GH Transcript Friday 7/2/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 7/2/21


Episode #14734 ~ Britt reaches out to Brad for support. Michael makes sense of a confusing situation. Laura worries about Nikolas. Cameron confronts Josslyn. Nina rebuffs Jax.

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[ Chair scrapes ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Chuckles ] Looking good, hot stuff. Hey, what's with the red-rimmed eyes?

[ Clears throat ] Oh, my god. Did they cancel "grey's"?

[ Laughs ] Look, for as long as I can remember, the two of you have been friends. And "friends" doesn't even begin to cover the loyalty that you have for each other. I mean, even when you completely disagree, you still -- you're still on each other's side. Look, I have no doubtthat you two love each other, but I do doubt that that's the reason why you suddenly have to get married.

[ Sighs ] It's the best option we have right now under... current circumstances. Okay, what circumstances? There are problems with the business. Cameron! Hey! Congratulations. I heard you got into pcu. You'll be going there this summer. Maybe the two of you can keep each other out of trouble. Yes, like you never got in trouble, dad. -Hey. -Hey. Taggert. So you made it. Yeah, yeah. Wow, I-I-I got so much to celebrate, and you know what? Thank you for everything you're doing for Trina. No problem, but watch out, man, because that daughter of yours is gonna keep you on your toes. Oh, yeah. I know that. Well, she gets it from her mom. Oh, and we know that's right. Hey, this place is great. Hey, maybe we could get curtis to give your boyfriend a job here, huh? Okay, first of all, he's not my boyfriend. And second of all, he's never moving to port charles. You know, I never got in trouble in college. Yeah, right. Yeah, right. No, no. That's for real... Ava, can we just drop it? Yeah. Yeah, okay. My lips are sealed.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, hey, jordan. Congratulations. I heard you took down cyrus renault. Too bad you couldn't shoot to kill, huh? Oh, well, thank you, Ava. Um, enjoy your evening. That's really highly unlikely, considering I've got a madman terrorizing me and my family. Tell me, commissioner, what are you doing about it? Ready to head out? Uh, yeah. Mm-hmm. What's wrong? I haven't been able to reach nikolas. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] He left without saying goodbye, and he was preoccupied the whole time he was here. But, I mean, he's not in a party mood. He's got a stalker and a divorce looming. He's not planning on a divorce. He's determined to fight for his marriage at any cost.

[ Sighs ]

[ Trina screaming ]

[ Canister spraying ]

[ Screaming ] Ohh!

[ Screams ]

Where is the guest of honor anyway? Is she waiting to make a grand entrance? Trina texted me and said that she had to make a stop before she gets here. Oh, yeah, excellent. Excellent. So I can, uh, practice my speech. No, no, no. No, no. Yes. Yes. Yes! No speeches. Don't embarrass Trina. Whoa, whoa, speak for yourself, because there's only three solemn times when a grown man gets to cry over his daughter. That is her graduation, marriage, and childbirth, and I will not be deprived. "So get ready for the waterworks." Yes, yes. I've heard this before. Whoa. You're calling me predictable? So I believe I'm entitled to a thorough investigation. This has been going on for months. Oh, excuse me. My former partner needs some, uh, rescuing. Ava: Would I be met with the same indifference... whew! ...If my last name were quartermaine? He definitely seems tough, but he's all emotion when it comes to Trina. I don't doubt it, but it seems like you two are getting along well. That gives me hope with jordan and me as exes. Well, we try to keep it civil for Trina, I mean, but we still have our moments -- trust me. Oh, as a matter of fact, um... marcus mentioned to me that he knew all about our prior relationship. God, no, they would never cancel "grey'S."

[ Breathes deeply ] But there's talk that the series might end soon. No! I know. I know. I can't even go there right now.

[ Sighs ] But I still have a dvd player, so we are gonna watch all the box sets I've been keeping. As soon as you get out, I'm gonna take a couple days off of work, and we'll do the ultimate binge watch. And I assume meredith still hasn't found true love since derek -- "true love"? Does that even exist? Ohh. How's the shirtless-ness? Mnh. Not like it used to be. What?

[ Scoffs ] Liar. Okay, there's

some musculature.

[ Both chuckle ] I just didn't want to make you feel bad. Me? Feel bad?

[ Chuckles ] In this eden of, uh, teardrop tattoos and toilet wine? Oh, tell me you don't drink that. Oh, please. It's like 200 proof. And only on sundays. You have no idea how much I missed you.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I might have some idea. Of course you do.

[ Laughs ]

[ Breathes sharply ] I'm sorry I haven't been by to see you more. It's okay. I know you're busy. You have no idea. Hey... how's wiley? Um, well, I hear he's growing like a weed.

[ Chuckles ] We don't really travel in the same circles, but michael and willow are taking good care of him. Not as good as you, of course. As you know, when jason was on the run and unAvailable, I took Sonny's seat at a meeting with the five families. I told them I was in charge, and then jason came back. The other families expect one of us to push the other out. Specifically, they want jason to push me out. And that hasn't happened. And, uh, one family in particular, the novaks, think that they see an opening, and they've hit us a couple times. How bad? I mean, they took out a warehouse. Did we retaliate? Well, last night, um, the novaks lost the building where their main offices are located. Nobody was hurt, but the building was burned to the ground. They also had 27 trucks stolen. That's impressive. It sends a message. Our engagement will send a message, too. Nina! Hi. Hi! I hope it's okay that I crashed the party. I came with Ava. Well, it's Trina's party. I'm sure she'd be happy to have you. Okay. Exactly. Well, congratulations, both of you. Uh, josslyn, I got this for you. Thank you. You know, it's great that you're here. I'm sure wiley's loving to get to know you. Mm. Uh, will we be seeing you more? Maybe. In the absence of a viable suspect, I've -- I've had to upend my life. Jordan, um, I thought you might need this. Thank you. Um, why don't you grab a table for us while Ava and i finish up here? And I'll -- I'll be right there, okay? You got it. Mm. So, why don't you come by my office tomorrow and we'll chat? He's not answering my calls, either. What else did he say to you? That he's not going to take this stalker business lying down. That's what I was afraid of. Last night, he mentioned something about setting a trap for the stalker.

[ Sighs ] I have a bad feeling that trap may have been sprung. Oh, my god! I-I'm so sorry! Aaah. W-wait, don't rub your eyes! It burns! What the hell was that?! Pepper spray. My dad gave it to me after he was released to fend off attackers.

[ Groans ] Congratulate him on a job well done. Here, here. Sit down. Sit down. Tilt your head back. It's just water.

[ Breathing heavily ] Why did you spray me? Because I thought you were an intruder trying to snatch me. I didn't know it was you.

[ Breathes sharply ] Why are you even here? Ohh. 'Cause I'm trying...

[ Breathes sharply ] ...To save my family.

[ Breathing sharply ]

[ Suspenseful music plays ]

Be still. Aaah. Pepper spray is like a thousand times hotter than if you wiped your eyes after handling a jalapeņO. Okay, this isn't making me feel any better. Okay, well, you need to concentrate on something else. Psychologically, it might help to have something to take your mind off the pain. I have plenty to think about. It's why I'm here. I'm looking for Ava's stalker. And you thought he might be here? You guys might have told me! I need to know if someone's creeping around Ava's place of business. We didn't want to scare you. I thought I could catch the person who's responsible.

[ Sniffles, groans ] How's that working out for you? Why are you here and not at your party? I heard you and Ava were getting a divorce, and I wanted to check on her. Maybe I should call her. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Please, please, please. She, uh -- she's not gonna be happy. She needs to hear it from me. Why don't you go to your party and, uh, your friends are waiting there, huh? No, no, I'm not gonna leave you like this. I'm getting you help whether you like it or not.

[ Sighs ] Alright. And if not Ava, then who's it gonna be?

[ Sighs ] Can you just -- can you...? You have communication issues.

[ Inhales sharply ] Nikolas should have gotten back to us by now. Maybe he's giving a statement to the police.

[ Cellphone rings ] Ah, here he is. Nikolas? Uh, no, mayor collins, it's Trina.

[ Groans ] I'm at the gallery. Your son needs you. Okay, we'll be right there. What? I'll tell you in the car. Come on. So...taggert spoke to you, too, huh? Wait. He told you that he knew about us? Not in so many words, but he got his point across -- thankfully, with a shrug of the shoulders and not a fist to my chin. Uh. Well...

[ Sighs ] I'm glad he didn't make, you know, a huge deal about the whole thing. Me, too. Did he with you? No, no, no, he was pretty -- pretty understanding. But you know what? It's all water under the bridge now, anyway. But, still, I-I-I should have mentioned it to you and possibly warned you. Yeah, well, we haven't been connecting lately, and I'm beginning to think that's intentional. What happened to Trina? Maybe she's building anticipation. You know that she can make an entrance. Yeah, well, while we're waiting, why don't you open up nina's present? I don't know. Things are still kind of weird between her and my dad, and I just didn't want to make a big deal out of it. You're worried that it's gonna be -- what -- rolling papers?

[ Laughs ] Stop it. Come on, open it. Let's see what it is. Okay. It's a beautiful bow. Can you?

[ Breathes sharply ] Okay, well, it looks like a book. Maybe it's a hangover cookbook for college. Yeah. Yeah. Oh. It's a journal. That was, uh, sweet of you to give josslyn a gift. It's nothing, really. You look great, by the way. Mm. Have you been seeing much of wiley? Yes, michael and willow and carly, surprisingly enough, have been very gracious. Especially given the circumstances surrounding the invitation. Oh, well, I-I don't regret clearing the way to your grandson. Even if it made it more difficult with carly? I think I'm the farthest thing from carly's mind right now. Why are you saying that? Did something happen? Well, I guess you're gonna find out sooner or later, but, um... carly and jason are getting married. Jason: The novaks and the other families are watching for signs of a power struggle -- if they see me and carly fighting, they're gonna up the pressure, hoping to rip this family and this organization apart, and they're gonna step in and help themselves to our territory. But there is no power struggle. No, we know that. The other families don'T. Our marriage will send a message that jason and i are a united front. But do you want to get married?

[ Chuckles ] Thanks. I'm good. I thought you'd want to see wiley. I do. But there's only so much I can take before it goes from heartwarming to gut-wrenching. How'd you get those photos, anyway? Oh, bobbie has them plastered all over her office. Bobbie spencer? I-I thought she got the boot. She did. She and her stink-eye are back patrolling the halls now that cyrus renault is kicking rocks. Wow. I can barely keep up.

[ Chuckles ] Um, I just assumed you'd gotten the photos from... jason morgan. Why would you think that? Oh, please. I saw how you slobbered after him on valentine's day. Shut up! I did not.

[ Scoffs ] I mean, whatever. I-I can almost see it. You know, jason's got the looks, the body, the smarts. But factor in the, uh...

[ Breathes sharply ] Oh!

[ Whispering ] ...Contract killing and mob boss bff, and that is one hell of a fixer-upper. You don't know what you're talking about. There's more to jason than that. Okay. [ Chuckles ] And how would you know?

[ Scoffs ] Are you sleeping with him?

[ Sighs ] No. Not anymore.

What happened to calling the police? Look, for all I know, the stalker is in law enforcement. Obviously, they have familiarity with ryan chamberlain, not to mention enough technical knowledge to bypass security at wyndemere and using ryan's voice in that toy bear. How is he? Is there permanent damage? No, he's gonna be fine.

[ Groans ]

[ Chuckling ] You got him good, though. I think I emptied my canister. Kevin: Well, it was excellent aim, given the pressure you were under. My dad taught me well. Do you think we should take him to G.H.? Uh, yes, I think we should, uh, just to be on the safe side.

[ Groans ] -Okay. -Okay. Up you go. Yeah, you walk. We will steer. Trina, I am so sorry. I hope it didn't ruin your big night. Oh, don't worry. I'll just be fashionably late. Oh, you're such a good sport. There you go. Left.

[ Sighs ]

[ Light switch clicks ]

[ Soft thump ] What?! Okay, do not leave a single thing out. I'm deprived, alright? Pentonville gossip consists of who got drunk, tomorrow's lunch menu, and how to score two-in-one shampoo. Start talking. Go!

[ Breathes deeply ] Ohh! Okay. Um, let's see. Cyrus sent two thugs to kill me. Mm-hmm. Jason saved my life. As we were escaping the hospital -- in a jailbreak of sorts -- jason got shot. Uh, we went on the run. I was taking care of him. We wound up in a lighthouse in canada, and... we got really close. And...? If you're hoping for a play-by-play, forget it.

[ Sighs ] Come on. I'll forego precision for the sake of accuracy. Was he everything you'd hoped he'd be? What do you think?

[ Scoffs ] So why do you look so forlorn? Wait. You said, "not anymore." Are you telling me you scored with the city's hottest gangster and it was a one-and-done? A-and since when do you withhold details? Jason and I... um... experienced something extreme together, and now that's over. No hearts, no flowers, no froufrou romance.

[ Chuckles ] It was all circumstantial, and that was all it was ever going to be. Holy crap. You legit care about the guy. I want to be married to your father, but that's not possible. This is a business arrangement, but I wouldn't do this with anyone else but jason. Carly's right. This is for the business, and the only reason it makes sense is because... we understand each other... and we already know it's gonna work.

[ Sighs ] Well, obviously, you've thought it through and you know what you're doing. So, have you set a date? Carly and jason -- they're getting married? Mm-hmm. Yeah. I never thought of them as anything but just friends. Well, back in the day, they were -- they were much more. In fact, for the first few years of michael's life, everybody thought that jason was his father. Oh, so... yeah. ...This is a reunion of sorts? Or a return to dysfunction. I know that carly's personal life is none of my business. I just don't want to see her make the same mistakes over and over. Well, it is your business, because she is the mother of your child love her. This might sound ridiculous, but I just don't want to see her get hurt. That is your M.O. But... yeah. ...Try as you might, when it comes down to it, you can't control someone else's choices. Even if you can stave off the pain and stop the hurt, jax, maybe you shouldn'T. Why? Because it's not my place? Because sometimes hurt is necessary. We grow out of pain. We find out how strong we are. We can rebuild our lives, and sometimes, if you're lucky, you're even happier. Well, thank you, nina, for your wise perspective.

[ Chuckles ] I've missed that.

[ Sniffles ] I missed you, too.

[ Music playing in distance ] Nina must have remembered that I used to journal last year. But you gave that up, right? I mean, I suppose you can start again. Trina: Before he died, dev did something really selfish, almost borderline creepy. He somehow got a hold of your journal and showed it to cam. Why -- so you can read it like my other one? Ever since that kiss... curtis -- curtis, we discussed this. You made it clear that that's not what you wanted. I remember something different. I remember I was laid up in the hospital just getting out of surgery, and you told me that it had been a mistake. Yes. Yes. A-and I was agreeing with you. Why -- why are we revisiting this conversation if we're of the same mind? Because maybe we aren'T. Taggert: I bet you're grateful I ran interference with you and mrs. Cassadine. What is her problem? She's got a fan. Super dedicated.

[ Light switch clicks ]

[ Loudly ] Damn, I'm really late. Stop screwing around, Trina.

I understand wanting to hold onto your marriage, no matter what. But Ava isn't worth it? Oh, no. No, no. On the contrary, I can see how much the two of you love each other.

[ Sighs ] But I can also understand how terrified Ava must be right now, knowing how close that stalker got to avery. You know, I'm just thinking that maybe down the line a little bit, things will be different, but right now, I think you have to honor Ava's wishes, you know? Let her have the space she needs so that she can feel safe. Kevin: Not to alarm you, but your pushback could actually endanger Ava. Oh -- that's exactly what they want us to think, and I won't stand by and be forced out of my marriage. And don't worry -- I'll make sure that nothing happens to Ava and she doesn't get hurt. Even if you're right about that, nikolas, what if something happens to somebody else? One move and I'll light you up!

[ Canister clicking ] Please don't hurt me. Josslyn, wait. Excuse me. Excuse me. Josslyn! Sorry. Josslyn, this is not at all what you think. Oh, so you didn't read my journal? I-I wasn't hunting for it. Yeah, I know. Dev showed it to you! Did Trina tell you? How long have you known? Not long. And this is not about Trina -- this is about you and me. How are we supposed to be friends again if you can't be honest? Where do you get off lecturing me about honesty when the proof of everything that you don't say is in your journal, like how you really think about me? I'm sorry if I put you on the spot. Jordan: I can't Ava for being frustrated and scared. I'm frustrated myself. There's no point to it.

[ Sighs ] I mean, uh, nothing can come of it. Well, how do you know? Because it wouldn't be received well. Excuse me. I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to overstep. No, I'm -- I'm sorry. It's okay. I-I hope I didn't give you mixed signals. No, no, no. You didn'T. You know, I-I just thought that -- that maybe... forget it. I-I thought wrong. It's good to see you, jax. Yeah, it's good to see you -- it's good to see you, too. No, I mean, this all just happened. We haven't planned the ceremony yet. Well, I mean, i haven't planned the ceremony yet. There are people we need to tell in person first. Mm. Right. Like grandmother? I know monica's gonna hate it, but she should hear about it from us. Or maybe you should handle this one solo. Yeah. I'll figure it out. Josslyn doesn't know, but I didn't want to overshadow her graduation celebration, you know? Well, you know, a lot of people are [Chuckles] Gonna be surprised, but after they had a chance to think about it, I mean, they're not gonna be surprised at all. I told jason the same thing. I mean, even when people don't know about the business part, I don't think that many people are gonna be surprised. Britt: Remember when you told me... you're not good at "what ifs"? I really liked that about you. Don't lose it now. Just get out. How pathetic am I? I mean, what was I thinking? That -- that we would -- that we would be a couple?

[ Scoffs ] That we would pick out furniture and move in together? When did I get so lame? Uh... may I remind you that you're talking to a man behind bars who conspired with a homicidal maniac to conceal her baby from the child's father? Somehow in the midst of running for our lives and following the 10-hour rule, I let myself get caught up and... dream of a future -- actually having one. Of course you have a future. Y-you're not behind bars. What's stopping you? Well, what if between now and then is like, you know, 30 years or more? What if it's six months? It's still time you could have lived. It's your life. It's your choice. But, you know, for what it's worth, I'd really like to still know you... six months from now.

[ Voice breaking ] I would like to know you, too. With jason, I mean.

[ Sighs ] Jason obviously played you.

[ Scoffs ] I had no idea he was so smooth. He's not. All he did was be kind to me, and I ate it up like a hot fudge sundae.

[ Chuckles ] Poor britt, starved for affection, mistook common decency for a love connection. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I'll thank you to not make fun of my best friend like that, okay? Britt, you are smart, beautiful, funny as all hell, and a brilliant doctor. Not to mention fierce! Hey! Am I getting through to you? Yeah, yeah, thanks. I'm a catch. Just not one you catch and keep. That's on jason, and if he's not smart enough to realize it, then too bad for him. There's only room for one woman in his life, and it's not me. And who would that be? It's not worth getting into. Oh, I think I need to see a doctor. All of a sudden I feel like a hippopotamus is squatting on my chest and someone is playing my stomach like a marimba. You're not sick, britt. You're just heartbroken.

But these messages are a direct threat. This person has physically intruded onto your lives, breached your home. If this stalker wanted to hurt us, they could have done much worse, okay? Since this person, they can get in and out of wyndemere and our room at the metro court, why did they stop at the messages? Why not take the opportunity to do worse? No, whoever's doing this, they're trying to scare us, and I think it's time that I call their bluff.

[ Sighs ] Please, please, please, no. Oh!

[ Grunts ]

[ Machinery whirring ] I admire your dedication to duty, but one thing I'm absolutely sure about -- you are not gonna solve that case tonight while we're celebrating Trina's graduation. Portia: Hey, jordan. Hi! Hey. I'm so glad you could make it. Oh, I wouldn't miss it. This is beautiful. Thanks for coming. You look great. Thank you! I appreciate it. Dressed up for my baby girl.

[ Chuckles ] Aww. I don't know what you're talking about. What exactly did you read? Nothing. Dev read it. I didn't want to intrude on your privacy, but he insisted on me hearing it. And trust me, joss, once I heard it, I couldn't un-hear it. So if you really want to be friends again, the radical honesty starts with you.

[ Sighs ] Such an idiot, jax.

[ Sighs ] The guard's giving me the "wrap it up" glare. Look, britt... I-I'm sorry if I said something to set you off. That's okay. I shouldn't have come here and dumped this on you. Britch, please! This is the most normal I've felt in a really long time. Happy to oblige. I'm sorry jason hurt you, but... it might be a blessing in disguise. Staying away from jason could probably add years to your life expectancy. Of course it does. Hey, do me a favor. Go do some self-care, okay? Well, it's, uh, too late for a massage. Uh, I was thinking more like get drunk and make a mess.

[ Chuckles ] Without my wingman? No way. We have got to get you out of here. I've got a parole hearing coming up. Well, you better work it. The nurses' ball is coming up this fall. You'll have the ice cream? And sam mccall's red-carpet whoopsie on "loop."

[ Laughing ]

[ Sighs ] I'm there. Jason and I are doing what we need to do to protect Sonny's legacy and our family. Well, for what it's worth, I think, uh, dad would understand and approve. You know, jason, I, uh, I realize I never even asked. Um... I mean, do you -- do you want to run the business?

[ Sighs ] I mean, I never wanted to... but I know how to run it. And to keep things stabilized for this family, it's -- it's necessary. We appreciate your concern. We are going into this with eyes wide open. Then you know that some people won't like this at all.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, I know.

Thank you, michael, for looking out for us. Yeah. Um, wait, look, if jax gives you any trouble, let me know, 'cause he, uh, he owes me one now. Does he? Yeah, but it's -- it's all good. It's all good. Um, so, congratulations. I'm -- I'm -- I'm really happy for the both of you. Thank you. Bye.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] So what -- what was that about jax?

[ Sighs ] I'm 99% sure that jax blackmailed michael into letting nina see wiley. Blackmailed him with what? That's the detail I don't know. And michael refuses to tell me, and I'm sure he's just doing that to keep peace for josslyn, so...

[ Sighs ] Yeah, it makes sense. The last thing joss or any kid wants is friction between their parents, right? Yeah. So jax gets what he wants by taking advantage of michael's concern for his sister? Okay. Do you want to pick a fight with jax?

I wouldn't be the one picking the fight. You want to pick a fight with jax? No no, he's really angry that you and I are getting married. What did he say? Well, he didn't have to say anything, because I could tell what he was thinking. Sonny tied me to the business and all the risks that came with it. And I know jax was thinking, with Sonny gone, I'm free, but now I'm gonna marry you, and that ties me to the business again. Yeah. I'm sorry. Why are you sorry?

[ Sighs ] You're not forcing me to do this. I mean, we made this decision together. Right? I mean, you're not having second thoughts, are you? No, we've looked at this situation from every angle possible.

[ Sighs ] Getting married is the best way to stabilize the business... and more importantly, the best way to protect this family. I was just making sure. What about you? You having second thoughts? No. [ Chuckles ] No. I just -- I'm not... you know, excited about the judgment that's about to come my way. Maybe if you had spent years trying to run off every man that wanted to have me in their life -- although, many could make the argument that you did. Oh, yeah? How's -- how's that? Well, I mean, just... because of all the times I...turned to you, and you were there. Especially when my life was falling apart. It never bothered Sonny, but jax hated it.

[ Chuckles ] So, yeah, maybe you are just as responsible as I am for us winding up together. And that makes you happy? Sure. [ Chuckles ] I mean, a shared blame is better than taking the fall alone.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I guess it's time -- I have to take these off.

[ Breathes sharply ] Now, hold on. Hold on. Only -- only if you're ready. I'm not. But it has to be done.

[ Sighs ] I always loved these.

[ Chuckles ] You know, they were just so... flashy... and just so Sonny. He loved showing off.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Voice breaking ] I miss him. Yeah, I miss him, too.

[ Sighs ] Is this seat taken? Mnh-mnh.

[ Breathes sharply ] So... did you get your "save the date"? Baiting and taunting a stalker who wants to emulate ryan chamberlain is just dangerous. Laura's right. Let the police handle this.

[ Sighs ] My family is not pcpd's priority. But it's mine, okay? So I'm gonna do what they can't -- I am gonna find this bastard. I'm gonna string him up by his toes before he can make another move. And you might get killed in the process. I mean, really, you should be thankful that tonight all you encountered w-was Trina and her pepper spray. Okay, what have I not been honest about? Why couldn't you have said that you just wanted to be friends? I may have not liked it, but I would have accepted it. But you left me hanging. Instead of talking to me, you wrote in your journal that I was a bad kisser, that I was gross, that I was clumsy and sloppy. What are you talking about? I don't think you're a bad kisser. I read it in your journal. What am I -- supposed to not believe your own words? Believe this. Hey. Nice soft launch, handsome. Thank you. So what's going on with the mother of the graduate? Any progress? Not really, but I think I got it figured out now. Portia didn't back away from me on her own. She was pushed. Hi! I'm glad you made it. Any -- any -- oh, thanks. Any idea where our girl is? She should have been here by now. She said she was gonna actually stop by the gallery. But you know what? Let me text her, because.... taggert: Excuse me. Excuse me. Uh, portia, um, I don't want to monitor Trina on her graduation night, but if she don't show up in 10 minutes, I'm gonna start texting her. Just...okay.

[ Crowd gasping ]

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god! Trina! Oh, my -- mom! Oh, no.

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