GL Transcript Monday 3/2/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 3/2/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

This is what was actually said:

Alan (to Buzz): Stop going to see my son, harassing my granddaughter -- now if you've got a problem with me, you come to me.

Phillip: What do think about Cyrus Foley?

Beth: I don't know what to believe right now.

Bill: [Muffled sounds]

Grady: Shut up.

Cyrus: We're gonna take him some place far far away.

Alan: I did not kill your son!

Buzz: Oh, yes you did.

This was on the closed-captioning:

Shayne: I'm going to go talk to Edmund.

Dinah: I think that's a big mistake. I can help.

Grady: Next time, Lizzie Spaulding won't be so lucky.

Police woman:  Miss Spaulding, your father...

Lizzie: Oh, no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just, I'm not ready.

Phillip: Lizzie.

Rick: Hey.

Beth: Hey.

Rick: Finally. Here, sit down.

Beth: Thank you for meeting me here.

Rick: You're treating me to lunch. It can't get better than that. I went ahead and ordered for both of us.

Beth: Oh, that’s... that's too bad.

Rick: Well, you can order something else, whatever you want.

Beth: Rick, I didn't invite you here to eat. I wanted you to go to Phillip’s bail hearing with me. And I thought that if I asked you before, that...

Rick: I wouldn't have come.

Beth: But now that you're here...

Rick: Now that I'm here, Beth, I want to eat the food that we just ordered. So...

Beth: Nobody else is going to be there. Not Alan or Alex.

Rick: Or me. I'm not going.

Beth: So, um... did you get the invitation to our reunion?

Rick: Yes. The class of '84. Can you believe that, Beth, 25 years. When did we get so old?

Beth: We were really close back then. Phillip needs us. We always said that we would stick together.

Rick: Oh, I see. You want to get Phillip out of jail so that you guys can dance in the gym?

Beth: Oh, come on!

Rick: You're the queen...

Beth: Oh, please. I rather put a hot poker in my eye. The fact is that he is the man that we always knew.

Rick: The fact is, Beth, he kidnapped my son. We had a nice conversation, and then he takes a gun in the middle of a funeral and shoots it.

Beth: I know. I know. I know...

Rick: Is that normal? Is it? I'm not going.

Beth: I... I am. I am. I've got to go. I've got to go.

Rick: I'm not going. I'm not going.

Beth: Okay.

Grady: Where are you?

Cyrus: By the airport. Bill is already on the Spaulding jet.

Grady: The pilot didn't ask why there is a guy that is tied up with tape across his mouth?

Cyrus: It's a private jet, and the pilots that fly for the Spaulding’s never leave the cockpit unless they're instructed to, anyway.

Grady: God, I love the way rich people live.

Cyrus: Will you snap out of it, Grady. This is a huge risk.

Grady: Come on, Cyrus. Bill may have figured out that I'm the one who kidnapped Lizzie, but the Foley brothers outsmarted him this time, huh? I'm so pleased we're finally a team, man. This is sort of cool.

Cyrus: We need to cover our tracks. You need to make sure that it looks like Bill left town for a reason.

Grady: No problem, mate. I'm on it.

Daisy: You're on what?

Remy: Bombs away! (Laughter) I'm sorry. I can't help it.

Christina: Yeah. Okay. Forget it.

Remy: Are you trying to avoid your husband now that you're bound for some fancy med school?

Christina: It's my grandma. She's in the hospital again. So I've been spending as much time with her as possible.

Remy: Why didn't you tell me?

Christina: Because, Remy, you're not my husband. I can't bring you into my family stuff.

Remy: That's not what Johns Hopkins would think.

Christina: We're doing that for financial aid. It's pretend. But my grandma...

Remy: How bad is it? I can call Mel. She can go see her, check with her doctors.

Christina: Just stop, okay. Her doctors are fine. Actually, she's doing a lot better.

Remy: Okay. Then I'm really confused, then.

Christina: Yeah, of course you are.

Remy: Are you mad at me?

Christina: No. Look, I know your family gets on your nerves, but at least you have them. Your parents, your sister, your niece. Leah looks at you like you walk on water.

Remy: The same way your grandma looks at you.

Christina: One of these days she's not going to make it, Remy. And then I'm going to be alone.

Alan: Get off my property, Buzz.

Buzz: No. We've got some issues to settle.

Alan: Issues? Oh, yes. Your granddaughter, Marina, told me about your anger issues, and I see you've got a crowbar there. She must have been a real big liar.

Buzz: You go after me and my family, I'm going to have to do something stupid.

Alan: Hey, Buzz, I am not responsible for what happened to Coop. Even though you go around this entire town telling everyone that I am. I tried to understand, Buzz, and that's when I gave you your restaurant back. And what did you do? Spit in my face. And now you're going to try to turn my entire family against me!

Buzz: It's the truth, Alan.

Alan: Buzz, the truth... the truth as you see it. I did not tell Coop to start an affair with Beth. And I wasn't the one who told him to get in the car and drive recklessly. No, Buzz. You better face up to this. You are responsible for your son's death! Aahhh! My heart...

Buzz: You're having a heart attack, Alan? (Laughing)

Alan: I'm serious, Buzz.

Buzz: You're going to die right in front of me?

Lizzie: Why does he need those?

Frank: Your father is a flight risk. He ran last time. And what are you doing here? Are you here for the bail hearing?

Lizzie: What? No.

Frank: Then why are you here?

Lizzie: A parking ticket.

Phillip: I'm worried about you. And so is Bill.

Lizzie: You talked to Bill?

Phillip: He told me about getting his memory back. And also that he is convinced that Cyrus...

Lizzie: That Cyrus is my kidnapper? Yeah, I know. He already told me.

Frank: Did he find proof of that?

Lizzie: Cyrus isn't guilty.

Frank: Well, that's a shame. Because, you know, I was just about to start believing in Bill. Anyway, come on. We've got to go to court.

Phillip: You know, you're right about one thing: Somebody is definitely lying. Now, maybe it's Bill; maybe it's Cyrus. Until I get out of here and help you... it's okay. It's okay. All I'm trying to say to you is that you have a very trusting heart.

Lizzie: You don't know me anymore.

Phillip: Yes, I do. You're like me. You don't want to show it all the time, but you always want to see the best in people. And right now, honey, you have to be very careful who you trust. I mean be safe.

Grady: Cyrus, he's going on a business trip.

Daisy: Oh. Hey, um, maybe while Cyrus is away, you can stay at his place.

Grady: You're tossing me out?

Daisy: No, it's just... I thought while I go and stay with my family, it may be kind of awkward you here alone with Ashlee.

Grady: Ashlee doesn't want me here, either?

Daisy: No. Actually, um... she has a crush on you, okay?

Grady: Wow! I wish I had known about this sooner. We could have had some fun together.

Daisy: I'm serious.

Grady: So am I.

Daisy: Look, Grady, my uncle just died, and my grandpa is selling the family business. This is not the time for you to...

Grady: Hey, I'm sorry. All right? I'm sorry.

Daisy: You can't stay here, okay? Because Ashlee likes you.

Grady: All right. I'll leave.

Daisy: Okay. But we can still find a way to see each other and stuff, right?

Grady: Daisy, it's going to be okay.

Daisy: Okay.

Ashlee: Oh, hey.

Lizzie: Hi. Wow, you scared me.

Ashlee: Oh, sorry. Whatcha doing here?

Lizzie: What are you doing here?

Ashlee: Well, one of my jobs at WSPR is to come down to the courthouse and pick up the arrest files. You know, see if there is anything, you know, news-worthy. That's what I'm doing here. What are you doing here?

Lizzie: I was just hoping I could distract you by asking you about yourself, and then maybe you'd forget that question.

Ashlee: No. You see, working in TV has totally honed my listening skills. I'm really moving up the ladder. One day soon I hope to be a roving reporter.

Lizzie: I didn't think they had those anymore.

Ashlee: Yeah, they do now. But now they're called correspondents. And I'd really like to be the jailhouse correspondent. You know, sometimes I just come down and listen to cases. We should listen to this one.

Lizzie: Oh, no thanks.

Ashlee: Well, no, no. Sometimes they're really cool, like...

Lizzie: It's my dad's bail hearing.

Ashlee: Oh, wow, like from when he kidnapped you?

Lizzie: Yes.

Ashlee: Wow. Wow, that is amazing. You've been kidnapped twice. That's so cool.

Lizzie: What?

Ashlee: Well, no, I just mean you're in demand.

Lizzie: Well, being kidnapped is not fun. It's actually one of the worst memories of my entire life.

Ashlee: You know, we should really do a feature on you.

Lizzie: Oh, thanks... no. I'm just really looking forward to putting this all behind me. I mean, my dad is going on trial, and most likely then to jail, and the other case just still really scares me, so...

Ashlee: Why? You're home. You're safe.

Lizzie: He's still out there. Listen to this.

Grady: Next time, Lizzie Spaulding

won't be so lucky.

Ashlee: Wow! Wow, that is creepy! God, he's still trying to get you!

Lizzie: Okay, okay. That... that doesn't help me right now.

Ashlee: Sorry. Well, they should be starting soon. Why don't we go down and listen and see what happens to your dad.

Lizzie: I... I thought I wanted to, but I don't think I can.

Ashlee: Okay. Well, I guess... I guess I should be getting back to the station. But it was good seeing you. Bye, honey.

Remy: Feeling better?

Christina: I feel silly.

Remy: No. This thing you have about family... you don't have to be blood-related to be family. When Tammy died and I quit the force, my parents didn't want to be around me. I actually didn't want to be around them. But Marina, she didn't give up on me. And when I asked her if I could use the house to be married for the loan officer, she said yes. And that's family, too. I know I'm pretending to be your husband, but I'm doing a lot of pretending. And I don't do that for just anybody.

Christina: I know. Thank you. I don't know...

Remy: Okay. Christina, please... please tell me you're not still second-guessing the financial aid.

Christina: It's just when I'm with my grandma, she's so good and she's so honest. And I hate the last thing she's going to know about me is that I'm a big, fat liar.

Remy: You're doing this to be a doctor, so that you can help sick people like your grandma.

Christina: You can put a spin on anything, can't you?

Remy: I'm the spin master, baby. Of course I can. Yes. (Laughter) All right, come on. I'll give you a ride.

Christina: In the ambulance?

Remy: Yes, in the ambulance. Do not touch my siren. Oh, what a break. We can play, baby!

Alan: I'm not dying, Buzz, but I think you are. Here, maybe... maybe you should call 9-1-1.

Buzz: You call 9-1-1.

Alan: Well, I will after you do. You go first. Here.

Buzz: Save your worthless life.

Lawyer: Your Honor, my client is a member of a prominent family and has close ties to the community.

Beth: Did I miss anything?

Frank: That depends. Are you for Phillip or against him?

The judge: It says here you kidnapped your children.

Lawyer: And his best friends. Look around. Mr. Spaulding has absolutely no community support.

Beth: I'm here to support Mr. Spaulding.

The judge: And you are?

Lawyer: That's Beth Raines, your Honor. She was married to my client.

Beth: And I have children with him.

The judge: The children he abducted?

Beth: In fact, he never actually took them away, nor did he ask for ransom of any kind.

Lawyer: But he did plan to flee the country with your children.

Beth: Your Honor, I am sure that we have all imagined committing an illegal act from time to time, but we cannot be prosecuted for what we think. Only what we do.

Lawyer: Your Honor, my client acknowledges the many, many mistakes he has made. And he is ready to throw himself on the mercy of the court.

Beth: What?

Lawyer: Mr. Spaulding is ready to abide by the wisdom of the court.

Beth: Like hell you will.

Grady: Lizzie Spaulding won't be so lucky.

Lizzie: Um, hi. That's a lot of food you have.

Rick: I wanted to make sure everybody got something here. So you going in? To the bail thing?

Lizzie: I can’t.

Rick: Yeah, I can't either. But your mom is in there.

Lizzie: She is?

Rick: Yeah. She asked me to come along, and I just still... I'm still very angry that my son was kidnapped by your dad.

Lizzie: He took me, too.

Rick: I know he did. You know something? I helped him later, you know. But he was far away, and I knew that Jude was safe.

Lizzie: Do you think that he could do it again?

Rick: I don't know, honey. I don't know. I guess you never know who could grab you or when. I think the fact is that none of us are ever really safe. Sorry. I've got a phone call to make. I've got to call the hospital. Okay? I'll see you in a bit, okay?

Lizzie: Hey, Marsha, I have Mr. Lewis' cell phone. So if you could just... no, no, no, no, no. I don't need his number. I don't want to call his phone. I have his phone. If you could just tell him... never mind. Never mind. I will get it to him. Okay. Thanks.

Grady: Look, as soon as you’ve landed and you've got Bill stashed, just let me know, okay? Hey.

Ashlee: Hi.

Grady: Um... you haven't seen Daisy around at all, have you?

Ashlee: Ah, isn't she at home?

Grady: Probably. You know, you look really good in that dress.

Ashlee: Okay, what do you want?

Grady: All right, you got me. Your mom has got my racing around town doing all of these errands, trying to pull up leads on the Lizzie kidnapping case.

Ashlee: Oh, so, what, she has a new lead?

Grady: I don't know, but I really wanted to take Daisy out to dinner tonight. And I can't do that if I'm running around all around the place for your mom. So I was wondering... would you be able to go over to the Spaulding offices and just check on Bill and Lizzie’s desk, if there is anything there.

Ashlee: Where are you taking Daisy?

Grady: So you'll do it?

Ashlee: When I'm done editing. And if I happen to find something, I'll... I'll bring it home.

Grady: You know, you do look good in that dress.

Daisy: Hey.

Lizzie: Hey. Hi.

Daisy: Sorry. I didn't mean to startle you or anything. How you doing?

Lizzie: I'm good. I'm fine. I'm fine. How are you? How is your family?

Daisy: Ah, not so good. Things are just is really weird. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing, you know?

Lizzie: Yeah. I wish I could tell you. I mean, there is not really a set of rules for these kind of things.

Daisy: Yeah. I figured things would just, you know, gradually get better at the funeral, but they seem to be getting worse.

Lizzie: I'm so sorry that my granddad came in and started that whole fight, and I'm even more sorry that my dad came in and shot a gun.

Daisy: Yeah.

Lizzie: And for that matter, I'm really sorry that my mom got involved with Coop in the first place and started this whole mess.

Daisy: So am I. I mean, when I first found out, I thought it was really romantic, but, at least now, I wish that they never got together.

Lizzie: I told my mom it was crazy. I told her that my granddad would do something terrible.

Daisy: I can't believe Coop is gone. And I don't think my grandfather is ever going to be the same.

Buzz: You look horrible. Good thing I called 9-1-1.

Alan: You called 9-1-1?

Buzz: Yeah. I called 9-1-1. You didn't call 9-1-1.

Alan: My stupid phone ran out of juice...

Buzz: Just like you did. That's why Beth left you.

Alan: Beth left me because your son filled her head full of those foolish ideas.

Buzz: Yeah, like law school, like standing up for herself.

Alan: Beth did not leave me. We were getting married, remember?

Buzz: You forced her to. And my son came to rescue her.

Alan: I can't believe, Buzz, you're still blaming me for all of this.

Christina: Who's having a heart attack?

Buzz: He is.

Alan: He is.

Remy: Oh, great. Sit still. Let me get your pulse.

Buzz: How is he?

Christina: Weak, but consistent.

Alan: Buzz is the one who had the heart attack.

Buzz: He's the one who had the heart attack.

Remy: Call the E.R., and tell them we have two coronary emergencies.

Christina: Okay.

Remy: All right. Buzz, listen, I cannot move you. You're in cardiac distress, okay? I need you to calm down...

Buzz: Take care of him, first.

Remy: Hold still. Let me get your pulse, okay.

Alan: Oh, of course you're going to help him first. It's payback time, isn't it, for what happened to Tammy.

Remy: What? What? Did you do something to Tammy?

Christina: Okay. Cedars is expecting us.

Alan: If anything happens to me, Remy...

Remy: I will be with you as soon as I'm finished with Buzz.

Christina: I can help you.

Alan: Are you an E.M.T.?

Christina: No, but I'm pre-med, and I've been trained in emergency medical procedures. I just haven't practiced on a real human yet.

Buzz: Well, he isn't a real human!

Daisy: Do you always eat like this, when you're sad?

Lizzie: Well, I don't know. I guess when I'm scared.

Daisy: What are you scared of?

Lizzie: When my dad came to the funeral and started shooting, it just brought up a lot of bad memories for me. You know, I used to think about him coming home. And now that he is here, I just didn't realize how much he still scares me.

Daisy: Do you think he would do anything to hurt you?

Lizzie: I honestly don't know. And, um... Bill told me that he got his memory back, and he knows for sure he is not my kidnapper.

Daisy: That's great.

Lizzie: It should be great, but it's not. He's saying that Cyrus did it. But Cyrus couldn't have done it because Cyrus doesn't have a scar. He has a scar.

Daisy: Who, Bill?

Lizzie: Yeah.

Daisy: Wow.

Lizzie: I know. And then, wait... Bill gave this to me.

Grady: Next time Lizzie Spaulding

won't be so lucky.

Lizzie: That's the kidnapper's voice. He's still out there. He's looking for me. I'm not safe.

Daisy: You should call Bill. You should talk to him about all of this.

Lizzie: I can’t. I can't find him. I don't know where he is.

Daisy: Well, did you... did you play this for the police?

Lizzie: No offense to your family or anything, but every time the police get involved, it just gets worse. So I'm just going to find Bill and talk to him myself.

Daisy: Do you want me to help you?

Lizzie: No. Thanks for talking to me. I'm gonna go pay for this.

Daisy: Okay. Call me if you need anything.

Lizzie: Thanks.

Beth: And furthermore, I think having Mr. Spaulding in shackles in a courtroom is prejudicial.

The judge: Ms. Raines, this is not a trial. There is no jury here. So the only person who could possibly be influenced would be me.

Lawyer: If Ms. Raines could sit down... she's not Mr. Spaulding's attorney.

Phillip: Well, she's doing a hell of a lot better than you are. Why don't we let her talk for a while.

The judge: Is that actually what you want, Mr. Spaulding?

Phillip: Yes, your Honor, it is.

The judge: All right.

Beth: Your Honor, I got ahead of myself. Mr. Spaulding is not on trial today. We are only here for you to decide if bail should be granted. The question is: Is he a flight risk? Will he skip town? And the answer is no. He will not run.

The judge: How do you know that?

Beth: Because Mr. Spaulding came back to town on his own, fully aware of what he could face. He expects to stand trial, but the community's interests are not served by keeping him locked up while he awaits that trial.

The judge: Mr. Spaulding, do you have a place to live in Springfield?

Phillip: Yes, your Honor. My family has a residence here in town. I would be staying there.

The judge: Bail is granted.

Beth: Thank you, your Honor.

The judge: Mr. Spaulding, you will be escorted back to your cell. You will remain there until your bail is posted.

Beth: And how much would that bail be?

The judge: Bail is set at $250,000.

Frank: Let's go.

(Knock on the door)

Lizzie: Bill? Roxy! Hi, honey! Oh, my goodness. Oh, come here. You have no idea how much I've missed you. Oh, okay. Let me take a look at you. Let me take a look at you. Are you getting combed enough? Let me smell your breath. Has he been brushing your teeth? Has he been brushing your teeth? There, baby girl. Are you mad at me? Huh? I'm so sorry. I just... I don't know, I thought I couldn't take care of you anymore. You know? I thought it would... I thought it would be best for us to go our separate ways. Oh, honey. You know what? I think I made a huge, huge mistake. I love you so much. That's weird. You don't have any food or water. That's not like Bill.

Lizzie: What are you doing here?

Grady: What are you doing here?

Lizzie: I came looking for Bill.

Grady: Oh, I came here looking for the other dog. Daisy told me to check in on her. She said Bill wasn't around.

Lizzie: Well... there is no food or water. What was Bill thinking?

Grady: There you are, my little muffin, huh? Come to your Uncle Grady, yes. I'm going to get you some biscuits and a little bit of room service... ah, she's so cute. I'll do it from here...

Lizzie: Actually, no. Excuse me. Let go of the dog. You can just tell Daisy that... um, yeah, that she doesn't have to worry about Roxy. That I am going to take her home, and Bill can just call me whenever he gets back.

Grady: Okay. So you take the dog, and I'll stay here and lock up. If Bill comes back, I'll let him know you've got his dog.

Frank: All right, so I'll start processing the paperwork.

Phillip: Thank you, Frank.

Frank: You know what? Don't thank me. I think it's a big mistake setting you free.

Beth: Um... I'll, um, get to work on getting that bail money together.

Phillip: Hey...

Beth: Yeah?

Phillip: You were terrific in there.

Beth: If I'm good at any of this, it is because of Coop. He made me believe in myself.

Phillip: Well, I'm glad.

Beth: My world is upside down for me, right now. He's gone and you're back. And, truthfully, I don't know if you should get out, but I have to believe that your staying in here isn't good for anyone.

Phillip: Well, I plan to be good for you. I plan to be good for my whole family.

Beth: I hope so.

Phillip: I will. But I could use a little help.

Beth: I don't know what else that I can do.

Phillip: How about some more of what you just did? I'm going to need a lawyer for my trial.

Beth: Yeah, I'm not a lawyer.

Phillip: No, but you're good. You're good. You are.

Beth: No... I... I haven't passed the bar. I haven't even finished law school yet. So you are going to need to hire somebody really, really good.

Phillip: I think that's what I'm doing.

Ashlee: Hey. I thought that you and Grady were going out on the town?

Daisy: No. I just came here to get a drink, so...

Ashlee: Okay, well, if you see him, would you tell him that I looked at the Spaulding offices, and there was nothing there.

Daisy: Wait. Wait. What were you supposed to find?

Ashlee: Just stuff for my mom. (Cell phone rings) Oh, maybe that's him.

Daisy: Maybe. No, it's not Grady. Cedars. Hello? Yes, that's me. Oh, my God! Okay. I'll be right there.

Ashlee: Daisy, what is it?

Daisy: Um, my grandpa is in the emergency room. He's had a heart attack.

Ashlee: Oh, God. Let's go. I'll drive. Come on.

Rick: All right, let me get this straight. They both actually had had a heart attack at the same time? Were they in the same car or...

Remy: No. I think they were arguing. I stabilized him when I got there, but this one is doing better.

Alan: No thanks to you. I don't want Remy to get any credit for saving my life. My life was saved by this young lady right here.

Christina: I'm not an E.M.T.

Remy: She's pre-med.

Rick: That's right. You did all of the right things. You'll be a great doctor some day.

Alan: Better than you.

Christina: Did you hear that? He said I did it right.

Remy: Yeah. It's a nice feeling, huh?

Christina: Do you remember what you said about me needing to do whatever it takes to become a doctor? You were right. This is what I was meant to do.

Buzz: Hey. Hey, this isn't over.

Alan: Not by a long shot, Buzz.

Frank: How is he?

Daisy: I... I don't know.

Ashlee: The doctor is still in there.

Daisy: Did you find Marina?

Frank: I did. She's on a stakeout. I left word for her to call me. Did you call your mother?

Daisy: No. I don't want to call Harley until we know something.

Frank: Is it really true that Dad and Alan gave each other a heart attack?

Remy: Actually, I can tell you that later. Buzz is asking for you, and the doctor said it's okay.

Ashlee: You guys go without me.

Daisy: No. You're family, too. Come on.

Frank: Hey, Pop.

Buzz: Hey.

Frank: You don't look so bad.

Buzz: You should see the other guy.

(Knock on the door)

Christina: Hey. I came to see how you're feeling. Is there anything I can do for you? I can call your family, if you want?

Alan: My family may not care.

Christina: I don't believe that.

Alan: You saved my life. You're a real angel.

Christina: I wouldn't go that far. I just did what anyone would do.

Alan: But Remy chose Buzz. But you chose me. And I won't forget that.

Buzz: Alan thought he could... (coughing) ... he could get the better of me.

Frank: Pop, the doctor said you really shouldn't talk, okay?

Daisy: Yeah, that's right. We're here, and Marina will be here soon. Let us take care of you, okay?

Beth: Um, first year law is really... is really ground work. I mean, I spent a lot of time in the classroom, and I did intern on a pro bono case that worked out well, but that was because the lawyer wasn't really paying a lot of attention because his client didn't money...

Phillip: Beth... Beth...

Beth: What?

Phillip: You don't need to sell me on your qualifications. I saw in there. You're an attorney.

Beth: This is a really bad idea. Really, I'm just saying.

Phillip: Okay. All right. Listen, if you don't want to help me with my case...

Beth: That is not... that's not it. It's a bad idea. Can I just... can I just think about this?

Phillip: Sure. Can you let me know before the trial.

Beth: Yes, I can let you know before the trial.

Lizzie: You know something? I never, ever know who to trust. But you are always there for me. Yes, you are. You're always there for me. Okay, I think you should stay. Us girls just have to stick together, no matter what. H'mmm? What do you think? Just you and me, Roxy. Just you and me.

Grady: Cyrus, it's me. I would have thought you would have gotten there by now? Huh? We've got to get a move on. I just ran into Lizzie, and she's getting antsy. She started poking around at me, and you know how much I don't like people poking around at me. Yeah, well... I'm sure I'll be talking to you later. You caused me a lot of problems, little lady. Don't be so stupid. Next time you won't be so lucky.

This week on "Guiding Light"...

Time has stood still here, but so many things have happened since then.

So much has happened in that time. But I'll tell you, that time was innocent and pure.

Phillip: Can I have this dance? Do you want to dance?

Beth: Yeah.

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