GH Transcript Monday 6/14/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 6/14/21


Episode #14721 ~ Carly is cordial with Nina. TJ and Molly have a joyful reunion with Stella. Bobbie visits Maxie. Brook Lynn is honest with Willow. Finn retreats to his lab.

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[ Cellphone rings ] Michael. Nina's here at the gatehouse. She's with wiley. Satisfied? Thank you. Don't thank me, jax. Just keep your end of the bargain. Nobody can know about me and willow. Look, michael, you and I have known each other for a long time. I-if I thought that nina was a threat to wiley, I would never have asked you to do this. You didn't ask me, jax. You blackmailed me, threatened to break chase's heart while he's flat on his back in the hospital. Look, I need you understand something, jax. You may have brought nina back into wiley's life... but you're out of mine. Oh, come on, michael. You -- you -- we can talk --

[ Beep ] I love you so much, and I always will. And from now on, grandma nina is going to spend lots and lots of time with you. Hello, nina.

[ Door closes ] Well, look, wiley. Your grandma carly's here, too. Isn't that nice? Oh, there she is. Aunt stella? Hi, sweetheart. Oh, my goodness. We missed you. Yes, so, so much. Yeah, well, I do have a phone. You guys could call more.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Laughs ] Alright, so let's get catching up. I want to hear all about your domestic-partnership ceremony and your lives, everything that's been happening with the two of you. I have a question for you. Hello to you, too. Sorry. Hello, shawn. Can you tell me the date of your original sentencing? I can. Why do you want to know? I may have been disbarred, but I still think like a lawyer. And I have some questions about why the board denied your parole that are nagging at me, and I'd like to put a rest to that. It was explained to me my stabbing of jason came up during the review. I claimed self-defense, but so did jason. It's a case of he said/he said, but I can tell the board wasn't persuaded. Which makes me even more furious and curious about your original sentencing. What? I'm just -- I'm working on a project to keep me out of trouble. Mm-hmm. Is that it? You're not trying to stir anything up? Shawn, it's me we're talking about. Of course I'm trying to stir things up. Oh, my god. I forgot to call you. I am so sorry. Stop. I speak to your mom on a regular basis, and, well, felicia filled me in on everything that happened to you. Wait, bobbie, you didn't tell her, did you? That I was secretly going to help you deliver in beechers corners before you were kidnapped? No. No, that would have just upset felicia more. I mean, what would be the point? Thank you so much, bobbie. Aww. You're the best. Honey, I'm just so sorry about everything that's happened to you. Your biggest fear was that peter was going to come between you and your baby. It's exactly what happened. You got the word? Yeah, chase needs you. Okay. Hey, about time you guys got here.

[ Sighs ] Your text said it was urgent. Are you -- are you having a delayed reaction? Are -- are you feeling any better? No, I-I'm still weak and -- and my body feels like crap. But you're smiling. Because mentally, I am fantastic. I haven't felt this excited in weeks. Room for one more? Brook lynn, your timing, as always, is perfect. Never heard that. What's up? I was just about to make a big announcement. I asked willow to marry me, and she said yes.

he's upstairs. Iley? Hey, little man, how about a hug? Yeah, there's plenty of hugs to go around. Oh. Right, wiley? Yes. It is super late. Where is your daddy? Well, michael left us alone so we could get reacquainted. He's upstairs. Well... hey. Hey. Mom, I, uh, wasn't expecting you to come over tonight. Yeah, I just came by to see my grandson. I did not realize how late it was. It's way past wiley's bedtime. I think he's ready for dreamland. [ Chuckles ] You know what? Grandma carly's right. I-it's time for you to get to bed, bud. Did you say goodnight to grandma carly and grandma nina? Good night, sweet man. I really had a good time playing with you, and hopefully, I will see you again soon, okay? Hey, I love you. Sleep well. Let's go. I'm really grateful to michael, allowing me to visit. Yeah, he's very generous. No question. He didn't really have a choice. Jax is pressuring him. So I am full speed ahead studying for the bar exam. Wow. I admire your dedication, but it sure would be a shame for you and tj to neglect your relationship. Oh, not to worry. We are masters at juggling our schedules. Even if it's only for one hour every day, we make time just to be together.

[ Sighs ] Well, it's good to see where your priorities lie. Mm-hmm. But please explain this to me. How is it that your mother and curtis can sit these life/death vigils at each other's bedside, but they can't make their marriage work? That makes no sense. Stella, just because we don't want each other to die doesn't mean that we can live together. Hi, you guys. Hi. Hey. Um, tj, you know, we should probably get going. Mols and I are headed to pentonville to visit our parents. Oh, I heard about your mother, molly. I'm so sorry. Thank you. But, tj, you don't have time to be visiting pentonville. Auntie, I just told you, we are brilliant at managing schedules. Go on, you two. You should hit the road. I hope you are in town long enough for a real visit this time. Yeah, count on it. Bye, sweetie. Hey. Bye. Okay, stella. I can tell you're biting your tongue, so go ahead. Tell me what's on your mind. I leave town for five minutes, and this whole family falls apart. Jordan, what have you let happen to your life? Sometimes, my mind fixates on these seemingly minor details. Anyway, molly's on her way for a visit, so maybe she can help. She must be carpooling with tj because he scheduled a visit with me tonight, too. Aww, isn't that sweet? Our kids are having a date night visiting their parents in prison. Hmm.

[ Monitor beeping ] Congratulations. Really, I-I'm so happy for you both. Yeah, congratulations, you guys. It's, uh... it's wonderful news. It's -- it's good to have something to look forward to. So, uh, when's the big day, and how can I help? Uh, flowers, invitations, catering? Didn't you just have a baby? Yeah, that's what nannies are for. Oh, I know. I'll ask monica if you guys can use the rose garden. Uh, brook lynn, thank you, and I definitely will need some help in the planning department, but on a much smaller scale. Yeah, we want to get married as soon as possible, while there's still time.

Look, I-I'm sorry to startle you all, but the -- the truth is... I'm terminal. Brook lynn: What? There has to be more that can be done. Aren't you some, like, big researcher? I mean, didn't you cure that blackwoods thing? Brook lynn, I-I love that you're rooting for me, but please don't give Finn a hard time. He has done everything humanly possible. Now, as a-a soon-to-be groom, I'm going to let myself be a little more sentimental and cliché than usual. Um, I wanted to give willow a lifetime of happiness. But if that's not possible, we -- we, uh... if that's not possible, we are going to spend the time we have together being happy, which is why we're getting married. Yes, and -- and you're invited. We want you all to be there. How can we refuse that invitation? Of course we'll be there. And -- and you, uh, be a little compassionate to a single lady and toss that bouquet my way, okay? Hi. Thanks for coming to see me.

[ Sighs ] Mom, I miss you. I am gonna come visit you as long as you are in here. Tell me everything. Well, uh, your house is fine, oh, although sam, kristina, and I made an executive decision and painted the kitchen after that fire. What fire? I'm just kidding. We would never. Everything is good. What about you? I'm settling in. Does the doctor here know that you have osteoporosis? The doctor? I have not seen a doctor. I don't need to see a doctor. Okay, but, you know you're supposed to be monitoring your diet. Lots of calcium and green, leafy vegetables. I'm eating whatever the rest of the gen pop is eating. Maybe we need to get diane involved. Sweetie, I am so fortunate to be assigned to the library. I do not want to push my luck by sending diane in there to argue that I need a special diet. Mom. It's not a battle that I'm interested in fighting, not with this administration. Trust me, okay? So drop it, please. Okay, for now. Then let's talk about something positive. How do you like working at the D.A.'S office? Oh, I love the D.A.'S office so much, but I can't even begin to describe how disappointed I was when I found out that the feds had taken over prosecuting cyrus renault. I mean, everything he did to hurt tj and his family, I so wanted to be a part of bringing him to justice. That's my girl. I used to have that passion. I remember that. Speaking of the law... uh, would you do me a favor? I can't believe you're gonna let tj continue to waste his time on that man. That man's name is shawn, and I don't think I need to remind you that he's tj's biological father.

[ Scoffs ] Well, shawn is gonna be behind bars for who knows how long. How much of a father can he be to tj? Besides, tj needs to focus on his studies. Stella, tj is an adult. He's almost finished with medical school, and he and molly are domestic partners. He is more than capable of making his own decisions. Hmm. Okay. Well, as long as we're talking about responsible adults making horrible decisions, why don't we talk about you and curtis and this totally unnecessary divorce? You look happy. Well, the whole place is buzzing about cyrus renault finally being taken down. Mm. You must be really proud of your mom. Oh, I am, definitely.

[ Chuckles ] Though it came at a high price. The years she spent trying to catch cyrus took a big toll on our life, but... yeah, yeah, she finally got him, with curtis' help, ironically. Yeah, I heard he got shot. How's he doing? It was a scary 24 hours when we thought we were going to lose him, but curtis rallied. Now he's recovering. I'm glad to hear it. Curtis is a good man, and I know how important he is in your life. It's good that you have him to count on because, uh... unfortunately, I also have bad news. My parole was denied. Denied? But I thought you were so optimistic. I was, but the parole board thought differently. The short version is... I'm not gonna be able to come to your... med-school graduation after all. Man. Sure, I'm bummed for me, but I'm really sad for you. I was excited for you to get out of this place. Yeah, I've thought about that a lot, you know. Given the circumstances, that I'm not going to be getting out anytime soon, maybe you should... rethink coming to see me. Bobbie, she was so beautiful. There was this magical moment when I first touched her little hand, she grasped onto my finger, and I wondered, how does this miracle even exist?

[ Sighs ] Ooh. Oh. Well, I know something I can do to help you out. The only help I need is making sure peter stays out of my life. Yeah, well, the police are searching for peter. Actually, I was thinking of something on a little more hands-on practical level. We've peas, and we've got carrots. Would you, by any chance, have any cabbage? Jax didn't ask me to come to port charles. Michael called me and invited me to spend some time with wiley. And why now? All of a sudden out of the blue. I mean, you've been out of town for months. I mean, michael didn't run into you at kelly's or the metro court, where he would be reminded of you. Well, I assume it's because michael is a decent man who believes in second chances, someone who recognizes the benefits for wiley to have both his grandmothers in his life. Okay. That may be true. Because michael is willing to make compromises and allowances where wiley is concerned. And I admire that about my son and I trust his judgment, but make no mistake, jax put some kind of pressure on michael. That's not on you, it's on jax. But I will find out what jax used as leverage.

Because I really want to learn . Ybe next time, I couldbring him out for some ice cre wiley went out like a light. Well, thank you so much for keeping wiley up late so I could visit with him. I had a really good time, so thank you. Maybe next time, I could bring him out for some ice cream or maybe, you know, the zoo. That's a great idea. You should take willow with you just so she can help you navigate, because the snake house -- it does really scare wiley. Yeah. You know, and, michael, if you want to go, if willow wants to go to the zoo with me or both of you, I would love that because I really want to learn my grandson's likes and dislikes. Okay, yeah, I-I'll call you. We'll set something up, okay? Great. Thank you, michael. Carly, I really enjoyed playing with wiley. I think he really liked it, too.

[ Chuckles ] See you soon.

[ Sighs ] Please tell me, how did jax persuade you to let nina see wiley? So what's the favor you need? So there's this question that I'm -- I'm stuck on, and to solve it, I need to look at the sentencing records in port charles county from 2015 to present. That's the favor? Yeah, I'm just, you know, doing a little research. And you don't have to be a lawyer to access sentencing records. It's open to the public. And what exactly are you planning on doing with this research? Like I said, you know, just solve a problem. Mom, you do know it's illegal for a prisoner to practice law. I know that it's illegal, but that doesn't stop me from offering my two cents. What are they gonna do, disbar me? Again? That's not funny. Honey, I'm just trying to -- to keep busy, and, you know, it helps pass the time. And I'm helping a friend. The law is what I know, and I miss it. Well, it's nice to see your interest in justice return. I'll get you those files. Thanks, sweetie. I knew you'd understand. Oh, man, hey, uh, I think I need to close my eyes for a minute. Yeah, I think it's a good idea if we all give chase a break. I agree. It'll give me a chance to run home and tell wiley about our wedding. Oh, tell michael that he's first on the guest list. Can't get married without my best friend. I'll tell him. You have no idea how much this means to me. You have made me one very happy man. I'll be back soon, okay? You know what? I just remembered, um, a wedding question for the bride. I'm gonna let you get some rest, alright? Check back in on you later. Hey, Finn, can you hold up a second? I'll be in the lab. Mm. What's on your mind? I know what you're doing, and I'm asking you to stop. Willow, hang on. Look, I can only imagine how difficult this is for you. Oh, no, it's not difficult at all. I love chase. I know. But you're in love with michael. Look, I-I don't regret my decision to let nina see wiley, and I know it's early days, but he actually seemed to enjoy the visit. And just to let you know, I made it very clear with nina that there's to be no discussion about nelle. I trust your judgment. I do. I told nina that, and I am more than willing to put my differences with nina aside for wiley's sake. We're never gonna be best friends, but we can certainly be cordial. And I want you to know that I do believe that nina loves wiley and she only wants the best for him. Glad to hear it. Okay, answer me this. With everything you have going on, would you have picked tonight to let nina come visit wiley if jax hadn't intervened?

What am I doing that you want me to stop? Beating yourself up... when you've done everything in your power to find a cure. You've been at my side or in the lab every minute. You've called in every doctor in the state to consult. If I die, it won't be your fault. You don't know that.

[ Scoffs ] You've exhausted every test you could think of. You even invented new ones. Hey, I'm not giving up on you, chase. I will find a cure. Yeah, I have -- I have no doubt that you -- you're gonna go on, and you're gonna save so many lives. But it's time to admit that maybe you can't save mine. But I'm not giving up, okay? I'm not. But I'm losing this fight. Okay? I can -- I can feel it. It's not just my hands. It's -- it's every part of my body. It's shutting down.

[ Sighs ] So we need to settle this, you know, while I still can. I need you to understand that I don't hold you accountable. No. I can't do that. Why are you always so stubborn? If I die, I need to know that you will forgive yourself for not saving me. You've got to be strong, Finn. Because if it comes down to it... ...I'm gonna need your strength to help me say goodbye. You don't have to pretend with me, willow. I have eyes, and michael more or less admitted his feelings for you. Of course, that was before chase got sick. Brook lynn, michael and I never set out to deceive chase, okay? We just -- we wanted to wait until he got back on his feet to tell him that we were together. I totally get it. You don't want to hurt a guy who's sick, and -- and you had every reason to believe that he'd recover in a few days. My god, what a mess. When michael and I got married, it was to secure wiley's custody. We never planned on falling in love. Willow, I'm not judging you.

[ Laughs ] Not with my romantic track record. Really? Yeah. One night, we'll go out for drinks, and I will tell you all about my... crazy romance stories. Anyways, listen. I really care about chase. Okay? Whatever you need, whatever chase needs, I genuinely want to help. Okay. Well... when I tell michael about marrying chase... I know he'll understand why I'm doing it, but...still. I think he's going to need a friend. Consider it done.

[ Sighs ] Thank you. I-I should go. I need to find michael. Yeah, good luck with that, kid. Well, the ice should help relieve some of the pressure. I'm actually surprised that the lactation consultant at G.H. Didn't go over some of this with you. Who knows? They probably did. I was so preoccupied with finding louise and peter being caught, and then it was all about how to tell georgie and james their little sister wasn't coming home. All this time, you just let yourself suffer. You know... part of me doesn't want the milk to dry up because... if it's there... then louise is still... connected to my body.

[ Voice breaking ] And even though some other woman is holding her right now... she's still my baby.

[ Sniffles ] You don't want to see me anymore? Of course I do. I mean, I was hoping I was gonna make parole. We could be free to meet up like normal people. You can't have much of a father-son relationship in -- in a visiting room. I get to see you... talk to you. Okay, yeah, it's on a phone through a plexiglass barrier, but to me, that's worth a lot. I want you in my life in whatever way I can have you. You're my father. Curtis and I will always love each other. Our marriage didn't work. Well, why haven't you signed the divorce papers yet? I have been a little busy. Well, you would make time if you really wanted this marriage to be over. It's not about what I want. It's about accepting the reality. I couldn't be the person that curtis needed me to be, and that was painful and unfair to both of us. Isn't it better to be loved for who we are than to constantly feel like we aren't enough? Nina, hi. I didn't know you were back in town. Are you really surprised to see me? Come in. Carly told me that you went to a lot of trouble to -- wait, what's the word that she used? -- Persuade michael to let me see wiley. Did you really not think that I would jump at the chance to spend time with my grandson? No, I-I assumed that you would race back into town if it meant seeing wiley. B-but I have no expectations w-when it comes to you. Jax, be honest with me. What have you done? Jax has every right to advocate for nina. Oh, he did more than advocate. Okay, he may have, uh, forced the timing, but he did not force me to do something I wasn't already considering. We're done talking about jax because actually, I have a question for you. Okay. Now that all the charges against jason have been dropped, are you gonna step aside and let him run the business?

This is a conversation we do not need to have. I disagree. See, as you remember, when dad went missing, I approached you and offered to have a role in the business. You turned me down. Because when you were a teenager, your father and I decided that this was not a place for you, okay, and then once you were an adult, you always decided to stay in the legitimate business world. And your father and i supported that. Yeah, because you wanted to keep me safe. You didn't want to implicate me in anything illegal, right? Don't you think dad would want that -- that same thing for you? Sonny is gone. Jason was in prison and on the run. The business wasn't gonna stop because he wasn't Available, not to mention cyrus wanted to take over port charles and he had to be stopped. And you did it, right? Well, I mean -- all by yourself? It was a team effort. Cyrus overplayed his hand, and the cops were able to take him down. Not just the cops. No, not by a long shot. Look, cyrus kidnapping gladys was front-page news. Everything that happened afterwards, not so much. Something about a-an exchange of gunfire on the waterfront. Were you there? Yes. Fortunately, so was jason. Tj and i feel so much better knowing that you and shawn have reconnected. Well, I can't say this is the ideal place to want to reconnect with an old friend. But I am really happy to see him. I mean, it's one day a week in the library, but to have somebody in here that you can genuinely trust is really helpful. Yeah, I know it's such a relief for tj and me knowing that you guys have each other to lean on and that you're not alone. I don't want you to worry about me. You have a new job in the D.A.'S office. You're studying for your bar. You're newly domestic partnered. You focus on those things. I'm fine. Um, hello? I am my mother's daughter. I am always gonna worry about you, but I have to say, it's very encouraging that your interest in the law is returning. It's like watching you come back to life. The only thing I wanted was to make amends for my part in keeping the truth about nelle from you. That's it. Okay, so carly was telling the truth. You did pressure michael. I convinced him that giving you access to wiley was the right thing to do. I mean, michael's always been more open-minded than his mother. Uh-huh. Well, you don't get something for nothing, jax, so what did it cost you to convince michael? Look, in the end, it gave you access, so it was worth it. So tell me, how -- how -- was -- was the visit good with your grandson? It was so great, and I think he was really happy to see me, too. So thank you very much. Yeah, absolutely. You're welcome. Um, and just to -- to be clear, jax, uh, I don't owe you anything, and the slate between us is clean. No, 100%. But -- but in the interest of full disclosure, wiley is not the only one that's happy to see you.

[ Monitor beeping ] Billy joel was right -- only the good die young. Are you just gonna stand there? Oh, my gosh. You were not supposed to hear that. Thank god everyone's gone. You really do attract quite a crowd. Are you jealous of my popularity? Always. What, did you think I'd be easy on you just 'cause you're in that bed? I thought people got nicer after they had kids. What do you mean? I am being nice. I'm here, aren't I? Willow says your daughter's beautiful, that she looks just like you. Bailey lois is beautiful, but she looks like herself. Bailey lois quartermaine. Yeah. Blq the second?

[ Laughing ] Yeah. That part is still under negotiation. But, um, enough joking around. Look, it's just us, and we could play this however you want. Chase, around your family and willow, I-I-I get it. You're trying to be strong, but, um... let's get real. Do you want to be all unicorns and rainbows that you're about to get hitched to willow finally, or do you want to rage against the machine that you've been dealt a really incredibly crappy and unfair hand? Look, either way, I'm here for you. It's your call. Can't do it anymore. I just can'T. Finding a cure? You just have to keep trying.

[ Sighs ] Chase wants to absolve me of his death. How can I do that when I know it's my fault he's dying? You clean dishes as you don't use if allergic to emgality.

You never leave the househat matters. I know. And jason 12 weeks of powerful protection, nearly 3 times longer than any other chew. Bravo, bravecto! Bravo! Cyrus is gone. That's all that matters. I know. And jason is back. He should be running the business, mom, not you. It's not that simple. You know what is? Joss is about to graduate high school. Avery's still a little girl. I mean, donna I-is just a baby. They need you, mom. I have every intention of being there for them and also for you. Okay, okay, then the sooner you make it clear that -- that jason is in charge of the business and you have nothing to do with it anymore, the better. Hey. How was your visit with molly?

[ Sighs ] It was terrific. How was your visit with tj? Now that my parole was denied, I told tj maybe he should think about visiting me less. What? Why? Because I told him I don't think we can have much of a father-son relationship in a visiting room. And what was tj's reaction? Yeah, he called me out, said it was his life, his choice, and he's gonna keep visiting me. We have great kids. Yes, we do. Now, a word of friendly advice -- that help you're doing for a friend? Be careful. Oh, I intend to be. Look, I know from my own personal experience that you aren't the first person to come around to what curtis wants. But you have to accept that my marriage to your nephew is over. Even your best intentions can't save it. So whatever you did to try to put a pin between portia and curtis... ...just...let curtis move on with his life. So, are you gonna go back to pennsylvania? I'm not sure. Uh, you know, jax, when I left port charles, I really needed to heal, but I found way more than just a place to recover in nixon falls. Even though your grandson lives here? Yeah, wiley's home is in port charles, but I don't believe my home is meant to be here anymore. I keep thinking about all those months that my daughter was nestled safe inside me, and now that she's here, I can't be with her. And I wonder if... someone is there to comfort her when she cries at night.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Voice breaking ] What her favorite toy is. What makes her smile. Oh, sweetie... I know it's a horrible situation, but we can pray that it will be rectified soon. I know, bobbie, and I-I'm trying to be positive.

[ Sniffles ] I just miss my little girl. Can't let chase die thinking I'm some kind of hero. When the truth is, I'm his killer. Finn, stop. You didn't do this. Peter did. Are you hearing me? This is not your fault.

[ Door closes ] I'm furious. I have fought this thing with everything that I have, and I-I can't beat it. I mean, my --

[ Sighs ] My hand doesn't work, and I used to be young. I used to be strong, and I-it's just not fair. I should be -- I should be starting a life with willow, not -- not saying goodbye to her.

[ Crying ] I'm scared, brook lynn. I don't want to die. I just -- I mean, there'S...

[ Chuckles ] There's so much I wanted to do, you know, so much I... I'm not gonna get to do. I just -- I... I don't want to die. I don't want you to die, either, chase. Michael: Hey. So, uh, let me tell you all about nina's visit with wiley. Michael, wait. I have something to tell you first. Chase asked me to marry him... and I said yes.

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