GH Transcript Friday 7/9/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 7/9/21


Episode #14739 ~ Jason finds Monica to be surprisingly understanding of his situation. Carly tries to reason with Britt. Molly and TJ await news about Shawn and Alexis. Curtis confronts Stella about her manipulative behavior. Terry asks Portia for support.

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Finn: We really have to stop meeting like this.

[ Chuckles ] Hi. Hi. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how's -- how bad's that hangover? Um, bad enough to give me a ferocious headache. Not bad enough to make me forget that Sam and I started a fire on the pier. Mm-hmm.

[ Both laugh ] Or Sam and Dante falling in the harbor.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. At least it gave me something else to think about. Besides...the secret hanging over us. Let's talk. Maxie! Nice to see you. You're back. I am. You look great. Oh. What are you doing in port Charles, Austin? Monica: Am I interrupting? Uh, no, not at all. Just waiting for my lawyer. He's, uh -- well, he's late. Will you be discussing ELQ? Uh, yes, we will. Do you not see the conflict here? You are living in my house and stealing my family's company. Are you intending to evict me? Why shouldn't I? I wonder if Monica's gonna hate this more or less than when she found out A.J. Was marrying me. Eh, it was a long time ago. Yeah. And Monica and I have a grudging truce. But she's never forgiven me for what I did to A.J., And as a mother, I can't say I blame her. And now I'm marrying her other beloved son.

[ Sighs ] Ohh, man, she's gonna hate this. I'll get the next one.

[ Sighs ] She's not the only one.

[ Telephones ringing in distance ] Dr. Robinson. "Dr. Robinson"?

[ Chuckles ] Since when are we being so formal? Since I want to make a formal pitch to you. About? Backing my campaign for chief of staff. Did you say something to Portia about Jordan and me? I most certainly did.

[ Scoffs ] I told her that you needed to recover from the end of your marriage, and the last thing you needed was a rebound relationship. Where the hell do you get off telling her something like that?

[ Key clacks ]

[ Beeps ] Judge Carson starts off by speaking in code. "Taking into consideration each defendant's previous record..." how they were raised, what their future is likely to be. Judge Carson actually said that certain people only respond to incarceration. Well, one thing's for sure -- she absolutely admitted to handing out different sentences to different defendants based on race. There's no denying how obvious her biases are. Do you think that recording's enough evidence to call Shawn's sentence into question? I-I can't.

[ Sighs ] I can't -- I can't go back into solitary. You got this, Alexis. I can't! Remember what we practiced. No.

[ Gasps ] No!

 I have some business here in port Charles. Really? Really? Is that something new? 'Cause I've never seen you anywhere in port Charles except for the hospital. Hi. Hi, Austin. Hi. Ms. Devane. Nice to see you. Thank you. Um, you know, I've been meaning to call you to thank you for the use of your home in Pautuck. Oh, yeah, absolutely. My pleasure. Mm-hmm. I hope you and Mr.. Cassadine were both warm and dry. Are you any closer to finding Maxie's baby? No, um...I'm afraid the rain took care of any evidence that was left over. Sorry to hear that.

[ Elevator whirring ] Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. Valentin: Well, doctor, I want to thank you for allowing charlotte and me to stay in your beautiful home. Uh, it means the world to be close to bailey, and she's so young -- I would hate to have to schedule bouncing her from house to house. Oh, okay, alright, enough. I'm not going to kick you out. I have put up with a lot worse over the years. My sister-in-law springs to mind. Well, I hope I can repay you in some way. Well, when my family votes you out as COO, be gracious in defeat.

[ Door opens ]

Ty vyhlyadayesh syayuchym, dr. Quartermaine.

Dyakuyu, Yuri. So, you're serious about wanting to become chief of staff? You sound surprised. Do you think I'm too young? Too inexperienced?

[ Both laugh ] Hardly. No. G.H. Could use some fresh faces and some fresh air after Cyrus's reign of terror.

[ Elevator bell dings ] So I can count on your support when I present my case for chief of staff to dr. Quartermaine? Hm. Trying to get the popular kids on your side, dr. Randolph? Did you put up election posters in the cafeteria? If you're worried about this becoming a popularity contest, dr. Westbourne, perhaps you should question why you're so unpopular. You can retract the claws. I'm leaving as soon as I drop this chart off. I am welcoming a new doctor to our team -- a responsibility of the chief of staff, by the way. Enjoy it while you can. Oh, I will. For years to come. I kind of took the low road there.

[ Scoffs lightly ] Sorry, so not my style. No, somehow, Britt Westbourne tends to bring out the worst in all of us, but never mind her. Now, listen, before you talk to dr. Quartermaine, I just need you to understand how difficult and time-consuming the chief of staff position really is. Sounds like you're speaking from experience? Because I am. You had no business meddling in my private life. Curtis, you are still a married man, and dr. Robinson was getting ideas about you. That is between me and dr. Robinson. Hell, I guess she would have ideas. We kissed. You're kissing another woman and your marriage isn't even over? I signed the divorce papers. Has Jordan? She will. Hmm. Then you're not divorced yet. Auntie, the marriage is over. The trust has been broken, and Jordan broke it repeatedly. And you think you can trust dr. Robinson? So far, so good. We enjoy each other's company. Who knows? We might be onto something good here. But at least, I would like to explore the possibility, so why are you meddling? Because someone has to save you from yourself. I'll be sending a recording of martin's conversation with the judge to the judicial review board. While the review is pending, I'll be petitioning the attorney general to let me move Shawn and Alexis somewhere they'll be safe. Molly said the recording is legal, since new York allows single party consent. If one person knows they're making a recording, the other can be recorded without their knowledge. That's correct, but there's no guarantee that judge Carson is going to face consequences, even with the recording as documentation. Yeah, and judges are extremely protected. It's not easy bringing accusations against them. But there's hope, right? That this will all be worth it in the end? Henry, let me handle this, okay? Thanks, man. Hey, hey, hey. No, no. Remember what we talked about. Breathe in for four, breathe out for four. I can't -- I can't -- come on. I can't. Look, Alexis... Henry already did me a solid by letting me see you. I can get into serious trouble and so can you if you don't go back in solitary. He's right.

[ Screams ] Oh! Oh, god.

[ Hyperventilating ]

Britt didn't look happy. No, she didn't. Guess Jax wasn't as much of a consolation as she thought. I should be enjoying that, after Britt rubbed our nose in the fact that the two of them were sleeping together. But I've been where she is, you know, lashing out because it's the only way to stop yourself from curling up in a ball and crying. I made Britt believe that she could count on me, and then I blindsided her. You didn't have a choice.

[ Sighs ] No, I didn't. But I still hate that I hurt her. Elizabeth: I'm really glad you decided not to turn yourself in to the PCPD. Admitting you caused peter's death would gain you nothing. It would cause you to lose violet, not to mention cost G.H. A brilliant infectious disease specialist. But the longer peter's down there, the more likely it is -- the more likely it is someone's gonna find his body. Yeah, we need to figure out how to move him. I'm open to suggestions. What if we involve Jason? I don't think so. Finn!

[ Sighs ] If he gets caught, it makes it worse for us. Jason doesn't get caught. Everybody gets caught eventually, alright? And I'm not willing to risk his luck running out when it's our futures on the line. Thank you for helping Maxie give birth, even if it didn't have the happy ending we all hoped it would. No, the ending was me getting knocked out cold and some psychotic nurse stealing Maxie's baby. So...not ideal. Yeah. I'm hoping that doesn't preclude me getting the job. No, if anything, I'm more inclined to hire you. You delivered a baby in the woods in less-than-ideal circumstances. If it was up to me, I think they should pin a medal on you.

[ Chuckles ] Um, okay, so it was my understanding that I had already been vetted and approved and my meeting you was just one final hurdle before coming on staff. You are correct, but you have a private practice in Pautuck. Why would you give that up to join a hospital staff in port Charles? What's this about you and Valentin seeing Austin in Pautuck? Yeah, he was very kind, you know. He lent us his rental for shelter because it started to rain. Hmm. Um, but you said you didn't find any evidence that could lead to Louise? No. That's true. You don't think Austin had anything to do with her kidnapping, do you? Do you? No. No, I'm 100% certain that he had nothing to do with it. You -- you seemed sort of suspicious of him just now. Why is that? Anna: Do you recognize the little boy in this photo? Yeah, looks a little like our country doctor, Austin. Right? It is. It's Austin. A-and remember I said that I had this feeling that he was familiar to me since the beginning. Well, now I see him in this picture with his parents. Wait. Are you saying you knew Austin as a child?

No. But I knew his father. No, I don't think he had anything to do with the nurse or her accomplice. I-it's just strange that, um, when I found out Austin's last name, I wondered maybe if he was related to someone I used to know years ago. You and dr. Quartermaine have gotten pretty close, huh? She is a very nice lady. You two speak often, or...? Eh, dr. Quartermaine says I am very good listener. Really? You? Were you listening to what she just said to me? 'Cause I wasn't paying much attention. My mind is, uh, elsewhere. I was thinking about something else. Well, someone else... which is to be expected, 'cause we actually have a long history together and we've been through quite a lot lately. You may be a very good listener, but you're not much of a conversationalist, are you? I'm going to give a copy of the recording to warden Alvarez at Pentonville. Hopefully, this will be enough to have Alexis and Shawn released to PCPD custody. Molly, I can try to keep your role out of this. But the more details you provide the review board, the better the chances that judge Carson will be reprimanded or even removed. You might lose your job with the DA. At the very least, you won't be very popular with your colleagues. Molly? What would you like me to do? I got your back, whatever you decide. Do whatever it takes to make this right. Fingers crossed, TJ. You did great.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Shawn: She has osteoporosis! She may have fractured her wrist. You have to take her to the infirmary. Yeah, nice try. Now, step aside. She's going back to solitary. No, no, no, please. I can't let that happen.

I know, I know. My apologies for being tardy. I was assisting commissioner Ashford in a rather delicate matter. Anything I should know about? No. [ Sighs ] I mean, you'll probably hear something about it in the next few days, but for right now, I think you and I should focus on the upcoming ELQ shareholders' meeting. I gave brook Lynn her ELQ shares back as a way to gain access to bailey, and before you say anything, I'd do it again, even though it reduces my room to maneuver. Indeed, your only hope is to sway some of Ned or Michael's loyalists over to your side. Well, that's not going to happen. Well, then I suggest you pay Michael a visit at aurora. He's got his own company to run now. He might be interested in some kind of power-sharing arrangement. My impression of Michael is he's always been a pragmatist. He'll know that you've been good for ELQ's bottom line. It's worth a shot. Many a successful partnership is the result of...

[ Breathes sharply ] I am sorry to bore you, Valentin. I shall endeavor to be more entertaining for our next rendezvous -- perhaps a rubber nose, oversize shoes, maybe some pants that explode. What? A rubber nose, overs-- no, no. No, no. Uh, you're not boring me. Uh, my mind is... on something else.

[ Breathes sharply ] Well, judging by the look on your face, I would guess that, if it's not business, that you are distracted by matters of the heart. It's a personal matter, martin. We're talking about Anna Devane, aren't we? Did you really wait out the storm with Valentin? If I hadn't been scared out of my mind, I think that cabin would have been kind of cozy, you know, in the rain... fire crackling in the fireplace... oh, my gosh. Are you writing romance novels now? Oh, come on, Anna.

[ Chuckles ] Everybody knows things with you and Valentin are kind of...intense. No. We've become good friends. That's -- we trust each other. That's all. I have some business here in port Charles that requires me to put down some roots, and for me, it's just convenient to practice medicine in the town that I live in. Britt: And how long is your "business" projected to last? Can the hospital count on you to stick around for a while? That'd be the idea.

[ Sighs ] Well, I'm sure you gave Britt some kind of an explanation. I mean, you didn't just say, "I'm marrying Carly and that's it." No, I told her that, you know, we decided it's best for the family and -- and each other for us to get married.

[ Elevator bell dings ] But I also told her that I would still be there for her. And I'm sure she told you to go to hell.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

[ Sighs ] Oh, Jason, what a pleasant surprise. Hi, Carly. Hi. Um... uh, d-do you have a few minutes? Well, sure. We can talk in my office. Okay. I think it'd be better if you spoke to Monica alone. I don't really want to be there when she tries talking you out of it. Well, I thought you wanted to do this together, to... yeah, I was just being nice. I don't want to spoil our engagement by having a big fight with your mother, so I'm going to let you break the happy news. Both of my parents were doctors, and, obviously, I'm very proud of both of them. And I'm sure they're proud of you for following in their footsteps. Yeah, but, um, a while back, my father was offered the chief of staff position in the hospital that he worked in his whole life. And the job very quickly fell short of his expectations. Let me guess -- suddenly, he was schmoozing board members instead of diagnosing and healing patients? Not to mention dealing with the mounds of paperwork. I could see him start to resent my mom, who was still able to have that connection with her patients. And you strike me as someone who loves treating patients above all else. True. [ Chuckles ] My feelings about Britt aside, I know I would do good as chief of staff. G.H. Is great, but there are still institutional blind spots. Some prevent trans patients from getting the care they need, and I know if I were chief of staff, I would make a difference. Wow, that's a good answer. You may be a grown man, but I've known you since you were born, and when someone hurts you, Curtis, you put walls up around you so high, there's not a ladder big enough to scale them. Your point? When [Sighs] I had my issues with Jordan, you nearly kicked me out of your life. But eventually you came around and forgave me. So you're saying I should forgive Jordan. I want you to lower the walls and really listen to her. Listen to the love Jordan still has for you, and that I know you still have for her. I'm not denying my love for Jordan. But you want to box up that love and stow it in an attic. Curtis, loving Jordan was... complex and difficult, and what you might have with dr. Robinson looks simple by comparison, but believe me, it's not. Stand down, inmate. Make me. Jordan: Do we have a problem here?! Commissioner Jordan Ashford. You're the one that needs to stand down. Now.

 the coffee here tastes like sludge. Drink at your own risk. Thanks. How are you doing? Or is that a dumb question? You can never ask a dumb question, Mols. I'm doing about as well as you are.

[ Sighs ]

[ Trash bag rattles ]

[ Sighs, sniffles ] When I think that Shawn is in prison for a crime he didn't commit... ...and he could've been out by now, despite pleading guilty. It doesn't make any sense why he was denied parole. I know. You must be so angry for him. And sad for the time that you lost. Shawn and I were close before I ever knew he was my father. Since I found out, I haven't even been able to hug him. How messed up is that?

[ Sighs ] Come here.

[ Sniffles ] Why is a guard from the male wing escorting a female prisoner back to her cell? Just a misunderstanding. Apparently. Alexis, I'm so sorry that this happened to you. They had me in solitary for days, Jordan. I can't go back there. You won't. You both are. What makes you think about Anna Devane? Oh, well, you and the divine ms. Devane have a long and complicated history. I believe, at one point, you were even infatuated with her. We studied together ages ago. She was bright and driven... stunning. It was easy to become infatuated with her, but we had a falling-out. Only because of her sister alex. Would I be right in guessing that peter august's disappearance has brought the two of you closer together? You may be on the right track. I am? That I should meet with michael corinthos. You may be on the right track. Martin, I pay you for legal and business advice. If I want your advice on my personal life, I'll ask for it. So, how is the whole trust thing going with valentin? Look, he's a skilled investigator. I would trust him in a dangerous situation. He's a valuable colleague. That's it -- nothing more. Okay, okay. Uh, maybe you've not noticed the way he looks at you, but I've definitely picked up on it. I think after... all the lies, you know, that I've told, I don't feel that I deserve anything more from anyone right now. Hey. I'm sorry... for how angry I got with you over peter. Recently, I've come to see things from your point of view. How secrets can be worth it when you're trying to protect someone that you love. What do you mean? I forgive you. I want you to forgive yourself. And be happy. I don't know that any of us can be happy until we find your baby.

[ Voice breaking ] Um, it was great talking to you. Yeah. I need to go pick up a prescription for james. Is he okay? Yeah, yeah, he's fine. Let's do this again, okay? Sure, sure. Hey, maxie. Thank you. Alright, if you're uncomfortable with jason helping us, what about anna? No. Out of the question. She wouldn't turn us in. She still works for the wsb. She's in law enforcement. If we tell her the truth -- that I killed peter and you helped me hide the body -- that's like asking her to break the law. It makes her an accessory after the fact. Anna loved you. I don't think she'd be willing to sacrifice your freedom to uphold the letter of the law, much less get so-called justice for peter. It's still a risk I'm not willing to take. Okay, so I guess it's up to us. Mm-hmm. And we better move while the loopholes cyrus put on the hospital security are still in place. Thank you. Mm-hmm. Somehow, I doubt that you're here to congratulate me on my return to general hospital. Yeah, that's, uh... that's not why I'm here, but I am -- I'm happy for you and -- and the hospital. You're -- you're definitely the right choice to undo all the -- all the damage cyrus caused. Well, it's a daunting task, but I am determined to succeed. And thank you for having faith in me. are you? I'm fine. I heard that you got shot. Yeah, uh, it's not -- it's not bad. I'm almost fully recovered. Well, good, good. And, uh, I also heard that all those charges against you have been dropped. Yeah. Look, I'm sorry for, uh -- for worrying you.

[ Laughs ] Don't worry about it. I know that everything you do, you have a reason. Yeah. Yeah. And that's -- that's why I'm here. Carly and i are getting married. Carly: Britt, do you have a minute? Nope, super busy.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs ] Actually... let's just get this over with. Jason saved my life, and I sort of balanced the scales by stitching him up so he wouldn't bleed to death. Then we were fugitives together. It was a crazy time, and jason was really good to me. But that's over, and he is marrying you. But do you know why?

Well, you officially have my support.

[ Chuckles ] But don't say I didn't warn you about the long hours, okay? Lucky for me, I have no personal life. I wouldn't call that lucky. You know what? I think you, me, and elizabeth are long overdue for a ladies' night out. It's been a long time since I've been somebody's wingwoman. Wingwoman? Who says I'm not gonna be trying to find someone for you?

[ Sighs ] Unless you're off the market and failed to tell me. When portia and i originally met, it was anything but simple. She was married, and I had just started rehab. Which neither of you knew because of you wanting to keep it simple. Don't ask any questions. And now here we are, years later, and you think you might have another chance. What I think is my business. Curtis. I have no doubt that portia has feelings for you. Why wouldn't she? But it's unfair to her if you're going into this thinking that she's any less three-dimensional than jordan is. Portia has her flaws and secrets, just like everyone else. How does that justify you warning her away from me? I was just trying to look out for you as discreetly as possible. Discreet? You know, to me, that translates into "don't tell curtis." So how does that make you any different than jordan?

[ Scoffs ] You mean a woman who would move heaven and earth? Willingly sacrifice everything to protect the people she loves?

[ Scoffs ] I've been compared to worse. Okay. Alright. What, you're leaving? I have some unfinished business to settle.

[ Door slams ] I'll make sure a doctor takes a look at your wrist, okay? Mm-hmm. I have permission from warden alvarez to take ms. Davis and mr. Butler into protective custody, pending an investigation about their respective trials. I don't understand. Turns out, tj and molly didn't listen to shawn warning them off. I couldn't be more proud. Thank you. For what? Loving me. As if I had a choice. But will you still love me even if I lose my job at the da's office? Baby, is that a real question? You are my hero, molly, risking the career you're so passionate about to save my father and your mom. I'm not sure I feel as passionate about the law as I used to. I mean, it allowed judge carson to impose biased sentences and inflict harm for years. Well, I think the law needs fewer judge carsons and more molly lansing-davis'S. And tj ashfords.

[ Laughs ] I know medicine is your passion, but I think you would have made a spectacular attorney. I know I couldn't have done this without you. And I you. If we're not trying to right the past, what future will we leave behind for our kids? You and carly. Yes. Ah. Well, uh... maybe I-I shouldn't ask. No, you can ask. Ask whatever you want. Was this carly's idea? Or was it yours? We actually decided together that it's best for the family and each other.

[ Sighs ] Well, um... carly and I have certainly had our differences in the past, but I know that she loves you and you obviously -- you obviously love her. And you are both tremendously loyal to each other, and that's a pretty good foundation for a marriage. Yeah, w-we think so. Do you think you could be happy? And I'm not -- I'm not talking about carly here. Talking to you, my son. Do you think you can be happy? Yeah, I do. Okay, then. I'm happy for you. Okay. Look, britt, um... jason and I admitted our feelings for each other about a month or so after Sonny's funeral. Before franco died, before jason was arrested. But it felt wrong -- it felt too soon after Sonny, so we decided to take a step back and to let it go. But since jason's come back from pentonville and being on the run, we just realized that we just can't hold our feelings back, so we're gonna make it official. And I'm sorry. We did not intend to hurt you. Just comes so naturally.

Hey. Hi. How are you? Fine. So, uh, your business was at the hospital? Yeah, I had some paperwork to fill out. I'm officially on staff at general hospital. I'm moving to port charles, which means I'm gonna be seeing a lot more of you. Nice to see you. Yeah, you too. Yeah. I was hoping to run into michael corinthos. His assistant said he was meeting an associate here. I haven't seen michael. Well, I guess I'll wait at the bar, then.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hi. Kurt? Yeah. Did you find out any information on that helicopter pilot we were looking for? Great. Thank you. Yeah, go for it. Maybe we do the whole thing in reverse. Let's walk. Yeah, walking's good. Listen, since the elevator from the subbasement only goes to the roof, that's what we do. We take the elevator back up to the roof, we take the stairwell down to 10, we get a gurney, we get a sheet. And cyrus made sure all the cameras leading to the roof were turned off. Yes. Uh, elizabeth, Finn. I'm sorry, I couldn't help overhearing. Listen, you have nothing to worry about. I have talked to security, and they've assured me that the cameras have been restored in the halls, in the corridors, the stairwells -- everywhere. Nobody is sneaking anything illegal in or out of this hospital. Actually, you know what? I-I'm not seeing anyone. So go ahead and put a night on the books for us, and we will go searching for Mr.. Right. Sounds like fun.

[ Laughter ] Time to do rounds. I'll text you. Okay. Yeah, yeah, sounds good.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Just the doctor I was looking for. Concerning what? Look, I don't like how we left things, and I think it's time we finally fix that. Mom! Tj. Dad. So, what jason and I had -- that was just a fling for him to take his mind off of you? Because I don't believe that for one second. Well, I can't make you believe whatever you don't want to believe, but what you and jason had was a moment. It was fleeting. And what jason and I have is forever.

[ Scoffs ] Britt. You can both go to hell. What'd you do?

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