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Guiding Light Transcript Monday 2/2/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Shayne: I'm going to go talk to Edmund.

Dinah: I think that's a big mistake. I can help.

Shayne: You need to stay out of it. Let's talk, and then I'll drive you to the airport.

Dinah: They're not here.

Reva: But you're not going after Shayne.

Dinah: You're kidnapping me?

Reva: Shayne is a grown man.

Dinah: And Edmund is Edmund.

Edmund: There is something you need to see. These could very well be the last words you'll ever hear from her.

Marina: You're still here?

Mallet: Oh, hey! Yeah. You know, it's like the only time I can see my wife.

Marina: Funny how we're always on the same schedule.

Mallet: Hmm.

Marina: How do you think that happens? Doing some adoption homework?

Mallet: Ah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, itís... it's like every time I think I'm done filling out forms, you know.

Marina: Yeah, I know. There are a lot of forms. There's the joint forms and the separate forms. I don't know, though, it's been kind of fun. I mean, having to think about all the places that I've been and all of the things that I've done. It's stuff I never would have thought about ever again if they hadn't asked. It's been kind of cool, you know?

Mallet: I will see you at home later.

Marina: Okay. Oh, uh... check the answering machine when you get home. The... the adoption agency called. They said something about missing some forms from your first application.

Mallet: Oh, yeah, they called here, too. And I... took care of it.

Marina: Okay. All right. It feels like we're getting closer.

Mallet: Yeah. Yeah. I've got to get to work.

Remy: Are you following me?

Christina: I just got into Johns Hopkins Medical School.

Remy: Congratulations.

Christina: Thank you. And you know the craziest part? I didn't even apply. How lucky is that? They must have just picked my name out of a hat or something. Hey, didn't you just get accepted there, and weren't you still deciding whether or not to go?

Remy: Are you done yet?

Christina: No, I am not done.

Jeffrey: Are you sure? Hey, Josh. Well, okay, if you hear anything, let me know. Thanks. Nothing?

Josh: No. I drove all... all over town looking for her. I was hoping maybe she'd come back here.

Jeffrey: Oh, I mean, I don't understand, Josh. I've tried calling her everywhere. I can't find her. We had a deal. She's not supposed to leave without telling me.

Josh: Reva actually agreed to that?

Jeffrey: Yeah, until the baby is born.

Josh: What did Frank say?

Jeffrey: I haven't called the police yet.

Josh: Okay, so Reva goes missing the same week that Edmund comes back, her car is here, but she's not.

Jeffrey: Yeah. I'm worried, Josh, but I don't think it's Edmund. It doesn't make sense. I was standing upstairs, and Reva was down here with...

Josh: With who?

Jeffrey: With Dinah.

Dinah: Well, the car won't start.

Reva: Oh, yeah, I know. But I told you don't worry about that because the car service will be picking us up in an hour.

Dinah: Just enough time for Shayne to talk to Edmund.

Reva: Yeah, without any interruptions from you!

Dinah: I have to stop Shayne, all right? So I'm going to try my cell phone again.

Reva: Yeah, well, you won't get a signal.

Dinah: Well, there has to be a way to reach the outside world. You are too selfish to put yourself as risk.

Reva: There's a jack over there, I believe. And I think there's another one in the kitchen, so... no, ah! Donít... don't even think about it!

Dinah: It must scare you to death that Shayne needs me.

Reva: Dinah, you and Shayne bumped into each other in Germany. That's it. But yet you insist on hanging on to this delusion that he needs you.

Dinah: No. See, that is your delusion, or else you wouldn't be holding me hostage. You are desperate.

Reva: No, I'm not desperate. I'm proactive. Shayne needs to talk to someone about Lara. If he wants to talk to Edmund about it, then that's the way it's going to be.

Dinah: What he wants to do is put... himself into danger. I don't care. You obviously don't know Shayne. You don't know Edmund.

Reva: No, I do know them. I do. And this is the right way. Look, Dinah... Dinah, I don't like that Edmundís here. I donít. But once he and Shayne share the feelings that they have about Laraís loss together, then he'll go back. Edmund will go back to wherever he came from, and we'll be rid of him.

Dinah: Reva, oh, my God. How many of your sons does this guy have to threaten before you wise up?

Shayne: Excuse me. It is time for you to leave.

Edmund: I don't mind if you read my daughter's letters. Her letter-writing was a lost art.

Shayne: Yeah, well, Lara wasn't a big e-mailer.

Edmund: She wasn't?

Shayne: No, she wasnít. It was too impersonal for her.

Edmund: The last letter arrived just a few days before I came here. The last words I'd ever have. I couldn't bear to open it.

Shayne: You never read it?

Edmund: I did, finally. I thought it would bring me some comfort, but it only cut deeper. You can't know what it's like to lose a child. Just as I can never know your loss.

Shayne: Wait. Just... wait a minute. Thank you.

Edmund: There are more.

Shayne: No. I, uh, can't handle more right now.

Edmund: I didn't know it was you for the longest time. Lara kept talking about this boy Shayne. Going on, glowing; I drank up every word.

Shayne: Girlfriends have to talk up their boyfriends.

Edmund: No. The way she spoke about you transcended that. And then, one day, she was telling me about how you were teaching all of the kids in the village how to play baseball.

Shayne: Yeah.

Edmund: She said how you almost went to the majors when you were younger, but there was an accident. I just had a few questions to find out if her Shayne was you.

Shayne: You must have been thrilled.

Edmund: Surprised. But anyone who could make my daughter smile like that... anyway, I never told her that I knew you.

Shayne: And she never mentioned you.

Edmund: Well, she was proud of you.

Shayne: Did you tell her your story?

Edmund: Yes. I just never told her it was with your family. I have read these so many times, but still, there is always something I missed from the time before. Some insight into who she was. I know a lot about her, but I just felt there was more.

Shayne: That's Lara.

Edmund: What do you mean?

Shayne: Nothing.

Edmund: No, please, tell me.

Shayne: I don't know. When we were together we were always together, and I got to know her very well. And the more I learned, I just knew that...

Edmund: What?

Shayne: She was new to me every time. I was always finding something else to love about her. We could have been together 50 years, and I wouldn't have run out of things to love about her.

Edmund: Why don't you keep it?

Shayne: No. No. She wrote it to you.

Edmund: Look, I have more, and I could see by watching you read it, that it had meaning for you. So why don't you just keep it?

Dinah: How do I get out of here?

Reva: What makes you think that Edmund is such a threat to Shayne?

Dinah: Edmund is a threat to everyone!

Reva: You know, you never told me how you did that.

Dinah: No, I didn't!

Reva: So you can't take care of yourself, but yet you want to save my son?

Dinah: I'm walking it.

Reva: What?

Dinah: I don't care how cold it is. I am walking down the mountain.

Reva: You just can't let things be, can you?

Dinah: Oh, and you flow with the universe? I don't think so!

Reva: There is no room in Shayneís life for you. It wasn't fate that you found him; it was our bad luck.

Dinah: Oh, "our bad luck?" Who, you and Shayne? It's like you have to keep reminding me that you're family!

Reva: We are family! And you have your own family! So go be with them, if they'll have you.

Dinah: Oh! I have been cutting you some slack because you're pregnant and you're hormonal. But you know what? Enough is enough. So you were not there when were Shayne grew up. Get over it! Your guilt is keeping you from seeing that anyone else could be good for him.

Reva: You have no idea what you're talking about. What's wrong? Dinah? Dinah? Oh, no. Donít. Don't do this. Don't pull this stuff, Dinah! Dinah? Dinah?

Christina: So the offer to Johns Hopkins wasn't a favor to your father?

Remy: No. No, it wasn't a hand-me-down. I got it on my own. I only told him I knew someone who could fill my spot, Christina. They had to decide you were qualified.

Christina: Are you even going to go to medical school?

Remy: I guess.

Christina: You say that like you're going to catch a movie. "Yeah, I guess"?

Remy: That's exactly why I don't belong at Johns Hopkins. You need to have a real passion for medicine to make it at a school like that. I mean, you and my sister, that's your kind of place. It would be wasted on me. I just have to find a better fit.

Christina: You mean a lesser school. You know, Remy, you aced the MCATs the first time around. I'm getting tired of this low self-esteem business.

Remy: You know, I've been hearing this my whole life. People like you and my family with this crazy ambition, thinking if you don't have it, you're lazy and you don't believe in yourself. You know what? Take the offer. Do us both a favor.

Mallet: There must be something... something I can use to fill in all of that blank space!

(Phone rings)

Mrs. Stambler: Hi, this is Mrs. Stambler again from the adoption agency. I'm still waiting to complete Mr. Camaletti's employment history. Please call me back at 555-2000. Without the information, we can't proceed.

Frank: So, what non-work is my beautiful daughter working on?

Marina: The application for the adoption agency.

Frank: Ah. You know, you guys had quite a year, I've got to say. Buying a house, getting married, now adopting a baby.

Marina: I know. And every time it just seemed like the obvious choice. You know, like, why haven't we thought of it sooner? I just wish that we could cut through this red tape and get our baby sooner.

Frank: You know, adoptions, you know, they can take a while. So I don't want you getting frustrated or, you know, discouraged if it does, okay?

Marina: Yeah, well, don't worry. I have confidence you're going to be Grandpa Frank sooner than later.

Frank: I can't wait. (Laughter) Hey, listen, there was a mix-up in scheduling, and Timmons said if you wanted to switch with him, you could take the rest of the day off, so...

Marina: Oh, great! Thank you. Yes, I will go home and surprise my husband.

Frank: Wow! My little girl has a husband.

Marina: And soon, a baby.

Frank: See you, babe.

Reva: Dinah! Dinah! Dinah! Damn it!

Remy: Why are you following me?

Christina: You really think that giving up your spot to me is a good idea?

Remy: Well, my definition of right and wrong is looser than yours, or else we wouldn't been married.

Christina: Well, maybe we shouldn't be. I mean, you're staying married to me so I can get some school grant. You gave up your spot at a great medical school so that I can go. Why would you do that for me?

Remy: Because... because you deserve it.

Christina: Well, maybe I don't want to get ahead that way.

Remy: You know what? You don't have to take the offer, but I'm not taking it. So it will go to waste. And I know you've worked too hard to let that happen, right? Exactly. Hey! Hi! It's baby Remy, oh my gosh!

Kelly: Hi, Remy!

Remy: Hi! Oh!

Kelly: How are you?

Remy: How wonderful. Hey, little guy. He's gonna be a basketball star.

Kelly: Oh, he's already out of that bulls shirt you gave him.

Remy: Oh, wow. Man. Christina, this is Kelly and Remy. I delivered him here. That's why he got stuck with my name.

Kelly: Oh, we would have been stuck without you.

Christina: He's pretty good at getting people out of a jam, huh?

Kelly: Well, I'm actually just picking up an order.

Remy: Okay.

Kelly: But I'll see you next week?

Remy: Yeah. Yeah. Wednesday I have an early shift.

Kelly: Okay.

Remy: Bye.

Christina: Nice to meet you. You go to their house?

Remy: She's a married woman, Christina.

Christina: I didn't mean it like that. I'm not being a jealous wife or anything.

Remy: Uh-huh. Yeah. I like to check in with them, you know, every once in a while. Once a month or so, I like to check in with the people I treat and see how they're doing, if I have an early shift or some down time.

Christina: You make house-calls? That's, like, old-school medicine. Doctors don't have time to do that anymore, huh?

Remy: Well, EMTs do. Are you hungry? You want something to eat? I'm starving.

Christina: No. Thanks.

Marina: Mallet?

Mrs. Stambler: Hi. This is Mrs. Stambler again, from the adoption agency. We're still waiting to complete Mr. Camaletti's employment history...

(Phone rings)

Marina: Hello? Hi. Yes. I was just listening to your message. Actually, I think that there's been some mistake. I spoke to my husband earlier, and he said that you had reached him at work, and he had taken care of everything. Oh, really? Well, I'll speak to him again and see what's holding him up. I know that we're both really anxious to get this started.

(Alarm beeping)

Reva: Come on, Dinah. Come on. Dinah, Dinah, Dinah! Dinah, Dinah! What have I done? Come on! Dinah! Dinah!

Josh: So let me understand this, Edmund wasn't enough to get you here, but Dinah is?

Jeffrey: Yes. The way they've been going at each other, no one's seen either of them, Reva in her condition...

Josh: I bet she hates it when you call it that.

Jeffrey: I don't care if she gets mad, Josh, as long as I know she's safe.

Frank: Yeah, I know the owner. I'd like to call up and see if I can reach him before I send something up there, so, um... okay, thanks. I'm sorry, guys. Just one second here. Someone tripped the alarm at Rickís cabin, and the security company is having trouble getting through to them. So, you know, it's not like anybody is up there this time of year. Yeah, this is Detective Cooper. I'm trying to get in touch with Dr. Rick Bauer.

Edmund: Her mother, Rachel... you knew her?

Shayne: Rachel? I know of her. I never talked to her.

Edmund: We met as teenagers. She worked at the palace. And one day she was gone. I never heard from her again. I was heartbroken. Anyway, Lara and I had a tests done to confirm it. The happiest surprise in my life, finding out someone like her could come from someone like me.

Shayne: If it makes you feel any better, Lara never got hung up on anyone's past, what they'd done. She was more interested in what they could do. Their potential.

Edmund: I sensed that about her, but still...

Shayne: And she had this way about her of making you feel like the most important person in the world.

Edmund: You were that person for her, Shayne.

Shayne: That's why I wanted to give her a life where she wouldn't have to worry about anything.

Edmund: I know this isn't why you came here, to talk this way, but I want you to know it's meant a lot to me.

Remy: Can I have my plate, please? What are you doing?

Christina: Is this glass half empty, or half full?

Remy: Um, it's half full. If you're hungry, why don't you order something?

Christina: See, I would have said half empty.

Remy: Okay. So you're a pessimist. Can I have my food now?

Christina: No, I'm not a pessimist. I just like a full glass. Now, I'm just thirsty for more.

Remy: So get more.

Christina: Okay. You're thirsty, too, but you use a different glass. See?

Remy: Okay...

Christina: You're cup runneth over!

Remy: What are you doing? Is there a point to this messy demonstration?

Christina: Yes. You shouldn't be a doctor. You love being an E.M.T. You love taking the time to get to know the people you treat, and to care for them. So all of this taking the MCATs and applying to medical school, you felt pressured to do that.

Remy: Pressure to be better.

Christina: No. Pressure to be different. You know, my dream is to be a doctor, but you already have your dream. I live here, and you already live here. And some people take their whole lives to understand what you already figured out.

Remy: And what is that?

Christina: How to want what you already have. So whatever you choose, I hope you choose what you love, even if it's not what's expected.

Remy: I can't believe my girlfriend knows me better than I know myself.

Christina: I can't believe you just called me your girlfriend.

Remy: (Laughs) My wife. Sorry.

Christina: No, I like "girlfriend" more.

Frank: Hey, pretty girl.

Marina: That was fast.

Frank: Are you kidding me? My daughter needs me, I'm there. What's going on?

Marina: I don't know. I don't know. I don't know where Mallet is. I don't know why he left his adoption file out like this. I don't know why he's not returning any of the agency's calls.

Frank: He's not returning their calls?

Marina: No. No! And all they need from him is just part of his employment history. I don't get it. It's like... it's like he doesn't care or he doesn't want this. And I know that he does, but I don't know. I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

Frank: Well, I do.

Marina: That's why I called you. What?

Frank: You need to talk to him.

Marina: I need to talk to him?

Frank: You need to talk to him.

Marina: Okay. No, that's good. That's good. I just, um, you know, I thought you would help me fill in the blanks a little better, but...

Frank: When it comes to your marriage, you guys are going to have to fill in your own blanks. You get on that, Detective, all right?

Jeffrey: Hello?

Josh: Reva?

Jeffrey: Reva?

Reva: In here! How did you know to come here? The paramedics should have been on their way by now.

Jeffrey: What happened?

Josh: Dinah?

Reva: She got dizzy, and then she put her hand to her forehead and she collapsed. And... hi. It's okay. It's okay. Breathe. Just relax, honey. You passed out.

Jeffery: Let me see, Reva.

Reva: Okay. Is she going to be okay? No, no. Just relax.

Jeffrey: Stay down. Stay down.

Reva: Relax, relax, relax. Where's Edmund?

Josh: What does Edmund have to do with it?

Reva: Shayne is with Edmund!

Josh: What?

Reva: Do you know where he's staying? Jeffrey, can you get her to the hospital, please?

Jeffrey: I'm not letting you out of my sight.

Reva: No. Please, please, please just do that for me. Do you have any idea where Edmund is staying?

Edmund: I envy you. I have memories of Lara, but you actually made them with her. I'll never have that chance.

Shayne: I would go easy if I were you. You know more about her than you think. You taught me something new today. I never knew about Kenny asking her out.

Edmund: Can't think how many things we'd discover if we just kept on talking. Look, you have more to offer me than I have to offer you. You know things. Just... can you tell me what happened at the end? Do you know anything about that day? It's killing me not knowing how my daughter died. Look, I wasn't there for Lara when she came into the world. Would you please just tell me how she left it? (Knock on the door)

Reva: Where's Shayne? Shayne?

Edmund: What's going on?

Shayne: Mom?

Reva: Dinah's been hurt.

Shayne: What do you mean? Is she okay?

Reva: Yeah... yeah, she's fine. She passed out, but she was awake and talking when I left her.

Shayne: Left her?

Reva: Well, she... they were taking her to Cedars.

Josh: Jeffrey went with her.

Shayne: Why are you here?

Reva: Because we thought that, um... that you would want to be with her.

Edmund: Shayne?

Shayne: Good talk.

Edmund: Maybe we can do it again sometime.

Reva: We'll meet you there. Edmund?

Edmund: Go be with your son.

Dinah: What happened?

Jeffrey: You're in the hospital, Dinah. You're okay.

Dinah: What happened?

Jeffrey: Well, you passed out. The doctor thinks you may have lost some blood from your head wound, that's why.

Dinah: Where's Reva?

Jeffrey: Well, she went to find Shayne. I guess he was with Edmund, so she got concerned. Dinah, what were you two doing up there?

Dinah: Nothing. Nothing. We were just talking.

Remy: No more teachers, no more books. Christina gives me dirty looks. Oh, no! Oh! So I bet you were one of those kids that just loved school.

Christina: Yeah, of course I was. I still am.

Remy: Oh, wow. She's smart and she gets me. Not even my family gets me.

Christina: Yeah, well...

Remy: Maybe you can tell my dad that I'm not going to Johns Hopkins, or anywhere else for that matter, huh?

Christina: Absolutely not! That is all you. (Cell phone rings) Hello? Yeah, I'll hold. It's the Johns Hopkins admission office.

Remy: You take the call; you take the offer.

Christina: You can't wait to get rid of me, can you?

Remy: Busted!

Christina: Yeah. Yeah... uh, yeah, this is she.

Remy: Take your coat.

I don't need bells and whistles I don't need a way to...

Marina: Oh, my God! What happened to you?

Mallet: Well, I had to get this out of the lake.

Marina: How did it get in the lake?

Mallet: I threw it in the lake. I threw it in, and then I realized... that it wasn't really going to fix anything.

Marina: Fix what, babe?

Mallet: We have to talk.

Marina: Yeah. Yeah, I think we do.

Mallet: Thank you.

Marina: Mallet...

Mallet: No, let me go first. I know that you think I'm this normal guy, this average Joe.

Marina: I donít.

Mallet: What?

Marina: No. No. We knew each other way too well when we first got together. We knew all the good and we knew all the bad, and we decided to marry each other anyway. That's how I know it's right. So what's this?

Mallet: It's a gun.

Marina: Is it yours?

Mallet: Yeah.

Marina: I'm not going to keep guessing, okay? So if it's important, you need to tell me.

Mallet: Well, you said you knew all the good and you knew all the bad. There's some bad that you don't know. I did some things a long time ago. I did some bad things, things I wish I hadn't done. But there's things that I can't take back.

Marina: You're scaring me.

Mallet: I'm scared, too. I'm scared that it will cost us our chance to adopt a baby.

Jeffrey: Hey.

Reva: Hi.

Jeffrey: Hi. Are you okay?

Reva: Yeah. Yeah.

Josh: Is Shayne here?

Jeffrey: Yeah. He's in talking with Dinah.

Reva: How is she? Is... is she talking?

Jeffrey: Well, she's still a little out of it, but, yeah. Why did you go all the way up there to talk?

Reva: Talk?

Jeffrey: Yeah, talk. Dinah, with her head injury, and you and your... well, you know, your condition.

Reva: I hate that word.

Josh: Hmm.

Reva: So what are you saying? Thatís... that's what she said? "Talk"? "Talking"?

Jeffrey: Yeah. Why the cabin?

Reva: Well, because we wanted some privacy, you know? We had no idea that the phones were going to go out or that Dinahís car was going to break down. And then when she passed out, I had no way to get a hold of anyone, so I thought about triggering the alarm. What? It got you there.

Jeffrey: Nothing is ever easy with you, or Dinah, is it? So wait a minute, so you went to Edmundís to send Shayne here?

Josh: I thought we went to Edmundís to deal with Edmund?

Jeffrey: You said you didn't want Shayne anywhere near Dinah.

Reva: Well... well, maybe I was wrong about Dinah.

Jeffrey: Wrong?

Josh: Did you just say you were wrong about something?

Reva: You know what? Leave me alone, both of you. I need to sit.

Shayne: (Whistles)

Dinah: Hmm.

Shayne: You fainted. Passed right out.

Dinah: Yeah, well, I bumped my head trying to stop a guy from jumping off a building.

Shayne: I hope he was worth it. I'm glad my mom was there to help you.

Dinah: Well, I just have a bad habit of getting into harm's way.

Shayne: Yeah. You should stop doing that.

Dinah: Oh, I will if you will. So what happened with Edmund?

Shayne: I don't know. We talked and, uh... it was okay. I don't know. It wasn't what I expected.

Dinah: He's going to throw some fake grief at you. He's going to guilt you into telling him how Lara died.

Shayne: It didn't seem fake.

Dinah: You didn't tell him, did you?

Shayne: No. No.

Dinah: Look, I know... I know you don't care about yourself, but I... don't want to get in between you and your death wish again, okay?

Shayne: No. It wasn't that. I think that he really, really loved Lara.

Dinah: Make sure.

Shayne: A second ago you didn't want me talking to him.

Dinah: I still donít.

Shayne: Hmm.

Dinah: I still don't, but you got to do what you want to do. I know that. Even if it is dangerous.

Shayne: Oh, stop worrying about me.

Dinah: Listen.

Shayne: What?

Dinah: If Edmundís lying and you tell him all of this stuff about Lara, you know you're never going to forgive yourself.

Shayne: I don't forgive myself already. Still hurting? What's going on here?

Dinah: Yeah. Listen... don't give away your memories of Lara to someone who doesn't deserve it. You owe her that much.

Edmund: Yes, Edmund Winslow. I need to cancel my return flight, but keep the reservation open. I'll be in Springfield for the foreseeable future. Thank you. Lara, I want to believe he loved you, but I have to know for sure.

The way I was raised the way that we met it all makes more sense the further I get I get...

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