GH Transcript Monday 6/21/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 6/21/21


Episode #14726 ~ Finn and Liz race to save Chase. things gets further complicated for Willow and Michael. Maxie is desperate to see her baby. Dante updates Maxie and Sam on his findings from Pautuck. Cam asks Joss if she can ever forgive him.

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(This still needs extensive editing)

Yeah, of course.I'll be right back. Thanks. Aww. I cannot tell who she looks more like -- if it's you or brook lynn. I think she looks like herself.

[ Chuckles ] Don't you, mon ange?

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, ned was saying he thought she took after lila.

[ Cellphone rings ] I don't care. Whoever she looks like, she is just gorgeous! Maxie, you can't keep calling me. What about "you have to keep your distance to keep your child safe from peter" don't you understand?! Easier said than done. I need to see my baby. I have to hold her. And I want to make that happen for you, but I have to figure out the right way to do it so it could look natural. Let's meet in the park in -- in 20 minutes.

[ Sighs ] I'm actually leaving to go to the hospital to go see chase. He's in a bad way. Oh, brook lynn, I knew chase was sick. I'm so sorry.

Maxie, I know you miss your baby, but just, please, hold out a little bit longer, okay? I'll call you as soon as I can. Damn it!

[ Sighs ] Next time, can I have sprinkles on my ice cream? Chocolate or rainbow? Both!

[ Laughter ] You see? Staying at the metro court, it's fun, they have great ice-cream sundaes, and we even have our own personal bodyguard. And, so, when we get inside and you get your pajamas, we'll be --

[ Slam ] Hey! I thought I smelled cookies. Yes! Wow. You haven't made these in so long, I thought I was imagining things. I know. Well, it's the only thing i do bake. I just want to celebrate your going to college! Mm-hmm. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you? Hmm. Maybe...six? What?! Six?! I thought you were gonna say, like, a 10 or a 15. Oh, are you having second thoughts about going to pcu? No. No, I'm not. I-I can't wait to join the team. I mean, they're d1, and I'm gonna work as hard as I possibly can to elevate their program and make southern coastal regret not taking me. Hey! Forget southern coastal. Their loss is pcu's gain. You have so much to focus on and so much to be excited about. You get to have tons of activities, you get to go to class, you get to live in the dorms.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, well, uh, you know, I was thinking... maybe instead of moving into the dorm, I should stay here with you and donna. Yeah , look, I want a guardto ride along on every delivery to discourage the novaks from further interference. Okay?

[ Sighs ] Okay.

[ Door opens ] Thanks, tony. Cameron. Is everything okay? No. And that's on me. Brook lynn: How's she doing? She's sleeping like an angel. Lucky her. You seem upset. Well, yeah, my friend is dying. I'm upset. Oh, honey, I'm so sorry to hear about detective chase. He's a -- he's a wonderful man. And I know what a good friend he's been to you. Yeah. Chase is a good guy. The best. I'm really gonna miss him. Your dna makes the new formula of antidote viable. So we have the cure to save chase? Yeah. What are you waiting for? Save him!

[ Alarm beeping ] That's coming from chase's room. Oh, god. It's happening. Clear the room! Why? What's going on? Elizabeth: Come on. We need you to leave for just a moment. Thank you.

[ Flatline ] Finn: He's in pulseless v-tach. Call a code blue and get a crash cart! Code blue. I need a crash cart. Come on, chase.

[ Flatline ] Come on, chase. Breathe!

[ Alarm beeping, flatline continues ] Breathe, damn it! Breathe!

[ Flatline ]

 It's all clear. I'll be right outside if you need me. Okay. Pj time for you, little girl. Scoot! I saw you jumped when the door slammed open. You think I was overreacting? If I did, we wouldn't have moved out of wyndemere... and we wouldn't have a bodyguard. Mommy! Look at my bear! Oh, hello, bear! Do you think he can help you get ready for bed? Yes! Okay. Go ahead.

[ Chuckles ] You feeling better? Yeah, yeah. Thank you. Yeah. Hey, my job -- my only job -- is to make you feel safe and loved. Don't you ever doubt it for a second. Why would you want to live at home when you could live in the dorms? I mean, you should experience all of college life, not just classes and volleyball. Yes, but, you know, if -- if I move into the dorm, that means you and donna will be living here all alone. And I know that you still miss Sonny and you've been working so hard trying to hold his business together. Josslyn. You need to have your own life. And you need to experience college. Okay? Jason is back, and the whole situation with the business is gonna settle down. And if I'm really busy, it's gonna be because of the metro court, and that I can handle. Okay? Yeah, well, I-I don't think dad believes that you're just gonna let jason handle the business. At least not totally.

[ Chuckles softly ] Cameron: How are you feeling? I mean, I-I know you got shot. I'm almost healed. I'm glad. I said some awful things to you while you were at the hospital, and I-I thought I wanted you dead. I know. And now that the truth is out about peter august... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I -- I was wrong about you killing franco. I was wrong to be angry. And people tried to tell me that, of course, you wouldn't kill franco because of jake, and I-I wouldn't listen to them. I know franco's death... was really tough on you. And you had every right to want to bring his killer to justice. But it wasn't you. Maxie. Is everything okay? No. No. Nothing is okay! I miss my daughter! Look. I know this is hard on you. You have no idea!

[ Knock on door ] Here. I'll get it. Hey. Come in. Hey. Uh, is there any news on peter? Not yet. But, look. He can't hide forever. Okay? We're gonna find him. I promise you that. But you must have some kind of an update. Yeah, I just came from the house in pautuck where the nurse took you. The -- the owner's the same guy who delivered your baby. What? Austin? Yeah. Obviously he knows the area. He took me around a little bit. A-and? We found the nurse who was calling herself chloe jennings. Did she have the baby with her? No, she didn'T. But that's a good thing because... we found her at the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft. She was dead. Oh, god. Whoa. It's -- it's okay. Take it easy. It's just that this is so horrible. Um, was there any sign of what happened to louise? 27, 28, 29, 30.

[ Flatline, alarm beeping ] Charge to 200. Hey! How was the wedding? I bet chase is over the moon. Ch-chase isn'T... no.

[ Inhales sharply ] No. I'm sorry.

[ Crying ] Oh, no. I'm so sorry. Finn: Clear!

[ Thump ]

[ Alarm beeping ] Charge to 300. 300. Clear!

[ Paddles whine ]

[ Thump ]

[ Monitor beeping ] Elizabeth: We got a rhythm, but it's still brady.

[ Monitor beeping ] Willow. Talk to him. Willow: Chase? Chase, I'm here. Okay? I'm right here. And I'm not going anywhere. So you need to come back to me. Come back.

[ Monitor beeping ] What did you give him? A last chance.

 I feel bad for kicking your seat on purpose. We should have just told you it's a boy. I wish you didn't have to hear all that. I promise I will not eat any more of your friends. Really? K, it might happen one more time. We've never been so ready to get back out there.And with coppertone sport, we can reclaim the boulders... the backwoods... and the breakers. Coppertone sport. Find your sun. Dawn antibacterial cuts through tough grease

with 50% less scrubbing. It also removes 99% of bacteria from your hands. Dawn antibacterial. An easy way to clean your dishes... a smart way to wash your hands. This is a gamechanger, who dares to be fearless even when her bladder leaks. Our softest, smoothest fabric keeping her comfortable, protected, and undeniably sleek. Depend. The only thing stronger than us, is you. I thought you said there were no more options for treatment. I took another look at how I'd formulated the antidote. It was...based on assumption that wasn't accurate. I reworked the formula based on the new parameters. A-are you saying chase could recover? That's the hope. He's stabilizing slowly, but his vitals are improving.

[ Monitor beeping ] Thank you. Yeah. Willow, why don't we go tell the others? Okay. Why didn't you tell me the truth? That peter august killed my stepdad? Because you would've gone straight to peter and confronted him like you did me. And he would have killed me. It's a possibility. You were protecting me. You were protecting me just like -- just like the time Trina and I got kidnapped. You saved my life, and I gave you zero credit for it. I am so sorry. Apology accepted. Th--that -- that's it? That's all it took? Yeah, I mean, as far as I'm concerned, you -- you made a mistake, you took responsibility, you apologized. That's it. It's over. Thank you. And what about my mom? She trashed you, too. Do you forgive her? Uh, there was no sign of louise. We think maybe the nurse... handed her off to somebody. S-somebody else in the woods? Like maybe someone peter sent? It's just too early. We don't have enough information to -- to speculate.

[ Voice breaking ] I just want to hold my daughter. Hey, look. Maxie, look. This is not hopeless, okay?

[ Sniffles ] We did find something that could lead us to louise. Mommy! My bear can talk! Yeah? What does he say? "I love honey!" Listen!

[ Click ] Ryan: I can't wait to be a family.

What's the verdict? Finn: The verdict? That softball team's gonna be putting up with your changeup for years to come.

[ Laughs ] Willow. Finn got the results of chase's blood work. He's responding to the antidote. Oh, my god. Chase is gonna be okay. Oh, my god. I just thought the bride should know she can look forward to a wonderful future with her new husband.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you, elizabeth. Thank you, olivia. You take good care of our girl, okay? You've given him such a beautiful gift. It's -- it's just opened up a whole other side of him. Yeah, he, um -- he does baths, feedings, even changes her. It's a side of valentin I never thought I'd see. Finn's antidote worked. Chase is going to recover. Ohh. When can I see him? Finn will let you know. Okay.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Jason. What are you doing here? Do you -- do you have time to talk? It's about peter. Honey, I'm so sorry you missed brook lynn -- she just left for the hospital.'s our precious bailey. Ah. [ Sighs ] Ohh.

[ Bailey fusses ] Isn't she just the sweetest? She's beautiful. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] Um, I brought this for her. Oh, honey, thank you. That's so thoughtful of you. Do you think you could get a picture of, um, bailey wearing it and send it to me? Of course. Honey... I have your little louise in my prayers every day. And I know in my heart that god is gonna bring her back to you very soon. What do you know about peter? Well, I mean, we haven't found him yet, but my people are on it. Okay. Thanks for the heads-up. Yeah. You know, cameron came to see me. He, uh, apologized for believing that I killed franco.

[ Sighs ] It's my fault he blamed you in the first place. Can you forgive me... for accusing you of killing my husband? Willow: Am I interrupting? Oh, no. No, not at all. Come on in. Why don't we give the newlyweds a little time alone? Love you. Mwah. Love you. I'll be back.

[ Monitor beeping ] Jackie: Here we go.

[ Door closes ] You look pretty good... for a guy whose heart stopped. Were you here? I know it was -- it was Finn who brought me back, but I could have sworn I heard your voice, telling me to come back. I'm so glad you did.

[ Chuckles ] When do we tell harry that you've been his father all along? It's up to his brother, the doctor. We can tell him any time. I think maybe it should just be the two of you with harry. Okay. Listen. I...was wondering if you'd do me a favor. I'm gonna be stuck here for a while monitoring chase, and... jackie: Mm-hmm. Well, when I talked to violet's nanny earlier, she was pretty upset, little worried about her uncle. And I-I just wondered if maybe you'd stop by and see her and maybe just tell her he's gonna be okay. Absolutely. Yeah? I-I would be honored. Thank you. Okay. See you later. Bye-bye. It's such good news about chase. I know. I know. Thanks to hamilton, I have my son back. -Yeah. -I'll call you guys. Uh, I think I'm gonna go get some really bad coffee. Anybody want anything? I'm good. Thanks. So am I. Thanks, dad.

[ Chuckles ] It's beautiful. I'm so proud of what you did for your family. Ah...

[ Chuckles ] Oh, I'm just -- I'm just happy to have chase back. And I want him to have a happy life with, uh... with willow and have frequent visits from me and violet. That sounds really good. And you know what's perfect? Hm? Is that he survived without peter's antidote, thanks to you. So peter has no more power over you. Peter has taken so much away from me already -- I don't think I'll ever be free of him. I can't wait to meet bailey lois quartermaine. If you can pry her away from valentin. The man's gaga over her. Yeah, he barely lets the rest of us hold her. I have an idea. Remember when you volunteered to help with willow's and my wedding? I think there was a mention of the rose garden. Let's have a do-over. At the rose garden. You know, everyone dressed in their best, including bailey. We're gonna have champagne and flowers and a dance floor. I want to give you the best wedding reception of all time. All our friends and family, everyone we love. A celebration... to start off the rest of our lives together. Ava and I left the island because you said it wasn't safe for us, but ryan, or whoever, they followed us here to the metro court. Mm-hmm. You know, I also said that we didn't know who was the target -- you or Ava. And I also told you to separate. That'd be the best case. Right? You still think it's one of my exes? I mean, after all that? It's ryan's voice in the bear. Yeah, it is ryan's voice... put through a program to make him say whatever the stalker wants him to say. And you're sure it is not ryan? Look, I'll tell you what I told you at wyndemere and what I know to be true. Ryan chamberlain is incapacitated, okay? That means this is an ex or we got a copycat on our hands. What do you propose that I tell Ava? To just stop worrying that ryan is behind this? Because we are past that point. Ava: The bodyguard checked both rooms. Aside from the bear, there's not even a hint that anyone else has been here. Okay, well, I will move you, nikolas, and avery to another suite. Actually, carly, that's why I called you. I'd like... I need you to take avery back to your house. For tonight? For the time being. You want avery to live with me? It's the best thing to do.

Of course I forgive you, cam. I forgave you that night you came to my dad's house. Yeah, well, we haven't talked since then. You haven't even responded to any of my texts. Well, I've been busy. It's kind of code for you've been avoiding me. I'm not. N--

[ Sighs ] Okay. Yes, I have. And I'm sorry. But I'm still just trying to wrap my head around you pointing a gun at jason. And, yeah, I know that you didn't shoot him and I know that you're sorry, but I just hate the fact that you didn't listen to me the first hundred times I told you that he didn't kill your stepdad. And, honestly, I just thought that we could get through anything, and it was just a shock to realize that there's limits. Well, what? So, what -- you're just gonna ignore me at pcu? No, I'm not ignoring you, cam. I'm not ignoring you right now, am I? Well, it kind of feels like it. The thing is, we can't just go back to the way things were before. Maybe not. Can't we still be friends? In a different way? It's college, cam. Everything is gonna be different in -- in ways we can't even imagine. But we'll still be friends. Okay? We'll figure it out. You know I will protect avery and I will keep her safe. I know. That's why I asked you to take her -- for the time being. She will be coming back to me. Of course. I'll get her. Ava just told me she wants avery to come stay with me. Of course, I'm thrilled, but it's -- clearly, you can see what this is costing Ava. Ava: Won't it be exciting -- having a sleepover with your sisters? Can my bear come, too? Uh, actually, avery, you know, I had a -- I had a question for you. I was wondering if I can borrow your little friend for a little bit, because, uh, this bear might be able to help me solve a case. Okay. Yeah? Thanks, little sister. Okay. Now, you... you be on your very best behavior, okay? And I will come for you just as soon as I can. Okay? I love you. I love you, too, mommy. Carly: Okay, well, donna and josslyn are gonna be so excited.

[ Chuckles ] Bye, nikolas. Bye, sweetheart. I'm gonna see you soon, okay? Dante: I'll be in touch. I can't do this anymore, nikolas. I can'T. Hey. I think I know how to find maxie's baby.

[ Breathes sharply ] Hi, sweetheart. It's mommy. Ohh. I've missed you so much. I know brook lynn and valentin are going to take really good care of you... and peter won't be able to find you here.

[ Fussing ] I know this is for what's best, but I need your help. You have to promise that you're not gonna forget me. And I promise you...

[Sniffles] I will be back really soon, okay?

[ Fussing ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] So, chase lives. Peter's lost. Why are we not celebrating? Well, it's not over until peter is stopped. He has to be found so that he never hurts maxie again or anyone else in this town. I am sorry for your loss... for what peter took from you and your sons. Thank you. But it wasn't enough that he murdered franco -- he framed you for it. And the angrier I was with you, the more I accused you, which only helped peter. He almost got away with it. Yeah, but he didn'T. And I'm gonna find him. And you're not gonna have to worry about peter august again. Jason. There's something I want to tell you. About peter. I'm going to, uh, freshen up while Finn and gregory are in with chase. Give wiley a kiss for me when you get back to the house, will you? Will do. It's unreal how chase is practically back to himself. Yeah. Thanks to Finn, it's all worked out. Soon, we can, you know, go back to our lives. Well, that might be a problem... since you and chase's wife are in love with each other. Violet's sending you a kiss emo--

two kiss emojis, and she wants to know, when are you gonna teach her how to play poker? She talking to me or chase? I think both of you.

[ Laughs ] If you get me out of the hospital, I'd be happy to lose my shirt to that little girl.

[ Monitor beeping ] I knew you'd find the antidote. I never lost faith. I remember a time or two. Ah, it's already forgotten.

[ Chuckles ] How'd you do it? How'd you manage to save me?

[ Monitor beeping ]

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