GH Transcript Wednesday 7/14/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/14/21


Episode #14742 ~ Monica receives intriguing news. Brook Lynn worries that her secret will be exposed. Anna and Finn navigate their relationship. Nikolas is pleasantly surprised. Laura tries to reassure Ava.

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Sonny: What did the doctor say about lenny's heart? Lenny's condition hasn't improved. Mike's like family now. No need to sugarcoat it for him. We can tell him. Tell me what?

[ Sniffling ] The truth is...

[ Inhales sharply ] The old ticker... it's getting worse. I want to get to wyndemere as quickly as possible and then back to town within an hour. No, I don't have to wait. I'm Ava cassadine. At least, for the time being. Well, who, may I ask, is holding a launch at spoon island? Who has more right to that launch than I do? I'm sorry I brought spencer up. I think I just managed to make you feel worse. Oh, no, it's -- I'm fine. And I'm glad you tried to get spencer to call me, alright? Your heart was in the right place. Spencer: Father. Spencer? I'm home. Grandmother, I'm sorry I didn't call, but I wanted to surprise you all. You know how I love surprises. Uh, y-yes, and you got what you wanted. And so did I. Ohh. Mm. No offense, but who the hell are you? Well, I'm glad you asked that, michael. So, let me introduce you to -- if you don't mind, scott, I'd really like to take care of this myself. Sure. You're michael, right? Yes. Hi, I'm austin. Austin gatlin-holt. Wait, so, you're telling us -- brook lynn: I know who you are. You delivered maxie's baby. Yeah. Olivia: I-in the woods? Before that poor little thing was stolen? You know maxie? I'm brook lynn quartermaine. Maxie pointed you out to me the night her baby was born. She also just told me that you got hired at G.H. I was just hired at G.H., Which means that you are my new boss. Dr. Quartermaine, it is such a pleasure to meet you. Well, uh, new G.H. Staff members don't usually introduce themselves by sabotaging an elq meeting. I think you know why I'm here. Would you like to tell everybody, or do you want me to take care of that? Well, if your name is any indication... your father was jimmy lee holt, and your mother was charity gatlin. That's right, monica. So that makes him the grandson of my old pal edward quartermaine. Dr. Quartermaine was very clear when she brought me on as security chief. I'm to do everything in my power to assist the wsb and the pcpd with their investigations. Great. I'm trying to track down a helicopter pilot -- david hopkins. Uh, he flew medevac for G.H., But I've since learned that he's left port charles and is somewhere in the tri-state area. So I was hoping maybe you could use your contacts at other hospitals to see if you could pin down his whereabouts. Um, this is the only photograph I have. I'll get right on this. Thank you. What was that all about? Oh, the search for peter. Ah. Maxie, if you need help, I will get that for you. You know I will. I love you. I will always love you, no matter what you tell me. But you need to talk to me right now. Are you afraid that you are going to steal bailey? I wouldn't be stealing her! I would be bringing her home where she belongs. No, you don't mean that, maxie. You know that her home is with her mother. I can tell by the way you're looking at me right now that you think I've lost it. I promise you, nina, I am not delusional, okay? I'm not thinking of snatching a baby that's not mine. But you just said -- I said I would be bringing her home! And her home is with brook lynn.

I know you're hurting, and no one knows that hurt better than I do. I was thinking about that when I was driving over here.

[ Sniffles ] How you lost nelle. And then you had to give up avery, and that must have been devastating. That's why I wanted to come talk to you. Yeah, I'm really glad that you brought up avery, because, like me, you cannot take a baby that's not yours. This is not what's happening here! Then what's happening?! Please, please! What is happening? I want to help you. Please! Okay, nina. You have to promise me that you are gonna keep this secret forever, even if you think that I'm wrong. Oh, god, maxie.

[ Sniffles ] What's the secret? Good thing about the old ticker -- still ticking. For now. Lenny. I'm sorry. I'm just trying to be realistic. You want to keep it real? You gotta listen to the nurse that's standing right by you. So, phyllis, what do we do to get this ex-marine in fighting shape? You hear that, lenny? Mike's not giving up on you, and neither am I. Who's giving up? I'm just trying to face facts, keep things real. Well, you know what? If I had kept it real, I wouldn't have been able to crawl out of that water. I'd have just gone under and given up. That was just you being stubborn. And a good thing he was. You and phyllis, you guys took me in and gave me ano-- another chance at life. You can, uh... you can consider this payback, but I don't care. I'm not gonna let you give up. Oh, spencer! You are so grown up. I'm the same, just older, and, hopefully, a little wiser.

[ Laughs ] Oh, my goodness. How long have you been in town? Where's your luggage? The metro court. I got a room there. Oh, I see. Nikolas, you're so quiet. Don't you have something to say to your son? Plenty. I'm not sure my son wants to hear from me. Which is understandable. You're the one who's been reaching out while I've been keeping my distance. Yes, but none of that matters now. Does it, nikolas? I hope not. It's good to see you, son. Is that all you got? It's been too long, father.

[ Laughs ] Is that all you got?

[ Both laugh ] So, who was jimmy lee holt, again? Jimmy lee holt was -- the bastard son of edward and beatrice leseur. S-sorry, sorry, sorry. As a formerly unmarried single mother two times, I am not judging you, I promise. Thank you. No problem. What?! I read edward's memoirs. So sue me. As I understand it, my father's illegitimate status was not unique among edward's offspring.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, you just wait till you read the book. You just be sure you brace yourself first. Wait a minute. This means that mister -- doctor. Sorry. Dr. Gatlin-hall is a quartermaine, and that means he's entitled to a certain number of voting shares. Well, not -- not so fast. Look, anybody can just waltz in here and claim to be related. And they have. So, if you don't mind, we're gonna need some -- yeah, proof. Well, here's the proof. Dna, birth certificates, affidavits. All the proof to cut my client in to his rightful share. How's the search going? Uh, slowly. Okay, then. Um... good luck. How's violet? She's having one of those magical summers you only get when you're that age. Oh, that's beautiful. Will you tell her I miss her? I mean, fourth of july just seems so long ago already. I will do that. Or you could tell her yourself. I know she's at lila's kids in the morning, but after that -- oh, I-I can'T. Um, I'm in new york tomorrow. Ah. Why? Are you seeing a show? Oh, no, nothing like that. No. Although, I-I was gonna pop into the plaza gift store just to see if I could find something for violet. You know we used to love reading "eloise" together, but... I-if that was all right. You don't need my permission to do something nice for violet. I just didn't want to overstep. Give her the wrong idea. About? About us.

 I'm sure dr. Ford's a good doctor, but I'm gonna need a -- a second opinion. Oh. Will you tell this guy nothing's free in this life? Especially the kind of second opinion he's talking about. Mike's right. There are plenty of specialists out there. There are new treatments all the time. And we have insurance. W-where are you going? What good is my medical training if I can't put it to use for my husband? I'm going online, and I'm not gonna stop until I find a cardiologist who can help you. See what you've done? Now you've given her hope. Sorry. Um, just forget that I said that.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Could we just talk for a minute? Yeah, yeah. Yeah? Sure. Look, I've always been up front and honest with violet, and... she knows that... you and I, uh, aren't together anymore. Okay, gotcha. Good. I mean, I don't mean... I'm glad she understands. I also made sure that she knows that she's important to you. Oh, she is. Thank you. And you're important to me. And you always will be. Really? Mm. I just felt that after everything that went down with peter and chase, that I was pretty sure you wouldn't want anything more to do with me. I was angry. Sometimes I still am. When we were working around the clock to save chase, if I'm being honest, there was moments I blamed you. Yeah, well, it was my fault. It was one person's fault -- peter. I'm going to find him, and I'm going to bring him to justice. Justice would be good. It's more important to me that chase is improving.

[ Sighs ] I still have so much to make up for. Stop. Stop. I do. Can we just stop talking about peter for one moment and just... yeah. ...I don't know, find a way to... be friends? Well, of course, we're going to request that all of these be independently verified. Dr. Gatlin-holt -- uh, you know what? I'm -- I was wrong about that before. I'm really sorry. Please, just call me austin. Very well, austin. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but even if all of those documents are real, you have no right to any share of elq. My grandfather was explicit about cutting jimmy lee and all of his descendants out of his estate, as I'm sure jimmy lee himself knows. Otherwise, jimmy lee himself would be here. Oh, my father has the best excuse in the world to not be here. He's dead. Jimmy lee's -- yeah. Six months ago. I'm sorry for your loss. Thank you. Really, thank you. Anyway, that's why I'm here. To stake my claim. Because what was rightfully his is now rightfully mine. Your grandmother's right. You -- you're a grown man now. I'm so sorry I missed seeing it happen. So, spencer... what happened to your trip around the world? I mean, the last time we talked, you were on the amalfi coast. Nobody goes there anymore, grandmother. It's too popular.

[ Laughs ] Well, it's nice to know that some things never change. You're still a snob. Just particular. After all, I learned from experts. You know, obviously, I'm overjoyed to see you, but after months of radio silence, why now? I wasn't sure I'd be welcomed. Hence the metro court. Wyndemere is your home. You're always welcome, and I'm sorry if I made you feel otherwise. It's all right, father.

[ Door opens ] It wasn't you. Who has been monopolizing the launch so no-- maxie, believe me, if there's one thing I have learned how to do effectively, it's keep a secret. Good, because this is really life or death. Okay, well, I'm here. I can see it's tearing you up, so talk to me. I promise you, I will keep your secret. I promise, no matter what. Thank you. Bailey isn't really brook lynn's baby. She's mine. What do you mean, she's yours? I gave my baby to brook lynn to keep her safe from peter.

[ Sniffles ] No, no. Brook lynn had her baby in ithaca, in a hotel room, and michael and willow brought them back here. No, no! Nina, that's what I'm trying to tell you!

[ Sniffles ] Bailey doesn't exist! She never did! Bailey is really louise.

Spencer. Hello. Hello, Ava. I apologize for tying up the launch, but I wasn't sure of my reception and thought I might have to make an early departure. I told him this is -- this is his home. Yes, of course it is. Welcome home. Well, I don't want to interrupt. I just came by to be sure the movers didn't forget anything. Grandmother said you and father were experiencing difficulties. If by "difficulties," you mean a divorce. A divorce? But I thought -- the last I heard, you were renewing your vows. What changed? It's okay, spencer. You don't have to pretend to be sorry our marriage is ending. Well, if I'd only known, I would have come home sooner. To hammer in the final nail? To be here for my father. What I'd like to think is that you and I -- I-I don't even know what to call us. What is it? Friends? Exes? I don't know if it even matters as long as we're good. Yeah, I would like that. Mm. Um... but you and I both know that there'll always be this thing between us. Where I turned a blind eye to peter and what he did. Anna, something I learned the hard way... peter ha-- has a way of... bringing out the worst in people and making them betray their best intentions. Finn: This is not about anna anymore! Peter: Oh, on the contrary. It's absolutely about anna! The rules were very clear. She was only to get the antidote if she didn't disclose my involvement. She broke the rules! No! Consequences, Finn. I didn't sentence chase to death. Anna did. Get off me! Aaaah!

[ Body thudding ] Are you all right?

[ Phone ringing ] What I am is -- is, uh... I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being so hard on you. I realize, sometimes, the truth can be complicated, and I... I should have been more understanding. Thank you. What changed? What's the matter with hope, lenny? It may help phyllis now, but it'll cost her a lot more in the end. I don't know what you mean. I mean, whatever we do about my condition, it has to be within our means, because insurance only covers so much. Don't worry about it. I got it covered. As the person who pays you, I know how much money you have. It does-- it doesn't matter, the money. You gave me a chance. It's only fair. I'm touched by the offer, Mike. But what I have? It ain't gonna be cheap. And I can't -- you can't what, lenny? I can't drive phyllis deeper into debt. I'm dying, Mike. By the time I'm in the ground, phyllis could lose the tan-o -- and for what? For the only thing that matters to her, lenny. She would -- she would do it for you. So, the story of you giving birth to louise in the woods? That's all true. And coming across a random hiker who happened to be a doctor helping you deliver the baby? He's real. He's in port charles. You can ask him yourself. Was brook lynn with you when louise was born? No, no. It was just, um -- uh, the hiker-doctor and peter's imposter nurse. She didn't take the baby? She tried to, but I clocked her and ran. After giving birth? Adrenaline is a wonderful thing. Oh, maxie. Do I even have to ask you how the nurse ended up in the mine shaft? Okay, I lured her into it, but I swear to you, nina, I did not push her. You swear? Okay, I believe you. So, how did brook lynn get involved in all of this, and where is her baby? Okay. Brook lynn was only pretending to be pregnant. I was gonna give her my baby without anyone knowing, especially peter. I mean, it was the only way I could protect her from the monster who is her father. Okay, okay. I understand. Maxie, there is one thing that I'm really unclear on here. So, everyone in town thinks that valentin is bailey's father. Is he in on it, too? Well, on behalf of the quartermaine family -- of which you are not a part. I'm your granddaughter's father, ned. That doesn't make you family. It makes you tangential. Either way, if austin is potentially joining us, I say the more, the merrier. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. If -- if there is yet another claim to this family, then the voting shares get shuffled yet again, correct? Not for jimmy lee's descendants. But that's edward's flesh and blood. Okay, before the speculation starts to spiral out of control -- brook lynn: Excuse me. If you think this is spiraling out of control, you better head for the hills, 'cause this is nothin'. I've heard. Your family squabbles are legendary.

[ Chuckles ] If you think the squabbles are interesting, wait till you see thanksgiving. Okay. To be perfectly clear, I'm not here for a free meal, thanksgiving dinner or otherwise. I was just hired at G.H. From what I understand, you're gonna pay me pretty well, so that's not why I'm here. Why are you here? Because my father was really fond of port charles. Even though port charles was never really fond of my father. Scott, grandfather's will was probated years ago. Your client may be related by blood, but he has no legal standing to be at this meeting. Well, I got a little news flash for you, ned. His legal standing has just...

[ Smacks lips ] ...Gone up a notch. How do you figure? I'm contesting my grandfather's will. A judge will decide my rights. Not you or any of the other quartermaines.

Phyllis is my life. She's my heart. She's everything. Even so, she didn't sign on for this -- going broke just to buy me a little more time. Okay, lenny, I didn't go to your -- your wedding. I don't -- I mean, I could have gone. I don't know. You weren't there. Did you promise to love each other in sickness and in health? 'Cause if you did, yeah, I'm sure she signed up for it. Till death do us part. That's not gonna happen for a whi-- for a while. You're not gonna go broke, 'cause I'm gonna figure out a way to meet these bills. How can you be so sure? Lenny, I don't know. But I'm gonna find a way. Valentin has no idea that baby isn't his daughter. So, he's bonding every day with a baby that's not his? Honestly, nina, I am focused on protecting my daughter from peter. I haven't given much thought to valentin's feelings. I get it. Valentin is far from being perfect, but -- but -- but what? Exactly how much of this do you have a problem with, nina? I am trusting you with my daughter's life. Okay, okay. I won't say anything. I won't say anything to valentin. I mean, we all have our secrets, and I swore that I would keep yours. Thank god. You have no idea how hard it's been to be around my daughter and pretend that she's not mine. I've been doing a terrible job at covering, which is why I think it's best I put some distance between us until peter is behind bars and we are safe from him. Finn: You're right. Something has changed. Well, clearly, it's troubling you. Is there anything I can do to help? Anna. Yeah?

[ Footsteps approaching ] Agent devane. Yes? I may have found what you were looking for. Oh, thank you. Yeah. Is that about peter? Uh -- oh, yes. Um... I-I'm sorry, Finn. I -- [ Stammering ]

[ Sighs ] Can you just wait a minute? I-I have to make a phone call. Yeah, no worries. This -- this can wait. Alright. Mm-hmm. No need to worry about me, son. I can take care of myself. It's Ava who, uh -- it's Ava who what? What's going on? I didn't want to worry you -- your father and i have different priorities. Clearly. What's come between you that is so insurmountable? It's very simple, spencer. I'm sure you recall that my marriage to your father began for all the wrong reasons. It's ending for all the right ones. Now, please excuse me. I don't want to interrupt this happy reunion. I am glad you're back, spencer. For your father's sake. Okay, dr. Gatlin-holt, what grounds do you have to challenge a will that's already been probated? Hey, austin, let me handle this. Okay. Alright. All your attorneys will be copied, but I filed papers today challenging edward quartermaine's decision to give certain family members shares and other family members nothing. That was his right. Please. It doesn't have to be fair. This is family. Just ask my grandmother. All he left her was a jar of pickle-lila relish. Oh, I'd like to hear more about that. Okay, enough about the pickles. Okay? Those were his wishes, and we've all been abiding by him. Y-you can't just come in here and change things. Spoken like a true child of privilege. Well, this family isn't changing for you. Okay, look, we'll have the documents checked out, and then we'll go from there. Ned: It won't matter. The will is ironclad.

[ Utensil tapping glass ] Excuse me. Uh, ordinarily, I love watching you all sAvage yourselves, but I am ceo, and I cannot allow these proceedings to continue if there's any confusion over who holds a vote and how much vote they have. I'm telling you, he doesn't have any votes! Well, either way, it would be irresponsible to continue with the vote if we don't know who bears how much voting share. It would leave the company wide open to all sorts of, uh, legal outcomes, and I'm not gonna let that happen -- not on my watch. What kind of steward would that make me? But, wait, is -- is -- is he correct about this? He's not entirely wrong. So, I'd say this meeting is adjourned. Good day, everyone. Well, for once, I agree with valentin.

[ Door closes ] We can't pass judgment until we have all the facts.

 I support your decision if you feel like this is what's best for you and your baby. But? But... if you and brook lynn brought valentin into the loop, I guarantee he would go along with your plan. The only difference is, maxie, that he won't have his heart broken any more than it's already going to be. No. No, I can't risk telling him. And you promised you wouldn't either. No, I-I won't tell him, okay? It's your secret to tell. But I really wish you would. That way, you could stay here in port charles and fight. Fight? Fight. Lure peter out of the shadows. And valentin, he'll be right by your side. And so will anna. And britt and aunt liesl. And me. We love you. You will have an army of people at your side if peter dares shows his face. That's just it -- peter won't show his face. And we have lost too many people for me to ask anyone to risk their life for my mistake. But I can't think of anyone I would rather be in the foxhole with. We're sisters. Whatever you need.

[ Sniffles ] You know what? Fine. You want to help me live longer so I get more time with the woman I love, I don't have the strength to fight you. Don't worry about it. When you get better, we're gonna put on the gloves. I'm gonna kick your butt. Feels like you already are. You're really not gonna quit, are you? You're not gonna quit either, my friend. We can't do that to phyllis. I've been looking for just the right specialist, and... I think I found one. I'm so sorry. I had to adjust my travel plans. Uh, new york. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Do you want to tell me wha-- anna. Got your text. Sorry if I'm interrupting. No.No. No, it's fine. Valentin's been helping me with my search for peter. Mm. What have you got? You know I was looking for the helicopter pilot. Well, I'm -- I-I've found a lead, and I'm gonna follow it to new york. But I-I realize that you're working so hard with elq. I'll just keep you posted. No, things are very much up in the air with elq all of a sudden. There's nothing to stop me from going with you. I apologize for the melodrama, even if it is kind of a family tradition. Really? W-what do you know about the quartermaine family traditions?

[ Chuckles ] Whatever it is, you don't know the half of it. You're olivia, right? Mm. I saw you at the metro court. Well, nice to meet you. Uh, don't mistake my friendliness for being on your side, okay? This is my family. I'm your family, too. Mm, remains to be seen. Please understand, I-I'm not here to take anything away from any of you. I'm just here for vindication for my father... and to take my rightful seat at the table. Spencer, I'm so glad you came home. Yeah, it feels good to be here with you. -Oh, good. -Yeah. Did you find something? This was left behind in one of the drawers. Do you remember? Of course I remember. I saw it in the window of that boutique on charles street. I had to outbid someone to get it. I hope you didn't bid too high. Spencer. I was just wondering if you checked the provenance. I would have paid 10 times as much. Yes. Well, um... I think I'll give it to avery. She'll love it. Well, as long as someone is enjoying it. Well, since spencer doesn't need the launch after all, I'll be on my way. Nikolas... I'm so glad you have your son back. I hope he's a comfort. Ava, wait. I'm sorry you're upset, father. I wish there was something I could do. Spare me the crocodile tears, spencer. This is what you wanted, isn't it?

This really isn't necessary, laura. You've always been polite about it, but... I know you've never really approved of my marriage to your son. That's not true. You've proven to me time and again that you belong with nikolas. Well, I had a choice to make -- my daughter's safety or my marriage, and that is really no choice at all. I understand. I really do. But I want you to know that I'm gonna do absolutely everything in my power to find the sick bastard who came between you and nikolas, and bring him to justice so that you can be with your family. So that you can be with our family. You weren't here when Ava went back on her word and refused to testify against valentin when we thought he killed you. Ava had a badly scarred face from a fire, and you, of all people, should have a little bit more sympathy for that. I didn't come back home to start a fight. I am here because -- because? Because I love you. And believe it or not, I miss you. And if my grandmother says you need me... isn't that reason enough? I don't expect you to just hand over the keys to the kingdom. But I do hope that the next time we see each other, that it's a little easier. 'Cause there's gonna be a next time. You know... used to make me really sad that I didn't know my grandfather. That I didn't know what it felt like to be in a home like this.

[ Sighs ] And I really look forward to getting to know you and spending some time with you. 'Cause we're family, right?

[ Door closes ] I know you've got other things on your mind, other people in nixon falls. Listen. Wherever I am -- whether it be here or nixon falls -- wherever I am, if you need me, you find me. I am really proud of your courage. Courage. I'm running for my life. I don't know if I'd call that courage. You're doing what you need to do, maxie, to save your baby. Okay? So, next time I see you, I hope it's in port charles... with your little girl in your arms. I hope so, too. And thank you for keeping my secret. I knew if anyone would understand, it would be you. Looks like you hit pay dirt, phyllis. Mm-hmm. Dr. Bhavisana kishore. Education and training at medical schools and hospitals so impressive, even you've heard of them.

[ Chuckles ] Professor at an even better school. She's also director of cardio care at one of the highest-rated hospitals in america, and she specializes in your form of heart disease. Sounds expensive. Sounds like we found our second opinion. You hear that, lenny?

[ Deep voice ] Phyllis has spoken.

[ Laughing ] Yeah, she does that. Alright, do me a favor -- just keep him on his meds. I'll take care of everything. Mm-hmm. You hear that, lenny? Mike and I have decided we're all going to new york methodist hospital, whether you like it or not.

[ Chuckles ] What's the new lead? Mm. I'll leave you to it.

[ Sighs ] You deserve to hear this, too. So, the helicopter pilot is now flying out of new york methodist, and if I'm right, he was piloting the chopper that was approaching the roof the night that peter disappeared. Okay, so, if anyone can tell us if peter got on board the chopper, it's him. Right. Yeah. Will you wish us luck? Good luck. Thanks.

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