GL Transcript Thursday 2/12/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 2/12/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Buzz: It's your fault.

Alan: Your son's in the hospital because he was in an accident. That's all. (Yelling)

Phillip: Leave my father alone!

Bill: Hey.

Billy: Hey.

Bill: What's up, any news?

Billy: No. Coop's still in surgery.

Bill: How's the family doing?

Billy: They're torn up. Well, what do you expect, right?

Bill: Sure. One minute everything's great, and the next it's not.

Billy: Yeah, well, a lot of stupid things can happen when you're young and you're crazy, and you think you're in love. You know, when Coop was heading over to the wedding to keep Alan from marrying Beth..

Bill: Beth? Beth who? You mean Beth.

Billy: I think she and Coop had something going on.

Bill: (Laughs) Whoa! I don't think Lizzie knows about this.

Billy: Well, I bet she does now.

Bill: Wow, that's great timing. Lizzie and Alan are as thick as thieves. Her mom is remarrying her grandfather while having a fling with her ex-boyfriend. And let's not forget Cyrus Foley, her new best friend, the guy who kidnapped her.

Billy: Well, it sounds to me like Lizzie could really use your help now.

Lizzie: Ah, hey. Hi.

Daisy: Hi.

Lizzie: This is going to sound really weird, but I-- I kind of lost track of my family.

Daisy: It happens.

Lizzie: No, at a wedding? They just disappeared. Where's Buzz?

Daisy: Ah... he's still at the hospital.

Lizzie: Is he okay?

Daisy: Yeah, he’s... were you at the wedding?

Lizzie: Yeah. Yeah, until Bill showed drunk. We started arguing, so I left. And I'm sure that my mother is furious at me.

Daisy: Well, I don't think there was actually a wedding.

Lizzie: What? Why not?

Daisy: Coop.

Lizzie: He did something stupid? Oh, my gosh, I knew this was going to happen. Is that why Buzz is at the hospital? Did he get into a fight with my grandfather?

Daisy: According to Buzz, Coop was on his way to break up the wedding, but he was driving pretty fast, and I guess he lost control of the car.

Lizzie: What? Wait-- how bad is it?

Daisy: He's in surgery now.

Rick: Hey.

Beth: I keep trying to get this out, but I think I'm just making it worse.

Rick: Okay. Look, Beth, go home and change your clothes, get some rest.

Beth: I'm not leaving.

Rick: He's going to be in surgery for a while.

Beth: Yeah, and I'm going to be here for every minute of it. This wasn't supposed to happen. I mean, I married Alan to protect Coop, not so that he would get hurt.

Rick: Beth, this was an accident.

Beth: Yeah, as far as we know.

Rick: Coop is lucky that Phillip came by. He was able to get him out of that car. Beth, you do realize that there was no way that Coop could possibly survive unless Phillip brought him here.

Beth: Well, why is Phillip here?

Rick: I don't know. I haven't been in contact with him for a very long time.

Beth: Really?

Rick: Yeah, really.

Beth: Why is it that I don't believe a word you're saying?

Phillip: Buzz-- Buzz, you need to calm down, all right?

Buzz: Phillip. Why am I not surprised to see you?

Phillip: What?

Buzz: What are you doing here? Defending your father? You're defending your father after what he's done?

Alan: I've done nothing wrong, Buzz, and you know it.

Phillip: Look! Buzz! Just stop!

Buzz: What are you doing here? What are you doing here? Are you part of this?

Phillip: What?

Buzz: What are you? An alibi? You're the alibi. He goes to the wedding, and you drive my son off the road?

Phillip: Buzz, listen to me. Coop was in an accident. He was in an accident.

Buzz: Somebody brought him to the hospital. He said a man in the red sweatshirt. You saved my son.

Billy: Whoa! Hey, tell me this is all, this is all...

Bill: Just for show.

Billy: (Laughs)

Bill: Yes, I poured it down the drain, I swear.

Billy: Okay.

Bill: I just need it in case Lizzie drops by or Cyrus. They have to keep thinking that I'm a worthless drunk. It's the only way that Cyrus is going to slip up and give me what I need to prove that he is the one who kidnapped Lizzie.

Billy: Okay. I know you don't want to tell Lizzie.

Bill: I can't tell Lizzie. How could I? After everything she's been through. And why would she believe me?

Billy: Because you got your memory back.

Bill: Yeah, I got my memory back when I was in the mountains looking for her crazy father. But what am I going to tell her, oh, Lizzie, look, I didn't find Phillip, but I found my memory. Come on, would you believe me?

Billy: No, I guess I wouldn’t.

Bill: No. I can't ask her to just trust me. I've got to prove it to her. I'm going to prove that Cyrus is the one that kidnapped her, and then I'm going to move in for the kill.

Billy: Okay. So you can't tell Lizzie. What about Frank?

Bill: Frank? Come on. He's just as bad. He thinks that I'm, I'm guilty, and the only reason I'm not in jail because that police warehouse with all of the phony evidence against me burned down.

Billy: I could strangle Cyrus right now.

Bill: Well, not until we have proof. But in the meantime...

Billy: Look, you know, this isn't the only way. I mean... you're going to get a reputation. I still suffer. I mean, a lot of people won't work with me, still, because of how it was when I was drinking.

Bill: I've got a plan, and I've got to stick to it.

Billy: You're telling me you're stubborn.

Bill: Yeah. I guess that makes me your son.

Billy: I guess it does (laughs)

Rick: I... I haven't seen Phillip in a long time. I have no idea why he would come back here.

Beth: Okay. Fine. But you, you've talked to him. Is he normal?

Rick: Yeah. I mean, he certainly seemed like he wasn't the same guy as last that time we saw him.

Beth: What are you saying? What, what does that mean? Is he, is he better?

Rick: I-- Beth, I spoke to him for five minutes. I'm not an expert in mental illness. I mean, you remember what he was the last time we saw him. It's been a long time since I talked to him.

Beth: So... maybe he's healthy?

Rick: Maybe. Maybe. And wouldn't that be a great thing.

Beth: I, I don't know, I don't know, Rick.

Rick: Wouldn't that be good news?

Beth: I mean, how am I supposed to feel? Huh? How are Lizzie and James supposed to feel? The last time they saw their father, he was trying to kidnap them. Don't forget that.

Rick: I know, Beth. I know that. I don't forget that because he kidnapped you, too. Okay? But in the end, when he came to speak to me, I didn't call the police. I helped him. Why would I do that?

Beth: I don't know-- maybe the same reason, the same reason that I was going to go away with him because-- we're fools.

Rick: Maybe because, Beth, he's family. Maybe because he's our friend. And maybe because we still love him. Don't we?

Buzz: You saved my son?

Phillip: Buzz, I did what anybody would have done. I drove by and saw the wreck, I saw somebody inside. I didn't even know who it was until I had him out of the car.

Buzz: Frank said that the car was entirely burned. You could have been killed.

Phillip: I'm fine.

Alan: What happened to your son, Buzz, was his own damn fault.

Buzz: And you had nothing to do with it?

Alan: No, I didn’t. He was trying to steal my wife, and he wanted the entire town to know about it. I was made a laughing stock. As far as I'm concerned, Phillip should have left him in there and driven by.

Buzz: You're not going to get away with this! A car accident? Everybody knows that you're the one...

Phillip: Okay! All right! All right Buzz, you got one in. Now calm down, please!

Alan: The only reason I'm not calling the police is because they're all your family.

Phillip: Dad, go!

Alan: No! This is my property, and he is the intruder!

Phillip: Do you really want this to get worse? Now, I will take care of Buzz. Just go!

Buzz: This is not over.

Alan: Leave us the hell alone, Buzz.

Buzz: What are you really doing here? What are you and your family up to?

Phillip: Buzz, look, I've been gone a long time. And most of that time I was alone, all right? And I know before I left, I went way off track.

Buzz: Off track?!!

Phillip: Okay, hey, look, all I'm saying is I am not the same person that everybody last remembers.

Buzz: Who the hell are you?

Phillip: Never mind, Buzz. Just go back to the hospital. I'm sure your family needs you. But, listen, is Harley okay? Because I, I don't want her to be worried that I'm back, all right? She needs to know that things are changed now, but I miss Zach and I need to see him.

Buzz: Nobody told you? She's half way around the world, and she took the kids with her. Yeah, Zach’s about as far away as you can get. I'm glad he missed this family reunion. Tell your man, your man in there he can't hide forever.

Ashlee: I can't believe this.

Daisy: I know. It's awful.

Ashlee: Thank you for calling me.

Daisy: What? Of course. I know you still care about Coop.

Ashlee: So how is he?

Daisy: He's, he's still in surgery, and I'm waiting to hear.

Ashlee: Okay. Well, why don't we close up the restaurant and go over to the hospital.

Daisy: Actually...

Ashlee: What? What? Daisy, I know that he's seeing someone. I suppose the emergency room isn't the best place to meet the new girlfriend. But, I mean, in times like this, what does it matter?

Daisy: I just think I should tell you who it is.

Ashlee: Yeah, okay. Do I know her?

Daisy: Yeah. It's Beth.

Ashlee: Beth Winkowski?

Daisy: No.

Ashlee: Well, I don't know any other Beth's.

Daisy: Yeah, you do. It's Lizzie’s mom.

Ashlee: What? Lizzie's, Lizzie’s mom is Coop's new girlfriend?

Daisy: I know, it sounds weird. But apparently, Coop is really happy with her.

Ashlee: But, I just-- today, just read in the paper that Beth and Alan were getting married again.

Daisy: I know. Coop was on his way to break up the wedding when he had a car accident.

Ashlee: Oh, my God.

Daisy: I had this, this table for two set up for them. God, now Coop's in surgery. I'm so stupid.

Ashlee: You're not stupid. It's not your fault. You didn't know.

Daisy: I know. But it's just like Bill and Lizzie. It’s... I just thought it was this great love story, and now Lizzie is not talking to Bill.

Ashlee: At least you have Grady. Where is he?

Daisy: There's been a lot going on, so I haven't had a chance to call him.

Ashlee: But you called me.

Daisy: You have a connection to Coop.

Ashlee: You have a connection to Grady.

Daisy: This is just a really hard time for my family, and it's, um, it's a little too familiar with a car crash and Alan Spaulding’s involved. I don't think it's a great time for Grady to be around.

I thought I knew it all

I thought I understood and I believed that I needed no

one else to see me through but when I left you there

I left behind a piece of me I never knew existed

I never knew could be I thought I didn't care

the world is only me but when I lie alone

is when I begin to see please take me back from where

we were I know my words cannot assure

you so here's my heart

it needs your glow

Lizzie: Cyrus, are you home?

A privilege that I know I don't deserve

Lizzie: What the hell are you doing?

Don't deserve, don't deserve please take me back

from where we were I know my words cannot assure

you so here's my heart

it needs your glow forgiveness is a privilege

Daisy: You don't have to do that.

Ashlee: Oh, no. I want to do something. I want to help.

Daisy: No. It's slow now. Go check on Coop.

Ashlee: No, why don't I stay and you should go.

Daisy: I-- yeah I can’t. I promised Buzz, so I have to stay. But, really, you should go check on Coop.

Ashlee: I know I should, I just don't really want to. I feel a little weird.

Daisy: Oh, about Beth?

Ashlee: About everything. I mean. I was the reason why Coop and I broke up.

Daisy: Yeah. I mean, you had your surgery, you had a lot going on.

Ashlee: But I, I always thought that, I always thought that if I had another chance to do it all over again...

Daisy: You will, Ashlee, because Coop is going to be fine. If you want another shot at it, you can make it happen. I don't know that Beth is the one for him, and maybe he never stopped loving you. But what I do know for sure is that Coop is going to get better. Is there any news?

Buzz: No. I came here first to make food for people.

Ashlee: Oh, I can do that. You guys should go. Well, I guess I'll go to the hospital. Um... I'll see you later?

Daisy: Yeah. Absolutely. Grandpa, nobody expects you to feed them.

Buzz: There's Frank-- Frank, Mallet, Marina, Beth... Ashlee

Daisy: No one is going to expect you to bring food.

Buzz: People got to eat.

Daisy: Grandpa, stop.

Buzz: It was my fault.

Daisy: What? No, it was a complete accident.

Buzz: Me. I told him to go. I gave him my keys! God. I told him to follow his passion, to reach out for love.

Daisy: I think that's wonderful.

Buzz: Look where it got my son.

Rick: I cannot believe you would show up here. What is it? Did you come here to watch Coop suffer?

Alan: You're just the person I want to see, Rick.

Rick: It's about Phillip, isn't it?

Alan: Why are you so surprised? You're the one he always turned to, always the one he trusted the most.

Rick: I had no idea he was coming back here.

Alan: You had no idea he was going to crash Beth and my wedding?

Rick: No.

Alan: Have you talked with him?

Rick: Yes, I did speak with him.

Alan: Did you tell him that his best friend had been married to Beth?

Rick: As a matter of fact, I did tell him that.

Alan: What did he say?

Rick: You know something, Alan, despite what you might think, everything that Phillip and I have been through, he's still my best friend.

Alan: Precisely, Rick. And because you are his best friend and a doctor, I need to know if you think he is fully recovered or not?

Phillip: Beth, you don't have to be afraid of me.

Beth: I'm not afraid of you.

Phillip: Well, then... why, when you saw me at the hospital, why did you take off?

Beth: Because I didn't want to see you yet. You know, I always knew. I mean, ever since I found out that you were alive, I knew that... one day, I was going to see you again.

Phillip: Just not on the day that you were getting ready to marry my father.

Beth: You have no right... a lot has changed since you've been gone.

Phillip: I've heard. You and Coop? You and Alan? Peyton? You and Rick.

Beth: Maybe now you'll understand why I wasn't ready to see you yet. Your father, your best friend, your daughter's ex-boyfriend? I bet that all sounds very horrible to you.

Phillip: Well, I won't say that I wasn't surprised.

Beth: You were gone. You were gone.

Phillip: Yes, I was gone.

Beth: And I hated you for it. I did what I had to do. I did what I had to do to protect our children, to protect their future. And, yes, I may have made all of the wrong choices, but at least I was here making them. So don't you judge me now.

Phillip: I'm not. And I wouldn't take all the blame. I'm sure Alan went after you. And that’s... so wrong on so many levels, but it's very Alan.

Beth: I ruined Rick’s marriage to Mel, too.

Phillip: He's always been in love with you. And we both have always known that.

Beth: I hurt him. I didn't mean to, but I did. I've made so many mistakes.

Phillip: Is that what Coop is? Is he a mistake?

Beth: I don't know. He made me feel happy. He made me feel alive again. And now he's lying in a hospital bed. Thank you for saving him.

Phillip: Does Lizzie know about the two of you?

Beth: She's so happy.

Phillip: James?

Beth: He was having problems, so we decided...

Phillip: We?

Beth: Alan and I.

Phillip: I understand.

Beth: He's at Lincoln Prep. He's seems to be happy there. I would like to protect at least one of my children. I mean, Lizzie has suffered so much. I, um -- I tried to do the right thing. I tried to rein Alan in, but I didn't do enough. And because of that, she lost her baby.

Phillip: Lizzie had a baby?

Beth: Sarah.

Phillip: When did she die?

Beth: She didn’t. I mean, we thought that she did... it was a mess.

Phillip: Who's the father?

Beth: Jonathan Randall, Reva’s son. Because of Alan, he took Sarah and he disappeared. I didn't do a very good job while you were gone. Sorry...

Phillip: Hey, Beth, Beth. No. Don't you ever apologize to me. You have nothing to be sorry about, not with me. Not after what I did. Okay?

I thought we could start again

could start again, could start again

could start again

Phillip: Come with me.

Lizzie: Did you take something out of his house?

Bill: No, I didn't take anything from his house.

Lizzie: You didn't?

Bill: No.

Lizzie: What are you doing here? No, wait. No, wait, let me guess. You're planting evidence. I bet that that evidence is something that you want me to find. You're trying to make me doubt him. He happens to be one of the only people I can trust right now, Bill.

Bill: I heard about Coop and your mom. That must be hard for you.

Lizzie: I don't want to talk about that at all.

Bill: I don't want to talk about Cyrus.

Lizzie: You broke into his house. Look at me! Do you really not understand how I could trust Cyrus and not you?

Bill: What are you doing?

Lizzie: I am making sure that you didn't take anything.

Bill: I didn't take anything, Lizzie. That's not Cyrus'. That's mine.

Lizzie: These are pictures of me and my dad. We made two sets of these. I have one and my dad has the other. Where did you get these? Hey, I asked you a question. My father loved these. How did you wind up with them?

Bill: Um...

Lizzie: Did you see my dad?

Bill: Look, I thought it was a good idea. Okay? Alan has had you spinning around, and you, you needed someone to talk some sense into you. So...

Lizzie: How was he?

Bill: I found where he was living. I must have just missed him. And that's where I found the pictures.

Lizzie: I... I just don't understand. You went there to bring him back?

Bill: I was desperate, Lizzie. And I thought it was a good idea, so...

Lizzie: I didn't ask you to do that.

Bill: You didn't have to.

Lizzie: You know, my father tried to kidnap me once. Maybe that's why you relate to him.

Bill: Lizzie, that’s...

Lizzie: I don't need to be saved. And I don't need the man that used to be my father coming back into my life. So go. Go drink, just stay out of my life.

Buzz: Okay. All set.

Daisy: Wait. Wait. Before you go, I just -- I wanted to ask you, um... did you really mean what you were saying before? Do you really doubt that you did the right thing with Coop?

Buzz: He is in surgery right now.

Daisy: I don't mean about the car accident. I mean about encouraging him to go after the woman he loves, to follow his passion?

Buzz: I keep seeing his face. When he tore out of here to go to stop the wedding, and he was so alive, so excited, and I was so proud of him. But now... I don't know.

Alan: Well?

Rick: Well, what? Alan, I don't know what to tell you. I'm not Phillip’s doctor.

Alan: Phillip had a gun. We were in the cemetery talking together, and he pulled out a gun. And I thought, oh, this is why he has come back, because he's going to shoot me.

Rick: It wouldn't be the first time somebody shot you on your wedding day.

Alan: This is not a time for joking.

Rick: Did he shoot you?

Alan: No. He put the gun down, but because he had a gun, that troubles me.

Rick: Well, maybe that's why he brought the gun, Alan, for self-defense. Because last time he was here, you shot him.

Alan: We actually talked about that.

Rick: You did?

Alan: And he told me, and he thanked me for shooting him.

Rick: That's it! That's why he came back, he came back to thank you for shooting him!

Alan: I need to know what he's been doing since he's been gone.

Rick: I don't know. I honestly have no idea.

Alan: You know more than anyone else.

Rick: After Ross died, I only spoke to Phillip a couple of times. He didn't say much. But he did say he did not want to be found. He had some work to do before he thought about coming home.

Alan: Did he finish this work, and that's why he came home?

Rick: Bill Lewis came to me, desperate, looking for Phillip. Lizzie apparently needed to see her father. So I gave him a couple of ideas of how he could possibly track Phillip down.

Alan: Bill Lewis is the reason that Phillip has come home?

Rick: My hope, my hope is that Phillip came back to make up for some of his mistakes, but think about this, Alan. This is important. In one day, one day, he saved Coop's life, and he stopped Beth from going down the aisle with you. Isn't that great? I think it's time for you to leave now. Coop has been through enough for one day.

Beth: What are you, what are you doing?

Phillip: Your dress is covered in blood, Beth.

Beth: I can take care of myself.

Phillip: Honey, honey. I just want to help. You know, I thought about Lizzie and James and all of my kids every day while I was gone. And maybe I should have kept asking Rick to give me updates, but it just got too hard. Think, James is a man now, isn't he?

Beth: He looks like you.

Phillip: You know, you told me about Lizzie, and a baby. I can't even wrap my mind around it.

Beth: She was kidnapped a couple of months ago.

Phillip: What?

Beth: I mean, she wasn't hurt, not physically. Police don't know who did it, but they suspect Bill Lewis.

Phillip: Do you think he did it?

Beth: I don't know. I don't think so.

Phillip: Because I wasn't here to protect her.

We will share another day

Phillip: Step out.

Don't ask me how, I'll make it some way

the road to you was long and it strayed

but I'll make it home to you some day

Beth: Are you here to stay?

Phillip: You should get back to the hospital. I'll be hoping for the best.

I did the deed I paid my price

and I broke your heart not one but twice

and I will hold you in my arms tonight.

Beth: Buzz?

Buzz: No news yet.

Beth: You're alone?

Buzz: No, um, um... Marina, Mallet, and Frank, they're in the cafeteria, you know, having coffee.

Rick: Hey.

Beth: Rick.

Rick: He's out of surgery.

Buzz: And?

Rick: And there has been damage to his liver, and extensive internal bleeding. We've stopped the bleeding as best we could.

Buzz: What does that mean?

Rick: Buzz, he's in critical condition right now.

Buzz: I want to see him.

Rick: You can't do it right now. He's unconscious and he's in post-op.

Beth: When's he going to wake up?

Rick: I'm not sure. I'm sorry, you guys. It's the best I could do. I'll check in as much as I can.

Beth: I guess all we can do is wait.

Buzz: I was supposed to have dinner with your mother tonight.

Beth: No. I, I'll call her. Do you want her to come here?

Buzz: No. I'm not staying.

Beth: Buzz, what do you want me to tell your family?

Bill: Alan, sorry I missed the wedding. Was it eventful?

Alan: You don't know?

Bill: Beth came to her senses, ditched you at the alter?

Alan: Beth and I aren't married yet, but not for the reasons you might think.

Bill: What are you talking about?

Alan: You got what you wanted, Bill.

Bill: And what is it that I wanted?

Alan: Phillip.

I make a faint impression

'cause I am incomplete I try to be there in the open

I try to make you proud

Phillip: Hi, sweetheart.

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Phillip: Hi, sweetheart.

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Lizzie: You're my father and you turned on me. Do you have any idea how that feels?

Olivia: I swear to you, I will kill him for real this time.

Lizzie: I wish you were still dead.

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