GH Transcript Wednesday 7/7/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/7/21


Episode #14737 ~ Obrecht is heartbroken. Monica cautions Brook Lynn. Dante is sympathetic. Josslyn and Cameron put the past behind them. Phyllis urges Sonny to visit Nina in Port Charles.

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I wish Lenny could have joined us at the parade. He loves the high school band... oh! ...And the old vets in the uniforms that always are a little too snug. Yeah, I miss lenny, too. I, uh... I'm glad you, uh, let him take it easy tonight. Mm, me too. And what about you? What about me? You seem to be working like crazy lately. Why don't you take it easy and enjoy some rare time off? Did you guys really start that fire? It was just some harmless fun. You may not want to say any more. Oh, please. Everything was under control... until I added a little bit of tequila. Or maybe a lot. Oh! That's funny! That's funny -- all these buildings, where they're full of flammable materials. So all it would've taken is one spark, the whole thing goes up. Boom! But they didn'T. They didn'T. But that's beside the point. Seriously, take off the badge! It's a holiday. I'm gonna get you home. No! Oh, no, no, no, no, no. No one's going anywhere. Not until I get some answers. Or what? Or I'll drag you down to the station. If dev hadn't made me think you weren't into me... what would have happened? Would we have gotten together after we kissed at the dance? Would we be together now? I don't know. We never got the chance to find out. I am so happy to see you. I love you so much, with all my heart and soul. Oh. [ Chuckles ] Isn't she beautiful? Yes, she is. She's gorgeous. Can I hold her? What are you doing? No, no, no. What's that? What was that? I kissed you. And if you ask me, it was long overdue. Yay! Ah! Our paths have barely crossed since you've been back in town. I know, I know. But now we get a chance to catch up. So, tell me everything. How are you? So much has happened, I wouldn't know where to start.

[ Gasps ] All good, I hope? Some wonderful, some heart wrenching. But we can talk about me later. You're the one who's been off on an adventure. Well, that's a good way of putting it. So, what exactly is out there that's kept you away from port charles for so long? If the heat continues, I may take you up on that offer. Well, what's the weather got to do with it?

[ Sighs ] Take my car, Mike. Go visit nina in port charles. Sorry you had to stick around for vincent novak's sake. I know you'd much rather be at the bridge. Yeah. Wouldn't you? Oh, yeah. The view of the fireworks is much better from there. Yeah, I'll survive. I used to resent that bridge. I hated it because it was a you and robin thing. It felt very, um, off limits to me. Yeah, but I -- I took you there myself. Yeah, I know. It's a girl thing. Oh. We should go back to the bridge one day. Okay. Really? Uh, yeah. Whenever you want. Deal? Deal.

[ Laughter ] Hi. Hey. Hello. You guys here together? Sure are! Small world, isn't it?

[ Theme music playing ]

The station? Yeah. So you want to... detain us? Arrest us? Well, I -- I wasn't going to take it that far, but, really, I'd have you for drunk and disorderly, public disturbance, at least. Well, why don't you add assaulting a cop while you're at it?! I don't think we want -- that's okay. Let's see what she's got. Right here, sam. Yeah?! Sam! Sam! No!

[ Screams ] Oh!

[ Splashing ] Did you and dev ever... talk about... we talked around it... kind of. But the more I think about that last night, the more I think that dev wanted to come clean about that journal. Yeah, he just ran out of time. God, isn't it so stupid?! What? Like... why didn't we all just talk to each other and say how we were really feeling? That would have made things a little bit easier. No, it would have made them real. Instead, we were just pretending. You have no idea. Do you remember when I helped you make oscar jealous? Yeah. You brought it up a couple months ago, and then you let it drop. Yeah, well, if I had the courage to finish what I was saying... when I was "pretending" to be into you, I wasn't pretending at all. Well, why don't we put bailey back in the carrier. Oh, no, it's okay. Oh, maxie, come on. Your arms have got to be getting tired. Oh, I can hold this little peanut all day long. Couldn't I? Well, don't you want to go spend some time with james and georgie? Oh, they're with my mom and mac, which allowed me to come see this little one, didn't it?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Footsteps approaching ] Oh, brook lynn, you're here. I'm sure bailey wants to see her mommy.

[ Sighs ] It's a -- it's a bit inappropriate. Is it? Mm-hmm. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Because it's not our relationship, it's never been our relationship. Well, maybe I'm crazy, but I felt like... you kissed me back. Okay, fine. Fine what? Yeah, I kissed you back. Alright. But, um... this -- this -- this can't happen again. Thanks for the offer, but it's no time to take a vacation. What are you so afraid of?

[ Sighs ] That nina's happy where she is without you? Or that if you go and tell her how you feel, she might just say she feels the same way? What's waiting for you back in that pennsylvania town? Or is it a "who"? Oh, you just assume there's a man? Is there?

[ Gasps ] There is! Okay. Okay. Yes, there is. I met someone, and it's really good for me. I believe it's good for him. That's wonderful, nina. And does this mystery man have a name? And do you have any pictures? Mike. Mike. How industrial. Mike...? Mike. No last name, no photos.

Ach, nein... tell me he's not married. It's not really a surprise that we would all run into each other, carly. You own the hotel. My room is downstairs. So nice, by the way! Didn't you think my room was nice? It was very. Yeah. Speaking of surprises, you and jason? Wow! Kind of like you and jax. Well, I mean, britt and i actually discovered we have a lot in common. Mm-hmm. Let's get a table. It's right over here. Enjoy your evening. You too. You okay? I could use some air. Okay, so they came here because they knew we would be here... and they're sleeping together. Do you realize they're sleeping together?

 -Dante? -Oh! Dante, dante... yep! Just an accident, okay? It's just an accident. -Yeah. -Yeah. Sam: It's one that I'm thankful for... because it's like 90 degrees out here! And now I'm cooled off. Do you know what? You are -- you are skating on really, really thin ice right now! Melted ice! 'Cause it's hot! Okay, alright, alright, alright. Okay. Obviously, we acted impulsively, arguably stupidly -- arguably? Yeah, but there were mitigating circumstances! Alright, okay, sure. I'm listening. Oh, yeah, what was it? Y-you were declaring your independence. From what? Not "what" -- who! Do you know what she's talking about? Not a clue. Okay, obviously, you boys didn't hear about the big engagement. Huh? Carly and jason are getting married. I have liked you for as long as I can remember. And that -- that doesn't take away from our friendship. I -- I think it actually strengthens it. Because the trust is already there. Right. I mean, you are someone I could talk about anything with. Yeah, we should try that sometime.

[ Chuckles ] Someone who's been there with me since I was a kid, someone who'll give me a kick in the butt when I need one. And then some. It's really special. You know? Yeah, I know.

Take it slow because that's exactly how I feel about you. Thank you so much for watching the baby. Yeah, any time. We were just going to put her down for a nap. Oh, good idea. Oh! Okay. Oh, okay. Well, watch her head. I know -- maxie, will you actually do me a favor? Yeah, sure. Would you head up to the nursery and just grab her fuzzy blanket with the ducks on it? It's bailey's favorite. Yeah, we can't have bailey getting cold, now, can we? Yeah, thanks. No problem. I've got to disagree with maxie. We have a big problem. It's just things have been a bit stressful for me recently, and I'm just obviously not thinking clearly. Obviously. Now, I don't know what happened. It's called a kiss. It's called proximity. Ooh! So, if the mailman had been here, you'd have kissed him instead? Oh, don't try to be cute. I don't have to try. It'S... you know, we're all entitled to errors in judgment. And this is not irrevocable by any means. I thought it was a good kiss. Yeah, it was a good kiss. Yeah. That's not the point. No, it's not. No. The point is, is you and me and everything that we have been to each other over the years, and that's why this is wrong on so many levels. Okay, so, it won't happen again. No. Why not?

[ Scoffs ] Are you not listening to what I'm saying? You are so beautiful. And enchanting. I have wanted you for years. Oh, that's -- you see, that's the other problem, because you just don't see me clearly. You never did. A-and that -- that's why none of this is real. Felt pretty real to me. Can we just talk about something else?

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Hi, you've reached nina reeves. Leave a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

[ Beep ] Hi, uh, nina, it's -- it's Mike. I was just wondering how your fourth of july is going, and, uh, I hope you're having fun. Was that him? Why didn't you answer? Have you always been this nosy?

Ja! Listen... I have actual news that I need to tell you, and the only reason I'm telling you is because this directly affects britt. What is it? Well, I heard that britt and jason have gotten really close. Finally, a man who's a match for my britta, and vice versa. Well, I'm sorry, aunt liesl. I hate to be the one to tell you, but... jason and carly are getting married. I'm so sorry. I know this must be so hard for you. Britt can do whatever she wants. Oh, whatever. She's rebounding so hard, she might as well be on a trampoline. And so is jax! He's supposed to be all in love with nina. What the hell's he doing jumping into bed with britt? Carly, it's none of our business. None of our business?! None of our business. I tried to pay my tab, but the server says it's on the house. Thank you for your hospitality. Of course. And congratulations, again. Expect a wedding gift on behalf of the novak family. We love gifts. Well, that went well. Yeah. As well as it could. Alright, now that he's gone, I'm going to go talk to jax. Oh, carly, don'T. Okay, come on. I didn't listen to you before. I'm not going to start now that we're getting married. Carly...

 Um... wait, if I'm shocked, I -- I... I can only imagine how you must be feeling right now. I'm fine. You don't seem fine, no offense. You okay? Yeah. Yeah, jason and i were over a long time ago. It's sam I was worried about. I just didn't want her to be by herself. That was nice of you. Thanks. And when samut of it? Well... no! You?! I -- it may have been my idea.

[ Laughs ] But it was for a good cause, and nobody got hurt. Well... almost no one. Come on. Wait. Where are we going? You'll see. Are you going to take me to the station? No, I'm not taking you to the station. You trust me? I don't know... do I? Uh, I'll make sure sam gets home okay. I'll do the same here. Alright. See ya. See ya. For the longest time, I thought it was betraying oscar to have feelings for you. So I never acted on it. I felt that, too. Like somehow I'd be taking advantage of the fact that he was gone. Now imagine if we'd just talked about this like normal people. Well, what do you say we talk about it now? Brook lynn: There you go, pumpkin! Oh!

[ Whispers soothingly ] Brook lynn, if you heard what I heard, and you did, this situation with maxie is very serious. I don't know if I'd call it a situation. Well, if she's using bailey as a substitute for her pain, that's very unhealthy. I know you have a dark past and all these demons and things, and -- and I've always been unattainable to you or whatever, but go see a shrink! Because you can't go around kissing me to work it out. What would a therapist say about you kissing me? Oh, she would say that you are the Avatar of all my mistakes and I feel that you have empathy for those mistakes, and that's the reason that I'm drawn to you. But, you know, it's all blah-blah-blah, psychobabble. I love how your mind works. You get me like nobody gets me. No! Don't do that! Don't do the whole shorthand thing. So you admit there's a shorthand with us? Yeah! I mean, yes, but -- but nothing. We understand one another. I'm fascinated by you. I'm intensely attracted to you. I don't want to apologize for that. Well? Well...

[ Exhales ] I tried calling her, right? She didn't pick up. So I guess she's busy with her grandson. Probably, but I bet she's wondering what you're up to. Nina'd be jealous as all get out that we're feasting on barbecue and beers before watching the fireworks. It's pretty nice, huh? Mm, mm-hmm. Like heaven. Just missing one sweet blonde angel.

[ Chuckles ] Sorry you had to see that. Eh. That was childish and snarky and I'd say beneath me, but I think we both know that'd be a lie. I don't mind that you're picking a fight with carly. You don't? Don'T. I just have to warn you, it is an unpleasant experience. Please. I grew up with liesl obrecht. Carly doesn't scare me. Right.

[ Door opens ] Can I have a moment with jax, please? Jax, would you like to have a moment with carly? Sure. I'll be at the bar. Okay. Oh, stop making that face! Mm? I get that you're consenting adults, but what the hell is wrong with you? You know that britt fell hard for jason! Don't take advantage of that! You know, I'm tempted to say that if you knew about britt's feelings, then maybe you should have restrained yourself. Oh, but you're not going to say that at all, huh? No, because I think it's kinder this way. You know, saving britt from what you put all the others through. What do you mean, the others? Well, robin, courtney, elizabeth, sam. They all thought they had something special with jason. Right? But the truth is, they didn't, because you have this -- this stranglehold on jason, and you just refuse to let go.

[ Sighs ] Carly doesn't know about the huntington'S. Okay. Nobody does. I haven't told anybody, and I'm not going to. And I know we've already been over this, but I want to make something absolutely clear. Just because I'm marrying carly doesn't mean I'm bailing on you. I'm here for you, whatever you need. I guess it's my turn to be clear, since it obviously didn't sink in the first time. Go to hell.

Hey, you know, it's just me here. You don't have to worry about sam's feelings. It's okay if you feel, um, upset about carly and jason. No, I'm not upset. Surprised? Yes. Actually, no, not surprised at all. Carly and jason have always come first for each other, and everyone else be damned. I think I've heard that one before. A certain person and the wsb. No matter how important you think you are, you're always going to come in second. Look at us. Misery loves company. Yeah, that's what they say.

[ Chuckles ] But I'm not miserable. Not at all. Are you? No. Not right now, anyway. Where do we start? Well, uh... the dance might be a pretty good place. Where we kissed. Now, for the record, it was an awesome kiss. Really? I loved it. Okay, well,

i thought so, the way you kissed me back. Mm. And then the dev stuff happened. Yes, well, I kept hoping that you'd bring it up, and then you never did, so I just assumed that it didn't mean anything to you. Oh, you thought... our kiss didn't mean anything? How was i supposed to know? It meant everything. Yeah, but that was so long ago, and so much life has passed. I mean, we -- we can't just go back. Maybe not. But maybe we can move forward. If you're telling me that this is more than you can do right now, then that's fine. No harm, no foul. No, no, no, no, no. No what? No, don't make this about me being weak and I can't handle it. That's not it. No, it's that I can't be interested in you in that way. You know, I just -- I can't, and I never will. You're sure? Mm-hmm, yep. Yes. Don't stand there thinking you're all irresistible. I am irresistible. Oh, my god! Wow! Yeah... I'll buy you a coffee. No, no, no. After everything, the least i could do is buy you a coffee. No, no, listen, I'm buying. You had a rough night. I get that. It's no excuse. Then it's true? Jason and carly... wow! Word does get around! Yes, it's true. Jason and carly are getting married. Oh, aunt liesl, I am so sorry. It seems like this news is hitting you pretty hard. Are you going to be okay? It'S... it's just the thought of britta... denied this chance at happiness. What if it's the last one she gets? You made your choice, jason. It was carly. Let's move on. You don't get to marry her and then make yourself feel better about it by swooping in to protect me. I don't need your help. I'm strong enough to deal with my diagnosis on my own. No, I know, I know. But I gave you my word. Everyone says things. My word means something. Really? I guess something more important came up. But, hey, I get it. We had a -- what, a three-month acquaintance? You and carly have been friends for decades. Of course she's the one that you commit to, and of course I get kicked to the curb. That's not -- what happened? It's not how I felt. At all. You meant something to me. You still do. There's no choice where everyone gets everything. It's impossible. Even superman had to pick a lane. You really want to do something for me? Yeah, anything. Be honest. Just admit that you were in love with carly all along. That was inevitable, wasn't it? What was? Well, you just had to come first in jason's life. I mean, as soon as Sonny died, it was inevitable that you and jason would -- watch it, jax! No, no, no, no. Look, I'm not saying that you didn't love Sonny. I know that you did. But it was pretty convenient that jason was his best friend. I mean, you -- you could be Sonny's wife and keep a grip on your fallback. Jason isn't my fallback! No, of course not. No, he's much more than that, isn't he?

[ Chuckles bitterly ] I was such an idiot t-to think that this might be your way out of this life. You know, the irony is that jason would have let you go. Sonny, probably not, but jason, he would have. But that's not what you wanted. Right? You wanted jason, and jason comes with the mob, so here you are... as cemented in this life as ever.

Tonight felt really good.

[ Clatter ] Yeah? It's nice sometimes just to let everything go. Yeah, for a little while. I might be hungover in the morning. I think that might be a distinct possibility.

[ Chuckles ] But it was so worth it.

[ Fireworks popping ] Look, they're starting.

[ Fireworks exploding ] You asked me what would have happened if dev hadn't messed with my journal. And you said you didn't know. Well, I know what I would have wanted to happen. Me too.

[ Fireworks popping ] Maxie talks to your baby as if it's her own. Now, I think she needs counseling. Counseling? I'm going to talk to mac and felicia. Maxie is a grown woman, monica. I don't think you need to go to her parents. Well, I don't know who else to go to. Well, let me try. I'll voice our concerns -- gently, of course -- and I'll try to make her understand. And if you can't? Then we will revisit the parent option, okay? I promise I'll be careful. Maxie: Careful about what? You are endlessly resistible to me. But I'm charming. Okay, sure. Charming, yes, somewhat amoral. But you're a good father, I will give you that. And then you solve your problems with blackmail and murder. So you're just going to encourage me to give in to my worst impulses. That's it. That's actually it. You are a terrible influence on me. Your worst impulses are the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Oh... and I couldn't influence you if I wanted to. Well, we'll just keep it that way.

[ Fireworks popping ] You know, for what it's worth, um... I think jason messed up. He had a chance at a lifetime. And he didn't take it. If it were me, I would have chosen you. I'll always love carly. She always took me as she found me. So did I. And over the years, we have been through hell and back together. You name it, and it's happened. But that doesn't mean I didn't love the other women I've been with. Because I did. You know, with carly... I don't know, it's not a more or less, it's just... you know, it's just there, a part of me. Who wouldn't want to be loved like that? But I'll give carly this much -- she knows it. She knows what a good thing she has in you. And she loves you as much as you love her. So, congratulations. I hope you'll be very happy together. Nothing you're laying out is anywhere near as simple as you make it seem. But I will tell you this, and you can believe it or not. Marrying jason is the best choice I can make for my family. Oh, I know you believe that. That's what makes it so damn sad. Your fiancÚ is waiting.

[ Fireworks popping ] You know, you're not the only one who needed a break from everything. I don't know about starting fires, but I think I know where you were coming from. In the last few weeks... spending time with you... I don't think you realize how much it meant to me. And how important you are to me. Awful! Just kidding! Too soon? You are the worst! I know. In the best way. I know. I have to go. I -- I have to get donna and avery. Oh, um... I probably should pick up jake and aiden at the pool, so... goodnight. Goodnight. Joss? Do you wanna, like... hang out sometime? When? Tomorrow?

[ Sighs ] Can't tomorrow. I -- I already made plans. But I guess I could cancel them. Cool. Cool. I was just telling monica that we have to be careful with the temperature in here. The ac can get aggressive, and we don't want bailey to freeze. Oh. Speaking of -- yeah, I got it. Okay. There you go, pumpkin. Sorry I was taking so long. I was checking out the nursery. Oh, isn't it sweet? So fitting -- the sweetest nursery for the sweetest little girl in the whole world. Alright, anna, I can't force you to see things the way I did. No, you can'T. And if it was just a kiss, then I'll take it. Okay. But if you want more... you know where to find me. Why do you keep doing that? Why -- why... why -- why do you act like you're backing off and then you do the exact opposite? Because you deny it when you know that there's more pulling us together than pushing us apart. Okay, fine. You know what? Forget it. I-I'm not gonna stand here dissecting a kiss that didn't mean anything. I have to find -- you know who I have to find. If you hear from your contacts at all, please let me know. Absolutely, darling. Uh... I'm -- I'm sorry. I can't -- I can't do this. I know you're worried about your daughter, and I am sorry she has to go through this heartache. I really am. But I think this is something -- this is a situation she's going to have to figure out on her own. How's that working out for you, nina? Do you have any idea what comes next? Oh, I'm sure nina will call you back as soon as she's done spending time with her family. Right. And god knows that... I'm enjoying spending time with my family. Aww. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] I hate fighting with jax. I mean, he just knows how to stick in the knife and twist it. It's not like with Sonny, where I knew they were just cheap shots, you know? And the problem is, part of me... a big part of me... was afraid that he might be right. Alright, come on. Where? If we drive to the bridge, we're gonna miss the fireworks. Let's just go outside.

[ Fireworks popping ] You know, we're doing what we have to do. And whatever happens... I'm glad I'm in it with you. Me too. Happy fourth of july, jason.

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