GL Transcript Tuesday 2/17/09

Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 2/17/09


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Previously on ďGuiding LightĒ...

Coop: Frank, look after Dad. Forgive and forget.

Lizzie: Coop, Coop, you don't have to worry about us, okay?

Coop: Beth... you're much stronger than you think.

Buzz: He's not going anywhere. No one is saying good-bye to him. I'm not going to go in that room and say good-bye to him. No! No! Help! Help!

Buzz: What Alan said-- was that true? Were you really carrying my baby when you left town?

Jenna: Buzz, what does it matter anymore?

Buzz: God in heaven, yes, it matters! I mean, if we made love, and a baby came out of that love and fire and passion, I want to know what happened to the baby.

Jenna: Please, Buzz, please.

Buzz: When I begged you not to leave town, when I begged you to stay in Springfield, you were carrying my baby? Help me here. Help that make sense to me.

Jenna: I don't know that I can.

Buzz: Oh, try!

Jenna: It was a beautiful summer day. And he was born seven pounds, three ounces, the most beautiful boy you'd ever seen. A full head of hair, a great set of lungs. I named him Henry, after my beloved Henry Chamberlain. But from the first day, the very first day, I called him Coop, after his daddy. The little boy asleep upstairs is your son.

Nurse: I need CPR!

Lillian: Come on, you fight! You fight! Come on!

Doctor: Give me one milligram of EPI.

Lillian: Come on, you've got to get out of here. You've got to get out of here with your family. We're fighting. Get out of here.

Frank: Dad? Dad, let her do her job! I've got him.

Lillian: I'll take care of him, I promise you.

Buzz: Thank you.

Frank: Dad, it's going to be all right.

Daisy: What's going on? What did they say?

Buzz: The monitors went crazy and everybody rushed in.

Daisy: Well, did he go into cardiac arrest?

Frank: We don't know, honey, okay? I'm sure Lillian will come out and let us know what's going on.

Daisy: Well, what does that even mean?

Frank: That means that we need to stay strong right now.

Buzz: Daisy, go get your grandfather some water. I need you to find Rick Bauer, okay?

Frank: Pop, he's going to be okay. I promise. He's going to be okay.

Buzz: Is he?

Frank: Yes, of course. He's not a quitter. He's a fighter. He will make it!

Buzz: He doesn't think so, Frank.

Frank: Look inside there. Look. Those doctors are working as hard as they possibly can.

Buzz: Is he working as hard as he possibly can, Frank?

Frank: What are you talking about?

Buzz: He said good-bye to me. Before the monitors went off, he said... he said good-bye.

Frank: Did you say it back?

Buzz: How can you say good-bye to your son?

Lillian: Come on, you've got to stay with us! Come on! Come on! I think we've got to get the crash cart. We're still... there's no sinus rhythm. Get the crash cart.

Buzz: So that's it? I have a son? That's my son?

Jenna: I know you don't know him very well. Buzz, he's the most beautiful boy in the whole world. He's a little shy, but never afraid. And he's got this... he's got this sweet little wicked smile.

Buzz: You tell me now how much he weighed. You tell me now what his smile is like. I should have known this. I should have known!

Jenna: I know. I know! I was wrong.

Buzz: Why didn't you tell me two years ago?

Jenna: Because I didn't think we had a chance.

Buzz: Oh, man, you know, this keeps happening over and over again. I play this game, and I end up right in the same place here. I am so tired of this.

Jenna: I know.

Buzz: Do you know how cheated I feel right now?

Jenna: Yes, Buzz. I will make it up to you. I promise I'll make it up to you. Is there nothing I can say?

Buzz: There's not a damn thing you can do. You have no idea what this feels like. You have no idea. Hey. Hey, little fellow. Henry Cooper Bradshaw. Did you have a bad dream? Come here. Come here. Did you have a bad dream? Henry Cooper Bradshaw. That's a solid name. I've got some news for you, buddy. I'm your dad, and I'm going to look after you from now on.

Lillian: You're going to stay with us. Stay with us!

Doctor: Charging 360. Clear!

Lillian: No rhythm.

Doctor: Charging 360. Let's do it again. Clear!

Lillian: No rhythm. Come on! Come on! You've got to fight! Come on!

Doctor: One more time, guys. Let's go. Charging 360. Clear!

Lillian: Fight, Coop, come on!

Doctor: We're going to do it again. 360 charging. Clear! (Monitor beeping)

Coop: Daddy, watch!

Buzz: Oh, wow! You're fearless! I can't wait till they make chair jumping an Olympic sport. Come here, you. Whoops. Jump up. Coop, I have something to tell you about your mom.

Marina: He's back! He's back!

Buzz: What?

Marina: I saw them. They shocked him again, and he did it. He came back.

Daisy: I knew it. I knew it. I knew he would make it through this. Is he awake? Can we see him? I have to call Harley and Rocky.

Frank: I'm going to try to talk to Lillian.

Marina: See, I told you. What did I tell you? It's going to take more than some car accident to knock off our ol' Henry, right?

Buzz: Well, you know what I do when I miss your mom, is I have a picture, and I put it right next to my heart, and that makes me feel better. What would your mother do? She liked to sing, didn't she? She'd always been singing that song, her favorite song, "Downtown." You love that song, don't you? Come here. Come here.

Marina: When are they going to let us in there to see him? I want to yell at him for scaring all of us.

Daisy: I was thinking I would get Harley on the phone, because she really wants to talk to him.

Marina: That's a great idea. I think that when he's feeling better, I think we all need to band together, and we need to plan the biggest and most ridiculous celebration that we've ever had. And Grandpa, you can cook for like a week. And Coop can plan the menu, and he can have all of his favorite foods, even if he wants fish and chips over baklava. (Laughter)

Daisy: I don't know about that. Maybe we can finally get Rocky over here, and Aunt Lucy is due for a visit.

Marina: Absolutely. What do you think, Grandpa?

Buzz: I think it's great. I think he'd love it, especially if you two planned it. We'll talk in there.

Marina: No, wait. I want to hear what she has to say, too.

Daisy: Can we see Coop?

Lillian: Wherever you want to talk.

Buzz: In there. I'll be back.

Lillian: The doctors restarted his heart.

Buzz: So he's back? He's okay, right?

Lillian: He's alive, technically.

Buzz: Technically?

Lillian: Yeah. When he was down, there was no oxygen to his brain. He's breathing on a machine.

Buzz: Lillian, what are you saying?

Lillian: I'm saying that his brain function is non-existent. I'm saying that the life support is what is keeping him alive. I'm so sorry, Buzz.

Buzz: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! So his heart is still beating. Is he alive? Is he alive? Is he alive?

Lillian: It's up to you now. It's up to you whether or not he remains on life support or it stops.

Buzz: Stop what?

Lillian: He's your son.

Buzz: Yes, he's my son!

Lillian: So you have the choice whether you let him go or you don't let him go.

Buzz: I've got to go in and see him.

Frank: Oh, my God! Pop? Dad! Dad! (Monitor beeping)

Buzz: Okay. All set. That's a lot of stuff for a little guy, isn't it?

Coop: Yeah.

Buzz: Well, look, Coop, come here. I know it's hard to understand, but this is for the best. I mean, you can do better than me. You can do better than a guy that's just getting by. You're going to have a wonderful life with your mom's family and your brother, and you're going to be in England. Okay? I just... they'll take care of you much better than I can, better than a tired old guy can. And, um... there's one thing that I want you to know. Hey, chin up. This is not good-bye. It's like we say, "I'll see you later, alligator."

Coop: After a while, crocodile!

Buzz: Come here.

Frank: I love you, Pop. What are we going to do?

Buzz: I can't do this.

Frank: This is so damned hard.

Buzz: I mean me. It shouldn't be me.

Frank: What do you mean?

Buzz: Somebody else has to make this choice.

Frank: Then who, Dad?

Buzz: You, Frank. You're solid. You make good decisions.

Frank: So do you.

Buzz: I have made one bad choice after another, with all my kids-- with you, with Harley, with Lucy, with Rocky.

Frank: Dad, you listen to me, and you listen good: You are a damn good father!

Buzz: Will you tell him that? To the boy I sent away, who ended up breathing on a machine.

Frank: This is not your fault!

Buzz: How many times do I have to screw up before I finally learn? How many? No, I can't do this. I can't and I wonít.

Frank: Dad, where you going?

Alan: Well, Buzz, hello.

Buzz: Get out of my way.

Alan: Why? Where are you going?

Buzz: To Company. There's a dinner crunch.

Alan: Oh. Well, I heard Coop just got out of surgery, so he must be doing pretty well if you're going to the restaurant.

Buzz: You don't want to do this.

Alan: Now that he's getting back on his feet, Buzz, can we stop pretending that he's the victim in all of this?

Buzz: This is my final warning.

Alan: It's funny how when people are in the hospital, somehow they become heroes, even though they were the ones who were reckless in trying to steal the mother of another manís...

Buzz: He's brain-dead! He's there, but he's not there. There's no brain stem activity.

Alan: I'm sorry. Buzz, I didn't know.

Buzz: No, you didnít. He has a machine breathing for him. It makes his chest go up and down, and up and down.

Alan: Listen, I know what it's like to lose a son, and I...

Buzz: Donít. Donít. Maybe you didn't cut the brakes or have him run off the road, but you had a part in this. You're responsible.

Alan: Buzz, I am not responsible for what happened to Coop.

Buzz: I have a choice to make, whether my son lives or dies. You know everything. You know everything. So do you have an answer for me? Do you have an answer for my son?

Alan: Buzz, I think it's important that you go back in and be with your family.

Buzz: What's the matter? You can't face me? You can't face the truth?

Alan: I'm going to call Frank and tell him to get over here.

Buzz: Because I can face the truth, finally, because my...

Alan: Buzz, look, donít... look, come on. You helped me once, Buzz, and I want to help you.

Buzz: Oh! You know, I should have listened to you all along, because you were right.

Alan: Right about what?

Buzz: I had this fantastic notion, ever since I was a teenager, that, you know, that... follow your heart, follow your passion, and love conquers all.

Alan: Not always.

Buzz: Love doesn't conquer all, does it? It didn't bring Deenie back. It didn't bring Jenna back. It didn't bring Gus back. It didn't stop me from sending my son to stop your wedding.

Alan: Sometimes we have to learn lessons the hard way.

Buzz: And what is the lesson? That the world is a cruel place, and cynical and dark, where one wrong decision haunts you for the rest of your life? You make a choice, and your son dies? Does that seem fair to you?

Alan: Who said anything about life being fair?

Buzz: No, if it was fair, you'd be in that hospital.

Alan: Buzz, I think this conversation is through.

Buzz: No. I think it's just getting started.

Alan: It's more important right now for you to go back in there and be with your son.

Buzz: You're going to see me again.

Alan: Go, Buzz, and be with your son.

Buzz: (Laughing) I'm not dead yet.

Marina: (Laughing) We have a surprise for you.

Buzz: Surprising the man who's had a heart attack. That's a great plan.

Frank: Yeah, but you know what? You're really going to like this one, though.

Buzz: I must be dying. (Laughter)

Coop: That's not what I heard. I heard that the nurses have been complaining because you've been flirting with them. (Laughter)

Buzz: I'm not flirting with all of them. Look at you.

Coop: It's good to see you.

Buzz: Come here. Come here. Come, come, come, come.

Coop: It's good to see you.

Buzz: When did you become a man?

Coop: The question is, when did you?

Buzz: I'm still working on it.

Coop: Did you miss me?

Buzz: Every day.

Coop: Every day.

Buzz: Twice on Sundays.

Coop: That's a lot. Yeah, well, I missed you, too.

Buzz: What are you doing here?

Coop: Well, word on the streets is that you need some backup.

Buzz: What are you, the cavalry?

Coop: I'm better than that. I'm Henry Cooper Bradshaw. I'm your son.

Frank: Pop, what are you doing? Come on, you don't smoke.

Buzz: I do now.

Frank: Everybody's worried about you.

Buzz: They shouldn't be.

Frank: Dad, I think we should go inside and talk to the doctor.

Buzz: Alan was here.

Frank: Just now?

Buzz: Outside.

Frank: If he ever does that again, you call me, and I'll have him arrested for harassment.

Buzz: Do you know what it's like seeing him up and around, smoking a cigar, breathing in and out like it's nothing?

Frank: Pop, come on, let's go back in. It's freezing out here.

Buzz: I can't do that yet.

Frank: I really want to be here for you. I want to help you. Please let me help you. I'll do anything, whatever you want.

Buzz: You mean that?

Frank: Of course I do.

Buzz: Okay. I want you to do me a favor.

Frank: Name it.

Buzz: You're going to have to go along with this, no questions asked.

Frank: I'm going to let you do this.

Buzz: Thank you, Frank.

Frank: Are you going to tell me what this is all about?

Buzz: No.

Frank: I didn't think so.

Buzz: Thanks, Frank.

Frank: Hey, Pop?

Buzz: Yeah?

Frank: I'll be right outside.

Buzz: Thank you.

Phillip: Hey, Buzz. How's Coop?

Buzz: Coop is on life support. He's got a machine doing the breathing for him. They want me to decide whether to let him go.

Phillip: I'm very sorry.

Buzz: Yeah.

Phillip: Maybe if I'd gotten him to the hospital sooner, or I had called an ambulance, things would have been different. Maybe you think I'm happy about this since everything that happened between us the last time I was here.

Buzz: You think I'm here for revenge?

Phillip: I wouldn't blame you if you were.

Buzz: I'm here to thank you. I'm here because I'm grateful. You gave me time with my son. And if he'd died in that car accident... thank you.

Phillip: You don't have to thank me, Buzz. I owe you... I owe you and Harley and your whole family. Please don't thank me.

Buzz: Yes, you do. And the real reason I'm here is to ask for your help.

Phillip: My help?

Buzz: To make this right. I want you to help me get your father. For too long, Alan Spaulding has had the run of this town. You know, because of him, Tammy Winslow is dead. Because of him, Lizzieís child was taken from her by Jonathan. And every time I think that he's reformed and he's developed a soul, he just proves me wrong. It is time he was wiped off the map.

Phillip: I'm not exactly sure what you're asking me.

Buzz: He loves you. He idolizes you, because you're his first son. And all his life, what has he done? He's just been torturing you. He shot you in the chest. He let everyone believe you were dead. He kept you in the basement like you were a pet. Don't you think he should pay for that?

Phillip: Pay how?

Buzz: I don't care how. It's better if he gets locked up in jail, or, you know, be wiped off the face of the earth. I don't care. It just has to be done. And part of me thinks that you think that that has to happen, too.

Phillip: Buzz, why are you here right now?

Buzz: I told you what I want from you.

Phillip: Your son is on life support.

Buzz: Yes.

Phillip: You've got a decision to make.

Buzz: Yes.

Phillip: But you're here because it's easier to be here, going after Alan, than to make that decision.

Buzz: Why does this matter to you?

Phillip: Because your family needs you. Coop needs you to make this decision.

Buzz: I can't make that decision. You came here to make Alan pay. You wanted payback, didn't you? You hate him, don't you? I'm going to get justice, and you're going to help me, one way or another.

Frank: Hey, Pop, it's time to go.

Buzz: We'll talk again soon.

Coop: Now, please, would you get out of my way? I've got a wedding to stop. I'm late.

Buzz: Your mother made me realize how wrong I was.

Coop: What?

Buzz: Well, call it a vision, call it a dream, call it coming to my senses. But, you know, I talk about love and honor. You live it.

Coop: Dad, if this is your lame attempt to get me to stop going to this wedding and to keep me here, stop it. Stop it! Don't do this to me!

Buzz: I'm through with talking. Go. Go get her. Go get Beth, bring her back to Company. You going to let her to marry that skunk? Go!

Coop: Dad, you realize... if I bring her back to Company, you realize I'm going to involve you in this?

Buzz: I am.

Coop: And Alan, you know what he is going to do!

Buzz: I am involved!

Coop: Would you just listen to me for a second? Think about this, okay? Alan owns half the restaurant. If I do this, he can close it down.

Buzz: Let him! I'm sick of flipping burgers. I'm sick of it. He can try it for a change. I mean, come on, it's just a place.

Coop: Come on, Dad! It's your place.

Buzz: And you're my son! And you're my son.

Jenna: What are you doing?

Buzz: You're here.

Jenna: Of course I'm here. But why are you? Henry is in there waiting for you, and you're out here, what, stalking Alan?

Buzz: He drove him to this. He threatened Beth; he taunted Coop.

Jenna: I know all that. I know all that. It doesn't change the fact that our boy's body is lying in that bed, hooked up to all those machines.

Buzz: Our boy's body.

Jenna: Yes. What are you going to do? Chase revenge so far that you don't have to come back to the hospital? Keep running so someone else will make the decision for you?

Buzz: If I can.

Jenna: No! No. You're better than that!

Buzz: No, I'm not better than that. I'm not a better father, a better man. How many times have I failed my children?!

Jenna: Your children don't see you as a failure.

Buzz: Then they should look harder. I promised to protect you, and I didnít.

Jenna: Buzz, Buzz, my death was not your fault.

Buzz: I promised to keep his mother safe, and I couldn't! I couldn't! I was left alone with him, and I couldn't handle him, and I sent him away. Then I had a heart attack. I kept him here because I needed him. He gave away all of his dreams. And how did I repay him? I filled him full of nonsense about passion and love...

Jenna: It's not nonsense. It's not nonsense.

Buzz: It is a pipe dream!

Jenna: It's not nonsense! It's real.

Buzz: How many times does it have to smack me in the head? How many times? I am not the man to make this decision!

Jenna: You are wrong. You are so wrong! You're wrong about the decisions that you made for Coop, and you are wrong about me. I'm the one who left town without telling you that I was carrying your son. And when I came back, you did everything in your power to save me. You should not have any regrets about that.

Buzz: You can put any spin on this you want to, but that's his body in there. Our boy, who is so full of... spirit and life, and he's gone. And I did nothing to stop it, nothing.

Jenna: So you really feel that you have failed our son?

Buzz: I know I have.

Jenna: All right. Then you make it up to him, and not with vengeance, not with vengeance. You make it up to him by being strong and doing what he needs you to do. Make the right decision for him. Make the right decision for the family.

Buzz: I don't know how. I can't let him slip through my hands like this. It's not just him. It's you, my love. I lose you.

Jenna: You can do it. You know why? Because you're his father. And he loves you with all his heart. Oh, my darling, Buzz, he needs you to let him go.

Buzz: I love you, Petula.

Jenna: I love you, Buzz. I will always look out for our little boy. I love you.

Marina: Oh, we were worried about you.

Buzz: I know. I'm sorry.

Frank: You okay, Pop?

Buzz: I'm going to go in and see him.

Frank: Do you want me to come with you?

Buzz: No. I'm his father. Can I have a few minutes? I'll tell you and the doctor when I'm done. You know, you're a great writer. And it's not just your dad who says so. It's a proven fact. You know, I'm not a writer of any kind. I just... but I can make up a story. I used to make up stories for you when I came to England. You said you liked them. You probably were just humoring your old man. But I have one last story to tell you. It's not new, but I hope you like it. Once upon a time, there was a man. There was nothing special about this man. He wasn't big or strong or smart or brave. But he was lucky. He was lucky, because no matter how much he screwed up, how many mistakes he made, something good would come into his life. And the luckiest day of his life was when the woman he loved brought a gift to him, a son. And all of the happiness and perfection and goodness in this world was wrapped into that tiny package. But the man lost the woman, and he couldn't stand the brightness that was his son. So he sent him away. He gave his gift away. But the son grew up, and he came back into the father's life. And no matter how much the father messed up, this boy thrived, and he brought happiness into a family that had desperate need of it. But there was one last time the father messed up, and there was going to be no lucky break there. He was never going to show his son the love he deserved, and how much he meant to the family and to the father. But he did have one last chance to say good-bye, and hope his son knew how much he loved him. I'm ready.

Doctor: There's some paperwork...

Lillian: No, no. I'll do it later.

Buzz: No. I'll do it. I can do it.

Buzz: I'm your dad and I'm going to look out for you from now on.

Coop: I'm Henry Cooper Bradshaw. I'm your son, Coop.

Jenna: You can do it. You know why? Because you're his father. And he loves you with all his heart.

Buzz: Thank you, kiddo. See you later, alligator. Say hi to your mom. (Singing): "When you're alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go downtown. When you've got worries and all the noise and the hurry seems to help, I know, downtown. Just listen to the rhythm of the gentle bossa nova. You'll be dancing with him, too, before the night is over." Oh, my son.

Downtown where all the lights are bright

downtown waiting for you tonight

downtown you're going to be all right now

downtown downtown downtown.

Next on "Guiding Light"...

Lillian: I'm so sorry. There was too much damage. He fought just so hard.

Beth: Come back, come back. Please come back.

Frank: Phillip helping Coop isn't enough to clear him.

Buzz: I don't need him cleared. I need him cuffed.

Frank: Exactly what did you and Phillip talk about yesterday?

Buzz: Justice.

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