GL Transcript Monday 1/19/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 1/19/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Lizzie: Why would you throw me in a van and bring me here?

Olivia: It's one thing for a little girl to stand up there and talk in front of other kids. It's another thing for her to talk in front of self-righteous parents. They're all staring at me like I have a third eye.

Cyrus: Did he hurt you?

Bill: No, I didn't hurt her.

Emma: "My Two Mommies," by Emma Spencer.

Bill: We can take the worst experience in your life and turn it into something beautiful. I never meant to hurt her; I just... I only wanted to remind her of what was in her heart.

Billy: And... and... you, uh... you peaked into her diary again?

Bill: Yeah, but it was different this time.

Billy: Oh. Different from when you used her words to manipulate her feelings? It was nothing like that, right?

Bill: Look, it was the same tricks, but the motive was different.

Billy: Oh, well! And you expect her to believe that?

Bill: You've got to put yourself in my shoes, Dad. Lizzie doesn't believe in me. I don't even know if I believe in myself anymore, okay? And I'm just... I'm hanging on to this... this single thread to prove to her-- to myself-- that I didn't kidnap her.

Billy: Okay, now, well, explain to me how looking at her diary helps with this?

Bill: I just thought maybe, if she had that... that same thread, you know? If I knew... if I knew she still had faith in me, then I can prove... prove to her that I didn't do it.

Billy: Well, so... so you're going to prove you weren't the kidnapper by kidnapping her?

Bill: Yes-- no! Look, I was desperate, okay? Was it smart? No. No, no, no, no. But... I was desperate, and it almost worked. If only...

Billy: If only... you hadn't been you!

Bill: Yeah, that's what she said.

Billy: Well, can you blame her? (Laughing) Oh, geez. Oh! Yeah, well, you know, I tell you-- if I had been in your shoes, maybe I'd have done the same thing. God knows I'm dumb enough.

Bill: Thank you.

Billy: Well, okay. So what's next?

Bill: Alan's taking Lizzie to New York, and I have a sick feeling that he's going to take the last piece of her heart. The piece that I didn't manage to break.

Lizzie: Oh, I'm so sorry, Roxy, but you know that you get airsick. Yes, you do! And after New York, I'm going to be traveling all over South America, so I really think...

Lillian: Hey, sweetie. Are you all ready to go? Do you want me to call for the car?

Lizzie: Well, I had a little bit of time before my flight, so I wanted to spend it with Roxy.

Lillian: Well, I'm going to take perfectly wonderful care of Roxy while you're away.

Lizzie: Actually, I can't take care of her anymore, so I'd really like you to find her a new home.

Buzz: Lose something?

Coop: (Sighs) Those papers that I left up here the other day-- please tell me you did not trash them.

Buzz: What, the story about Beth? I thought you said that was a fairy tale.

Coop: Maybe not. I... I just... I think there might be some possibilities there still.

Buzz: If I were you, I'd trust my first impulse.

Coop: Look, Dad, once you start something like this, you can't just... you can't stop it. You've got to keep going... until you make it perfect.

Buzz: Oh, okay. Uh, well, I came down to look for it; I couldn't find it. I think it's gone. I think you're going to have to go to a new story, you know?

Coop: Maybe not. (Laughs) I have a copy of it on my hard drive.

Buzz: Hey, why do you really want to go back to that story?

Emma: "My Two Mommies," by Emma Spencer. This my number one mommy. She's always busy, but never too busy for me. She's all heart; even if it's somebody else's heart. (Laughter)

Natalia: Isn't she great?

Emma: She's beautiful, she's smart and different. My mom says, "Be proud that you're different." This is my number two mommy. She's my mommy's friend. We all stay at the same house, and we have lots of fun. This is her son, Rafe. He's in prison, but I love him like he's my big brother. Just like I love my big sister, Ava. I guess you can see I love my whole family. Especially my two mommies. I took this one with my timer. This one is my favorite. We have so much fun together. I love my house and my family-- especially my two mommies. (Applause)

Ms. Jennings: Thank you, Emma. That was wonderful. And thanks to all our talented, terrific students. (Applause) There's cookies and punch and plenty of time for pictures. Thanks again for coming. (Applause)

Natalia: Oh! That was incredible! Good job!

Emma: I told you it would be a surprise.

Olivia: Was it ever! You were just great.

Emma: Ms. Jennings is going to put our papers on the website...

Olivia: Oh!

Emma: ...So everybody can see.

Derek: Emma, chocolate chip!

Natalia: What's the matter? Aren't you proud?

Olivia: I am! Yes! But you saw the way there were looking at us, right?

Natalia: Who?

Olivia: Everybody!

Natalia: Yeah, they liked the story.

Olivia: Oh, I don't think that's what... what...

Natalia: Yeah.

Olivia: ...Yeah, no.

Natalia: Hey, listen. I really have to run super quick. I want to call Rafe and do some things at the house.

Olivia: Let me just... no... Natalia, I think Emmaís speech...

Natalia: Will you just...

Olivia: ...It sort of implied...

Natalia: Yeah, give me a copy, please?

Olivia: Yeah...

Natalia: And give her a big kiss for me, okay? And I'll see you in a little bit.

Ms. Jennings: Well, now, have I been dying to talk to you!

Coop: So, have you made your choice.

Beth: Why don't I take a walk, and then you can follow in a minute?

Coop: Sure. I'll wear my darkest sunglasses, and I'll wear a hat, as well.

Beth: That... that's not what I meant.

Coop: Stop hiding, Beth. Stop pretending you "just happen" to be in the neighborhood when you drop in.

Beth: Coop...

Coop: My dad knows. Lillian knows. Lizzie knows. And we are still here. Lightening has not struck us.

Beth: Well, wait until Alan comes home.

Coop: Okay, now you just sound like somebody's mom. "Wait until your father comes home."

Beth: I am somebody's mom! And you are somebody's son! And you talk about pretending, but you can't pretend that other people don't stand to get hurt in this.

Coop: So what do we do? Hmm? Do we just shake hands and say, "Have a nice life," you go back to the house and you wait for Alan with your arms wide open? Well, why wait? Why don't you just fly right down there and go join him? It'll be you, and Lizzie and Granddad, and you can be one, big, happy family.

Beth: Stop, stop. Donít... don't do this. You know that that's not what I want!

Coop: Really? I have a table for two at Towers tonight. Are you ready to join me and go public, or should I cancel that, too?

Beth: Okay, I understand. We're at a turning point.

Coop: I've turned the corner already. Beth, I am just waiting for you to catch up.

Beth: It's easy for you. You don't have kids, or a history or a town full of people waiting to sit in judgment of you!

Coop: Kids? Kids? Yeah, I saw your kid at the house when I was there. She is getting ready to go down a very dark road with Alan. Is that what you want for her?

Beth: No, no, of course not!

Coop: Then why don't you stand up and do something about it? Why don't you stand up for us? Stand up for yourself! Show Lizzie that there is a different way. That there is a better way.

Frank: Hey, guys. Is this a student-teacher conference, or can I join you?

Beth: I, um... I'm sorry. I have to go back to the house. Frank, it was nice to see you. Bye.

Coop: I'll see you later, at Towers.

Frank: Is it me, or has Coop been acting a little weird these last few weeks? What are you doing about Natalia?

Lizzie: I have... Roxy's favorite chew toys, and... that little, sparkly collar that she wears...

Lillian: Lizzie?

Lizzie: ...On special occasions.

Lillian: This is wrong. You love Roxy!

Lizzie: I can't take care of her anymore. This is a chance for her to... to have a good home, with maybe a little girl that likes to play with her or a big back yard. You know, but I'm going to leave that decision up to you.

Lillian: Well, what I think is the right decision-- what I think is best-- is that you be honest. You're just using Roxy as a symbol. You're trying to give up all your hope for love, because of what happened with Bill.

Lizzie: If you can't do this for me, I'll find someone who will.

Lillian: Elizabeth Lillian Raines Spaulding, you listen to me. You are not Alan. You cannot hide your feelings just because you've been hurt. You're much more like your mother and your wonderful father.

Lizzie: Yeah, well, I think my "wonderful" parents would've been a little better off feeling a little less. And I am just looking for some way to live without Bill... and I just need to get rid of all of these things that I thought were making me happy, okay? I just need to get rid of them, or I'm going to go nuts. So please don't make me beg-- just take her, okay?

Lillian: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. I promise.

Lizzie: Okay. Okay, um, Roxy? Just, um... watch out for squirrels and fire trucks.

Bill: I don't know how to help her, okay? I tried hypnosis, I tried taking her to the crime scene, I mean...

Billy: No, no. Itís... it's figuring out what you did. How about helping her?

Bill: She doesn't want my help.

Billy: No, hey, look. She's a Spaulding. I know from Spauldingís. When they're wounded, they're like bears.

Bill: You know, look, I don't care if she lashes out at me. Okay, the one who stands to get hurt the most is Lizzie. Unless...

Billy: Unless?

Bill: Thank you. Someone's got to stop her from flying to New York with Alan. Will you help me?

Billy: Well, I don't know that I can help with this...

Bill: Come on! Before she ever gave a damn about me, she loved you like a father!

Billy: Yeah, well, she's got herself a father.

Bill: Phillip's not a part of her life, you are! Maybe you can remind her that... that love still matters. And not to give up.

Olivia: Miss... Mrs. Jennings, about Emmaís presentation...

Ms. Jennings: Oh, not to worry. Our school prides itself on diversity-- not just token differences for the sake of funding, but real diversity.

Olivia: And I think that's great, I really do.

Ms. Jennings: I can't tell you how moved I was when I saw you squeeze your partner's hand.

Olivia: Oh, no, she's not...

Ms. Jennings: Comforting her, helping her when there was news about her son? Yes, I saw it. And so did everyone else.

Olivia: Oh, no, you didnít. No. What you saw-- what everybody saw-- it's not what you think.

Ms. Jennings: My cousin, Todd, is gay. He and Michael just got married in Connecticut. It was the loveliest ceremony!

Olivia: I'm so glad it was... I like... yes, good for them. But I think you need to understand that we're not, um...

Man: Ms. Jennings, could I have a word with you?

Olivia: Oh, we'll be... right in a second.

Man: Well, you see, it's about the backpacks. They way a ton.

Ms. Jennings: Excuse me.

Olivia: Gosh.

Frank: Did you get enough oxygen today, or did you put something in the chili again?

Buzz: A dose of good sense, I would. And I'd force feed it to everybody in my family.

Frank: Read my lips here. Listen to me. I'm not rushing things with Natalia, okay?

Buzz: Rushing things? (Laughing) Frank, the great pyramids were built in half the time! You are wasting your time giving that woman space.

Frank: She's a sensitive lady. What do you want me to do? Hit her over the head and drag her back to the cave? Come on!

Buzz: Oh, so what is your plan?

Frank: I don't have a plan!

Buzz: Exactly! You're waiting for you her to come to you. Waiting for lightening to strike. Well, that ain't going to feed the bulldog, baby.

Frank: The bulldog? What the hell are you talking about? Hold on one second. Exactly what would you want me to do?

Buzz: What, do I have to draw you a diagram? True love just doesn't just happen, you know? I mean, unless we're talking about, you know, wild, crazy sex that flares up and burns out.

Frank: Excuse me? I'm not comfortable talking about wild and crazy sex with my father.

Buzz: You're talking something true and good and lasting, right? Are you following me?

Frank: Not really.

Buzz: Don't hesitate. Don't wait. This family needs something good to happen; something to believe in. So you make it happen.

Natalia: Oh, I am so glad that I found you here. You're the man I need!

Beth: Hi, Mom, Lizzie hasn't left yet, has she?

Lillian: No, and I...

Beth: I need to talk to her, and the way we left things is... is just no good, and...

Lizzie: Nana, I brought... hi.

Beth: We need to talk.

Lizzie: I have a plane to catch.

Beth: Honey, honey.... what... why are you taking all of Roxyís toys? She's not going to New York, is she?

Lizzie: No, she's going to a new home.

Lillian: Oh, Lizzie, why don't you think about this while you're away, and then when you come home make a decision?

Lizzie: I've already decided. Can we please just move on?

Beth: Tell me you aren't doing this. You know, I...

Lizzie: Bye.

Beth: ...Came here to apologize, but I think I've changed my mind.

Lillian: Oh! Roxy!

Bill: Oh! (Laughs) Hey, Roxy! What you doing here, huh? Lizzie?

Lillian: Uh... you know, I couldn't even hold her when she saw you. She just started right out for you. She's much stronger than you'd think-- which is a lot like Lizzie.

Bill: Yeah. How's she doing?

Lillian: Well, she's leaving town. Maybe you want to go get her? Prove yourself? Come on. Do something.

Bill: (Laughs) I think I've run out of tricks.

Lillian: I have a novel thought. How about no tricks?

Bill: So Roxy, looks like Lizzie left you, too, huh?

Your chin up, because at least she'll be returning to you.

Lillian: Oh, no, she wonít. She's giving Roxy away.

Bill: So Lizzie is giving up Roxy? It's got to be bad. I mean, she's really trying to...

Lillian: She's trying to disconnect.

Bill: Yeah.

Lillian: It breaks my heart.

Bill: You're thinking it's my fault, aren't you?

Lillian: Look, I don't care whose fault it is, I just want my Lizzie back.

Bill: That makes two of us. Makes three of us, right, Rox?

Lillian: (Chuckles)

Bill: Right? So what are you going to do about the doggie?

Lillian: You know, I thought I'd call the vet and ask if he knows somebody with a nice home who would feed her and take care of her until Lizzie comes to her senses and comes back for her. (Dog whines)

Bill: Sorry about that, Roxy. Hey... if it's any consolation, I think we're in the same dog house.

Lillian: (Laughs)

Bill: Lillian?

Lillian: Hmm?

Bill: Um... I'll take Roxy. Yeah. Of course.

Lillian: Thanks. Bye, sweetheart. Be good to him.

Bill: Come on. 'Til your mommy gets back, okay? Come on.

Lizzie: Please don't let me keep you from your boyfriend.

Beth: Lizzie, Lizzie, please. I didn't come here to pick a fight with you. I know that you're hurting, but giving Roxy away?

Lizzie: I am doing her a favor. Some little girl is going to love her and spoil her.

Beth: Like you used to?

Lizzie: Everybody grows up. Well, I guess not everybody. You know, you never did tell me where you meet your lover. At a hotel? The back of the boarding house? No, no! Granddad's limo!

Beth: Donít... don't do this. You know Coop. He hates sneaking around. He's brave. I'm the one who's scared. But watching you right now, I'm starting to get a lot braver.

Lizzie: Oh, great! Great! You're getting empowered, and Granddad is getting the shaft. Oh, love is so great!

Beth: Lizzie, your grandfather loves you and Peyton more than he could ever love me. But, honey, his love is toxic.

Lizzie: Oh, right. Okay. So you're telling me that it's Granddad's fault that you are cheating on him.

Beth: Okay, okay. You're right, you're right. I'm cheating him. But you know something bigger than that? I was cheating myself by trying to make it work with him, and I think I was cheating you, too.

Lizzie: Me? Me? This is about me? This is about me?

Beth: Honey, you don't have to choose his world, his way of treating people-- his kind of love.

Lizzie: Because you found the real thing?

Beth: I don't know that... yet. But I do know I can't go back to the way things used be-- the way I used to be. If I can show you anything...

Lizzie: Yeah, please. Please donít. I've seen plenty, thank you very much.

Beth: Okay. Okay. I guess you're going to have to learn the hard way.

Billy: Lizzie, I... I, uh... maybe I better come back.

Beth: No, no, that's okay, Billy. She's all yours.

Billy: Are you okay?

Lizzie: Yeah, it's just... mothers.

Billy: Well, I'm glad to see that she still gets to you. That means you've got a heart.

Lizzie: Not for long.

Natalia: So, they just... they stole his meds. I mean, he ended up going into, like, a diabetic shock.

Frank: But Rafeís okay, right?

Natalia: Well, he's better, but he's still in the infirmary, and you know, I guess the doctors are trying to do the best they can. But, I mean, how am I supposed to know he's getting the best treatment?

Frank: Well...

Natalia: I donít... I do know. He's not getting the best treatment, and I can't do anything about it.

Frank: Well, then maybe I can help you.

Natalia: You know what? It's not your problem.

Frank: Natalia, please. I...

Natalia: Maybe, um... maybe you could talk to somebody who can maybe arrange for him to be transferred to Cedar's? Because that way, he could just be stabilized, and he could maybe even see a specialist. I'm... I'm sorry. I don't mean to put you on the spot.

Frank: No, no, no, no. You're not putting me on the spot. I want you to put me on the spot. I want to be the one that you turn to.

Natalia: Oh! Frank!

Frank: I am so sorry.

Natalia: No... I... I am sorry.

Frank: Look, I... I... just got caught up in the moment, and I just...

Natalia: No, no, no.

Frank: ...I just want to help you and...

Natalia: Itís... it's not... it's not that I'm.

Frank: It thought that maybe that... um...

Natalia: If I gave you the wrong message, I am so sorry.

Frank: Oh, no, no, no, you didnít. You... you... no. Itís... it's me. It's my fault, trust me.

Natalia: It's my fault. It's nobody's fault. Just... forget what I said about... I will just figure...

Frank: No, no, no, no!

Natalia: ...Something else out for Rafe.

Frank: No, please, donít. Let me handle this...

Natalia: No, I can't keep asking.

Frank: I'm a cop, I'm on call.

Natalia: I'm always asking you.

Frank: Please. Please let me do this for you.

Natalia: Okay. Thanks.

Frank: Your welcome.

Natalia: Well... I've got to... I got to...

Frank: Yeah, I... I should really get inside.

Natalia: Yeah.

Frank: Pop needs help, and, um...

Natalia: Okay. .

Frank: You're welcome. Yeah, no problem. Yeah.

Ain't that the way

how cruel life can be

you get what you want...


Olivia: Oh, yeah. That's some nice butt.

Man: What?

Olivia: I was just saying.

Bill: I didn't dognap her, if that's what you're... you're thinking.

Beth: Lizzie asked my mother to give her away.

Bill: Yeah, I saw Lillian and I said that I would take her. We make a pretty good team, don't we?

Beth: Does Lizzie know this?

Bill: You tell me.

Beth: I wish I could. We're not exactly speaking right now.

Bill: She's really shutting down, huh? Look, Beth, I know you had your doubts about me. Lizzie said that you were the first one to think that I kidnapped her.

Beth: Ah, Bill, I've thought a lot of things. I'm sorry I doubted you. I'm sorry.

Bill: Just because I'm taking the dog doesn't mean I didn't do it.

Beth: I just... I can't believe that you kidnapped Lizzie. I just... I can't believe that in my heart.

Bill: Thank you. I wish Lizzie could believe it. Hell, I wish I could believe it. Come on, Rox.

Beth: All right, see you, Bill. Just... be patient-- both of you.

Bill: Yeah. (Dog barks) It's pretty good advice, Roxy. Did you hear that? Just need to be patient, that's all.

Lizzie: Do not try to deny it. I know that Bill sent you here to "Talk some sense into me." Is that exactly how he said it?

Billy: Well, not exactly. He's, uh, smart enough to realize that love doesn't make any sense.

Lizzie: I am so O.D.'d on love, it is, like social security. Everyone talks about it, but no one actually does anything to fix it.

Billy: Well, now... as a person who's looking forward to social security-- and knows from whence it came-- let me tell you, back then, they were more bankrupt than they are now. They were so busy living for today that they forgot about tomorrow. And when tomorrow came, all they could get out of the sugar bowl was dust.

Lizzie: Thank you for the history lesson. I have a plane to catch.

Billy: Whoa, hey, hey. Love's an investment just as much as what you're going to get in New York.

Lizzie: No, there is a big difference, because love is an illusion; capital is real.

Billy: Oh, yeah? Well, tell that to all the bankers that are in the, uh, unemployment line.

Lizzie: All they lost was money.

Billy: Oh, I see. Now the truth comes out. You're scared.

Lizzie: I believed in Bill when you didn't-- when nobody did. I made the investment, and look... look what I have to show for it, Billy!

Billy: Oh, so now you're going to sell short? Is that it?

Lizzie: Oh, can you blame me? Maybe you could tell me how many times I'm supposed to let your son hurt me until enough is enough.

Billy: Darling, I can't answer that one. But there's no question that taking a chance on love is... is the riskiest thing there is. I mean, it's much worse than the roller coaster ride of the stock market. However, with love, if you hang in there, and you buy what other people are selling, darling, you'll get rich.

Lizzie: If you know so much, how come you're still alone?

Billy: Well, I drank my chance away. What's your excuse?


sometimes I get it wrong

maybe we don't all get everything

then there's that test of


what comes next

there's perfect chemistry

that was me

always look down

don't turn around to see

the glass is never that full

time is never enough

until I figured out how to get


Lizzie: (Sobbing)

Buzz: Sorry I didn't see you. Well, hello, Casanova. How'd it go?

Frank: Great.

Buzz: Uh-oh.

Frank: What does my father tell me? "Don't hesitate, don't wait, just make it happen."

Buzz: Take it easy, Frank. Come on, what happened?

Frank: What do you think happened?

Buzz: I... nothing?

Frank: No, no. Oh, quite the opposite. Are you kidding me? Buzz Cooper's son? I seized the day.

Buzz: Carpe diem. Great!

Frank: Oh, you bet I did.

Buzz: Oh, I'm proud of you! You did it, kid. You told her how you feel!

Frank: No, I did better than that. I kissed her.

Buzz: All right! Whoa!

Frank: No, no, wrong, Dad! You should have seen the expression on her face. It's like I hit her in the mouth with a wet mackerel.

Buzz: Well... you know, it's been a long time since you kissed a girl, but it's like riding a bike.

Frank: How about crashing the bicycle?

Buzz: Frank, look, you know, you showed her what you're made of, you know? And she'll... she'll... she'll be impressed.

Frank: You know, can ask a favor, Pop?

Buzz: Well, I'd give my right arm, Frank.

Frank: No, you... you can keep your arm. Next time you want to give some advice to a family member...

Buzz: Mm-hmm?

Frank: Just look yourself in the mirror and give it to yourself.

Natalia: Hey. I thought that you'd still be at the school.

Olivia: Emma had to go back to class, and then she has a play date with Derek.

Natalia: Oh, he's a cutie. Maybe we'll be dancing at their wedding some day.

Olivia: Oh, Mrs. Jennings will love to see that.

Natalia: Hmm?

Olivia: Nothing, nothing. How was... how was Frank? Was he helpful?

Natalia: I just hated having to ask him for another favor.

Olivia: Why? Why? Heís... he's crazy about you. The whole damsel in distress thing? I mean, itís... no guy can resist that. Besides, you could do worse, you know.

Natalia: Are you okay?

Olivia: Yes. Yes. So what is he going to do? Is he going to transfer Rafe to Cedar's, or what?

Natalia: He said he would do what he could.

Olivia: That's it? That's what he said? You couldn't turn on the charm? You couldn't bat those brown eyes and flash that smile? Guys love that, Natalia. What?

Natalia: Wow! What did they put in the punch at school?

Olivia: (Laughs)

Natalia: Yeah.

Olivia: No! I stopped by Towers on the way home.

Natalia: Uh-huh. You couldn't wait to celebrate Emmaís big day?

Olivia: No. If you must know, I was checking out the merchandise.

Natalia: Merchandise?

Olivia: Oh, I know, I'm such a pig. Men. Men. I went to check out the guys.

Natalia: Okay. You really are feeling a lot better!

Olivia: I'm much better! I'm much better. And next time, I'll bring you along and Mrs. Jennings, and then she can see for herself.

Natalia: See what?

Olivia: That we're just a couple of girls doing what girls... do.

Natalia: What is... is this about Emmaís paper?

Olivia: Bingo! Mm-hmm.

Natalia: It was great. Everyone loved it. The parents loved it, the teachers loved it, the kids loved it. They were all smiling. They loved it.

Olivia: Oh, oh, they loved it! They loved us. We're "diversity."

Natalia: Yeah, who cares what they call us? So what if we're not Mom and Dad and Spot the dog? We're normal.

Olivia: You cannot be that naive, come on. Come on! You had to know what they were thinking, right? The parents, the teachers, the whole damn school?

Natalia: No, what were they thinking?

Waiter: This is a strawberry pop-tart.

Mr. Bradshaw, would you like the...

Coop: Just the check. That's fine. Thank you.

Waiter: You're welcome.

Beth: I'm... sorry I kept you waiting.

Coop: Some things are worth waiting for.

Waiter: (Clears throat) Will Mr. Spaulding be joining you?

Beth: No, no, just the two of us.

Coop: Please, can I get your chair? Would you care for some champagne?

Beth: I would love some champagne.

Waiter: Would you like menus?

Coop: Not yet, thank you. We have all the time in the world.

Woman you are mine...

Coop: To now.

Woman you are out of your

damn mind

you'll never get lonely

you'll never get lonely

you'll never get lonely

Lizzie: No more crying. No more crying over Bill, no more crying over my mom, no more crying over Roxy. I am Elizabeth Spaulding. I can be... anything I want to be. Starting now.

Bill: Oh, hey.

Billy: If she walked away from Roxy, that means things are really bad!

Bill: You were my last hope.

Billy: Well, I'll tell you, it was like I was looking at a pretty, little, pint-sized version of Alan Spaulding. That's really scary.

Bill: Alan wins. He always does.

Billy: Only if you let him.

Bill: What do you mean.

Billy: Oh, look, Alanís been bested before, but it usually takes a Spaulding to beat a Spaulding.

Bill: What did you say?

Billy: I said he's been bested before.

Bill: No, the other thing.

Billy: It takes a Spaulding to beat a Spaulding.

Bill: Yeah. Here, will you take care of Roxy?

Billy: No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Whoa. I don't need a pooch.

Bill: Um, no, you can just drop her off in my room whenever you get a chance. And, uh... she loves crumbled up bacon.

Billy: What?

Bill: Okay.

Billy: I suppose you like those bacon bits in a china bowl.

Rick: Hey.

Bill: Hey.

Rick: How are you feeling? Any lingering effects on the... what's wrong?

Bill: I need you to tell me where to find Phillip Spaulding.

Olivia: I... I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I mean, come on. You had to have seen it.

Natalia: Seen what?

Olivia: Seen the way they were looking at us!

Natalia: Oh! There you go again! Emma's presentation was a really big hit. It was great. Okay, so she wrote us being a... different sort of family...

Olivia: "Different"? I don't think that's the word they were thinking.

Natalia: Okay, I'm conventional.

Olivia: Well, you keep trying. You'll get there.

Natalia: Is this because of Rafe, and now everyone knows he's in prison? Because I'm sure if people were upset...

Olivia: No, this is not about Rafe. This is about us.

Natalia: Us?

Olivia: Us! You, me. Tarzan, Jane. Jane, Jane.

Natalia: I have no idea what...

Olivia: They think that we're partners.

Natalia: Well, we are partners! I mean, I work with you at the Beacon...

Olivia: I'm not talking about work!

Natalia: I know. We're partners at home, too. And as soon as you start feeling better, you can do some more housework.

Olivia: I'm not talking about vacuuming and dusting!

Natalia: Talking about Emma? At how we... sort of share her. And that really means a lot to me, and it was...

Olivia: No! Not that kind of partner. They think that we're close-- they think that we're very close; that we love each other.

Natalia: Well, we do. And we may not say it all the time, and I know that we argue about just about everything, but I mean, really...

Olivia: Do I have to...

Natalia: ...Deep down...

Olivia: ...Hit you over the head with this?

Coming up, on "Guiding Light"...

Natalia: They think that we're? Well, we arenít.

Lizzie: Change of plans, Granddad. I just lost my appetite. When did you turn into such a sleaze bag who bangs people's momís?

Ms. Jennings: I'm so sorry about the misunderstanding. Your roommates?

Natalia: Well, more than that.

Coop: I know that you're angry with me. Ah! Feel good?

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