GH Transcript Tuesday 6/22/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 6/22/21


Episode #14727 ~ Jordan shares Dante's discoveries with Anna. Brook Lynn is stunned to find Maxie at the Quartermaine mansion. Curtis gets ready for Trina's graduation party. Taggert takes Portia to dinner. Ava makes a life-changing decision.

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[ Sirens wail ] Anna, I heard! What? Is chase...? No, no, no. He's okay. He made it. He made it.

[ Sighs ] Finn figured out a way to treat him. Thank god. We just got word at the station that he had taken a turn for the worse. Mm-hmm. It was bad, but he pulled through. Oh, my god.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Oh, I was so afraid of losing him. I know. Me too.

[ Both sigh ] I just, uh... I kind of felt, if he didn't recover, I would feel so responsible, because of my blindness where peter was concerned. No more recriminations, okay? Mm-hmm. I should call dante and mac and tell them the good news. Okay. I'm surprised dante's not with you. Oh, he's been busy. Um, he found peter's accomplice -- the one who kidnapped maxie's baby. Maxie: Look at you. Getting bigger and more beautiful every day.

[ Insects chirping ] Oh!

[ Baby coos ] We don't have much time. Olivia could come back at any minute... and then I'll have to pretend like you're not mine. But you are. Just remember that I love you very much, and I'll do anything and everything I can to protect you. Okay, email me all the non-alcoholic beverages that you have and a list of mocktails. Okay? Um, I really want this party, the celebration for the young lady Trina, to rock. Taggert: Don't forget the chaperone. Yep, alright. I appreciate it. What's up? A graduation party -- Trina can't stop talking about it. So, um... this is the place, huh? Yeah. Nice. I'm glad you like it. I'm sure you didn't come by here to -- to check out my new place. More like maybe to check out its new owner. And, you -- you know, that guy has a hero complex.

[ Breathes sharply ] Yeah, he stops me from rushing in to save my daughter and portia, but then he ends up taking a bullet himself. What's on your mind, taggert?

[ Sighs ] You're not gonna make this easy for me, are you? What? Thank you. I can't do this, nikolas. I can'T. Ava, w-whatever this is, w-we're gonna face it together. I just watched carly corinthos take my daughter's hand and lead her away. A mob family is a safer option than we are.

[ Voice breaking ] I'm sorry, nikolas. This isn't gonna work. I knew you'd find the antidote. I never lost faith in you. Oh, I remember a time or two. Ah, it's already forgotten. But how'd you do it? How'd you manage to save me?

[ Monitor beeping ] Well, chase, I, uh... listen, um, you only just got stabilized. There's plenty of time for... explanations later, alright? The important thing now is for you to rest and get stronger. Hey, I'm not asking for a detailed medical explanation. I just want to know the reason for my miracle cure. It came down to dna. It's being handled. Peter won't be a problem for anybody. No, jason, you're not listening to me. I'm trying to tell you not to waste your time on peter. Why not?

 I am so proud of you. You're being so brave.

[ Insects chirping ] I know brook lynn and valentin are going to take very good care of you. I promise -- one day, we'll be together again, and nobody will ever be able to keep us apart. Oh, I'm just so thankful that chase is gonna make it. Yeah. Credit to Finn. Hey, we are gonna figure it out. I know you're upset about avery. Of course I'm upset! And I have to do whatever I need to do to keep her safe, no matter how difficult it is. I'm still not convinced that this is ryan. I mean, he -- he's either got an accomplice or a -- a wannabe, a copycat, but one thing is clear -- that their goal is to split us apart, and we will not give them that satisfaction. We're not gonna give in to that fear. We are gonna fight this together. They got into avery's room. They want to show me that -- that no one I love is untouchable, not even my little girl. Yeah, but they overplayed their hand this time, alright? They -- they -- now that dante -- he's got that bear, he can trace it. What if he can't? And what if the next time, it's not just a threat or a warning? What if avery's life is at risk? My daughter's life? And maybe you can live with that possibility, but I can'T. I won'T. You don't have to thank me again, taggert. Well, if you hadn't acted when you did... cyrus probably wouldn't be rotting in a federal facility. Well, it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. I'll drink to that. I will, too. Scotch okay? Excellent. You know, we could also add the government's decision... to drop its case against you to the toast. Amen.

[ Glasses clink ]

[ Coughs ] Ahh. Yeah, that is smooth. The good stuff, huh? So, um...'s portia and Trina doing? Why are you asking me that? Why don't you ask portia? The nurse's body was found in the mine shaft? Was there any sign of the baby? No. Her phone suggests that she made contact with someone who took the baby from her before she fell or she was pushed to her death. You're thinking peter? Her time of death -- does it correspond with when he was last seen here at the hospital? We don't know yet. The body's still with the M.E. We lost so much valuable time. I know. The first 48 hours are crucial. Mm-hmm. But unfortunately, the local authorities in pautuck, they just -- they didn't have the resources to launch a thorough investigation, so now the fbi is in catch-up mode. Portia, is there an update with chase? He's continuing to respond to treatment. Okay. Oh, good. Can I ask you about Finn? Um, I saw him earlier, but, uh, how is he, really? Well, that's a good question. I-I mean, he's been working around the clock for days. Weeks, even, and he won the battle. He saved chase's life. Mm-hmm. But when I saw him earlier -- I don't know -- he still looked like someone suffering a loss. You already tried a cure based on dna. What made it work this time?

[ Monitor beeping ] The first antidote was right in theory, but wrong in practice. Do -- do you understand this? I'm just -- I'm thankful that this attempt worked, considering the first attempt not only failed, but it made things worse. And no one is happier about that than me. Right. I understand. And...right now, your job is to -- is to rest, chase, and I-I need to get back to my lab and formalize some notes. Why can't you tell me what made the difference? Come on, man. Give me a break, alright? I-I broke every rule in the book for this cure. I need to get on the phone with the ama, the fda. I will tell you later. What's wrong with now? I mean, you still used my parents' dna to create the cure, right?

[ Beeping continues ] Yes. Then what changed? This doesn't only involve me, so I can't get into details, but trust me when I say peter won't be an issue. What'd you do?

Maxie. What are you doing here? Olivia said it was okay. Sure it is. Maxie, good to see you. Can I just put bailey down in the bassinet? Oh, it's okay. He really cares about her, doesn't he? Yeah, we all do. Oh, well, that's why I came by. I wanted to bring a present for louise.

[ Breathes sharply ] This whole thing has taken such a toll on Finn. Mm. You know, he worked so hard to formulate the antidote. I mean, chalk one up to medical science, right? You got that right. Mm-hmm. We're definitely due for a win around here. Maybe I can get another one. What? Wait. What are you doing? Well, chase is going to be alright. But as long as peter is out there and maxie's baby is still missing, this isn't over. I haven't, uh, seen or talked to portia since I left the hospital, although I'm sure she'll be on me about my stitches any day now. That surprises you, curtis? You're a friend of the family now. Yeah, that's right. A friend. Uh. [ Scoffs ] Maybe not so much with Trina. We got off to a rocky start, but we're pulling things together. Yeah. Well, you know, I-I know how she blamed you for my supposed death. I'm sorry about that. Mnh-mnh. I'm -- I'm -- I'm sorry about a lot of things that concern cyrus. It's over. He's out of our lives. Yeah, well, it's a -- a regret I'm adding to a long list.

[ Breathes sharply ] You know what, man? You can't change what happened. You can just remember it and make sure you don't repeat it. Now...I know it's difficult to do, but, um... you need to give yourself a break, brother. I'll keep that in mind. You do just that -- for your own good, and for the good of Trina. She loves her father. She's a good kid.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, well, you're not gonna get any argument with me there, but I, um... I can't take credit for that. That's all portia. She did the heavy lifting, but, you know, I don't have to tell you that she's an incredible woman. Do I, curtis? You had no one to help you with ryan. He traumatized you, he targeted kiki, and I'm sure that was terrifying and it was devastating, but you're not alone, okay? And we are not without resources. And we can turn the tables on whoever it is who is threatening us, and I will hire a private army if I have to. Whoever is doing this obviously has resources of their own, nikolas. There's no place we can go he can't get to us! I-I will do whatever it takes to protect us. Nikolas, I love you. But I cannot be with you when avery is threatened because of it. I can't lose anyone else I love. Listen, I know that you are afraid. You're terrified, even, but do you really think that giving the stalker what they want is gonna make avery safer? Nothing's really changed. W-we're all still family. I'm just trying to figure out why the cure that you came up with didn't work and now it does. I think it's better if you hear this from... dad. I'm sure he can explain this... better than I can.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Door opens, closes ] I'm asking you to trust me, jason, which means no more questions. What matters is that peter is gone for good. Okay, I'm not gonna ask for details or explanations, but if you need me to show up somewhere and take care of something, I will handle it, no questions asked. Look, w-whatever's going on, if you need me, I'll be there to help you, okay? Finn: Help with what?

Did I say "louise"? I meant to say "bailey."

[ Chuckles ] Such a sweet name for such a sweet little girl. And this sweet girl has got to go down. It is way past your bedtime.

[ Baby coos ] Come here, baby doll. Okay. You've got to go to sleep. Sweet dreams, baby. Sweet dreams. Aww. So, how about we get a little fresh air on the terrace? I'm fine. Fresh air's really nice at night. You can really smell the honeysuckle. Why are you so perfect?

[ Breathes sharply ] I'm not surprised maxie wanted to hold you. I'm sure her arms are very empty without her daughter. I'm so unfairly blessed,

mon ange... because I can watch you sleeping, and maxie he doesn't know where her baby is. I set that in motion. I put peter in faison's arms. I put him on a path to pain and destruction. Oh, mon ange, I wish I could undo the past, but I can't do that. But I can be a good father to you -- I'm sure of it. And I can promise you I will be a much better man. I believe you. Jordan: I feel for anna. I mean, of course, she's thrilled that chase has recovered, but she's also painfully aware that she's no longer a part of Finn's life anymore. My grandmother used to say that every blessing is a mixed blessing. Mm. Well, your grandmother never saw cyrus renault handcuffed, being carted off to a federal penitentiary.

[ Chuckles ] Well, as Trina would say, "facts." Well, speaking of, how is Trina doing these days? Eagerly anticipating graduation. Mm. Getting ready for college. She's got her dorm room all planned out, all of her fall courses.

[ Chuckles ] She's even grumbling about classes she can't even take yet, so... mm. So, in other words, she's carrying on as though nothing happened. But don't worry, I'm keeping an eye on her in case there is a delayed reaction. And who's keeping an eye on her mom? We have never played it safe. We knew that we would be risking it all by coming together, but we did, and that's what made it so exciting and alive. Transformational. Ava, we've become one. I know. I've never been so loved... so accepted. I feel the same way, right? So why would we let anything come between us now? We have to keep fighting this together.

[ Voice breaking ] It's not just about us. Can't you see? No. No! You are letting whoever is behind this get into your head! They know where to strike you where you're the most vulnerable. Do not let them win.

[ Crying ] If it were just you and me,

[Sniffles] You know, I would take my chances. I would. But I lost kiki to this kind of madness. And they are exploiting that pain, Ava. And it's working.

[ Sniffles ] Kiki's death was a nightmare, one that I will never wake up from. One that will last for as long as I live, and I can't do it. I can't go through it again. Nothing is worth risking avery's life -- not even loving you. Oh, Ava, come on. You don't mean that. Yes, I do. I mean it. Nikolas, you are lovely, and you have a lovely house and a lovely island, and you need to go there tonight... and not come back. I was just offering jason a long-overdue apology. If I hadn't accused him, then peter might not have had the chance to hurt jason. Jason wouldn't have had to risk his life to prove his innocence. You're not responsible for what peter did. I completely agree. But we have an update. All of chase's vitals check out. You know, I-I couldn't have found a cure without elizabeth's help. I'm glad to hear that. Uh, speaking of which, do you mind if talk to you about some of the results, if you have a minute? Oh, yeah. Sure. Yeah. Take care of yourself. Likewise. Remember, if you need anything, I'll be there. What was that all about? Finn is a doctor. Why is he leaving it up to you to explain a medical breakthrough? Because he's exhausted, I suppose. E-emotionally and physically. He wouldn't rest until he found a cure. Okay, but there is something going on. Whatever it is, you can tell me, dad. And -- and don't tell me not to call you that, because to me, you are always gonna be my father. I'd never tell you not to call me dad... because that's exactly what I am.

 You know how it is, girl. Mm. I just don't have time to worry about myself. I mean, keeping up with a high school senior...

[ Chuckles ] ...My patients, running my department -- that's all I have the energy for. I mean, I'm still standing, so I guess I'm okay. Well, I mean, Trina's moving into a college dorm soon, right? Take it from an empty-nester -- work is not a cure-all. You need something for you. I just needed to face jason and own up to my mistake. I mean, for him, it's over and done with, but I still needed to say the words. What about you? What -- hm? How did chase take it when you told him why the cure worked this time? Couldn't tell him. I mean, I was about to tell him. I just... couldn't find the right words, so I left it to someone more wise and more eloquent, more compassionate than myself -- our dad. Cyrus renault... got the G.H. Lab to tamper with the original dna test. It was his way of getting revenge on your mother for embarrassing him in print. So the original test was wrong? It was a lie. Hamilton is your brother. I am your father.

[ Sighs ] Once hamilton, uh, saw that possibility, he put everything aside, including his feelings, and got back to work, this time using my dna instead of his. So it was you. You saved me.

[ Scoffs ] It was all of us. Finn, your mom, your stubborn streak refusing to give up.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] It took a whole family. Our family. If I walk out that door, we're giving in to extortion and intimidation. The only way to fight this freak is to do the one thing that they don't want us to do, and that's to stay together. No. Not if it means putting avery's life in danger.

[ Sniffles ] Nothing is worth that. Okay. That bear wasn't to threaten avery. It was left in the room to frighten you. Would you risk spencer's life? Do you think that I don't want to stay with you?

[ Breathes sharply ] Do you think this marriage doesn't mean everything to me? Ava... I know you love me, and you know me.

[ Crying ] You know me better than anybody's ever known me.

[ Sniffles ] And so then you must know that if anything ever happened to avery, it'd kill me. It'd absolutely kill me.

[ Sighs ] I cannot let that happen, nikolas. We are done. Maybe we're just adrenaline junkies masquerading as public servants. Mm, well, every now and then, the real gets a little too real, like when you were taken hostage. Back to that again. If you ever want to talk about it, grab some time for drinks or a movie... I'm Available.

[ Chuckles ] I'd like that.

[ Chuckles ] But, um... you don't think that that might be a little complicated? Why? Because your ex-husband is sleeping in my guest room? Well... oh, that'll be over soon. Oh. Um... are you thinking about curtis? So, is everything good between you and portia? I mean, are you guys on good terms these days? We do our best, for Trina's sake. Why do you ask? I was just wondering if portia had someone to talk to about, you know, what happened when cyrus was holding her and Trina hostage. What's stopping you from being that person? I mean, bartenders are good listeners, right?

[ Chuckles ] I'm the owner, not the bartender.

[ Door opens ]

[ Footsteps approach ] I saw the lights on. Hoping to find the boss here. Oh, he's right here. Jason, how are you doing, man? Good. Taggert? I didn't know you two knew each other. Yeah, well, it's a small world. Yeah, it is. You busy? Yeah, I'm, uh, I'm just leaving. Thanks for the drink, curtis.

[ Sighs ] S-so what brings you here? Is this a personal or a professional visit? I just stopped by to thank you for helping put cyrus away. You almost blew us out of the water, maxie.

[ Sighs ] Valentin is smart, okay? And my story about giving birth in a -- in a hotel room with an unnamed doula is not gonna hold up to scrutiny. You almost tipped him off, or -- or worse, he could have thought that you were too unstable to be around the baby. I know! I know, okay?

[ Sighs ] I-I thought that you would be at the hospital saying goodbye to chase. Oh, my god. You don't know. He's gonna be okay. Finn found a cure.

[ Chuckles ] That's wonderful news. I'm really glad. Yeah, me too. Anyways, we have to focus on our current situation. Look, maxie, if you want to protect that baby in there, you can't just show up here like you did tonight. I know it was wrong, but it hurts. Brook lynn, it physically hurts to be away from her.

[ Sighs ] And I hate lying to everyone that I love. I just want this to be over. I know.

[ Sniffles ] Why did you make that heartfelt vow to your daughter? Maxie's here. She's on the, uh, terrace with brook lynn. Apparently, she stopped by with a gift, and when olivia stepped away, she, uh... she picked up the baby? Of course she did. She's missing her own. God, that makes me feel terrible. Yeah, me too. But that's why I'm here. I'm going after peter. And I'm not going to stop until I find him, especially if there's a chance that he has maxie's baby. You know something. You found the helicopter pilot, the one hired to make his escape. No, not yet. No. But there has been a development in pautuck. They found the nurse who was working with peter. Is she talking? Not anymore.

So no trace of the baby? No, not yet. According to jordan, they were able to locate the nurse's cellphone, and there was evidence that she'd made a phone call to someone earlier that night. Someone meaning peter? Perhaps. It's impossible to know where he ended up after he left maxie. It's like he's vanished into thin air. He could have gone there to meet with the nurse. But on the other hand, maxie is adamant that the nurse intended to keep the baby for herself, so she might have had an accomplice or someone unknown to peter. Either way, jordan doesn't believe that the local police have the expertise to follow up. We do.

I do. I have the wsb connections. I started this search, and I am going on that trail, even if it takes me to timbuktu. You... you have a new little baby that you have to think about. I am thinking about my new little baby. If peter's out there, he knows that we're coming for him. That makes him a threat. I won't have him targeting charlotte or bailey. Besides, I owe it to maxie. I have to do everything I can to reunite her with her daughter. You have to remember why we started this plan. Yeah, so you could get your stocks back from valentin. Yes, that was the original plan, but then that first night, you told me it had to be about protecting the baby. And guess what, maxie? You were right, okay? It's not about the stock. In fact, I will go right in there and I will tell valentine the truth -- that you're actually the baby's mother, and that he has to pretend to be the baby's father to protect her from peter. You're bluffing. You would not tell him. I absolutely would, if it will have you stick with the original plan. Okay, listen, valentin will tell you the same thing -- if peter is having you followed and you keep coming here, he will figure it out. Look, I know how hard this is, okay? But you have to consider the alternative. You have to imagine that peter has your baby, boarding a -- a -- a private jet to some country that doesn't -- no, stop! Stop, okay?

[ Sighs ] Look, you're right. I know you're right. We have to stick to the plan. The original one, the one where valentin doesn't know anything.

[ Sighs ] If peter is still out there, then louise is not safe. I just have to be stronger. You know, a mother needs to do whatever she can to protect her child, even if it means giving them up. Maybe, just maybe, there's a way you don't have to. You know, when that first dna test came back and it -- it said that chase was my son... after the dust settled, I...kind of liked it. Hey. Don't know if I ever admitted this before, but... I really like being a dad. And I was sort of just getting used to it with chase and... it's just gone. You know, you haven't lost anything. You're still a family. I know. I get my annoying kid brother back, yeah.

[ Both chuckle ] You're a good dad. And every attribute you praised gregory for...

[Breathes deeply] Are things I see in you. You're just as compassionate and caring. Wise and eloquent, not so much. Well, in your own way.

[ Both chuckle ] But wisdom comes with experience, right? And now that you know what it feels like to lose a son, maybe you can understand how gregory felt when you pushed him away. You can make things better. Are you trying to cheer me up, nurse baldwin?

[ Chuckles ] Is it working? I should go check on my brother. Okay. Thank you. You know, I was finally starting to accept the idea that Finn was... it's been hard on me, too, but I was coming around to it. Hamilton has the makings

[Chuckling] Of a great dad. Just ask violet. I'm glad to have the father I've got -- and the brother, too.

[ Monitor beeping ] I can tell you that curtis would not care if you and i went out for a drink... any more than marcus would. Well, that's good, 'cause I would hate for the past to prevent us from becoming friends. Well, I try not to letthe past define my future. Hmm. I like that. I'm gonna have to keep that in mind. Please do. Especially where cyrus is involved. We are finally free from him. We're free. You can let him go. Wasn't I the one here telling you to decompress?

[ Chuckles ] And now here you are reminding me that I need to do the same thing.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, this is why I need an insightful friend.

[ Laughs ] Okay, well, that's me, I guess.

[ Both laugh ] Maybe I could use one of those, too. Well, what do we have here? Should my ears be burning? I don't know. Are you on fire?

[ Laughs ] Don't even. You know you're all talking about me.

[ Both laugh ] You wish!You wish!

[ Laughter ] Well, this must be the night to be thanked. First taggert, then you. Really not necessary. Well, you did go into the house where cyrus was holding laura hostage. That took a lot of courage. I wasn't the only one willing to take a bullet that night. It was worth it to rid this town of cyrus renault. Amen. You know, starting a business comes with a lot of challenges. If there's anything I can do to help... I got this. No doubt. You know, but things change.

[ Breathes sharply ] Do you know something I don't? Listen, I want avery to be safe just as much as you do, but if you think that this is the end for us, you couldn't be more wrong. Don't do this, nikolas. Don't make yourself somebody that I have to fight.

did you hear a word I said? I said that I couldn't live if anything happened to avery, and so when I hear you saying that we can face this together, that you're not giving up on me, all I hear is you saying that you are willing to bring danger to my child, and I will not have it!

[ Voice breaking ] Nothing means more to me than avery. Nothing. I will not risk her life. I will not risk provoking this madman. He wants us apart. He's getting what he wants. Please, nikolas. Please leave while I still love you, because if you try to stay... I will do whatever it takes to be free of you.

[ Sniffles ] This is not forever. Because I will never give up on you, on us, or our family.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles, sighs ] Will you relax? Jordan and I have other things to talk about besides you. Mm-hmm. Oh, yeah? Well, I find it hard to believe, but if you're done, I would like to take you out to dinner. Oh, and who's paying? I am. I'd like to talk to you about this. Oh, okay, but since you're already invited, jordan, I don't know if you're interested, but you're more than welcome to come to Trina's graduation party if you like. Of course. Be there or be square. I think you have to be square to say that. Oh. Mm. Come on, dad, walk me to my office and take me to dinner, because I'm starving. Whoa, whoa. Did I say I was paying? Yes, you did. Oh.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I know you're gonna make this place a success, but the more successful it is, it's gonna attract the best and the worst of port charles. I know how this works. So, what -- are you offering protection? I'm offering my friendship, if you ever need it. Alright, thanks. But as far as the business goes... I'd prefer to remain independent. If your independence is ever threatened... you know where to find me. Vitals are strong.

[ Monitor beeping ] You're responding well. Thanks for making me look good.

[ Scoffs ] You did that yourself. Showoff. Nah, it's this guy that saved your butt so you can get back to your wife. Oh, you're more than that. You're my big brother, and I am always gonna love and respect you. Okay. Bye. Jackie says violet is thrilled and wants to see her uncle. Mm, I'll bet she does. Her dad will have to bring her by. How did it go? Better than I could have hoped. I know how hard that was for you. Because I know what chase has come to mean to you. Yeah. Yeah.

[ Sniffles ] You just got through telling me the only way I can protect my daughter is by staying away from her, and now you're saying that I don't have to? I'm still working out the details. Just trust me, okay? Do I have a choice? No. Come on. Anna. Um... what are you -- what are you doing here? Maxie brought bailey a present. Oh, sweet. Yeah. She's beautiful. Congratulations, brook lynn. Uh, I-I do apologize for the late intrusion, but...I needed to speak with valentin. I'm -- I'm on my way out now. Yuri will take good care of you, charlotte, and bailey while we are gone. What? You're leaving? Where are you going? Anna I are going to pautuck. Why go there? Evidence. Why? I mean, the police have already searched the house and the woods. Well, there may be something that they missed. Yeah. Something that could lead us to peter... and your baby.

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