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Guiding Light Transcript Monday 1/12/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Buzz: You want to buy me out of the company?

Alan: It's a fair offer.

Bill: I know what Alan wants. What do you want?

Remy: What's this?

Christina: It's the financial aid offer.

Remy: We can stay married a little bit longer so you get the loan.

Christina: No. It's wrong. I canít. Are these divorce papers?

Remy: All we have to do is sign them. Financial aid forms, and the old switcheroo.

(Knock on the door)

Olivia: Come in. Hi.

Rick: It's me. Isn't that great?

Olivia: Yeah, it is.

Rick: Just thought I would pay you a good, old-fashioned house call.

Olivia: Well, I'm impressed. Unless you have bad news?

Rick: On the contrary. The lab just released your latest test results. Olivia, you are showing great improvement.

Olivia: Oh, my gosh. Really?

Rick: Yes.

Olivia: Oh, I didn't expect to hear those words.

Rick: I know. All right, listen, I know this has been a tough road, but you might be able to pack up and move out of here sooner than you think.

Olivia: Well, why would I do that?

Rick: Well, you came out here to stay with Natalia so she can look out for you. But the way your progressing, I'm just saying the day is going to come where you and Natalia can go your separate ways.

Remy: Yeah. Yeah, I got it. It's not a problem. Okay, cool. I'll see you then.

Christina: There you are! How is your shift?

Remy: Oh, it's okay. A few emergencies. I had to help a woman program her V.C.R. What's up?

Christina: Um... I need those papers back.

Remy: Um, the divorce papers?

Christina: No. The financial aid ones. You know, the program for only married people.

Remy: Oh. Um, I thought you were done with that?

Christina: I am. I mean, staying in a marriage to get money is wrong. But... my friend Tanya is married, and she wants to apply. So can we go back to your place to get them?

(Knock on the door)

Shayne: Who is it?

Josh: It's your dad. Open up. Hey. How you doing, son? It's a beautiful day outside, don't you think?

Shayne: If you say so.

Josh: Yeah. I mean, it's so nice out there, I couldn't help but... I was thinking that you should be out there. You should be walking around right now. Not cooped up in that chair. Which got me thinking, too, that it is time to figure out a way to get you on your feet.

Shayne: What is all that?

Josh: What?

Shayne: Did you pull a library heist?

Josh: No, no, no, no, no. See, somewhere in the midst of all of this is the answer to your medical problem. It's time for us to team up, okay? It's time for us to team up and start working together.

Shayne: I'm cool. So I'm sorry that you wasted your trip down here. Here, let me walk you out.

Josh: Wait. Son, son... if you want me to leave, you're going to have to get yourself out of that chair and throw me out.

Lizzie: So... shouldn't the doctor be here by now? What's taking so long?

Bill: I don't know. Daisy seems that think that this guy could really help. You know, if the hypnosis works, I get my memory back. It's worth the wait.

Lizzie: Yeah. Well, it's this or the magic eight ball. We've tried everything else.

Bill: (Laughing) Magic eight ball. Thank you, Lizzie, for taking part in this. I appreciate it. I know it must be hard to have to relive through everything.

Lizzie: Look, if we can get an answer, instead of more questions, it will all be worth it.

Bill: Are those the buyout papers right there?

Lizzie: Yeah. I think we should just keep them aside for right now. They're really our last link, and once they're signed...

Bill: Yeah. Yeah, you know what, you're right. I'm going to call the doctor and see if he's on his way.

Alan: If you do me this favor, Doctor, you will be saving a young woman's life. Now, isn't that what doctors are supposed to do?

Doctor: How would I be doing that?

Alan: Bill Lewis has victimized my granddaughter. He has been a terrible influence on her. He nearly caused her her life.

Doctor: Mr. Spaulding, I should not be talking about this.

Alan: I know, but you have a family, Doctor. Now, wouldn't you protect your family at any cost? Because that's exactly what I am doing. And that's why Bill Lewis' memory must remain locked up.

Doctor: Well, what your suggesting is highly unethical.

Alan: Even ethical men can be bought, Doctor. You see, I'm a very wealthy man. (Cell phone rings) Before you answer that, I want you to consider what is at stake.

Lizzie: So he's just not answering? What possibly could be holding him up?

Bill: I'm going to find him. Okay? I will, I'll find him.

Lizzie: Hey, hey... look, I do have a good feeling about this. Okay? Today we're going to find out that you're innocent.

Bill: Yeah?

Lizzie: You are. And then we're going to celebrate big time.

Bill: We are. We are. We are. Where is that damn doctor?

(Cell phone rings)

Doctor: Mr. Spaulding, I need to take that call.

Alan: I will fund your entire operation if you do me this favor. (Cell phone rings)

Doctor: I was hired to do this job by somebody who needs my help. I have my principles. You're out of luck, sir. Hello? Yes, Mr. Lewis. I'm on my way. I'm sorry for the delay. All right. I should report you.

Alan: Get in line.

Bill: All right. Well, he's on his way.

Lizzie: Great. That's good.

Bill: Yeah.

Lizzie: So I... guess he's going to put you in a trance or something?

Bill: (Laughing) I don't know. If I start clucking like a chicken, would you wake me up, please? Sorry. I'm nervous.

Lizzie: Me, too. There's a lot at stake.

Bill: Lizzie, I know we're hoping for the best, but if it turns out that I was the kidnapper...

Lizzie: I don't want...

Bill: No, listen. You have to understand that I was temporarily insane, possessed, or something, because I know how I feel about you.

Lizzie: I think we're getting ahead of ourselves. This is going to hurt too much if it doesn't work out.

Bill: Yeah. But we're going to get it cleared up, though. We're going to clear it up. And there is nothing that I want more in my whole life.

Christina: Okay. Is there a problem? Hello? You know the financial aid papers that I just showed you at your apartment... were you even paying attention?

Remy: Um... the financial... those papers. Yeah. Why didn't you say so? Silly. Um, they're gone.

Christina: Where?

Remy: The recycling bin. I thought I would be a good citizen.

Christina: Okay. So let's go get them out of the recycling bin.

Remy: They're gone. I mean, we canít... it's too late. They picked it up already.

Christina: Oh.

Remy: Yeah.

Christina: Okay. Well, I guess Tanya will have to get her own papers then. So what about the other papers?

Remy: The divorce papers? Oh, I'm taking them to the post office today to give them a good sendoff.

Christina: And then we'll both be free.

Remy: Yeah. It will be weird not being married, but, hey, we're safe from all the fights about burnt dinners, and the unfaithfulness on your part. (Laughter) And the family craziness and all of that stuff.

Christina: Yeah, we're missing out on all of the drama, getting out now.

Remy: Yeah.

Christina: We're probably lucky.

Remy: Yeah.

Christina: Right?

Remy: Lucky. Hey, I know a lot of real marriages that didn't last as long as ours.

Christina: Yeah, we're definitely doing the right thing getting out now. I mean, marriage is sacred.

Remy: Yeah, sacred.

Christina: When do you think that the divorce will be final?

Remy: I almost forgot. I was going to call you. I need your help on a little mission of mercy.

Christina: Okay, but the divorce...

Remy: No, no, wait. We'll talk about it. Don't worry about it.

Olivia: So, um...

Rick: Pretty good. Actually, you make me angry. You're healthier than I am. (Laughter) Heart's good, blood pressure is good. You're healthy, girl. You're healthy. So where is Emma? I haven't seen her.

Olivia: She's upstairs. She's writing a paper on why her family is so unique.

Rick: Oh, really. I haven't seen her for a while. I ought to check on her before I go. She's gonna love it here. This is great.

Olivia: She loves it. She does. She gets up early here, and she runs around and she explores. She has little pink cheeks and bright eyes. And she laughs all the time. It's really fun for her, and she deserves it after everything she has been through.

Rick: Yeah. I just don't see you here.

Olivia: Why?

Rick: You just don't seem like the rustic girl. You seem like the caviar, champagne, and fancy hotel type. No offense.

Olivia: No, I'm not offended. But I'm not... I didn't grow up rich. People forget that. And this suits her. You know? And I just would hate to take that away from her. I think everyone should get to live in a real home once in their life.

Josh: The latest treatments. Possible surgeries, contact members... the whole works.

Shayne: Wow, Dad, there is not really much more that can be done, so...

Josh: Well, maybe not here. But we can fly anywhere we want in the world, right? I mean, there are these radical new procedures that are being done.

Shayne: Wait. Wait. Slow down. I've got it all covered, okay? It's cool.

Josh: Shayne. I feel like you're getting too comfortable in that chair, and that concerns me, okay? Maybe you're overwhelmed, maybe you feel like you're never going to walk again, so you're discouraged right now.

Shayne: Is this that part in the conversation where you start passing around the collection plate? Is it that time? Listen, don't make me your next calling, Dad, okay? I'm fine.

Josh: You are not fine.

Shayne: I'm fine!

Josh: You are not fine! You're not even giving yourself a chance to get better! It's like you've surrendered. You're giving up, and that's not the Shayne I know.

Shayne: Dad, it's my life! It's my life! Why can't you respect that?

Josh: Because, Shayne, you're the kid that never gave up. You were the one that always went the extra mile, did the extra thing. What happened to that kid?

Shayne: That kid? That kid grew up.

Josh: Look, look, look! You've got some top secret plan that nobody knows about to get yourself better, fine! Tell me about it! And I want details! All right? I want schedules. I want doctors' appointments. But if you don't have that, then let me help you!

Shayne: Just because I'm not doing things your way, it doesn't mean I'm wasting time.

Josh: Shayne, we worked together before. We made progress before, together!

Shayne: But I don't need you now.

(Knock on the door)

Christina: Hey, is everything okay? We heard your voices down the hall.

Remy: Yeah. You need an E.M.T. or a referee or something?

Josh: No, no, no. Everything's fine, right? Everything is fine. I just happen to be working day and night to help get my son out of that chair, but Shayne is refusing to do anything to help himself.

Shayne: Pardon my dad. He's going off the deep end right now.

Josh: Oh, you think this is the deep end? This is not even remotely the deep end, son.

Shayne: You know, it's like you will feel like a failure if I don't get better. You're taking my condition personally.

Josh: You're damned right I am! You're my son!

Christina: Hey, you know what? There might be another way. Look, I'm not trying to drum up business for myself or anything, but I do happen to be a physical therapist.

Remy: A good one.

Christina: So I could come up with a program to help Shayne that won't work him too hard.

Shayne: Beautiful.

Remy: Dude, it's a no-brainer. Either have your dad on your back or work with Christina. I mean, she's prettier, too.

Josh: Wait. No, no, no. I'm sorry.

Shayne: I'll do it. I'll do it. I need some breathing room.

Lizzie: Thank you for coming, Dr. Wenkel.

Bill: We're very grateful. We had nowhere else to turn.

Doctor: I've read about the case a lot, of course, in the papers, but that's really all I know.

Bill: That's the problem, me, too. My memory is shot, and the cops seem to believe that I was involved in the kidnapping.

Doctor: And did you know this?

Lizzie: Well, while Bill was struggling with his memory, he kept those doubts to himself.

Bill: Which has caused us some problems. So I owe Lizzie the truth.

Lizzie: For the record, I don't think that he kidnapped me. But those are just feelings, and we really need facts.

Doctor: Of course. Before we start, I need to share a rather disturbing conversation I had with your grandfather.

Lizzie: You don't need to say another word. I can only imagine. Please ignore anything that my grandfather might have said. He's not exactly rational when it comes to Bill. And we need your help. Please.

Bill: Yeah. Just tell me what I need to do. Stare at a swinging watch... what?

Doctor: No. It's nothing that dramatic. We are going to try to recreate the events of the kidnapping. Now, this might be rather painfully for you, but we do need you here to corroborate this.

Bill: Are you sure you're okay with this?

Lizzie: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Just tell me what I got to do.

Doctor: Okay. The first thing we need to do is have you sit as close as possible to the subject.

Bill: (Breathing heavy)

Doctor: Closer.

Bill: Okay.

Doctor: All right, um... let's begin.

Josh: I still think we should explore some of the medical options that I found. Working out at the gym is great, but it's not a terribly aggressive approach.

Shayne: Dad...

Christina: All right. You two need to get out of here. Shayne and I have work to do. Come on.

Josh: Fine. No slacking off or I'll be back here with a whistle and a coach's jacket. Do you understand me?

Christina: (Laughing).

Shayne: He's not kidding.

Remy: Come on, Josh. We'll catch these guys later. Let's let them get to it, okay? That's what I call teamwork.

Josh: I don't think he suspected a thing.

Remy: Uh-uh. Christina was perfect. She's gonna work him hard, don't worry about that.

Josh: I just hope she can get through to him. Somebody has to, and every time I try, he shuts me out.

Remy: He has his pride, but at least he's getting some help now.

Josh: Come on, I'll buy you a drink. I owe you one.

Lizzie: That's it? He's under?

Doctor: He is. He is. He is in a state of very deep relaxation. Bill, can you hear me?

Bill: Yes.

Doctor: Bill, I want to go back to the day of your big presentation for Galaxy, the day that was supposed to have been your greatest triumph. You're alone. You're waiting for Lizzie. Let your mind go back. Bill, can you tell me what you're feeling?

Bill: I feel angry.

Lizzie: At me? For not being there? That's not fair.

Doctor: Is it a general anger towards Lizzie, the kind that might lead you to do something drastic?

Bill: I remember looking at my watch, checking my notes. Someone mentions Lizzie, and I feel angry.

Doctor: Go deeper. Did you go find Lizzie? Did you try? Did you act on your anger?

Bill: I don't know. It's all a blank. It's like someone is holding a big curtain in front of me.

Lizzie: This is ridiculous. Bill loves me and I know that. So tell me how his heart is working, but his mind can forget something so big. How can he not remember this? Unless he just doesn't want to!

Doctor: Lizzie, you cannot quit now. Getting to the truth of something like this is a journey, and that takes time.

Bill: Lizzie... where are you?

Lizzie: I'm here. I'm not going anywhere, okay? Let's get back to work.

Doctor: Bill, let's talk about the day that the ransom note arrived. Now, your family said that you went off by yourself. Can you tell me where you went, Bill?

Bill: I'm driving the car, fast. Lizzieís... Lizzieís there, tied up, crying, alone.

Lizzie: That is the place where I was held captive. Can you describe it?

Bill: Ah, I canít.

Lizzie: So you don't know if you saw me tied up or you were just worried about me being tied up?

Bill: I don't know.

Lizzie: Just think about this, Bill. Think. Was it you that untied my hands when I was eating? Someone was nice to me while I was there. Was it you? Were you there?

Bill: I... I... I remember... I remember reaching out to you, but you were always out of reach.

Doctor: That's not a memory. That's wishful thinking. But he is agitated, and emotions are the key to opening up the floodgates. Bill, let's talk about the rescue.

Lizzie: Oh, wait. Wait. He fought someone. I heard it, but I didn't see it.

Bill: Lizzie's there, um... anxious. I remember feeling anxious.

Lizzie: Of course. Of course you were anxious. He was trying to get me to safety. Do you remember? Think, think, think. I came around the corner, and you hugged me and you told me that you loved me. Do you remember that? Then we had to escape. Think about this. You have to remember that.

Bill: Yeah, I remember, we had to get out of their fast.

Lizzie: Yeah, because someone else was there.

Doctor: Good. Good. Bill, who do you want to escape from? The kidnapper or the police?

Bill: We had to get out of there. We had... we had to get out of there. They're fast. There's trouble. There's trouble, and I don't remember what it is. It's a blur.

Doctor: Bill... Bill... Bill, calm down.

Bill: I can't remember.

Doctor: Calm down. We're going to take you out of it now.

Lizzie: No.

Doctor: Listen to me. Bill, on the count of three: One, two, and three.

Bill: Anything? I am so sorry.

Doctor: Your memories are buried too deep. Sometimes there's a block.

Bill: Well, unblock them. Isn't that what you do? Don't stop now.

Lizzie: No. It's over, okay. Just face it.

Josh: Thank you for helping me out. I really appreciate it.

Remy: Shayne's my bud. It's kind of weird going behind his back, though.

Josh: Yeah. Yeah, I know. Sneaking around is not my favorite way of doing things either, but something... something has got a hold of Shayne. I don't know what it is. It is like a combination of pain and pride, but either way, he has sort of lost his desire to fight.

Remy: Well, maybe it's facing his injury for a second time.

Josh: Yeah.

Remy: It's awfully hard.

Josh: I'm going to have to figure out a way for him to at least to help him find it again. You know, maybe... maybe lying in this case wasn't such a bad thing. Maybe because it's for the right reasons, it's okay. Like, I'm going to hell, but at least I did it helping my son out.

Remy: (Laughing) Okay, well... well, I tried to help Christina by telling her this big, fat lie.

Josh: Really?

Remy: Uh-huh. Yeah. I didn't put the divorce through so she can get this loan for married people. I guess I'm going straight to the barbecue pit, too.

Josh: H'mmm.

Christina: All right. Just five more and we can take a rest. Five, four...

Shayne: Slower.

Christina: Three...

Shayne: Slower, I said. Does Remy know about you're evil side.

Christina: Keep lifting. Two...

Shayne: Slower.

Christina: Keep going. And...

Shayne: Get your hand off my foot.

Christina: And... one.

Shayne: Get your hand off the foot.

Christina: And... rest. Good job. All right, now we'll work with some small weights. You could use some resistance.

Shayne: And I could use a cold beer. I'm done.

Christina: No. Sorry. We just got started. Come on, go longer than 15 minutes. If you push yourself today, then it's not going to be so bad the next time.

Shayne: No, no, no. Look, I said I'd try. Help me back to my chair.

Christina: Okay. But you have more strength and power than you know, and I'm not letting you give up.

Shayne: Let's understand each other a little better. I will tell everyone that you just worked my little butt off, if you let me out of here early. I know my dad put you up to this.

Christina: What do you mean?

Shayne: I mean, I know my dad. I know that he put you up to this. He gave up too easily. But, listen, it's cool. You made the guy happy.

Christina: It's not my job to make Josh happy. It's my job to make you better, and I'm determined to get results.

Shayne: Well, then, just knock yourself out.

Christina: I will. Thanks. So let's make the next appointment. Thursday, same time? Great.

Shayne: Yeah. That's fine. I'll show up. You know, sometimes things just aren't what they are. And you can't do a damn thing about it.

Alan: Jeremy, stop whatever you're doing. I want you to get something out of the attic for me.

Do you feel like the best

things past you by

your face down on the sidewalk

Bill: The doctor's gone. You know, he said there is a chance with another treatment, that we'll get better results, so...

Lizzie: Come on. Who are we kidding?

Bill: Lizzie... I hate seeing you like this. I put you through hell and I disappointed you, and I am so sorry.

Lizzie: Please, stop apologizing. It doesn't make anything any better.

Bill: Okay, well, then what. Lizzie, where are you going?

Lizzie: I am going home. I have to figure out what's next.

Bill: For us?

Lizzie: For me.

Bill: Lizzie, you know... you know that I would do anything for you.

Lizzie: But there's nothing left to do.

Can't give into the hurting

cause the hurting... it's not


it seems I'm preoccupied with


drag them into the d-line

keep them close

where they whisper doubtful

things to me

Alan: Well, what happened?

Lizzie: I know you tried to bribe the doctor, so spare me. I'm not in the mood. Now, did your spies tell you that today was a bust?

Alan: Elizabeth, I'm sorry that I tried to sway the doctor, but it seems it didn't matter because Bill is guilty.

Lizzie: I don't want to talk about the kidnapping anymore. How about that?

Alan: Alright, why don't you think about the wonderful things in life ahead of you. Would you like a reminder?

Lizzie: What is it?

Alan: This is your future.

Lizzie: This is dad's model of the town.

Alan: Uh-huh.

Lizzie: You kept it all this time?

Alan: Yes. Your father had flaws, but he also had an incredible vision for this town. And I want you to take your sorrow, your pain, and your disappointment that you're feeling right now, and use it to become the most powerful person in Springfield. Go ahead. Take a good look.

Rick: So, are you happy?

Olivia: Yeah.

Rick: You know, it really doesn't matter. Because I know you. I know your deepest, darkest secret.

Olivia: Is that right?

Rick: Uh-huh. Do you want me to say it?

Olivia: Say it out loud.

Rick: You hate living here with a passion.

Olivia: Why would you say that?

Rick: Because you probably sleep in satin sheets, and I know like me, nature is not your friend. You want me to keep going on?

Olivia: No. No. I'm busted. I don't belong here at all.

Rick: I know. So if I were you, I wouldn't unpack a thing.

Olivia: Right.

Josh: Well, good luck working out things with Christina. She seems like a really nice girl.

Remy: We have the financial aid papers right here. I can rip them, and the divorce, too. It's not too late.

Josh: It sounds like one option.

Remy: She's had to work hard all her life. She deserves a break. And so what if we have to stay married a little bit longer, right?

Josh: Are you... are you actually talking about staying married so she can get a loan?

Remy: Yeah, of course.

Josh: Okay.

Remy: Is there another reason?

Josh: You tell me.

Remy: So you think I should stay married to a girl I barely know.

Josh: Maybe.

Remy: All right, now you're starting to sound like Mel. She has this idea that if we get divorced, we won't see each other or something.

Josh: Listen, you know what. Let me give you some advice. This comes from a guy who has been married and divorced like a hundred times, okay? So listen up: Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure. Think about it. Okay?

Alan: Elizabeth, I know that you're upset right now, but it will pass. Believe me, I speak from experience.

Lizzie: No, I will miss Bill for the rest of my life.

Alan: I've been down that road many times. And every time I came back, I came back stronger. And you will, too, because this will be your salvation.

Lizzie: I don't know.

Alan: This city is at your fingertips. Whatever you dream, you can have.

Lizzie: Except for the only thing that I want.

Alan: There will be other men, better men.

Lizzie: No... I... this has taken so much out of me, I don't even know how to go on.

Alan: Well, I will help you. I will guide you. And you can lean on me, huh?

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Natalia: I just think you're more nervous than she is.

Olivia: Well, you know, she's got to get up in front of the entire class and give a speech. She's never done that before. You want me to go over it for you and check everything?

Emma: I want it to be a surprise. What makes my family unique.

Teacher: Are there any questions or comments for Emma?

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