GL Transcript Tuesday 2/24/09

Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 2/24/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Josh: He's getting closer and closer to Edmund every day.

Dinah: You don't trust the Lewisís-- with good reason.

Shayne: I'm in the middle of a doctor's appointment. Can I call you back?

Dinah: They don't let people like me into their circle-- or people like you either.

Olivia: What is he doing here? He's supposed to be locked up. He took my daughter away from me once before. All I could think about is getting that gun out of his hands. And I swear I would have shot him.

Natalia: I can't believe it's been a year since I lost you. Life goes on. So many things have changed. Some are good; some are just confusing. Some are so sad. Coop was so young. Your family is in a lot of pain. And I'm going to do everything I can to help them to help them, Nicky. They've been so good to me.

Jeffrey: How about some tea? Or those breakfast nachos you love?

Reva: I'm fine, I am. You know what? In fact, I don't-- give me your hand-- I don't really even feel like lying down. I am, I'm fine. And you're so good at this. So good. And I'm feel pretty good myself. You two are taking very good care of me.

Jeffrey: Okay.

Reva: Okay. Ooh, that feels good. I just can't stop thinking about Buzz, you know, and how heart broken he must be. Losing a child. There's nothing worse. ( Sighs)

Jeffrey: We're not going to lose anyone, okay.

Reva: I know. I'm just scared too.

Uh-oh, I don't know where to


I don't what to do

I think I need someone else

to show me

uh-oh, the choices that I

made allow me now to change

or bring back to you, you,

you, you...

Dinah: Misery loves company, eh?

Edmund: Dinah, Dinah. Always so original.

Dinah: Oh, cut me a break, Eddie. I'm empathizing. Shayne dumped you to be with his family. Even though you are Laraís father, you are not family.

Edmund: Wrong. I sent Shayne to be with his family. You're the only one here on the outside looking in.

Dinah: You're absolutely right. I have busted my butt to help him to get him close to the family, and you know what, I have to stop kidding myself. I'm never going to be one of them.

Edmund: Do you really want to be one?

Dinah: Well, I think we all want to belong somewhere. But you know what? Eddie, you have to face it. You don't belong here. Now you've said everything that you need to say. You've mourned with Shayne. Now get the hell out of town. Give him his life back, okay? Cheers.

Natalia: How can I help?

Frank: You know what, I'm almost done. These boxes just need to be taped up, so...

Natalia: Frank. Frank.

Frank: Yeah?

Natalia: I'm not just talking about packing.

Frank: I'm sorry.

Natalia: Hey. You've been there for me and Rafe more times than I can count, and I just want to return the favor. So you can tell me, is there anything that I can do?

Frank: You know what, Natalia, I really appreciate the offer. It's just that... it's been a really brutal week: Coop going down, Dad giving up Company.

Natalia: I know. I don't understand, why would he do that.

Frank: My take is that he doesn't want to walk into Company and not see Coop at his laptop like he always was, you know. Look, I'm sorry. How are you doing? I saw you and Olivia fighting outside the funeral home. Is everything all right?

Natalia: What else is new? Olivia and I, we don't really just agree on much any way, it's just how we are, I guess.

Frank: I guess that can make for a long day sometimes. Listen, you mind helping me out with that cases of books there.

Natalia: Yeah.

Frank: Thanks.

Olivia: I need to know why you're here.

Phillip: Are you armed?

Olivia: No. But that's really your thing these days, isn't it? It's very Alan of you.

Phillip: Sorry about that. Sorry about many things, what I did to Emma.

Olivia: You've made my life a living hell.

Phillip: I'd say we both caused each other a lot of pain.

Olivia: So what now, everything's good?

Phillip: You were at Coop's memorial; you heard what I said. I have no interest in picking up where I left off, I want to make amends and move on.

Olivia: Just like that?

Phillip: No. I mean I know it will take time, but thankfully I have time. I got that second chance that everybody hopes for. So that's me. What about you? You may as well spit it out. I know why you're here. You want to know what I'm going to do about Emma, and you want to know what I think about this living arrangement that you have

Olivia: Emma writes an innocent essay for her fourth grade class and the next thing I know I've got politicians, and parents and half the town making innuendoes about my alternative lifestyle. And then you show up afterwards. It's not a coincidence. You want to know if I'm corrupting our daughter.

Phillip: I... Emma is one of the reasons that I came back, that's true. But I didn't know anything about your alternative lifestyle. Is it true?

Olivia: No. It's a bunch of ridiculous gossip being spread by a bunch of narrow-minded idiots. It's nothing.

Phillip: Olivia, you don't care about gossip. So what's got you so worked up?

Natalia: Living with Olivia is challenging, but...

Frank: If you ever want to talk about it, I'm here for you. I know Olivia can be Olivia sometimes and life isn't always easy with her.

Natalia: You're doing it again.

Frank: What's that?

Natalia: Trying to help me when I'm supposed to be helping you. You do it all the time. You do it that with me and Rafe. You do it with your dad, your entire family.

Frank: I couldn't help my brother.

Natalia: I don't think there's anything you could have done. Love makes people crazy.

Frank: I know I'm too late for Coop, but I wish there was something I could do for my father.

Natalia: Being there for Buzz is enough. And I want to... I really want to help, I want to do something, anything.

Frank: I honestly can't think of anything that you can do.

Jeffrey: Madame.

Reva: Thank you.

Jeffrey: Tea and your favorite magazine. There's an article on page 22. You might want to read it. It 20 ways to please your lover man.

Reva: I wrote that article, honey.

Jeffrey: Yes, you did. (Reva laughs) I like seeing you like this.

Reva: Yeah, like what?

Jeffrey: You know, you're relaxed and enjoying your pregnancy. Not worrying about all the other stuff.

Reva: I'm trying, I really am.

Jeffrey: Hey, you know what we can do, now that we have some free time?

Reva: I believe I said no tango lessons until after little baby OíNeill here is at least a year old.

Jeffrey: You're right, no tango lessons, no. But the kid does still need a name. So what do you say we go through the name book here? Last time we got through the J's.

Reva: Yeah, you nixed Joshua. Hmm.

Jeffrey: Yeah a man has his limits. Onto the K's. Let's see. Kasey, Kenneth.

Reva: You know, can we just maybe wait on that and do it later? I'm suddenly really tired. Okay. Hey.

Shayne: I used my key; I hope you don't mind.

Reva: Hi, baby.

Shayne: Am I inter--

Reva: No.

Shayne: Yeah, I am interrupting.

Reva: No, no, no. Of course you're not. Come here, baby. How did you know I needed that?

Shayne: Oh, I know my mom. No, just a lucky guess, I guess. About Coop: It's horrible.

Reva: Yeah.

Shayne: I mean I can't imagine how his family is holding up right now. He and Marina were really close, I didn't know, she completely adored him. I was going to try to make it to the service, but I got side tracked.

Jeffrey: You know, just go see Marina when you can. That's the best things sometimes.

Shayne: You're right and I probably should go, too, so..

Jeffrey: No, no, no. Don't leave on my account. I was just on my way out anyway.

Reva: Where are you going? I thought you had the day off.

Jeffrey: Top secret, okay?

Shayne: Whoa.

Jeffrey: (Laughs) I'm going to be back in a couple of hours. You get some rest. Good seeing you, Shayne.

Shayne: You too, Jeffrey.

Reva: So, what's on your mind?

Shayne: I'm just checking in.

Reva: Liar.

Shayne: Liar? You're calling me a liar? Man, if you weren't pregnant...

Reva: And with cancer. Two reasons why you have to humor me. So sit. Sit down.

Shayne: Stop pushing me.

Reva: Talk. Coffee?

Shayne: Yeah, please.

Olivia: What are you saying?

Phillip: I'm saying I don't live in the stone age, so if there's any truth about this with you and Natalia, I make no judgments.

Olivia: Okay, so you think we're together?

Phillip: I think you're a passionate person who marches to her own beat. You always have. So, no. It wouldn't surprise me. And you can trust me when I tell you, it wouldn't bother me.

Olivia: I want to trust you. But that's like saying I could trust your father and that will happen when pigs fly.

Phillip: Right, which is why I'm here. There's a whole lot of people in this town that don't trust me any more. You among those with good reason.

Olivia: Yeah, well I'm the only one of them that is being accused of a lesbian love affair.

Phillip: And I'm saying it's okay.

Olivia: I don't need your okay.

Officer: Time's up.

Phillip: Olivia. When all of this surfaced, your friend stuck by you, right? Might tell you something.

Olivia: Why don't you just stay out of my life.

(Instrumental soft rock music playing)

Jeffrey: (Whistles) Hi. What happened here?

Lillian: You didn't hear the news? Alan offered to give Company back to Buzz. Buzz said no and he's walking away from the whole thing.

Jeffrey: Wow. He shouldn't be making decisions like that right now.

Lillian: I know. But he's in so much pain that he's just shut down and he won't listen to anyone.

Jeffrey: I'm sorry. If there's anything I can do.

Lillian: That's really nice. How are Reva and the adorable baby boy?

Jeffrey: We haven't seen him yet, so we don't know how adorable he's going to be.

Lillian: I know he's going to be adorable. And I also know she just finished her chemotherapy. How is she feeling?

Jeffrey: She's a lot more rattled by this than she's letting on.

Lillian: As a nurse I can tell you that's normal. People get attached to their chemotherapy sessions, it makes them feel in control, they feel stronger because of them. So she's really going to have to rethink it now that she's through it.

Jeffrey: Well you know what, that's just the thing. We have been taking this pregnancy so seriously, Reva hasn't had the chance to be her happy self and to be normal. I just want her to feel normal. Why don't we throw her a party. It's like a normal party. We'll just like invite all of her friends, smother her in presents and you know, balloons, big cake with her name on it, the works. What?

Lillian: Guess what, we are giving her what is called a baby shower, what you're talking about, we're giving it tomorrow. But I think with everything that's been happening I just forgot tomorrow was the date, when we planned it a while ago.

Jeffrey: Oh. Well, do you have to call people and cancel?

Lillian: No, no, I think we've got to do it. I think it will be good for everybody.

Jeffrey: Hi.

Olivia: Hi.

Lillian: I'm going to go work on it, all right? Hello.

Olivia: Hello. What's going on? Everything okay?

Jeffrey: Uh... baby shower.

Olivia: Oh. Yeah, you and Reva and the miracle baby, your happy family. It's good that you have something to look forward to.

Jeffrey: To tell you the truth, I'm not a big believer in miracles. I think my wife is getting ready to die.

Lara: Hey, Dad.


Feels weird to call you that.

I guess it feels weird to you,

too, hearing it.

Well, I guess I just wanted to

let you know how happy I am,

how lucky, I should say to have

found somebody amazing to share

my life with as Shayne.

I probably sound like a broken


But he really is incredible,


I miss him so much.

We haven't seen each other in

months since we've been working

in different places, but that's

going to change soon.

Think he's going to be

surprised when I tell him the


I hope he is.

But I'm not worried.

Shayne loves kids.

I know I'm biased, but I really

think Shayne is one of the best

people I have ever met.

And I was hoping maybe we could

be a family, the three of us,

actually the four.

I know he's going to love you

when he meets you.

And maybe I'm just a big cheese

ball, but you and I, we haven't

had much family around, have


Maybe this can be a new start

for the both of us.

Shayne: Okay, so um... the other day at Company, Laraís birthday?

Reva: Yeah.

Shayne: I was with Edmund when you called to invite me over. We were already toasting her birthday. And you know, whether I like it or not, he's part of my family, now. But I'm not going to bring him around here if he's going to upset you. I don't know--

Reva: You want to protect me?

Shayne: I'm always going to protect you. I want everyone to be okay where Edmundís concerned.

Reva: Well, it doesn't always work that way.

Shayne: What does that mean?

Reva: Nothing, it means nothing.

Shayne: It means nothing. You know that mind reading game? Yeah? It works two ways. Hey.

Reva: What?

Shayne: Cancer?

Reva: I had my last chemo session today.

Shayne: That's really good news.

Reva: Well, it should be. I should feel great, right? I should feel like I'm walking on air, but instead I feel more weighed down than ever. I mean, as much as I hated getting the chemo, at least when I was getting it, I felt like I was doing this powerful thing, you know, to fight the cancer. And, now, all I can do is wait.

Shayne: For the cancer to come back.

Reva: And I don't want to tell Jeffrey that because he's been amazing. He's been so strong and brave and upbeat. This will just bring him down.

Shayne: You know you should tell him.

Reva: What, be honest? Trust that he'll be okay?

Shayne: They say that's supposed to work. I don't know. But I do know you should call him. And speaking of, I need to call Edmund.

Reva: Hey, you're just in time, I was just getting rid of the garbage. ( Laughter)

Dinah: Oh, who said you're not funny?

Reva: Everybody thinks I'm funny.

Dinah: That's right.

Reva: You're looking for Shayne, he just left.

Dinah: I'm actually looking for you, to tell you what kind of gifts I like so you can properly thank me.

Reva: For?

Dinah: Well, for removing Edmund from our lives, he's very close to leaving town.

Reva: Ooh. Shayne just went to see him.

Dinah: What?

Reva: He just went to see him, make sure he's doing okay.

Dinah: Reva, what did you do?

Jeffrey: You know, people get cancer, right. People get cancer. Sometimes they live, sometimes they die. I'm doing my best to stay positive. I'm doing my best to keep her positive. But, you know, this kid could be stuck with me and no mother. I wish I could go back and make things different.

Olivia: Come on. Would you have made a different choice?

Jeffrey: I don't know. What about you, what's going on?

Olivia: I finally feel like I found a family and a home of my own, feeling better. And Emma loves living at the farmhouse. And I feel like I finally have a life and Phillipís come back to screw it all up because I know he's going after Emma.

Jeffrey: He is in jail.

Olivia: He won't say anything, but he'll do it, that's why he's here. I can't do this again. I finally feel like I could start to let my guard down. I'm tired of looking over my shoulder. I just want some peace of mind and some happiness.

Jeffrey: Who is it?

Olivia: Phillip, aren't you listening?

Jeffrey: No, no. Who's the guy?

Olivia: There is no guy.

Jeffrey: There's always a guy.

Olivia: I have no love life, trust me.

Jeffrey: I just told you something that I never told anyone before out loud. Come on, talk to me.

Olivia: I have enough people talking about me.

Jeffrey: I'll listen. I'm a very good listener. Come give it a shot, I'll listen.

Olivia: Okay. So what if Natalia and I live together and we get along, and she makes Emma happy and she makes me happy? I can't feel this. I shouldn't have said anything to you.

Jeffrey: Natalia.

Olivia: This is crazy because it's not me. How many men have I been with? How many times have I been married? And my little girl, she's been through enough having me as a mother and Phillip as her father. She deserves a happy, stable life.

Jeffrey: Like the one she has with you and Natalia.

Olivia: No. Why am I feeling this?

Jeffrey: She makes you happy.

Baby's got trouble got to fix it right now

nothing's easy well it ain't supposed to be

take a look at yourself tell me...

Phillip: Susan.

Daisy: Uh, it's Daisy now.

Phillip: Daisy, right. Hi.

Daisy: Hi.

Phillip: Thank you for coming to see me.

Daisy: Actually I'm looking for Marina or anyone from my family.

Phillip: Oh, yeah, I think I heard Marina go out on a call. How's your mom?

Daisy: Sad like the rest of us, but I think because she's so far away it doesn't seem real. Coop, I mean.

Phillip: I'm very sorry about Coop. He was a good guy.

Daisy: No kidding.

Phillip: Actually I was just writing Zack a letter, hope that he'll write back.

Daisy: They're not going to come back-- Harley and the boys-- now that they know that you're here.

Phillip: I hope that's not true.

Daisy: You shot off a gun in Coop's funeral. What should Harley think?

Phillip: Probably not the smartest thing I've ever done.

Daisy: It feels like you and your family, you get away with a lot of stuff, while some people are to pay and pay and it just doesn't seem fair. I've got to go. I have to find someone.

Olivia: Hey, Natalia? Nata...

Frank: My God, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever known. Natalia? Natalia, are you okay?

Natalia: I'm fine.

Frank: I mean, are you okay okay? I mean, are you like okay with all this? I know there's a lot to digest here and it's all really so confusing, but...

Natalia: You are such a good man. You've been so good to me. I just want you to be okay.

Frank: Are you kidding me? I'm okay, I'm with you.

La-dah, dah, dah la-dah, dah, dah

la-dah, dah, dah la-dah, dah, dah...

Edmund: No. No, one way. I think I'm done here. Yes, I'll hold.

Shayne: Hard man to find.

Edmund: I'm a little busy.

Shayne: Okay, wait a minute. There's something I would like to talk to you about.

Edmund: What?

Shayne: I owe you an apology.

Edmund: For?

Shayne: For lying to you. You called me the other day about the meeting with the money guys from the Embassy, I told you I was at the doctor's office. That was a lie. I was with my folks and I don't know what came over me, but I felt torn, and I'm sorry.

Edmund: Thank you. You didn't have to come here to tell me this and you did. You've been honest with me and I think it's time I'm honest with you. There's something I've been keeping from you.

Shayne: You have a video of Lara?

Edmund: I watch it all the time. First it was painful seeing her face come up on my screen, but then it became comforting. Healing. Would you like to see it?

Shayne: Of course, yes.

Edmund: Let's go then.

Natalia: Frank.

Frank: Yeah, what is it?

Natalia: I have to get going because I have a lot of stuff to catch up on.

Frank: Okay, yeah. I really should get going, too, I'm going to help Dad supervise the move and everything, so...

Natalia: Well, then I will talk to you soon.

Frank: Yeah, yeah. Take care.

(Knock at the door)

Reva: Coming! Hey.

Daisy: Is this a bad time?

Reva: No, it's never a bad time for you. Come in. You're cold. What's up?

Daisy: Finally, somebody. I've been looking for everyone.

Reva: I'm right here.

Daisy: You disappeared after Coop's service.

Reva: Yeah, I had something to take care of, I had an appointment.

Daisy: Is the baby okay?

Reva: Yes. Healthy and happy, and kicking up a storm. You want something to drink?

Daisy: No, I'm okay I guess, I just wanted to see you. I went to Company and the only one there was Lillian and she's very nice. She is, but she's not you. Then I went to look for Marina, and I ran into Phillip.

Reva: Ooh, yeah. I mean that's bizarre, isn't it? Phillip.

Daisy: I don't want to talk about Phillip. He broke out of jail, and then he shot a gun at a funeral. Itís... and I was worried about Grady upsetting people. Coop died, Reva. Why does it feel like everyone leaves? People in my life, they either have to die or move away, or... when my dad died in that fire I thought I was never going to forget him, I mean his cologne and the way his voice sounded. But, now, sometimes I can hardly remember him. And if I really don't want that to happen with Coop, I don't want to forget him.

Reva: We won't forget him, I'll make sure of that. We'll keep him alive in our hearts, okay? Oh, sweetie. I love you.

Daisy: I love you, too. I'm really glad you're here. Thank you. I really need you now.

Dinah: Thank you, front desk.

Lillian: Oh, sweetie, I don't like it here for you at all.

Phillip: You ought to try it from this side. However it appears my luck is changing.

Lillian: What does that mean?

Phillip: You're here. I've had a number of interesting visitors today. Starting with Olivia.

Lillian: Oh, God.

Phillip: And then Susan, or Daisy.

Lillian: That poor child, she's having such a rough day today.

Phillip: I don't think I made it any better.

Lillian: No, you know. We do have a lot to talk about, but I don't think we want to talk in here. We'll talk when you get out.

Phillip: On the other hand, maybe you should just let me have it now, because I've got the bars and everything. We're safe back here.

Lillian: Hey, I love you. I mean, I am angry with you.

Phillip: Who isn't?

Lillian: But I love you.

Phillip: Lillian, it's been a long time since anybody said that to me without any strings attached, and I appreciate it. I love you, too. And don't worry. I'm going to fix this. I'm going to make everything right with my kids. I'm working on it already.

Lillian: Good. You've got a long road ahead, but at the end, there may be blue skies and palomino puppies.

A friend is a friend...

Natalia: Olivia, are you home?

Where it begins meeting by chance

a hazard romance smile was like sweet wine

drunk on the land hangover was different this time

image you had...

Natalia: I'm praying to you today because I need your help. I'm having all of these feelings and I need you to make me stop having them. I wanted to help a friend, a really good friend who's been so wonderful to me and I slept with him. I wanted to make everything okay, and instead it's made everything so much worse.

Olivia: Hi.

Natalia: Hi.

Olivia: I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for what I said at the memorial. I mean, you were right. I was overreacting. And maybe I should be afraid of Phillip, maybe I shouldn't, but I shouldn't act like a crazy person.

Natalia: I'm glad to hear it.

Olivia: Are you busy? Because I thought maybe we could get something to eat, maybe talk. I certainly owe you a dinner after all this crazy stuff.

Natalia: Actually, I have to go, but um... we can do it some other time.

Dinah: Okay. Where are you? Let's give this a shot.

Lara: You think he's going

to be surprised when we tell

him the news.

I hope he is.

But I'm not worried.

Shayne loves kids.

I know I'm biased, but I really

think Shayne is one of the best

people I have ever met.

And I was hoping maybe we could

really be a family, the three

of us. (Beeping)

Edmund: What the hell are you doing in here, Dinah?

Dinah: I can explain.

Shayne: Hey. It's gone. What did you do?

Dinah: Edmund...

Edmund: What did you do, Dinah?

Shayne: Hey...

Edmund: What did you do with Laraís video, did you delete it?

Shayne: Dinah knew nothing about that, Edmund. Dinah, tell-- Dinah, did you do that? Did you erase a video that I haven't gotten to see yet?

Dinah: Yes. Yes, I did.

Reva: Hi, baby, it's me again, your mom. Just wanted to let you know that I had my last chemo session today. So now I can focus entirely on you. And bringing you into this crazy wonderful world, healthy and happy and safe. I guess it also means that I can't do anything more to fight this cancer, so I have to have faith. Sometimes faith is hard to find. The truth is, I'm worried that I'm never going to get to meet you. And I just... I miss you already, kid.

Next on "Guiding Light,"

Mallet: Another man braving the baby shower.

Shayne: Lara loved kids. When I met her she was volunteering in an orphanage. No hope for them at all. They're probably not going to be adopted by anyone. You of all people should have understood. I want you out of my life.

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