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Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 2/26/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Jeffrey: Batteries are working, okay.

Reva: It's me, hello just wanted to let you know that I had my last chemo session today.

Bill: Maybe I'll get my memory back.

Cyrus: Grady, it's me. We need to talk.

Lillian: I'm going to get you out of here and home where you belong.

Reva: It's really amazing, I had no idea I had so many friends.

Jeffrey: It's amazing.

Reva: Yeah, it was nice of Buzz to let us use Company. I'm sure that was tough for him.

Jeffrey: Yeah, I think it was his way of saying good-bye to the place.

Reva: Yeah. Hard to see him though, I felt so bad. But maybe we made him smile at least for a little while, I hope so any way.

Jeffrey: How about you?

Reva: Me, I can't stop smiling. And the best part was being able to share it with Shayne. And Edmund couldn't ruin the day for me, although I thought that for a minute he and Josh might... I'm sorry. Thank you, too.

Jeffrey: You're welcome.

Reva: Thank you. Now, you know, I was nervous about my chemo ending, but now we can have a normal pregnancy, you know, at least as normal as I can be for the two of us, right down to the happy ending.

Jeffrey: Happy ending. You know what, you should say that on camera. Wait a minute. You already did, on that video that you made for the baby.

Frank: Hey, Pop how you doing? Just cleaning up here. Listen, I talked to Marina and Mallet and they said we can bring over all of our stuff whenever we want, so no worries, okay?

Buzz: I hope they're okay with this. All of us there under one roof, you know.

Frank: What are you talking about? Marina's more than okay with this. Are you kidding me? She's all in her glory. She's able to boss us around and assign us chores. Hey, hey, what's the matter. Come here, come here. Get over here, sit down.

Buzz: I'm okay.

Frank: No, you're not. Sit down. Sit down. Pop, you're not eating, you're not sleeping, come on.

Buzz: It's too much to do.

Frank: Why don't you let me worry about the move, okay? Seriously.

Buzz: You want to help me, Frank?

Frank: Of course, I want to help you.

Buzz: Then help me make Alan pay.

Cyrus: Well, Elizabeth Spaulding isn't available. But I can help you. No, I'm not her assistant, I'm Director of Special Projects. So why don't you shoot me the specs and I'll look them over. Yeah, it's cfoley@.... All right. Thanks, bye.

Alan: Director of Special Projects, huh? Wow. Well, you better enjoy it while you can, because with Phillip back in town, there will be more than enough Spauldingís to handle special projects.

Cyrus: Right, yes. Phillip.

Alan: Yes.

Cyrus: And what if good old Phillip finds out that you knew who kidnapped Lizzie and did nothing about it?

Alan: Are you threatening me?

Cyrus: Negotiating.

Lizzie: Cyrus, this just... what's going on?

(Cell phone ringing)

Bill: Bill Lewis.

Grady: I thought you were smart.

Bill: Who is this?

Grady: You still owe me $5 million. You still there? I tell you what. You forget about finding the kidnaper and we'll call it a wash.

Bill: And if I don't?

Grady: Don't be stupid. Next time, Lizzie Spaulding won't be so easy to find.

Bill: Hello?

Phillip: What now?

Bill: Lizzie's in trouble. Okay, if you love your daughter, you will work with me.

Jeffrey: I got to admit it was good camera work.

Reva: Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: No, no, it captures the real you, well at least the one that throws a party for herself, puts on a red dress and drives off into the sunset to die.

Reva: You don't compare that! I knew I was dying then, Jeffrey. This is different. But if the worse should happen...

Jeffrey: It's not, okay? It's not going to happen. But then again you're videotaping your own obituary, so...

Reva: I'm trying to be a good mother. I want our child to see me and hear me and know how much I loved him and his father, to know that I wanted to be there for him when he was growing up. But if I can't be...

Jeffrey: You can! You can and you will.

Reva: What are you doing?

Jeffrey: Here, I want to erase it.

Reva: No!

Jeffrey: I will.

Jeffrey: Reva, you are going to be there, okay. You're going to be there for his first birthday, you're going to be there for his first tooth. You're going to be there for all of it, but are you to choose to live. You have to live to see it, okay, not look into some camera and say good-bye!

Reva: You know what, it's funny, when I was making them I thought I was saying hello!

Jeffrey: And you were wrong! Them? How many of these did you make? Reva?

Buzz: Frank I'm not asking you to break the law, I'm just asking you to turn your back.

Frank: So you can frame Alan.

Buzz: He taunted, Coop, he deliberately tried to provoke him. Beth heard every word.

Frank: If you don't let this anger go, you're going to end up destroying yourself.

Buzz: (Laughs) I can't let the anger go, Frank.

Frank: Dad, it's not going to bring back Coop. You're going to end up destroying yourself. Is that what you think Coop would want for you?

Buzz: He had a life, he had a future, he had more books to write. He had more love to know. Now he's got nothing, Frank, he's got nothing. And Alan has everything.

Frank: No, you've got it wrong. Alan is the one that has nothing. He's got nothing, Pop. What, so he's got some money, he's got some real estate now? He's got Company. Big deal.

Buzz: What have I got?

Frank: I don't know, Pop. What? Me?

Buzz: Oh, thank God.

Frank: Marina, Daisy, Harley, two great grandsons, and more importantly, you got Coop's memory. Don't dishonor that. You let Alan wake up every single morning alone, and make him realize that he's Alan Spaulding and trust me, that will be punishment enough.

Buzz: How'd you get so smart?

Frank: Coop was the smart one, I just ended up getting your good looks. Oh, Pop. I love, you, Dad.

Buzz: I love you back.

Frank: So, are we going to end up with this-- stop doing this crazy talk and all this stuff? What do you say?

Buzz: I promise.

Frank: Good. You promise me? Come on. All right. Now, I'm going to go upstairs and finish packing. I love you.

Alan: Elizabeth, I was just offering Cyrus my congratulations on his promotion.

Lizzie: Please. Don't smoke.

Alan: You know, I've been weighing the pros and cons, and I think that Cyrus is going to prove to be very valuable for us.

Cyrus: Oh, thank you, Alan.

Alan: Especially since your father is back in town.

Lizzie: My father is in jail and he's going to stay there. He's obviously still crazy, Granddad, he showed up at Coop's funeral with a gun, yeah. Makes you look like Santa Claus.

Alan: (Laughs)

Lizzie: It's not funny. I'm scared.

Cyrus: Why don't we get some dinner, I think we should go out.

Lizzie: Yeah, that sounds great, I'll grab my coat.

Cyrus: Good.

Alan: Cyrus. Don't think for one minute that I have forgotten what you did to my sister.

Cyrus: Different woman, different plan.

Bill: Okay, look, I know you heard a lot of bad things about me, okay. A lot of it is true. When I came back to town I was on a mission, it was all about business, okay, and I screwed up. I was obsessed with trying to prove to my family that I can handle things on my own. In doing so, I hurt Lizzie. But the same time I was falling in love with her. Okay, but I screwed it up. And I'm trying to make things right, okay? And then she got kidnapped.

Phillip: But you didn't do it?

Bill: No, I didn't do it. Okay? But she doesn't trust me any more. And she is in danger, Phillip. But she doesn't want to hear it if it comes from me.

Phillip: (Laughs) And you think she's going to hear it from me? That's interesting, Bill, because the couple of problems I see there, one, at the moment my daughter thinks that she hates me more than she hates you. And then of course, there's that other problem, that... I'm locked up in jail.

Bill: Right. I just thought there was something that you could do. I mean, she's your daughter, Phillip.

Phillip: Yeah, I know she's my daughter. But from here, my hands are tied. And I don't know if I trust you, because I don't know who the hell you are, and I don't know what you've been doing and I don't know how you feel...

Bill: Forget it, forget it. You know what, you're right. You're right. I don't know what I was thinking, coming here talking to you, what was I thinking? I'll handle this on my own.

Reva: It started out as a video diary, I wanted to document every moment of this pregnancy and then I realized that it might be the only thing that our child has of me, and I wanted him to know that...

Jeffrey: So that first chemo session we went to, and you made that great speech about how hopeful you were and...

Reva: I was.

Jeffrey: You were, but then you came home, grabbed a camera and started telling your son you weren't going to make it.

Reva: No, I said just in case I...

Jeffrey: This one Reva, this one. This was the day that we bought the crib. That's the day that was full of hope and joy. But I guess that was just for my benefit, right? Because while I was piecing that crib together, you were busy telling your son how you really felt.

Reva: No. No, I had both, I had both hope and fear. I just wanted to be able to let him know that if I weren't around I wanted him to know that my love for him would never die.

Jeffrey: Oh, that's beautiful, Reva. That's just-- that's really beautiful. Should be on a greeting card or something. But don't sell it to me, okay?

Reva: I'm not selling anything! You want to know why I didn't tell you about those videos, it's because I knew you would make me be brave and strong 24/7.

Jeffrey: You do have to be brave and strong 24/7, that's how you're going to beat this thing! You can't give up, you can't quit! Not for one second!

Reva: You think you have to tell me that? I'm the one who rolled the dice and decided to have this baby, when everyone else including you and my doctor told me to terminate. But I'm not naive. I know what can happen even if you don't want to face it.

Jeffrey: I don't want to face it? Reva, I face it every day. Every day when I wake up at 4:00 in the morning to make sure that you're breathing. Okay? Every time that I touched your belly, it's to make sure the baby is moving.

Reva: Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: Reva, you know what kind of a man I am. You know what kind of life I live. You know what it took for me to buy into this, to buy into this happy ending stuff. I believed in you, Reva.

Reva: I know. I know it, and I love you for...

Jeffrey: Well, then how can you prepare to die when I'm doing everything I can to make sure that you live?

Reva: And you don't think I'm fighting? I'm doing everything in my power not to run back to that hospital, and beg them to give me more chemo! I am hanging on with my fingernails here and I don't need my husband calling me a quitter.

Jeffrey: Then don't, don't quit. And don't you dare leave me to raise that kid alone, because I'm not going to show him those tapes. Because I don't want him to see what a coward his mother was.

Alan: No, nurse, I do not have an appointment. If you will tell Dr. Graham that I am the man who built the cardiac care unit, I think that that might help.

Rick: That's all very exciting stuff, except Dr. Graham is in surgery, so it will have to wait.

Alan: Rick.

Rick: What is it?

Alan: My chest.

Rick: Let's go in the examining room so I can take a look.

Alan: Okay.

Rick: Okay, let's knock this out. Sit down please. You own the hospital. Listen to this. Really busy today. All right. So how long has this been going on?

Alan: Well, it's just been, whoa, that's cold!

Rick: Would you please.

Alan: It just started but I'm sure it's not serious, I just wanted to make sure. That's all.

Rick: Just be quiet and breathe.

Alan: What do you hear?

Rick: Well, let me put it this way. Stick with the cigars, red meat and stress and you should be dead in a week. Six days is too late as far as I'm concerned. Good seeing you again.

Reva: Need some advice? From you, I do. Your daddy said some things that upset me. But he only said them because he was upset, too. Both of us one big raw nerve these past few days and I really wish you could know us when we're normal because we're a lot of fun, and the three of us together are going to have a great time. I want to call him, I do, but there's part of me that says I should just back off and let him calm down. When you get to know me, you'll get to know that I never back away from anything. And in case you haven't noticed, I tend to say things without worrying about the consequences, or sometimes I don't even worry about them at all, ever. So what do you think I should do?

Rick: Hello. Wanted to stop by and say hi, but I didn't want to interrupt your, your conversation, I guess, with your imaginary friend? Oh, look at him. Oh, I didn't now you were talking to this little guy.

Reva: You know what, Rick?

Rick: What?

Reva: Maybe you can help.

Rick: What do you mean. Do you want me to go get you a doctor?

Reva: No, no, no.

Rick: What is it?

Reva: Maybe you can help me figure out how to be married! I'm used to living on the roller coaster, but Jeffrey got into this marriage for a whole another reason.

Rick: If he knew what he was getting into.

Reva: No, no, he was looking for a different roller coaster ride, he was looking for that one where you throw your hands up in the air when you get to the top and you scream your way all the way down. But instead there we are clinging onto that bar, you know, on that roller coaster, praying to God that we will still be alive when we get to the end of that ride.

Rick: Right.

Reva: He won't accept that I may not make it out of this, you know.

Rick: Do you know what's funny about that? He always struck me as the pessimistic one.

Reva: I'm not being pessimistic, I'm being realistic. Things have been... different with Jeffrey, they have. We haven't had a whole lot of time together. And what time we have left together I don't want to spend having stupid arguments and misunderstandings. I want to do what's best, for both him and this baby.

Rick: Reva, what you do then, is you go home and you live your life.

Reva: Rick...

Rick: That's all anybody can do.

Reva: ...I finished the chemo, so what if I get the test back and they tell me it hasn't helped me. How do I decide the best way to spend the rest of the life I have?

Buzz: Thanks Tobias. Hello, Phillip.

Guard: Mr. Cooper, about your son, Henry...

Buzz: Yeah, thanks. I need your help.

Phillip: You know, you're the second person today who said that to me. And I'll point out again, I'm locked up in jail.

Buzz: Not any more.

Lizzie: You don't know how much I hate feeling this way. I love my dad so much. He was my hero. When he changed, it was awful, awful, he tried to kidnap me. My father tried to kidnap me. Just like Phillip. Oh, my God.

Cyrus: We need to get you a drink.

Lizzie: Yes.

Bill: Hey, guys. Glad I found you. Good, because you're the one I need to talk to.

Cyrus: All right, let's go.

Bill: No, no, we're going to do this right here. Here's the deal, Cyrus, I've been having these dreams.

Cyrus: Are you serious?

Bill: More like memories of the kidnapping, then again, you know that that's why youíre calling me.

Cyrus: I never called you.

Bill: Yes, you did, you called me and you threatened Lizzie. Right. What's the matter, Cyrus?

Cyrus: I don't know what you're talking about.

Bill: You don't know what I'm talking about?

Cyrus: No.

Bill: Well, that's funny, because I have it recorded. And you know what else I remember? Dog tags.

Cyrus: Oh, really?

Bill: Yeah.

Cyrus: What these?

Bill: Yeah, that's right.

Lizzie: I remember that, too.

Bill: And that's your proof, Lizzie, right there. That is the proof he is the kidnapper.

Lizzie: I'm really sorry. Would you mind opening your shirt?

Cyrus: Lizzie, come on.

Lizzie: I'm sorry. No scar.

Bill: What?

Lizzie: It's not him. No.

Nurse: Only when needed, and if your chest pain continues...

Alan: I, I know the drill. There's nothing wrong with me that someone else's misery wouldn't cure.

Reva: I'm just asking this of you as a friend.

Rick: And I'm telling you as a friend, your chemo is over, go home and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, for goodness sake.

Reva: What if the tests come back and the cancer is still there? Or what if, what if I don't make it until the baby is born?

Rick: What if I cross the street and get run over by a herd of penguins, it could happen, right?

Reva: (Laughs) Now you, now you sound like Jeffrey.

Rick: Hey listen, he's right. You've done everything you can for you and your baby. You need to relax.

Reva: It's not enough.

Rick: It never enough when you're a parent. So all you are left is to just stay positive, that's it. It does more good than all the drugs and doctors in the world. Okay? Easy on yourself.

Alan: I know how you feel, Reva.

(Knock on door)

Jeffrey: Hey, Frank.

Frank: Hey buddy, what's up?

Jeffrey: Hey ah, you seen Reva?

Frank: No, no, I havenít.

Jeffrey: Mind if I get a drink?

Frank: No, no, no, absolutely not. You know what? I could use one myself. You know what? It's open. All right. It's a good idea you have there. Do you know what? We'll let Alan buy us a round.

Jeffrey: (Laughs) That's right, I heard your dad has given up the place. Sorry.

Frank: You know what, Jeffrey? It's just a place, we'll find another one.

Jeffrey: No, I mean I'm sorry for the rest of us. Where are we going to come now when we need a drink and we need to talk to someone? I always counted on your dad.

Frank: Funny thing about that, he thinks no one should ever listen to him, so cheers. So what's going on with you?

Jeffrey: You got enough going on.

Frank: Jeffrey, here's the deal. You tell me your story and I'll tell you mine.

Jeffrey: Fair enough. You first.

Frank: Okay. It's my dad.

Jeffrey: I know, you must be hurting.

Frank: Well, that's just the thing, he wants Alan Spaulding to hurt even more, and he doesn't care how he goes about doing it.

Buzz: It's good to go.

Phillip: Buzz. What do you expect me to do? You think I'm going to go get a gun and shoot my father?

Buzz: I expect you to do exactly that. Unless you're here to pay a debt to society Phillip: Well, itís a pretty big debt.

Buzz: I expect you to be Phillip Spaulding, not somebody soft and sentimental. That's what I need you to be.

Phillip: Buzz, please. You've been through hell, just do home.

Buzz: I don't have a home. Your father took that from me along with my son.

Phillip: And killing my father is not going to bring him back. Look, you know, yeah. I want to get out of here, I need to get out of here for my kids. But...

Buzz: Then go.

Phillip: No, I'm not going to go. If I do this, I'm never going to get out of here, I'll never be free.

Buzz: Do I have to get in there and drag you out? Because I will.

Phillip: Please... hey. Sit down. Guard!

Buzz: No!

Phillip: Buzz! Do you see what you're doing? You think Coop would have wanted this? You think he wants you to kill yourself.

Buzz: I want justice.

Phillip: Come on, Buzz. You know better than that. Justice is what they give you when they can't give you back what you lost.

Buzz: I want my son back.

Phillip: Sometimes I think that this is just one battle that we're all destined to lose.

Buzz: Well, I lost my share.

Phillip: I know you have, we all have.

Buzz: My son was a winner, he had books, he had students, he had a laugh, and I can still... he loved Beth.

Phillip: I know. I understand.

Buzz: You think he deserved to die?

Phillip: Oh, my God, no.

Buzz: Well, he's gone just like that.

Phillip: But you know, his books don't die. And his students go on, and your love for him is...

Buzz: You stay here and rot, I don't care.

Phillip: Buzz, Buzz! Don't make it any worse than it is.

Jeffrey: You know, we got to do something. We got to stop worrying and do something that guys do.

Frank: Um, okay. Well, let's see, guys play poker, they watch football, basketball, baseball. They play golf.

Jeffrey: No, it's too cold for golf. I don't know, I feel like shooting something, you know? Maybe we should go to the shooting range or something.

Frank: Ah, well, hmm. You know what? You just gave me an idea. Hold on one second. Go to the end of the bar.

Jeffrey: Okay.

Frank: We'll just test your luck at this little game right here.

Jeffrey: What, you don't think I can knock those down?

Frank: No, you want to shoot something, shoot at these babies. Go.

Jeffrey: Are you sure? I'm going to make a mess here.

Frank: Don't worry about it. Alan owns the joint now, so fire it away.

Jeffrey: All right. I got 'em all, my friend.

Frank: Yes you did! You left me nothing. (Laughs) What's going on with you?

Jeffrey: She's scared, Frank, and so am I.

Frank: Reva?

Jeffrey: Not just about losing her, but what if this kid grows up with no mother, no one to count on, except for me.

Frank: What exactly are you afraid of, that you can't take care of this baby on your own, or that you can?

Alan: Your hopes, your dreams, all the plans you are for the people you love, all come to dust.

Reva: I don't believe that.

Alan: Isn't that what you were just telling Rick earlier?

Reva: That was confidential.

Alan: Reva, I can read you like a book. You are staring death right in the face and it's staring back at you.

Reva: That's true for everyone, whether they know it or not.

Alan: Fine. Some people turn to religion, others to their faith. But to you and I, we know how it works, yeah. We take all we can from this life and leave the next life to the losers.

Reva: I canít live in a world like that.

Alan: It's the only kind of world there is. Even Buzz is coming around to my point of view.

Bill: All right. So maybe he got plastic surgery or something.

Lizzie: Stop, stop, you sound like an idiot.

Bill: So just like that, I'm out and he's in.

Lizzie: You're out because I can't trust you.

Bill: Lizzie, listen to me. You can trust me.

Lizzie: You need help, seriously, you need to talk to someone, Bill.

Cyrus: Good advice, mate. Otherwise you're just asking to be sued for slander.

Jeffrey: Reva? Reva.

Reva: Hey.

Jeffrey: Where did you go?

Reva: I was at the hospital. Just so you know, they won't give me any more chemo. How about you?

Jeffrey: I had a beer with Frank.

Reva: How is he?

Jeffrey: Worried about Buzz.

Reva: Yeah, I'm sure. You know, Alan says...

Jeffrey: What about Alan?

Reva: Alan was at the hospital getting a checkup. It turns out he has a heart after all, but he seems to think that everyone is as cynical and fatalistic as he is.

Jeffrey: Including you?

Reva: I'm not like Alan.

Jeffrey: Want to prove it?

Reva: I'm not getting rid of them.

Jeffrey: And I'm not letting you die. Kenneth, Kasper. Ken. Kendall. Kent.

Frank: What are you doing here, how did you get in here?

Alan: I've come to see my son, Frank. Is there a problem?

Phillip: Frank, you need to watch out for your dad.

Frank: You got five minutes.

Alan: How are they treating you, son? Is there anything I can do to make things easier for you?

Phillip: You can get me out of here.

Alan: Well, our lawyers are working on that, but you're what is called a flight risk and you're going to have to be a little more patient, I'm afraid.

Phillip: Um-hmm. Well, Lizzie needs me.

Alan: I know she does, but I'm taking care of that.

Phillip: You're taking care of her?

Alan: Yeah.

Phillip: Like you're taking care of Beth, like you took care of Lizzie before she got kidnapped?

Alan: Lower your voice.

Phillip: You know what? You stole four years from me. You owe me.

Lizzie: Granddad? Why are you sitting in the dark?

Grady: Got a beer? There's an Aussie football game on.

Cyrus: What the hell did you think you were doing?

Grady: What are you talking about?

Cyrus: I told you Bill was getting his memory back I said we had to be careful. And what you do? You pick up the phone and you threaten him.

Grady: I didn't threaten him.

Cyrus: Oh yeah, right. You threaten Lizzie, it's so much better Grady: Well what's your plan, huh? Want me to wait until Bill gets his memory back. Huh? Figures out that I'm the kidnapper?

Cyrus: It doesn't have to be like that. Not if we're smart.

Bill: You should listen to your brother.

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Cyrus: We can make a deal here, Bill.

Bill: No deal, Cyrus!

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