GH Transcript Thursday 7/1/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 7/1/21


Episode #14733 ~ Carly hosts a family get-together. Portia is surprised to see Curtis at Cameron's party. Nikolas confides in Kevin. Ava receives upsetting news. Nina is conflicted about her future.

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[ Laughter ] How does it feel to be officially graduated? Ah, well, the ceremony was endless, and the gowns were like ovens, so... oh, my son, the philosopher. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. It was -- awesome. Co-sign. We are so proud of all that you have accomplished. I mean, god knows, this past year has not been easy, and, still, you have persevered, even thrived. Right? It's truly admirable. But don't let it go to your head. Can you believe we're headed to college? -No! -No! -No! Soon I'll be headed to a dorm. Okay, uh, can we just not talk about that yet? Can I please just enjoy my last few months together with you? Mom, I'm not moving to another state. I'm not even moving to another city. And besides, I know you. You'll be getting into all sorts of trouble with me out the house. Oh, wow. Freedom! "Freedom."

[ Laughter ] Trina: I'm so excited. What do you want to do first? Cameron: Oh, my gosh. I just want to go back to the campus and see it again. Oh, my goodness. Yes, it's so pretty! And the football games are gonna be so fun. I cannot wait. Yeah. It's gonna be great. Yeah, I really can't wait. It was very nice of Ava to close charlie's for this. I'm just sorry she can't be here to enjoy. Me too, yeah. Laura filled me in. I'm sorry to hear about the divorce. Oh, don't worry. There's not gonna be a divorce. Oh? I'm doing everything in my power to make sure that Ava and avery come home to me. Hi! Okay. Are you ready for our long-overdue catching up? I know that we mentioned gin for martinis, but I reconsidered and brought wine for the occasion. Ohh. No. Thank you. No. I'm -- I'm mainlining water right now. I'm sorry. Did -- did we set something up? I'm -- not that I'm not happy to see you, 'cause I-I am. Yeah, you don't remember that we set something up 'cause we didn't set anything up, but I did see your post from last night -- you throwing your wedding ring at nikolas' foot. Yeah, one of my finest moments, to be sure. Okay. You're gonna have to spill. All right? When you mentioned divorce, I thought you might be exaggerating. You and nikolas, Ava, were in love. What happened? You got the biggest cheer when you accepted your diploma. Uh, yes, because you guys were so loud. Even jason piped in. Jason: Well... oh, stop....You know, it doesn't happen often, but when it's something as important as you graduating high school... I'm really glad you were there. Me too. My little sister all grown up. Hm. College-bound.Yeah, it feels like yesterday I was teaching you how to drive a speedboat. Yeah. Now you eat my wake. Ohh! You did not just say that. I sure did. So, can I get a hug, or are you too cool for that now?

[ Sighs ] I'm never too cool for a hug. Hey. Hey. You don't have to worry. I'm sorry? Whatever you did to michael, you don't have to worry. He would never tell josslyn. He wouldn't do that to his sister.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Exhales deeply ] Britt. Hey. "Hey" yourself. I was thinking, since we got interrupted last night, how would you like to have dinner with me on friday?

[ Echoing ]

 what a day, huh? Yeah, what a day. Really happy for josslyn. Can we -- can we not do this whole small-talk thing? Okay. I'll get straight to the point. Thank you. For what? For not saying anything to josslyn, you know, about what happened between us. Uh, "what happened." That's a -- that's a nice way of putting that you blackmailed me.

[ Sighs ] Look, I'm not gonna tell josslyn because you're her father and it would break her heart if she found out, but just so we're clear, I may be smiling in photos with you, but I have not forgotten or forgiven you. You broke something, jax, and the worst part is you didn't even have to. You made your choice. Now you got to live with the consequences.

[ Scoffs ] There's my graduate. Is everything okay? Yeah, everything's fine. Michael and I were just talking about how wiley was doing. But, more importantly, how are you doing? I'm good. You're "good." You just graduated from high school with honors, and you're just "good"? I'm on the fence about going to cam's party. Oh. Right. Things are still tense between you two, huh? Um, it's not so much tense as...distant. You know, it just feels like we're headed in different directions. But, you know, I don't know. I mean, now that cam's going to pcu, all that can change, I guess. Well, let me ask you this. If you really are drifting apart and cameron is no longer gonna be a part of your life, would you miss him? Yes. A lot. Well, then I think that says it all, don't you? Can you meet me tonight? Absolutely. What time? Uh, now? Is now good? Uh... no? N-no, no. Um, now's great. I'm in my room at the metro court. Okay. I-I'll see you soon. Bye. Crap. [ Chuckles ] I'm so glad you could join me for coffee. Oh, well, you know, uh... I can't really stay. I'm -- I'm -- I'm late. Oh? Meeting with a client? Uh, no. No, no. Cameron's graduation party. Just like that, now he's already off to college. I see. A family-only affair. Uh, well, let's see. I think Trina's coming. Trina's mother. Josslyn. I-I don't really know. could bring a date? Nikolas and I... cannot be together. Well, that sounds a lot different than not wanting to be together. Well, it's really not a matter of what I...want. I have this headache, and I really need for it to go away before Trina's party. Yeah. I'm so sorry. Curtis invited me to stop by at the party. Are you going? Yeah, I don't know. Maybe. I have a gift for josslyn, and I thought it'd be really weird if I just showed up at carly's doorstep. It would. That's good thinkin'. Hey, Ava, I don't mean to be rude, but you don't exactly look party-ready. Oh. [ Chuckles ] Well, to tell you the truth, it's really the last thing that I want to do right now, but I told Trina I'd be there, so I will definitely be there. Have you eaten anything? No. Okay, so why don't we go, we'll grab a bite before we go to the savoy? Okay. Okay. Great! Great. So...let's go. And then you can tell me what's really going on with you and nikolas. Okay? Come on. Congratulations on your day. Thank you. Thank you very much. I didn't realize that you would be here. Didn't you have to get ready for tonight? Please. I got people for that. Oh. Oh, really? Yeah. You know, being the boss means you get to show up when the party starts.

[ Chuckles ] So, you look beautiful. You ready to party or what? You know what? I need to make a call and check on one of my patients. Um, excuse me. Okay, jake. So, who won -- you or aiden? Um, who won what? Who gets cam's room when he goes to the dorms, and who stays in the room you two share now? Who says I'm giving up my room? You and aiden are gonna have to fight for it. Nah. No battle. Aiden can have it. I like the room I have. What? But y-you're the older brother. My room's bigger. You should have it. Mine has better lighting. And aiden doesn't care. He spends most of his time in the kitchen. But, um, I'd rather just keep the room I have. Um, I'm gonna go say hi to grandma, so, um... congratulations, Trina. Thanks. So, I'm guessing that jake is still mad that you blamed his father for killing franco? I wish he'd get mad. I-I wish we could have a huge screaming fight, you know, where he can unload all his anger. But it's not like that. He's just...polite. Joss warned me that this would happen... and by the time I realized that I was wrong about jason and wanted to apologize, it might be too late. Well, it's never too late. You're still jake's older brother. He wants to forgive you. You just got to give him a chance. I've apologized. So keep apologizing. Keep saying you're sorry until he knows that you mean it because deep down he misses you as much as you miss him. Whoever's sending these threats, they have Ava afraid for avery's life. Well, I've been keeping an eye on ryan's condition, and that hasn't changed at all. I don't think ryan's the stalker. Ava does. Or someone equally as dangerous. I have to prove to her... whoever's doing this, they're just playing head games, and there's no reason for us to be apart. Well, it would help if you knew who the stalker is. It just so happens... I may find out tonight. How? I set a trap.

Um, I-I have to go. That's okay. Think I'm gonna go to cam's party now, anyway. I mean, unless that's weird. What, for me? No. No, I don't -- I don't have a grudge against cameron. Really? Yeah. Look. I-I really appreciate you having my back, okay? But you never need to be the one who fights for me. I-I don't want something I do to ever cost you a friendship or anything else. Thank you. But I stood up for you because you were innocent, jason. I mean, as much as I hated fighting with cam, I could not pretend to believe something that I just didn'T. And, yeah, I mean, cam was grieving, and he probably wasn't thinking clearly, and that's why I chose to forgive him. But defending you, that was as much for me as it was for you. I'm so proud of you. I love you. I love you, too. Excuse me. Uh, so, britt called, and I'm gonna go see her. Okay. Okay. Scott: So you want to go to cameron's party. Why not? Well, I just didn't give it any thought. You don't want me there? Well, I didn't think you'd be interested. Well, I am. Let's go.


Ja! Ah. Here we go. Here we go. Okay. Liesl! Nina! I didn't know you were back in town. Well, surprise. Uh, hey, Ava, listen. Uh, I have a little legal business to talk to you about. Oh. I'll give you a second. Okay? So, um, I talked to nikolas' lawyer about what we discussed. Yeah? And? And, well, he knew nothing. Knew nothing, like -- about what? About how to proceed? He knew nothing about nothing! Nikolas never called him about the divorce. The stalker's been focusing on Ava, right? Mm-hmm. And where does Ava go every day? To the gallery. That's right. I added some extra security, connected it to my phone. If the stalker trips the silent alarm, I'll know about it. Doesn't the gallery already have security? Yeah, but so does wyndemere. Didn't stop them from getting around it. I added a motion sensor at the entrance that only I know about. Nikolas, you're not thinking of confronting this person on your own. Hey. Have you heard from scott? He just texted and said he's running late... and that he's bringing a "friend." Any idea who that is? I think I might. Where's joss? I don't know. Um, she never really gave a formal yes or no, so... she'll be here. You guys are back to being friends, right? I hope so. Oh.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. [ Chuckles ] Hi. Come in. I, uh -- I took the liberty of ordering dinner. I figured we had to eat. But the night is totally flexible. We can eat before or after or... what's wrong? I have something to tell you... and I really need you to hear me out.

Oh, hiya, elizabeth. Hi! I didn't realize you were scott's mystery guest. I'm thrilled to be a part of your family's gathering. Hey, uh, let me get us a couple of stiff drinks, huh? Thank you. Well, I'm glad you could join us. I think franco would be, too. Don't you? Bringing liesl obrecht to a family celebration. Wow. Big step.

[ Chuckling ] Or am I reading too much into it?

[ Laughs ] Enjoy your moment. I'm proud of you. Thank you. Yeah. Did you hear that nikolas and Ava are getting a divorce? I did. Ava tried to hide it, but she looked miserable at the ceremony. I've been getting threats. What?! Nothing violent yet. But creepy -- creepy -- creepy little gifts and -- and notes. Whoever it is obviously does not want nikolas and me together. So that's just it? Some wacko is fixated on breaking you two up, and you go immediately to divorce? No, not immediately. Not at first. But everything changed once the "wacko" made it clear that they can get to avery. Are you sure it's okay if I go? It's your graduation night. You get to do whatever you want! Well, within reason.

[ Laughs ] I'm so incredibly proud of you. Aw. Thanks, mom.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I think your mom speaks for us all. She definitely speaks for me. You have a good time tonight, sweetie. Oh, I will, grandma. Thank you. Hey. Milo's gonna be with you all night. Okay? Don't go anywhere without him. Please. Copy that. All right. I love you. You did good, little sis. Ohh. So sentimental. Just this once. Okay. Will you give wiley a kiss for me? Yeah, of course. Okay. I'll walk you out. Okay. Bye. -Have fun. -Bye. I really wish lady jane could have been here. Yeah, me too. You know, she was with us in spirit. And so were morgan and Sonny. And grandpa Mike. Right. Everyone that loved you. Now go paint the town red or whatever pcu colors are. Yeah, okay. Okay. [ Chuckles ] I'll call you tomorrow. Sounds good. Have fun. All right. Bye. Yeah. Hey. You know, I think I'm gonna head out, too. Could you wait a minute? There's something you should hear. Okay. Look, I-I know you guys have lives that you need to get back to. Um, if you could just bear with me for a minute. I-I have something really important to tell you.

[ Chuckling ] Uh, that was ominous. What -- what I'm gonna say... changes things. A lot. Well, don't make me stand here and dread it. Just spit it out. Carly and I are getting married.

[ Chuckles ] That might possibly be the last thing I expected to come out of your mouth. Uh... I would think you were joking, but you don't do that. It's not a joke. Uh [Chuckles] When did...? How long have you been...engaged? It just, uh -- it just happened. Like right before you got here? Yeah, more or less. Carly and I realized that, um...

[ Sighs ] ...It's best, uh, for, the family and... ...each other for us to get married, so that's -- that's what we're gonna do. Okay. Um, all right, then. Uh, thanks for the update. You can go now. I heard you, jason. You and carly are getting married. Now get the hell out of my room.

so? So...? You and portia seem to be enjoying each other's company a lot. So have you asked her out yet?

[ Both chuckle ] What are we, in junior high school? Yeah. I told you, we're -- we're just friends. Not from where I was standing. Friends don't generate those kinds of sparks. Told you. Hey, you made it. Yes, I did. This is for you. Thank you. We've been friends for a long time. Nothing can change that. Well, finally, we can celebrate properly. I don't know what else to say except we did it. We did it. Guys, this is huge! To us. To us. To us. The teddy bear with ryan's voice. That is beyond creepy. That's -- yeah, it's disturbing, is what it is. Yes. Yes! Luckily, avery thought it was just a toy. But i got the message loud and clear. You know, I even sent avery to stay with carly just in case. Oh, Ava, that must have been really hard for you. It was. Broke my heart. But I know it's the right thing to do. Just like I know that nikolas and I must divorce. Nicholas doesn't feel the same way. It's really been brought home, you know? That despite how much we love each other, nikolas and I are just coming from profoundly different places. Kiki was murdered. You know? That is not something that I am gonna get over. No, you shouldn'T. And nikolas doesn't have a memory like that. But I do. And I just simply cannot take any chances. Because if I did, nina, if I ignored this and stayed with nikolas and something happened to avery... I wouldn't survive. I just wouldn'T. Uh... jason and I are getting married. Jason who? What do you mean, "jason who?" Our jason. Jason morgan. Oh. Isn't this a little sudden? Well, it is and it isn'T. Look, jason and I have been struggling since Sonny died, and we were left with a big hole in our lives. A-and I know we're not unique to that, okay? I-I know that. I know everyone has their own grief and their own loss. But, you know, after our friendship and all the years that we've known each other, I -- I... Sonny wasn't just my husband. He was also jason's best friend. And you know the three of us were like a team. And the central person is now gone. And jason's the only person who really knows what I'm going through, you know? And not just that. We need each other. We do. And Sonny would want us to take care of each other, so we're not just doing this for us. We're doing this for our family. And -- and I'm just asking you guys to accept it. Yes, I'm marrying carly. And I know I can't be with you the way we were, but I understand what you're facing, and I told you that I would be there for you and I'm gonna be there for you. Wow. Unbelievable.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks. But no thanks. I don't need your pity. It's not -- britt, it's not pity. And I definitely don't need your support. Wow. I mean, why am I so surprised? It's been pretty obvious from the day I met you. Carly comes first. You have this commitment between you two that can't be broken. I mean, I witnessed it, right, when she literally opened a vein to give you her blood. That's great. Good for you guys. But I'm not gonna stand in line and wait for a few minutes of your time like some charity case because you happened to be with me when I found out I was dying. Britt, that's not how I see you. No, no, no. It's -- it's good. Trust me. You -- you did me a solid, okay? Even I can admit that. With your whole... "if it suffocates you more than frees you" thing. You were right. Now I know. Now I have my whole life ahead of me and...

[ Sighs ] But you know what, jason? You will not be here for me. You will not show up for me. You will not lend me a hand. Anything. Because you are otherwise engaged. Pun intended.

So for the time being, Avery's staying with Carly. And I have to admit, she really is perfectly happy there. And so next on my list is to find a place to live. I can't stay here. I can't camp out at this hotel forever. Well, I have an idea. Why don't you camp out with me? I have a newly decorated guest room. No one's ever stayed there. You would be the first. No. No, no. I couldn'T. I can'T. I couldn't impose. You're not imposing. Besides, it used to be your apartment. You paid fair market price for it. Yeah, thanks for the not discount.

[ Laughs ] Listen. Doesn't mean that I can't offer a really good friend a room. And you'd be doing me a favor. I'm hardly ever there. And my future plans are completely up in the air. And does this have any thingto do with your "new friend"? Mike and

I, we --ay. There's none of the dysfunction of my past relationships. So no lying, no deception... mnh-mnh. ...Like with valentin. No. Mike is an open book. So what does this guy do? Well, um, he's a bartender... mm-hmm. ...And I met him through my friend phyllis. Go on. And, uh, we have a lot of fun together. How much fun? You know, get your mind out of the gutter. I... we haven't even had a real date. I just -- I'm happy when I'm around him. Nina, that's so nice. It sounds like there's real potential. There could be. And, so, when you're not in port charles, are you thinking that you're gonna be with Mike? Congratulations, mom. Yeah, I mean, if there are any two people who know what they're getting into, it's you and jason. You trust each other implicitly. We do. If this feels right, I'm all for it. Yeah. Me too. Really? I mean, so soon after your dad passed away? I mean, it's like you said. Dad would want this. For you, for jason, for all of us. And I honestly believe that he would understand better than anyone. You're awful quiet over there. Well, no one's ever been able to stop you and jason from doing what you want, so... I certainly wouldn't dream of trying now. I'd appreciate it if you could keep this quiet. I'd like to tell josslyn myself, and I know she's gonna have a lot of questions. You think? Is that a "yes"? Think I'm just gonna do what, um -- what I think is best for my daughter. Jax!

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens, slams closed ] Well, guess not everyone is thrilled with this development. Why are you still here? Because you matter to me. Not just becauseyou saved my life. But I really care about you. You have an interesting way of showing it. [ Chuckles ] You know, I'm not... the kind of person who spends a lot of time thinking about if things were different. Man, if things were different... we'd be at that dinner friday. We'd be in that bed right now. Remember when you told me... you're not good at "what ifs"? I really liked that about you. Don't lose it now. Just get out.

I feel lost

in this place

I feel lost

[ Door closes ]

In this place

[ Sighs ]

[ Ominous music plays ] Where's Trina? Oh, she went to the gallery to talk to Ava. Trina just wanted to let her know that she doesn't have to feel pressure to come tonight. Always thinking of others, your little girl. She's not so little anymore. No, I guess not. Ohh. I was so sorry to hear about Ava and nikolas. Me too. But, you know, relationships don't happen in a vacuum. Sometimes outside forces can pull a couple apart. You know, I think that this is gonna be the summer of the lake. Yeah? Yeah. I mean, don't you think, before things get too crazy, like, in the fall and stuff with school? No, I mean, the lake sounds great. I just don't know how much time I'll be able to spend there. I mean, the pcu volleyball team starts training in a couple weeks, and the schedule is... intense. Right. Yeah. No. Totally understand that. Guess you'll be pretty busy, then. Looks like it.

[ Door closes ]

[ Ominous music plays ]

[ Switch clicks ] Ava? Are you here? Ava! Ava!

[ Cellphone beeping ] Excuse me. Is that what you've been waiting for? Yeah. I have to go. I'll go with you. No! You shouldn't do this alone. I'll call the police on my way. How's that? I will. I have thought about relocating to nixon falls, and it's not just because of Mike. I've really fallen in love with the town. I love the people, and I -- I love who I am when I'm there. And, of course, this was before michael changed his mind about wiley. Now I'm just trying to figure out what I'm gonna do about Mike. Well, that's not a big deal. Get to know him some more and figure out what he means to you. And if you realize that you can't live without him, maybe he can come here. No. No. That -- yeah. No. That can't happen. Nina, he's a bartender. He can work anywhere. Uh [Chuckles] You know what? We should get going because Trina's party is probably just starting. So let'S... nina. Why do you have to choose between Mike and having wiley in your life? You can have both, can't you? Oh, Ava. Trust me. If I know one thing, I know this -- there's no future for Mike and me in port charles. I don't know how you're planning to tell monica, but I would proceed with extreme caution because she is not going to be happy. Well, you know, actually --

[ Door opens ] Nah. No, no, you're right. She's gonna hate this. Onica. I think we'll be fine. What's that? Uh...nothing.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Congratulations. And welcome to the family. Not that you haven't always been a part of it. Thank you, bobbie.

[ Glass thuds on table ] I got to go. We'll talk soon?

[ Smooches ] Yes, we will. So, uh... your mom told you the news? Yeah. Yeah, she told me that you two are getting married and she explained why. But you didn't explain

everything, did you? I am about to get things ready for the next party. Oh. Great. Have a good time. Thank you. Yeah. I-I'll see you there. Okay. I am so glad that you came with me. You're welcome for the suggestion. Whoa. Is that a smile I see on that pretty face of yours? I'm just happy. I'm with a nice man. Britta's with a nice, if somewhat dangerous, man. For now, all is right with the world.

[ Dishes clatter ]

[ Crying ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Sighs ] To hell with this. Hey, cam. Even with volleyball, I will always make time for you and Trina. So... save a chair at the lake for me, okay? It's gonna be a great summer. Yeah. But we start with tonight. Yes, we do. So...shall we? We shall.

[ Screams ]

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