GH Transcript Monday 7/5/21

General Hospital Transcript 7/5/21


Episode #14735 ~ Nina tries to help Curtis; Ava meets with Dante at her gallery; Josslyn and Cameron clear the air; Britt runs into Jax at Charlie's; Molly and TJ pay Shawn a visit.

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save the date" for what? Oh, come on. The wedding of the decade between jason and carly. Surely, you must have heard. Yeah, no. Carly told me about that. I'm just confused about why you would care that carly and jason were getting married. Hey. You okay? It's not like shawn to call out of the blue and ask us to visit. Yeah. I know. But, hey, at least shawn was able to make the call himself. It's been days since I've heard from my mom.

[ Breathing heavily ] Okay. Okay, okay. I think I -- I finally wore myself out. All right. Don't think. Don't think. Just breathe.

[ Exhales slowly ] Don't think. Just br-e-e-eathe.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Sighs ] Don't think. Dream alexis: That's your problem. You don't think. And I must say... you bring me to all the best places. What are you talking about?! I don't think you're a bad kisser. Yeah, I read it in your journal! What, am I supposed to not believe your own words? Believe this. Any idea where our girl is? She should have been here by now. She said she was gonna actually stop by the gallery. But you know what? Let me text her because... excuse me. Portia, um, I don't want to monitor Trina on her graduation night, but if she don't show up in 10 minutes, I'm gonna start texting her. Just -- okay. Woman: Trina.

[ All gasp ]

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god! Trina! Mom! Oh, my... mom! Oh, my god, Trina! Are you okay?! It's not blood. I don't know what it is. But I'm drenched. Honey, honey. Look at me. Are you injured? No. No. Oh, my god. Here. Here are some towels. All right? Thank you. I'll go get some more. Thank you. Excuse me. Portia: Oh, my god. Josslyn: Trina, what happened?! Trina: Okay -- Trina, I-it's okay. Just take a deep breath. I was going to the gallery to talk to you. It was a trap.

All of a sudden, this guy appears out of nowhere, a-and he scared me half out of my mind, so I pepper-sprayed him! That's my girl. It was nikolas. Nikolas?! He was trying to catch your stalker, but he caught me instead. Nikolas was at the gallery?! Excuse me. Nikolas. I'm with Trina. Call me right away. Taggert: Tell us what happened. After that whole mess with mr. Cassadine, I left the gallery. Then I realized I left my phone. When I went back, I saw this kind of remote control on the ground, so I picked it up. By the time I realized it wasn't there before, this guy with a mask was standing there.

[ Gasps ] Did he have a weapon? I-I don't know. I saw a bag, so I assumed he was a burglar. I tried to pepper-spray him, too, but my canister was empty. So I threw the remote at him.

[ Grunts ] Then the sprinklers went off, but instead of water, this red goop that looked like blood poured out. What happened to the burglar? Well, he ran off, so I chased after him. Trina! What's wrong with you?! Oh, no, no, no, no. You never do that. Are you insane?! Well, obviously, it didn't work, so I came back here. And that's how we ended up with my dramatic entrance. Okay, well, the most important thing is that you were unharmed. I-I-I'm glad you didn't catch him because he could have hurt you, honey. I'm so proud of you for being brave. But when they run, you just let 'em go. The most important thing is that you're okay. Hey. So, I just got off the phone with detective falconeri. He's already at the gallery. The fire department responded to the sprinklers going off, and when they saw what looked like blood, they called for the pcpd. I'm headed over there now. Oh, good. I-I'm going with you. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] There they are. The graduates. Dr. Ashford and counselor lansing-davis, esquire. It's great to see you both. It's great to see you, too. I just...wish you were at the graduation. Ah, me too, son. Me too. I'm sorry I got your hopes up about getting out before the ceremony. And you, too, molly. I would have loved to have seen it. Well, I would have loved having you there. I still think the parole board was messed up. And I agree. But what can you do? Anyway, I'm glad you came. It sounded urgent. I'm afraid I have some bad news. Alexis is in solitary. Well [Chuckles] Cyrus renault sent two men to my office at G.H. They were going to kill me. And then jason showed up and got me out of there. Ah. Ever the hero. He got shot in the process. I operated on him in a safe house. We slept in a barn... crossed the border with fake passports... ended up in a lighthouse on lake ontario. Mm-hmm. Really exciting stuff. So you and jason are -- y-you were...? I mean, what else are you going to do in a lighthouse? Yeah. That's too much information for me. But I-I have to admit, um... for a guy who isn't very expressive, he helped me through a difficult time. I thought we were... you know, we were... and then he asked carly to marry him and...

c'est la vie. Yeah. And au revoir. You know, I wouldn't take it too personally. 'Cause carly and jason's first loyalty has always been to each other. And to Sonny, of course, but now that he's gone, it's -- it's just the two of them. I guess I'm better off staying single. Truer words, dr. Westbourne. Truer words. Here's to, um, being alone. Or single. Or whatever.

[ Police radio chatter ] Oh, my god! Uh, yeah, just don't touch anything, Ava. This is still an active crime scene. Well, I guess we don't have to worry about footprints. It looks like the firemen have been all over this place. They have. They had to clear the building. Of course, there was no one here. Of course. Okay. So w-what do we have? Whoever tampered with the sprinkler systems, they rigged it with this fake blood to spray out. I-it's nothing toxic. It's like what you'd use at halloween or in a stage play. It's twisted, but definitely ingenious. Hmm. And this remote control used to set off the sprinklers. That matches Trina robinson's statement. Also, there was some kind of what looks like a silent alarm set up by the front door? No. No, I don't have a silent alarm. This is an art gallery, you know? I want the alarm to be as -- as loud as possible. D-do you think the stalker might have set it up so he would know when I came here alone? Well, I-I guess that's possible, but it doesn't sound like something they would -- nikolas: The stalker didn't set up the silent alarm. I did.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Ugh. I give up. I-it's a lost cause. I'll get you some more towels. No. Don'T. You know, thanks, everyone, and I appreciate it, but I think we better call it. You want to go home, sweetie? Yeah. I think so. I'm just not in the party mood. Hey. How about this? Your dress is in the back. Just get cleaned up, put it on, and then decide. I don't know. Or you could let a criminal ruin your big night. I'll even go with you. No, no, no. Stay here. You try to help me, you might end up covered in this stuff, too. It's fine. N'neka: Why don't I help? You're all dressed up nice. I can get goop on my clothes. Oh. Thanks, n'neka. I appreciate that. My pleasure, boss. Come on, honey. Let's get you cleaned up. Portia: Okay? Come on.

[ Sighs ] I need a drink. Yeah. Me too. Oh, my... cra-- crazy night, huh? In more ways than one. Joss. Why did you kiss me? What could my mom have possibly done to wind up in solitary? There was an incident at the library. Technically, alexis "assaulted" a guard. My mother? She was only trying to help me. Well, at least in solitary, the other prisoners can't mess with alexis, right? Well, even so, solitary is no vacation. Yeah, all that time alone with nothing to do but think? Sometimes my mom's brain can be her own worst enemy. So, what is this? It's so beige. Yeah, that's -- it's not your color. Great -- I've only been in here two days, and I'm already losing my mind. Relax. You're dreaming. The good news is, is you finally fell asleep. So, who are you? My conscience? Hell no. I'm just here to tell you to stop screwing up your life. Bit late for that, don't ya think? Okay... ghost of christmas past... amend my ways and do better. No. Don't do anything. Do nothing. I-in fact, that's my advice to you. Do nothing. That's your advice? It's impossible to do nothing. So if you want to help, you could be a little more specific and tell me exactly what you want me to stop doing. Okay. Stop sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. There's a green room down the hall and around the corner. Your dress is waiting for you. There's a private bathroom where you can wash up. Thank you. You're welcome. Do you want me to go with you, sweetheart? No, no, I'm fine. I think n'neka can help me. Don't worry. I've got this. Thank you. You know, I know I freaked out a little before, but I'm okay now. It's perfectly reasonable for you to be upset. I mean, you were confronted by a man in a ski mask and covered by what you thought was blood. But it's not real blood. And I wasn't hurt. I was just s-scared a little. Trina. Okay. A lot. Okay, why don't you go change and get ready and you let me know if you want to stay or if you want to go home? There's no pressure either way, okay? Thanks, mom.

[ Ominous music plays ] You know, really, you should just -- you should celebrate 'cause you dodged a bullet.

[ Scoffs ] Literally. You see? You're already starting to learn things about jason that carly never will. Jason only cares about himself. He doesn't care who he hurts as long as he holds on to Sonny's power. Wow. You've known these people a long time, haven't you? Yes, I have. And you don't know the first thing about them? Excuse me? At least not jason. He's not at all like you described. Okay. Is the guy a user? Sure. But he -- he truly wants to protect the people he loves. That's a short list. And carly is on top.

[ Sighs ] See, whatever carly wants, jason gets. You know, if she asks him to jump, jason would just go, "how high?"

[ Laughs ] That's true. Yeah, it is.

[ Laughs ] Like, for instance, when we were on the run...

[ Sighs ] ...He was -- he was so supportive. Even steadfast. That's an old-fashioned word, but it still applies. Yeah, I know what it means.

[ Laughs ] He was -- he was someone that I could count on. Until carly calls! And then he runs so fast to her, he left a vapor trail. Well, trust me. You're, uh -- you're better off. Definitely. Should've known the good guy would never choose me. Nikolas. Are you all right? Yeah, there's -- there's no permanent damage. It does -- it stings. You know? Trina, she got good aim. Nikolas, what's up with this, uh, silent alarm? What are you talking about? Well, I set up the silent alarm to catch her stalker. When it went off, I came down, I found Trina. Unfortunately, I startled her, and then she pepper-sprayed me. A teenager... got the drop on you. T-that's good, nikolas. As ever, I'm in awe of your professionalism. Okay, so, after Trina robinson pepper-sprayed you -- nikolas, are you sure you all right? I just checked out of G.H. I should be fine. Good. I'm so glad. And I am so mad!

are you all right? Other than feeling sick over my daughter coming face-to-face with the man who has been terrorizing Ava? I don't know. I guess I'm okay. I know. Trina's okay. And whoever he was, at least he didn't hurt her. Yeah, but he could have. Speaking as someone who's been on Trina's bad side, trust me, that clown didn't stand a chance. Thank you. Just keep reminding me of that. Can do. Wishing you were out there looking for that creep who scared your daughter? Yeah. Damn straight. But I'm -- I'm retired, so, uh, jordan would kill me. And I think it's more important to be here for my daughter. Spoken like a loving dad. Oh. Thank you. That's the best compliment I cod get. Here's to parents and children. To parents and children. Mm-hmm. So, um, nina, are you, um -- are you here by yourself? I mean, there's got to be some lucky guy in your life. No, not at the moment. Oh. Is that right? What about you, taggert? It seems like you and your ex get along pretty well. Yeah, well, that's why we're exes. Because if we weren't, we would be sooner or later. Uh-huh. You know, the thing that bothers me most is Ava's reaction. I mean, when I met that woman, I thought she wasn't afraid of anything. But whoever this person is has gotten under her skin. For now. Look. I don't know Ava all that well... but I do know that she's resilient and, uh, that she's a fighter. Does that sound like anybody? Looks like portia's feeling better. Portia has, uh, doctor instincts. She's always calm in a crisis. Mm. You said I thought you were a bad kisser. And I said you weren'T. You wouldn't shut up about it, so I thought, "maybe I'm remembering it wrong. Let's find out." Well, did I confirm what you wrote in your journal? Oh, my god! I did not write that you were a bad kisser in my journal! Why don't you believe me? Because dev read it to me, and then he showed it to me, so I kind of saw it with my own eyes. Then you were hallucinating. Because I didn't write that. Then why did dev say that you did? I don't know, cam. Maybe he was lying. You know, maybe he wrote it himself. Ahh! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Let me just -- can I just set the record straight? Jason is not a good guy. He is. No. He actually is a good guy. Yes. He's just unAvailable. What about you? What about me? What's your deal? What are -- are you still pining for carly, longing for a reconciliation with your ex? No! Was that bitchy? I'm not...pining for carly. Okay? Really? Because just looking at you... no. ...I can tell that someone's on your mind. T-the woman in question doesn't want anything to do with me. Okay? Ooh! What'd you do?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Okay. Fine. I -- I betrayed her trust. Cheated or lied? Kept a secret. I tried to fix the relationship, but, um, it just didn't -- didn't work. Hmm. In the end, you did the right thing. Am I right? I think so.

[ Stifled laugh ] What? Doing the right thing is so overrated! It is? Yes! I mean, I have a reputation of being a selfish bitch, and I'm starting to think that maybe I should get back to that. You know, like, looking out for number one again. Hm. Start enjoying the life I have left.

[ Chuckling ] The life you have left? I thought you and jason were just together for -- for a little bit. I mean, is he really gonna leave such a huge hole in your life?

[ Laughs ] No. Absolutely not. No, no. Ah! Hm! What I meant was... stop being so nice, stop taking life so damn seriously and have some fun! Ha! Now you're talking my language.

[ Glasses clink ] Oh, my god. This is terrible. I'm so glad my mom has you to talk to in here. We only saw each other at the library, and my privileges have been revoked. Why would they do that? That's what I need to talk to molly about. Alone. What, you're kicking me out? You know I'm always glad to see you, but now that molly's a lawyer, I want her advice. Oh. Oh. That's very flattering, but I haven't actually taken the bar yet. But I can still offer guidance. Right. Well, I'll -- I'll leave you guys to it. Thanks, tj, for being understanding. You got it. Guard? Ms. Lansing-davis is my lawyer now, and I'd like some privacy to confer with her. I'll wait for you outside. Molly: Okay. Just to be absolutely clear, you know I can't officially practice law yet, right? I do, but I needed to talk to you without a guard listening in. Alexis isn't in solitary for pushing a guard. She's in there because of judge carson. I suppose by "sticking your nose," you're referring to judge carson? That would be the immediate example, yes. So you want me to ignore her pattern of bias... that she has imposed stricter sentences on people of color like shawn? You're in no position to call judge carson to account. And who is? Shawn is my friend, and he shouldn't be in prison at all, let alone this long. Nobody's helping him. We need to help him. And how is this helpful? How is being here in solitary confinement helping shawn? It isn'T. Good. Now you're learning. Thanks for helping me out, n'neka. You're a lifesaver. Yeah, it's my pleasure. Enjoy your party. I plan to.

[ Exhales deeply ] Hi. Okay. Who are you? And what are you doing here? What the hell were you thinking?! Going behind my back, setting up a silent alarm? The stalker has found a way around all the regular security. I had to make sure no one knew about it, not even you. So the alarm went off, and you came down here to face whoever's been terrorizing us all by yourself? Well, what would you have me do, Ava? I don't know, nikolas. Maybe call the cops! I am trying to stop our stalker so you can stop living in fear and we can forget this stupid divorce that neither one of us want. Oh, no. That's where you're wrong. Not only do I want this divorce, I damn well intend to have it!

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

 So you think that dev lied.

[ Sighs ] I did not write that in my journal. But you're telling me you saw it? I did. Oh, gosh. So that would mean that dev forged the journal entry, right? I don't want to believe it, but it's the only thing that makes sense. But why would he do that? Dev told me he was interested in me. But I never thought of him in that way. Oh, right! What? The night of the bombing at the floating rib... the night when dev died... right before the bomb went off, he kept on trying to apologize for something. Do you think he was talking about coming between you and me? I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Okay. I'm gonna ask you again. Who are you, and why do you care if I'm okay? I don't know you! I, um -- and why are you back here? D-do you work here? Yeah. What do you do? I'm a barback. I saw you come in. Hm. Great. Sorry you had to see that. I promise, I won't tell a soul. I'll even take down the facebook post. What? Kidding! I swear. You better be. I'm already having a terrible night. I figured, which is why I wanted to check on you. Yeah. No one's gonna forget that entrance ever. Drenched in fake blood, calling out for my mom. I just want to run out the back door and go home. Well, I agree with you on one thing. People will definitely remember your entrance for a long, long time. Great. Thanks. Because it was epic. Your mother and I found a pattern of bias in judge carson's sentencing. Turns out, she imposed significantly harsher sentences on non-white defendants. Wait. But the records that my mom asked for were all criminal sentences in port charles county from 2015 to present. Well, alexis didn't want to sound any alarms by singling out carson, but I think the judge got wind of it anyway. Oh, my god. Do you think judge carson exerted pressure? I don't know for certain, but, yes, that's what I think happened. So my mom didn't push that guard? Oh, she did, but, at most, she should have gotten one day of solitary, not three. Okay, well, if judge carson is using undue influence against you and my mom, then she needs to be brought in front of the commission of judicial misconduct, and that is just for starters. Molly, I'm telling you this as a warning. Stay away from judge carson. But I can't just drop this. Please. Just tell diane what's happened, and she'll take it from there. Shawn, no. I have to do something about this. What you have to do, molly, is leave this alone. Your mother wouldn't want you to jeopardize your future by going after carson. Alexis is under enough pressure. Don't make her worry about you, too. Drop it. Forget judge carson ever existed. Alexis: Do you know how many people of color are serving longer sentences because they were unlucky enough to have her as a judge? What did the prison advisor tell you? Do you remember? She said a lot of things. "Do your time and keep your head down." Right. She also told me to find my purpose. So I can't just sit around here and read the classics while people are being unfairly imprisoned. How's this for following your purpose? Staying out of solitary. Because if you keep on doing what you're doing, you're gonna end up living here. This stalker is trying to scare us. He or she hasn't been violent. Yet. The person who accosted Trina was definitely male. Is Trina okay? No, she's not okay! She showed up at the savoy drenched in blood! What?! Fake blood. Well, I didn't know that at the time. And she was just s-standing there... drenched in what I thought was blood, clearly traumatized. And I thought -- I -- don't! So Trina wasn't hurt? She's shaken up, but physically she's okay. But look. Trina wasn't the stalker's intended target. Who knows what would have been the outcome if they'd come across either of you? Dante, why don't you walk me through the rest of the crime scene? Um, is there anything outside? Yeah. Well, I can show you some. Look... you can't keep doing this to me, nikolas. I mean it. I don't know how much more I can take.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Clears throat ] So, I saw you and portia talking. You look really good together. We do, don't we? Yeah. Yeah. Well, there's definitely a spark, but I don't know. It's like, um, she remembers something and then she just shuts down. And now that I think about it, I know that I'm right. Someone definitely warned her away from me. Maybe. I know one thing -- it definitely wasn't taggert. I heard you tell your friends what happened at that gallery down the street. You took on some sketchy guy in a mask? That's pretty badass. You think so? Definitely. But what I want to know -- and feel free to tell me if this is none of my business... oh, I will. What were you doing there when the gallery was closed? Oh, I work there. Ava jerome, the owner, she's been good to me.

[ Scoffs ] Right. Excuse me? That woman's notorious. Didn't she kill someone? I don't know. I wasn't there. Were you? No, but -- Ava jerome is my friend, so I appreciate you being all concerned, but you need to watch what you say. It's just what I've heard. Well, you need to stop listening to gossip. Ava's a good person. I believe you. I am truly sorry. Good. You should be. Wow! You are pretty fierce. That creeper at the gallery didn't stand a chance. Yeah, well, I like to stand up for my friends. Your friends are lucky.

[ Laughter in distance ] Don't you want to go party with them? I mean, it's your graduation party, right? This is your night, and you... you look amazing. Yeah, well, n'neka and i did the best we could. My compliments. So are you gonna sneak out and run home, or are you gonna get back in there and show everyone you're not gonna let some jerk ruin your night? We need more. Last call. Already? How dare you! Sorry. We close in 30 minutes. Ah, come on, man. You can stay open for us. Oh, man! This place has really gone downhill since it decided to be more family-friendly. Yeah, you know, if we were in -- in melbourne right now, which is in victoria, at the very bottom of australia, where the big bite was taken out -- I would take you to this place that has the most amazing beer and barbecued snags. Snags? Sorry. Sausages. It's australian for "sausage." Ohh. That sounds -- that sounds good. It really does. I'm a red-meat kind of gal. You are? Oh, yeah. Most doctors are. Don't tell anybody, though. I -- I won'T. But I'm not hungry at the moment. Yeah, neither am I, actually. I also don't want to go home. Then come home with me. Who is alexis davis?

[ Sighs ] This again? She'S...

[ Groans ] A fighter. And? And an idealist. And an advocate. An advocate. How am I supposed to be an advocate if I can't advocate? If you're stuck in here losing your mind talking to me, you can'T. What did kevin say to you? You're alexis davis. It's enough. You're enough. You don't have to save everybody.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Exhales sharply ] This is not forever. This is not gonna be forever.

[ Exhales sharply ] You can do this. I am sorry that you were so scared. I'm just -- I'm trying to end this. We are ending it. We're getting divorced. We can't be sure that that will appease our stalker. Well, it's better than antagonizing him! Why are you still fighting me on this? Why do you think? Because I love you! And I won't let anyone come in between us! Why are you giving up?! Because he has proven that he can get to us... that he can get past your security, into our home... into my workplace... all the way to my little girl. Avery is not safe, nikolas. I need for her to be safe. That's why I want a divorce, and that's why I will do whatever I have to do to get one!

[ Thud ]

[ Breathing sharply ] You can do this.

[ Clears throat ] Just one more day. One more day, one more day.

[ Sighs ] You're okay. You're okay. You're okay. You're okay. You're okay. You're okay. You're okay. You're okay. What was that all about? Judge carson. The judge who sentenced your mom? Yeah, she basically offered to take me under her wing, and I have decided to take her up on it. You know... you never told me your name. I didn't? Victor. I'm Trina. But you already knew that. It's nice to meet you, Trina. comin'? I gotta get back... to work. But maybe I'll see you around? Maybe. Whew. I know that you don't really want a divorce.

[ Police radio chatter ] Do you remember that time you were gaslighting me? And you were so good at it that I ended up in shadybrook? Why are you bringing that up right now? You know that I hated that I did that to you, and I'm always gonna regret that. Really? If that's the case, then why are you doing it again? I'm not. You are. You're telling me the things that I think, things that I feel... things that i see are not real. No, I'm telling you that you love me. Just like I love you! Things that we both know are true! Just please listen to me. Accept that what I'm telling you is the truth... that it is real. I do not want to be married to you anymore. Do you understand? Now get out of my face. I can't stand to look at you. Jordan: Mr. Cassadine, we're gonna need you to come down to the station to give your official statement. First thing tomorrow. Yeah, that works. There's a lot of shoeprints. A lot of them. Trina went out the front, so hers are almost gone. I mean, these are all standard-issue police, fire department. Wait, wait, wait. There. There's no other foot traffic in this area except this one print. And the tread on this boot is definitely not standard-issue. And that's not nikolas' shoe. This could be our first lead right here. Taggert just hit on me. Did he, now? Well, we know the guy has good taste. Well, thank you very much. No. The point of me telling you that -- because he saw you and portia talking and there wasn't a trace of jealousy. Really? Yeah. You guys were smiling at each other. Didn't bother him a bit. Well, if taggert didn't warn portia off, who did? didn't regret kissing me? Not at all. So...does that mean we should...? Stop. We haven't even started.

[ Stammers ] Later. Trina! Killer dress. And you no longer look like the last girl in a horror movie, so bonus. Thanks for your support, cam.

[ Chuckles ] That's kinda why I'm here. So are you two ready to party? Ready and waiting. I'm so happy you changed your mind. Yeah, well, fortunately, someone reminded me that this is our night. I can't let some lame-ass stalker ruin it.

[ Rattling ]

[ Ominous music plays ]

[ Bag thuds ] Sorry, father. It's for your own good.

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