GL Transcript Wednesday 1/21/09

Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 1/21/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...


Emma: I guess you can see I love my whole family, especially my two mommies.

Olivia: About Emmaís presentation...

Ms. Jennings: Not to worry. Our school prides itself on diversity.

Beth: You have no idea what Coop and I have. And, honestly, neither do we!

Olivia: You had to know what they were thinking.

Natalia: What were they thinking?

Olivia: I don't know whether to laugh or cry. You really didn't see it?

Natalia: See what?

Olivia: The way they were looking at us?

Natalia: Oh, there you go again! Emma was a really big hit. Everybody loved her story, and so she said we're a different kind of family.

Olivia: "Different?" That's not the word they were thinking.

Natalia: Okay, unconventional.

Olivia: Keep trying. You'll get there.

Natalia: Is this because of Rafe being in prison? Because I'm sure it upset some people, but...

Olivia: No, it's not about Rafe, Natalia! It's about us. Us! Us! You, me, Tarzan and Jane.... Jane, Jane!

Natalia: Look, I have no idea what in the world...

Olivia: They think we're partners.

Natalia: Well, we are... partners. I mean, you hired me to help you out at the Beacon...

Olivia: No. I'm not just talking about work.

Natalia: Yeah, I know, we're partners here, too. And as soon as you get better, you can start doing some more housework.

Olivia: I'm talking about vacuuming and dusting!

Natalia: You're talking about Emma, and how you share her with me. And I think that's so...

Olivia: Not that kind of partner. Natalia, they think that we're close. They think that we're very close. They think we love each other.

Natalia: Well, we do. And I know we don't always say it, and I know we argue about everything, but, you know, deep down...

Olivia: Oh, my gosh! Do I have to hit you over the hit with it? They think...

Natalia: What? What was that?

Olivia: Do you see? Do you see what they think?

Natalia: Oh, my God! They think...

Olivia: Mm-hmm.

Natalia: They think that we're...

Olivia: Yup.

Natalia: But we aren't!

Olivia: No.

Natalia: Then... then why did you kiss me like that?

Lizzie: No, Granddad, I have not changed my mind. I am just grabbing dinner before the flight. Come on, you know I hate airport food-- and airports, for that matter, but you already took the jet, so... of course this is for the best. This is our family's legacy. It's the most important... it's the only thing important to me now. Um... change of plans, Granddad, I just lost my appetite.

Coop: Okay, I'll straighten everything out. Just wait here for me, and I'll be right back.

Beth: Okay.

Coop: All right?

Beth: Okay.

Coop: All right. Lizzie... Lizzie, Lizzie, wait! Please!

Lizzie: What?

Coop: Look, I know that you're angry with me.

Lizzie: Good. Self awareness. That makes sense, you being a writer and all.

Coop: (Sighs)

Lizzie: Oh, what, no witty comeback?

Coop: Lizzie, I just want to talk with you.

Lizzie: No, you donít. No. You want my blessing to bang my mom. Oh, I'm sorry, did I go too far? Oh, no, wait, that was you.

Coop: You know, pushing is just going to make you...

Lizzie: Do you know what, Coop? Can you just take the hint? I don't want to talk to you!

Coop: Well, that's tough, because we're going to talk. This isn't just going to go away.

Lizzie: No. You need to go away, because you make me sick.

Coop: Your mom...

Lizzie: Yeah, my mom! My mom. She is my mom, Coop.

Coop: Do you think that either of us planned for this to happen?

Lizzie: I don't know. I don't know, and I don't care. Okay? I'm getting on a plane in two hours, and, I don't know, maybe I won't come back. How about you text me if my mom notices?

Coop: Now, look, this is not what we're trying to do...

Lizzie: Will you get your hands off of me?

Coop: Okay, okay! I'm sorry.

Lizzie: No. See, here's the thing, you're not sorry, Coop. You're not sorry at all! Ugh! When did you turn into such a sleaze bag who bangs people's momís?

Coop: (Sighs) Maybe you're right. Me talking was a bad idea.

Lizzie: Yeah, you know something? Maybe we finally agree on something.

Coop: Ah! Ugh! Did that feel good? Ugh!

Bill: I know you know where Phillip is, and I just need you to contact him as soon as possible.

Rick: Phillip?

Bill: Yes.

Rick: Okay, all right, look. It's this medication that you're on. I'll change the dose, and you should be fine.

Bill: Oh, no, no, no. Listen to me. I stopped taking that weeks ago.

Rick: Head medication can make you feel anxious, it can give you paranoia. I've got to switch that.

Bill: Rick, I am not on drugs! I am not crazy. I need you to contact Phillip, please, as soon as possible.

Rick: You're serious?

Bill: Yes. Yes. And we are running out of time.

Rick: Well, even if I wanted to help you, Bill, I can't, because I don't know where Phillip is.

Bill: Right.

Rick: Sorry about that.

Bill: I mean, come on, you've got to know something. A last address, an e-mail address...

Rick: You hated Phillip more than anybody in this town. What's changed, Bill?

Bill: Because I think he is the only person left who can save Lizzie.

Frank: "Hey, Natalia, how about a slice of pizza, and you want to go steady?" How about that? (Laughter)

Buzz: What woman wouldn't respond to that, Frank? But a little tip about the pizza-- no onions, you know? Because she might not want to kiss you again. You know, because, I mean, the smell, Frank.

Frank: Thanks for the tip, Pops.

Buzz: I'm teasing, Frank. Come on, she'd have to be crazy not to want to date you.

Frank: You know what? She really freaked out after the kiss, though. You know, the timing could not be worse. With Rafe being sick, and, you know-- oh, my God, the spur of the moment like that...

Buzz: Oh, that's the beauty of it, Frank!

Frank: I'm not following you.

Buzz: It's classic. Come on, man, they've been doing it for centuries. Sweep the women off their feet with a kiss.

Frank: Yeah, well, might sweep someone off with a steady handshake.

Buzz: A kiss can change everything.

Frank: I'm not like you, Pop.

Buzz: I'm not a bad guy. Lighten up. You're over thinking.

Frank: Okay. Okay. I'll tell you what. You know what? I'll call her up and ask her out on another date. But you know what? No pizza. This time I'm going to take her out for a nice meal.

Buzz: Okay. And you tell her you're going to pick her up, all right?

Frank: I got it, Pop.

Buzz: Oh, and, you know, the kiss thing... you don't mention that. You know, that's a deal breaker.

Frank: I got it. Thank you.

Buzz: All right.

Frank: I'm not making this phone call with you standing right there.

Buzz: Oh, all right. I'll go check the pizza. You get the girl.

Frank: Thanks, Pop. Take your time.

(Phone rings)

Olivia: You going to get that? (Phone rings)

Natalia: It's not Rafe.

Olivia: Well, say something.

Natalia: I did. I asked you why you kissed me like that?

Olivia: Did you ever hear the expression, "Actions speak louder than words?" Natalia, I kissed you because you have got to be the most naive person on the planet. I mean, the whole time we're sitting there listening to Emmaís presentation, and all of those people are staring at you-- it didnít... it didn't once occur to you what they might be thinking? I mean, the project was called "My Two Mommies," for heaven sake! How much more obvious can you get?

Natalia: I thought we were celebrating Emma! She doesn't think that...

Olivia: No. She's a kid. But every parent there thought we were a couple. And not just the parents, the teacher, too, Mrs. Jennings. She comes up to me after the presentation, and she goes on and on about "diversity" and how wonderful our situation is!

Natalia: Emma's teacher?

Olivia: Yeah.

Natalia: She thinks we're... well, did you set her straight?

Olivia: No pun intended? (Laughing) Oh, come on, it's funny. It's getting a little funny, isn't it?

Natalia: You're still drunk.

Olivia: Maybe a little.

Natalia: Did you explain to Emmaís teacher that that's not how...

Olivia: Well, I tried. But a father came up and complained about the weight of his kid's backpack, and I just didn't get a chance.

Natalia: So she... she still thinks that we're, you know, together? Raising Emma, like, together?

Olivia: Oh, okay, stop! Stop! I understand. I was... reacted the same way when I figured it out, but you know what? It really is not a big deal. It's just a silly mistake.

Natalia: No, it's not a mistake. It's a big lie about who we are.

Olivia: I think you're going a little too far. I mean, we didn't plan this. It's not like...

Natalia: It doesn't matter! Okay, we have to go explain to Ms. Jennings the whole situation-- now. Yes, now!

Olivia: Wait. Just... wait. I can send her an e-mail.

Natalia: Do what you want, but by the time you send an e- mail, I will have already explained to her exactly what is going on. I just... I can't let her think something like this. It's too important. So I'm going now. Are you going to come with me? I'm going to be in the car.

Rick: Patient's waiting. I've only got a few minutes.

Bill: A few minutes is all I need.

Rick: Let's just cut to the chase. Maybe you already know this. Most people think you are responsible for kidnapping Lizzie-- myself included-- so why don't you just explain to me why you would want to help Lizzie? Go ahead, I'm waiting.

Bill: Just to ease my conscience and I know you donít think that I'm good enough for her...

Rick: You're not good enough for her.

Bill: Okay, but I'm not going to sit by and watch Alan control her life. Look what it did to Phillip. Do you realize that Alan took Phillipís old model of Springfield out of the attic; told her that they're going to... they're going to build the town in the Spaulding image? Are you kidding me? Lizzie's hurt and vulnerable, and I'm not going to let that happen.

Rick: Why is she hurt? Why is she hurt, Bill?

Bill: It's my fault, yes. I know that, Rick. I don't need you to tell me that. That's why I need to find someone who can help her before she becomes Alanís little mini-me.

Rick: No. No. Beth would never let that happen. Ever.

Bill: Lizzie and Beth had a big fight. They're not... they're not even talking.

Rick: Well, it's mother and daughter. It's supposed to happen.

Bill: Yeah, she's not going to listen to her mother. She's not listening to my father or Lillian...

Rick: Or you, thankfully.

Bill: Especially not me. That's why I think the only person who has a shot to reaching Lizzie is... is her father.

Rick: Her father? You know, her father has been absent in her life all these years, Bill. Do you just think that Phillip is just going to walk back in, and everything in her life's going to be rosy again?

Bill: I don't know. Okay, I don't know. It's a long shot. But if you have another plan, I will listen.

Rick: I'm sorry, Bill, but there has got to be a better way to help Lizzie. Good luck with that.

Coop: Lizzie, Lizzie, please wait. Just wait,. Wait just one second.

Lizzie: What, Coop? So what, you're not just a cradle robber, you're a stalker now, too?

Coop: I think in this situation, it would be your mom who is the cradle robber.

Lizzie: It's not funny, Coop.

Coop: I'm sorry. It's mildly funny and partially comical, too, if you think about it?

Lizzie: No, it's not. It's messed up. It's really messed up.

Coop: It's messed up... it's messed up that your mom is finally happy?

Lizzie: Um, yeah... no, it's not. It's beyond messed up, because I can't tell you what grosses me out more-- the fact that you and I almost got married, or that my mother is as good as married to somebody else and it happens that that somebody else is my grandfather.

Coop: Lizzie, wait, wait, wait, wait! Stop, look, what about this. What about reason number 27, all right? You're hurting. I know that you're in pain after what happened with Bill.

Lizzie: Don't bring his name up to me.

Coop: It's the truth, Lizzie. And I'm sorry. Maybe... maybe it's hard for you to see your mom and I together.

Lizzie: It's not hard for me. Look... (laughs) you're... you're acting like I am jealous that you and my mom are getting it on in some cheap hotel, when what Bill and I had is...

Coop: Was what?

Lizzie: Just have your cheap sex, okay?

Coop: Is that what you think that's all we do, is just have sex in a cheap hotel room?

Lizzie: Yeah. Isn't that what it is?

Coop: Lizzie, I care for your mom, and she cares for me. I'm pretty sure she cares for me, all right? Otherwise, why do you think we would be doing this? We wouldn't be putting so many people at risk if there wasn't something there to believe in.

Lizzie: So you're telling me...

Coop: Yes, I am telling you, I have strong feelings for your mom. And I am very certain that she feels the same way about me. I... I know this changes things.

Lizzie: Yeah, yeah, it changes things. It makes it worse. Love is so messed up. All it does is mess people's heads and makes them miserable. And we're all going to end up alone anyway, only we're going to be worse off than before, because now we know what we're missing.

Coop: I'm sorry that Bill hurt you the way he did, because I've got to tell you, I do not like seeing you this way.

Lizzie: Realistic? Get used to it. It's the new me.

Coop: You don't mean that.

Lizzie: Yeah, I do. I also mean this: Walk away from my mother.

Coop: What?

Lizzie: You heard me. Walk away from her before my granddad finds out and it destroys him.

Coop: Well, I am sorry, Lizzie, I just can't do that.

Lizzie: Well, that is a shame. Because when I'm done with you, you'll wish you had.

Bill: Where is she?

Cyrus: Sorry, man, I don't read minds.

Bill: Lizzie-- where is she?

Cyrus: I'm pretty sure if Lizzie wanted you to know where she was, she would have told you yourself. But since she hasnít...

Bill: She needs me, Cyrus.

Cyrus: Not anymore. You blew it.

Lizzie: Oh, would you go away?

Coop: And what, you just flip just like a switch? All right, you go over to the dark side, and you start making threats just like Alan does? You're defending him, siding with him, after every single thing that man has done to you?

Lizzie: He has always done what he thought was best for me, which is a lot more than I can say about my mother.

Coop: Beth... Lizzie, your mom is finally happy! And I know you might hate this-- us -- I think it counts for something, though. I really do. And you know what I think? I think that the Lizzie I once knew-- the Lizzie that I loved and fell for-- I think that Lizzie is going to wake up one day, one day when it is too late, and she's going to look in the mirror, and she's not going to like the person that she's become. That's what I think.

Lizzie: Who are you trying to be? My stepfather?

Coop: I heard you gave Roxy away. I know she was your heart. I know she meant everything to you.

Lizzie: Well, not anymore. Please let go of my car? Excuse me.

Olivia: Stop it.

Natalia: Sorry. So where is Em's teacher? What is taking so long?

Olivia: Well, it's after hours. She'll probably have to come back and meet with us.

Natalia: Well, I appreciate that, but this is really important. And this needs to be immediately resolved.

Olivia: You know, you act like there is a serial killer on the loose! Nothing happened.

Natalia: All of those people think that we're... that we're...

Olivia: Lesbians? Oh! So what? So what, okay? It's besides the point. We know we're not, so who cares what they think?

Natalia: I care because I'm a mother and you're a mother, and our children should know the truth about their parents.

Olivia: Oh, come on. I doubt that Rafe is getting news of Emmaís fourth grade presentation from the other inmates in prison. And Emma-- she is just a little girl. She doesn't know what people would think. She still doesnít.

Natalia: Well, neither did I.

Olivia: Well, because you live under a rock!

Natalia: Just because I don't just jump to scandalous conclusions...

Olivia: Scandalous?

Natalia: Yeah.

Olivia: This is scandalous? You are blowing this way out of proportion, you know that?

Natalia: The whole school thinks that we're, like, a couple.

Olivia: There were 20 parents here.

Natalia: Okay, well, Emmaís teacher wants to submit this project to a regional competition. So that means a whole lot more people are going to start getting the wrong idea about us, unless we just fix this right now.

Olivia: What do you want me to do? You want me to pull her from the competition? You want me to have her write a new version of this project?

Natalia: If we have to, yes. For her own good. I'm going to see where Emmaís teacher is because my head is going to explode if we don't get this all cleared up.

Olivia: She's my daughter. You stay here.

I thought I knew it all

I thought I knew it all

I thought I understood

and I believed I needed...

Bill: She looks like she misses you.

Lizzie: Yeah, well, you know dogs miss whoever feeds them. I have a plane to catch. What are you doing here?

Bill: Just walking my dog.

Lizzie: Your dog?

Bill: Yeah. Apparently, she didn't have a place to stay anymore, so I took her in. We've always been good to each other, right, huh? You always liked me. A little high maintenance as far as dogs go, but that's always been my type.

Lizzie: You've been drinking. You smell terrible.

Bill: That's why I'm walking, not driving. (Laughs)

Lizzie: (Laughs mockingly) Great. Great. So now I have to worry about her? I specifically told Nana to find a nice owner-- not a drunk.

Bill: Lizzie, you don't have to worry about her. She's not your dog anymore. Leave the worrying to me, I guess, right? You just focus on your big business trip, right?

Lizzie: That's what I'm doing.

Bill: Good.

Lizzie: Good. Well, don't forget to take her to the lake to see the ducks sometimes. She likes that.

Rick: She's beautiful. (Laughter) She is so cute! I don't believe how big she has gotten.

Beth: I know! They grow up so fast! Pretty soon she's going to be able to fit into some of those dresses of Lizzieís that I've been saving all these years. I'm sorry, Rick. I know how much you wanted her to be yours. I'm sorry.

Rick: I miss her, but I'm not going to lie to you, Beth. I miss this, too-- us just talking like real friends. I miss it.

Beth: We kind of fell off the wagon, didn't we?

Rick: Well, yeah.

Beth: When we signed those divorce papers, we promised that we would keep talking just like we used to. Well, I'm glad you came by today. Oh... something is going on. This isn't just about a visit.

Rick: I need to... just to tell you it just wasn't to see your little girl.

Beth: It wasn't?

Rick: Lizzie's in trouble, Beth. According to Bill Lewis, anyway. And he asked me... he asked me to help him find Phillip.

Beth: Phillip... well, you don't know where Phillip is, do you?

Rick: Do you know where he is?

Beth: No, no! You would tell me if you knew...

Rick: You have no idea where he is?

Beth: No!

Rick: Okay.

Beth: Why did he ask you that? Why would he want to? He hates Phillip!

Rick: Well, I'm skeptical. I don't like this guy, I'm skeptical. He said he is worried about Lizzie, and that she's upset and in so much pain that she is starting to turn into Alan, and she's losing herself in the process. And somehow he thinks Phillip coming back-- waltzing back in her life-- is going to fix everything, and...

Beth: Phillip can't fix this.

Rick: No, but... you can.

Beth: I'm part of the problem. She doesn't want to speak to me.

Rick: Yeah, I heard that. So...

Beth: Did, uh... he tell you why?

Rick: No. He said he didnít... he didn't know why.

Beth: I'm seeing someone.

Rick: Someone? Someone... someone not Alan, someone?

Beth: Itís... it's Coop.

Rick: Coop? Little Coop? Lizzie's Coop? Coop Bradshaw, that's who?

Beth: He makes me happy, Rick. He...

Rick: Oh, my gosh.

Beth: Say something supportive.

Rick: Oh, well... heís... he's younger than Alan, right? (Laughter) Thatís... that's a good thing. He looks a lot better than Alan. Coop!

Beth: Okay. Okay. If I ask you something, will you... will you tell me the truth?

Rick: I'll try.

Beth: Have I lost my mind?

Coop: Is there any way that you can find out when someone is flying back into town, from, let's say, New York?

Frank: I can put a flag on their I.D., but who and why?

Coop: Alan.

Frank: Alan? As in Alan Spaulding?

Coop: Uh-huh.

Frank: Why do you care about him? Are you trying to change something on the menu now?

Coop: No. This has nothing to do with the menu.

Buzz: Would that it were.

Coop: Dad...

Frank: What are you talking about?

Coop: I need to find out when he's flying back into town because...

Buzz: Coop!

Coop: Itís... because I am the one who has been dating Beth Raines. But it's important... it's important that we find out when he is flying back into town, Frank, because he doesn't know yet. About us.

Frank: Are you kidding me here? Is this some kind of sick joke, here? Did you know about this?

Coop: He actually has known for the past couple of weeks.

Frank: For weeks? For weeks? And nobody's said anything to me, here?

Coop: Frank, this hasn't concerned you until now.

Frank: You... you and Beth? Really? Uh, you know, this is... this is...

Buzz: This is idiotic. This is suicidal, is what it is.

Frank: You and Beth. You and Beth, really? We need to talk.

Coop: No, no, Frank, we don't need to talk. I need to know if you can either do this, or you canít. Because at this point, I am way past lectures.

Frank: Okay, I see. So I don't even have a say in this matter, then? Is that right?

Buzz: Frank, could you arrest him? Maybe, you know, put some handcuffs on him?

Coop: That's funny, Dad. That's very funny.

Natalia: Hi, Ms. Jennings. Thank you so much for coming in such short notice to come meet with us.

Ms. Jennings: Of course. Is there a problem with Emma?

Natalia: Oh, no. Emma is fine. Emma's, um... did you see Olivia? She was in the hallway looking for you, I think?

Ms. Jennings: No. She must have just missed me.

Natalia: Great, okay. I just... I... I think this should come from her, because Emma is her child. But um... the thing is, um... I think people got the wrong idea today, when Emma was giving her presentation.

Ms. Jennings: Oh, "My Two Mommies," yes. That was a wonderful speech.

Natalia: Yes, it was-- incredible. And Emma is an incredible little girl, but I don't think she realized, when she was writing this presentation, you know, that... that people would get the wrong idea.

Ms. Jennings: I'm not sure I understand.

Natalia: Ah, well, Olivia and I are not a couple. Yeah. We're just two friends that actually happen to share a house. We're roommates, actually. It... because it all started when Olivia hired me to be her personal assistant at the Beacon, and at the same time, I bought a home and I really can't afford the mortgage, unless I took in a boarder. But, um, it just sort of worked out because Olivia needed a little extra care because of her heart condition. So, actually, it's just really an agreement between two people, which is why I was really so shocked to find out what everyone was thinking today.

Ms. Jennings: I'm so sorry about the misunderstanding. You're roommates.

Natalia: Well, more than that. We are a family. You know, "My Two Mommies," doesn't mean that Olivia and I are a couple, you know, like you thought, but it can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. And I think that to us it means that we're two friends who leaned on each other when we were at our lowest. It means that I scraped Olivia off the floor when she was having trouble with her heart, and, um... she was there when my son went away to prison. And she did everything she could to keep me going. She showed me I didn't have to crawl into a ball and die. And today, when Emma was giving her speech, I wanted to cry because I... you know, I was so happy because we are a family. And I never thought that I could have that again after my husband died. You know, that my son and I could have that kind of support and love, but we do. And, you know, if that's not a family, I don't know what one is, so...

Beth: I'm sorry about that. There's an emergency with the staff. There's much more to do with Alan gone...

Rick: Is he away on business? When does he get back?

Beth: I'm not sure.

Rick: Okay. And... and when he does, are you going to tell him about this? About this thing about you and Coop?

Beth: I... don't know.

Rick: Then you're going to wait for him to find out? It's a good strategy.

Beth: (Laughs)

Rick: Worked really well for...

Beth: Okay. Okay. Okay. Point taken.

Rick: I want you guys both to be happy, Beth, but you're her mother. I mean, this can't be easy for Lizzie. I mean, Coop...

Beth: It's not. She's angry. And I don't even think that it's me that she's angry at, or Coop. It's Bill. She's heartbroken. Do you know that she gave up Roxy.

Rick: Her little dog?

Beth: Uh-huh. She said she couldn't take care of her anymore. She asked my mother to find her a good home. I don't know, Rick, I just... I don't know what to do. It's like she's shutting down.

Rick: Well, it sounds like she is. Let me ask me something, because I'm highly skeptical. Do you really think that Bill Lewis is in love with Lizzie?

Beth: Yes, I do.

Frank: Don't tell me that's why Beth got Alan to swoop in and save Company?

Coop: That's part of the reason, sure. What, you have a problem with that now, Frank?

Frank: I've got a problem with my brother stepping in the path of a nuclear missile, yes.

Buzz: Thank you very much!

Frank: Let me tell you something, Coop, listen to me. It's a very bad idea to be sneaking around Alan Spauldingís back. Trust me. You okay over there?

Buzz: Sure.

Frank: You've been sweeping... sweeping over there for a while.

Buzz: Sweeping's good for the soul, Frank.

Coop: Pop, why don't you just give it a rest for a little while, okay?

Buzz: I'll rest, just as soon as I know that my new landlord is not going to rearrange your face.

Coop: Pop, what's wrong? Call 9-1-1.

Buzz: I'm fine. I'm fine. Back off.

Coop: No. Why don't we go across the street to Cedars...

Buzz: I've had a cold all last week. It's not a heart attack! Back off!

Coop: I'm sorry. Okay, look, I shouldn't have got you so involved in all of this. I apologize, okay? Just, please calm down.

Buzz: Look, you remember this, you know, when you get older and you have kids. At my age, all he wants is his kids to be happy. Remember that. All I want is for Frank to end up with Natalia...

Frank: Well, that may not...

Buzz: Any woman... any woman who is not taken.

Frank: Alan Spaulding...

Coop: Shut up, Frank! All right? You're not exactly helping me out here.

Frank: You know what? I'm going to save you from yourself.

Olivia: What do you want for dinner? Chinese, Mexican, or do you just want to scrounge for some leftovers?

Natalia: Actually, Frank called. He wants me to go out to dinner with him. I was thinking of going.

Olivia: Are you sure you don't want to play hard to get, make it a little harder for him? Torture the man?

Natalia: No. I think I'll put him out of his misery. Do you mind?

Olivia: No! No. Go have fun. Emma and I will get takeout and we'll watch a movie.

Natalia: Won't she be at Derekís?

Olivia: Right. Right, I forgot. Natalia?

Natalia: Yeah?

Olivia: I'm really, I'm glad you spoke with Ms. Jennings. And I'm glad that everything got straightened out.

Natalia: Me, too.

Little sister

we don't touch the ground

so you fly...

Cyrus: Don't you have a plane to catch?

Lizzie: I saw Bill. With Roxy. He adopted her. Can you believe that? He just... did it. He didn't even tell me. I mean, who knows how long I would have gone having no idea that she was still so close.

Cyrus: You don't have to do this, Lizzie. Meet Alan on this trip, I mean. We can turn this car around and go home. Or better yet, go shopping. It's good for the economy.

Lizzie: Granddad is so good at this, you know? He just... shuts everything off. Keeps his eye on the prize. I just didn't know it was going to be this hard. I almost caved. For a second when I saw him, I just almost ran up to him and... I just don't know why I'm not stronger, you know, like my granddad. I don't know why I'm not strong enough to...

Cyrus: You don't think that he's haunted every day by mistakes? You don't think he misses all of the people he's lost in his life, all of the people he let down?

Lizzie: What are you saying? Do you think I can't do this? That maybe I should just give up and go back to Bill because I'll probably never, ever going to be over him?

Cyrus: You tell me.

Lizzie: Great. You're no help.

Cyrus: I thought you didn't want to depend on anyone else.

Lizzie: Ugh! Oh, stop! You're paying attention to everything I say. ( laughter)

Natalia: Oh! you're so... it's nice.

A friend of a friend is where it began

meeting by chance

our paths of romance

smile was like sweet wine

drunk on a last

hangover was different this


to the image he had

the back of his mind

slipped to his

Never felt sicker

when they would park

baby this one's forever

don't tell us never

it's a game we can't play

play anyway


baby this one's forever

it's been a long time coming

so let's play






Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Alan: The investors we're meeting with today have been hand-picked.

Lizzie: And they're interested in Springfield?

Alan: We will make them interested.

Billy: Where are you going?

Bill: I'm going to look for Phillip Spaulding.

Lizzie: We are about to own all of Springfield.

Billy: Are you sure about this?

Bill: If I want Lizzie back, I've got to earn her.

Lizzie: I assure you that I want to be here. And I plan on leaving even richer.

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