GL Transcript Friday 1/9/09

Guiding Light Transcript Friday 1/9/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Lizzie: I can't do this.

Alan: She has lost faith in him.

Bill: I can't go on hurting you like this.

Lizzie: We're not together anymore and that's what happened.

Cyrus: Bill doesn't remember. It doesn't mean he's guilty.

Lizzie: It doesn't mean he's innocent.

Marina: I made you an appointment at Cedars. You're going to get a physical.

Doctor: How long have you had this mole back here?

Mallet: Why? Is it bad?

Lizzie: I want you to work with me at Spaulding-Lewis.

Reva: Marina, hey!

Marina: Hey, Reva.

Reva: What are you doing here?

Marina: I'm just waiting for my husband. My husband... that sounds so cool when I say it.

Reva: That's right... the wedding.

Marina: Yeah. Shayne and I talked. It's fine.

Reva: Good. Then, congrats to you and Mallet.

Marina: Thank you. How is Shayne?

Reva: Why do you ask like that?

Marina: I don't know. Just cause he's been different, you know, since he got back. I don't know. I can't imagine what he's been through.

Reva: Yeah, well, neither can I. Of course, he doesn't want to talk about it. Is Mallet okay? Is he sick?

Marina: No. He's fine. He's just here for a routine physical. I practically had to drag him here, though. I think he's afraid of doctors.

Reva: Yeah, well, doctors aren't scary. It's what they have to tell you that's scary.

Mallet: Look, come on, Doc. I don't get it. Whatís... what's so urgent?

Doctor: Well, we'll know more once we get a biopsy of the sample tissue.

Mallet: Okay. Well, what makes this mole suspicious?

Doctor: The size. The type. The back is the most common site for Melanoma in men.

Mallet: Whoa! What? What? Are you saying I have skin cancer?

Doctor: Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Mallet: I came for a physical. I can't have cancer. I mean, I can't have cancer. I just got married.

Doctor: Do you use sunscreen regularly?

Mallet: Ah, no. I tan pretty evenly, but... well, how soon will we know all of this?

Christina: Hey!

Remy: Hey!

Christina: I was looking all over you. I mean, I was looking all over for you.

Remy: Where have you been?

Christina: I went underground for a couple of days. I was studying just in case.

Remy: In case of what? I tried calling you, but you never...

Christina: I know. My phone was off. I couldn't concentrate with you calling all the time, being all... you. And then when you're not calling, I'm waiting for you to call. And I'm waiting for texts, it's distracting. You're distracting.

Remy: So you waited around for me to call?

Christina: About divorce stuff, and not when I'm studying.

Remy: Right.

Christina: Whatever. Look, I get to take the MCATs again!

Remy: What?

Christina: I get another shot at my dream!

Remy: Oh, congratulations, girl!

Daisy: Okay. Great. Yeah. I'll call you very soon. I can't wait to tell him. Okay. Bye.

Grady: Tell me what?

Daisy: Oh, not you. Bill, actually. I think I found a way to help him.

Grady: How is that?

Daisy: Okay, so, I found this cheesy ad for a hypnotist, but then that got my thinking. And so then I found this therapist who specializes in hypnosis. He is very well-respected, and he says he might be able to unlock Bill's memory so that he can say for sure whether or not he kidnapped Lizzie. Do you want to come with me?

Grady: I canít. I've got to work.

Daisy: Right. I'll call you later.

Grady: Okay.

Daisy: All right. Bye.

Grady: Bye.

Bill: What do you want? Do you want to buy me out of the company?

Alan: It's a fair offer.

Bill: Does Lizzie know about this?

Alan: I had the papers drawn up for Elizabeth, because I care about her.

Bill: Well, so do I.

Alan: Well, why don't you prove that to me by signing the papers.

Lizzie: Nice suit.

Cyrus: Thanks. How's it going?

Lizzie: My granddad went over to Bill's with a buyout plan. It was his idea, but at least my grandfather asked me before taking the offer to Bill.

Cyrus: And you said he could?

Lizzie: I didn't know what to say. If Bill takes the offer, he's out of the company. He's out of my life. Work is the only thing holding us together, so...

Cyrus: Do you want Bill to sign the papers? Even if it turns out he's not the one who kidnapped you?

Lizzie: I don't know.

Christina: I'm just really stressed out, you know? I mean, the holidays were stressful, because they are. And retaking the MCATs will be stressful, because what if I fail? Then if I pass, then that will be stressful, too, because then I'll have to worry about how I'm going to get into medical school and if I can afford medical school. I just... you know, I can still pay for my own coffee myself.

Remy: Okay. Well, actually, can you pay for mine? I only have two bucks, and I don't want to put it on my card.

Christina: What kind of man only carries two dollars on him?

Remy: Me.

Christina: And what if there is an emergency, Remy?

Remy: What kind of an emergency?

Christina: One that costs more than two dollars.

Remy: Look, I can walk across the street to the A.T.M. and pay for both of our coffees.

Christina: That's not the point.

Remy: Then what is the point?

Christina: I forgot.

Remy: I hope you don't forget the stuff on the MCATs.

Christina: Don't even joke about that.

Remy: Okay. All right. You put too much pressure on yourself, Christina. I mean, one minute you're celebrating them letting you retake the test, and the next you're obsessing about what's in my wallet in case there is some mysterious emergency in some mysterious place that won't take credit cards. You do it to yourself.

Christina: I know, okay? And I would like to stop, but if I put more pressure on myself to stop, then that's more pressure.

Remy: You're doing it again. Come on.

Christina: Where are we going?

Remy: I know why you failed the MCATs. It's not because you don't know the material. What kind of husband would I be if I let you stand in your own way.

Christina: Okay. So where are we going? Two dollars barely covers bus fare, you know? Hey.

Marina: You know, not that it's any of my business, but, um, I think it's really brave doing what you're doing, going through with your pregnancy and fighting cancer at the same time.

Reva: No. Actually, bravery is making the choice to run into a burning building to save people when everybody else is running out.

Marina: Yeah, well, that's Shayne.

Reva: Yeah. I couldn't be half as brave as he is. You know, it's not like I made the choice to be in this situation myself. And some days I get so scared that I would like nothing more than to run, but this is a boy, too, so I've got to buckle up.

Marina: Congratulations! (Laughter)

Reva: Thank you.

Marina: But it would be wonderful if it was a girl, too.

Reva: Yes, I know. I mean, this little guy may actually be helping me battle my Leukemia, as well, by giving my immune system a boost. It's strange, if you're looking for a scientific definition of what love is, that just might be it. This guy is saving my life, and we haven't even been properly introduced yet. You and Mallet maybe thinking about children?

Marina: Children... that's probably not possible.

Reva: I wasn't supposed to have another baby, either. I wasn't supposed to be battling cancer twice. I wasn't supposed to be having a baby who's helping me battle that cancer, so... don't give up on miracles just yet.

Mallet: Well, Doc, what happens if I have this thing? I mean, prepare me now. Did I happen to mention before that I just got married?

Doctor: You did. If Melanoma is confirmed by the biopsy, we'll do more tests to see if it is confined to the area. If it is, we'll remove the cancer cells, and no further treatment is needed.

Mallet: Good. And then say that it isn't, what happens?

Doctor: Well, we'll do more tests, lymph node biopsies and x-rays. Melanoma can grow into the skin, reaching blood vessels and spreading.

Mallet: Let's say all that has happened, then what?

Doctor: Well, we'll move onto chemo, radiation, immunotherapy, but we don't know any of this yet.

Mallet: So, Doc, you'll tell me when you get the results, right? Because, like I said before, I'm a newlywed. I'm getting my life together, and I can't have cancer. You know, if I have cancer, then I have a lot to figure out, you know?

Doctor: Of course. But just try not to get ahead of yourself. It could be nothing.

Mallet: Okay. Good. Oh, come on. Just tell me you didn't hear that. You didn't hear that, did you?

Reva: I did. I did.

Mallet: Well, it's just a... I don't know. I've got a little mole thing going on or something. They'll know more after the biopsy.

Reva: I know what it's like. I do. The waiting... it's awful. But he said that it might not be anything.

Mallet: Yeah. Don't tell anyone.

Reva: Who would I tell? You're not going to tell Marina? Oh, Mallet, been there, done that. Bad idea.

Cyrus: So this is the buyout offer?

Lizzie: Yeah. Yeah, that's my copy.

Cyrus: Do you need any help?

Lizzie: When I hired you, not for here... to find out the truth about my kidnapping, I felt like such a jerk. It was like announcing to the world that, yes, I do have doubts in Bill. And I spent every day fighting for him while fighting my own worst fears, that maybe he could do this. And the whole time he knew that he could have and never told me.

Cyrus: It's still possible that he didnít.

Lizzie: Yeah, I know. I mean, when he's not around, I feel empty. And all those weeks that he was in a coma, I have never felt so alone in my whole life. And now he's here. He's here. He's around, and all of the emptiness is just replaced with pain. And I don't know which is worse.

Bill: I guess that's my answer. Look, I, um... I thought breaking up and moving out of the house was enough. And I just never... never thought I would hurt you if I stayed here, too. Maybe... maybe I knew it and I was just trying to convince myself that I didn't, but I have the papers. I know what Alan wants. What do you want?

Lizzie: Are you any closer to getting your memory back?

Bill: No.

Daisy: What are you doing here?

Cyrus: I work for Lizzie now.

Daisy: Okay. Well, is Bill here?

Cyrus: Yeah, they're in the board room. But whatever it is, it's going to have to wait.

Daisy: No. This can't wait.

Grady: We need to do something about this.

Mallet: I mean, it's pointless to make Marina worry. Come on, we're talking about a stupid, little mole. Where did she go, anyway?

Reva: I think the cafeteria. Mallet, listen to me. This is the way it starts. You know... you don't say anything, because you don't know anything. And then you find out that you are sick, and then you don't say anything, because you don't know how intense the treatments are going to be. And so you start rationalizing and rationalizing until, God forbid, it progresses to the point where you can't not say anything. Anything. So instead of dealing with it, so instead of dealing with it, little by little, every day, together, you drop this thing in her lap that is so big and so bad, that not only is it destroying your body, but it destroys your marriage. Don't give this disease that kind of power.

Mallet: Well, I don't want her living scared, okay? I love her more than life, and it's my job to keep her happy.

Reva: No. It's your job to respect her, and to give her credit for being able to deal with whatever life throws at you. And not just the two of you. What if you want to have a family?

Mallet: Well, that's not likely.

Reva: Yeah? Well, neither was this. If you don't tell Marina, then you're not only cheating yourself, but you're cheating her out of the chance to love you enough. Hold onto her. Hold onto her as tightly as you can, because that's what love is.

Marina: Hey. What took so long? I got some snacks.

Mallet: Come on. I have to... I have to tell you something.

Christina: This is your big surprise? Taking me back to your place? Smooth.

Remy: Uh-huh.

Christina: Okay. Fine. Quiz me.

Remy: Put those away. You know the material. You don't know yourself.

Christina: And you do?

Remy: Uh-huh. It works. I've tried it. Now close your eyes.

Christina: You're not going to make me chant something.

Remy: Close them. Close your eyes. Okay. This is a visualization exercise...

Christina: Oh, come on!

Remy: ... Designed for those who can't keep their mouths shut and get out of their own way.

Christina: Hey!

Remy: Okay. Now, I want you to think of a place that relaxes you.

Christina: Um... not here.

Remy: No... no talking. Now, I want you to think of it as if you're going on a vacation in your head. Push the MCAT stuff aside, and make room for somewhere to go when you feel overwhelmed.

Christina: This is nuts.

Remy: No peeking. Now, take a few deep breaths. Are you there yet? If you see the computer lab, take a right. If you're tripping over textbooks, you're almost there. You can let me know if you're there.

Christina: Okay, I'm there.

Remy: Liar. Liar! See, I knew it. You're a liar.

Christina: I lost my map.

Remy: Well, focus. Focus. You're almost there.

Christina: Wait, I'm there. I know where I am. How did you learn how to do that?

Remy: Doctor Mom. So where was the place you went in your head?

Christina: Okay. So do you remember... are these our divorce papers?

Remy: Yeah. I was going to tell you about those.

Christina: They look almost finished.

Remy: Well, I've been working on them.

Christina: So what's left to do?

Remy: We just have to sign them.

Alan: A hypnotist? A magician?

Grady: Daisy said he's a hypnotherapist.

Alan: Oh, so a magician with a degree. That's even worse.

Grady: Look, I just thought I should tell you that there is a chance that Bill could get his memory back.

Alan: It's got to worry you.

Grady: What?

Alan: Well, you're more involved in this than I am. What if Bill does get his memory back and ties you to Elizabethís kidnapping, huh?

Grady: So what are we going to do about this?

Alan: We're not going to do anything. Your brother was just by here, and he told me that he would stop blackmailing me if I stopped doing business with you. So here you are, huh? Now, this could be very costly for me, Grady.

Grady: Bill getting his memory back could cost us both. So you better do something about it.

Alan: Yeah. Get me everything you can find out about Dr. Herman Wenkel.

Lizzie: A fair deal. Yeah, you worked for months and months to build something, and then it just...

Bill: Everything can change. (Cell phone rings)

Lizzie: Lizzie Spaulding. Okay. Yes, I can drop them off. Thank you. I have to go.

Bill: Is it about the Decker deal? Because I can help.

Lizzie: No. I think I can handle it on my own.

Bill: Sure.

Daisy: Hi.

Bill: Hey.

Daisy: Bill, where is Lizzie?

Bill: You just missed her. What are you doing here?

Daisy: Um... I have a way you can get your memory back. I found this hypnotherapist. Dr. Herman Wenkel. Have you heard of him?

Bill: Oh, that's a nice thought, Daisy...

Daisy: Yes, it's a nice thought. You should try it, because then you can know for sure, and you can tell Lizzie that you're innocent.

Bill: Hypnotherapy... I don't know. How does it even work? Do they have me count back from ten and I'll cluck like a chicken?

Daisy: Look, he can come here right now, if you want. All right? He saw you guys on TV, and I told him that this is really important.

Bill: (Laughing) Okay. Okay, I'll give it a try.

Daisy: There's just one thing: Lizzie has to be at the session.

Bill: Uh-uh. Uh-uh.

Daisy: No. Come on. He said that will give you your best chance at success, because she was so involved in everything.

Bill: Listen, Daisy, I cannot ask her to do that.

Daisy: Then I will.

Bill: No, Daisy, you can't, because I'm trying to make things easier for her. Okay? What if... what if this doctor unlocks my brain, okay? And I find out that I am... I'm guilty? Lizzie is going to be sitting right there, and I'm not going to put her through that. I canít.

Daisy: But then you'll know, you know? And you can stop torturing yourself.

Bill: No, no, no. This is too big of a risk.

Daisy: This is hope. Bill, this is hope.

Alan: Wenkel, W-E-N-K-E-L. I'll call you back. Is everything all right?

Lizzie: I have to find that stupid Macau press kit. I should have just sent Cyrus.

Alan: About that arrangement...

Lizzie: It's working out really well.

Alan: Did Bill come to see you? I delivered the papers.

Lizzie: Yes, he did. And then Deckerís assistant called me... can you check in those drawers? It's a bright, blue folder. We haven't made a decision yet, if that's what you're wondering.

Alan: Well, it's your choice.

Lizzie: Well, and Bill's choice.

Alan: You only spoke about the buyout?

Lizzie: Here it is. Um, what else would there be to talk about? (Cell phone rings)

Alan: Nothing, I suppose.

Lizzie: Lizzie Spaulding.

Bill: Hey, it's me. Um... are you going back to the office today? Because I just got some new information.

Lizzie: You remembered something?

Bill: Not exactly, but it has to do with that. Look, I... I don't want to do this over the phone. So would you please come back to the office?

Lizzie: Yes. I'm on my way right now.

Alan: Is everything all right?

Lizzie: It might be. Yes.

Alan: Good. Good.

Lizzie: See you later.

Alan: Damn!

Cyrus: What are you doing here?

Grady: You first.

Cyrus: I work for Lizzie, at Spaulding.

Grady: Doris doesn't make me wear a suit.

Cyrus: No one makes me do anything.

Grady: So I guess with this new job, you're not going to need the blackmail money from Alan anymore.

Cyrus: Grady...

Grady: He told me you went and visited him, and he told me that you just didn't want him to include me in his evil plans.

Cyrus: I don't need any grief right now.

Grady: Thank you.

Remy: You were always so busy. I tried calling you to tell you about the...

Christina: Yeah. Yeah, you said.

Remy: Yeah. Um... the do-it-yourself divorce is a lot easier than Mel made it sound. I kind of just rolled right through it. This is what you want, right?

Christina: I was just getting used to being married. Here, check this out.

Remy: What's this?

Christina: This is the financial aid offer, government-sponsored. I wasn't able to fill it out. But I was thinking ahead for when I get into med school... if I get into med school.

Remy: You will. It looks like you qualify.

Christina: No. See, right there. You have to be married to get it. Can you believe it? I know. For a second, I actually thought about it, too, but it's crazy, and wrong. So, um... I mean, we're not even really married.

Remy: Yeah, we are.

Christina: Well, yeah, today. But we're also this close to getting our do-it-yourself divorce, and I haven't even taken the MCATs yet. I don't know what I was thinking.

Marina: Melanoma?

Mallet: Well, I mean, the doctor isn't sure. But if it is Melanoma, they see how far it has spread, and then they just take it out. And then if itís... well, if it's spread too far... well, you know what? There are just a lot of ifís, okay? So let's not get upset now.

Marina: How can I not be? Where is your doctor?

Mallet: Well, heís... he's running the tests.

Marina: Okay. Well, I need to find him. I have a lot of questions, okay? I need to know what we're going to do about this. I need to know what I'm going to do about this.

Mallet: Baby, baby, it's okay. It's okay. You're doing what I was doing. You're getting like eight steps ahead, okay? Let's just wait to see what the doctor comes back with, okay? What his news is. And then we can ask him all of our questions together. And then whatever it is, we'll just... we'll just deal with this together.

Marina: We can get through this.

Mallet: If we have to. You're jumping again.

Marina: I know. I'm just always jumping ahead. There's so much I want to do with you. You know, I mean, I want to grow old with you. And there are so many adventures and things that I want to do, and all of that's ahead of us, unless.

Mallet: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. All of that is ahead of us. It is. I love you.

Marina: I love you, too. I think about our future so often, I just never... I just never thought about the bad stuff.

Mallet: Yeah. No one ever does.

Marina: Thank you for telling me.

Mallet: Well, I was undecided. I didn't want to worry you.

Marina: Well, I'm glad you did. I'm sorry. I just don't know what to do. Around the house, you're Mr. Go-to guy, you know? You're the one that holds everything together. And I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

Mallet: And I'm also the guy who caused the great flood of Thanksgiving 2008.

Marina: Oh, okay. There's your doctor.

Mallet: That was fast. That was fast. I don't know if that's a good sign or a bad sign.

Marina: So there's no cancer?

Doctor: No cancer. It was completely benign. But you should be coming in for regular follow-ups, and you must use sunscreen.

Mallet: Got it.

Doctor: Let this be a wakeup call, especially now that you have a wife to think about, as you kept reminding me.

Marina: Oh, he did?

Doctor: About a dozen times or so.

Mallet: Yeah, not a dozen. Come on.

Doctor: I'll have the nurse set you up with some sunscreen samples.

Mallet: Thanks, Doc.

Marina: So, a dozen times, huh?

Mallet: Well, I don't know. Maybe... maybe more, actually. But I promise you one thing, I won't take so long to get physicals.

Marina: Yeah. Maybe now, we'll act like grownups, and do the responsible thing. What's wrong?

Mallet: Oh, me? Nothing. Don't get me wrong. I'm relieved at the good news. I don't know. For a few minutes there I was thinking, wow, what if I've got this thing? What if I get sick? What if I died? You know, I don't know. I mean, our line of work as cops. I mean, we're always in the line of fire and stuff, and you would think it would occur to me before then. But I don't know, maybe we think less about our mortality than other people, otherwise we won't be able to do our jobs. It's not like you and I haven't escaped death a few times before. But it has always been something dramatic, like a shooting or something. I mean, this is just a regular Friday afternoon. You come in for a physical, and you've got a spot on your back. Well, I don't know. I was talking to Reva earlier, and she got me thinking that, what if this is it? What if tomorrow you're just gone? And I'd just be leaving... I'd be leaving nothing behind.

Marina: You'd be leaving me behind.

Mallet: I know I would be leaving you behind, but I would also be leaving behind no legacy. I see Reva with this miracle baby of hers. Why can't that be us? Why can't that be us? Why can't we have a miracle?

Remy: You don't have to rush, you know?

Christina: I kind of do, actually. I have a physical therapy session, and I like to get there before my client.

Remy: Well, what about the financial aid forms? We've been married for what, like, two months now?

Christina: My gosh, has it really be been that long?

Remy: Yeah. Yeah, so what's the rush. I mean, you know the truth. The truth's out. You married into the Huxtables. And I kind of think your grandma likes me, so...

Christina: Oh, really?

Remy: I mean, you rushing this divorce is just you putting pressure on yourself, again. What are you doing?

Christina: I'm going to my happy place.

Remy: Christina, look at me. People get married to get green cards all the time. So we can stay married a little bit longer so you get the loan. I mean, what if that was the point?

Christina: What was the point?

Remy: When my mom and dad met, she found his lost wallet. So they had this idea that the little things that happen aren't just little, that they're supposed to happen. So what if that night at the casino was just to get us here, to this moment, where you can have the thing that is most important to you? Med school.

Christina: No. No. There is a difference between fate and fraud.

Remy: It's not fraud. We're legally married, all right? And we can just hang out in it a little longer.

Christina: No. It's wrong. I canít.

Remy: Okay. All right. Well... you just have to sign them.

Christina: Do you, um, have a pen? Because I've probably got one at the bottom of this big bag, and, I mean, I'm already late... oh, so. Where?

Remy: The last page.

Christina: There. Great.

Cyrus: You're not angry that I went to Alan?

Grady: You did me a favor that I didn't know I needed. Until I went over to Spaulding to try throw in with him again.

Cyrus: Over what?

Grady: It doesn't matter. You know, I've got a job now, and I'm with Daisy. I'm trying to get my act together. I'm still my own worst enemy. The only one who sees that is you.

Cyrus: Well, that's because I was mine for a long time, and neither of us need more enemies. But what we could use is a brother now and then.

Grady: You see Daisy around? I've got to get back to her.

Cyrus: Oh, yeah. I saw her at Spaulding-Lewis.

Grady: Thanks, again.

Daisy: Okay. So I printed some research on the internet about hypnotherapy. It's not just hocus pocus.

Bill: I know. I know. It sounds... it sounds a little crazy. I was skeptical, too. But, listen to me, Lizzie, I am willing to do anything if it's going to help me get my memory back.

Lizzie: You know, once you know something, you can't unknow it.

Daisy: Yes, but, if, you know, all of us just thought with our hearts, wouldn't we say that we already know the truth? This is just for confirmation, you know? And hypnotherapy has come a long way as a science. And Dr. Wenkel, in particular, has helped a lot of people.

Bill: Look, he's already on his way over here. I can... I can do this alone, but the doctor believes that if you are in the room, it's going to improve my chances.

Daisy: So what do you think?

Lizzie: I don't know.

Bill: Lizzie, listen... I know this is really hard, okay? I know it's awful, but let me tell you what's really awful: Is waking up every day without you. Not having you around. Going through the everyday motions of life, walking around like some big question, like waiting for an answer that I just can't find. I don't know, maybe this is the way to find it.

Mallet: I'm going to see if Rick can recommend a specialist, and that way we can just keep going to doctors until we find a doctor that just gives us the answers that we want.

Marina: Okay. This morning I couldn't even get you to go get a physical. And now you're Mr. Let's go see a world-wind of doctors guy.

Mallet: Well, you know, the doctor told me after the accident that I couldn't have kids, and I believed him. I took his word for it. That was a long time ago, right? Maybe there's been medical advancements since then. Maybe there's things going on that we havenít...

Marina: Okay. Okay. Listen, I know... I know that the Melanoma scared you this morning, okay? It scared me, too. And I know it made you think about your future.

Mallet: And your future, and the things that you want out of life. It makes me sad watching you with Peyton, knowing that I'll never be able to give you a baby. And knowing how much you want to be a mother. And knowing how good you would be at it.

Marina: I don't know. We'll see. Okay. Okay, maybe we will see.

Mallet: We'll never know unless we try. And I really, really want to try.

Marina: Okay. We'll try.

Mallet: Okay.

Christina: So you're going to take care of filing the divorce papers, right?

Remy: Yeah. Yeah, I will. I can't wait for my big return to bachelorhood. So, hey, you never... you never told me where you went in your head.

Christina: You never told me yours, either.

Remy: Well, I can get there fast.

Christina: I should go. I'm so late.

Remy: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I'll call you when I mail the forms.

Christina: My phone may be off.

Remy: Right. For your MCAT studies, yes.

Christina: But I'll let you know how I do.

Remy: Please do. Please let me know.

Christina: It's nice being married to you.

Remy: Yeah. We should do it again some time.

Christina: Ha-ha.

Remy: Financial aid forms for Mrs. Christina Boudreau. The old switcheroo.

Lizzie: So when did Daisy get here?

Bill: Right after you left.

Lizzie: So you were here, with the buyout papers, and you couldn't sign them.

Bill: I could have.

Lizzie: Okay. I feel like we have to know. We have to know before we can do anything or we can make any big decision. So I will stay with you while you see the doctor.

Bill: Oh! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Lizzie: I don't know what comes next.

Bill: We never do.

Alan: Dr. Wenkel?

Doctor: Yes.

Alan: Alan Spaulding. I was wondering, sir, if I could have a word with you?

Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Bill: If the hypnosis works, I get my memory back.

Lizzie: Well, it's this or the magic 8 ball. We've tried everything else.

Alan: Bill Lewis' memory must remain locked up. Even ethical men can do both, Doctor.

Dr. Wenkel: We're going to try to recreate the events of the kidnapping. All right, Bill, let's begin

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