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Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 2/10/09


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Frank: How long does it take to break up a wedding?

Buzz: It depends on the wedding, Frank.

Frank: So exactly what are we going to do when they show up?

Buzz: Whatever we need to do, you know. Whatever he needs. I don't know. Alan's a dangerous man-- who happens to be our landlord. What Coop's going to do is going to change everything, for everybody. I don't know how or what's going to happen. So it's whatever you kids need to do to make you happy. I mean, all I can do is give you the keys to my car or a trip to Greece...

Frank: How about a glass of wine?

Buzz: (Laughing) You're so easy, Frank.

Frank: Have you... have you read Coop's book yet?

Buzz: You haven't finished it?

Frank: What? I'm a little busy, Pop.

Buzz: It's pretty good. It's romantic. You know, he's got special talent, he does, your brother.

Frank: Yeah, I know. I know he does. Hey, listen, if you were to write a book, what would you call it?

Buzz: Today? "What the Hell Happened?" No, "Cautiously Optimistic."

Frank: Oh, I like that. That's good.

Daisy: Hey guys, what's up?

Frank: Hey, Daisy.

Buzz: Oh, your Uncle Henry is bringing home a new bride.

Daisy: What? Coop's getting married?

Frank: Um, not exactly.

Daisy: Well, whatever. As long as there's a happy ending. I need to know that those still exist, after everything fell apart with Bill and Lizzie.

Frank: Excuse me, young lady. What exactly are you doing there?

Daisy: I thought we were celebrating?

Buzz: Nice try. Okay, one sip, but don't tell your mother.

Daisy: Thank you. So you guys want to know how things are with me and Grady?

Buzz: No.

Frank: No!

Daisy: Oh, things are great. I'm very happy.

Buzz: We'll take happy wherever we can get it, you know.

Marina: Thank you.

Mallet: All right, well, I should have known the adoption agency would call.

Marina: I know. Just when we try to get away for Valentine's day to forget how stressed out we are.

Mallet: Yeah.

Marina: Why do you think they need to see us?

Mallet: Oh, I don't know. You know, we forgot to sign a form or something. I'm sure it's nothing.

Marina: I don't know. I kind of told off the adoption counselor.

Mallet: No, you didnít. What you did was fine. You stood up for me. You know, if anything, you showed them how committed we are to each other, and how committed we are to starting a family.

Marina: Yeah?

Mallet: Yeah.

Marina: I hope so. Mallet, I want this baby so much.

Mallet: I know.

Counselor: Mr. And Mrs. Camaletti?

Mallet: Hi.

Lillian: Lizzie, you have to come with me and see your mother. I mean it. We have to stop this wedding.

Lizzie: No, no, no, no, no. I already talked to mom and Granddad. They're going through with the wedding.

Lillian: Beth can't want to marry Alan!

Lizzie: I don't know what to tell you. If it bothers you that much, pretend you're watching someone else's wedding.

Lillian: Lizzie, I mean, you and I don't think that Coop and Beth are very good, but this... I mean, this is a travesty. This isn't love.

Lizzie: Thank God. Love isn't a sure thing. Granddad, on the other hand, is right up there with death and taxes.

Lillian: Lizzie...

Lizzie: Look, Mom loved Rick. She loved him. And he lied to her about Peyton. And she loved Edmund, and he locked her up. Yeah. And she loved Dad, and we know where that went. So you know what? Who can blame her for going with what she knows.

Lillian: Even if what she knows isn't what she wants?

Lizzie: Life isn't about getting what you want. It's about doing the best with what you have. Have you seen the programs? They're nice for such short notice.

Waiter: More ginger ale, sir?

Bill: Yes, and please keep them coming in the champagne glass. Thank you.

Lillian: Rick?

Rick: Yeah?

Lillian: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Rick: No, I can't right now, Lillian. I'm walking Beth down the aisle, and itís...

Lillian: I think we've all gone crazy. You're best man?

Rick: Listen, she needs a friend right now. You know what they say: Keep your friends close and your...

Lillian: And your enemies closer.

Rick: So you don't have to ask me why I'm Alanís best man.

Alan: Rick, do you have the ring?

Rick: Yeah, it's right here.

Alan: Good.

Lillian: Alan, I cannot believe what you are doing to my daughter.

Alan: I'm saving her, Lillian.

 (Music playing)

She reminds him of the promises you made on another day unto another lover and although sometimes he makes her want to stay in her eyes I see her reaching for the door now how will they hold on hold on to another night together how will they hold on hold on without breathing breathing.


Daisy: So this is supposed to be Beth?

Frank: Well, I don't think that was the plan, exactly.

Buzz: Actually, none of it was planned.

Daisy: What's the plan now?

Buzz: There is no plan. We'll figure it out. We will.

Daisy: You know, I like Beth. I do. She was always really good to me. But I wouldn't put Beth and Coop together.

Buzz: Well...

Frank: You know, that's funny. I never really put you and Grady together either.

Daisy: Okay, okay, okay. So where is the good stuff-- the plates, silverware?

Buzz: You're looking at it, kid.

Daisy: Okay. No matter what we might think, this is going to be like a fairy tale moment for Beth and Coop-- maybe the fairy tale moment of their life. And they're going to show up here, they're going to walk in here on the three of us sitting around, drinking.

Frank: Well, two, actually

Daisy: Okay, whatever. The point is, picture a knight in shining armor. He's riding up on his white horse to rescue the princess he loves from this evil king...

Buzz: Beth was a princess.

Daisy: I know. I was there.

Frank: And Alan is about as evil as...

Daisy: Yeah, I know. Okay. And he brings her back to his castle. Does this place scream "castle" to you?

Buzz: Well, this place screams "fortress" to me. I mean, we just fired shots at the Spaulding family. So we're making dinner here, and we should be digging a moat.

Daisy: Can it be a fortress tomorrow and a castle today?

Buzz: I don't know. I guess I'm going to have to come up with something more regal than chili, huh?

Frank: No buzz burgers, either, Pop.

Buzz: You two are getting into this, too? You hopeless romantics.

Daisy: Maybe you and I are. I think Uncle Frank is just hopeless.

Buzz: Oh, no. Frank is taking Natalia away for the weekend.

Frank: Is nothing sacred around this place?

Daisy: No way. It's like love is contagious or something.

Frank: Yeah, like the flu.

Daisy: Except without the nausea.

Frank: Yeah, and sometimes with nausea.

Buzz: Oh, come on, you guys! Come on. Let's get the thing going! We've got to make this place look like something-- champagne, candles.

Frank: All right. I'm on it!

Counselor: Congratulations. This is your official notification that you're on our waiting list.

Mallet: We're on the list?

Marina: We're having a baby! I can't wait to tell my family.

Mallet: You know what? Call them. Tell them we're coming right over. Tell them we've got some news.

Marina: Thank you. Thank you so much for believing in us.

Counselor: Congratulations again.

Mallet: Honey, I'll meet you out there. I'm going to get a copy of the letter, an extra copy. Is that okay, to get a copy of the letter?

Counselor: Of course.

Mallet: I don't need a copy of that letter.

Counselor: I don't know what you mean.

Mallet: We're not moving up on that list ever, are we?

Counselor: Our background check revealed some troubling details.

Mallet: Yeah. Okay. If this is about the gap in my employment history...

Counselor: It's about your wife's association with a prominent member of the Santos crime family.

Mallet: Marina? Marina hasn't been in touch with Danny Santos-- Danny Santos?-- In years.

Counselor: Any prior connection to organized crime is enough of a red flag-- especially the Santos crime family, the way they terrorized this town.

Mallet: Terrorized?

Counselor: You're on the list, Mr. Mallet.

Mallet: Of course we are. Of course we're on the list. Because if you would have rejected our application due to some personal problem you have with the Santos family, then we could sue you.

Counselor: You're on the list.

Mallet: This isn't over. It's not over.

Marina: No. I'm sorry. That's better. Now can you hear me?

Mallet: Is that your dad?

Marina: Okay. Where? All right. Apparently there has been some single car collision, a major accident, and they need backup.

Mallet: All right. Let's go do it, then.

Doctor: I need a code blue, stat!

Phillip: We need a doctor! Is Rick Bauer here? This guy needs a doctor! Yeah, Springfield. It's a business, Company. Yeah, Company.

Lillian: You don't have to marry Alan. He's gone over the edge. I don't want you to go there, too, darling.

Beth: Could you just hand me my bouquet, please?

Lillian: You don't love him.

Beth: I am doing this for the man that I love, and his future, and his family's future, even if I can't be a part of it.

Lillian: So once again, you're Alanís victim?

Beth: The music is starting.

Lillian: Beth...

Beth: Mom, I have to do this. Please. (Wedding music playing)

Lizzie: The wedding is starting. Sit!

Bill: Where is Cyrus, your secretary?

Lizzie: You know what? You're drunk. You need to sit down before you fall down. Come on.

Bill: Oh, no, no, no. I'm leaving, because weddings make me sick. It's okay. Nothing to see here.

Beth: I still can't believe you're doing this.

Rick: I'm the last line of your defense. I'm trying to protect you. You don't have to do this, Beth, okay? You don't have to make this thing a charade. You don't love Alan. Just turn around and forget about this whole thing.

Beth: Rick, Rick, donít.

Rick: Think of yourself.

Beth: I'm thinking of Coop.

Rick: Think of yourself. Think of yourself and your children and Phillip.

Beth: Why did you say that?

Rick: Because he is indirectly responsible for you being here. This isn't your family, Beth. This is his family. You can start all over.

Beth: Rick, walk me down the aisle.

Rick: Beth, don't do this.

Beth: Rick, walk me down the aisle, or I'll do it myself.

Rick: Don't do this.

Mallet: Wow. That's a mess. Hey, Jones.

Marina: Hey. Where are the paramedics? Did they take the victims over to Cedars?

Jones: There were no victims.

Mallet: What?

Jones: We can't find the driver. I've got to go call the Chief.

Mallet: That's crazy. That makes no sense whatsoever. How could someone walk away from that?

Marina: Oh, my God!

Mallet: What?

Marina: It's Grandpa's car!

(Cell phone rings)

Frank: Daisy, you did a beautiful job. This is very romantic, very castle-like.

Daisy: Yeah.

Frank: Hey, did anybody get the phone?

Daisy: I missed it. They'll call back. What time is the wedding?

Frank: The wedding should have started already.

Daisy: Not if Coop is stopping it.

Buzz: Did I hear a car pull up?

Frank: I don't think so, Pop.

Buzz: I could have sworn I heard a car pull up. (Cell phone rings)

Buzz: Coop?

Marina: Oh, thank God! He answered the phone. Grandpa answered the phone.

Buzz: Marina, what's wrong?

Marina: Was your car stolen?

Buzz: What's wrong?

Marina: There's been an accident. The car is totaled. The whole thing went up in flames. Grandpa? Hello?

Frank: Marina, what happened?

Marina: Who was in the car? Who was in the car?

Frank: Coop!

Marina: It's Coop! It's Coop!

Mallet: Hello? Hey, Buzz, it's Mallet. Hello?

Buzz: Is he okay? He was headed towards the wedding. Is he okay?

Mallet: There's no sign of him here, Buzz. So what I'm... you know, what we're thinking is that he probably walked away. And you were talking about something about a wedding? Because he is probably headed there on foot, Buzz. So he probably just walked away. Buzz? Buzz, was anybody else in the car?

Buzz: I don't know. I don't know.

Mallet: Pop? Marina? Frank, it's me. It's Mallet.

Frank: Talk to me.

Mallet: A single-car collision, no sign of the driver. The fire department is here now. The whole thing burst into flames before we got here, and they're just putting it out now. And I've got to tell you, Frank, it's a mess. The car is a mess. None of this looks good. It doesn't look good, Frank.

Bill: Hey, Dad, what's up? It's me. "Operation drunk bum" is going as planned. I've got Cyrus believing that I am no threat to him, but Lizzie thinks it, too. Oh, she's coming. I've got to go. Okay, talk to you later. Bye. Oh! Thank you. I was just looking for those.

Lizzie: You are too drunk to drive.

Bill: You can go back to the wedding.

Lizzie: Can you walk? Because I'm not leaving you here.

Bill: You're not going to leave me here? You know, I thought of something. Maybe you'll catch your mom's bouquet. I bet you Cyrus would love that.

Lizzie: Well, I'm not marrying Cyrus or anyone. You got that?

Bill: Yeah.

(Wedding music)

Alan: You couldn't talk her out of it?

Rick: How do you sleep at night, Alan?

Alan: From now on, I'll sleep next to Beth. You look beautiful, Beth.

Priest: Friends, we are gathered here today to join Alan and Beth...

Alan: Excuse me, Reverend. We all know why we're here today. And I have prepared a few choice words for my blushing bride.

Beth: You wrote vows?

Alan: Yes. Beth, words cannot express how much this day means to me. I want you to know that I promise to be there for you in sickness and in health, for rich or for poor, through your disappointments, through your failures, rumors, gossip. You know, our family is much stronger because we have been tested, and facing those challenges with you has shown me truly the kind of woman you are. And even still, I love you, and I forgive you.

Beth: Alan, please stop this.

Alan: In a world where so much hangs in balance, I want you to know this: Beth, I will be your constant for the rest of your life. I will be there for you, always watching you.

Priest: Beth, is there anything you'd like to say to Alan?

Beth: I do.

Priest: We'll get to that. But first, if there is anyone here who objects to this marriage, let him speak now.

Lizzie: You know, I feel sorry for you. And I feel even sorrier for me that I could have ever believed you could have been anything other than... than who you are.

Bill: And who am I?

Lizzie: I don't know. I guess that's been our problem the whole time, huh?

Bill: Who you calling? Cyrus?

Lizzie: No, I'm not calling Cyrus. I'm calling you a cab.

Bill: You won't even give me a ride. Huh.

Lizzie: I've given you enough. Stay away from me. Anything else you have to say to me goes through Cyrus, okay? Hi, I need a cab.

Marina: This doesn't make sense.

Mallet: Just stay here, okay.

Marina: It doesn't make sense, no.

Mallet: You stay here, and I'll check everything out.

Marina: There's no way he could have walked away from that. There's no way he could have walked away.

Mallet: Well, we've got teams searching the area, okay, honey? We're going to find him. We'll find him.

Marina: When was the last time I called him? God, I can't remember what I told him. I can't remember the last thing I said!

Mallet: Stay right here, okay? Just stay right here. I'll check it out.

Mallet: You guys got those teams out searching the area?

Marina: Wait. It's a cell phone!

Mallet: What?

Marina: It might be... if I can get it on, I can see if it's even his.

Mallet: Is it working?

Marina: Yes.

Mallet: It's his? It's working?

Marina: It's his.

Mallet: Bring up the call history.

Marina: Okay, the last call... the last call was... it was to Beth.

Mallet: So what was the last call he received?

Marina: The last call he received... oh, God. It's Alan.

Daisy: You know, I bet that Coop got out of the car and he just walked to the wedding, like Mallet said.

Buzz: I can't sit here and wait.

Frank: Okay, Pop, you know what? Why don't we walk over to Cedars and see if Coop checked himself in, okay?

Buzz: Go over to Cedars and get checked for chest pains by Remy.

Daisy: What?

Frank: Wait. Hold on a second. Why are we hearing about this now?

Buzz: Huh? I just... the tests came out fine. I was fine. I didn't want anybody to worry. Coop probably doesn't want anybody to worry. That's probably it.

Daisy: Can I go, too?

Frank: You know what? Why don't you stay here and handle calls, okay?

Daisy: Okay, I bet this is a mistake, and Beth and Coop are just going to show up. He got there. I can feel it.

Frank: Yeah, maybe.

Buzz: Frank!

Frank: I'm coming, Pop. You're going to be here by yourself okay? All right.

Coop: Beth! Beth! Beth!

And all I need is you

are so relaxed with me

we're here and we are...

Lillian: Dear God. What's happened? Oh, sweetheart.

Rick: What are you doing here?

Lillian: Get your bag!

Rick: It's in the car. I'll be right back.

Phillip: I'm sorry. I went by the house, and they told me that you were here. Hey, hey, hey.

Alan: Call 911. Son, welcome home.

Phillip: Hey. You all right?

Lillian: Oh, my God, you're bleeding, Beth.

Alan: You're bleeding, sweetheart.

Phillip: No. There's been an accident.

Bill: Ow!

Lizzie: Wake up!

Bill: Ow!

Lizzie: The cab is almost here.

Bill: Oh. How was the wedding?

Lizzie: I don't know. I wasn't there.

Bill: You weren't there? Why?

Lizzie: Because I am here.

Bill: Look at you. So pretty.

Lizzie: Okay. All right, no, no. Come on.

Bill: You are. You're so pretty, just like Roxy, soft, warm, and fluffy.

Lizzie: Oh, great. Okay. You know what? I certainly hope that you're taking better care of her than you are of yourself. Come on.

Marina: Where is everyone?

Daisy: Is there any news on Coop?

Mallet: No. We were hoping he came back here.

Daisy: Frank and Buzz went to the hospital, and I'm just holding down the fort.

Marina: What?

Daisy: Nothing. Just Buzz called this place a fortress before, like he knew there was going to be trouble. Coop was going to break up the wedding. He was going to bring Beth back here.

Marina: I'm going to go across the street.

Mallet: Okay. We'll go. You going to be okay here alone?

Daisy: Yeah, yeah. I want to wait here in case Coop calls or shows up or something.

Mallet: Okay.

Marina: We'll call you as soon as we know something, all right?

Mallet: Marina, he was on his way to stop the wedding.

Buzz: What the hell is going on here?

Frank: I'm going to check to see if Coop was brought in.

Buzz: Brought?

Frank: Hey, Dad, I found a nurse who... oh, my God!

Phillip: I got to the house, and they told me that this was happening. So on my way out here, I heard a crash. When I got to this car, it was completely in flames, and there was nobody there but me. So I managed to pull the driver out...

Alan: You could have been killed, son.

Phillip: It was Coop Bradshaw. So I brought...

Beth: What did you just say? How is he? What happened?

Phillip: Well, I don't know. I took him to Cedars. I get... why...

Alan: Beth! Beth!

Lillian: Honey!

Phillip: Hey, Rick, what's going on?

Rick: How many people know you're back?

Phillip: A few people at the house, and everybody here. Why?

Alan: Beth! Beth, I will drive you.

Beth: What did you do! What did you do!

Alan: I didn't do anything to him!

Beth: Stay away from me!

Lillian: I'm going to call Buzz. I'll be right there. Wait, Rick. Phillip, do you want to go get checked at the hospital?

Phillip: No, I'm fine. You go.

Lillian: I'm so glad you're back.

Phillip: It's all right, go. Beth needs you. Go.

Lillian: What are you going to do?

Phillip: I'm going to stay and talk to Alan.

Lillian: Alone?

Phillip: It'll be fine. Go. Let's take a walk.

Bill: What's up with the candle? Did something happen?

Daisy: There was an accident. The car was totaled, but Coop wasn't there, so my family went to the hospital. They don't know what happened or where he is, or...

Bill: Okay. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Listen, listen, donít... don't let your mind go there, okay? I'm sure he's fine. He's probably going to walk in here any minute looking for a cup of coffee, wondering what all the fuss is about.

Daisy: Yeah, coffee. Is that why you're here? You want some?

Bill: Hey, don't worry about it, okay? Let me get it. Okay?

Daisy: Thank you.

Bill: I'm just going to hang out here and stay with you.

Daisy: Thanks.

Bill: It's gonna be okay.

Buzz: Coop? Coop, I'm here. It's going to be okay. Where is everyone? Who's taking care of him? Somebody get... get the hell in there! Come on, that's my son!

Doctor: Mr. Cooper, I'm sorry. The nurse didn't know who he was or how he got here...

Buzz: Who cares who he is? He's somebody's son! He's my son! This is a person with a name, with a family, and you left him here?!

Doctor: Nurse...

Frank: Dad!

Nurse: We need you to step out.

Buzz: I'm not going any place! You left him here?!

Frank: Dad, let them work on him.

Buzz: It's going to be okay, Coop. You take care of him! They left him there.

Marina: What happened? Oh, my God, what happened?

Buzz: They just left him there.

Mallet: Frank? What do you know, Frank?

Frank: I don't know anything. I don't even know how he got here. What do you know?

Mallet: Well, as far as I can tell, the car wasn't tampered with. But we did find Coop's cell phone. The last call he received was from Alan at about the same time that his car crashed.

Buzz: I've got to find out what's going on.

Marina: They're going to tell us as soon as they now.

Lillian: Buzz!

Rick: Where is he?

Buzz: He's in there! Go! Go! Help!

Phillip: Home sweet home. You've really done a lovely job keeping it up. Do you ever bring flowers? Oh, no, you probably get somebody to do that.

Alan: I still can't believe that you're actually here. You look great, son.

Phillip: You mean, for a dead man?

Alan: I never thought this day would come.

Phillip: You marrying Beth? Well, you know, Alan, I've got to tell you, that's about the last thing that I would have ever expected, too.

Alan: Well, a lot of things have changed since you left.

Phillip: You're right. It doesn't hurt anymore.

Alan: What?

Phillip: Where you shot me.

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Phillip: I couldn't stop...

Alan: Couldn't stop what?

Phillip: Thinking about my life here.

Alan: If you stayed, if you were still here...

Phillip: If you hadn't shot me! I'll never know why you did it.

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