GL Transcript Monday 1/26/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 1/26/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Edmund: Lara Pasano's memorial service?

Jeffrey: I'm sorry, you missed it. Were you a friend?

Edmund: I was her father.

Bill: I know you know where Phillip is. I need you to contact him as soon as possible.

Rick: Even if I wanted to help you, Bill, I can't, because I don't know where Phillip is.

Bill: I think he's the only person left who can save Lizzie.

Alan: Well, Elizabeth, you made it. And how was the flight?

Lizzie: It was fine. Just remind to take the jet next time, because the person sitting beside me was so chatty, I couldn't get any work done.

Alan: Where is Roxy?

Lizzie: I gave her away.

Alan: You what?

Lizzie: There is no use in having a pet, not with the workload we've got coming.

Alan: Well, I know that was a difficult decision for you, but a wise one. I mean, if we're going to bring Spaulding to the dominance it once was...

Lizzie: Yes, yes, yes. We have to be completely focused. I am fully committed to this, Granddad.

Alan: Good. (Knock on the door) Oh, that must be the bellman with your things. Here you are.

Cyrus: Thanks, mate.

Alan: What are you doing here?

Cyrus: Traveling with the boss. Where do you want this? It's heavy.

Lizzie: Be careful!

Cyrus: Why, what's in it?

Lizzie: My future. We are about to own all of Springfield. Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight?

(Knock on the door)

Bill: Hey.

Billy: Hey. Where are you going?

Bill: Ah, well, I could lie to you, and tell you I'm going on vacation, but that probably won't get you off my back, would it?

Billy: No, it wouldn’t.

Bill: I'm going to look for Phillip Spaulding?

Bill: Phillip?

Bill: Yeah. I got a tip about his location.

Billy: Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. Hey, what's going on?

Bill: Dad, come on. It's Lizzie. I can't sit back any longer and watch Alan Spaulding brainwash her.

Billy: Have you talked to her?

Bill: I've tried to get through to her. I can’t. Phillip Spaulding, maybe he is the only one who can. I know it's pretty desperate, but...

Billy: So you think that psycho dad is going to be able to succeed where you failed?

Bill: I don't know, but it's my last hope.

Billy: Okay. Well, assuming that you can find Phillip, and, um... and it might help Lizzie, but it might. But it also might be bringing back a nut-job to town, a dangerous one.

Bill: Yeah. Yeah, I thought about that. But if he helps save Lizzie, then it’s all worth it.

Billy: Ok, shotgun, I’m going with you.

Dinah: Don't be an idiot! Your life is not over!

Shayne: Not yet, it's not.

Dinah: What about all of those people at Lara’s memorial today? Huh? You know, they did that because they love you.

Shayne: They did that, because they love who I was! The all-American boy. The guy next door. The guy who helps you carry your groceries inside the house. Well, that guy died with Lara! Now I just need to finish the job.

Dinah: Do you think Lara would want this?

Shayne: You knew nothing about her!

Dinah: And then if you die, then she's gone forever! Who's going to remember the way she laughed and the things she did... what her life was like!

Shayne: And if I stay alive, then what? What do I have? A fading memory of her? It's going to dissipate every day that goes on?

Dinah: All right...

Shayne: No. The hell with that!

Dinah: You know, you think about your family. You think about your family now!

Shayne: My family? My family? My family's better off without me.

Dinah: That's a load of crap, and you know it!

Shayne: My mom showed me her sonogram, and you know what I felt? Zip. Who looks at a new life and feels nothing?

Dinah: The feelings are going to come back, all right? You need to give yourself some time.

Shayne: Go away, Dinah! You gave it a shot. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Dinah: No! Stop it! Hold on! If you're going down, you're going to have to take me with you.

Reva: Edmund?

Jeffrey: You weren't supposed to get out of that hospital bed.

Edmund: Yes, well I always was a survivor.

Josh: So what, you're here to mock my son's pain? Is that it?

Edmund: I have every right to be here. Lara was my daughter, and now she's gone.

Reva: So we're just supposed to buy this big coincidence? My son, your daughter?

Edmund: Fate, Reva, connecting us again. But this time I'm not here to cause any trouble. I'm here to share in the grief.

Josh: Edmund, whatever you're up to, take it some place else!

Edmund: I don't blame you for being skeptical. When this girl told me she was my daughter, I was skeptical, too.

Reva: Shayne said that Lara was special. That she was a pure, beautiful soul. How could she possibly be connected to you?

Edmund: I only knew her for a few weeks, but in that brief period of time, she became the light of my life. And I knew she was for Shayne, too. Look, hate me all you want, but because of Lara, we're part of each other's lives again, whether we like it or not.

Billy: Look, just um... give me ten minutes. I'll get my stuff and throw it in there. I can take the trip with you.

Bill: Oh, thanks, Dad, but I've got to do this alone.

Billy: Come on, this is Phillip. Suppose you need backup?

Bill: For all I know, I kidnapped Lizzie. I've got a lot to make up for.

Billy: You sound like it's some kind of penance. I know you want to make up for all of the things you did in the past, but what if it turns out to be a fool's errand?

Bill: I know what I'm doing. I can get there by sunset if I hit the road now.

Billy: Hey, are you sure about this?

Bill: I've got to step up. If I want Lizzie back, I've got to earn her.

Billy: Okay.

Alan: The investors we're meeting with today have been hand-picked. People with money are scarce and in demand these days.

Lizzie: And they're interested in Springfield?

Alan: We will make them interested in Springfield.

Cyrus: So how come these guys didn't go down with the stock market? Just curious.

Lizzie: That is a valid question.

Alan: Where that money is for us to find out. That's why we're having the meeting.

Cyrus: So you don't know?

Alan: Are you being insulting?

Cyrus: Whenever you're facing a pack of wild dogs, you don't want to make a wrong move. Otherwise, you're dinner.

Alan: Yeah, right.

Lizzie: Thanks for the analogy, Cyrus. We'll keep that in mind.

Alan: These investors need to be wined and dined the Spaulding way, so I'm going to call the restaurant and make reservations.

Lizzie: Actually, I'm the C.E.O., so that's my decision. And I think that Cyrus is right about them.

Alan: Mr. Foley is a private investigator, Elizabeth, not a financial wizard.

Lizzie: Until we know that their money is solid, we're not giving them a glass of water.

Alan: Fine. Fine. Well, I have some financials here I want you to look over, and I am going to take a walk.

Cyrus: You feeling okay?

Lizzie: I've never felt better, why?

Cyrus: Just wondering if you might be having some second thoughts about this whole family tap-dancing act. It's not too late to ditch it.

Lizzie: I know that you must see me as some young girl who needs to be saved, but I assure you that I want to be here. And I plan on leaving even richer.

Cyrus: Good plan.

Lizzie: I think so. Come on, let's go spend some of that money we're about to make.

Cyrus: All righty then.

Jeffrey: Sit down, Edmund. Take a load off. Start talking.

Josh: You better make this a good story, Edmund, because I guarantee we're going to triple check everything you say.

Edmund: Want to shine a light in my face, shoot me full of truth serum?

Reva: Maybe. Or you could just tell us the truth and save us the trouble.

Edmund: For months I lay in that hospital bed, in and out of consciousness. And then suddenly a face appeared above me. A young, beautiful face, vaguely familiar. It reminded me of a girl I knew in my teens, Rachel. She was one of the workers at the palace.

Reva: Her mother?

Edmund: We shared a short, memorable relationship. Lara told me that she was Rachel’s daughter, mine, too. It was like someone threw me a lifeline, and I had a reason to live. She sat by my bed day after day, willing me to live. I couldn't believe I had a daughter, especially one like Lara. She risked her life going into war-torn countries to help others. Can you imagine that? A child of mine, so decent and kind. One of life's cosmic jokes, no doubt. Well, it turns out she was the best thing I ever did. She came into my life when I needed her most, and then she was gone.

Jeffrey: How did you track her here, Edmund?

Edmund: She gave me one last call, told me she was getting engaged to Shayne. That's when I found out she was dead. A shining light extinguished.

Jeffrey: I guess that extinguishes any chance of a D.N.A. test, also? It's kind of convenient, don't you think?

Edmund: Actually, I had one done when she first came. I had a fleeting, shameful thought that maybe she just wanted money. So I needed to be sure.

Josh: Now see, that has a ring of truth to it.

Edmund: This will confirm everything. You can have it tested in any lab you want.

Jeffrey: Okay. I think the fairytale time is over now.

Reva: What if his story is true?

Jeffrey: I don't care. Even if you are Lara’s father, at least she didn't live long enough to realize what a monster you really are.

Edmund: I loved her. She changed me.

Jeffrey: You're not capable of love, Edmund, or of change. Now let's go.

Shayne: Just walk away. You're not going to change my mind.

Dinah: You're right. I don't think I will.

Shayne: Good. Thank you. Now just go!

Dinah: No.

Shayne: Dinah.

Dinah: No!

Shayne: Please!

Dinah: No. It's crazy, you know? I've been spending all of this time trying to convince you that you have so much to live for, but, really, half of time I can't even come up with a good reason to get up in the morning.

Shayne: You've got the world.

Dinah: What? What do I have? What do I have? You see, I've got nothing, just like you. I've got no boat, no paddle. See?

Shayne: What the hell are you doing?

Dinah: Look. See? Ladies first. Your dad taught you that one, right? I guess not. Okay. You don't want me to do this? That's fine. Okay. We're going to go together, okay? We are going to go together, okay? Because I am tired, too. I am tired of trying so hard and want things I can't have. Enough is enough!

Shayne: No. It's different for you.

Dinah: No, it's not different for me. Tell me.

Shayne: You're beautiful!

Dinah: Oh, really? You think?

Shayne: Yes. Yes, I do! Okay. And your life is worth living. So go, please. Please go!

Dinah: Well, I'm not going anywhere without you. And I'm not so sure you're so right about me.

Shayne: You're one of the most alive people I know. You got me to come home.

Dinah: You didn't come home for this. Or maybe you did. I'll tell you what, let's just make a run for it.

Shayne: Dinah! Dinah, are you okay?

Dinah: I guess you're gonna have to stick around to find out.

Shayne: So you're in good shape. You'll have a headache. That's going to be the worst of it. You're in good hands here.

Dinah: Don't leave me here, please.

Shayne: You're going to be fine.

Dinah: Please. I don't need you to be a hero or who you were or anything other than the total mess you are.

Shayne: Why?

Dinah: Maybe I just need to know there is one person in this world a little more screwed up than me. Please, just stick around.

Shayne: I'm out of here. Don't try stopping me again.

Dinah: I probably will, because there are a lot of tough days out there. I was in the hospital last year, for a while. I was shot in the head. I wasn't always this bright and witty girl that annoys you on a daily basis. Try living when you can't remember your name. When you used to be the smartest girl in the world, and then you go to the girl who can't open the damn door. I know that you're afraid that Lara will become a distant memory, but try having that happen to your whole life. So, yeah, I do get how you feel.

Shayne: Okay. And?

Dinah: If anyone wanted to ever jump off a roof, it's me.

Shayne: Why didn't you?

Dinah: Because even with a messed up brain, I kept thinking it was the coward's way out. You might not be a hero, but who cares. Heroes are overrated. I'm betting you are not a coward. (Cell phone rings)

Josh: Shayne, are you there? Hello?

Dinah: It's Dinah. You're on speaker.

Josh: Okay. I have something I have to tell Shayne, and, actually, you should probably hear this, too.

Shayne: This isn't a good time, Dad.

Josh: Shayne, after the ceremony, Lara’s father showed up.

Shayne: What did he want?

Josh: He claimed he wanted to share your grief. But there is more. The man who at least says he is Lara’s father is Edmund Winslow. Shayne, are you there?

Dinah: We'll be right over.

Jeffrey: Sit. There's a cab on the way.

Edmund: Where am I going?

Jeffrey: To the airport. There are some men there that will escort you. And don't even try to give them the slip, because I'll just keep coming after you.

Edmund: What was it like for you?

Jeffrey: What?

Edmund: When you're daughter showed up. When you found out you were a father for the first time. See, we have something in common.

Jeffrey: Don't even try to compare yourself to me.

Edmund: It changes you, doesn't it? You're leading this selfish life, full of lies, and then this young, beautiful face appears. And you see yourself through her eyes. And then suddenly all you want to be is a better man.

Jeffrey: I don't trust a word that you say, Edmund.

Edmund: But I can see by the look in your eyes, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Jeffrey: You should stop talking before I decide to put you back into that coma.

Edmund: Congratulations, by the way. I see that Reva is pregnant. Is it a boy or a girl?

Jeffrey: Edmund, you stay away from my family. You got that?

Edmund: If something happened to Ava, wouldn't you do everything in your power to find out what happened? How it happened? Wouldn't you talk to everyone she knew, who loved her, who knew her? Wouldn't you do everything in your power to keep her memory alive?

Jeffrey: All condemned men suddenly find religion. I'm not buying the phony father act.

Edmund: You can send me away. I'll keep coming back, because I am never going to let go of knowing my daughter better. And right now my only hope is Shayne Lewis.

Cyrus: Wow, you shop like a warrior. I'm impressed. There was almost bloodshed back there.

Lizzie: There is no one that can get between me and a terrific pair of shoes. You know how hard it is to find my size? I'm serious.

Cyrus: Unfortunately, killer shopping skills aren't really going to help you out with these business thugs that you're about to meet.

Lizzie: What are you talking about?

Cyrus: Only the real bottom feeders survived this financial crisis, the ones that are willing to do anything to win. You want to get into bed with them?

Lizzie: I got into bed with an upstanding family guy businessman who ended up kidnapping me and breaking my heart, so I don't know how I can do any worse.

Cyrus: Hey, you'd be surprised.

Lizzie: Well, thanks for the heads-up, but I don't really think I need a lecture about business ethics from a guy who married my aunt just for the paycheck.

Cyrus: Point taken.

Lizzie: You're trying to make a place for yourself here, and I respect that. But after the body slam I got from Bill, I will never mix business with pleasure again. Okay, come on. Step it up. We're going to be late.

Billy: Hey, you know what? It's not too late. I'm pretty good with maps.

Bill: I know you are. I've got everything I need: Directions, water, man's best friend, G.P.S. I should get there by sunset.

Billy: Hey, listen, you call me.

Bill: I will.

Billy: Okay. Good luck.

(Knock on the door) (knock on the door)

Cyrus: Room service.

Lizzie: What's this?

Cyrus: Well, I just happened to be walking down the hall when I noticed one of the investors leaving his room.

Lizzie: Oh, what a coincidence.

Cyrus: I might have popped in just to see if his room is bigger than mine.

Lizzie: Oh, I have heard that guys worry about things like that.

Cyrus: Huh. It's a good thing I did. I found some notes and his plan of attack for the meeting. Oh, and also some private files, which I'm pretty sure he'd want to keep very private. It would make good reading.

Lizzie: And you just happened to read it?

Cyrus: Well, I thought I was looking at the room service menu until I realized my terrible mistake.

Lizzie: (Laughing) Wow, that is kinky. I'm... well, it looks like Mr. Vassallo certainly has some stuff to hide, huh?

Cyrus: Yeah, I would say so.

Lizzie: Thank you.

Cyrus: Any time.

Shayne: Wait. You should have stayed at the hospital.

Dinah: This bump is not serious. Edmund Winslow in town, very serious.

Josh: Sorry about the call. I hope I didn't interrupt anything.

Shayne: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Lara was Edmund Winslow’s daughter?

Reva: Well, he claims to have done a paternity test, but it is easy enough to check on.

Josh: He sounded very convincing, but, then again, Edmund always does.

Shayne: No. No. It does not sound right to me.

Dinah: No. You know what? I would not believe a word that man says. He's using this.

Reva: For what?

Dinah: Since when do lunatics need reasons?

Reva: I'm sorry, Shayne, that this happened on Lara’s memorial day. I really wanted it to help. I was listening to everything you said to everyone that was there, and I felt like our old Shayne was back again.

Shayne: So where is he?

Reva: Jeffrey is making him leave town as we speak.

Shayne: Whoa, whoa.

Lizzie: What?

Cyrus: I'm just wondering what it must have been like to grow up rich. I bet your snazzy bathroom faucets were worth more than our whole house.

Lizzie: Well, for all of the money that my family had, we weren't exactly a happy bunch.

Cyrus: And here I was thinking you were 110% Spaulding these days.

Lizzie: It's a responsibility being born with this name. It's not about your own feelings. It's about doing what you were meant to do. Everything that I do I owe to all of the Spaulding’s that came before me, and to... and to those that will come after.

Cyrus: It sounds a little restricting.

Lizzie: No. When Spaulding’s try to fight their destiny, that's when the real trouble starts. But why fight your true nature? Why not embrace it? Profit from it? That is what I'm going to do. (Knock on the door)

Alan: Elizabeth, you ready to go to the meeting?

Lizzie: I was born ready.

Josh: Take your hands off him.

Edmund: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I've just been so upset. Shayne would have been my son-in-law.

Reva: Why did you bring him back here?

Jeffrey: Reva, he wasn't going to stay away.

Reva: Did he threaten you?

Jeffrey: No! Reva, he lost his daughter. He needs to go through this.

Reva: Where did that come from?

Jeffrey: I don't know. Maybe he made me think of Ava and me.

Reva: Okay. I get that. I get that kids change people. And I guess even creeps like Edmund aren't immune. But what are we supposed to do? Let him mourn?

Jeffrey: We watch him and, you know, when he's done getting whatever... whatever he needs here, then we make sure he gets out of here.

Reva: So you really think he's just here because of his daughter?

Jeffrey: Don't worry, I'm not going to let him near you or our son.

Reva: What about my other son?

Shayne: So you say Lara was your daughter?

Edmund: There's a D.N.A. test, but it may take a few days to verify...

Shayne: No. No. No. What did she look like? What color were her eyes? What is her middle name? Just tell me one personal thing about Lara to help me believe you.

Edmund: She had the bluest eyes. Except in certain lights, they were grey. She told me her mother never gave her a middle name. But when she was seven, her best friend moved away, and she took her name as a middle name. She said it made her feel a little less lonely. Blythe. How am I doing?

Shayne: She never mentioned you.

Edmund: I'm not surprised. Imagine finding out that a man with my history was your father? I think she was just getting used to the idea.

Jeffrey: She must have been very forgiving.

Shayne: She was.

Edmund: She was. I just have so many questions. I hope we can talk.

Shayne: No. I'm not in the mood for a trip down memory lane, especially with you.

Edmund: Maybe we can help each other through this. Maybe... maybe we can help each other feel the same grief.

Shayne: Don't you dare compare my love for Lara to whatever it is that you're feeling right now! Don't you do that!

Edmund: I know... I know this is difficult. I know this is hard. But I'm haunted by one thing: I just don't know why or how she died. Was she alone? Were you with her? Was it quick?

Reva: Okay, stop! That's enough. If he doesn't want to talk about this now, you can't force him. He'll talk about it when he chooses to.

Josh: You need to go now, Edmund.

Edmund: Yeah. Thank you for giving her the memorial service. And whenever you're ready, I hope you'll talk to me.

The hurting, it's not real.

Cyrus: Nice tie, Alan.

Alan: You bring this guy with you everywhere? You might as well have kept Roxy.

Lizzie: The more people we have at this meeting, the stronger we look. It's a good plan. He stays.

Alan: Fine.

Lizzie: Okay. You will start the meeting off, and I will chime in when necessary.

Alan: Good. Welcome, gentlemen. Chris, good to see you. Welcome, welcome. Welcome, gentlemen. Please have a seat. You all know my granddaughter, Elizabeth Spaulding.

Mr. Vassalo: Charmed, Ms. Spaulding. You're more beautiful in person.

Lizzie: Thank you, Mr. Vassalo. But my grandfather is the point man on this project, so, please, let's get to it.

Alan: Please sit down. I want you gentlemen to... imagine that you have an entire city at your fingertips. Yours to remodel, reshape at will. I present to you Springfield. Soon to be our busiest hub in the Midwest.

Mr. Vassalo: It sounds intriguing.

Lizzie: Well, we think so. Our plans have been on hold for a while, but we are back on track with a terrific new deal, and these are the numbers we are looking at from our investors.

Mr. Vassalo: Well, these numbers aren't very realistic.

Lizzie: Well, you are used to paying high prices for things you can't get at home, right? Come on, Mr. Vassalo, don't make me whip you into shape?

Mr. Vassalo: What has to change with the current model? Will it be difficult to bring about this new landscape?

Alan: Well, there will be changes in some of these places. And particular neighborhoods will have to come down, such as the old paper factory there, the Fifth Street warehouse, and also this little burger joint here on Seventh Street.

Lizzie: Company?

Alan: Yes. It fell on hard times, and I purchased it, so tearing it down won't be a problem at all. Right, Elizabeth?

I think I'm seeing ghosts again.

I can't believe my eyes.

I though it was the end.

I'm still here, and you're still gone.

I can't stay, because you still haunt.

I thought you were dead.

I thought I was done.

Can I believe what I see?

Dinah: So what now? Back to the roof?

Shayne: No. I'm done with that.

Dinah: For tonight or permanently? You're not thinking of walking into traffic tonight?

Shayne: No, I'm not. And you don't need to worry about me anymore. My plans just changed.

Dinah: Because of Edmund?

Shayne: Yeah. I've got to make sure my family is safe. If he found out that I'm the reason that Lara is dead, then they would all...

Dinah: No. Sh-sh-sh. Hey, you never need to say that out loud again, okay? Edmund left me in a fire to die a few years ago, without even breaking a sweat. At one point or another, he's made everyone in this town his target. If you piss him off, none of us are safe.

You're still gone.

I can't sleep, cause you still


I thought you were dead.

I thought I was done.

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Lizzie: Don't stand idly by. That's what everyone did with my father, and he just got worse day after day. And look what happened to him, it was a disaster.

Rick: Think of yourself and your children, Phillip. This isn't your family, Beth.

Bill: Where is he, Phillip? Welcome home, Phillip.

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