GL Transcript Monday 2/16/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 2/16/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light."

Natalia: Phillip Spaulding is back.

Olivia: We need to get out of town, out of the country, something.

Natalia: Oh, that's crazy.

Olivia: I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do!

Natalia: Olivia, stop it!

Frank: Phillip Spaulding, you're under the arrest for the kidnapping of James and Zach Spaulding, Emma Spencer, and Jude Bauer.

Daisy: Coop's awake.

Coop: No regrets, you're worth it.

Natalia: Look at me. Look in my eyes. What do you see?

Olivia: Someone who is strong and loyal. Someone I can count on. And someone...

Natalia: Say it.

Olivia: I canít.

Natalia: Yes you can. You can because I feel the same way.

Olivia: You do?

Natalia: I can trust you with my life. And I hope that you feel that you can do the same.

Olivia: Thank you. I do. Emma!

Bill: Hey, is it true? Phillip's back?

Frank: Yeah, Phillipís back, all right, and he's in jail. His own daughter turned him in.

Bill: Lizzie?

Frank: Yeah. Yeah, she did the right thing.

Bill: Well, I need to talk to him because it's important.

Frank: Really? That's just not going to happen, not unless you're his lawyer.

Coop: Hey.

Lizzie: I woke you up. I woke you-- I can come back later, okay?

Coop: No. Are you still mad at me?

Lizzie: About you and my mom? I don't get it, okay? But I didn't want anything bad to happen to you.

Coop: I know. You just act tough.

Lizzie: We have had a couple of completely crazy years, huh?

Coop: It sucks when you can't be with the person that you love.

Lizzie: I am so sorry, I am so sorry for every selfish thing I ever did to you. When I was pregnant with Sarah-- I just-- oh, I was so awful to you, and I am so, so sorry, from the bottom of my heart. And when I heard about you and my mom, I was so angry. And I am sorry. Okay? I'm really sorry.

Coop: It doesn't matter now.

Lizzie: You should have listened to me, Coop. You should have listened to me! I told you that this was going to end badly. I told you that you would end up sorry.

Coop: I'm not sorry. Alan didn't marry Beth. I got the girl.

Lillian: Sweetheart.

Beth: Coop?

Lillian: No, no, no, no. Coop's stable. But you-- you need to get some sleep.

Beth: Has anyone found Buzz?

Lillian: No. Look, I booked you a room at the Beacon because, you can't go home now.

Beth: Home? I don't have a home anymore. Couldn't live with Alan, that's for sure. I'm just going to stay here. Coop might need me. He is fighting for his life trying to protect me, and he doesn't regret it.

Lillian: Yeah, he loves-- just like his daddy does. With every single fiber of his being. I know where Buzz is. I have to go.

Beth: Where?

Buzz: Oh, I should have never listened to you. You and all your crazy talk. Coop... Coop should go after Beth you butted into my dreams. I couldn't think straight. I wanted to keep him locked up, to keep him safe. You said "No, it's love, he should fight for her." Well, look at him now. And now look at me, desperate, I'm even sleeping in a graveyard. And not one dream! Not one piece of advice! Your son needs you. I need you. Where the hell are you now?

Olivia: Emma, you have to be a little more careful with your things.

Emma: Are you mad at me, Mom?

Natalia: Mommy's not mad at you. She's just got a lot on her mind.

Olivia: What is that supposed to mean?

Natalia: A certain visitor back in town?

Olivia: Em, why don't you-- why don't you finish up your valentine.

Emma: They're done. I'm ready to deliver them.

Olivia: We're not going to do-- no, we're not going out. Okay?

Emma: You promised.

Olivia: You can give them to your friends at school.

Natalia: You can't keep her locked in the house forever. He's been arrested. He's behind bars.

Olivia: He'll get out of jail. It's a family talent.

Natalia: Okay. Then... I will go see Frank --

Olivia: Just go. If you want to see Frank, just say so.

Natalia: Where did that come from? I'm trying to help you.

Olivia: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Just go.

Lizzie: Okay. You need to get better. Okay, you have to get better.

Coop: Okay. You, too.

Lizzie: I am fine, thank you very much. You're the one with all the... attachments.

Coop: You're not fine, Lizzie. You miss Bill.

Lizzie: No, I donít. I donít. No.

Beth: Hey. I'm glad you're here.

Lizzie: Well, don't worry, I'll give you two plenty of time alone.

Coop: No. You two need to talk. Forgive and forget.

Lizzie: Coop, Coop, you don't have to worry about us, okay?

Coop: Okay. You can't let Alan come between you, please.

Lizzie: I'm sorry. I have to get out of here.

Coop: Lizzie, Lizzie...

Beth: I'm sorry. She's, um, she's Lizzie.

Coop: Beth, don't let her get away. Go. Go. I'm not going anywhere.

Buzz: Oh, who am I kidding. I could never be mad at you. I'm mad at myself. But it's easier to be blaming you than sitting by his hospital bed. I can remember... holding him when he was a little boy. So much love-- take my breath away. And all I want to do is protect him. And now look at me. I'm running away... because I can't face losing him. The way I couldn't face losing you. I'm begging you. If there is anything you can do.

Lillian: Hi.

Buzz: Hi.

Lillian: Hey, Jenna. It's okay, I'm here. I think we should go back to the hospital. Coop's been asking for you.

Buzz: He's talking?

Lillian: (Laughs) He's awake. Isn't that wonderful?

Buzz: Thank you.

Beth: God, please... please don't take him away from me. He's a good person. God, he's a good person. Please. There is so much that we didn't get a chance to do. We've never gone away together. We've never gone to the movies together. Please, I'll make any deal you want. Please don't do this. Please.

Lizzie: I saw Dad. I was over at the crash site, and he was there. It was really scary.

Beth: It's okay, honey.

Lizzie: No, no, it wasn't because it felt like before, when he tried to take me away, and I freaked out. He brought a present for Sarah, my old toy panda.

Beth: Sammy? He brought you Sammy? You couldn't sleep without Sammy when you were little. How was your father?

Lizzie: You mean, was he good dad or scary dad? He acted like he did when were things were good, but... I couldn't take any chances, and I called the cops on him.

Beth: No. Honey, you said that he was kind to you!

Lizzie: It could have been a trick, Mom!

Beth: He saved Coop's life!

Lizzie: It's not all about Coop right now! What if he hasn't changed? The last time he saw Granddad, he got shot. Do you remember that? What if-- what if Dad is back for revenge?

Beth: Well, then Alan can take care of himself, can't he?

Lizzie: You don't give a damn about Granddad.

Beth: No, no, no, I donít. He was trying to blackmail me into marrying him, and everything that is happening with Coop right now is because of him.

Lizzie: He was really good to you for a really long time, until you broke his heart.

Beth: Okay, okay, we can't do this. We can't argue. Coop is right. I need you, and you need me. And even though you don't want to admit it, you need your father, too.

Bill: Hey.

Olivia: Hi.

Bill: Did you hear about the news?

Olivia: No, no.

Bill: Phillip is back.

Olivia: I'm not telling Emma, please. I was just getting my life back together, and...

Bill: Well, I don't think he's here, for Emma.

Olivia: You don't know that. He might have a plane fueled ready to take all of the kids away again.

Bill: Okay, look, listen, nothing is going to happen to Emma, okay? She's going to be fine, I promise. All right? You've got me, Natalia, all right? It's going to be okay.

Frank: Wow! It's true, he lives! What's going on, bro? What's the good word from the docs?

Coop: They're going to make me bionic.

Frank: (Laughs) And you should see your room at the house, man. You've got lots of cards and flowers-- unbelievable. You're a popular guy. Who knew?

Coop: Where's Pop?

Frank: Well, you know Dad, he's probably harassing some of your doctors. You know, I mean, they're more scared of him than some of the new busboys, so...

Coop: Frank, look after Dad.

Frank: Okay. Come on, Coop, you know Pop. He's soft on the outside, but he's tough as steel on the inside.

Coop: Frank, you're the tough one. He's going to turn to you. Just look out for him, okay?

Frank: No can do, bro. That's a two-man job. And... you know? So you need to hurry and get better and get out of here.

Buzz: Hi. Don't you ever scare me like this again.

Coop: Dad, you're looking more stressed than I am. What's going on?

Lizzie: Wake up call, Mom. He tried to take your children away. You just forgive him? Just like that?

Beth: I don't, I don't forgive him. But I remember all of the good years too, not just the ending. We were a happy family once.

Lizzie: You are so fickle. Your current flame is in the hospital, and here you are just gushing over Dad.

Beth: I am far from gushing.

Lizzie: You are such a confused, messed up woman. It is no wonder I have turned out the way that I did.

Beth: Honey, I am trying to make it peace with you.

Lizzie: I don't want to be like you. I think that you are weak and starry-eyed.

Beth: Okay. You know what? No matter what, your father still loves you.

Lizzie: Does he? Does that make everything okay? I think that sounds delusional. Love is not some walk in the park, Mom. It's a mugging.

Beth: Don't you believe that.

Lizzie: For you, it's dangerous. It's deaf, it's dumb, it's blind, and if you follow it, you'll fall in an elevator shaft.

Beth: Hey, just because you had a few bad experiences, you don't give up on it. Look, if I had done that, I never would have found Coop.

Lizzie: Great. How's that working out for you, huh? I did love Dad, and I loved Bill. And they both failed me. The next time I fall in love, I'll be armed.

Bill: Oh. Ah-ha that was a blast from the past. (Laughs)

Olivia: I just needed to feel close to someone.

Bill: Any port in the storm?

Olivia: Nice. That wasn't good? That wasn't a good...

Bill: What are you kidding me. That was a great, great kiss. But, um, you don't want this.

Olivia: I just want someone to tell me it's going to be okay. That Phillip isn't back here because of me.

Bill: Why do you think that you're Phillipís target?

Olivia: Because he might think that I'm ruining his daughter's life.

Bill: Well, it seems she lives in a nice home with a happy mother and her best friend.

Olivia: It's the friend part that's the problem. Emma wrote this really sweet essay about Natalia and me, and Alan read it and he just came over here and started giving us a problem about our living arrangement.

Bill: Why?

Olivia: Because the unfortunate title of the essay was "My Two Mommies."

Bill: Oh!

Olivia: It was innocent. You know Emma, it was innocent. That's the way she sees us. And Alan sic'ed Doris Wolfe on us. And, who knows, maybe he brought Phillip back here to finish the job.

Bill: Oh, that would be a new low, even for Alan.

Olivia: It was certainly humiliating.

Bill: But there is nothing to worry about, okay? Because it is not true. You just explain to Phillip that it is some sort of misunderstanding, and he'll see how ridiculous it all is, right? Or not ridiculous?

Olivia: I don't know what it is. I never really looked at her that way. But after spending so many months together and getting closer, I don't know. I guess I just never saw it coming.

Bill: You, you sure about this?

Olivia: No, I'm not sure about anything. I don't know what I'm feeling, but I know it's more than friendship. We get each other. We click, and it scares the hell out of me. Did I say all that out loud?

Bill: Yeah. Yeah.

Olivia: I can't drink wine. Say something.

Bill: So you and Natalia, thatís...

Olivia: I don't know what it is, but it is something. So if you really cared about me, you'll forget that you ever came over here, okay?

Bill: Okay.

Buzz: I wasn't here when you woke up. You want to know where I was? I was at your mom's grave. And I yelled at her for not being here when I needed her. And all of the time she was here watching over you.

Coop: Are you okay?

Buzz: I'll be fine when you get home. You've got your new book. You got the woman of your dreams waiting for you. So you have to get well.

Coop: Dad, please slow down.

Buzz: No. Come on, I want to spring you from this joint. You know, the biggest shin-dig this town has ever seen.

Coop: About that...

Buzz: You know, I knew a scrap of metal and a call from Alan Spaulding would never stop you.

Coop: Dad, listen to me.

Buzz: Okay. All right. No big splashy party. You and Beth probably want to be alone anyway.

Coop: We can't waste any time right now. Because I don't know how much time I have left. Dad, we should talk, just in case.

Buzz: You're no quitter.

Coop: No, I'm not. But...

Buzz: Look, let me get some help.

Coop: No. Dad, don't go in there.

Buzz: Let me get a doctor.

Coop: Dad, we've always been honest with each other, right?

Buzz: Let me get a doctor.

Coop: There are things I need to say to you.

Buzz: No, you donít.

Coop: Most of my life, you were this guy I would send a card to on Father's day. And then when you would come and visit me, it was like Christmas.

Buzz: I should have been there more for you when you were a kid, you know.

Coop: You were, you were always there. Even if you weren't there in person. I'm glad I got a chance to come over here, got a chance to know you. I'm proud of you, Dad.

Buzz: The amazing Buzz Cooper saving the world one burger at a time. We'll talk about all of this later, okay?

Coop: Getting to know this crazy, wild family, I'm so glad I'm a part of it. Spending time with each other. Being in our own Cooper world.

Buzz: Look...

Coop: Where everybody is loved and respected, and treated equal.

Buzz: Look, you're a writer. You're not a doctor, okay? You feel bad because your sick. People get better. You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine. I'll be right back with the doctor.

Olivia: Hi. I thought you were staying at the hospital.

Natalia: You can relax now. Phillip is in jail.

Olivia: How's Frank?

Natalia: I brought the Cooperís some sandwiches, you know. It's really hard being there.

Olivia: Oh, my gosh, it's been nearly a year, hasn't it? I shouldn't have let you go over there by yourself.

Natalia: It's almost a year. And now there is another man there fighting for his life after a car crash. It's almost a year since you got his heart. And I just stood there and watched Gus...

Olivia: Gus die and me live.

Natalia: All I really wanted to do was just come back here. I wanted to come back here and be with you. This whole situation with Phillip, I don't want anything to happen to you.

Olivia: Gus died but I'm not going anywhere.

Natalia: How are you feeling?

Olivia: Scared and confused.

Natalia: So... what should I make you for lunch? Because we have got to keep your strength up for what's ahead.

Olivia: Which is?

Natalia: Sooner or later, you're going to have to see Phillip.

Lizzie: (Sobbing) What are you doing here?

Bill: Why are happy hours never happy.

Lizzie: Go away. Please go away. Go away!

Bill: Okay. Okay, I'm leaving. I'm leaving. I'm leaving. It's not every day a girl has to turn in her dad.

Lizzie: What else was I supposed to do? My mom says I'm supposed to find a way to... open up my heart and forgive.

Bill: You should forgive your dad. Forgive your dad, and maybe give me another chance.

Lizzie: Oh, come on. No! Bill, no!

Bill: Lizzie, Lizzie, stop fighting me. We belong together.

Buzz: Where's Dr. Bauer?

Orderly: He's making rounds.

Buzz: Well, page him! I need a doctor to look at my son. This is a hospital. This is what people do...

Frank: Dad, Dad, Dad. Excuse us. You need to chill here a little bit.

Buzz: He's awake, but, you know, he's not acting like himself. Maybe it's the meds.

Frank: What did he say?

Buzz: Some bull about time being short. But, I mean, he made it through the surgery, right?

Frank: Right.

Buzz: Right. So he's going to be okay. He's going to make it. I don't know why he is acting like... I can't say it.

Frank: What, like he's trying to say good-bye?

Buzz: Shut up, Frank! He's not going anywhere. No one is saying good-bye to him. Not going into that room and saying good-bye to him. You got it?

Beth: I tried to reach Lizzie. It'll take some time.

Coop: Just don't give up. Lizzie may be angry, but she's got a good heart. Another thing she got from you.

Beth: You know what you need to do? You need to rest.

Coop: How? How can I ever thank you for everything that you've brought into my life, Beth? You were this welcome surprise that I never expected. Promise me, though, that you're never going to forget who you are, Beth, and all that you can do. If I'm not around every day to tell you...

Beth: No. No, Coop. You're young and you're strong, and you're going to beat this thing.

Coop: Beth, Beth, I need you to listen. I need you to hear me. And hear what my dad couldnít. Sometimes, sometimes you can just feel things. You can see them coming.

Beth: I never expected that I would fall in love from the day we first got together. But something inside me told me to go for it. And I'm so glad that I did.

Coop: It's because I'm so irresistible.

Beth: You taught me, you taught me what it feels like to be happy. You loved me. You freed me.

Coop: Beth, I just asked you to follow your heart.

Beth: Don't ask me to do this thing, please. Don't-- I can't, I won't, I won't let you go. Please don't ask me, please...

Coop: You're much stronger than you think.

Beth: You know, I spent... I spent most of my life being a victim. But seeing myself through your eyes was an incredible gift. And I won't let you down.

Coop: Promise me one thing...

Beth: I won't go back to him. Ever. How could I after loving you?

Coop: What was that last thing?

Beth: (Sobbing)

Cooper: What did you say?

Beth: I love you. I love you.

Coop: Just say it one more time.

Beth: I love you. And I'm sorry if I wasn't grateful for every minute that we had together. For the rest of my life, I'll remember every smile and every kiss.

Coop: I wrote something for you. Read it later. Please.

Beth: I feel so helpless. Please give me something to do, please give me something to do.

Coop: Find my dad. Please find my dad. Beth, please hurry. Go.

Beth: I'll go find him. You better go find Buzz. You better hurry. You better go find Buzz. Go! He was saying good-bye.

Lillian: No, no, no, no, Beth. He's critical, but he's stabilized. I just checked his vital signs, heís....

Beth: But have you ever seen patients that they just know, they know it's their time to go.

Lillian: I'm going to go and find Rick, and he's going to check him. But I promise you he's all right. You have to call Peytonís nanny. She called and she won't tell me. You have to call her. Promise?

Beth: I'll call her... (Sobbing)

Olivia: Let's see. M'mm, that smells good. There's a lot of salt in this. What are you trying to do, kill me?

Natalia: No. I need your rent money. Would it help you any if I went with you to see Phillip?

Olivia: Phillip has a tendency to hurt people who cross him. I don't think you know what he's like.

Natalia: Well, I know what the Spauldingís are like, and I know I would do anything to help Emma.

Olivia: Well, if we're going to flag a bull, we need a plan.

Natalia: We tell the truth. That Emma lives here in a wonderful home with two people who love her.

Olivia: Two people who are, what, exactly, to each other? Because Phillip is going to want to know.

Natalia: You worry too much. And my offer still stands. If you want me with you, just ask.

Bill: I know it's got to be kind of scary to have your dad back, but he's always loved you.

Lizzie: It's not just that. Everything is so screwed up. You and me, screwed up! My mom and Coop. My dad, my grandfather hates the Cooperís again.

Bill: You've got to stay away from your grandfather. He is poison, and you are vulnerable right now. Which is another reason why I think you should stay away from someone like Cyrus Foley.

Lizzie: Oh! I can't believe I ever believed you. You aren't trying to comfort me at all.

Bill: I am trying to comfort you.

Lizzie: No, you're not. You're looking for a way to turn me away against Cyrus and my granddad.

Bill: Look, they're only going to hurt you, all right?

Lizzie: No, you hurt me! You hurt me! My granddad and Cyrus will protect me. And not just from my dad, from people like you.

Bill: I love you, Lizzie. I love you, and I have never stopped loving you.

Lizzie: You know where that crazy kind of passion gets you? Go ask Coop.

Bill: What kind of life are you going to have without it?

Lizzie: Just leave me alone, please, or I'm going to call security. Leave! Oh, you might want to take a cab back from your trip to the bar tonight. There have been enough car accidents.

Buzz: I guess it works. It brought me back to you. Go figure.

Coop: Dad...

Buzz: I'm here. I'm not running anywhere this time. There was so much I missed when you were a kid. Little league games. Teaching you to ride a bike.

Coop: You used to tell me bedtime stories. How about it?

Buzz: Almost 20 years ago, the love of my life brought me back a gift, a small miracle, Henry Cooper Bradshaw. And then I lost Jenna, I went a little crazy. And couldn't fully appreciate the miracle that was my son. I can't, I can't ...

Coop: Finish. Finish the story. Please.

Buzz: A few years ago, I almost died. I had a heart attack. But for some reason, despite all of my mistakes, I was given a blessing. You, you back in my life. You rescued me. Youíre big and strong and grown up. And I've never stopped being grateful for the miracle of you.

Coop: Dad...

Buzz: What?

Coop: It's a great story right there. Thank you. Good night, Dad. Thank you. Good night, Dad.

Buzz: No, no, no, no, no! Don't go! Don't go! You're my golden boy. The best of your mother and me. A wonderful boy, wonderful son. My friend. You've taught me so much about love, about life. This world would be a sorry place without you. Don't go. Don't go. Don't go!

Coop: You know, you know what makes me the proudest? I'm just like you. (Loud long beep)

Buzz: No! No! Help! Help! Help Coop!

Nurse: Sir. Okay settle down. Settle down!

Doctor: Check his EKG.

Nurse: Ready for shock.

Doctor: Charging.

Nurse: Clear

Doctor: Ready, clear.

Next, on "Guiding Light"...

Lillian: He's flatlining.

Rick: Your mother-- everybody rushed in.

Lizzie: Did he go into cardiac arrest?

Frank: We don't know, honey, okay? I'm sure Lillian will come out and let us know what's going on.

Buzz: He said good-bye to me. Before the monitors went off, he said good-bye. How can you say good-bye to your son?

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