GL Transcript Tuesday 1/27/09

Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 1/27/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Marina: They think we're weird.

Olivia: Yep.

Marina: But we're not.

Olivia: No.

Lizzie: Why fight your true nature? Why not embrace it.

Alan: You ready to go to the meeting?

Natalia: You know, "My Two Mommies", it doesn't mean that Olivia and I are a couple.

Mr. Vassalo: Will it be difficult to bring about this new landscape?

Alan: Well, there will be changes, and some of these places will have to come down. This little burger joint here on Seventh Street.

Lizzie: Company?

Christina: You're getting better at this.

Olivia: Does that mean I can stop soon?

Christina: No. It means that I'm good at my job.

Olivia: Congratulations! Can you not rip my arm off this time?

Christina: I'll try.

Olivia: Thank you.

Christina: So how are you?

Olivia: With my health?

Christina: Everything. I like to know about my patients' lives. If I know about their emotional state, then I can help assess their effort and their recovery.

Olivia: (Laughs) My emotional state is fine.

Christina: Good. And how about work?

Olivia: Ah, slow, but I'm surviving.

Christina: And how is Emma? Is she doing well at school?

Olivia: Yeah... Emma’s great.

Christina: But?

Olivia: But what?

Natalia: Is there a problem with Emma?

Olivia: No. No, no, no. She just had this-- it's silly, this project that she had to do, this assignment.

Christina: What was it called? What was it about?

Olivia: Well, she had to write about our family. And she did a really great job. Her teacher thought she did a great job. She just happened to call it "My Two Mommies."

Christina: About you and Natalia?

Olivia: Yeah. Yeah. And of course everyone thought that, you know, we were together, that we are a couple. It sounds silly, doesn't it?

Christina: Let's go over to the treadmill.

Olivia: Wait, wait, wait. Wait a minute. You thought that, too, didn't you?

Frank: Good for you, too. All over there. Perfect.

Coop: Hey.

Beth: Hi.

Frank: How are you? Good to see you Beth.

Beth: Hey, Frank.

Frank: How's it going?

Beth: Good. Good.

Coop: So I see you're doing the old French fries on the burger trick?

Beth: Yeah.

Coop: I'm actually a big fan of that. Personally, I like onion rings a little better, but this one over here, she thinks it's disgusting.

Beth: I didn't say that. I never said that.

Coop: Uh-huh. Well, you can look at her as you may, but, let me tell you, she can pack the food away when she wants to.

Beth: And you know something? I'm really hungry right now.

Coop: Oh, really? Okay, I'll let you guys go, and I'll talk to you later.

Beth: Uh-huh.

Coop: Okay.

Natalia: (Laughs) Is that what I think it is?

Frank: That's exactly what you think it is. But, anyway, hey, over here. Over here. Let's talk about something more positive, less complicated, and a hell of a lot more fun.

Natalia: Okay. Like what?

Frank: How about us sitting right here together and planning our next date?

Beth: Why do you like doing that so much?

Coop: Doing what?

Beth: Rubbing us in people's faces. You know what they're thinking.

Coop: Maybe it is because I like showing you off.

Beth: Or maybe you're completely insane.

Coop: Oh, really? I don't see you running away now.

Alan: You know, sometimes when I'm up here looking at the little people on the street, I like to pretend that I can just squash them with my two fingers, like this.

Cyrus: That's a nice hobby for you, Alan.

Alan: Mr. Foley, would you give me a minute alone with my granddaughter, please?

Cyrus: I work for her, not you.

Lizzie: No, it's okay. I'll come get you when I'm ready to leave. Granddad...

Alan: I know what you're going to say. There is no way in the world we can get rid of Company. It's not right, blah, blah, blah.

Lizzie: No. The problem is that I did not know that this was going to be part of the deal.

Alan: Look, I had my reservations about it, too. I saved Company and Buzz because of your mother. I am wooing her, and I don't want to upset her in any way right now.

Lizzie: I wish she cared as much about your feelings as you do about hers.

Alan: What do you mean by that?

Lizzie: Nothing. Nothing. Never mind.

Alan: Um-hmm. Look, I don't have to remind you that sacrifice is going to have to happen in the name of progress. Just like you gave away Roxy, you walked away from Bill Lewis. You made a decision, and you never looked back.

Bill: Oh, shoot. Oh, man! What?

Natalia: Okay, so I have to head over to work and check in.

Frank: Here, let me get that for you.

Natalia: (Laughs)

Frank: Oh, I'm sorry. Is that a little two old-fashioned?

Natalia: No. It's good. It's very sweet. I haven't dated that many people, but I don't think there were any chair-pullers in there.

Frank: Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Here you go.

Natalia: I didn't think there were any left.

Frank: Well, so, I guess I'm the last of a dying breed then?

Natalia: I'm lucky I found you.

Frank: Well, I get a lot of advice from my family members, so...

Natalia: Advice like... advice about me?

Frank: Well, advice on how to act around you. You know, be more aggressive. Be less aggressive.

Natalia: I just want you to focus on being you. Follow your instincts.

Frank: Yeah, well, last time I did that, I kissed you, and, well, you kind of looked a little freaked out, and...

Natalia: Did it seem that way? I'm really sorry.

Frank: No, no. It's all right. Don't be. I'm a big boy. I can handle it.

Natalia: I think, I think I was just really surprised, you know? But it's no big thing. You know, a kiss is just a kiss. It doesn't have to be, like, a big deal.

Frank: Well, I think that maybe, a kiss should mean something.

Natalia: You just work on our next date. Hey. How are you?

Matt: Hanging in. You?

Natalia: The same.

Matt: How's your boy?

Natalia: Well, he's doing the best he can. How's your beautiful little girl?

Matt: Testing me.

Natalia: They do that.

Matt: Yeah.

Natalia: Yeah.

Matt: How is your new place?

Natalia: It's great. I love it. You know, it's my first real house that I have owned, really, so... it's a lot of work, but I love it.

Matt: Well, you know, I'm kind of handy, so if you ever need help, let me know, okay?                                           

Natalia: (Laughs) Well, thank you. Take care.

Matt: Yeah, you, too. That is one nice girl.

Frank: Yeah. Yeah. Hey, Matt, don't even think about it.

Christina: Just ten more of these.

Olivia: And then you'll talk to me again?

Christina: Maybe it's not the best idea for me to get too involved in my patients' personal lives.

Olivia: What is the big deal? Just tell me what you thought of me and Natalia.

Christina: Okay. The first time that I came here and I saw you and Natalia living together, and I saw the way you acted, I just assumed.

Olivia: What? How did we act?

Christina: I don't know, like a couple.

Olivia: How? How?

Christina: The way you argue and you know so much about each other, and mostly the way that you care about Emma. Look, I shouldn't have said any of this, okay? Remy tells me I talk way too much.

Olivia: No, no, no. This has just all been a silly misunderstanding.

Christina: Of course.

Olivia: Natalia and I are barely-- we're just new friends. You know, we didn't even like each other for the longest time. It's a long story.

Christina: Which is none of my business.

Olivia: No. Natalia is a really good friend of mine. Natalia is really good for Emma, and Emma really cares about her. And, you know, yeah, Natalia’s had a tough life, and her son is in prison, right? Yeah, and I'd like to see her happy. She's dating Frank Cooper.

Christina: No kidding?

Olivia: Yeah. So I'm actually giving him advice because, you know, Frank could use a little advice. But I think they're cute together. And I want that relationship to work. I think they make a really great couple.

Christina: That's nice.

Olivia: Yep. So what am I doing?

Christina: Down. Nine more to go. Come on. All right!

Cyrus: All right, I'll take two. One without much salt.

Man: Two pretzels?

Cyrus: Yeah. They're not both for me. One is for this girl. Apparently, she likes pretzels.

Man: You like her, huh?

Cyrus: Well, it doesn't really matter if I like her or not. She's rich and she's powerful, and those are my two favorite qualities in a woman.

Lizzie: Some people would say that this reminds them of things that Dad was saying before... well, you know, before everything went wrong.

Alan: Some people?

Lizzie: Don't get me wrong. If anyone gets in our way, I think that they deserve what they get. I just don't want us to get ourselves into any unnecessary trouble.

Alan: We're not going to. Besides, your father had some brilliant ideas. He just didn't always channel them correctly.

Lizzie: Well, that's a very nice way of putting it.

Alan: Look, Elizabeth, this is business. That's all it is.

Lizzie: I just-- I'm going to need some time to think about this before I can make any kind of decision.

Alan: Of course you are. But we do need to move quickly on this.

Lizzie: I'm sorry, I'm not going to let you pressure me. I'm still the one in charge, okay?

Alan: Of course you are. I want you to know how proud I am of you.

Beth: Who is it?

Coop: It's my publisher. Probably nudging me to write another novel so she can sell it. Hello? Yes, hello. How are you? I'm sorry I haven't spoken with you recently and -- right. What? What book? No, I never sent it. Wait, how did you get that? Blake? No, I was never planning on sending that book out. What? Um, thank you. No, thank you. I appreciate that. Yes. Good-bye.

Beth: So what was that all about?

Coop: I wrote something, a novel, but I wasn't planning on sending it out. It was private.

Beth: Oh, my God, and Blake just sent it in without telling you?

Coop: I have no idea how she got her hands on it.

Beth: Coop, Coop, this novel, it wasn't about us, right?

Coop: It's about a young writer who falls for an older woman.

Lizzie: You got me a pretzel?

Cyrus: Well, you said you love them, didn't you? Not too much salt.

Lizzie: Thank you.

Cyrus: I thought you might need it.

Lizzie: I do.

Cyrus: Want to go somewhere and sit?

Lizzie: No. No, I'm ready to go home.

Cyrus: What about Alan?

Lizzie: I need to go think, away from him.

Cyrus: So you haven't made up your mind?

Lizzie: No. I think I'll go to Company and have a burger.

Cyrus: And if the burger is undercooked, the place gets flattened? Is that how it works?

Lizzie: I'm sorry, why did I bring you with me? You're a criminal and not a businessman.

Cyrus: Is there a difference?

Lizzie: Yes. Yes, there is a big difference. Business people have to make ethical decisions. They can't just run people over without even thinking about it.

Cyrus: Tell that to Alan and his squashing fingers.

Lizzie: I'm sorry, why should I defend Company?

Cyrus: I'm not saying you should.

Lizzie: They're not as perfect as everyone thinks they are. They would hurt my family at any chance they had.

Cyrus: I'm sure that's true.

Lizzie: It's just that Company means something to people. And the world right now needs places like that, so I...

Cyrus: I can't argue with that.

Lizzie: But there are tons of places just like Company. It's just a restaurant-- the food's not even that good.

Cyrus: I've had some decent meals there.

Lizzie: Okay, now you're just confusing me. This argument's over. Can I please go?

Cyrus: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. It's going to be okay. Whatever you decide, it's all going to be okay. You can handle this. I know that about you.

Olivia: Hi.

Natalia: Hi. I thought you had physical therapy appointment today?

Olivia: I did. Christina just left.

Natalia: How did it go?

Olivia: Fine.

Natalia: Anything to report?

Olivia: Nope. Same old, same old exercises. How was it with Frank?

Natalia: Oh, it was great. He's a really, really sweet man.

Olivia: I'm glad to hear that.

Natalia: He seems to actually really care about what makes me happy. And there are times he knows things and I didn't even tell him.

Olivia: You are so different, you and I.

Natalia: Is that news to you?

Olivia: Well, no. It's just never in my life did I have a relationship that moved as slowly as yours and Frank's. I mean, it's glacial.

Natalia: I'm being careful. I don't want either one of us to get hurt.

Olivia: Oh, careful. It's such a romantic word.

Natalia: Okay, well, it's better than reckless.

Olivia: Okay, maybe, but, you know, careful is safe. You can't live your whole life being safe.

Natalia: So I should just go out there and try to get hurt?

Olivia: No, no. But you can't spend your whole time worrying about what could go wrong.

Natalia: I don't

Olivia: Yes you do

Natalia: I don't

Olivia: Yes you do.

Natalia: Okay, then why did I just kiss Frank today just out of nowhere, out of the blue?

Olivia: Wow, a kiss. Big deal. You kissed me, too.

Natalia: No. You kissed me. And that didn't count.

Olivia: No, of course it didn't count. It wasn't like it was real or anything like that.

Natalia: Then why are you bringing it up?

Olivia: I'm just saying, that if you make up your mind and you know you want something, you should go after it. Nobody got anything being afraid.

Beth: Do you have any idea what will happen if this book is published?

Coop: Beth, I never meant for this to get published.

Beth: Look, I'm not upset that you wrote it. I read some of it. It's beautiful.

Coop: Thank you. But-- Beth, I had to write it, okay? Thanks. It was everything I was thinking, and everything I was feeling, it just flowed out of me.

Beth: How did Blake get her hands on this?

Coop: I don't know. I only printed out one copy of it, and I threw it away when you went running back to Alan.

Beth: So what, did she take it out of the trash?

Coop: That's the only thing I can guess.

Beth: You have to call Blake. You have to call the publisher and get them to pull this immediately.

Coop: Wait, wait. Okay, let's just think about this.

Beth: There is nothing to think about. This would be total disaster.

Coop: Wait. We agreed that we weren't going to hide anymore, Beth.

Beth: This is different. When a book comes out, your life becomes public domain. My kids and I will be ripped apart. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but you have to call her, and we have to go back to your room, and you have to delete the whole thing.

Coop: It really means that much to you for this to go away, doesn't it?

Beth: I need this to go away. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Coop: Okay. Okay.

Lizzie: Oh, no, um, this is as far as you go.

Cyrus: You sure you don't need me for anything?

Lizzie: Like what?

Cyrus: Well, that's up to you.

Lizzie: Okay. What are you in this for?

Cyrus: In what?

Lizzie: This job, me. What are you hoping to get out of it?

Cyrus: Money, pure money. What else would it be?

Lizzie: I'm sure you're charming. I'm sure you're very good at whatever you did.

Cyrus: I was the best. Well, if you need me for anything, you know where to reach me.

Lizzie: Okay.

Cyrus: Good luck.

Lizzie: Hey.

Bill: You look amazing.

Lizzie: You look like crap. What-- did you fall in a lake?

Bill: A river.

Lizzie: Oh. Bad day?

Bill: It just got better. Why are you here?

Lizzie: I think the real question is: Why on earth are you here?

Bill: You know why I'm here. To find your father so he can help you.

Lizzie: Have you completely lost your mind?

Bill: Perhaps. (Laughs)

Lizzie: You're not going to find anything here. And even if you did, it would just be a waste of time. I'm never going to be with you again. And if you're holding onto that hope, I think that's your real hallucination.

Bill: Okay, Lizzie, I know you're saying that because you're still angry with me. And I know you do not believe that.

Lizzie: I believe that we were doomed from the start. That moment when you first read my diary.

Bill: Yes. Yes, okay, but listen, we can fix it. We had had a lot of good times, right? Right? We can hash out all of the mistakes.-

Lizzie: We could. We could hash it out for the rest of our lives. But I don't think that would make a difference. Why don't you just give up? That's what you usually do, right?

Buzz: Tell your grandfather that I think, I hope business will be picking up soon. Maybe people will spend more money with a new president and new hope. You know-- people will rebound. But he's got to stop sending me to seminars and making me close-- is that too rare? Because we've been having some trouble with the grill.

Lizzie: Oh, no, it's fine. It's exactly what I was looking for.

Bill: Aahhh! Okay.

This crazy life and it's a long road everybody's headed for...

Buzz: Probably Coop. What? What?

Lizzie: No. It's nothing. Nothing.

Buzz: Do you know something?

Lizzie: Do you?

Buzz: I tried to stop it, I have.

Lizzie: It's okay. She doesn't care, and neither does he, so...

Buzz: You didn't tell Alan?

Lizzie: No, of course I didn't tell him. But he deserves better than that.

Buzz: And you do, too.

Lizzie: Did you ever think about doing something else? No, really, like retiring? You could probably do better for Nana elsewhere.

Buzz: I've been elsewhere, plenty of elsewhere’s, but this is where I'm meant to be.

Lizzie: How do you know that?

Buzz: I just do. Maybe it's destiny or a birth right. Who knows. You are what you're meant to be.

Lizzie: Yeah, I think you're right about that.

Beth: Thank you. Thank you for letting me see this again. It's the kind of thing you dream of having someone write about you.

Coop: Well, I seem to write my best when it's something about someone that is real and true. You know, when it comes from...

Beth: Heart.

Coop: I was going to say soul.

Beth: That scene in the library, the way you describe me.

Coop: I actually wrote that scene in less than 15 minutes. My fingers never stopped typing. It's like I started and it all poured out of me and onto the page.

Beth: That's the way you really see me?

Coop: Not a false word in there.

Beth: How does it end?

Coop: Just read it.

Beth: I can’t. How does it end?

Coop: How do you think it ends?

Beth: Well, I think that it's a fairy tale, so I think it has a fairy tale ending. And it can't happen. It can't happen.

(Cell phone rings)

Olivia: Hello.

Alan: Olivia, it's Alan.

Olivia: Hello, Alan. What can I do for you?

Alan: Are you aware that Emma has sent me the school project she was working on about the Spaulding family?

Olivia: I did not know that.

Alan: Well, I'm looking at it right now, and the title of it is "My Two Mommies."

Olivia: It is interesting, isn't it? Funny, those kids, so innocent.

Alan: I don't think it's funny. I'm concerned. Has she presented this to the class already?

Olivia: Yes, she did.

Alan: Mm, and what was the feedback?

Olivia: It went over well. I mean, her teacher misinterpreted a couple of things.

Alan: Am I to start worrying about the environment my granddaughter is living in?

Olivia: No, you don’t.

Alan: I'm trying to reclaim my marriage and bring Spaulding back to the greatness it once was. Now, I don't need another unexpected bump in the road.

Olivia: Natalia and I are friends. How would that be a problem for you?

Alan: Emma doesn't have two mommies. Phillip is her father.

Olivia: I know who her father is.

Alan: Well, I will be back in Springfield shortly, and I want to address this immediately, before it gets any worse.

Natalia: It was that bad?

Olivia: I can't believe I have to deal with this on top of everything else. It was a kid's project.

Natalia: Can't you just explain that to Alan, that it's all a big misunderstanding.

Olivia: You can't explain anything to him when he is like this.

Natalia: I know. I was just trying to be optimistic.

Olivia: Well, you weren't exactly optimistic when he was trying to help you with the Rafe situation a while ago.

Natalia: But that was different. I mean, if I accepted too many handouts from Alan, he would have owned Rafe. And Nicky never wanted him to be just some pawn for the Spaulding’s.

Olivia: Which is exactly why I kept Emma away from him for so long. This is trouble.

Natalia: Well, what can he do?

Olivia: He tried to take her away from me before. And I know what it's like going up against the Spaulding’s. It's debilitating when you're 100%, and I'm not.

Natalia: Then move out.

Olivia: What?

Natalia: For Emma. I mean, if it's going to save Emma and save you from having a fight with Alan, I mean, you should move out.

Olivia: Are you serious?

Natalia: Yes, I'm serious. If Alan is going to use our living arrangement against you, and you just said it could affect your health, you should just move.

Olivia: What is wrong with you? I thought you learned something.

Frank: Hey, Matt, thank you for helping me with the storm windows. I've been trying do get Pop to do that forever. But he said he's been a little preoccupied, so...

Matt: No problem, Frank. I wish I had something to be preoccupied with. It looks like Beth. I think I'm going to go say hello.

Frank: Hey, Matt, hold on one second. You know what? Not now, okay?

Matt: First Natalia and now Beth. Is there a list of women I'm allowed to talk to, Frank?

Beth: Why isn't your publisher calling back?

Coop: She will. And I'm sure Blake will as well. Look, please, Beth, don't worry.

Beth: I am worried. Coop, I'm sorry if this costs you a best-seller.

Coop: I don't give a damn about the book. What I care about is what is inside of it.

Beth: This is out of control. It's out of control.

Coop: Stop, Beth, I told you I was going to take care of everything, okay?

Beth: I'm not, I'm not just talking about my life.

Coop: Beth, you made a choice, okay? You are taking control.

Beth: You wrote a book about us without telling me. I found out by accident. You hid something from me that could hurt my kids. How do I know that that's not going to happen again?

Coop: Because it won’t. It won't happen again.

Beth: Look at us, I mean, sneaking around in plain sight, showing ourselves as a couple in public. We're, we're, we're kidding ourselves.

Coop: How is it kidding if we both feel the same? If we both feel so strongly for one another, how is that kidding?

Beth: It's not real, until Alan gets back. And we're walking around pretending that all hell isn't going to break lose. Is that your publisher?

Coop: No. It's just a text message.

Beth: Okay, listen. We have to deal with this now. I thought that I was ready for this, but I'm not. I'm just, I'm just not.

Lizzie: Hey, Granddad, it's me. Where are you?

Alan: I'm on the plane. We'll be landing soon. Is something wrong?

Lizzie: No. No. I just wanted to let you know that I'm not going to go through with the plans to get rid of Company.

Alan: You're not?

Lizzie: No. It's not because I'm going soft, or anything, okay, and certainly not because of how I feel about the Coopers' feelings, but...

Alan: Then what is it?

Lizzie: I just feel like there are some things you have to hang on to, or you will just lose yourself completely. That's what happened to Dad, and it's not what's going to happen to me. (Knock on the door) It's open.

Cyrus: Hey, what's going on? I got your call and came right over.

Lizzie: I've made a decision. I'm not going to let Company get destroyed by this deal.

Cyrus: Well, good. It's not worth the trouble it would have caused you.

Lizzie: Well, not everything causes trouble.

Cyrus: Well, not all trouble is bad. What changed your mind?

Lizzie: I'm not Alan.

Cyrus: I could have told you that.

Lizzie: I do have a heart. I just have to learn to control it. So it won't run my life.

Cyrus: Sounds like a good plan.

Lizzie: I am in control, in charge. I get to call the shots.

Cyrus: Yup, you do.

Lizzie: And I know what I'd like to happen next.

Cyrus: And what's that?

Lizzie: I want you. I want you right now.

Olivia: Do you know how long it takes me to do laundry by myself?

Natalia: What?

Olivia: It takes me a long time. It takes me a really long time, okay? And it's always wrinkled. But with you, I get it done in a half hour and it's perfect.

Natalia: I'm a professional. What do you want?

Olivia: I want you to stop being so damn afraid. We've been in this house for what, weeks? And I've almost moved out twice.

Natalia: You just said that you were worried about fighting with Alan.

Olivia: I am worried about it! But that doesn't mean it's not worth the fight! Emma and I are not going anywhere.

Natalia: You're sure that you want to take this kind of risk?

Olivia: Aren't you? We said this works, right? This is a real home with a real family, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let you or Alan Spaulding or anyone else take that away from me and my kid.

Natalia: I was thinking I would make a lasagna tonight. Would Emma like that?

Olivia: Yeah, she's like that. Maybe a little less cheese, okay?

Natalia: Okay.

Matt: So, you like Natalia, huh?

Frank: She's amazing. I've got to tell you, Matt, she's the first person who has come around in a long time that I actually see myself having a future with.

Matt: A future? Wow. That's a... that's serious.

Frank: I'm trying not to be too serious and it's killing me.

Matt: Hey, speaking of relationships, what is going on with Beth and Coop? What's up with that?

Frank: Well, you've got an older woman with a younger guy. I mean, you know all about that, right?

Matt: I have no idea what you're talking about. Love is love, my friend, love is love.

Frank: Not really, though. It's nothing serious.

Matt: If you say so.

Beth: I just, I just need a little time-- I've got to figure out what all of this means.

Coop: I know exactly what this means, Beth.

Beth: Coop, please.

Coop: Look, I am fine with tossing my book out. I am fine with erasing it from my computer's memory. But I know for a fact that you cannot erase all of this from yours.

Beth: I don't know what you want me to say.

Coop: Tell me-- tell me that the feelings in that book are not real, on both sides, because I know that they are. Tell me this time that we've spent together with Alan out of town has not been great.

Beth: I didn't say that. But I...

Coop: Tell me that you can look at me and just walk away and not look back.

Beth: I have to, Coop. I have no choice!

Coop: Beth, you have every choice! You have every choice.

Beth: Coop, please, we're in the middle of the restaurant, we can’t.

Coop: I know, I know, but the restaurant is closed. Alan keeps sending my dad away on financial planning seminars. Hey, hey, hey. For once we can finally thank Alan for this.

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Bill: Phillip?

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