get in good with your family? I'm going to go to jail.

Daisy: My family knows the law. You can trust my grandpa. He won't let you go to jail.

Grady: I drove that car that killed Tammy.

Daisy: I know that. I was in that car, too. Look, you were alone. You had nothing, and Alan knew that. It's Alanís fault that Tammy is dead. And it is Alanís fault that Coop is dead.

Grady: Alan is going to come after me.

Daisy: Alan will be behind bars, and you can make that happen. Please, do it for me. Do it for us.

Grady: I canít.

Olivia: I'm glad you're home. Look, I want to apologize for making fun of you before. I really didn't mean to. I know that we're completely different people. It's just that I feel like we really created something here that... that's special. And I don't know if you feel the same way I do, and I don't expect you to. I just wanted you to know that no matter what this is or where it goes, I just want you to know that you're my friend, and you can talk to me. You can talk to me about anything.

Natalia: I slept with Frank, and I don't know why, because I don't love him. (Sobbing)

will make me great 'cause they told me so...

Grady (altered voice): Don't be stupid. Next time Lizzie Spaulding... don't be stupid. Next time Lizzie Spaulding won't be so easy to find.

And the darkness melted away...

Lizzie: I knew you'd come for me.

Mallet: Well, you just wait till we get home, okay? And then what we'll do is, you'll go hide, and I'll go get Mommy, and you go and jump out and surprise her, okay? She'll be so surprised. Mrs. Dovic, this baby is beautiful. Thank you. Thank you so much. He's beautiful, right?

Dinah: What's wrong?

Mrs. Dovic: Can I have the baby?

Mallet: What? What are you talking about? What's going on?

Mrs. Dovic: There has been an unexpected development. The parents of this baby want him back.

Mallet: The parents? What are you talking about? This is an orphanage. Babies at orphanages don't have parents. That's why the babies are here.

Mrs. Dovic: Some people bring their babies here when they think they won't be able to take care of them.

Mallet: Well, that's fine. We'll take care of him. He'll be fine.

Dinah: You can't have the baby back. We love him. He loves him.

Mrs. Dovic: The parents realize they made a mistake. I'll put you on the waiting list.

Dinah: No. We're taking this baby, Mrs. Dovic.

Mrs. Dovic: You have no papers, no authority to take this child. If you take him out of here, I will be forced to call the police. (Baby crying)

Mallet: Yeah. Yeah, I hear that, buddy. Oh, Marina would have loved you.

Natalia: Thank you.

Olivia: Why did you have to tell me this?

Natalia: I had to tell somebody. I feel like such a hypocrite, going to church and praying, and telling my son that he has to live this virtuous life, and then I go and do something like this, something so terrible. I'm just... I'm disappointed in myself.

Olivia: Look, you and Frank, you were dating. You were planning on going away with him for the weekend. I even encouraged that. It would make sense that you would want to take it to the next level.

Natalia: I really hurt someone who means so much to me.

Olivia: Natalia, I don't think Frank sees it the way that you do. So you know what? The next time he calls...

Natalia: It can never happen again. I told him it can never happen again.

Olivia: You did?

Natalia: Yes. What a mess.

Olivia: Okay. So you're not perfect.

Natalia: I don't expect to be perfect. I just want to... I expect to live the things that I believe in. And I'm really scared that God hates me for what I've done. He's mad at me.

Olivia: No one could ever hate you.

Buzz: Well, is Grady going to help us get Alan?

Phillip: It's a little dark in here. I didn't mean to startle you.

Lizzie: How did you get here?

Phillip: I took a cab.

Lizzie: How did you do it? How did you talk them into letting you out?

Phillip: Actually I didnít. Your mom did. She spoke up for me at the bail hearing. She was amazing. I've never seen her that strong.

Lizzie: Well, she's been much stronger since you've been gone.

Phillip: I realize that you're angry with me, and that you probably will be for the rest of your life.

Lizzie: Yeah, I will. Are you "free" free?

Phillip: No. There will be a trial. Where is everybody?

Lizzie: Granddad's at the hospital.

Phillip: I heard that. Would you like to go see him?

Lizzie: Not with you. I was already there.

Phillip: And how is he?

Lizzie: He's fine. He'll be home soon. What are you going to do now?

Phillip: What do you mean?

Lizzie: Well, you can't stay here.

Phillip: Yes, sweetheart. This is my home.

This week on "Guiding Light"...

Beth: Time stood still here, but so many things have happened since then.

Mindy: So much has happened since that time, but I'll tell you, that time was innocent and pure.

Rick: Can I have this dance?

Mindy: Yeah.

Phillip: Do you want to dance?

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