GL Transcript Thursday 1/22/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 1/22/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Shayne: The story I told you in Germany wasn't a lie. It just wasn't everything.

Remy: I kind of switched the divorce papers with the financial aid papers.

Shayne: Her name was Lara, and she's gone.

Remy: I wanted you to succeed, and I figured if you were pissed at me, you would forget to be nervous and freak out.

Shayne: She was running across the field to me, and I missed one landmine. I missed one.

Jeffrey: Mmm.

Reva: Breakfast nachos.

Jeffrey: Yeah!

Reva: Yay!! I hope this isn't going to stop once the little one is born?

Jeffrey: Well, let's hope by that time that you'll stop craving breakfast nachos.

Reva: Aren't you going to be late for work?

Jeffrey: I took the day off.

Reva: That's a good idea. Then you'll have no distractions so you can get the real work done.

Jeffrey: Real work?

Reva: Yeah, the research. I'm trying to find out who the guy was that was following Shayne. You know, the guy that was looking at that fax of Lara. That isn't why you took the day off?

Jeffrey: Ah, no. You told me you had a doctor's appointment.

Reva: Yes, I know that. Jeffrey, I know you're not Shayne’s biggest fan right now, but he is grieving.

Jeffrey: I'm not a fan of anyone who has my very pregnant, cancer-fighting wife running around town in the cold, getting herself thrown into jail.

Reva: I know. But all of that is going to stop. It will. Of course, if we figure out who the mystery man is by morning, this morning sometime, then we'll have plenty of time to make it to the doctor's appointment.

Jeffrey: These things take time.

Reva: You know how to get this done, Jeffrey. And if you do, I promise you I will never ask for breakfast nachos ever, ever again.

Jeffrey: Okay. You heard that, Rambo. Right? You heard that.

Reva: Rambo? Oh, no, no, no. Rambo O’Neill? No. No! There's absolutely no way.

Christina: What are you doing here?

Remy: Wow, no good morning, husband? Thank you for the coffee?

Christina: Good morning, husband. Thank you for the coffee. What are you doing here?

Remy: Wow. Okay. I want to take you out.

Christina: Where?

Remy: Wherever the day takes us.

Christina: You do know that the MCAT scores are being posted later today?

Remy: Those are today?

Christina: You are so transparent.

Remy: I'm just looking for someone to keep me company.

Christina: Keep you company while you do what?

Remy: See that over there? See that nice, shiny, really loud siren?

Christina: So it's "Take your wife to work day?"

Remy: Yeah. Are you in or not? I thought so.

(Knock on the door)

Mallet: Hi.

Dinah: Hi.

Mallet: Sorry to bother you.

Dinah: What's up?

Maureen: I was putting it back.

Dinah: What's going on?

Mallet: Well, we picked up your sister shoplifting at the Mini Mart.

Dinah: Okay. That is really not funny.

Mallet: But we're not joking.

Maureen: I couldn't reach Matt or Vanessa. Shocker.

Dinah: Get your butt in here, young lady.

Jeffrey: Who the hell are you?

Crenshaw: My name is Crenshaw.

Jeffrey: Well, what are you doing here, and what do you want with Shayne Lewis?

Crenshaw: I work for Lara’s father.

Jeffrey: All right, start talking, fast.

Crenshaw: Lara's father sent me to look into her disappearance. They fell out of touch. And then she went missing entirely. Until recently, when we learned of her death. Here is her father's number. He's a prominent businessman in Europe. You're lucky to get his service. He is very hard to reach.

Jeffrey: I'll bet.

Crenshaw: You are?

Jeffrey: I am someone who can make your life very difficult. Where can I find you?

Crenshaw: The Beacon hotel. Room 203.

Jeffrey: Room 203. Well, I'm going to come by later, and we can discuss Lara’s case. Make sure you're there.

Shayne: Hey! Hey, what are you doing in there? What the hell is going on?

Jeffrey: Shayne.

Shayne: Hi.

Jeffrey: It's good to see you on your feet. Your mom told me you were walking again.

Shayne: That's funny, I haven't talked to my mom.

Jeffrey: Well, she saw you at the park, you know, when you got out of the wheelchair.

Shayne: Well, I didn't see her.

Jeffrey: Well, she... she must have been coming when you were leaving. And, you know what? She said she saw someone following you, that guy who just broke into your room. He says his name is Crenshaw. He works for your Lara’s father? Have you ever met him?

Shayne: Lara never mentioned a father. Whoever he is, he wasn't in her life.

Jeffrey: Oh. Well, yeah, Crenshaw said that they had lost touch. Well, here, Lara’s father, in case you want to get a hold of him.

Shayne: Why? You still haven't told me what you're doing here.

Jeffrey: I'm just trying to make your mom happy.

Shayne: Well, you got your gold star for the day.

Reva: Hi, sweetie, it's me. Things have been very busy around here lately, and you have been kicking up a storm. And your brother Shayne has been keeping me busy as well. Shayne is having a difficult time right now because he... he lost the woman he loved, the woman that he wanted to make a life with. And she probably would have been part of our family, too. I mean, she would have been. And I never even got the chance to meet her. So, you see, two of my boys need their mama's special attention right now. You, because you're getting to make your big debut really soon. And Shayne, because life has been so unfair to him. I just hope that you all will take very good care of each other.

Dinah: You know they could have put you in jail if they wanted to.

Marina: We let her off with a warning.

Dinah: Do you know how lucky you are that you were caught by people who know you?

Maureen: It's not lucky to get caught. Wait a minute, how do they know I wasn't giving that stuff to the needy?

Dinah: What did she steal again?

Marina: A teen magazine and a candy bar.

Mallet: And a roll of tape.

Maureen: So the needy kid could hang a poster of Zach Efron on her wall. The candy bar was a gift for you.

Dinah: Go to your room.

Maureen: I don't have a room here.

Dinah: Go to my room. Call Mom and tell her what you did.

Maureen: I'm going to get a voicemail.

Dinah: You're going to get more than that. Come on, you don't want me to give Mom a call. I'm never having any kids. You know, this is just a cry for attention. That's all this is.

Mallet: Well, is there any trouble at home with Matt or Vanessa?

Dinah: Well, you know what? The trouble is that they're never at home. They fight and then they're friends. So fighting and friends again, and Maureen gets shuffled from one to the other. You can't do that as a parent. Okay, it's very important to focus on your kids, the little one is counting on you, and that one... that little one comes first. Of course, you've got to hope to be parents like that. Okay. What did I say now?

Christina: Am I boring you?

Remy: No.

Christina: You keep checking that thing.

Remy: I know. I'm a popular guy.

Christina: Are you waiting for your mistress to call? I knew you were too good to be true. The MCAT website? Are you looking for my scores?

Remy: Maybe I'm looking for my mistress's scores.

Christina: You are too cute. I haven't even been checking.

Remy: Yeah, well, they're not up yet.

Christina: What's that?

Remy: You got a call. Let's go, girl.

Christina: Finally.

Dinah: I think it's great that you want children. I don't care if you talk about them around me.

Mallet: Well, we just... we decided to put the whole baby thing on hold.

Dinah: After Maureen just now?

Marina: Oh, no. No. It's just that we're not in a rush.

Mallet: Yeah. If we decide, down the road...

Dinah: I'm sorry. I thought you were looking into it.

Mallet: Oh, well, we were. I mean, well, we did.

Marina: I want the baby to be his.

Dinah: Right. And what happened?

Mallet: Well, it turns out that for us to have a baby of our own together... it's just not going to happen.

Dinah: Well, you could always adopt. And since that baby is equal part neither one of you, you have a great chance of making it all yours, if that makes any sense.

Marina: Actually...

Mallet: It kind of does.

Marina: So what... what was it like for you?

Dinah: Well, don't worry. Not all adopted kids turn out like me.

Marina: No. I didn’t... I didn't mean it like that. I shouldn't have said anything.

Dinah: No. I think that, um, well, it was a good idea to set me up with a set of good parents, but, um, you know, being on the road, growing on the road, everybody raises you but no one raises you. But the baby that gets both of you is a lucky kid. And I would have given anything to have parents like you.

Mallet: Thank you.

Dinah: So do I need to sign some papers for Maureen?

Mallet: No. No. We'll keep it off the record.

Dinah: Thank you.

Marina: Thank you. I think we should probably go.

Dinah: Okay. Good luck with everything.

Marina: Thank you.

Jeffrey: All right, Shayne, what aren't you telling me? (Cell phone rings) Hey.

Reva: So did you find out anything?

Jeffrey: Yeah. I found the guy that you saw. He works for Lara’s father.

Reva: Oh, wow. We never even thought about the fact that she had a family.

Jeffrey: Yeah, well, I'm going to look into it, make sure that the story checks out.

Reva: Will you do that now?

Jeffrey: No. You have a doctor's appointment now.

Reva: You know what? I'll look after our baby, and you take care of mine.

Jeffrey: Reva, we had a deal.

Reva: What did you say? You're starting to break up, sweetie. You know what? Just take care of this for me, would you?

Jeffrey: Reva, I'm serious.

Reva: I'm sorry, I really can't hear you. Did you say yes, you would do that? I love you. Okay, I'll talk to you later. Bye. Oh, my God, Shayne. You're walking.

Shayne: Yeah, I am walking, huh?

Reva: Oh, you saw me watching the other day.

Shayne: I might have.

Reva: Oh, well, I would have, you know, chased after you...

Shayne: I was too fast for you. I know.

Reva: How are you? I'm glad that you told us about Lara.

Shayne: Where are you headed?

Reva: I have a doctor's appointment.

Shayne: Is Jeffrey going with you?

Reva: No. He's busy.

Shayne: He's too busy to take you to a doctor.

Reva: No, it's not that! It's not! It's just he's working on something... something that's very important.

Shayne: Hmm.

Reva: But, you know, that's okay, because I have gone on my own before. I'll be fine.

Shayne: Can I go with you?

Reva: Really?

Shayne: You shouldn't be going to chemo alone.

Reva: It's not that kind of an appointment. Hi, handsome. Look, Shayne, do you see him?

Shayne: Yeah.

Remy: Buzz? Where is everyone?

Buzz: The clerk went outside for help. I had chest pains. I didn't think I could make it to the hospital.

Remy: Okay. Try to relax. We'll get you there.

Christina: When did the symptoms start?

Buzz: Um... I have been feeling like crap for a few days. The pain... it's just...

Remy: He has a history of heart problems.

Christina: Okay. Have you been stressed lately?

Buzz: You could say that. You two working together?

Christina: Not really.

Remy: She knows what she's doing.

Buzz: Hey, am I having another heart attack?

Remy: I don't think so. Take deep breaths. Okay. We'll get you checked out at Cedars just to make sure, okay?

Christina: You're in good hands with Remy.

Buzz: You two make a good team.

(Knock on the door)

Dinah: You better get that. It's your dad.

Maureen: Can't you answer it and talk to him first?

Dinah: I think not. Come on, don't make your dad wait. Waiting dad’s get mad.

Maureen: I'm sorry, Dad.

Matt: You know, I'm just a little confused. Did you not have money with you when you left the house this morning for school?

Maureen: Yeah, I did, but...

Dinah: She made a mistake. We all do.

Maureen: Besides, bad girls are more interesting.

Dinah: Uh-uh-uh, she did not get that from me.

Matt: It's not your fault, Dinah. I know that.

Dinah: Really?

Matt: Yes, really. I'm not a saint and neither is Vanessa, and we don't expect our daughter to be perfect.

Dinah: Well, you're very lucky to have her.

Matt: I know that. That doesn't change the fact that we've still got to get together with your mother and talk about this.

Maureen: I'll make up for it. I promise.

Dinah: You remember that, okay? Do as I say, not as I did. Okay? I have faith in you.

Matt: Thank you for your help, Dinah. Appreciate it.

Dinah: You're welcome.

Marina: You know, I'm surprised that you didn't write up Maureen today.

Mallet: Well, not because she's Dinah’s sister.

Marina: Because she's a kid?

Mallet: No. You've seen me write up kids before. I figured if you're old enough to know right from wrong, I've got no problem writing you up.

Marina: Then why did you do it?

Mallet: Um... because I knew you wouldn't let me.

Marina: You know, usually I'm so by the book. Maureen should have gone before a judge. Maybe even gone to juvie. You know, at the end of the day, I just wanted to give her a hug, you know? Find out why she did it? Find out what I could do to help. I don't know, what does that say about my detective skills?

Mallet: I don't know, but I know what it says about your parenting skills. I liked having you as a partner, and I love having you as a wife. And the thought of watching you as a mom... Detective, we're not supposed to be doing that stuff at work.

Marina: I know, but I've already broken a couple of rules today. You know, it's funny, it took Dinah telling us to adopt a kid for us to figure that out.

Dinah: Shayne?

Jeffrey: Hi.

Dinah: Hi. Where's Shayne?

Jeffrey: He's out. Have you talked to him lately?

Dinah: Not today. Why are you here?

Jeffrey: Has he said anything about Lara’s father? You're about the closest person to him that I know right now.

Dinah: Shayne being close is still far. I know about as much as you do. What he said in the courtroom about how much he loved her, and now she's gone. Did you break in here?

Jeffrey: Um... no, but somebody else did, and he works for Lara’s father.

Dinah: He was here, going through Shayne’s stuff? You need to make that guy go away.

Jeffrey: Well, you don't see him here, do you?

Dinah: I mean, make him go away for good.

Jeffrey: Don't you think that it would help Shayne to speak with Lara’s father? I don't know, they could share in each other's loss or something?

Dinah: No. No, I don’t.

Reva: (Laughing)

Shayne: I'm going to try calling Jeffrey, see if he's done with work.

Reva: No, no, Shayne. Jeffrey has already seen this, but you haven’t. Come on, look. See, you can see his little hands and his little feet. It's like looking at hope. You know, there are mornings when I wake up, and I'm so sick from the chemo, or I just feel plain scared. And then there are more mornings like this, where I can look at him or I can feel him kicking, and I know that everything is going to be okay. And those are the mornings that I leave messages for him.

Shayne: Leave messages?

Reva: I haven't told Jeffrey this yet, but I videotaped messages for him just in case.

Shayne: Don't talk like that.

Reva: I didn't know that I wasn't going to be around for you. But I do know that there is a chance that I may not be around for him. So I have a camera with me now. Can you please get that...

Shayne: You want it right now?

Reva: Yeah. Do me a favor and videotape this for me, please.

Shayne: You want me to make a video of the video?

Reva: I do. Please. Yeah, I want to be able to watch it on the bad days. You know, be able to see my little miracle baby whenever I want to. And who knows, maybe it will be fun that he'll be able to see it one day, right? And hopefully, when he gets older, I'll be around and we can watch it together. Okay, show it again. Show it again. Come on, check it out! Check it out, baby boy! Look! That's you! You're so teeny tiny.

Nurse: Here you go, Mrs. O’Neill. Everything looks great.

Reva: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Shayne: Okay, got it.

Reva: No. You know what? I want you to say something to your brother, too.

Shayne: No. No, that's okay. I'm okay.

Reva: Come on. Please, right now. Right now, while we're both feeling so hopeful.

Shayne: Um... hi. I'm Shayne, your brother, and I'm sure you already know that. And Mom, I don't know what to say right now.

Reva: No. No, no, no, no, no. You're doing great. Go on.

Shayne: You're really lucky to have a mom like ours. That's it for now, Mom, please. I'm done, okay?

Reva: Okay.

Remy: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Buzz: I don't want to be in a wheelchair!

Remy: I think he's feeling better.

Buzz: Look, I'll take the stress test. I'll take all of the tests, but, I mean, it's just the stress of dealing with Company and the kids and all of that stuff. It's everything. I mean, it was a panic attack. It wasn't a heart attack.

Christina: You know what, I know what's that like. You get freaked out. You lose focus. You get clumsy.

Buzz: What's this?

Christina: What? Oh.

Buzz: You cut your wrist? When did you cut your wrist?

Christina: Um...

Remy: Um... we were playing doctor, and... yeah. Look, can I call someone for you? Can I call Frank or Lillian?

Buzz: No. I'll call them later. It will just worry them. I'll call them later.

Christina: You're a lucky man to have that many people in your life. Do you know that?

Buzz: Well, a big family, everybody has it. It's a wild, big, huge, crazy family, like the Boudreau's. (Laughter) I have to go to the hospital to be alone.

Christina: (Laughing) You can rest easy when you have that many people who care about you.

Buzz: Everybody has one. As long as you have the right one. I want out of the wheelchair! (Laughter)

Mallet: Doctor bills, doctor bills.

Marina: Your physical?

Mallet: Well, the other thing. Hey, did you... did you pay the phone bill?

Marina: Oh, shoot. No, I forgot. This is why we can't have kids.

Mallet: Why can't we have kids?

Marina: Because I forgot to pay the phone bill, Mallet. What if I forget to feed a baby?

Mallet: You'll have me as backup.

Marina: Oh, really? You, who forgot to take the physical for the last 20 years.

Mallet: Yeah, I know. Kids need doctors, and doctors are expensive.

Marina: Yeah. Well, at least we know our own medical histories. You know, adopting a baby... who knows? What if the baby is allergic to you?

Mallet: Why would the baby be allergic to me?

Marina: I don't know. What if the baby is allergic to me? I mean, can babies even be allergic to people?

Mallet: I don't know. Maybe. I don't know.

Marina: We don't know these kinds of answers. Mallet, kids come to you and they have a lot of questions, and you have to be able to answer them.

Mallet: Well, I... maybe they'll grow up dumb.

Marina: Yeah, and it will be our fault.

Mallet: We can teach them something... to shoot a gun. They'll be good shots.

Marina: They would be good shots. They'd probably end up in a gang.

Mallet: It's a lot to think about.

Marina: I know. And we had stopped thinking about it, remember? Until Dinah was like, "Hey, how about you guys adopt a baby?" What is that saying, just because all of your friends are jumping off a bridge... I mean, really. Our friends are not even adopting kids, so...

Mallet: We don't really know anything about adoption.

Marina: Yeah, so why even talk about it?

Mallet: Right. Exactly.

Marina: Okay. You hungry? I'll make some pasta.

Mallet: Yeah. Yes, I am. And I'm going to... I'm going to take a shower.

Paging Dr. Bender! Paging Dr. Bender!

Reva: You okay?

Shayne: Yeah.

Reva: You know, um... I wasn't trying to make you forget.

Shayne: I know. You ready to go?

Reva: No. I want to talk to you. Please. Just for a minute. I don't expect you to get over losing Lara just like that. You may never get over it. But you will progress, little by little, because that's life. It's just one day after another after another. You will get back to being you. Because, believe me, I thought God was finished passing out the miracles, and then I saw you get up and walk. You may not feel blessed right now, but you survived that explosion. And I'm surviving cancer again. We'll survive. We'll survive this. We will.

Shayne: I love you. You know that. I do.

Reva: I love you, too.

Shayne: I... I don't want your baby boy to see me screwing up those messages on the video recorder. I don't want him to ever need those messages. I want had him to have you, happy and healthy and dancing on the tabletops at his 50th birthday.

Reva: (Laughing)

Shayne: That's what I want.

Reva: His 50th?

Shayne: Yeah.

Reva: Let me do the math here.

Shayne: You'll be there for it.

Reva: Come here, you. Oh, my boy. Oh, I love you so much. Okay. You know what? Look at me. You have done your mommy duties for the day. Put this on. I want you to go out and do something fun. Got it? Okay. And I will call you later. It's good.

Dinah: You should go. If Shayne comes back and finds you here, he's going to know something is up.

Jeffrey: What do you know about all of this, Dinah?

Dinah: What I know is that I'm trying to help him because I want to, not because I have to. Like some people.

Jeffrey: I feel for the guy. He's got lousy timing. What can I say.

Dinah: Okay. You know what? There's the Jeffrey O’Neill I know.

Jeffrey: You know, I just want to know what the guy's deal is, that's all. I'm trying to be patient.

Dinah: Helping Shayne matters to you, right?

Jeffrey: Protecting my wife and my baby matters to me.

Dinah: Wrong answer.

Jeffrey: Just being honest. You ought to try it some time.

Dinah: Uh-huh. Go home.

Jeffrey: Do you really think you're helping Shayne, doing all of this on your own? Do you think you're up to it?

Dinah: Jeffrey, I know what it feels like when everyone is watching you, everyone is talking, everyone is worried. Usually more about themselves. Whatever problems they're going through, they so conveniently blame you. So I'm not only up to helping Shayne, I'm the best chance he's got. I need this as much as he does.

Christina: Should we stick around for Buzz?

Remy: No. No. Sometimes it takes forever to get the...

Christina: Test results?

Remy: Ow.

Christina: You do it. I can’t... what is taking so long? Here, I'll do it. Don't look.

Remy: Now I can't look?

Christina: No. This is the rest of my life that we're talking about here, Remy. I can't have you know before I do.

Remy: Hey. Hey, it's okay. It's all right. You can always take them again, you know.

Christina: I got a 38.

Remy: You got a 38! Oh, my gosh! Um... that was just in the heat of the moment, right?

Christina: Yes.

Remy: Right.

Bleed like you bleed

don't let me change you.

If you've taken your time

if you've taken mine too

you're down and penniless

what do you got to lose

love for your son

Mary, Jesus couldn't save you

Momma, look for me.

Marina: Mallet!

Mallet: Marina!

Marina: We should adopt.

Mallet: Let's adopt. Let's adopt!

Marina: Really? Seriously?

Mallet: Yes, seriously. Really? Are you serious?

Marina: We would make great parents.

Mallet: We'd be giving a kid a home.

Marina: And he would be our kid.

Mallet: Or she would be our kid.

Marina: And we would be a family.

Mallet: We would have a family.

Jeffrey: Are you sure this is Mr. Crenshaw's room?

Maid: Yes.

Reva: Dinah.

Dinah: Reva, I have not seen him. He is not returning my phone calls. Please yell at someone else.

Reva: I just saw him now.

Dinah: You did? How is he?

Reva: He is as good as you would expect him to be. He's walking. But, then again, you already knew that.

Dinah: How do you know that I know that?

Reva: Well, there is a lot of things I know. Like the fact that you're the closest thing to a friend that Shayne has right now. So I'm going to make it my business to know yours. Can you be at a memorial service tomorrow?

Dinah: Shayne wants a memorial service for Lara?

Reva: Well, it was my idea. I'll e-mail you the details, but I've got to go now because I have a lot to pull together before tomorrow.

Dinah: Reva!

Shayne: Hello, this is Shayne Lewis. Obviously, I knew your daughter Lara.

Man: I don't know you.

Shayne: I don't know how close the two of you were. But I thought you should know that your daughter was... is the best person that I've ever met. And that this world without her in it is... it's an empty place. I don't know why I'm saying this to you, except to say that your daughter was a very special person, and I miss her. I miss her every day. And I'm sorry that... I'm sorry for your loss.

Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Jeffrey: It's a nice idea having a memorial service for Lara.

Reva: I think it will help Shayne.

Shayne: I don't want to be a part of a memorial service for Lara.

Josh: I believe it will help.

Reva: For Lara, with love.

Jeffrey: Who are they from?

Reva: It doesn't say.

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