GH Transcript Thursday 7/8/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 7/8/21


Episode #14738 ~ Curtis confronts Jordan. Molly meets with Judge Carson. Alexis struggles in solitary confinement. Stella prods TJ for answers. Ava is worried about Trina.

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[ Knock on door ] Come in. Hi. Is everything okay? I just heard from my lawyer. Have you decided to fight the divorce? Tell me again. You sure you know what you're doing? I got this. Kiss for luck? Hey, molly. Hi! Hi, sweetie! Hi! You're not joining me and tj? Oh, no, I can'T. I have a really important appointment, but next time, okay? Okay. Okay. Well, hey. What's up with molly? Hi, baby. She's not joining us? Molly is a born crusader. If she thinks there's a way to help someone, she's gonna step up.

[ Sighs ] So, how's our girl? Has Trina recovered yet fr omthat awful scare at the gallery? Well, Trina is no victim. So in the end, she was more angry than scared that her big entrance to her own graduation party turned into a scene from a horror movie. But, you know, once she got herself cleaned up, she had a terrific time. I don't know where she gets it.

[ Sighs ] Oh, I think I'm looking at her. Victor: Reading anything good?

[ Sighs ] A book about anonymous, mask-wearing feminist artists calling out misogyny in the art world since 1985. Sounds enthralling. They're badass! Unlike you, who ghosted me on the fourth when you went in search for a bottle of water. You're too late. Better late than never. Did you get my message? I did. I was gonna get back to you later today. Well, since you're here and I'm here...

[ Sighs ] Do you have a minute? A minute. Have a seat.

[ Dishes clatter ] What's on yo ur mind? Divorce. So is that thunder that I heard earlier, because, you know, I really --

[ Sighs ] I love thunderstorms in the summer because if you get hot, then you don't mind if you're wet, and then I-it smells good after it rains, don't you think?

[ Relaxing music plays ] What?

[ Sighs ] Never mind. I'll just keep talking to myself. Shawn: Or you can talk to me.

What are you doing here? You're gonna get in trouble. Nah, henry here is gonna look the other way while I accidentally run into you during your daily exercise. You owe me. As agreed. I called in a favor. I don't want you jeopardizing yourself for me. I'll be fine. Nobody's fine in here. Is your wrist bothering you? Yeah, the osteoporosis is acting up. Well, have you taken anything for it? 'Cause you know you're entitled to whatever supplements or medication you need to stay healthy. I was so grateful to be working in the library, I didn't want to ask for any special favors, and I could ask diane to help me with it, but, you know, I have no idea when I'm ever gonna have a conversation with anyone on the outside again. How are you holding up? Solitary getting to you? And even though molly's proud of alexis for wanting to take responsibility, she's worried about her being behind bars. That's understandable. It's hard on the whole family when a loved one is in prison, especially during personal milestones. Like graduating law school. And graduating med school. You know I've been keeping in touch with shawn. I do. Molly and I saw him the other night. That's nice. No offense, auntie, but when you say "nice" that way, it means anything but. Which is your right. You get to feel how you feel. And to be clear, I'll always consider dad my father, but shawn is, too. He's your birth father, and it's natural for you to wanna have a relationship with him. Thank you for understanding. Of course. So, how's your mother? You're here about the divorce papers? Jordan, if you have a problem with the terms, we can talk about it, although I thought we were extremely fair. I don't have a problem with the terms. We agreed to be amicable and I thought that's what we were doing. So did I. And then my lawyer tells me that you haven't delivered the signed papers, even though I gave them to you weeks ago. So I have to ask, what's the problem? Curtis, I've had a lot going on. The initial investigation into franco baldwin's death. Peter august attempted a kidnapping and then he escaped. Chase was poisoned and nearly died. There's been an uptick in drug overdoses because of cyrus, who also took the mayor hostage and then shot you. Jason morgan escaped from gh, where he was shot, and I had to de-escalate a situation with cameron webber where he could have been shot. Oh, right. A-and then my son graduated from medical school. Look, I don't mean to downplay your formidable list, but how long does it take to sign some papers and stick them in an envelope? Thanks a bunch.

[ Birds chirping ] You're not giving me an inch, are you? Why should I? Oh, you must think you're cute or something. I've been told I have a certain charm.

[ Chuckles ] Are you gonna pretend to ignore me now? No, I'm trying to read. But you took my peace offering.

[ Laughs ] I said thanks. What more do you expect? Forgiveness, maybe. I apologized. No, you gave me a bottle of water on a hot day. Okay, I am sorry. I apologize for disappearing on the fourth. Something came up. It's no big deal. After all, we barely know each other. Let's change that. I was wondering if I would hear from you. I got a confusing call from scott baldwin last week. Was he right? You and Ava getting a divorce? Despite my best efforts, yes. I am sorry to hear that. I haven't known either of you long, but it seemed you were a good match. Yeah, we're a perfect match. But we're being stalked. Ava's terrified -- she doesn't want to put her young daughter, avery, in danger. That's understandable, but why get a divorce? This maniac wants us apart. Threatening notes and twisted gifts has Ava scared to a point that she's convinced if we give him what he wants, that he'll leave us alone. I did hear about the gallery break-in the other night. I have to admit, fake blood in the sprinkler system is a rather grisly way to get your point across. Yes. The incidents seem to be escalating. What did the police say? Isn't the new lead enough to catch him? What new lead? Judge carson, I'm so sorry to keep you waiting. Oh, you're not late. I'm notoriously early. Well, thank you for meeting with me. I'm so glad you reached out and took me up on my offer. Always happy to mentor promising young talent. Yes. Well, I am hoping the time proves beneficial for both of us.

It's just one of those things. When I think of signing the papers, I find myself in the middle of another crisis, and then when I remember to sign, I'm already home and the papers are at the office, and I promise myself that I'm gonna sign them the next day. I get it. I do. But I also know you, and I know that you have a habit of using work to avoid personal issues. Ending a marriage is about as personal as it gets. Sure. I can't say that you're wrong. I've put off signing the papers for too long. The fact is -- is that the two of us just need to move on to whatever comes next. Maybe you already have. After the hostage situation, I've been watching Trina very closely for cracks, but there doesn't seem to be any. She threw herself into graduation, and now she's focused on pcu in the fall. And she's 18 now. It's not like I can be a helicopter mom anymore, even though I want to. I'm not surprised she's moving on, right? She's so tough. Although I totally understand your instinct to hover. I still haven't gotten over that terror I felt seeing Trina standing there at the savoy, covered in what looked like blood. It was such a nightmare. Yeah. And for me, I had this, um -- this moment of disconnect where I was telling myself that -- that what I was seeing couldn't possibly be real. And I remember I had that same feeling when I saw kiki... and that, of course, was real. So I can't tell you how relieved I was when that blood turned out to be fake. Yeah, me too. I couldn't bear to lose Trina. I hope -- I hope I'm not overstepping. No, no, no. We are past all that. It takes a village, right? I'm glad you're looking out for Trina. That college reference letter you wrote was so lovely. And I just appreciate you continually encouraging her, you know, towards her passion for art. Oh, she's so talented, though. She is. She's a great eye. Great sensibility. Trina told me the gallery is closed now. Was there really that much damage? Some of the paintings, they can't be saved. I have insurance, of course, but... so much beautiful artwork just gone. It's so terrible. I-I mean, I can't even believe that you're being stalked. What kind of person would wanna cause that much pain? Okay, where do we begin? You like art. Who's your favorite artist? Other than guerilla feminists? There's too many to list. Before for this book, I was reading "vermeer and studio method: Influences on 20th century art." And of course, there's david driskell and romare bearden... very well-rounded. I love art and art history. I mean, I'm majoring in fine arts. Right, at pcu. And I work at the jerome gallery. The gallery where you got the, uh... thank you for reminding me. I'd almost forgotten. Sorry. Moving on. What about you? What's your deal? Kind of a large question. I've never seen you around before last week. Did you just move here? I got a place on pierpont. Oh, lit. It's a studio. So you live by yourself? We're all we have in the end. Deep. So, pcu, fine arts. Digging in, I see. They have a great art history program. Do you have a problem with art? Not at all. I like art. The musée des beaux-arts in southern france is one of my favorite places of all time. Who's your favorite impressionist? Solitary's tough, even for the strongest of personalities. You know, it's ironic. I used to fantasize about just having a place I could go to and just have some peace and quiet. And then when julian and the girls are gone a-and I'm all alone in the house, you know what I did with that -- that peace and quiet? I drank so that I could make the time go by -- pass by faster. Because silence is -- is not peaceful, it's oppressive. It's oppressive. And there's no windows. I mean, there are no windows. There are no windows in my cell, shawn, none. It's like, um... you know, "star wars," when they're in the trash compactor and the walls keep closing in and in and in and in on them, and that's a movie, so the walls were actually moving, but I'm in my cell and the walls aren't moving. They're -- they're stable and solid there, and I think they're moving.

[ Gasps ] Alexis, calm down.

[ Whimpers ] Oh.

[ Gasps, groans ] Alexis! Alexis! Come on, look, you're having a panic attack. Alexis. Look at me. Look at me.

[ Whimpering, gasping ] Just focus on me. Focus on me. You're

sureyou don't want a cocktail? A pinot? Mm. No, I'd better not. I still have work to do, and I don't really drink much. Oh, because of your mother? Well, that's probably prudent. Looks like they're keeping you very busy at the da's office. Oh, yes. And I have so much to learn. Any free time I have, I'm going over old case files, researching precedents. That's industrious. You must be well-acquainted with the county clerk's office by now.

[ Chuckles ] I am. And some of your old cases, too. Really? Huh. Over the years, I-I guess I've had a few rulings that have been precedent-setting. Yeah, I'd say so. As well as stretching the parameters with some of your felony cases. "Stretching"? Well, yeah. In certain cases, you gave out maximum sentences even when the defendants showed remorse. The operative word being "showed." Some defendants are excellent actors, particularly during sentencing. It's my job to protect the community, molly. Especially when the defendants are black? I thought you'd heard. Police found a footprint from the perpetrator. It's a very unique footprint. They're confident they can match the boot treads. I-I hadn't heard. How did you find out? You're not the only person who has his sources, nikolas. This changes everything. I have to go. And what? You'll call me about your divorce? There's not gonna be a divorce.

 I was already wet, I just jumped into the fountain.

[ Laughs ] No!

[ Laughs ] Yeah. And then I sang every song I knew that had water in the title. You're too easy. You were kidding! You didn't jump in a fountain? Of course not! I got out of the rain like any normal person.

[ Laughs ] I don't even want to think of what could be at the bottom of an old fountain like that. Oh, I hadn't even considered that. Are you a germophobe? No, my mom's a doctor, so I grew up hearing all about tetanus and flesh-eating bacteria. I'm kidding. I found out about the flesh-eating bacteria myself. I used to read her medical books. Sounds like a fascinating childhood. It was colorful. What does your mom do? Does she work or is she a society mom? Why would you think that? I have you pegged as a trust-fund kid. Studio on pierpont... my mom died when I was little. Oh, I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be insensitive. It's alright. Perfectly normal question. I just hate that the answer always stops the conversation cold. I never really had a mom growing up, so I don't know what I'm missing, right? Shawn: Alexis, focus on me. Can you breathe with me? Hmm? In for four, out for four. Got it? Let's try it. Two, three...

[ Gasping ] ...Four. Out. Two, three, four.

[ Exhales deeply ] Oh, sorry. I thought I was having a heart attack. Yeah, I've had panic attacks myself. They're no fun. No, they are no fun. That was scary. It's important to know you're not alone. Alright? Remember that. I've always admired that about you. What, my breathing or counting? You're stable. You're stable and you -- you make people feel safe. You made me feel safe even when I knew you were working with Sonny. Yeah, we do go a way back. Yeah. And I'm glad you trust me. I do. What's going on? I know you, alexis, and I don't want you to freak out. Then why don't you just tell me what's going on? I told molly that your extended stay in solitary might be thanks to judge carson. What?! That is a loaded statement, miss davis. One could even call it an allegation. You should exercise better restraint than to comment on things about which you know nothing. Perhaps I was mistaken thinking you showed promise. I'm sorry. No, actually, I'm not sorry. It's all there in the record. On comparable charges, you routinely gave non-white defendants longer prison time than their white counterparts. That is not justice. Young lady, I will remind you, you are speaking to a judge. A judge that exerted pressure to keep my mother in solitary because she's onto you. Perhaps I should let the da's office know about the lack of respect you've shown a prominent judge. I'm sure they'll see it as a liability.

[ Laughs ] I'm not afraid of you. And I have no respect for a judge who can't or won't act impartially. You are trashing the very system you're sworn to uphold, and my mother and i are going to stop you. Forgive me. Is there a problem? Mom's doing well. Busy, as always. I am so glad she got that devil cyrus renault and put him behind bars once and for all. Everyone is sleeping better now that renault's locked up. Mm-hmm. Jordan and curtis made quite a team. Mm-hmm. Are they talking? They talk. Why do you ask? Any mention of reconciling?

[ Sighs ] I don't know, auntie. I don't think it's very likely. They just got divorced. Oh, you never can tell. There's always hope. You think I've moved on? I know from portia's statement that you called her the night that cyrus took her and Trina hostage. I mean, and thank god you did, because if you hadn't reached out, that night might have had a very different ending. But it also pointed to maybe a connection between you and portia. It's true. Over the past few months, portia and I have been spending a lot of time together. That's why I called her that night. We kissed. And honestly, it just brought up a bunch of questions. Um, okay, well, uh... you're single, she's single, so... wait, wait, wait. You didn't know about it? How would I know? I saw you and portia talking at Trina's party. Portia and I talk all of the time. Why would you assume that we were talking about you?

[ Sighs ] Because, um... portia has been sending me mixed signals, and I think it's because someone warned her away from me. And you think that someone is me? I promise you, portia, I can keep Trina safe. Especially now that I'm doing what that maniac wants and I'm -- I'm getting divorced. I hate that you're paying such a high price, but I do understand. When cyrus had his gun trained on Trina, I was prepared to do anything to keep her safe. You should focus on keeping yourself safe, too. I apologize for interrupting. Ava, I need to speak to you. I am gonna get going. I'll see you later. Yeah. May I sit down? Only if you've brought divorce papers. Ava, listen to me. The pcpd, they got a lead on the stalker. Oh! [ Sighs ] It's only a matter of time before he's caught. I am not having this discussion with you again. I cannot keep living like this, nikolas. I've sent avery to live with carly because at least there, I know that she's safe. I don't want to be separated from my child. I don't want to have to keep looking over my shoulder, afraid of what might happen next. You're right. It's no way to live. So... run away with me.

For the record, if I had a problem with you seeing portia, I wouldn't have gone to her. I'd say it to your face. Duly noted. Not that who you see is any of my business at this point. So if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work. But don't worry, I will sign those papers and send them over to your lawyers asap. Okay?

[ Knock on door ] Come in. I've got that file you requested. Sorry for interrupting. You didn'T. We're done here. What do you do for fun around here? Other than read art books? I like the beach. Have you been yet?

[ Scoffs ] You call that a beach? Is there another name for sand meeting water where you come from?

La plage. A beach by any other name is still a beach. You seem fond of yours. Maybe we should go sometime.


[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Giggles ] Stop! You told molly that -- that I'm in solitary and that judge carson is involved? Alexis, try not to get upset again. My crusading daughter? You told her that I'm being persecuted and targeted in here? Are you insane?! Hey! Settle down! You know -- you know how molly is. She is as -- as determined as she is naive. She thinks justice triumphs, and she will go charging in there, into this fight, and she will ruin her law career, even before it gets started. I'll say there's a problem. I was speaking to the judge. Are you alright, naomi? Thank you, martin. I'm fine. I don't -- I don't mean to lose my temper, but this girl is... woman! ...Hurling outrageous accusations. The facts are plain as day if you look in the right places. Case in point, shawn butler is serving a 20-year sentence for attempted murder while judge carson has given other white defendants minimal prison time for the same charge! Young lady, that is no way to talk to her honor. I'll defend my record any day, and a more seasoned lawyer would know that each case needs to be evaluated on its individual merit. Just looking at a bunch of sentences means nothing. Why am I having this conversation? This girl hasn't even passed the bar exam. Ms. Lansing-davis is obviously impetuous, like her mother, and I believe the case to which she's referring involves her husband's father. Domestic partner, and that is not the point. I think we're done here. Just know that the da's office and the bar association will be made to understand your slanderous attacks on my reputation. If I were you, I'd leave while you still have a job. Gladly. And just so you know, everything I said is true, and I'm gonna prove it. Ava: Really, nikolas? After everything that I've shared with you? My fear that this maniac might target avery to get to me? You think that -- that running away is gonna miraculously change everything? We can take avery. We can disappear. You've always wanted a yacht, right? We can get a luxury cruiser, and we can sail for a month or so until we get to cassadine island, and we can wait there until the stalker gets caught. And if he's not? Then avery grows up on a mediterranean island. You would walk away from wyndemere? After everything you did to get it back? Y-you would leave laura? I'll find out a way to keep in touch with my mother. I can't worry about the rest. I can't lose you, Ava. I'll keep telling you until you believe me. I will do anything to save this marriage, even if it means losing everything.

Sorry, I was just gonna give you my number. I didn't mean to sound so abrupt. It's locked. One second. Go ahead. And...there. And I sent myself a text so I'll have yours, too. Is that cool?


[ Chuckles ] Portia: Trina! Uh, mom, is it already -- uh, I didn't realize it was so late. Are you ready for dinner? Sure. Hi, I'm, uh, Trina's mom, portia. The doctor. How do you do? I'm victor. I-I should have introduced you two. Would you like to join us for dinner? I mean, unless you're expected at home. Mom! Thank you for the invitation, but I have to get going. It's a pleasure meeting you. Later, Trina. So...victor, huh? Nikolas, I appreciate the gesture. No, it's not a gesture. Ava, we can do this. We can take avery. We can disappear. Running away won't work. I can't rip avery away from everything she's ever known. She's just lost her uncle and her father and her grandfather, all very recently, all of whom she loved. I can't take her away from her brothers and sisters. It's just much too much disruption. It's out of the question. It's out of the question to fight for our marriage? It's out of the question to put avery at risk so we can be together. Now, you might be able to dismiss that stuffed bear as some kind of prank, but I know that if the stalker was able to get that close to avery once, he can do it again. I cannot take that risk. I will not take that risk. And if you love me, you will help me. You will not fight me on the divorce. You will agree to it, and you will help expedite it. Well, it seems I don't have a choice. Yeah, I'll have martin get the ball rolling on the divorce. We'll file the paperwork, fill it with lots of boilerplate, negotiate everything from the division of property to potential settlement. I'm sure martin and scott can find plenty of ways to stall for time. I love them both, and I hope they'd work things out, but I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed. They are both committed to moving on. With other people? Not that I know of, though it is bound to happen at some point. Auntie, I think you need to accept that mom and curtis are over. Oh, tj. Life takes many little twists and turns. Haven't you ever heard that saying, "it ain't over till it's over"? Aunt stella, what did you do? I've contributed to african-american associations and charities. I even had a black roommate one semester in college. How dare this girl accuse me of bias or question my commitment to the law? It's outrageous. I can only surmise that molly lansing-davis is prone to her mother's unique instability. So it would seem. Seem? Naomi, calm down. I've known you for 20 years. We've traveled the same circles. I've always known you to do what's right. If molly could look at the situation calmly, she would see the law isn't only what's written in the penal code. It has to adapt to social mores, lend itself to... interpretation. Absolutely. I have to evaluate each defendant before me not only on the basis of their past record, but how they were brought up and what their future is likely to be. Some people only respond to incarceration, and that's just the sad truth. I know exactly what you mean. Alexis, I only told molly because she's already involved. She's the one who brought you those records. I wanted to warn her to stay away from judge carson. And do -- and do you think she took your warning? Do you think she's gonna listen to anything you said? No, she's not. I told her to talk to diane and let her handle it. No, no, no, no, no. See, she's not gonna let it go. She's -- she's not gonna talk to diane. She's -- she's gonna keep it from diane. She's going to go in there and try to rectify it herself, and I can't even go try to talk some sense into her because I-I got -- I got to get out of here. I got -- I got to get out of solitary.

Mom, victor is just a guy I know. And what was with the third degree? I have no idea what you're talking about. The veiled questions about his family? You chased him off. All I did was invite him to dinner. That's it. And then you asked if he was expected at home. Please, could you be more obvious? So, are you interested in this guy? He sure seemed interested in you. He did?

[ Laughs ] I mean, he's okay. He seems nice. And hot. Mom!

[ Laughs ] I'm not blind. Where did you meet him? He works at the savoy. If curtis trusts victor enough to hire him, then you can trust him, too. Really? So there's boyfriends for hire now? Oh, my god. I'm teasing you. I can't help but be interested in any guy who puts a smile on your face. No stalling, no dragging things out. Do not fight me on this. I'm not fighting. Well, you're certainly not cooperating. What is it gonna take? Something tragic to happen? Because I would never be able to forgive myself. I certainly wouldn't be able to forgive you. Alright. Okay. I'll tell martin to make it a quick divorce. Don't worry, Ava. I won'T. Once this is done. I'm only doing this because I love you. I know you do. I love you, too. Can I get some more hot water? Thank you. Hey, hey, aunt stella. I'm glad you called me. What you been up to? I was just with tj, and he and I were talking about how you and jordan still have some unfinished business. Well, I wasn't aware that tj knew about jordan and my business or our divorce. But you see, that's just it. After everything you and jordan have overcome to be together -- and I include myself in that -- you can't just quit on each other. And if you're given the time, you can work it out. What do you mean "if given the time"? Only that you and jordan are together. And I'd say that to anyone. I have a feeling you already did. This is all your fault, you know. You shouldn't have told molly.

[ Sighs ] Oh, because keeping things from molly always works out so well? She hadn't been able to reach you, alexis. She was gonna find out, and I wanted her to watch her back so she didn't rush into anything blindly. Besides, molly, may be idealistic and even naive, but she's still smart -- smart enough to avoid trouble like judge carson, now that she knows about her. Well, I hope you're right. You know, I have to believe that 'cause I really have no other choice. And remember, molly's got people to lean on, and at this moment, she needs you to work on yourself, focus on getting out of solitary. Can you do that? I don't know.

[ Sighs ] Hey, if you get too anxious, alright, close your eyes, focus on your breathing. Stay in the moment. One breath to the next, okay? I'll do my best. Pentonville guard henry: All right. Time to go back to your cells. Jordan: Come in.

[ Door closes ] You have something for me? Only a recording of a very incriminating conversation with judge carson. The dishonorable judge carson is going down.

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