GL Transcript Friday 1/16/09

Guiding Light Transcript Friday 1/16/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Olivia: It's everything. It's Em and Natalia and the way we interact. It's like we finally have a place where we belong.

Bill: Her diary.

Lizzie: “If only I could take the worst experience of my life and turn it into something beautiful.”

Olivia: We've been invited to family day.

Natalia: Are you telling me we're not allowed to hear your story until then?

Lizzie: (Gasps)

Frank: So, how about something casual? Maybe like dinner and a movie? Or maybe just a movie? You know what? If you want, we can even sit in different aisles.

Buzz: Oh, I'll sit with you, Frank! (Laughter) I'll go with you to the movies, Frank, you know? But you can't eat all of the popcorn. Please don't comment on the film.

Frank: Excuse me. When have I ever...

Coop: Frank, F.Y.I., you always comment on the film. You're like one of my great aunts I had back in England. Every time it's during her story, she's like sh-sh-sh. Watch the story... she's talking to the screen like they're hearing her.

Frank: Excuse me. Aren't you late for work? Isn't this a school day? Why are you here?

Coop: No, I'm not late for work. I'm just going in a little later today. It's family day at school, so all of the kids bring their parents and stuff like that. And so they're not going to do anything until later. So I figured I'd spend a couple of extra hours at home with you guys. And besides, I already helped  Dad this morning.

Buzz: You did?

Frank: He's a good boy. Well, this is nice. It's kind of a slow morning. Maybe we can... well, I can certainly use the company. I mean, unless you guys are too busy.

Buzz: I'm never too busy for my own kids. Come on.

Coop: This is great. Just the three of us hanging out. I mean, when was the last time we actually had a chance to really do that? You know? So what do we do?

Frank: Oh, cards. Do you have any cards? Maybe it's a little too early for that. I got an idea.

Buzz: What?

Coop: You the got a date with Natalia, Frank? Let's fix Frank.

Buzz: (Laughs)

Frank: That's funny.

Coop: Let's fix Frank! (Laughter)

Buzz: Hey, it won't hurt a bit, Frank. It beats me wandering around wondering how I got Alan Spaulding as an employer.

Coop: No, no, no, no, no. Please, can we just not talk about Alan before breakfast. As a matter of fact, can we just not talk about Alan Spaulding at all. Let's just focus on the game plan here. All right? We've got to fix up little Frankie here to make sure he is the man that Natalia has been dreaming about. This will be fun. Come on. You've got a quiet day. I mean, we'll just... we'll just do what we have to do and fix Frank, and that way it will give me something to talk about when I get back to school. I can tell them I had a little family day of my own.

Buzz: Let's fix Frank. (Laughter)

Emma: Family day, family day, I can't wait for family day!

Olivia: Family day!

Natalia: Family day!

Olivia: Hey, is that your speech?

Emma: Yeah.

Olivia: Do you want me to check it for spelling errors or...

Emma: No. It's a surprise.

Olivia: Oh, come on, just a hint. Give us a hint. Give us one thing that makes your family so unique?

Natalia: No. She said it's a surprise. Do you want to go up and change so we're not late?

Emma: All right. No peeking.

Natalia: Of course.

Olivia: That's right. Good call.

Natalia: Hey!

Olivia: What?

Natalia: No peeking.

Olivia: Why? You and your principles.

Natalia: I don't know why you seem so worried. They loved Emma’s paper. That's why she was chosen to read it today.

Olivia: Well, I kind of wish she wasn’t.

Natalia: Why?

Olivia: Because... there are going to be a lot of smug parents there, you know, sitting there with their normal little families, with Mommy and Daddy and sister and dog, Spot. And what does she have to offer? A mother who has been married too many times, and an absent father and a crazy grandfather.

Natalia: I never realized this before. Emma's not the child; she's the grownup.

Ashlee: No. Mom, I'm not a doormat. Daisy is my friend, okay. She and Grady need a place to stay, so... I can't believe you just said that. No, Mom, I did not sneak a peek of him in the shower! Eww, I'm not listening to anymore. I'm hanging up. Okay?

Grady: My friends call me Grady. But you can call me Mr. Foley.

Man: That's funny. You work for who again?

Grady: Mayor Doris Wolfe. She wanted me to let you know how much she appreciates all of the hard work you've been doing for her.

Man: That's nice to hear.

Grady: But she hates it when a city contractor skims off the top. Or the middle or the bottom. The Mayor loves an honest man, but when he's not honest... well, there's that question.

Man: Question?

Grady: How do we turn him around?

(Cell phone rings)

Cyrus: Hello?

Alan: Where are you?

Cyrus: I'm at the house, looking over some real estate investments.

Alan: Look, I have an entire division to take care of that. Now, where the hell is Elizabeth? We were supposed to leave for New York yesterday.

Cyrus: Maybe you got your days mixed up.

Alan: No, I didn't get my days mixed up, Mr. Foley. I left the airport, went back to the house, left her a message, told her to meet me here at 10 A.M. This morning. Now, I am here, but where is she?

Cyrus: Have you tried calling her?

Alan: Wow, what a brilliant idea. Of course I called her! She didn't answer. Now, if you want to be of value, you will find her and find her fast. I don't have a good feeling about this.

Daisy: Hey.

Bill: You got my message?

Daisy: Yeah. What do you need?

Bill: A favor.

Daisy: I'm guessing it has to do with you and Lizzie. That... that looks like the van you crashed after the kidnapping.

Bill: Yes. And you can back out now and I will not hold it against you.

Daisy: Well, what is it? What do you need?

Bill: Listen, Lizzie is flying to New York with Alan, all right? Would you contact him? Would you call him? Pretend you're Lizzie, text him, whatever, but just tell him that you're going to be delayed.

Daisy: For how long?

Bill: Just a couple of days. That's all.

Daisy: Done.

Bill: Yeah?

Daisy: I'll take care of it.

Bill: (Laughs) Thank you!

Daisy: Any time.

Bill: And it's not kidnapping. It's more like an intervention.

Daisy: No, it's not. It's love.

Bill: You okay?

Lizzie: Am I okay? You're not going to be okay when I'm done with you.

Bill: Lizzie, you know why I'm doing this. Look, I'm not going to blindfold you or tape you like before, okay?

Lizzie: How would you know what it was like before, Bill?

Bill: Because you told me.

Lizzie: Let me out of here.

Bill: Lizzie...

Lizzie: My grandfather is at the airport right now...

Bill: Please, I am doing this for us!

Lizzie: ... Probably calling the police.

Bill: Lizzie, it's going to be fine, okay? Just sit tight, okay? Please let this work, please! Please let this work.

Olivia: You're naive. Okay. So you don't have a problem if she stands up in front of her class and talks about Rafe?

Natalia: No. I hope she does. She looks at him like he's her big brother, and he looks at her like she's the little sister he never had.

Olivia: So she can stand up there and hold up a picture of him and say, "This is Rafe. He's in prison because he shot the D.A. but that's okay because we visit him sometimes, but that's after the guards have to pad us down for weapons."

Natalia: It's the truth.

Olivia: Come on. That's not the way they're going to see it.

Natalia: How do you know? Every family has their fair share of heartaches.

Olivia: Maybe so, okay? But it's one thing for a little girl to stand up there and talk in front of other kids. It's another thing for her to talk in front of self-righteous parents.

Natalia: Why are you so afraid?

Olivia: I am afraid for her. Because I know what it's like to have people whisper behind your back and to judge you when they don't even know you. I don't want her to be hurt that way. Not the way...

Natalia: The way you've been hurt.

Olivia: I don't want that for her.

Emma: Close your eyes. You can open them.

Olivia: Oh.

Emma: Do you like it?

Olivia: You look beautiful.

Emma: I borrowed your bracelet. So I can have something from both of you.

Natalia: I think that's great.

Olivia: Okay. Let's go. What? What? It's okay. It's okay. Look, I was worried about something, but I'm fine now. I really am. So, come on. Let's go see this presentation, right?

Buzz: Good job, Frank. You know what? I think we should do what Marina did to you that time you went out with that nice blonde girl. We'll talk you through it.

Frank: Yeah, that ended up real well. We all ended up in jail together.

Buzz: She was such a...

Coop: Hot piece of...

Buzz: Tramp. No. No. She was such a pretty girl. What happened to her?

Frank: I'm sure she moved far, far away. You know, that seems to be the pattern these days. I meet someone, spend some time with them, and then they have this burning desire to move across the country.

Coop: Lucky for you, Natalia just bought her house, so she's not going anywhere for a while. Come on, let's rehearse this, Frank. What are you going to do?

Frank: You know what? No. No more rehearsals. I'm going for it this time. I think I've given her enough time to get over Gus. I'm going to take it to the next level.

Coop: Oh, boy.

Buzz: So what if Lillian and I go with you? A double date?

Frank: For what? Give her the opportunity to like you better? I don't think so. Thanks, Pop. But, you know what, this double date idea is not a bad idea. Um... Coop.

Coop: What? No!

Frank: See, he doesn't even want to talk about it. Everyone worries about me, but, you know what, he is the pathetic one. When was the last time he had a date, ever since he broke up with Ashlee? Huh? Please, come on.

Coop: Okay. Aren't you worried that maybe Natalia will like me better than you?

Frank: Well, you're a lot younger man. No way. There's got to be somebody for you. I know, why don't you ask Ashlee out again. Seriously, try. Because you guys made a cute couple.

Frank: We did, past tense. Frank, I don't think so. Ashlee and I are just friends now, okay? I mean, for one thing, we're heading in two very different directions, that's for sure.

Frank: I don't get it, Pop. He's young. He's good-looking, comes from a great family. He's a writer, and women love writers and all of that. Do you know what? I would think you would have a million women lining up at the front door.

Coop: Frank, that's the thing. I don't want a million women, all right? I just want one person to love. Okay? It's tough. Come on, like you and Eleni. You get those butterflies, and you're always thinking about her, and stuff like that. That's something that I want. Dad, come on, you and Mom. You can't stop talking about how you guys were together. That is all I want. That's it.

Frank: Okay. He's a Cooper. Love or nothing.

Coop: Frank, I'm happy. My life is finally where I want it to be.

Buzz: He has a death wish.

Frank: What was that?

Buzz: Nothing.

Grady: So you skimmed a little money, and you're wondering, "What can I do to make this right?" Well, let me tell you. Mayor Doris Wolfe is thinking of running for state office, and she's always looking for donations. You following me, Hudson?

Man: Yeah.

Grady: Good. I'm glad we had this little talk. How much of that did you hear?

Ashlee: A little bit more than I should have.

Grady: This is why your mom hired me. It wasn't to sharpen pencils or clean erasers. If you've got a problem with that, you better take it up with your mother.

Ashlee: I didn't say I did.

Grady: And you weren't going to say anything about it?

Ashlee: How would you know?

Grady: You were going to say, "Oh, Grady, how can you be so brutal?"

Ashlee: No.

Cyrus: Hey, Ashlee. Grady, we need to talk.

Grady: Yeah, well I'm a little busy at the moment.

Cyrus: Now!

Grady: What's your problem, man?

Cyrus: Where's Lizzie Spaulding?

(Cell phone rings)

Daisy: Oh, no, Alan. Let it ring. No... wait.

Alan: Pick up, Elizabeth. If you don't, I'm calling the police.

Daisy: Okay. Hi, Granddad!

Alan: Elizabeth, where are you? Our plane was supposed to leave 15 minutes ago.

Daisy: Something came up, sorry.

Alan: You sound strange?

Daisy: A bad connection.

Alan: Where are you?

Lizzie: Spaulding, dealing with a crisis.

Alan: What kind of crisis?

Lizzie: I'll explain later.

Alan: This has Bill Lewis written all over it. He probably created a crisis to keep you there.

Daisy: It wasn't Bill. I'll see you soon. Love you.

Alan: She loves me. Of course she does.

Lizzie: I was not here when the ransom drop was made, Bill.

Bill: Right.

Lizzie: You're trying to figure out what happened when you were here?

Bill: If there was a plan, do you think I was going to drop the money off and then take you home? Or was it part of an elaborate...

Lizzie: Do you remember something?

Bill: No.

Lizzie: Okay. Then take me home. Because this is just torture for both of us. Please, I know.

Bill: Lizzie, listen, did the kidnapper bring you here?

Lizzie: I want to go home.

Bill: Did he? Did he bring you here?

Lizzie: I was tied to a chair, Bill. I told you that.

Bill: No, you didn't tell me that. Where, at the warehouse?

Lizzie: At the place before that.

Bill: Where?

Lizzie: It was a basement.

Bill: A basement? How do you know it was a basement?

Lizzie: Um... it was cold and damp and it had pipes. I tried to hit one of the pipes with a broom. It was a basement.

Bill: A basement. A basement. Pipes... and you were tied up.

Lizzie: And blindfolded, yes.

Bill: Do you remember how you felt?

Lizzie: How I felt?

Bill: Yeah.

Lizzie: I think I felt terrified, scared, and alone.

Bill: Okay. Well, when the kidnapper was with you... when you weren't alone, do you remember how you felt then?

Lizzie: I want to go, okay?

Bill: Lizzie... Lizzie, let me ask you something. Do you feel like you knew him, or that he knew you?

Lizzie: Yeah, sometimes I did.

Bill: Okay, why?

Lizzie: Because I would talk about my family, and he didn't ask me any questions about it.

Bill: Kind of like... like he knew.

Lizzie: Like he had all of the answers.

Bill: Did he ever hurt you?

Lizzie: Um... he tied my hands too tight at first.

Bill: Did he ever do anything to you that made you feel like you were put in danger?

Lizzie: He shook my chair.

Bill: Did you ever think he was going to kill you? Lizzie, listen to me... did you ever feel like he was going to kill you?

Lizzie: Yes.

Bill: Well, then that's got to tell you something, right? Because, Lizzie, look, I'm a lot of things... a lot of things I wish I weren't, but I promise you I would give my own life before I would let someone take yours. You know that, right? Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie.

Lizzie: You were always a good actor. Do you remember that great performance you gave when you first came to town?

Bill: Okay. I was a jerk. I had an agenda.

Lizzie: You used my diary. You read it and you used it to get me into bed to steal my family's company. That's sick!

Bill: That's a lifetime ago. I'm different now.

Lizzie: Are you? Are you?

Bill: Yes!

Lizzie: Maybe you were pretending to be scary when you tied me up.

Bill: Did you ever talk to this guy?

Lizzie: Yes.

Bill: Okay, what did he sound like?

Lizzie: He was disguising his voice. It was low and growly.

Bill: Did you ever hear me sound low and growly?

Lizzie: No, but you weren't disguising your voice.

Bill: Why would I do that? Why would I purposely terrorize you?

Lizzie: I don't know. Why would you throw me in a van and bring me here?

Bill: Why, Lizzie? Because I love you. That's why.

Lizzie: You're proving your love for me by kidnapping me?

Bill: Lizzie, you were frightened because you were with someone you did not know, and you knew it.

Lizzie: Well, I'm scared right now.

Bill: No, you're not.

Lizzie: Let go of me.

Bill: Lizzie... tell me right now that you're afraid.

Grady: How the hell should I know where Lizzie is?

Cyrus: Gee, I don't know, mate, maybe because you kidnapped her once before.

Grady: Just shout it out, bro, all right?

Cyrus: I will if I don't get an answer.

Grady: Look, I have a job now. I have Daisy, I have a place to live. Why would I risk it all to revisit going back to the fun house with Lizzie? Trust me, it wasn't that much fun.

Cyrus: You haven't seen her, heard from her? You have no idea at all where she is?

Grady: No!

Cyrus: Then what the hell happened to her?

Daisy: Cyrus! What's going on?

Ashlee: Yeah. I was about to ask the same question.

Cyrus: Lizzie Spaulding is missing.

Ashlee: Again?

Daisy: Oh, that's the thing, though, she's not. I talked to Alan.

Cyrus: You talked to Alan?

Daisy: Yes, and he heard from Lizzie. He is flying out, but he expects her to join him later.

Grady: There we go, a happy ending.

Cyrus: Yeah. I'm going to go find Lizzie.

Daisy: Wait! Why? I just told you, she's okay.

Cyrus: I just want to check for myself.

Ashlee: Why don't we all go? We could, I don't know, split up and cover a bunch of ground. And whoever finds her first wins something.

Daisy: Yeah, I'll come with you, just to say I told you so.

Cyrus: Sure. You and Grady keep in touch. Come on.

Ashlee: Okay, so where do we start?

Olivia: I know, it's exciting. Hi, Emma.

Natalia: Oh, aren't they adorable?

Olivia: They're staring at me like I have a third eye.

Natalia: Who?

Olivia: All the Hillary’s and Howard’s.

Natalia: I have never seen you this insecure. Just keep telling yourself we're here for the family.

Teacher: Ms. Spencer.

Olivia: Hey.

Teacher: You must be so proud of Emma.

Olivia: Oh, my gosh, yes. She's a wonderful little girl.

Teacher: Her story was the best in my class, funny, thoughtful, and very true to life.

Olivia: She wrote it herself.

Natalia: Really. It's true.

Teacher: I know that you inspired her.

Olivia: We inspired her?

Natalia: I guess so. That's a good thing, right?

Teacher: It's almost show time. Will everyone please get their cookies and punch and take their seat? (Cell phone rings)

Natalia: Oh, I thought I turned it off. Hello?

Doctor: It's Dr. Neely. I'm just calling to let you know Rafe is out of danger.

Natalia: Danger? What danger?

Doctor: There was a delay in getting his meds. He started to go into shock, but...

Natalia: But I delivered those prescriptions to him myself, and I know him. He would not just forget to take them.

Doctor: This is a prison, Ms. Rivera. One of the inmates might have stolen his meds.

Natalia: Well, then why didn't he report it?

Doctor: He knew better. I just wanted to let you know he's on the mend.

Natalia: Well, thank you. But I... hello? Hello?

Olivia: Who was that?

Natalia: It was the doctor at the prison. There was a mix-up with his medication or something, for Rafe, and he went into shock. I have to go. I'm so sorry.

Olivia: I can't let you drive like this.

Natalia: No. I'll be fine. But Rafe...

Olivia: No. You can’t...

Emma: What about Rafe?

Natalia: He's sick, honey. I am so sorry. I can't stay, but I really have to go.

Emma: Go.

Olivia: Baby, I'm going to stay here and I'm going to watch your presentation, okay?

Emma: No. You, too, Mommy.

Olivia: Okay, you're the best. We're going to come right back, okay? I'll drive. Give me the keys.

Guard: You can't go in there. You can't go in there.

Natalia: But my son is sick, Rafael Rivera. The doctor called me.

Guard: Do you have a clearance slip?

Olivia: We didn't have time to get one.

Guard: I'm sorry. Let's go.

Olivia: No! You stop! Okay? She's going to see her son. Because of your incompetency, he almost died. So you either let us in, or I'm going to sue you, and that's after I have you fired.

Guard: One more step, and I'll have you arrested.

Olivia: Fine, do it. Go.

Doctor: What is going on out here?

Natalia: Dr. Neely, I'm here to see Rafe.

Doctor: I told you on the phone, he is fine.

Olivia: Okay. Then you don't mind if we see him, right? You're not hiding anything.

Doctor: Five minutes.

Natalia: Rafe? Baby?

Rafe: Mom, what are you doing here?

Natalia: What do you mean, what am I doing here? The doctor called me. How are you feeling? What's going on?

Rafe: I'm fine, Mom.

Natalia: I don't understand how you didn't get your meds on time.

Rafe: What do you want me to say, Mom, I was playing polo?

Natalia: That's not funny. It's not, you could have...

Rafe: Come on. You know me better than that. I'm not going to die. I've got to come home and drive you crazy.

Natalia: You do a great job of that wherever you are.

Rafe: What's with this? You've got a hot date with Frank or something?

Natalia: No, stop it. It's family day at Emma’s school.

Olivia: Emma got picked to read her story.

Rafe: How was it?

Natalia: Well, she didn’t... she didn't read it yet.

Rafe: Then what are you guys doing here?

Natalia: She told us to come, didn't she?

Rafe: Because she can't be the only one without family there.

Olivia: Emma is the one who told us to be here.

Rafe: All right. That's good. So now you were here. So go on. I'm fine. Bye.

(Cheers and applause)

Derek: My super-awesome family. By Derek Zuckerman. I live in a big white house with my mother, my father, and my baby brother, Dave, and my sister, Kimberly. Oh, and my dog and cat, Scout and Tabby. My dad is the president of a bank. He handles lots of money. He doesn't get to bring it home.

Ashlee: Okay. What makes you think that Lizzie is going to be here?

Cyrus: I don’t. But I'm thirsty. Two drafts.

Ashlee: Um, could we make mine a diet soda? I mean, I guess we could take a break. It's not like Lizzie’s kidnapped.

Grady: Even if she was, I feel like... mmm, a beer.

Ashlee: Thank you.

Grady: What shall we drink to?

Woman: I'm Hudson’s mother, and you're dead.

Grady: You've got to be kidding me.

Woman: I don't like it when people lean on my boy. Do it again, and I'll put out the word.

Ashlee: The word? I'm sorry, what... what is the word?

Grady: She's going to kill me.

Woman: Actually, my friends are gonna kill you.

Ashlee: Oh! I'm Ashlee Wolfe, the Mayor's daughter. And is is Grady Foley, a respected member of my mother's staff. I would do yourself a favor and take back that threat, otherwise my mom will slap you with a lawsuit so huge that you'll be dried out. Capisce?

Man: Maybe we should go, Mama.

Ashlee: I think that's a great idea, Mama. I also think that you need to apologize to this gentleman.

Man: She's sorry.

Ashlee: Is she? Well, I guess that's good enough. Why don't you get your mother out of a bar? It's the middle of the day.

Man: Mom! (Laughter)

Ashlee: Oh, no! Oh, no!

Grady: Here's to you!

Ashlee: Yeah!

Daisy: Look, I'm sure she's not here. Let's just go. Whoa.

Cyrus: What's wrong?

Daisy: Sorry. I'm just a little light-headed. I didn't eat breakfast or lunch, so...

Cyrus: Go wait in the car. I'll check this place out and then I'll take you home.

Daisy: Wait. You're wasting your time. Okay? Because there is no way Lizzie would come here. This is the last place she would go.

Cyrus: Well, maybe it wasn't her choice. I did some checking. Bill Lewis disappeared right about the same time as Lizzie did.

Daisy: Bill isn't the kidnapper, okay?

Cyrus: How do you know?

Daisy: I was there at the accident. All he cared about was Lizzie. He thought he was dying, and all he cared about was Lizzie. Those were his last words: "Go take care of Lizzie. Make sure Lizzie is okay."

Cyrus: Those weren't his last words, Daisy.

Daisy: But they could have been. The point is I've seen how much he loves her.

Cyrus: Well, love can make a man do crazy things.

Daisy: All right. I'm sorry. I can't stand up anymore. Can we please...

Cyrus: Okay. This is a waste of time. I'll take you home.

Bill: So what else do you remember?

Lizzie: I heard noises outside.

Bill: Noises, like voices? Like there were two people?

Lizzie: Yeah. But you could have faked that. It could have been a tape recorder, or... I mean, it could have been two people out there. Maybe... maybe someone you paid.

Bill: Paid? Someone I paid? Okay, um... then why hasn't anyone contacted me about the money?

Lizzie: Maybe you already paid them.

Bill: And what, they left town?

Lizzie: I don't know. I don't know.

Bill: Lizzie, you remember... you remember when I found you? And you were hiding because you thought I was the kidnapper coming back for you. And it was me.

Lizzie: Maybe you were one in the same.

Bill: Is that how you felt then? When you ran to me and you threw your arms around me?

Lizzie: I felt safe. I felt... loved.

Bill: Protected?

Lizzie: Completely.

Bill: You are safe. You are loved. Don't you feel that now? Don't you?

Lizzie: Yes.

Bill: That's all there is. That's all there is. That's the truth. That's what you have to believe. You've got to believe in it. You've got to believe in us. Okay? Because we can take the worst experience in your life, and we can turn it into something beautiful.

Teacher: Thank you, Megan. That was a wonderful story. (Cheers and applause) And we have one more student to hear from today. Will everyone please welcome Miss Emma Spencer. (Cheers and applause)

Olivia: Sorry.

Emma: You made it!

Olivia: Oh, gosh. We ran two red lights.

Emma: Mom! How is Rafe?

Natalia: Well, Rafe is okay. He's worried about you, and he wanted to make sure we got right back here, okay?

Teacher: Emma?

Olivia: Okay. Come here. Come here. You break a leg, okay?

Natalia: We're rooting for you.

Emma: I'm ready.

Daisy: Hey guys.

Grady: Hey. Did you find Lizzie?

Daisy: No, but that's a good thing.

Ashlee: Oh, wait. So it's a good thing that she's missing?

Daisy: Ah, well, yeah. Maybe she's not missing this time.

Ashlee: Well, then, what is she?

Daisy: Found?

Bill: Lizzie!

Lizzie: I don't believe that you would do this to me again! You read my diary! You read my diary again, and you used it to manipulate me!

Bill: No. Lizzie, listen to me. It's different this time.

Lizzie: It's different?

Bill: Yes! Because I needed to know what is going on inside your heart.

Lizzie: Then you ask me, Bill. You ask me!

Bill: Lizzie, would you have admitted that you want to turn this into something beautiful?

Lizzie: Yes.

Bill: No, you wouldn't have. Never! You wouldn't have. But when I read what you wrote in here, I know that you still wanted to believe in me. And I wanted to make that happen because I love you.

Lizzie: You lied to me before because you wanted to hurt me. And now you're lying to me because you love me. And you lie to me too much.

Bill: Lizzie, this is not a lie. It is not a lie. We can make something good come from this. If we just... listen to me... if we just trust how we feel, okay? It's not what other people think. It's not even what we think. It's how we feel for each other.

Lizzie: Trust is not a feeling, Bill. It is something that you earn. Not with your words, with what you do and how you treat people. No! And you treat me exactly the same way that you did when we first met.

Bill: That's not true. That is not true. That is not true! I was a jerk to you, and I hurt you, but I didn't even know you then. I know you and I love you.

Lizzie: That is a lie. (Cell phone rings)

Bill: Hello? Yeah. It's for you.

Lizzie: Hello?

Cyrus: Hey, you okay?

Lizzie: Can you please come get me? I am at the factory where the kidnapper held me. Could you just come get me, please. Right now.

Cyrus: Did he hurt you?

Bill: No, I didn't hurt her.

Cyrus: Did he hurt you? Come on, let's go.

Bill: Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?

Buzz: Wait, wait, wait.

Coop: Oh, yes. Look, part of my job today was to go ahead and bring in food from my family's business for the kids.

Buzz: I wish I had a family business. This is now a Spaulding business.

Frank: Okay. All right. All right. We've been through this before. This family just needs to stick together, and we'll be fine.

Coop: That's right. We're not going to let Alan get the best of us, okay?

Buzz: I wish I had your confidence.

Frank: Hey, we'll get this business back. Right now Alan is a temporary solution. Besides, we've got Beth on our side.

Coop: Yes, we do. And like Frank said, as long as we stick together we'll be fine, right?

Buzz: Well, no matter what, I'm going to be okay, because I have the two best sons in the world. I mean, how can a guy, a father like me, actually, end up with the two of you guys.

Frank: Oh, here we go.

Buzz: No. You're going to hear it. I love you. I love you. You mean the world to me. You mean the world to me. I may not be able to balance the books or invest wisely, but I'm always going to be richer than Alan Spaulding.

Frank: Coop, get the hell out of here while you can. Enjoy family day.

Coop: I already am.

Buzz: Get out of here! (Laughter)

Frank: Hey.

Buzz: What?

Frank: Did you see that look on his face? He's the sap in the family.

Buzz: No, that would be you, Frank.

Frank: Oh, gee, I wonder where we got that from. No, seriously, did he look a little off to you? Because when I was busting his chops about other women, well, he looked a little freaked out.

Buzz: I can't keep track of all my kids these days. We've got to get this fixed.

Natalia: Emma looks so confident.

Olivia: That's my girl.

Emma: My Two Mommies, by Emma Spencer.

Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Emma: My mom says be proud that you're different. I love my house, especially my two mommies. (Cheers and applause)

Natalia: Aren't you proud?

Olivia: I am. You saw the way they were looking at us, right?

Emma: Ms. Jennings is going to put our papers on the website so everybody can look at them.

Teacher: I've been dying to talk to you.

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