GL Transcript Tuesday 1/6/09

Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 1/6/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Lizzie: We have to find a way to make everyone believe what I already do-- that you're innocent.

Vanessa: How are things with Shayne Lewis?

Dinah: There's nothing going on between Shayne and me. Trust me. Shayne, it's Dinah. Call me. Just wanted to talk.

Bill: The truth is, Lizzie, I don't remember if I kidnapped you or not. I just don't know.

Reva: Hey. Hi!

Billy: Hi.

Reva: Oh, no, no, no! Ew, you're all stinky.

Billy: Oh, you're smelly, too.

Jeffrey: You can do better than that.

Billy: Give me a chance. (Phone ringing)

Reva: You were running. You're wet.

Billy: I'll see you all in a bit.

Reva: Okay.

Jeffrey: This man is in serious need of some female companionship.

Reva: Yeah. Well, you know, I think he'd agreed with you there.

Jeffrey: What's your plan today? Are you going to go see Shayne?

Reva: I don't know. Do you think I'd be crowding him?

Jeffrey: I don't think anyone could feel that way about you, ever.

Reva: No, seriously. I mean, maybe I do worry too much. But I feel like he's rounding the corner, you know? Don't you think? Maybe?

Jeffrey: Sure. Yeah, I'll bet he is.

(Knocking door)

Dinah: Is anyone home? Hey. Did you hear me?

Shayne: Yeah.

Dinah: I think your lock's broken. You probably are going to want somebody to take a look at that.

Shayne: I got nothing no one wants.

Dinah: Well, I see you got a place for yourself. It's awfully nice.

Shayne: Yeah, I did. I didn't want to crowd Remy out anymore.

Dinah: Hmm. I called you last night. I said I called you last...

Shayne: I know.

Dinah: You didn't call me back.

Shayne: Yeah. I know that, too.

Lizzie: He would have to be so manipulative, so cruel. You all probably wondered, did he love her or not? And that is a question that needs to be answered.

(Knocking on door)

Daisy: Hey. Bill! Double shot should get you moving.

Bill: Hey. Will it help me get my memory back?

Daisy: I just couldn't get you to leave last night.

Bill: Oh. Ooh! So you stayed last night, too?

Daisy: Hey, when you sign up to be a designated driver, you sign on for the duration. Are you okay?

Bill: I don't know yet.

Daisy: You just wanted to be near her.

Bill: I need to keep my distance. That's what I need to do.

Daisy: Why?

Bill: Why did you really stay?

Daisy: Because I believe in you-- you and Lizzie. You should, too. After the accident, when you were trying to get Lizzie to safety, that's all you cared about. You were badly hurt, but you just wanted Lizzie to be okay.

Bill: Yeah. Well, I guess it doesn't really matter, huh?

Daisy: It does, though. It's all that matters. You love her. It's obvious. You wanted to help her, not to hurt her. And that guy that I saw after the accident, that is the same guy that I'm looking at this morning.

Bill: Daisy, why does it matter to you so much?

Daisy: I don't know. It just... it does. So are you going to go see her?

Bill: No.

Daisy: But you didnít...

Bill: Hey, listen, your faith in me, it means a lot. It really does. But I cannot say for sure if I didn't do this, okay? I just... I can't remember. So I have to keep my distance.

Daisy: So you're giving up?

Bill: No. I'm... I'm doing what I've got to do, for her. Yeah. So, look, I appreciate everything you've done. I really, really do. But I just canít. You need a ride some place? Because I can.

Daisy: Oh, no. Don't worry about it.

Bill: Daisy, come on. I can give you...

Daisy: No, no. I'm just going to go visit a friend a few doors down, so I'm fine.

Bill: Thank you, okay? Seriously, thank you. But this is the way it's got to be. Yeah.

Reva: Hey. What do you say we go home and take down the Christmas decorations?

Jeffrey: I canít. I've got this work stuff that I've got to take care of. But, you know, you shouldn't be doing that kind of thing anyway. There he is.

Man: Hey, how are you? Good to see you, Jeff.

Jeffrey: You remember my wife Reva?

Reva: Hi.

Man: Hi. How are you?

Reva: It's good to see you.

Man: It's great to see you.

Jeffrey: And this is Billy Lewis.

Billy: How you doing?

Man: Billy, how are you? It's a pleasure. How are you feeling? You look great.

Reva: Thank you. My husband is taking good care of me.

Man: Right. The new and improved Jeffrey OíNeill?

Reva: Yeah, well, personally, I kind of liked the old ornery one myself.

Jeffrey: Don't worry. He's alive and well.

Man: So you wanted to talk?

Jeffrey: Yeah.

Reva: What is this? Is this the work thing that you were talking about?

Jeffrey: You go home and start the undecorating, but leave the tough stuff for me, okay?

Reva: He's up to something.

Daisy: Wait, wait.

Lizzie: Oh, hey, Daisy.

Daisy: You shouldn't have left.

Lizzie: When? What are you talking about?

Daisy: The press conference on TV, the two of you. You should have stayed by his side. You should have let everyone know what you believe.

Lizzie: Please donít.

Daisy: You know he didn't do this. You know him.

Jeffrey: Thanks a lot, man. I really needed someone I could talk to who had an objective opinion.

Man: I'm sorry to see you second-guess yourself.

Jeffrey: Yeah. Well, you know what? This one could blow up on me big-time.

Shayne: Excuse me.

Dinah: What did I do?

Shayne: Nothing.

Dinah: No, it's not nothing. I thought that...

Shayne: What? You thought what?

Dinah: We got each other. You know, I called you because I... I don't know. I just needed someone to talk to. It kind of all fell apart for my brother yesterday. Did you happen to see it on TV? Yeah. Bit my head off. I know that he didn't mean it. He was just frustrated.

Shayne: What did you do to him?

Dinah: I didn't do anything to him. It was just his mood.

Shayne: Hmm. Maybe he just needs you to burn down another building for him.

Dinah: Why do you say it like that? Why don't you tell me what's really going on with you?

Shayne: My turn. That's what you said to me the other day after we finished fixing that stuff for your brother. You turned to me and you said to me that it was my turn. Hmm. I don't need fixing, Dinah. I'm not a project. And when somebody says that to me, when somebody says that's what they want to do for me, that's when I start looking for someone else to talk to.

Dinah: Okay. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to push.

Shayne: We got each other, right?

Dinah: You know, if you want me to leave, you should just say so.

Shayne: I thought that's what I've been doing the whole time, since you walked in.

Dinah: Remember Germany? Or jail? I do. I remember what it felt like to be able to talk to someone who felt as low as I did. But I guess it wasn't as good for you as it was for me.

Now something in me had faded.

Billy: Hey.

Dinah: I'm glad to see you.

Billy: Yeah. I take it you've heard, huh?

Dinah: Yeah. I saw him after. He's a wreck. Have you seen him yet today?

Billy: No. He didn't come home last night.

Dinah: Yeah, well, I guess they didn't put him up at Farley's.

Billy: Farley's? He was at Farley's?

Dinah: Yup. That's where he let me have it.

Billy: Oh, well, you know that's just the booze and frustration talking.

Dinah: Yeah. I know.

Billy: Hey, say it like you mean it.

Dinah: He can't remember.

Billy: Well, he was drinking last night. What do you want?

Dinah: Anything.

Billy: What?

Dinah: From the day she was taken to the day he woke up from the coma.

Billy: Oh, my God.

Dinah: It's a blank. He isn't even sure whether or not he did it. I told him he didn't, that he couldn't have...

Billy: Well, you know...

Dinah: He didn't do it. He didn't do it. The most important thing that I told him was that no matter what, he just can never tell Lizzie the truth.

Billy: Okay. That's what happened yesterday.

Dinah: Yeah. So now he thinks that if he just had told her sooner instead of listening to me, that...

Billy: Oh, no, no, no. He can't blame you for that. Dinah, when he gets back to being himself, he's going to remember that you had his back the whole time, and that's all.

Dinah: Maybe.

Billy: Well, I'm going to go tell him that right now.

Dinah: Good. Okay. Well, I guess I'm going to get some coffee.

Billy: He's going to be fine, and so are you.

Dinah: Okay.

Dinah: There you go. Thanks.

Reva: Dinah.

Dinah: Reva.

Reva: Dinah. Dinah!

Dinah: Is this about Shayne?

Reva: It is.

Dinah: Is this about him landing in jail his first night back?

Reva: With you. It is.

Dinah: That wasn't exactly all my doing. I already told that to Josh.

Reva: Okay, then why don't you tell me, so that we can see if I buy it?

(Knocking on door)

Shayne: Go away, Dinah!

Jeffrey: It's not Dinah. Are you all right? Can I come in? Hey, let me give you a hand.

Shayne: I've got it.

Jeffrey: You know, we all need help every once in a while, even you.

Shayne: Why are you here?

Jeffrey: Well, let's find out.

Billy: Yup, that's the good stuff. Seriously, I've used that a couple of times when I've closed bars over women.

Bill: Dad...

Billy: Yeah, I heard everything-- just about everything, anyway.

Bill: So you know Lizzie and I broke up.

Billy: Whoa. She didn't say that, did she?

Bill: No.

Billy: Oh, okay.

Bill: I did.

Daisy: Please don't go!

Lizzie: I'm sorry. I have a business to run. I'll see you around.

Daisy: Just listen to me!

Lizzie: No, listen to me! Bill walked away. He said that he could not tell me for sure if he did this or not, and he walked away.

Daisy: He thought being around you was going to hurt.

Lizzie: He was right.

Daisy: Yeah, but doesn't it hurt more now that he's gone? When he said that he had to leave, that was when you were supposed to say, "No, stay." That's your job. That's what you're supposed to do.

Lizzie: It's not that simple.

Daisy: You're right. It's beyond simple. Itís... when you're in love, it's the most basic, simple, real thing you can do.

Lizzie: There is nothing simple about being kidnapped. Let me tell you, that was very real.

Daisy: But he didn't do it.

Lizzie: You don't know that.

Daisy: I do. I do. And it's not just from, you know, seeing him after the accident. It's not just from spending all that time with him at the hospital. It's basically just what he did yesterday. He walked away, Lizzie.

Lizzie: Yes, he did.

Daisy: To keep from hurting you. The type of person who would commit this terrible act is not the same type of person who would put you first like that. His actions are telling a story, and you just have to listen to it. And if you don't, you might lose the best thing you ever had.

Lizzie: Don't you think that... of course... of course I have wondered, what if? I would give anything to know the truth. But what you don't know, what you can't understand, Daisy, is what these last few weeks have been like for me-- supporting Bill, fighting everyone who doubted him, carrying around this huge weight, just waiting for that day when I could finally just put it down, when this is just all finally over, only to hear that maybe I was just wasting my time.

Daisy: You werenít.

Lizzie: I had my doubts. I doubted him. I had moments when I wondered, and I stuffed them down, and I felt horrible. You can't even understand that kind of intense guilt.

Daisy: I don't believe it. You just let him walk away because you didn't want to feel guilty anymore?

Lizzie: That's not fair. Do you know how hard this has been for me?

Daisy: Look, you can't stop thinking about him, right?

Lizzie: Yeah, well, of course.

Daisy: Well, neither can he-- right beyond that gate over there, like 100 yards away.

Lizzie: What?

Daisy: He spent all night in his car.

Lizzie: And you were with him?

Daisy: He was wrecked. I couldn't leave him. He just missed you so much. It was just a horrible, horrible night. You were both apart, and you were both miserable. What does that tell you?

Lizzie: I still don't know the truth.

Daisy: Listen to what your heart is trying to tell you.

Lizzie: Go away.

Daisy: You'll be sorry.

Don't think you ever understood just who I am

we got to face this we're in different places

you wait for rain and I chase the storm...

Bill: You know, I don't know. Maybe you were right from the very beginning. You know, if I did this...

Billy: Hey, Bill, you really don't remember?

Bill: I don't remember. The only thing I know is that I do not deserve her.

Billy: Wait. Tell me you didn't tell her that.

Bill: She's been battling for me for so long. She's standing up to everyone who will listen, telling them that I'm innocent, and...

Billy: Well, of course she is, because that's what she's supposed to. Listen to me. Do you love her?

Bill: Of course I love her.

Billy: Then do the right thing.

Bill: I did. I walked.

Billy: Oh, no, that was the easy thing. That was the easy thing you did.

Bill: You think that was easy?

Billy: Yeah. I think it's a lot easier than going and fixing what's broke. You go to her, and you make sure she knows how you feel.

Bill: I can't do it. I crushed her. That's the only way to say it-- I crushed her.

Billy: I'm telling you right now, she's waiting for you to come and tell her how you're going to get past this.

Bill: Past this?

Billy: Yeah.

Bill: Dad, you don't get it.

Billy: Son, this is what I know: She loves you. She showed it. You went to her. You told her the hard truth. And now she wants to know what to do with it, how to handle it. And you have got to show her the way.

Bill: What makes you think that?

Billy: Because I've been here before. That gives me perspective.

Bill: I don't know.

Billy: Yes. What's wrong with you right now is that you're so afraid of what you might have done that you're not thinking straight. I'm telling you, she has dealt with the "what ifs." Now she wants to find out what's next. You have to figure that out, and then you go to her and you tell her.

Bill: You really believe all that?

Billy: Sometimes all they want to hear is "I'm sorry."

Bill: You think it's that simple?

Billy: Mm-hmm. You go to her, boy, you look her straight in the eye, and you tell her what she wants to hear.

Reva: You know something, Dinah, I was really kind of hoping you were off my radar.

Dinah: Oh, what a lovely place to be.

Reva: You know, you and Cassie, you found a way to deal with it all. I mean, I know you still have issues out there, but you made it work.

Dinah: You know, I miss having her around sometimes. But you don't buy that.

Reva: I just figured you'd moved on, you know-- moved on to someone else to make miserable.

Dinah: Thank you, Reva. Such faith.

Reva: And then I woke up this morning, and I realized that someone just might be me.

Dinah: Okay, that's a stretch, even for you.

Reva: Well, I still don't know the whole story about what happened at the wedding, you know-- how you and Shayne wound up there together.

Dinah: It was Marina's wedding? Marinaís. Remember Shayne and Marina?

Reva: It was Mallet's wedding, too.

Dinah: Do you give your son any credit at all?

Reva: For what?

Dinah: What he did that night, he did it because it was his choice. I had nothing to do with it. I couldn't make Shayne Lewis do anything that Shayne Lewis didn't already want to do. That's just the way it is.

Reva: He's vulnerable right now, Dinah. He's dealing with a lot.

Dinah: And I'm not?

Reva: I'm just saying give him the space he needs.

Dinah: Well, that is easier than you think.

Reva: What?

Dinah: You know, I can't believe that you don't have more serious things to worry about. I know you do.

Reva: We're a lot alike, you know? Because no one can tell us what to do. And if they try, then we do it anyway, just so we can stick it in their face.

Dinah: Okay. Okay. That being said, then it should be safe to say that you did not take the smartest approach with me here today.

Reva: I was hoping that the direct approach would prove to you how serious I am about this.

Dinah: Okay. As always, you were clear as glass.

Reva: Dinah...

Dinah: And subtle as a rock. You're trying to bring a baby to term while dealing with something as serious as cancer. You do not need to be worrying about me. That's where your focus needs to be, right there, okay? That's what's most important, not me. Do I have to be the person to tell you all that?

Shayne: Okay. What is this place?

Jeffrey: This is... well, this is your new home, if you want. I know the people here, so I can, you know, get you in here pretty fast, if you're interested.

Shayne: Interested in what?

Jeffrey: Interested in helping out. It's what you miss, right? Going into those fields, making a difference? You helped a lot of people, Shayne. You changed a lot of lives.

Shayne: You have no idea.

Jeffrey: This is where you can pick up where you left off, and you can do that here.

Shayne: I didn't know Springfield had a landmine problem.

Jeffrey: Kids come here, you know-- well, the ones that they can convince to show up. They're teenagers, but some of them have seen a lifetime's worth, if you know what I mean.

Shayne: Ah, the troubled youth.

Jeffrey: Yeah. It's hard getting them to care about anything, least of all themselves. Less you can connect, you know, get through to them-- then you can really make a huge difference.

Shayne: Do you write the brochures, too?

Jeffrey: Are you done kidding around?

Shayne: I still can't figure out why you brought me here.

Jeffrey: Because I care.

Shayne: Oh, here we go.

Jeffrey: Because I care about Reva. And she has a lot on her plate right now, in case you didn't notice.

Shayne: Yeah, why do you think I stuck around?

Jeffrey: Well, because I made sure that you couldn't leave. Okay, so fine. If you're not interested, that's okay. That's fine. I'll find something else. And then I'll find something else after that, if I have to, and then something else after that, if I have to. Because Reva cannot afford to be worried about you right now, Shayne. She needs to worry about that baby...

Shayne: I get it.

Jeffrey: ...And she needs to worry about herself. I don't think you do get it! And that's why I'm going to keep pushing you, and pushing you hard. I'm sorry you're in that chair. I'm sorry for all the pain and all the hurt you've had. It stinks. But, you know, you can choose to sulk, or you can choose to do something. And you can do that something here, Shayne. This is a place where you could find yourself, and you could give those kids someone to look up to.

Shayne: When did you cook this up?

Jeffrey: Is that a yes? Don't kid yourself, Shayne. These kids... these kids are trouble. Some of them have been arrested once, twice-- some of them arrested for violent crimes. This isn't going to be some walk in the park. This is going to be a very difficult gig. But the good ones always are, aren't they?

Shayne: I'm in.

Jeffrey: I will talk to the volunteers... what did you say?

Shayne: I'll take it.

Bill: Lizzie, Lizzie, this was the biggest mistake I ever made. It's the biggest mistake of my life. No, I'm going to make it up to you, Lizzie, because I believe we are meant to be together, and I am going to spend my...

Lizzie: Maybe I am supposed to be believing in him more, not less. I just feel like I'm at the end of my rope. I know that him saying that he doesn't remember isn't the same as him saying that he did it. I know that. I know that I am hearing this all wrong. And I know that all he wants is for me to tell him that it doesn't matter, that I have what it takes to see this through, because if I love him and I believe in him, then of course he didn't do this. I'm just so tired. I'm so tired. And I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Maybe I am supposed to dig deep and find the strength. And it's a challenge, and I'm being tested. I know that if he is innocent that I am completely insane to walk away from him, but... just as long as he's innocent. Do you want a treat? Do you want a treat?

Bill: Hey.

Lizzie: I didn't know you were here.

Bill: How did you sleep last night?

Lizzie: I didnít.

Bill: Sorry.

Lizzie: Yeah, I'm sorry, too. I just...

Bill: I came here to pack.

Lizzie: What?

Bill: Lizzie, I've got to go on the assumption that I did this. I don't have a choice, not really. So if that's true, then I can't live under the same roof as you.

Lizzie: So you think you did this?

Bill: I don't know. Lizzie, I don't know. A pretty good chance that I did-- a really good chance. So, look, I can't ask you to forget about it or move on from there, all right? You believed in me, and it cost you. And if I ever get a chance that you'll believe in me again, it's got to be a lock. That's all there is to it.

Lizzie: Then I will find Jeremy and ask him to help you pack.

Bill: Okay.

Dinah: Please tell me you're heading home to Reva.

Jeffrey: Well, why would you care?

Dinah: Because she needs to really focus on something other than me right now.

Jeffrey: I don't follow.

Dinah: Well, I'm not a good influence on her son. Haven't you heard? Like anyone could ever influence him one way or the other.

Jeffrey: Well, maybe that's changing.

Dinah: Changing?

Jeffrey: Yeah. I just dropped him off at the McAvoy Center.

Dinah: The one for teenagers? Isn't he a little old for that?

Jeffrey: Well, he's going to be a volunteer, maybe even a mentor.

Dinah: This was his idea?

Jeffrey: Uh, no. He was totally against it at first. But then when he heard some more about it, he changed his mind. And I think he's into it now.

Dinah: Well, isn't that the place that had a lot of trouble last year?

Jeffrey: Yeah. Well, some of those kids need direction.

Dinah: Yeah, and the rest of them need handcuffs.

Jeffrey: Yeah, well that's what I think interested him. He was up for a challenge.

Dinah: How about that?

Kid: Who are you supposed to be?

Shayne: I'm your new counselor.

Kid: Yeah, right.

Shayne: Come on now. That's no way to make a guy feel welcome.

Kid: I'm just here for some eats.

Shayne: Okay. How about if we shoot a game of hoops instead?

Kid: You've got to be kidding me.

Shayne: You afraid of losing?

Kid: Yeah, that's it. That's it. You work on your lay-ups. I'm gone.

Shayne: Are you Byron?

Kid: Nobody calls me that.

Shayne: Oh. Hey, I'm sorry, Byron.

Kid: I said...

Shayne: Well, but that's the name I've got in the file.

Kid: To hell with the damn file.

Shayne: Well, that's not being very nice.

Kid: The last dude who called me Byron wound up with a scar from here to here.

Shayne: And your mommy spent all those days finding just the right name, too.

Kid: You leave my mom out of this.

Shayne: Hey, you got it, Byron.

Kid: I said...

Shayne: Yeah, and I'm hearing you. I'm hearing you. I met a lot of kids like you when I was overseas.

Kid: Overseas?

Shayne: Yeah. A lot of them had a lot of big issues. But they were missing arms and legs, so they didn't have time to get worked up over something stupid like their given name.

Kid: Stupid?

Shayne: Yeah, stupid! Yo, you can come in here and strut around all you want. You can act tough. You can even threaten me. But I've got to tell you, I think that you're all show, with nothing to show for it, Byron. Okay. Now we're getting somewhere.

Daisy: Yeah, I'm glad I ran into you. Have you seen him? Because somebody needs to get through to him.

Billy: Well, I've been trying to get through.

Daisy: I hope you've been trying to talk him into going back to Lizzie, because that's who I've been talking to, and I think I've been making some progress.

Billy: Uh-huh. Well, I think that we're working opposite ends of the same camel.

Daisy: I'm glad, because they deserve to be together, don't they? After everything that they've been through.

Billy: Tell me, what's in this for you, sweetie?

Daisy: I don't know. I just... it's hard to describe. But since the accident, I just feel like the two of them, if they can make it...

Billy: Well, then there's hope for the rest of us?

Daisy: It's pretty silly, huh?

Billy: Yeah, but it's the kind of silly that makes the world go around. Here, I'll drink to it.

Bill: Well, I guess that's just about it.

Lizzie: Oh, that was fast.

Bill: If I forgot anything, just have Jeremy send it to me.

Lizzie: Where will you be staying?

Bill: I should just probably get going.

Lizzie: I should get back to work.

Lately you turn out wrong like you're afraid of what you'll find

I know you believe a heart is only

and the love is running through our veins...

Jeffrey: What's that?

Reva: What, this old thing?

Jeffrey: Well, it looked brand-new to me.

Reva: Oh, no. Actually, I found it in a drawer. I had completely forgotten about it. It must be not working, though. I'm not quite sure what...

Jeffrey: Maybe the batteries need charging, huh?

Reva: Now, that makes total sense. But plenty of time to charge it before this little guy makes his appearance. So what have you been up to?

Shayne: Okay. You're a real tough guy with a knife, huh?

Kid: Yo, you've got some mouth on you.

Shayne: Hey, can I just call you by? Dinah, get out of here!

Kid: Does this one mean something to you?

Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Kid: You don't know anything, man.

Dinah: Would you please do something?

Shayne: You've known a hundred guys like Byron here, and I've got to be honest with you, Blondie. You're screwed.

Kid: Yo, if you don't shut up right now, I'm doing it, man.

Shayne: Do it, man! What's stopping you?

Dinah: Shayne!

Shayne: Show me what you've got, Byron! I don't give a flip what happens to me. You think your life is worthless? Come over here and sit in these boots for a day!

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