GH Transcript Thursday 6/17/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/17/21


Episode #14724 ~ Obrecht is worried about Britt. Jason deflects when Carly asks about his intentions. Liz hopes Anna finds the peace she needs. Josslyn gets good news. Laura appeals to Jordan's sensibilities.

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Okay, out with it. What's the prognosis for your ankle?

[ Sighs ] Not good. Really? I thought you would be healed by now. Yeah, me too. But here -- look at my x-rays. Kidding! I got the all-clear! I get to start training with the pcu volleyball team in a couple weeks! Yes! How could you do that to me? You are so evil. I'm sorry I faked you out. As soon as the nurse brings me my pt referral, we can go. More pt? Yeah. To rehab and, uh, strengthen my ankle. Really? Or are you pranking me again? No, I really do need a pt referral. And I wasn't pranking you to be mean. I was just excited to finally get some good news. You are way overdue for it. We both are. I can't believe cyrus took you and your mom hostage. I mean, talk about someone truly evil. But he's in police custody. I mean, it's finally over, and we have so much to celebrate. I'm glad we decided to relocate. It's better to havethis conversation privately. There is no conversation to have. Here is my resignation as the commissioner of the pcpd. Now all you have to do is accept it.

[ Chuckles ] With all due respect, this is about something much bigger. Hamilton, what are you doing in here? Dr. Robinson told us that harry might not survive another day. These might be his last hours. Why aren't you spending them together?

[ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Door rattling ] Anna! Oh, hi. How did you know I was up here? Dr. Westbourne said that you were searching for peter and he might be up here. Did you find anything? No, I mean, just this old elevator. You know, it's not working. But I-I just have a feeling that it could be the key to finding out how peter got out of the hospital undetected.

[ Men grunting ] Britt: What the hell? Come on. Let's go, let's go, let's go. In or out? Choose one! I cannot abide indecision. Hello, mother.

Liebchen, are we staying or going? I was lost in thought. About? How close I came to dying when cyrus's men trapped me in here. Fortunately, you had a savior. Yeah, okay. Thanks.

[ Sighs ] So last night at the metro court... when you and britt saw each other, I'm not gonna say there were sparks, but there was definitely a connection. You're right.

Thrilling as it must have been to be rescued by your mr. Morgan, you were traumatized in this office. No doubt the memories linger -- to say nothing of your current circumstances. How are you feeling? We don't have to talk about huntington's every single time we see each other, do we? Because I cherish every moment it's not top of mind. Yes, of course. As for your office, I suggest entering with some sort of weapon. And as I've taught you, go for the legs first. I don't need to be armed to walk into my own office. Cyrus just left the hospital in police custody. The threat is over. Don't be naive. Cyrus renault may not be a threat, but henrik definitely is. I want you to be on your guard at all times in case he returns. Next time, mr. Morgan might not be on hand to save you. Britt saved my life. I'm -- I'm grateful to her. Can we just leave it at that? I-I understand that, um, you and britt were, uh, fugitives and you were in heightened circumstances, and, uh, I know how things go.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Yeah, hold -- hold -- so -- sorry. Hold on. I need -- need to take this.

[ Sighs ] Yeah? How big a problem? After all this time, port charles has finally triumphed over cyrus renault.

[ Sighs ] We put him in a federal penitentiary in the midwest, where he has no contacts. His organization has been smashed. His people have scattered everywhere. He has no power. None. That is a major win for you and for the pcpd. To resign now would be to... snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and not just for you, but for the whole department. Laura, cyrus left a trail of devastation. I mean, lulu is still in a coma. You suffered, too. The list of people harmed by cyrus goes on and on, but there would be no list if it wasn't for me and taggert. I think you're oversimplifying that a bit. Falsifying evidence against cyrus laid the groundwork for his release from prison. We gave him an opening, and he terrorized the citizens of port charles, and for that, I will never forgive myself. And as the mayor, you shouldn't forgive me, either. I had completely forgotten about this old elevator. Mm, yeah. It was originally constructed so that helena cassadine could have access to this secret lab down beneath the hospital. And then more recently, olivia jerome used it in her demented attempt, when she thought that she could... resurrect duke. Right. Right, by using griffin munro as a conduit. Yeah. Crazy. Yeah. As if you could... bring anyone back from the dead. I know how much you grieved for duke. As you are for franco... dead at peter's hands. And chase -- now his life is at stake because of peter. It's been really painful watching chase's family come to terms with what's happening, and Finn is going crazy trying to figure out a way to save him. Yeah, I know. I saw him earlier. Yeah. He's devastated. I know how much you care about him. So I-instead of being up here, maybe we should just go downstairs and offer our support and help. I went by harry's room. He's drifted off to sleep, but jackie and willow are with him, arranging for the wedding. I-I slipped away to find you. Jackie said that you took off like a shot after some strange encounter with cyrus renault. He's on his way to prison. He makes a point of speaking to us. Whatever he said, is it more important than spending time with chase in what could be his final hours? Hamilton, you just recently found out that you're that boy's father. Why wouldn't you want to spend as much time with him as possible? I think I know how to save his life. You said you'd run out of options. I thought I was, until the run-in with renault. What could that S.O.B. Have said or done that could help save harry? I think I know why my treatment for chase didn't work. The "trojan horse," where you combine the dna from both parents? Yes, but I used my dna, not yours. I don't understand. I don't think chase is my son. I think he's yours.

My mom just texted. Cyrus renault is headed to some penitentiary in the midwest. Ohh, I hope he rots there. What you said. Well, my mom's been in overdrive, trying to keep the family safe and hold Sonny's business together. I mean, now that cyrus is gone and jason's been cleared, hopefully things will start getting easier. I hope I didn't just jinx it. Well, you always said that jason was innocent. Because he was. That's what made it so incredibly frustrating to deal with cam. He just wanted someone to blame, and he chose jason.

[ Sighs ] I mean, nothing I said could get through to him -- not the fact that jason is jake's father and would never hurt him by killing franco, not the fact that jason's a professional -- I just mean he'd never do it in such a stupid way -- not even the fact that jason once saved cam's life. Hmm. O-kay. Glad to see you and cam have resolved your issues. In all fairness, cam realized he was wrong, and he did apologize. It's just... I feel like I don't know him as well as I thought I did. Or at least as well as I used to. I know you saw cam's post deciding to go to pcu. Yep. I congratulated him. I told him that I was very excited for all three of us to go to college together. It would be really great if you actually meant that. I do actually mean that. Mostly. Mm. Miss jacks? Hey. Sorry for making you wait. Oh, no problem. Here's your referral for physical therapy. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Alright. You ready to go? You can't just duck off. You and cam need to get things straightened out. We cannot start our freshman year of college with you two being all weird. I promise I'll figure it out. Just not right now. We have more important things to do. Come on.

[ Sighs ] The shipment that was expected last night?

[ Phone thumps ] Never made it. What happened to the driver? Haven't heard from the driver since he crossed from new york to jersey. Okay. [ Sighs ] Look, I'm gonna talk to brick, okay? We're gonna figure this out. Alright, well, if you need anything from me, let me know, okay? Yeah, I will. Jason? I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. You didn'T. Peter might be a lot of things, but he's not stupid. There's no way he'd set foot in this hospital again.

[ Sighs ] Your imagination is failing if you assume that treacherous worm can't find a way to get back here undetected, or that he wouldn't target you if he did. I'd feel much better if I knew jason were truly committed to your safety. Mother, please. Don't "mother" me. I know how these things work. The same thing happened with me and scott. We shared a moment of passion as we worked through our intense sorrow over franco's death. We fell into bed together. Ever since [Chuckles] Who knows where we stand? Scott doesn't seem to be in any hurry to convey deeper emotions. It's the eternal paradox. If a woman shows strength, the world assumes she has no feelings. How wrong they are! You and me -- we are the same, britta. We are lovers. We -- we both love with all our hearts and souls. Okay. M-mother. We are -- mother, stop. Stop. Whatever's going on with you and scott has nothing to do with me and jason. Oh, so there is a "you and jason"? Does that mean he'll be on hand to protect you from peter? I am not worried. I am. Clearly, further action is required. What does that mean?

[ Sighs ] Never you mind. Just keep watching your back.

[ Door opens, closes ] Go. Go be with Finn and chase. Give them whatever support they need. And what about you? No, I-I have to figure out this. I have to figure out how peter got out of the hospital, and that possibly is going to bring -- lead me to wherever he is right now. Anna... I know why you're driving yourself so hard, but the only person responsible for peter's crimes is peter. I was unfair to blame you, so please stop blaming yourself. It does you no good to come up with wild scenarios that won't lead you any closer to peter. This elevator isn't even working, like the sign says. Peter couldn't have used it. Yeah, o-okay. I was pretty certain that it would be nonfunctioning now, but... i do feel helpless, but looking for peter makes me feel less so. Do you understand? You know the hospital better than anyone, certainly better than me -- the stairwells, the corridors, the shortcuts. Is there another way into the lab -- the -- the one that's in the sub-basement?

[ Creaks ] No. That part of the hospital was sealed off after they carted liv jerome away. It's inaccessible. Okay. Well, I'll just have to find a way to access it, then. There was a dna test that showed that I'm not harry's father -- you are. Those tests don't lie. No, the science part doesn't lie, but the human element can be easily corrupted. Even at the time of the first test, I had a -- a vague suspicion that somehow the test could be tampered with, so I sent it out to another lab -- someone I thought I could trust, and she confirmed that the test was accurate, that chase was my son. Now it looks like cyrus must have gotten to her somehow, along with whoever else he's got on the payroll here in this hospital. But why? Did chase investigate renault? No, I don't think so. Does he have a problem with you? Who doesn't? I mean, we were never exactly cordial. So...

[ Sighs ] I think his problem is with jackie. You know, remember, she published that unflattering interview with his mother. I think it just made him angry, 'cause the next thing you know, there was that article in the invader about how chase was really my son and not yours. So you think renault corrupted the dna results and then planted the story to retaliate?

[ Breathes deeply ] It's a compelling theory, but it's just a guess. It doesn't prove anything. How do you know you're not wasting your time when you could be with chase?

Hey, you know what, dad? I'm not sure of anything anymore. You know, why would cyrus go out of his way to say something to me while he's being carted off to prison? You know, and that's when it hit me. I was so certain that I had found a cure for jason. If you're going strictly by the science, I was right. You know, the idea of using chase's parents' dna to create a trojan horse that would fool his body into accepting the cure was right on. But I used jackie's and my dna, and it failed. But what if the theory's right? And instead of using my dna, I should have used yours, because you are really chase's father. It's an intriguing idea, but what happens if you're wrong? Yeah. You may think I'm just chasing a dream, right? I'm -- I'm just desperate to save chase's life. And maybe you're right. Maybe I'm going down this path at the 11th hour because I can't accept that he's dying. Yeah, I guess I wouldn't blame you if you doubted me. I may have my doubts, but, hamilton, no matter what the tests say, chase belongs to both of us. We both love him equally. And if there's a chance we can save his life, no matter how far-fetched, let's do it. Yeah. I am well aware of the lines that were crossed by you and your dea partners to put cyrus renault in prison. I don't condone lying, but I do understand the rationale. You were fighting cyrus with the only means that were Available to you. I appreciate that... but what you don't know is that taggert and I have made a deal with the feds to testify in exchange for immunity. So our actions will be a matter of public record. Your actions put cyrus renault in prison for years and saved lives. And I broke the law to do it. And now the whole world will know it. So under those circumstances... I cannot remain an effective police commissioner. Why don't you let me be the judge of that? No, all we know is that the shipment and the driver disappeared somewhere in jersey. Yeah, right. Okay, well, we'll talk more when you get here.

[ Sighs ] Good day, mr. Morgan. Do you have a moment? What can I do for you? I wish to thank you, both for saving my britta's life and for your call to tell me where she was hiding. It was an important and informative visit. You're welcome. Grateful as I am, I wish to discuss another matter. Something more in your normal purview. When are you going to rid the world of peter august?

[ Telephone rings in distance ]

[ Sighs ] Hey, britt. Carly. What can I do for you? Oh, I'm just here to drop off a form. Josslyn needs a medical clearance to play volleyball at pcu, so... um... I want to thank you again. I will alw ays be gratefulto you for saving jason's life. Well, you had a big part in that, too. You gave him your blood.

[ Chuckles ] That night at the safe house, I -- I saw just how tight you and jason are. I imagine now you're probably wondering how close jason and I are? Am I right?

anna, there's no way to get to the sub-basement. It's been sealed off. Yeah, okay, that would stop most people, but not peter. If he thought that there was a secret area of the hospital that he could use, he would find a way in. That's a huge leap. Oh, I have to do something, elizabeth. I have to find peter, or chase is going to die. I want chase to live more than I can say. I feel incredibly guilty about his condition. Why do you feel guilty? You didn't have anything to do with his poisoning. Well, I was working the day that peter escaped, and I just wish I could have done something to stop him. You bear no responsibility. I can't say the same thing about me. I'm an investigator. This is my job. And I keep coming up against a brick wall as to why there's no recording of peter leaving the hospital. I understand y-your need to keep searching, but you're not gonna find anything underneath G.H. What? Yeah. I mean, this stairwell is one of the areas where those cameras were turned off, so of course he came up this way. You know, we have patients flying in and out of G.H. Via the helipad. Did you think about that? I mean, maybe that's how he got out. No, I-I did think of that, yes, that... that possibly he was airlifted out. I mean, it is more likely, I suppose, than an abandoned elevator and a sealed-off sub-basement. Yeah, maybe you're right. I put a rush on the paternity test and asked a tech I know to handle it personally. I also sent backup sample to a -- a guy I know I can trust, a guy from my doctors beyond borders days I knew -- someone cyrus could never get to. How long will it take for the results to come back? It might take a little time. Time is the one thing we don't have. Do you still have jackie's sample? From the first swab, yeah. Well, why don't you make a new serum from jackie's dna and mine and give it to harry? I can make the serum, but I can't give it to chase until we get the dna results back, 'cause if I'm wrong, it'd probably kill him on the spot. But what if harry dies while we're waiting for the dna results? I thought you would jump at the chance to accept my resignation, especially to avoid the uncomfortable position of firing me.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, you, more than almost anyone, had to bear the brunt of cyrus's wrath. You know... I admire your willingness to own up to your mistakes, but I have to ask myself, does this serve the greater good? You don't think you would be undermining your own integrity by keeping me in office? You were so right about us having something important to do. I totally forgot these would be ready today. Hm. Here's to graduation and going to college. So, are you over southern coastal? Are you ready for the pcu experience? Completely.

[ Chuckles ] You know, I-it really helps that my ankle is healed and I can start training with the volleyball team this summer. You? I cannot wait to go to pcu. I-I want to do everything. I mean it. All the college stuff -- the football games, the student activities. But I also want to study. I want to make sure I'll be in the running for a bunch of scholarships to study art history in europe. Huh. Driven much? Why, yes, I am, ms. D-1 volleyball. Or are you telling me you're not going to help your team get a national ranking? No, of course I will. Mm-hmm. I think we should make a pact. These caps and gowns, our graduation -- we have a chance to wipe the slate clean of all the bad stuff that's happened this year. Time to start over. We dive into our future starting today. Starting today. After seeing you and jason at the metro court last night, I got the idea that there was more between the two of you than just fugitives together. Oh, I would bet good money jason did not tell you that.

[ Chuckles ] He didn't have to. And you're telling me this because that's a problem for you? No. I'm worried it's gonna be a problem for you. I got people searching for peter right now. People who may be working outside the boundaries of the law? Ah, yes, I'm familiar with the code of silence among certain organizations, but in case britta didn't tell you, peter has threatened her. I know. I was there. Oh? Is that how you and britta first connected?

[ Sighs ] Over peter? I'm relieved to know you are searching for that deceitful worm, and it will delight me beyond measure if you're the one who finds him. True, you'll make his elimination short and sweet, not the torturous end he deserves. But he'll be gone. Finally, blessedly.

[ Breathes deeply ] Now... what are your intentions regarding britta?

When my actions become public record, the people of port charles will lose trust in me.

[ Sighs ] See, I have a different take on this. The people of port charles have seen the pain and the devastation that cyrus has caused. The fact that you want to own up to your mistakes is proof of your integrity, and the mistakes you made, you made with the best of intentions. Who among us hasn't done the same thing? I'd be surprised if the people of port charles didn't empathize with you.

[ Scoffs ] I still don't understand how you can stand by me after...everything that I kept from you. You kept a lot of secrets from a lot of people, and you paid dearly for that. True. That's what cost me my marriage to curtis. You made sacrifices. Big ones. The way I see it, you are a woman with a conscience and a moral compass the size of the entire city of port charles. I mean, really, how am I ever gonna replace you?

[ Chuckles lightly ] Do you really think the people of port charles can forgive me? Yes, I think they will stand behind you with the same enthusiasm that I do. So...for me... and for the people of port charles who need you... stay. Okay, thank you. Thanks. Um, that was my connection over at the faa about the helicopters landing and taking off from here the day that peter disappeared. Yeah, we -- we get up to like 10 flights a day. Mm-hmm. Yeah. They said there were seven that day. They were all air ambulances. You know, authorized to be here. But there was one helicopter that made an unauthorized approach. Do you think it was coming for peter? Yeah. I can only assume that, yeah. Well, then find the pilot and make him tell you where he took him. The helicopter never landed. What? Yes, air traffic control tried to contact them, but the -- the pilot never answered. Well, there's got to be some way to identify the helicopter. No, because the markers were scrambled, which means that it was a clandestine mission, probably coming to pick up peter. Otherwise, why else would he come to the roof? But he never got on the helicopter, because it didn't land. So where does that leave you? It leaves me with an investigation of the helicopter and whoever was piloting it. Finn: Alright, dad. We're damned if we wait for the test results... and we're damned if we don'T.

[ Whirring ] But I'm making the new formula now. And it'll be ready for chase whenever the dna test comes back. I know you're doing your best, son.

[ Sighs ] You're the last person I want to tell about this -- the last person I wanted to get involved. Didn't want to get your hopes up... in case I was wrong. I'm sorry if I... caused you any more pain. Despite the pain I experienced from those first dna results, I-I never stopped feeling like harry's father. And then, after I had time to process it, I was relieved that he had two of us -- two fathers to look out for him. In the end, maybe there's nothing that we can do to help harry, but damn it... we're gonna fight to the finish together. Look, I get it. When you guys were on the run, the circumstances were heightened. You were surrounded by danger and fear. It makes sense that you guys would connect. And that's over now? I-is that your point? The circumstances have changed. Yeah, some things have. But some things haven'T. You know

[Breathes sharply] I'm usually pretty good at pushing people away... but jason stuck with me, and we've been completely honest about who we are with each other. Jason: I have work I need to get to. Let yourself out. You are no doubt aware of my part in robin scorpio's abduction. I thought perhaps you'd thawed a bit when you called to tell me where to find my daughter. Was I wrong? Well, britt needed somebody. It wasn't a good time for her to be alone. And she doesn't trust a lot of people in her life, and since brad cooper is in pentonville, I had no choice but to call you. That's just it. You did have a choice. You put my britta's needs above your own negative opinion of me. I -- I think that's rather noble. Well, thank you. Are we -- are we done now? I hope not. You see... ...we are the only two people... ...who know that britta carries the genetic marker for huntington's disease... ...who know that any day, my restless, brilliant, beautiful daughter could be felled by a -- a horrible disease for which there is no cure.

[ Breathing sharply ] An illness that -- that kills its victims as -- as slowly and as painfully...

[ Crying ] ...As the most sadistic enemy. I cannot allow britta to see my fear. It w-- it would make it so much worse for her. But my heart is breaking for my daughter.

[ Crying continues ]

Jordan: If I stay on as commissioner. I need you to do something for me. Name it. Monitor the temperature of port charles. When the truth about me comes out, if there's even a whiff of mistrust among the citizens, I will resign. So if I agree to your terms, you're staying.

[ Chuckles lightly ] I'm staying, but not necessarily for the greater good, as you suggested. But for you. Because of your faith in me.

[ Chuckles ] I can't believe we're gonna be graduating soon. I know. This is a great look for you, by the way. Oh, same to you. Okay, we should practice our commencement walk. Mm-hmm. You can't just walk normally. It's more of a march. Okay. Okay? You practice first. I'll get the music.

[ "Pomp and circumstance"

plays ] Okay, go.

[ Laughs ] I feel like such a dork. I don't understand why we have to march in alphabetical order. We should get to stand next to our friends. You, me, and cam should get our diplomas together. You're right. Our situation was unusual. When jason and i were on the road,

[Breathes deeply] It wasn't real life. Not port charles life.

[ Chuckles ] I'm glad you understand. I wouldn't want you to be disappointed in case you were expecting more. I didn't really know what to expect when I came back to town... but I look forward to whatever comes next. I apologize for breaking down like that. It's -- it's not like me at all, but I have no other outlet to discuss britta's illness and my fears, except with you. I understand. Britt trusted us both. When the time comes... that my britta falls ill, I will be there for her and I'll remain strong for her, but until then, we must fight to give her a good and safe life, which means keeping peter out of it. I trust that if and when you do find peter...'ll kill him. And, no, I don't need you to confirm that to me. I've, uh... done my best to bolster anna devane, to give her the same intestinal fortitude, but I cannot trust her to eliminate peter if she does find him. Anna might waver at the crucial moment. You won'T. I find that thought very comforting.

[ Ticking ] Gregory:

[ Sighs ] Damnit! Where the hell are those dna results? Waiting is always the hardest part.

[ Sighs ] It's sadly ironic, isn't it? Before this, we'd agreed it didn't matter which of us had fathered chase. I'd had the pleasure of raising him, and you had been the most influential person in his life ever since he got to port charles.

[ Sighs ] Well, in the beginning, when he first moved here, I was -- I was determined not to like him... wouldn't allow myself to get close to him. Being with him brought up a lot of painful memories. My mom, and... what I'd done to you, and I hated myself. But you know, that kid, he has a funny way of just...wearing you down, and now I can't imagine my life without him. I'd convinced myself that the dna results didn't really matter. But now we have to find out the truth. It's a literal matter of life and death whether he is my son or my brother. And so we wait. There's nothing else we can do. I know you don't believe that my efforts are gonna lead to anything, but I have to keep trying. Nobody wants peter punished more than me, for what he did to franco and what he's done to chase. Well, that man inherited the very worst of his father. Faison believed that if you wanted to exact revenge, you had to go after people's loved ones. That is exactly what he did to me, you know? He went after Finn, got chase, to hurt me. I really hope you find the peace you need. I hope we both do.

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