GL Transcript Monday 2/9/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 2/9/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Coop: Alan, are you here? Alan, you can't do this! Let me out!

Alan: You will look me in the eyes and you will say, "I do."

Bill: Where's Lizzie?

Cyrus: She's busy.

Bill: Where is she?

Cyrus: Who?

Bill: Never mind, I'll find her myself.

Cyrus: Well, if you're looking for Lizzie, you came to the right place.

Bill: Well?

Cyrus: I'll pencil you in for next week.

Bill: (Laughs) That's funny!

Cyrus: Or you could leave a message and I'll make sure she gets it.

Bill: Do you get her coffee and check her mail, too?

Cyrus: I even sit on her lap when she asks me nicely. See, I donít mind if Lizzieís the boss. My manhood isn't threatened.

Bill: Keep you manhood in your pants and everything will be okay. I need to see Lizzie.

Cyrus: Well, e-mailís a good idea. Here, I'll give you my email address. Just had these made.

Bill: Yeah, well, uh... this communication is private.

Cyrus: All the more reason, man.

Lizzie: Is this some kind of joke? Hello? What's going on?

Beth: I think you should be happy. I finally came to my senses.

Lizzie: What? About Coop? What about all that stuff you said? How he made your life so much better? How you felt like you could be free to be yourself, or whatever you said?

Beth: I was selfish. Self indulgent. Thank God I realized in time. I mean, Alan means more to me than any meaningless fling. More than some silly courses at law school. This is what I want; this is where I belong.

Lizzie: Granddad found out about you and Coop, huh?

Alan: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Just the man I want to see, Rick.

Rick: Uh... oh, joy. What joy. Listen, just take a couple aspirin and call me in the morning. Better yet, forget the aspirin and have the headache.

Alan: It's not a medical issue. As a matter of fact, it's a cause for celebration!

Rick: A celebration for you? Whereís... where's the camera around here to catch me laughing in your pathetic face?

Alan: Beth and I are getting married today, and I want you to be my best man!

Coop: Alan? (Bangs on door) Alan, let me out of here! You can't keep me in here, Alan! You can't keep me away from her!

Buzz: Oh, Coop, I'm sorry. I...

Jenna: Buzz?

Buzz: ...Had no choice.

It's all right.

Buzz: You're dead.

Jenna: It's all right.

Buzz: I'm dreaming.

Jenna: It's all right.

Buzz: I was dreaming.

Jenna: It's okay. Oh! Oh, Buzz, my darling! Oh, darling, I'm here to tell you you're being a horse's ass.

Coop: Ah! (Gun shot) Oh, come on! Come on! Damn it! Piece of junk! Why do you work when I don't need you to and I have to go to work, and not when I need you to? You think you're so smart, don't you, Alan? You think this is going to stop me? Huh? This wedding is not going to happen!

Buzz: This isn't a dream, this is a nightmare.

Jenna: Get up! You're not going back to sleep. Not now. Buzz.

Buzz: Look... yes?

Jenna: I'm here!

Buzz: Coop was hell bent-- if this is about Coop, he's hell bent on going and stopping the wedding.

Jenna: He loves her.

Buzz: He thinks he loves her.

Jenna: It's not about thinking.

Buzz: Somebody has to do the thinking for him.

Jenna: Oh, right, you.

Buzz: Yes, me, yes.

Jenna: Mm-hmm.

Buzz: Look, he was this big when you left. Look how he's turned out.

Jenna: I know. Our shining star.

Buzz: Our shining... yeah. He has an incredible future. You should hear what they're saying about his books.

Jenna: I do hear. (Laughs) Where do you think that book came from? His heart.

Buzz: Well, he also has a head on his shoulders-- at least, until Beth came along.

Jenna: Oh, what about "Roll the dice, go with your hunch-- bet on the ace of hearts"? What about all that?

Buzz: Oh, you! You throw my words in my face? That's not fair!

Jenna: (Laughing)

Buzz: That's not fair!

Jenna: That's what ex-wives are supposed to do-- especially dead ones.

Buzz: If it were me-- if it were my choice...

Jenna: Mm-hmm?

Buzz: ...You know I'd roll the dice. I'd go for broke. But I'm... it's my son. It's our son. I can't let him make that mistake.

Jenna: Was I a mistake?

Buzz: That's not fair.

Jenna: Were we a mistake? Have you ever, ever regretted anything for love?

Buzz: Love with you? Never. Never. Oh, Jen.

Rick: This is... this is so sick, even for you.

Alan: I assure you this invitation is real. As real as my love for Beth-- and vice versa.

Rick: I thought all these delusions stopped after your brain surgery.

Alan: Every couple has their ups and downs, Rick. I mean, and... but Beth came back to me devoted more than ever.

Rick: Oh, and what inspired that devotion? Did you take Peyton and just dangle her out the window?

Alan: I realize this is sudden, but Beth is impulsive. You know that. One moment she wants chili dogs, the next she remembers how much she likes caviar.

Rick: This has got you written all over it, Alan.

Alan: As if I could force Beth it do anything!

Rick: What's the matter, Alan? Were you the last person to actually find out? Don't you hear everybody in this town laughing behind your back?

Alan: Let them laugh, but I will laugh last.

Rick: Really? Well, Coop and Beth make a very nice couple. I had my doubts at first, but I'd much rather have her with him than you.

Alan: I take that as a "no" to being my best man.

Rick: Oh, no, no, Alan. As a matter of fact, I'm going to be there, because Beth needs her best friend. Someone who can actually talk her into leaving you at the altar. I'm going. I'll see you there.

Cyrus: Well, see, now you've lost my private number. And with your faulty memory, it's not really a good idea, is it?

Bill: You know, I hope you don't plan on taking advantage of Lizzie. Especially now that she's vulnerable.

Cyrus: (Scoffs) Vulnerable? That's not the Lizzie I know.

Bill: (Laughs) Oh, Cyrus, you don't know her.

Cyrus: Well, I know what she needs right now. Me. What with you hanging on to the company and everything else. Show a little pride, mate.

Bill: What's that?

Cyrus: Oh, it's a dog tag. Family heirloom. Anything else? No? I'll let Lizzie know that you were here-- but don't expect her to get back to you. She's really busy with family. (Jingling sound)

Bill: Son of a bitch.

Bill: So I thought it was hell not remembering if I was the kidnapper or not, but it's even worse getting my memory back, because I couldn't prove that I was innocent. Until now.

Billy: Now, let me get this straight. You heard a sound, which means Cyrus Foley is guilty?

Bill: Yeah, yeah. But just not any sound, Dad. It was jingle-jangling metal. It was the sound of dog tags.

Billy: Hmm. And Cyrus wears dog tags?

Bill: And so did the kidnapper-- because I can remember. I... I remember when I... out the money down at the ransom drop-- I heard it. I heard this very distinct sound, and then I heard it again with Cyrus.

Billy: It's a little thin.

Bill: No, think about it. Think about it. Cyrus already made his move on the Spaulding fortune when he married Alexandra, right? This fits his M.O.-- The kidnapping!

Billy: Okay, okay, I know he's a thief, but... but still, this is...

Bill: But look where it got him-- bright future, great job.

Billy: Yeah, okay, now that you put it that way, itís...

Bill: Motive means opportunity.

Billy: Can you prove it?

Bill: (Sighs) Look, if I go to Lizzie and I tell her that I got my memory back, she's going to think that I made it all up. It's what you're thinking, too.

Billy: No, it... the thought had crossed my mind, but now that I'm looking so I can see you're telling the truth, she'll see it, too.

Bill: I think she would have. I think she would have before doubt crept in-- before Alan Spaulding pulled her back into his web... or Cyrus...

Billy: Hey, look, you can go to the cops.

Bill: I can't go to the cops. If I go to them, they're going to laugh me out of town.

Billy: So what are you going to do? Just drink yourself into a stupor and let Cyrus win?

Bill: Say that again.

Billy: I said Cyrus wins, you lose?

Bill: You are a genius!

Billy: I am? What did I say?

Bill: You want to crash a wedding? (Laughs)

Lizzie: Are you sure this is what you want?

Alan: What is the first thing I taught you about the stock market?

Lizzie: The stock market?

Alan: Yes.

Lizzie: Uh... that it's all about confidence.

Alan: Could you elaborate a little more?

Lizzie: Right now?

Alan: Yes.

Lizzie: Um... once the world has lost confidence in a company, it doesn't matter how sound the fundamentals, the stock will fall.

Alan: Loss of confidence. The same is true with families.

Lizzie: I know you've been hurt, Granddad, okay? But mom is hurting. She's really hurting right now. There's got to be another way.

Alan: Your mother should have thought about that before she, uh... got involved with this tawdry affair and involved the entire town in it. I mean, she's even forced you to keep silent about it!

Lizzie: No, no, no, no. Nobody forced me into anything. I was trying to protect you from getting hurt. I guess I was hoping it would all just go away.

Alan: It has... just like Bill Lewis.

Lizzie: Right. We don't need anyone. Just our family.

Alan: Hmm. How true.

Lizzie: Why have a wedding? Really? Why not just let Mom have her life and you have your own?

Alan: Because, Elizabeth, we have to show this town that the Spauldingís are stronger and more unified than we've ever been before-- and that no one will ever laugh at me again.

Coop: Dad... what... how did you know where to find me?

Buzz: Listen, listen, Coop...

Coop: Look, no, it doesn't matter. Dad, that wedding is not going to happen, and I can't have you stop me. Please.

Buzz: No, I already... I already tried that once.

Coop: (Laughs) That was you? Dad, you... I thought that was Alan!

Buzz: I just... I was trying to protect you. I thought if I kept you in the basement overnight, that you'd calm down and, you know, once the wedding was over...

Coop: I get it. I get it.

Buzz: You understand?

Coop: Absolutely, I understand.

Buzz: Well, do you forgive me?

Coop: (Laughs) Forgive you. Forgive you? Dad, how can you even ask me that question?

Buzz: Okay.

Billy: Hey, whoa, whoa!

Buzz: Okay.

Billy: Hey, whoa, whoa! Wait, wait.

Bill: Oh, Dad...

Billy: Look, getting yourself blasted and crashing the wedding, you're just going to make a fool out of yourself.

Bill: See, that's the whole idea.

Billy: Oh... what?

Bill: I can't go to Lizzie and tell her that I got my memory back, Cyrus is the kidnapper. She's not going to believe me; the cops will not believe me either. All I've got is the sound of some jingle-jangling dog tags.

Billy: Trying to drink away your problems isn't going to work, either, okay?

Bill: Oh. What I need here is a plan.

Billy: Huh?

Bill: A way to fly under the radar. I want Cyrus to underestimate me, okay? And when he's not looking, I'm going to get the evidence to prove that he is the kidnapper.

Billy: And you're going to do all this by making a public spectacle out of yourself?

Bill: (Laughing) Yes!

Billy: Huh?

Bill: That's what I'm going to do! See, don't you think... Cyrus, he thinks he's gotten away with it.

Billy: Uh-huh?

Bill: I'll let him think that. I'll let him think that I am some drunk loser, just like...

Billy: Just like me?

Bill: Dad, I... your history does make it a little more convincing. I'm sorry, but I...

Billy: Hey, hey, hey. Don't apologize. Actually, there was a very famous ne'er do well son in literature who said, "I'll so offend to make offenses skill, redeeming time when men think least I will." Let me help you. Here we go. Now, little ne'er do well...

Bill: (Laughs) Does this mean we are partners?

Billy: It's about time, isn't it? Ooh, you smell like a cheap date!

Bill: (Laughs)

Billy: All right, go ahead.

Bill: All right.

Billy: Take on the world.

Bill: Let's go.

Billy: Come on.

Cyrus: These just came for your mum from the florist.

Lizzie: Okay, just... whatever. Leave them there.

Cyrus: Someone was looking for you at the office.

Lizzie: Anyone I know?

Cyrus: Bill. He said it was important, but if you ask me, I think he was just looking for an excuse to see you.

Lizzie: Hmm. What did you tell him.

Cyrus: I told him that you were busy... and I told him that, uh... from now on, if he has something to say to you, it should go through me. Or maybe I overstepped.

Lizzie: No. No, no, no, that's good. That's good. I... was trying to think of a new job for you, since you don't have to watch over Coop anymore, so.

Cyrus: Well, a happy ending, huh?

Lizzie: (Scoffs) yeah. I don't think those exist.

Cyrus: So... it's settled then. My new job is watching your back.

Lizzie: Is that okay?

Cyrus: I can't think of anything I'd rather watch. You looked like you needed that. Or does that get me fired?

Lizzie: Not yet.

Cyrus: Enjoy the wedding. (Humming "the wedding march)

Lizzie: Okay, okay, that's enough, thank you.

Cyrus: (Laughs)

Alan: Open it.

Beth: Alan, there's really no need to get me anything today.

Alan: All right, I will.

Beth: I canít. Really, really, I canít.

Alan: Of course, you can. It's a family heirloom, and belonged to my great aunt Louisa Spaulding. She wore it on here wedding night, huh?

Beth: Itís... it's very beautiful, Alan, but I... I really... I really don't want to wear any jewelry today.

Alan: There. Now you look like a Spaulding, Beth.

Beth: Alan, after today, I don't want you giving me things. No more jewelry.

Alan: That's ridiculous! I love buying you beautiful things, and you know that!

Beth: Well, we don't want people thinking that you bought me, now, do we?

Alan: Since when have we cared what people think, huh, Beth? Before I forget it, Beth, I have a little something here I want you to sign.

Beth: What is this?

Alan: Something my lawyers drew up. You understand lawyers.

Beth: Yes. I wanted to be one.

Alan: All you have to do is just sign beside your name.

Beth: This is a prenup. We never had one of these before.

Alan: We never needed one before.

Beth: It stipulates that if I break the terms of the marriage by an act of infidelity, filing for divorce or desertion, I forfeit custody of Peyton. You would do that to me?

Alan: It's just a little precaution, Beth, that's all.

Beth: Alan, please. Let's be honest for once! We have a history-- I have a history! When I feel unloved or caged or ignored, I reach out for someone.

Alan: That was then. This is now.

Beth: Don't you see? By doing this-- by forcing this marriage-- you're causing...

Alan: It is because of your history that I am doing this. Look at it this way: I am saving you from yourself. Now sign it or this will be a very sad day for the Cooper family-- especially young Coop.


Coop: Ah!

Buzz: Whoa. Is that it? (Laughs) I deserved that.

Coop: Damn right, you did. Now, please, would you get out of my way? I've got a wedding to stop. I'm late for it already.

Buzz: Your mother made me realize how wrong I was.

Coop: What?

Buzz: Well, itís... call it a vision, call it a dream, call it coming to my senses, but, you know, I talk about love and honor-- you live it.

Coop: Dad, if this is your lame attempt to get me to stop going to this wedding and to keep me here-- stop it. Stop it.

Buzz: I'm not...

Coop: Don't do this to me!

Buzz: I'm through with talking. Go, go get her. Go get Beth, bring her back to Company. You're going to let her marry that skunk? Go!

Coop: Dad, if you realize... if I bring her back to Company, you realize I'm going to involve you in this, and Alan, you know what he's going to do!

Buzz: I am involved!

Coop: I'm... would you just listen to me for a second? Think about this, okay? Alan owns half the restaurant. If I do this, he could close it down.

Buzz: Let him! I'm sick of flipping burgers. I'm sick of it. He can do it... try it for a change. I mean, come on, it's just a place.

Coop: Come on, Dad, it's your place!

Buzz: And you're my son! And you're my son. You know, hey, I hear the fishing's great out in California. You and Beth can ask me to come to the place, I can, you know... teach Peyton, maybe, to fish, and, you know, go out. Not a bad deal.

Coop: (Laughs) Argh! Okay, I'm sorry I hit you.

Buzz: I'm not. I deserved it.

Coop: Sorry.

Buzz: Now, go, go. Come on, go. Before she says, "I do."

Coop: All right.

Buzz: Go!

Coop: All right. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Buzz: What?

Coop: Come here, come here. Look.

Buzz: Hey! Hey, hey!

Coop: I'm never going to forget this, okay?

Buzz: Hey, every minute counts.

Coop: All right, will you just shut up and listen to me for a second?

Buzz: Okay.

Coop: I know how hard this was for you, but it just proves to me how much you love me, because when it counts and when it's time, you make those tough decisions. You make the difficult ones that no one else can make. Thank you.

Buzz: I do love you.

Coop: Dad, I love you, too.

Buzz: Now, go! Come on!

Coop: All right. Wish me luck.

Cyrus: Let me handle this.

Lizzie: No, it's okay.

Cyrus: It's my job.

Lizzie: Bill?

Bill: Oh, hey!

Lizzie: Hi! What are you doing?

Bill: I didn't know you were there. I was looking for flowers... thought maybe they need some flowers.

Lizzie: Uh, they already have flowers.

Bill: Do they? Good. Because these are all dead ones.

Lizzie: Okay, come on, let's get you out of here.

Bill: Sure, of course, you are the boss. Cyrus says so. Hmm?

Lizzie: Have you been drinking?

Bill: Little bit.

Lizzie: Nice.

Bill: Little. Not...

Cyrus: Say, "bye-bye," Bill.

Bill: ...A lot.

Cyrus: Invitation only.

Bill: Invitation? I have an invitation. I have an invitation. I will be sitting on the bride's side. I guess that puts you and I on the opposite... sides of the isle.

Lizzie: Is that supposed to be funny?

Bill: (Laughing) No!

Lizzie: You're a jerk. And I will be sitting on my mother's side, thank you very much.

Cyrus: Lizzie, don't worry about him. I'll get him out of here.

Bill: (Laughs) Oh, Lizzie! All about true love! Your dog misses you by the way-- Roxy. The one you gave away; kicked to the curb.

Cyrus: Okay, that's enough.

Lizzie: No, it's okay. You know what, actually? Why don't you give me a minute with him? I can handle it.

Bill: Bye, Cyrus. Take care.

Cyrus: Bye, Bill.

Bill: Enjoy the show.

Lizzie: You know, they're serving coffee in there. You might want to fill up before you make a complete fool of yourself.

Bill: I've been called worse.

Lizzie: And I miss Roxy, by the way.

Bill: She misses you, too.

Lizzie: But it's what's best-- for me, for her, for everyone. So...

Bill: Of course. Like Alanís the best thing for Beth, right? I think I could forget the coffee. I'm going to need a drink to get through this. Do you want to... want to join me?

Lizzie: No, I'll pass, thank you.

Bill: Pass? Okay. Could have been our wedding, you know?

Lizzie: Oh, what a crock! You can't have a wedding without trust, Bill.

Coop: Thank God, it's not too late.

Beth: You shouldn't be here!

Coop: Did you think I was going to let you go through this without me?

Beth: Please, go.

Coop: Not without you, Beth.

Beth: No. But if Alan walks in...

Coop: To hell with Alan. We belong together.

Beth: No. No, it was... it was just a fantasy. That's all that it was. It was just a fantasy.

Coop: This is the fantasy. You and Alan, trying to make a marriage?

Beth: I have to, for your sake!

Coop: Alan doesn't scare me.

Beth: And for Peytonís.

Coop: Then we'll take her with us. We'll leave today. California, here we come.

Beth: Coop, please. Please.

Coop: Do you remember when we ran into each other in the hallway, and you dropped your books? I bought you a cappuccino?

Beth: Please, please, donít.

Coop: I thought it was just an accident; a chance encounter. But it wasnít. It was meant to be-- we were meant to be. Beth, you just have to believe. Believe, Beth. Believe.

Alan: Beth? You have never been more beautiful. I made you happy once, and I can do it again.

Beth: Do you really want to make me happy, Alan? Please. Please.

Alan: After the reception, you and I will go to the airport. I have reserved a suite overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice. You always loved Venice.

Buzz: Thank for the lift. I've got to get ready for the dinner crowd.

Frank: No, no, hey, hey. What I want you to do is just sit.

Buzz: Frank, I've got things to do. I've got... I've got customers coming, and I have to take care of them, Frank.

Frank: Yeah, well, you know what? In the state that you're in right now, you'll probably cut off your fingers, so...

Buzz: No, I've got... look, I've got to keep working. I've got to keep working until Alan closes us down, you know? I have to keep working.

Frank: Dad... this is your life's work. This is our home.

Buzz: What are you asking me, Frank?

Frank: I don't know what I'm asking. I... I... is this all worth it?

Buzz: I can't tell him not to give up on love! I can't tell him to give up on love; I can't tell him to give up on life! I can't tell him to give up.

Frank: You're right, Pop. You're absolutely right. You know what? I'm going to drive over to the church, I'm going to be his backup...

Buzz: No, no, no, no.

Frank: Dad, he's my brother.

Buzz: It's his thing. It's his life. We just stand by him, whatever happens.

(Cell phone rings)

Coop: Beth!

Alan: Guess again.

Coop: Alan, I'm on my way.

Alan: Well, it's too late, Henry. She's mine now, and she always will be mine.

Coop: You're delusional.

Alan: Even as we speak, I'm watching her get out of her wedding gown. She's never been so beautiful.

Coop: Liar. You are a damn liar.

Alan: You will never see her or touch her again.

Beth: How could you?

Alan: Easily. As easy as it was for you and him.

Coop: No, no, no, no, no, no, no! (Crashing)

Bill: Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Lizzie: No!

Bill: One day, you are going to open your eyes and see how much I love you.

Lizzie: Okay, stop, stop, stop.

Bill: What?

Lizzie: Have some dignity.

Bill: Dignity? Dignity. I lost that a long time ago.

Lizzie: Don't put that on me.

Bill: I'm not putting that on you. I'm putting it on me. It's my fault, and I know it, okay? But to see you with Cyrus, it kills me, okay? Especially knowing... knowing what we had.

Lizzie: Well, at least I can trust him.

Bill: Can you?

Lizzie: What? What?

Bill: No. Good. Good for you. Good for you and Cyrus. That's great. I'm happy for... that. That's great. Uh, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go kiss the bride.

Lizzie: Nice.

Waiter: Champagne?

Bill: Uh... actually, could you make it ginger ale, put it in one of these glasses and just keep them coming, would you?

Waiter: Yes, sir.

Bill: Appreciate it. Thank you.

Beth: No, I won't do it. I'm not going to go through with this.

Alan: You will if you care for Peyton, Henry and his family.

Beth: It's because I care! You deliberately provoked him. You taunted him, and you won't stop, will you? Even if I marry you, that's not going to be enough for you and your Spaulding pride.

Alan: You're a Spaulding, too.

Beth: No. No, my name is Raines.

Alan: You've had lots of names, Beth-- lots of husbands. But you are a Spaulding, and you will always be a Spaulding.

Beth: I hate that name, and when I see how cruel you can be, I know that I don't want any part of that name!

Alan: You want to talk about cruel? How do you think it made me feel when I walked into the restaurant and everyone was laughing at me? Or when I go into a book store, and the bestseller uses me as it's punch line?

Beth: He didn't write that book to make fun of you. He wrote it for me!

Alan: Then let that be his reward. But if you walk away from me now and humiliate me again, you will know what cruel truly is.

Beth: Alan, please. Please. Please. Please.

Alan: Pull yourself together, Beth. This is a celebration-- a wedding. We're celebrating family, friends and our future together.

Beth: (Sobbing)

Frank: To the book.

Buzz: To the author of the book.

Frank: To love.

Buzz: To love, Frank.


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