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Guiding Light Transcript Friday 2/20/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light

Reva: I know you want this to be a celebration, and then I think about what Buzz is going through. We're the lucky ones.

Phillip: Why don't you tell me what you know about Cyrus Foley?

Alexandra: Whatever you're heard, he's ten times more dangerous than that.

Buzz: There's a memorial. Can you speak?

Josh: I'd be honored.

Phillip: I don't know what to do.

Alexandra: We're not going to get the answers sitting in here. I'm going to get you out of here and home, where you belong.

Daisy: Oh, Grandpa, let me-- here.

Buzz: Oh.

Ashlee: Maybe we should go get some tissues or something.

Daisy: Yeah. I just don't want to leave him.

Frank: You know what? Seriously, you guys go. I appreciate it. Go ahead, and we'll see you there. Thank you.

Daisy: All right.

Marina: Do you think he's a flight risk?

Frank: Pop? No. No, he'll stay for Coop.

Marina: For you. Did you get in touch with Rocky and Lucy?

Frank: I talked to both of them. Rocky just can't make it, and Dad told Lucy not to come, so... what's going on with you? Are you okay? You holding up?

Marina: No. Not really.

Frank: Oh baby, where's Mallet?

Marina: I don't know. He was going to meet us from the station. He got caught up with paperwork or something. I guess.

Mallet: Ah, yes, hi. This is A.C. Mallet. I, um... my wife and I were with another adoption agency, and we ran into some compatibility issues there, I just want to let you know with this message that we have filled out your adoption application. And we're very anxious to get started. And so if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to give me a call on my cell that's on the application. Thank you. Okay, thanks. Bye.

Jeffrey: Hi. I just got off the phone with Ava. She took it pretty hard. I just hope she doesn't, you know, slip back into... how are you? Maybe we should get going.

Reva: I... I just clearly lost track of time. Pregnancy brain.

Jeffrey: Are you going to be able to handle this? You know, your last chemo session and the memorial session?

Reva: Yes, yes, yes, I'll be fine.

Jeffrey: Well, I moved your appointment back just in case.

Reva: Well, you didn't cancel it?

Jeffrey: No, I didn't cancel it! We'll go and then we'll come back home, and we're going to throw out all of that ginger ale because we won't need it anymore.

Reva: We hope.

Jeffrey: Hey, hey, what are you thinking?

Reva: What if the chemo didn't take?

Jeffrey: Reva, the doctors wouldn't stop your chemotherapy unless they thought that you were ready, right?

Reva: I hope so. I hope so. I just, I just want to be there for our son's wedding. I want to be there for his kids.

Jeffrey: You are going to be fine. Okay?

Reva: I hope so. Because I do have a lot to live for. I should, um... get dressed. Give me a couple of minutes, because you're going to have to redo this. I do want to make sure that Buzz is okay.

Guard: Are you the guy who pulled Frank Cooper's brother from that car?

Phillip: Yup, that's me.

Guard: I guess you're a hero.

Phillip: No, I'm not.

Alan: You're not going to Coop's memorial service, are you?

Lizzie: Of course I am. He was my first love.

Alan: Your mother's last love.

Lizzie: Someone should be there to represent our family. Let it go.

Alan: Ah, forgive and forget, huh? This coming from a girl who just had her father arrested.

Beth: Buzz...

Buzz: Oh, Beth. Um... tell your mother I'll be back. I'll need some more coffee for later.

Frank: Mallet, where the hell have you been? I was about to send out the k-9 unit for you.

Mallet: Sometimes I'm wondering if I'm a cop or an accountant-- it's all just paperwork, paperwork.

Marina: I told you, he got stuck back at the station.

Mallet: Are you okay?

Marina: No. I just keep staring at that door, expecting Coop to just walk in.

Lillian: Buzz? I was looking for Buzz, honey.

Beth: Yeah, Buzz um, Buzz went to get some more coffee.

Lillian: Oh, Beth, I'm so, so sorry, sweetheart.

Beth: (Sobbing)

Maureen: Buzz, I'm so sorry.

Clarissa: We're really sorry about what happened.

Buzz: I'm... thank you. I, um... I've never been where he worked before. I've never been to the classroom. It's nice.

Maureen: We're making a card for him. We'll bring it later.

Buzz: Oh, thank you.

Clarissa: Our teacher gave us an assignment. She told us to write about what Mr. Bradshaw meant to us.

Buzz: I would love to see it when it's finished.

Clarissa: He was so cool. He really got us thinking about stuff we never really thought about before. I'm going to read every book on his class list this year.

Buzz: He'd love that. (Bell rings) Oh, you've got class.

Clarissa: All right, we'll see you later.

Maureen: Yeah.

Ashlee: God, I still can't believe this! Where are the tissues?

Daisy: I don't know. We should hurry, though, because we don't have that much time, so...

Ashlee: Well, you know, I... I just saw Coop last week. We had lunch. I mean, he gave me the title of a book that I should read. I wonder where I put it. I want to read it.

Daisy: We'll find it later.

Ashlee: So, did you tell Grady to come meet us here?

Daisy: Ah, yeah. You know what? We shouldn't wait for him. He'll find us.

Ashlee: Well, we have time. We could...

Daisy: No, no, no. It's fine. He can meet us there. We'll go without him.

Ashlee: Right.

Daisy: Come on. It's okay.

Grady: Looks like I'm just in time.

Ashlee: Great. We can all walk over together.

Daisy: Do you have another tie?

Grady: This is my only one. It's the one I wear to court. Is something wrong?

Daisy: No, no. Good, you made it.

Ashlee: Let's go guys.

Alan: You know, I really wish you would re-think this...

Lizzie: Wait!

Alan: ...Because you think they're going to welcome you with open arms...

Lizzie: Granddad, you were the one that told me to step up and lead this family. And this is the right thing to do.

Alan: We have more pressing matters. Your father...

Lizzie: I don't owe that man anything.

Alan: Look, I'm getting ready to go over there, Elizabeth, and I was really hoping you'd go with me.

Lizzie: No. No, no. When I look at him, I don't know what he's thinking or feeling. And no.

Alan: You said you wanted to be a leader, wanted to do the right thing. Don't you think the right thing would be to go and see your father? Hmm?

Lizzie: I will see him... eventually. Not today.

Beth: Hey.

Frank: Hi. Look, Beth, I know it's probably not a good time right now, but for Dad's sake... I know you said that you broke things off with Alan.

Beth: And... you're worried that he will take it out on Buzz and close down Company?

Frank: Dad can't afford to take another hit right now.

Beth: Listen, knowing Alan as I do, he won't take it out on Buzz. He'll take it out on me because I committed the biggest sin. I walked away from the great Alan Spaulding.

Frank: I still think we should be prepared for some fallout, just in case.

Beth: Thanks to Coop, I'm not so helpless as I used to be. So if Alan messes with your lease, you just let me know, and I'll take care of it. So Frank, no matter what happens, we're in this together.

Buzz: This is just so... is my hand shaking?

Lillian: Yes.

Buzz: I went to Coop's classroom. I've never been there before. And... his handwriting was on the board.

Lillian: God, what can I do for you today?

Buzz: I don't know. Look after the kids. They're trying to watch out for me.

Lillian: Yeah, I know. And I can do that.

Buzz: Better than me.

Lillian: Oh, come on. We all fail our kids.

Buzz: Well, you've made up for that a million times. I keep making new mistakes. I always saw Jenna in Coop's smile, and... I've lost them both.

Lillian: I'm so, so sorry. I just hope you'll get through this.

Buzz: I don't know if I will.

Ashlee: You know, working with Coop here were some of the best times of my life. He was my first boyfriend. And he taught me what it was like to have a real family. I really love the Cooper’s.

Grady: We better go inside, right? Pay our respects.

Daisy: Actually, Ash, you go ahead, and we're going to meet you at the funeral home, okay?

Ashlee: Are you sure?

Daisy: Yeah. I just need a minute, so...

Ashlee: Okay. Well, I'll see you over there.

Grady: I figured you'd want to be inside with your family.

Daisy: Ah, yeah. It just looks kind of crowded in there, so...

Grady: It looks pretty empty to me.

Daisy: I'm just not ready, okay? Let's go.

Buzz: Thanks for coming. It means a lot to me, it would have meant a lot to Coop.

Ashlee: Thank you for saying that. Oh, Daisy and Grady will meet us there, because they needed a minute alone.

Buzz: Well, that's about everyone, right?

Ashlee: Yeah.

Lizzie: Hi. I loved him a lot.

Buzz: I know.

Frank: You know what? Maybe we should... maybe we should all go right now.

Buzz: Yeah?

Frank: Yeah.

Marina: Come on. It's time to go.

Lizzie: Hey, are you okay?

Beth: No, but I'm glad you're here.

Lillian: Thank you. It's so nice of you to have come. Thank you.

Josh: I wish none of us had to be here, but I'm happy to help. Why don't you all sit wherever you want, and we'll start the service in a few minutes?

Lillian: Okay.

Reva: Hi.

Josh: Hey, guys.

Jeffrey: Hi.

Josh: How are you doing?

Reva: Um, I'm as well as can be expected, given the situation. A parent's worst nightmare, all of this.

Josh: Yeah. Yeah, I keep thinking about Shayne and that landmine.

Reva: I've been thinking about that, too. Actually, I've been thinking about all of my kids out there and, you know, this one. We just want them all to be safe.

Jeffrey: Coop was a great guy. I would be happy if our son turned out like him.

Reva: Thank you.

In the flesh, in the life

through the window

you're still here

no hello's, no goodbye's

more than empty, unclear

wait for my eyes to give in

to the night

pray in the morning, I see


why should I stay, when

you're already gone...

Frank: I'm glad you're here.

Blake: I'm not.

The fingerprints of all


land your heart's still gone

there's no one to blame

the memories are...

Grady: Why did we take the long way? We walked around the whole freakin' lake.

Daisy: Yeah. I'm sorry. I didn't realize it would take that long.

Grady: What's wrong, Daisy?

Daisy: Coop's dead. And I want my family to be okay. And, and maybe that means that you...

Grady: You think me being here is going to upset your family?

Daisy: No, but you're my boyfriend, and you're supposed to be here, right?

Grady: Do you want me here?

Daisy: No, not today.

Alan: Hello, son.

Phillip: Hello, Alan.

Alan: Elizabeth sends her love.

Phillip: Does she?

Alan: Well, to be honest with you, son, no, she doesn’t. I have to tell you she's very confused right now. You're hurt, I understand that.

Phillip: Just wish that I could help her. She's my little girl.

Alan: You know, as a parent, you never stop worrying about your children. That's why I'm here.

Phillip: Yeah. Just checking in? Thanks.

Alan: I want to know how you're doing, son. I mean, what you're thinking. What your plans are. What... your feeling about coming back to Springfield. I just hate that you have to be locked up like this.

Phillip: You know what? I've actually had a lot of company. People seem to know where to find me.

Alan: Well, you need to be home, son, with your family. Now, I've hired a lawyer to come by and speak with you. He'll be your lawyer tomorrow at your arraignment. And then when you're let out, son, you can come home and we can start our healing process because it's time.

Phillip: It seems like the whole town is in need of that. I read where they're burying Coop today.

Alan: I want you to know one thing, Phillip. I had nothing to do with Coop's death.

Phillip: Well then, why don't you and Buzz patch things up, since you're on such a healing spree?

Alan: A lot of things have changed in Springfield since you've been gone. But there is one thing that hasn’t. And that's the Cooper’s. They still blame our family for all of their miseries.

Josh: First of all, welcome. We're here today to honor the memory of Henry Cooper Bradshaw. We all loved him. I am proud to have known him. And I know that you all feel the same way. There are no rules today. If you want to speak, please do so. Our only hope is that through our shared memories, perhaps we can all find a way to deal with this senseless tragedy. Would anyone like to speak?

I'm trying to see how we

ended up this way

why should I...

Beth: I loved Coop very much. He surprised me, supported me and changed my life forever. I'll spend the rest of my life trying to be the person that he thought that I could be. I know what he wanted for me and what he wanted for all of us, and that is to live life fully, with no compromise.

Alan: I want you to know, son, that what you did-- pulling Coop out of that burning car-- was very selfless on your part. But that young man went out of his way to humiliate your father.

Phillip: He fell in love with Beth. It wasn't about you.

Alan: He always had a chip on his shoulder when it came to me. So he starts an affair with Beth, just to humiliate me. And now they're over at the funeral home, eulogizing him as if he were some sort of saint!

Phillip: You better calm down. You're going to have another heart attack.

Alan: It still galls me, just when I think about him laughing behind my back.

Phillip: This is not about you.

Alan: He also made sure that this entire town knew about the affair. Can you imagine Beth having an affair with someone young enough to be her own son? And then he goes and puts the entire affair in this cheap novel he is writing.

Phillip: Yes, because he's a writer. And that's what they do.

Alan: He took from me, Phillip, the most precious thing in my life.

Guard: Sir, your time is up.

Alan: Officer, I have barely had a moment with my son here.

Guard: Rules are rules.

Phillip: No, that's okay. Really, it's fine. This has been great. I'm glad we've had a chance to catch up.

Alan: Good, son. Me, too. The lawyer will be by here any minute, and you'll be getting out soon. So... when you get home, we'll work things out between us. I promise.

Daisy: Look, it just feels weird having you here today.

Grady: Weird?

Daisy: You know, because it was a year ago that there was another accident, and we lost Gus. And then the year before that...

Grady: Tammy died with me behind the wheel.

Daisy: My family is grieving, you know, now it's Coop, and I just feel like I can't do anything to make it harder for them.

Grady: Give me some credit. I'm not going to make a scene.

Daisy: That's the thing, you don't even have to. Your just being here, is... look, I'm really sorry. You and me, we're solid, we're good, it's just that, this might be the last chance I have to get things right with my family.

Grady: So you're putting your family before me?

Daisy: My family's grieving. Can you blame me for wanting to protect them?

Grady: I'm outta here.

Fears may linger throughout

your night, but in the morning

light, how you shine

Frank: Coop was my... he was my younger brother. And... I used to tease him and call him "Poop" and "Croup" and everything. (Light laughter) But... I loved him very much. And, unfortunately, I really didn't get to know him until late in the game. Way too late, actually. But he helped me out with all of the ladies in the family, and with our father. And I really don't know how I'm going to get along without him, so... (sound of cell phone vibrating)

Mallet: Hello? Yes, hi. Yes, I was expecting your call. Well, I called just to see if it was okay if my wife and I come in and sit down and talk to you and explain... what? No, no, no. Excuse me, but I don't understand. But, but... well, I'm sorry, too. Yeah.

Frank: There will always be... there will always be an empty place at the Cooper table. And there will always be an empty place in our hearts that no one, no one will ever be able to fill, so...

Ashlee: On my 18th birthday, Coop Cooper asked me to dance. He held out his hand, and I'll never forget that moment because it changed my life. Being with him was like being in a movie. He was... he is my hero, for so many reasons. And I always thought our movie would end differently. Not like this.

Mallet: I'm sorry, honey. It was the station.

Jeffrey: We should probably go or you'll miss your appointment.

Josh: Would anyone else like to speak?

Buzz: What I learned about Coop the last couple of days made me so proud. So proud. Not that I can take any credit for it, I sent him away when he was a little boy because his mother died, and I wanted him to be, you know, close to her family. So he could be more... like her. And he was. And I was worried about him staying here and not traveling the world. But now I'm glad for every single minute I had with him. I just can't believe there's not going to be more. I can't believe I lost him.

Josh: Buzz?

Buzz: I'm okay. He's my son. He's gone, and there's nothing more to say.

Josh: Why don't you go ahead and take a seat now? Um... I'm sorry. If nobody has anything else to say, then, uh...

Lizzie: I, um... I'd like to say a few words about Coop.

Lawyer: You understand, you have fugitive status. You committed a crime and ran. This is not going to be an easy sell.

Phillip: Then don't sell anything.

Lawyer: And bargain with what?

Phillip: Tell the D.A. That I'm ready to cooperate.

Lawyer: No, it's not...

Phillip: Look, my father made the payment. I'm still your client. You tell the D.A. I'll do whatever he wants, but there's something that I want in return-- one thing.

Lizzie: Coop was my first love. He was good to me. Better than I ever deserved. He just tried so hard to protect all the people that he loved, and he made you... he made you feel really safe when you were with him. I'm so sorry. I am so sorry that this happened to him. He didn't deserve it. And I know that it seems like this is my family's fault...

Alan: Stop right there, Elizabeth. You don't have to make excuses for him, and you don't have to apologize because we have nothing to be sorry about. A young man is dead and it's very tragic, but the fault lies with the people in this room-- not with our family.

Reva: I hated leaving. I mean, poor Buzz.

Jeffrey: Well, you know what? Just finish with this damn chemo, and then you can... you can go hang out with him. How's that?

Reva: There's no way I want you coming to my memorial. I am ready for this to be my last chemo. Thanks, coach.


Beth: Alan, get out!

Alan: Beth, you're not his widow.

Lizzie: Granddad, enough!

Alan: I'm just getting started.

Frank: Get out of here, now!

Alan: I have a right to be heard.

Mallet: Out! Now!

Alan: Wait a minute. Isn't this a service for people whose lives have been changed because of Coop? Well, that's me. He took from me, and you're all acting as if he was a victim here. Well, I am sick and tired of the Spaulding’s getting blamed for everything that goes wrong in this town. What about the Cooper’s? Are they so perfect? All you have to do is scratch the surface, and you'll find liars and thieves!

Buzz: Get the hell out of here! Get out! Get out!

Alan: I have every right to be here.

(Everyone shouting at once)

Coming up, on "Guiding Light"...

Beth: Alan, stop this!

Lillian: Don't you realize the people are hurting, Alan?

Alan: It's not my fault.

Olivia: As long as he's in jail, I'm not going to lose Emma.

Alan: I am not responsible for what happened to Coop.

(Everyone shouting at once)



Phillip: Now that I have your attention.

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