GH Transcript Tuesday 6/29/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 6/29/21


Episode #14731 ~ Carly is contemplative. Anna is stranded with Valentin. Finn rethinks his decision. Obrecht and Britt have a heart-to-heart. Joss has an awkward encounter with Michael.

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[ Knock on door ] Huh? Here are the lab results you wanted. Thank you. Finn. Don'T. You cured chase. His health is getting better by the day. I believe, with physical therapy, he's gonna walk again, especially with willow by his side. You should be happy for all of that. Don't dwell on... peter? The world is a better place without peter august. Hm. Stuffed in a freezer in the hospital's sub-basement. Only it's only a matter of time until someone finds the body. Was the body found? No. But...? Anna almost figured it out. Valentin and anna: Ohh! You think he still has something to eat? Oh, I don't know. I just hope maybe there's a hot shower and maybe some spare clothes or something. Nice, right? Oh, no. This rain is just going to destroy any possible evidence that could lead us to who took that little baby. I think maybe we should go home. You're saying we should give up? Well...

[ Breathes deeply ] I think maxie's baby's gone. For good, really. Sasha, you're... pregnant. I didn't realize. I-I mean, we haven't really talked. I haven't been at work, and our paths haven't crossed. I, um... hey, congratulations! Hey. Michael. You got a sec? Uh, you know, not -- not really. Well, it's been hard to catch you alone at the manse. I was hoping we could have a little one-on-one time? About? You and willow. When are you guys gonna get back together? Chase had another setback. He, um -- he can't walk. What? Oh, my god. Hasn't that guy suffered enough? I hope it's not permanent. Uh, Finn doesn't know. Nobody does.

[ Sighs ] So, uh, willow can't tell chase about me and her yet, not -- not while he's going through this. So you and willow can't be together for what could be a very long time.

[ Sighs ] Wait. What's going on between you and willow? Oh, hey, hey, liesl! Come here! Come here. Sit down, sit down, sit down. Okay. Come on. Sit. Listen. Guess what. I just landed this client with really deep pockets. So what do you say you and me fly first-class from here all the way to honolulu?

[ Sighs ] That sounds lovely. Okay. Perhaps a vacation with you will make me forget the sorrow in my heart. Is it peter august? Maxie's baby? Franco? Franco's death? Liesl, what? What is making you so sad?

[ Insects chirping ] Thanks. I just keep thinking about what Ava said. How it's theater... a performance that demonstrates a binding contract. I mean, Ava doesn't know our situation. You see where I'm going here, right? Am I wrong? No, you're not wrong.

Are you and willow together? Like, together together?

[ Sighs ] You know, I gotta go. I have an important meeting. And I'm late per usual. Good luck. Look. Well, uh, our table's ready. So why don't you have a seat and we'll order some dinner? Oh. Okay. Um, not so fast. Mom told me that you and sasha broke up. Is willow the reason why? No. No. But from what brook lynn said, it sounds like you and willow want to be together... but can'T.

[ Sighs ] Am I getting warm? Maxie, I'm so sorry about your baby.

[ Sighs ] And this is why I didn't exactly want you at this particular meeting. You think I can't be happy for sasha? -Well -- -sasha, congratulations. I didn't reali-- a-are you in a relationship? It's, um, complicated. And I'm sorry. Uh, this is not the way I wanted either of you to find out. No, no. Don't be silly. Don't feel bad at all. Just...whoa. Celebrate the life that you're carrying.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. Especially after I lied to you. No, no. We're not thinking about the past, okay? I'm tired of being sad. Tell me the truth -- is sasha's pregnancy gonna be much too painful for you? Brook lynn: I am so sorry I'm late. Traffic. Is it my imagination, or does it get worse every year? Maxie. What are you doing here?! You know, you surprise me. Anna: Do I? As long as we've known one another, I can't remember the last time you wanted to quit. Oh, my gosh.

[ Rain falling ] I just feel like peter has louise. I mean, look at what we know. The nurse sends a pin of her location. She obviously hands off the baby to someone before she falls. And peter has vanished without a trace. The nurse conveniently falls to her death down an abandoned mine shaft. It's vintage peter. It is. And if -- if I'm right and he really does have the baby, then he's got to make certain that we don't find either one of them again. Peter's not infallible, just like faison wasn't infallible. We're gonna find maxie's daughter. Why are you doing this? Why do you think? I mean, why are you here when you could be warm and dry with charlotte and your -- her new baby sister? I'm not gonna enjoy being with charlotte and bailey until we find maxie's daughter. Even if it does mean going to the ends of the earth with you. What made anna think to check for peter in the hospital's sub-basement? I don't know. She was up on the roof. She found the elevator that leads to the sub-basement.

[ Sighs ] She thought maybe that's how peter got away. I convinced her that wasn't possible, and maybe he took off on a helicopter. Which we know he planned to do. And anna being anna, she figured out that there was a helicopter without official status near the hospital that day. And now she's determined to find out the identity of this pilot. Well, that's not gonna help her find peter's body, but we know she's not gonna stop digging until she does. I know. I'm really sorry. Stop. You have nothing to apologize for. The other night when I interrupted you, how close were you to telling jason what happened to peter? Jason is kind of an expert at these kind of things, specifically making sure inconvenient people are never found. I was tempted to tell him, but... but I interrupted you. Yes. Elizabeth, as much as you trust jason... I barely know him. I don't think I want him involved in this. Okay. I hear you. You know, it's only a matter of time before the police investigation leads them back here to the hospital, where peter was last seen. And they're gonna check those sealed-off areas of the hospital, and they're gonna discover peter's body. So what do we do without making things worse? How can I take your problems away? Thank you, scott. You are so kind.

[ Clears throat ] Mother. Britta! Scott was just trying to cheer me up. Yeah. Uh. Hey, why don't I take you girls for a couple of t-bones? Perhaps another time. Britta has invited me to have a drink with her. Oh. I see. Well... I would never try and shoehorn into mother/daughter business. Very important business there. So I will talk to you later. Okay? Goodbye.

[ Laughing ] Congratulations. You had nothing to worry about. You and scott are a couple. We are. [ Chuckles ] Just like you and jason. -I need you to do me a favor. -Sure. Be honest with me. Tell me straight out -- what do the novaks and the other families expect? How are you supposed to demonstrate that you are now in charge of Sonny's organization? Make you disappear. Kill me? Or exile you. If you and the kids want to move to california or hawaii or someplace far, I mean, that might be enough. Well, what do you think about that? What do you think? Do you want to move far away? No! No! Port charles is my home! It's my home. My business is here. My home is here. I mean, this is the home I shared with Sonny. But I don't want to risk my kids' lives or my life because I stay.

Carly, you and the kids are well-protected.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Okay? The best way to keep you safe is to show the other families that we're too strong for them to make a move against, prove that we have no weakness that they can exploit. No power struggle between you and me. No question about who's in charge. Yeah, which is exactly what... Ava's solution would do. Jason told me you spoke about my having the genetic marker for huntington'S. And that's why you invited me for a drink? To discuss what I told jason? He said you needed someone to talk to. That is true, liebchen. I'm afraid I lost control of my emotions. Must be those blue eyes. I couldn't help myself. Mother, I told you I don't want huntington's to define who I am. But who else can I talk to about my...concerns? How about... no one?

[ Chuckles ] You and your brother were the only good things to come from my misguided obsession with cesar. And, uh... he killed nathan. Huntington's will... kill me? How am I supposed to stay strong for you? To watch this awful disease eventually take hold of you? The daughter of my heart. I heard brook lynn say that you and willow have to take some time apart. That could be for a while, so, I mean, to me, that sounds like at some point you guys were together. Okay, look, look. Just because you aced your psych class doesn't mean there's some deep, dark secret here, okay? And, besides, I invited you to dinner to celebrate you graduating high school and getting into pcu, not -- not talk about me. Hello, michael corinthos iii. Mm-hmm, hello. And, uh, josslyn. Hi. Hi. So, why you don't go back to quartermaine -- that baffles me. I understand there's an elq board meeting coming up. Yeah, yeah, there, uh -- there is. What does that have to do with you? What am i doing here?! What are you doing here?! I-I'm actually working on a collaboration between crimson and deception. Uh, yeah. Brook lynn came to me with the idea of doing social media for our latest campaign. Yeah, it's only my first, um, project, but I already have tens of thousands of followers on insta. Yeah, a-actually, the public is dying to know what this campaign is. Mm-hmm. Okay. Um, but what about bailey? You didn't leave her with a nanny, did you? Oh, she did. And the nanny's name is valentin. Uh, wrong. He's actually away on business. Uh, olivia is watching bailey today while I'm here. See, what happened was, um, brook lynn here was insistent on rejoining deception. In fact, she enlisted valentin to go to bat for her. And so you know what they say -- let's face it -- the guy with the purse strings gets a say in it. Okay. Uh, I need to talk to brook lynn alone for one second. Uh, uh. Just one second.

[ Door closes ] Oh, wow. Ooh. To finding baby louise.

[ Mugs clink ] And bringing her home.

[ Rain falling ] You change your mind about giving up? Mm-hmm. Yeah. Well, actually -- ooh -- you changed it for me. How can I say no to someone who will go to the ends of the earth with me? We could start a fire. I saw a shed. I'm sure there's firewood. Wow. You've changed so much. When you first came to port charles, you had a chip on your shoulder and you really hated me. I can barely tolerate you now, darling.

[ Laughs ] You were kind to me in our days at the wsb. And then you rejected me in the worst way possible after you gave me the greatest night of my life. At least i thought it was you. Yeah. My sister never did things by halves. She derived great pleasure in hurting people that cared for me, you know? Well, you lucked out because I was pretty disfigured. I was a fool to think you would have wanted me. You were kind. You were so kind. And smart. And a great sparring partner. So were you. I hated the fact that they sent you away to school so young. It was like you were abandoned. Yeah, you pitied me. I'm gonna go check on the firewood.

[ Valentin clears throat ]

[ Door opens, anna sighs ]

[ Rain falling, door closes ] If you're suggesting we move peter's body, I think that's a bad idea. You have a better one? I agree that something needs to be done, but you're not the one that's gonna do it. Well, whatever you're planning, you can't do it alone. I can. And I will. I'm gonna go to the pcpd, and I'm gonna confess to killing peter august.

Now, to be clear, this is not -- it's not a magic bullet. You know, taking this step won't guarantee peace, but... it will improve our chances. Yeah. It'll send the message that you support me as the head of the corinthos organization and will shut down any possibility of "divide and conquer." So it makes sense from a business perspective. For business...besides complete destruction? It's the best option I've heard so far. We're people. What would this mean... for our lives? Well, the elq shareholder meeting, I mean, that's no secret. All you got to do is just a little research. Right. Okay. But why are you interested? As far as I know, you have nothing to do with elq. Well, you know, everybody needs a hobby. Like birdwatching. Some are just more interesting than the others. See you later. What was that about? Uh, your guess is as good as mine. Mm. But I'm -- I'm not thinking about scott baldwin tonight. Okay? So, uh, tell me -- when does volleyball practice start? Soon. Uh, we have a team-building trip coming up, so I'll get to meet some of the other players. Oh, yeah? Must be exciting for you. Um... isn't it? Maybe we stop the rollout. Maybe -- maybe we come up with a new idea. Ladies, I have been away for a while, so I don't know what this promotion idea is about. You want to share it with me? What are you thinking, forcing lucy to hire you?! You don't even like to work! That's not true. Valentin says I have the makings of a dynamic businesswoman, so I used that to my advantage. I found a way to build my résumé and enable you to see your daughter all the time. How is you working for deception going to make that happen for me? Deception and crimson are both socially conscious organizations, as you should well know. But how does that help me? Okay, there's a child-care center right next door. So I will bring bailey to work with me every day.

[ Gasps ] And since I can't have her in the office with me... you're gonna put her in daycare. Mere feet away from me -- and you. Oh, so -- so I'll be able to see my daughter whenever I want to. Without the busybody q's wondering why you're visiting all the time, mooning over a baby --

your baby.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] We talked about this. Going to the police is a bad idea. Yeah, when chase was sick, yes, but I found the antidote. Now there's nothing holding me back from confessing. And I promise -- I will not implicate you in any way. That's not even what I'm thinking about. If you go to the police, your life will be over. So will yours -- if they find peter's body and they test for dna. Mine and yours will be all over it. But maybe if I go to the police and I confess, they won't have a reason to check the body for dna. Finn, you really need to think about this. That's all I've done is think about it! But to do this right, I should have a lawyer with me. I want to call your father-in-law and see if he'll come with me to the station. We have plenty of firewood and a full bottle of whiskey. What more could you want? I would like your full attention. -What? -Yeah. You couldn't have got out of here fast enough when I brought up your childhood. I didn't pity you, valentin. I didn'T. I admired you. I admired your courage. You were very strong. You still are.

[ Rain falling ] Road out's flooded. Rain's not stopping. You think we're stuck here for the night? It's looking that way.

I'm not getting sick tomorrow, mother.

[ Chuckles ] Or next week. Or even, hopefully, next year. Huntington's strikes most people older than me. I understand that you don't want the possibility of this disease to dominate your life. Especially since I'm going to have to fight for my chief of staff position. I heard monica quartermaine is back in charge of general hospital. And another doctor wants my job. So [Sighs] How about we make a deal? You don't have any more breakdowns in front of jason... and instead you confide your worry to scott. You want me to tell scott the truth about you? Have at it. Waterworks and all. Thank you, liebchen. Thank you. I promise scott won't tell a soul, not when he has me to answer to. Nor will he look at you any differently. You don't have to make that promise, mother. I'm sure scott will look at me differently. He can't help it. No one can. Does that include jason? Does he see you differently now, too? You know, once upon a time, when michael was a toddler... I didn't want anything more. You know? This sabotaged everything, I mean, I threw you away with both hands.

[ Sighs ] I came back.

[ Insects chirping ] It wasn't the same. I don't know. It's better. You think? Yeah, because, before, you couldn't have anything... good. Because if you got what you wanted, you would -- you would test it and test it until it broke. And that's -- that's why it worked with Sonny. Because the two of you could test each other and break each other, but you'd still come back. But Sonny's gone. And no one else understands how empty I feel. And no one else has the same hole in their heart. Except you.

[ Sighs ] Josslyn: You don't need to worry about me, michael. I've got this. Okay. You know, it's -- it's completely normal to feel a little bit overwhelmed about going to college. Yeah, well, Trina's also going to pcu, and we got housing together. Mm-hmm. That's great. And, uh, cameron's gonna be there, too, right? That's what he posted. You two haven't gotten over your disagreement about jason? It's more than a disagreement. I mean, look. You and cameron -- y-you've been friends since you were in kindergarten. Why end a good thing? Cam almost shot jason, who's family. People make [Sighs] Mistakes. And we... forgive them. Is that why you let nina back into wiley's life? What changed your mind and made you decide to forgive nina? Lucy: Maxie is just so devastated over the disappearance of her baby, as she should be, and -- well, you -- you didn't even know who your daughter was until after she died. Yeah, you're right, lucy. But nelle was taken from me a long time ago. But you're right to worry about maxie. This is all still fresh. And peter put her through a lot of pain. And her daughter is out there somewhere. I have an idea. We can combine the new campaign with a way to help find maxie's baby. Okay. I am all ears. Spill. Did I just hear what I think I heard? You deliberately took a job at deception so -- so that I could see my baby?

[ Scoffs ] Why do you look so surprised? The whole point is to keep your baby safe from peter, not to keep you two apart. Brook lynn, I...

[ Scoffs ] I don't even know

what to think right now. When I saw you holding your daughter last night, I saw the love you have for her and the pain in letting her go. And, look, I...

[ Sighs ] I-I have complete faith that you made the right decision, that the safest place for your daughter to be is with me and valentin. But, of course, I'm gonna do everything I can to make it easy for you to see your baby as much as possible. Oh!

[ Sniffles ]

[ Breathes sharply ] Scott's on his way. There's still time to change your mind. Don't throw your life away over peter august. As far as I'm concerned, he got his justice. You know, maxie lives in fear that peter's still out there, that he's gonna find their daughter and disappear with her or he's gonna target maxie and her other children, at the very least. By doing this, I can put some of those fears to rest. And that's all good and noble, but don't turn yourself in to protect me. Your sons need you. They just lost their stepfather. You're not gonna do them any good from prison. Elizabeth, I need to do this, and I need to do this alone.

[ Knock on door ] Hey! What are you doing here? Are you okay? Violet couldn't sleep. -I missed you! -Ohh. Sweetheart.

[ Sighs ] This is a big step. And if we take it, there is no going back. So we have to be sure. We have to weigh what we gain... against what we lose because we could lose everything. Are we really thinking about doing this?

[ Sighs ] I mean, I think -- I think we have to. Oh, my god. I-I need some time alone to think about this. Yeah, me too. W-- I-I know that you're oblivious to things like this, but, you know, every-- everyone's just gonna think I planned this, you know. They are. They're gonna think that I-I have always ran off every woman that you've ever loved... just in case I needed you one day. And here, look. Now I need you. So... you're right. I am oblivious to that stuff.

[ Sighs ] If we do this, we know why. And that's all that matters.

[ Sighing, sniffles ] I don't think jason looks at me differently. He accepts me as I am -- before and after the diagnosis. You and he made love after you revealed you had the genetic marker for huntington'S. Isn't that significant?

[ Chuckling ] I'm not discussing my sex life with you, mother. I'm sorry. I overstepped. But, britta, you must stop avoiding your feelings for jason and tell him the truth, that you care for him. Who says I care?

You do. It's in your eyes and your tone of voice every time his name comes up. So whatever time you have left, live it passionately, my darling. With a man I know you are growing to love. You are something else. You know that? And I love you, too, my dearest britta. Michael: You know what? I had -- I had some -- some time to think, and, yeah, maybe giving nina a second chance with wiley is not such a -- such a bad idea. Okay. Have you discussed this with mom? Because you know how she feels about nina. Yeah, and she's not afraid of, uh, sharing her opinion, but, yeah, I can't -- I can't worry about that right now. Because of this willow thing? There is no thing. There's no thing. Okay? Chase is married to willow. That -- that's -- that's it. End of story. I just want you to be happy. Oh, happy like you are? I'm fine. I have all of this college stuff to look forward to. Okay, well, great. Let's order some dessert to celebrate. I can't, actually. Um, I should get home. Oh. All right. Well, uh, congratulations again. And promise me we'll do this again some point soon, okay? Yes, I promise. Okay. I love you. Thank you for dinner. I love you, too. And you're welcome.

[ Sighs ] Oh! So it looks like you two worked things out? Uh, we had a good talk, and I realized I can miss my daughter without drowning in it. -Oh, maxie. Wonderful. -You're amazing. And you know you will have the support you need. Okay, while I could bask in the glow of your compliments forever, why don't we move on? Uh, lucy, why don't you show us your concept for the crimson-deception collaboration? Really? Okay. Great. Great. Okay, so, when sasha came to me and told me about her pregnancy, I thought, well, how could we include new moms... and mothers-to-be. Yes. ...In our deception product line and also on the pages of crimson magazine? And this -- [ Gasps ] This is what I came up with. Nina: Oh, wow! Lucy! That's beautiful! Maxie: It's fantastic. Brook lynn: Very, very cool! Well, thank you. And there is another part to this launch, but, um, it was sasha's idea, so I'm going to let sasha tell you. Sasha? Sasha: All right. I thought that we'd keep the search for louise in the forefront of everyone's minds. We'll announce a candlelight vigil to be held all across the country. The vigils will alert people to the plight of missing children across the nation, as well as to the plight of maxie's baby. That's a terrible idea! Anna: Aww. Such a gorgeous smile. Valentin: It's not mine.

[ Chuckles ] But you're right. Objectively, that is a beautiful baby. It really, really is. And she lights up when I come in a room.

[ Rain falling ] So, what's going on with you and brook lynn? Oh. Well, she's candid and outrageous and... surprisingly kind. I like her. She...amuses me. Cozy. I don't know how cozy it is, but we're getting along. That's a good thing. Mm. And you? You got anyone in your life helping to ease the pain of losing Finn? I miss you, too, sweetheart, but, you know, it is way, way past your bedtime. And yours too, daddy! You work too hard. Mm. Mm. Did you have so much fun being the flower girl at your uncle chase's wedding? And daddy made uncle chase better, just like he said he would. Mm-hmm. So why can't you be with me more?

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry, sweetheart. I want to be with you more than anything in the world. Good. When uncle chase leaves the hospital, we'll have a tea party. And bella and otto are also invited. And roxy. You know what? Uncle chase is gonna love that, and so will willow. And what about you, daddy? Won't you be there?

 Okay, how can holding a candlelight vigil for missing children be a bad thing? It'll keep reminding maxie of her own missing baby. No, this idea is supposed to help maxie, not hurt her. Do you agree with brook lynn? I thought it would be a good idea to have as many people as possible aware that your baby was stolen from you. Yeah, if -- if peter has louise, then it shines a light on him and people will actually be looking even more! Exactly. People might see peter and then call the police. This is for you. I-I mean, I think sasha has a great idea. And she's right. It could actually work. W-w-who knows? Uh, maybe you're right.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I mean, there's -- there's plenty of people in my life that help make me feel better. Robin and my grandchildren, of course. And violet. Maxie. My friends. My friends and family. I mean, not that I get to see them all that often now. I can think of someone you see quite often.

[ Rain falling ] Robert? Mm. Mm-hmm. Felicia's only just recently forgiven me. When I went back for -- for sean's memorial, we talked. What about me? Am I your friend? Am I on your list of friends? Ohh. [ Chuckles ] I see what you did there. Yeah. Of course you are. You're a wonderful friend. I couldn't have got through these past few months without you. Nor I you. Well, you know, I love seeing you, but it is late and it's time for your bed. Tuck me in when you get home. Don't I always? Night, night, princess. Night, daddy. Mm. Mm. Night, aunt elizabeth. Good night, sweet girl. Mm.

[ Sighs ] Okay. I love you. Violet: Love you, too! And now you know why you can't confess. I'm not the only one with children who need me. Hey, doc, elizabeth. I-I just saw violet with the nanny. She gets prettier every day. Like a little gift of sunshine. So you need some legal advice. What are we talking about?

[ Inhales sharply ] Malpractice? I cannot figure out what's going on with michael. Are you okay? Yeah. Um, sorry. Um... what's going on with michael? Nothing. Nothing. W-what about you? You have that look on your face. What look on my face? Like you're thinking about something really, really important.

[ Sighs ] Dr. Obrecht: So whatever time you have left, live it passionately, my darling. With a man I know you are growing to love. Britt.

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