GL Transcript Monday 1/5/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 1/5/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Doris: The charges have been dropped, but, believe me, this case is far from closed.

Cyrus: Are you sure you're okay?

Lizzie: Bill didn't do this. I know it.

Daisy: We're moving, Grady and me.

Ashlee: I mean, you have to decide, what's more important to you, impressing your family or being with Grady.

Grady: We're going to head down to some motel on Fourth Street.

Ashlee: You can come stay with me, both of you.

Alan: And I thought my day couldn't get worse.

Cyrus: Actually, I'd say it's your lucky day.

Alan: Why? Are you being deported?

Cyrus: No. But I have decided to wrap up our business arrangement.

Alan: Business arrangement? The last time you were here, you called it blackmail.

Cyrus: It seems like it's run its course, don't you think? And as of today, I'm not going to ask you for another dime.

Alan: Out of the goodness of your heart?

Cyrus: Of course not. I have a condition: Stay away from Grady.

Alan: I don't socialize with your brother.

Cyrus: No. You just ask him to do your dirty work. And since it looks like Lizzie is sticking with Bill, I'm sure that makes you very unhappy. So whatever you've got planned, keep Grady out of it.

Alan: You know, you've been walking quite a tightrope here lately, haven't you? Working for Elizabeth, protecting Bill, and keeping all suspicion about the fire at the warehouse away from your brother. You're damn lucky.

Cyrus: It happens. Wish I could say the same for you.

Dinah: Oh, hi.

Vanessa: Hello.

Dinah: Have you heard the good news?

Vanessa: About Bill?

Dinah: Yes, about Bill. It's fantastic. It's fantastic. I cannot believe the charges are dropped against him. It is the perfect ending.

Vanessa: I don't know. I don't know. Did you... did you hear that press conference that awful woman Doris Wolfe gave? I mean, she's ambitious. She's so vicious. I mean, she practically encouraged the whole town to stone him or something.

Dinah: She is a politician. What did you expect her to say?

Vanessa: I'm worried. I'm worried about his reputation. I'm worried that people will still doubt Bill.

Dinah: Like his father and his mother?

Vanessa: I never turned my back on him.

Dinah: No, no, I'll give you that. But you doubted him to his face. I mean, isn't that what you do so well, mother? Doubt your children.

Vanessa: Dinah, Dinah, this is not about you for once.

Dinah: You're right. You're right. It's about Bill being vindicated finally.

Vanessa: I hope so. I really, really hope so.

Dinah: Mom, I'm telling you... I'm telling you by tomorrow Doris' conference will be long forgotten, and that nightmare for Bill will be over. I promise.

Lizzie: You don't know if you kidnapped me?

Bill: No.

Lizzie: What are you saying?

Bill: I'm saying... that when I came out of the coma, that time, it's all a blank.

Lizzie: So you're saying that you have amnesia?

Bill: I don't know what to call it, Lizzie. All I know is that I was in the hospital, I woke up, and I have no idea how I got there.

Lizzie: But I was there when you woke up, and you remembered me.

Bill: Yeah, yeah, I did. I'm not saying that I couldn't remember anything. I remembered you. I remembered my name. And then you started talking about a car accident, and I had no idea what you were talking about.

Lizzie: That's shock. That's normal.

Bill: See, that's what I thought. And you started talking about things, and I figured the reason I didn't know is because my brain was still a little fuzzy.

Lizzie: Why didn't you the tell me this was going on?

Bill: You don't know what it's like to wake up in a hospital and not know how you got there. And then I see you, and you're crying.

Lizzie: Well, I was happy. I was happy you woke up. Those were happy tears.

Bill: Right, right. But then you started talking about things, things that I had no clue about, like the car accident. And kidnapping... you started thanking me for rescuing you from the kidnappers, and I had no idea that you were even kidnapped. And I'm trying to process this information, and seeing if anything seems familiar, and then Frank comes in and he's not saying what you're saying. He's saying that I kidnapped you, and I'm thinking no, no, no, no, no. Wait. There is no way I would have ever have kidnapped you. That is not right. But then, again, I canít... I can't remember. I can't remember anything about the kidnapping. And that is why I started reading the newspapers about it, because I thought maybe I would read a bit of information and it would jog my memory, and I'd be able to answer all of the questions that everyone has for me. But nothing. Lizzie, there is nothing but a blank. And the only thing I know is what people tell me. And my family... my family thinks I'm guilty. The police, they... they think I'm guilty. But you, Lizzie, you have been standing by me throughout this whole thing. And even after what Doris said, you were ready to go in front of a TV camera and tell the world that you believe in me. I just... I couldn't do that without you knowing the truth. I just donít...

Lizzie: So you're saying that you did do it?

Bill: No, no. What I'm saying is that... I hope to God I didnít.

Producer: Crew's all ready for your live presentation.

Daisy: You guys won't believe what I just heard on the radio. Your mom trashing Bill Lewis.

Grady: What? About the kidnapping?

Daisy: Yeah. Even though she is dropping the charges.

Grady: Well, that Bill Lewis is one lucky guy, huh?

Daisy: Yeah, all of the evidence burned in the fire, but she is still saying he is guilty. She just can't prove it. Basically trying to turn the whole town against him.

Grady: Well, I mean, hey, if the guy is guilty, then...

Daisy: He's not! Doris just, for some reason, wants to ruin his life. You have to talk to her. You work for her. We have to help Bill and Lizzie.

Buzz: Hey. Want some water?

Dinah: Okay. Thanks. Ooh.

Buzz: Sorry.

Dinah: Oh, no, it's okay. It's all right.

Buzz: Are you okay? .. You know, Coop usually takes care of these. It runs like clockwork. And then I opened my big mouth and told him to pay attention to his writing, you know? I'm just a cook.

Dinah: (Laughing).

Vanessa: No word from Bill. I'm beginning to think that maybe you're right, and I really did permanently injury my relationship to him, and he's never going to talk to me again.

Dinah: No, Mom, that's not it. The only reason why he is not calling you is because he is out celebrating.

Vanessa: I hope so.

Dinah: Yes. He's been through a very difficult time. He's gone through a lot, so he deserves to have a little fun.

Vanessa: What about you?

Dinah: I thought you wanted to keep this about Bill?

Vanessa: Well, I did, but then you persuaded me that he's fine. And now I'm wondering about you. How are things with Shayne Lewis?

Dinah: What?

Vanessa: I have ears.

Dinah: Well, you need to get better sources. There is nothing going on between Shayne and me.

Vanessa: Would you like there to be something going on with Shayne?

Dinah: No. No! You know, I'm actually beginning to think that my life would probably be a lot better off without a man. They usually just cause too much trouble.

Daisy: So are you going to do it? Are you going to talk to Doris?

Grady: About Bill Lewis? What would I say?

Daisy: That he's innocent!

Grady: Daisy, I just started working for Doris. She's already got advisors. She's not going to listen to me.

Ashlee: He's right. I mean, even if she would, she's pretty hard to convince.

Daisy: Yeah, I know. It just sucks.

Grady: Daisy, the guy is not going to jail. Isn't that all that matters?

Daisy: No.

Grady: Why do you care so much?

Daisy: Bill is my uncle, and he's innocent.

Ashlee: How can you be so sure of that?

Daisy: What? I was at the accident after it happened. I saw Bill. I saw that he was in so much pain, and still, all he cared about was Lizzie. He just wanted her to be okay. That is real love. And all anyone has done since then is just point fingers at Bill. Don't you see, they're a lot like us. Someone needs to stand up for them.

Ashlee: Look, I think that Bill and Lizzie are going to be fine. And I think that my mom was just trying to cover her butt.

Daisy: I don't know that I can live here.

Ashlee: What? Because of my mom?

Daisy: Yes. Because she's going to be coming by here. And I'm just very angry right now, and I don't know that I can deal with her.

Ashlee: She doesn't have to come by here.

Daisy: I can't ask you to do that. She's your mother.

Ashlee: Well, and you're my best friend. Look, I understand you have a problem with her. Believe me, I get it. And... okay, she won't come here. I'll go to her place, or I'll see her in the office. But, seriously, I want you guys to stay.

Cyrus: So, do we have a deal? I'll keep what I know from Lizzie, and you leave my brother alone. Or Iíll go to the police right now and blow the whistle on you. And that would get you what, exactly?

Alan: Your brother kidnapped my granddaughter, and you helped him. You both should be behind bars.

Cyrus: And how do you plan on letting the police know that without implicating yourself? You've known the truth for weeks, Alan, but you didn't go to the police, because you wanted Bill to take the fall.

Alan: After all I have done, she still doesn't walk away from him.

Cyrus: That's your biggest worry, that you can't control your granddaughter's love life? What about the possibility of you going to jail? Or the fact that if Lizzie ever finds out what you've done to Bill, she'll never speak to you again?

Alan: You don't understand my relationship with Elizabeth. If she found out, she would be very angry. One time she was so angry with me, she moved out. But she came back. You see, Elizabeth always comes back.

Lizzie: I told the crew to give us a few minutes. I just... I just need to think.

Bill: Lizzie, I'm sorry.

Lizzie: Yeah.

Bill: I am so sorry. I saw your face when I told you, and I know how much this must be hurting you. And that's the last thing that I wanted to do. But you stood by me all of this time. You're the only one who stood by me. And you gave me hope. Honestly, I don't see how I would have got through any of this without you. But what I did to you... it wasn't fair. I hated lying to you, but I did it. And I did it, because I needed you. I needed you to believe in me. And there is a part of me that believes that you needed to believe in me, too. Was I wrong?

Lizzie: I don't even know how to begin to answer that question. You're telling me that you don't know if you're the one who kidnapped me. I mean, I want to believe it wasn't you. I want to believe that you love me so much that you could have never done something so awful to me.

Bill: I do. I do love you, and I want to believe that, too, but...

Lizzie: Okay. What's the last thing you remember?

Bill: What?

Lizzie: The day I was kidnapped. That was the day of our big presentation, and you gave it without me. Do you remember that?

Bill: Yeah... I mean, I remember that we were rehearsing for it, and then... after that, that's when it gets fuzzy.

Lizzie: Well, um... when you rescued me, you told me that you had had a realization that day about us. That... you know, that we were more important than the company, and that it didn't matter who was in power, just as long as we were together. And you told me how much you loved me. Do you remember that?

Bill: No. Lizzie, I am so sorry.

Lizzie: I know that you're sorry, okay? I know. I just... I just need someone on my side. This whole time, when your family turned against you, and then my family, I felt so alone. I felt so alone. And then I remembered that I wasn't alone, because I have you. And now you're telling me that maybe I donít. And now you're telling me that you don't remember. That maybe you did do it. That maybe what everyone was saying is true. Oh, I, um... I didn't think that it could get any worse, and I was wrong.

Bill: Lizzie, I'm so sorry.

Lizzie: Donít.

Bill: Letís... let's go somewhere, okay? Some place, any place, and we'll talk about this and try to figure things out, okay?

Lizzie: The broadcast.

Bill: Forget the broadcast. The reason I told you about this is because we are about to go on live TV and defend me again. And I don't want you to do that.

Lizzie: That news crew expects a statement. If we don't give them one, they will still run a story, and it will make you look even more guilty.

Bill: I don't care.

Lizzie: Well, I do care. Mayor Wolfeís press conference has to be answered, or people will... they'll think...

Bill: Look, I don't care what other people think. I just care about what you think.

Lizzie: Let's go do this.

Vanessa: You know, when your brother was sick and in the hospital, that was as low as I have ever seen you.

Dinah: Yup. That was a bad time.

Vanessa: Yup. And then when you went away, I thought you might never come back.

Dinah: Well, I wasn't either.

Vanessa: Well, here you are. You're hungry. You're happy. I'd mean, I'd almost think it was your name that had been cleared instead your brotherís.

Dinah: I'm very happy for my brother. That's it.

Vanessa: H'mmm, and it has nothing to do with Mr. Shayne Lewis? Nothing?

Dinah: No, no. It was just a crazy coincidence. I only came back from Germany because I was ready. Ready for a fresh start.

Vanessa: Okay, fine. Don't tell me why you're so happy. I don't really care. I'm just glad you're back.

Dinah: Buzz looks a little overwhelmed. I'll refill my cup.

Daisy: That is so cool.

Ashlee: I know (laughing). And the best part is that it is totally a tax write-off, because I use it for work.

Daisy: Let's look something up about Bill and see if there is any more news.

Ashlee: No, let's not. I have to deal with news stuff all day long. Let's look up something fun.

Dinah: Just so we're clear, now that this whole mess is over, I think you should keep your distance from my brother.

Grady: He doesn't bother me, I won't bother him.

Dinah: No. That's not good enough. You don't go anywhere near him. Do you understand me?

Daisy: Oh, my God, Bill and Lizzie are going to be on TV. Grandpa, turn on the television.

Dinah: What's going on?

Ashlee: Well, it says here that Bill and Lizzie are going to give a press conference, live.

Alan: Yes, if Elizabeth found out what I did, Mr. Foley, she would be very upset with me. As a matter of fact, it would probably cost me a few months of estrangement.

Cyrus: Are you sure about that? You really want to take that risk?

Alan: Every man that has been in Elizabethís life has treated her like hell, including her own father. While I have been her constant. Now, sooner or later she realizes that, and she realizes that she needs me. And that is when she comes back to me. Am I boring you, Mr. Foley?

Cyrus: It looks like Lizzieís about to make some sort of statement, with Bill.

Producer: 30 seconds until we're live. Okay, they're sitting about a mile apart from each other. It doesn't look like she trusts him to me. Do you two want to sit closer? It looks a little strained.

Bill: Lizzie, you don't have to do anything you don't want to.

Lizzie: Of course. I'm ready.

Producer: We're live in five, four, three...

Lizzie: Hello, I am Elizabeth Spaulding.

Bill: And I'm Bill Lewis.

Lizzie: And together we run Spaulding/Lewis Corporation. We appreciate you tuning in today, because after Mayor Wolfeís deplorable press conference, where she flat out accused my partner, Bill, of kidnapping me. We thought that the citizens of Springfield deserve some straight talk. So I am here today to tell you what really happened to me when I was kidnapped.

Ashlee: What's wrong with Lizzie? She looks a little nervous.

Daisy: Sh-sh-sh. I want to hear this.

Lizzie: It's time for the truth. And the truth is...

Alan: I don't need to waste my time with this.

Cyrus: Hang on. There's something going on.

Lizzie: Bill rescued me. That I know for a fact. And since then, it has been one horrible ordeal after another. We were in a car accident, where Bill was critically injured. And when he finally came out of the coma, the police were accusing him of kidnapping me. Now, I'm sure many of you were just as surprised as Bill to find out that charges had been filed against him because he was the one who saved my life. He went on the air to make a plea for my safety. How could he be guilty of such a terrible crime? To do that, he would have to be so manipulative, so cruel... you all probably wondered, did he love her or not? And that is a question that needs to be answered.

Bill: Lizzie, tell me what you need?

Lizzie: I can't do this.

Bill: I would just like to remind everyone that I have been cleared on all charges by the D.A.'s office, due to lack of evidence. Lizzie Spaulding, my partner... she has been amazing through all of this. She's been under a lot of stress. Obviously, it has taken a toll on all of us. Thank you for your time.

Ashlee: Oh, that was intense.

Daisy: I don't understand why ... why is Lizzie so upset? Doris must have done something else?

Ashlee: Okay, don't look at me.

Vanessa: It has to be what Bill said, the stress, right? His name has been cleared.

Daisy: I have to go find them. I have to help them.

Grady: Daisy, we've got a lot of unpacking to do, you know? Besides, what more can you do?

Ashlee: Yeah, he's right.

Daisy: I can try. Isn't that more important? I can remind him about the accident. I can tell them what Bill had said. I don't know. I have to. I have to tell them that I believe in them.

Dinah: I'll follow you.

Cyrus: You don't want to hear the commentary from the reporter. Maybe they know something else.

Alan: I don't need to listen to someone explain to me what I just saw. Elizabeth doesn't believe in Bill anymore. What he did or didn't do is unimportant. What is important is she has lost faith in him.

Bill: Lizzie! Lizzie! Please don't go.

Lizzie: I'm sorry. I looked at you right in the middle, and I flashed to the scar, and then all of my doubts started coming in and I couldn't stop them. And I'm really, really sorry, okay?

Bill: You're sorry for what? Lizzie, you were trying to help me. Look, I'm the one that should be sorry. I never should have let you do anything. I should have never let you done any of it, from the very beginning.

Lizzie: What are you saying?

Bill: I can't go on hurting you like this. Lizzie, if I could go back to that very first moment when I realized I couldn't remember, I would tell you right then. I thought I was protecting you. But I made everything worse. I made it harder for you to believe in me. Having you feel guilty for having your doubts... that's the worst thing I could have done to you. Well, I mean the worst thing if I didnít... you know. I can't do this to you anymore. You.... you should go home. And I'll find another place to live, okay? And I'll start working with the doctors, and maybe I'll get my memory back. And maybe I wonít. But somehow... I'm going to get to the truth about what happened to you. I promise. I will. I just don't want you to suffer through the day to day of it all anymore.

Lizzie: All right. Okay.

Alan: Well, I think you've overstayed your welcome, Mr. Foley.

Cyrus: Hey, Lizzie.

Alan: Elizabeth, I have been worried about you. Reporters have been calling, wanting a statement about why you ran off camera.

Lizzie: Ignore them.

Alan: No, no, no. I can't do that. What you did was very public, and they want an answer.

Lizzie: Well, tell them that Bill and I broke up. That we're not together anymore, and that's what happened.

Alan: Oh, sweetheart, I'm so sorry. I know you're in love...

Lizzie: Please don't do this, because I know this is a dream come true for you.

Alan: It's true I don't like Bill Lewis, but I don't want to see you hurting either.

Cyrus: I don't understand. What happened?

Lizzie: He finally told me the truth.

Alan: He admitted that he was guilty?

Lizzie: No. That he doesn't know. That when he woke up from the coma, he had no memory of the time when I was kidnapped.

Cyrus: Well, just because Bill doesn't remember, it doesn't mean he's guilty.

Lizzie: It doesn't mean he is innocent, either.

Cyrus: I'm really sorry.

Lizzie: Well, you shouldn't be. This will work out well for you.

Cyrus: What?

Lizzie: I want to hire you again.

Cyrus: As an investigator? Listen, I couldn't find the information that you wanted. Maybe it's time that you hired a professional...

Lizzie: I'm not looking for an investigator. I want you to work with me at Spaulding-Lewis. I need someone I can trust.

Dinah: Hey, bro, what's up?

Daisy: Hey, why did Lizzie run off like that?

Dinah: You okay? Why didn't you call me?

Bill: No, I'm not okay. Okay? And I didn't call you because I didn't want to talk. And Lizzie ran off like that because I finally told her the truth.

Daisy: The truth? The truth about what?

Bill: That I don't remember if I kidnapped her or not, okay?

Daisy: What?

Dinah: After Bill woke up from the coma, he didn't have any memory about Lizzieís kidnapping.

Daisy: Oh, okay. But that doesn't mean you did it?

Bill: Well, it doesn't mean that I didn't do it, okay? So the best thing for me to do is to walk away. I had to do it. I had to.

Dinah: Okay. You've had a lot to drink. Why don't you come crash at my place, and we'll figure out what to do next, okay?

Bill: No, I canít. And you know what? You gave me some pretty bad advice, because you are the one who told me not to tell her when I should have told her. I should have told her the truth.

Dinah: You're right. Okay? That was my mistake. But I think we should go now.

Bill: No! I'm gonna stay right here. This is my new home, right here.

Dinah: You're going to live here, at Farley's?

Bill: Yup. I'm going to set up operations. I'm going to prove that I'm innocent. So can you please... because I need to go find a bartender. Are you old enough to drink? Because I don't want to have to call your papa.

Daisy: No, I'm not. But, you know, I am old enough to drive. And you're going to need that when the manager kicks you out.

Bill: (Laughing) That's not going to happen.

Alan: Elizabeth, I know it's been a very difficult day for you, but I think hiring Mr. Foley is not the answer. Now, if you don't want to believe me, go and talk to your Aunt Alexandra. Ask her if he can be trusted or not. Now, what you've been going through is extremely stressful. I know it has been very painful for you. So why don't I take you away some place where you can rest, relax, and get past Bill.

Lizzie: Tomorrow's a workday. See you at the office?

Cyrus: Yeah. Sure.

Brightest stream I've ever seen

covered in red with no room for green

means nothing to the passerby

but these colors have just changed my life

'cause I've made my mistakes but you love me the same.

Bill: I don't think I can drink that.

Daisy: Finally. Come on.

Alan: Elizabeth, I'm so glad you came down. Have you eaten?

Lizzie: No. I'm not hungry.

Alan: Well, listen, why don't I make you a drink and we can sit down, and you can tell me how you're feeling?

Lizzie: No.

Alan: Maybe you'd like to talk with your mother?

Lizzie: She's probably studying.

Alan: Or maybe your grandmother. She always made you feel good, huh?

Lizzie: I'm sorry. I need to get out of here.

Alan: Elizabeth, you don't need to be alone.

Daisy: Why are we here? You're drunk. Do you want Alan or your dad to see you? Won't that just make everything worse?

Bill: I don't want to see them.

Daisy: Do you want to see Lizzie?

Bill: I told her that I would keep my distance, but I think maybe I just need to make sure she's okay.

Daisy: Okay. So we'll... we'll just stay, hang out for a while. Just let me know when you want to go home.

Come undone at the seams.

Dinah: Hey, Shayne, it's Dinah. Well, I had a crappy day, and, of course, I thought of you. Give me a call when you get this. I, um, just wanted to talk. Don't worry, it's not about you. It's about my brother. Okay, give me a call. Bye.

So unlucky the things you showed me don't belong to me I'm unraveling I'm undone.

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Josh: Well, let's find out.

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