GH Transcript Friday 6/11/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/11/21


Episode #14720 ~ Carly confronts Jax. Willow makes a promise. Chase has a heartfelt talk with Jackie and Gregory. Brook Lynn and Valentin share a warm moment. Spinelli helps Maxie with a difficult conversation.

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Little and that big one, that one is polaris. That's the north star. And in olden times, when a sailor was lost, he would look for that star to chart a course for home. Bailey lois, I will always be your north star. If you ever lose your way, you find me. I'll get you home.

[ Insects chirping ]

[ Sniffles ] Elizabeth? What's wrong? Is it chase? I really thought you were gonna tell me I was wrong. I wish I could. The cure didn't work. But you were so certain. My dna mixed with jackie's should have fooled your immune system. Your body should have accepted the cure. And for a second or two, it did. It worked. I did feel better. I know. All the science was right. It should have worked.

[ Monitor beeping ] But I'd be lying... if I didn't say that was our best shot.

[ Sighs ] Maxie: Okay, lu. You're gonna go with your auntie brook lynn now. And she's gonna take really good care of you until I can come running back to you, okay? And you have a family that loves you very much, and we'll be waiting for you to come home. Until then, I-I'm gonna be really close by watching over you, making sure that you're okay.

[ Voice breaking ] And just remember that I love you very much.

[ Knock on door ] Who is it? Spinelli: It is I, the father of your oldest child. Come in.

[ Door opens ] For a second there, I thought you were peter. God, heaven forfend. I'm so sorry to hear about louise. I should have been there. I-I should have been there in your hour of need. Spinelli, there's nothing to feel guilty about.

[ Sighs ] You're here now. Half the city is looking for her, not to mention the full force of the pcpd. No one will rest until your child is found. How long have you been standing there? Not long, mr. North star.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I meant every word. I have no doubt. You know, it's a beautiful night for stargazing. You should stay out. Pick a star for you and a star for our daughter -- just not the north star. That one's mine.

[ Chuckles ] I'm going to go put bailey down.

As-tu sommeil, mon ange?

Je veux que tu apprennes

le franšais

pour que tu et charlotte

puissiez avoir

des tea-parties

la franšaise...

[ Breathes sharply ]

[ Baby coos ]

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry. If someone saw us... well, then they'd see the truth -- right? -- The two of us comforting each other. And what happened to chase, it's not fair -- to anyone. I mean, he's suffering -- we -- we can't tell him the truth about us being together.

[ Scoffs lightly ] I mean, all we can do is... be kind to him and to each other.

[ Sighs ] You have an amazing way of putting things into perspective. It's one of the 2,001 reasons why I love you. 2,001? Mm-hmm. Not a million?

[ Laughs ] Wiley asked me to count to a million the other day. I got to 38 before he got bored and told me to stop. Well, that's our son.

[ Chuckles ] The attention span of a, uh, well, a 3-year-old. A 3-year-old who is about to see his other grandma. I hate that jax did that to you -- to us. But I don't hate that nina's seeing wiley. Um, neither do I. It's -- jax trashed a large part of my childhood to make it happen. I'm angry, I'm -- I'm -- I'm -- I'm -- I'm sad, but I can't say anything because my hands are tied -- just like jax wanted.

[ Doorbell ringing ] Hold on! Hold on! I'm coming. What did you do to make michael change his mind about nina?

When did nina say she was coming? I-I don't know. She didn't give me an exact eta. I got the feeling she had to take care of a couple things before she left the town where she was staying. Okay. That'll give us time to prepare wiley.

[ Sighs ] I just hope she's ready for this -- that she can see wiley for the sweet, intelligent, curious little boy that he is and not project her grief over nelle on him. No, I think -- I think that she -- she learned her lesson -- I do. I-I'm actually more worried about my mom. I couldn't think of one reasonable explanation as to why I suddenly allowed nina access to wiley.

[ Sighs ] If she finds out that jax blackmailed me...

[ Scoffs ] ...All hell is gonna break loose. Sorry. Mm. Can I get you A... coffee? ...Coffee? Yes. Tea? No. I don'T. Yeah. I just want you to answer my question. Well, michael and I had a very reasonable conversation about allowing nina back into wiley's life. Really? Yes. So reasonable that after months of michael keeping nina at a distance, he suddenly changes his mind? Wait, wait, wait. Why are -- why are you so upset about this? I mean, I -- I -- I gave you a heads-up about my intentions. Do you still want to punish nina for telling wiley that nelle was his birth mother? And do you really think that nina is not gonna make that mistake again? No, I -- really? Okay, look, I-I am sure that nina promised you and michael that she will never make that mistake again, but, jax, nina wants to believe that she could have saved nelle. She wants to believe that nelle could have been a different person, and she wants wiley to believe that. She wants to tell wiley a fairy tale, and that is only going to hurt that little boy even worse when he gets older and he finds out that that's not the truth. Well, I guess I have more faith in nina than you do. Yeah, because you still want to win nina back. Nina, you're back. Yeah. I'm -- I'm looking for michael. A man with an eastern european accent said that I should wait here. That's yuri. Uh, he's from belarus. And that's brook lynn's bodyguard. And brook lynn needs a bodyguard because...? Because I insisted. And brook lynn's safety is your priority because...? Bailey's not a star, she's an entire constellation. Hey, nina. What are you doing back? You're confused. Um, charlotte and i live here now. This is bailey lois, and she is my daughter... with brook lynn. One of the last things peter said to me was that he would find louise. If he does, he will disappear with her.

[ Sighs ] It's true. Peter has the resources to stay at large for a very long time.

[ Sighs ] I'm sure his father taught him well. Okay, you're not making me feel better. Of course, um... deepest apologies. Um. You told me that you had a plan to keep louis safe. What went wrong? How did that deranged nurse steal her? My plan blew apart before we left my apartment.

[ Scoffs ] Well, most of it did, anyway. Most of it? What do you mean? I thought I'd come and, um, just say some prayers for chase myself, you know? When I saw you, I thought maybe the worst had happened. It hasn'T. It hasn'T. Okay.

[ Sniffles ] Not yet.

[ Sighs ] Finn found a cure for chase. Okay, good. We were so confident that it was the right formula. It didn't work? And now he just seems so lost. Like he's out of options. We do have options. Peter!

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Sniffles ] Forgive me. Please forgive me and Finn. I just gave you a shot of epinephrine. That should give you a little pick-me-up. But it's only temporary, 'cause you've given up on finding a cure. Who said anything about giving up? I'm going to keep going till I find a cure. And if you can't do it... how long do I have left?

I've never encountered your condition before.

[ Monitor beeping ] I've checked with every specialist I know -- they've never seen it either, so we're all flying a little blind here. I mean, do I have months? Weeks?

[ Beeping continues ] Days? I wish I had an answer for you, but I don't know. You know, in my line of work, I stare down death... a lot, but I always knew that I could defend myself. I had weapons, crisis intervention training, backup. But this time, I got nothing. That's not true. You got me, for what it's worth. It's worth a lot. You should probably tell mom and dad. I mean... you sure? Is that what you want? They have to know. Okay.

[ Beeping continues ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

[ No audio ] You know, I came close to telling chase that... you and I are in love, and now that he's had another setback, I'm -- I'm glad I didn'T. I guess what happens next depends on nina.

[ Breathes sharply ] If she's good with wiley, if she follows the guidelines, there's no mention of nelle, then she can be allowed to, uh, continue to see him. You know, jax gets his way, but... if I feel she's detrimental to wiley in any way... then of course we can't allow it. And if jax goes running to chase to retaliate... I can't even begin to imagine how that would devastate chase. Carly, y-you know what it's like to grow up under difficult circumstances, t-to feel unloved and to not feel like you have any control over your life. So instead of -- instead of focusing on the differences between you and nina, why can't you acknowledge the similarities? Is this about me and nina or about you and nina? You used my grandson to lure nina back to port charles when she made it clear she didn't want to come back to you. Well, that doesn't mean I have to stop caring about her or wanting to see her happy. I mean, why can't she be a part of her grandson's life? Because it's unhealthy for wiley. Well, michael doesn't seem to think so. Not anymore. The emphasis on "not anymore"? Something changed for michael. Something or someone pushed him to change his mind, and I'm going to find out what it is. You suffered the tortures of the damned -- uh, drugged -- drugged by an impostor nurse who knocked you out, dragged you to a hidden place to steal your child, and but yet, you say part of your plan worked. How? It's not important. Okay? Look, you went through hell, too. You were cyrus renault's hostage. He could have killed you. I should have cleared out as soon as the shooting stopped, but I lingered, and then renault scooped me up...

[ Sighs ] ...Threatened to -- let's just say dire harm. But I-in order to force carly to -- into a hostage exchange, and had jason not come out of hiding to save me, I might not be sitting here talking to you. Our dear georgie would be fatherless. But she's not. You're alive and well. Jason's a good friend. As I should have been a good friend to you. I-I should have tried harder to convince you to divulge your plan to keep louise safe from peter, and had I helped, maybe there would have been a difficult outcome -- no, stop! Spinelli, if I had involved you, you could have been hurt or worse. Can we just call it even and move forward? Okay? I really want to see georgie and james. They're eagerly awaiting your return. What have you said to them about their little sister? Have you told them that she's not coming home? Miss a few minutes -- miss a lot. Miss a few months? Fuhgeddaboudit!

[ Both laugh ] So you and, uh, valentin are parents. Yeah. Together. Mm-hmm. How? The usual way. Oh, so you're in a relationship? Oh god, no, no.

[ Laughs ] It was just one night. It was a -- it was a great night -- no regrets whatsoever. We actually saw you the next morning at the metro court restaurant, remember? Um, y-yeah. Now that you mention it, I do remember. Brook lynn left town abruptly without telling me the ensuing development, and...bailey lois came as a complete surprise, as, obviously, she is to you. Yeah, I'm sure you're gonna be an amazing father to bailey, valentin. Congratulations. Val's actually moved in. Temporarily. Yeah. Uh, if you've come back to say all is forgiven, he is free and Available. Mnh. Nina's here to see michael. Yeah, michael agreed to let me visit with wiley. Oh, okay. I'll go look for him. I'll give you two some privacy.

[ Chuckles ] Brook lynn's a lot of things, but subtle's not one of them. Hmm. I'm so glad that michael's willing to let you back in wiley's life. Yeah. I'm really happy for you, valentin. Congratulations. I wish she could have been ours.

Hey. Hi. Do you mind some company? No, I don't mind. I know how impossible it feels when your children are suffering. Is this the "Finn, you have to be strong" speech? And I'm throwing in "Finn, you're not alone."

[ Sighs ] But I think you already know that. Then why is this so damn hard?

[ Sighs ] Cold? Do you need another blanket? I'm good, thanks. Finn gave me a shot of something, so... you don't have to worry about me.

[ Laughs ] Right. Then I'll have time for my sunday crossword. Oh. So funny I forgot to laugh.

[ Laughter ]

[ Chuckling ] You used to say that when you were little. Every time I'd make a history joke.

[ Monitor beeping ] Ah, that james buchanan one was real funny.

[ Laughter ]

[ Beeping continues ] You know, I... I almost expected you guys to take it as a joke when I announced that I wanted to be a cop. But you didn'T. You pretended you weren't disappointed that I didn't go to law school... and you supported me. Because your mom and i weren't disappointed, harry. We were proud of your decision. Don't ever think for one second that we ever wanted you to be anything other than who you are today. And every time you would call and tell us you put another bad guy away, gregory and i would high-five each other.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Coughing ] God, I wish I could have seen that.

[ Chuckles ] It's too bad this particular bad guy is putting me away.

[ Sniffles ] Hey, brook lynn just texted me. Nina's already in the house. Already? Yeah, I guess she couldn't wait. Uh, I should go meet with nina and go over the ground rules before she sees wiley. I'm sorry we can't talk to her together. You'll do fine. And, hey, thank you for understanding why I need to stay here. Yeah. Look, if there's any, uh, change with chase, just let me know, okay? Of course. Good luck with nina. You, too. I love you. I love you, too. Michael told me that he and willow talked, and they decided to allow nina to see wiley. And that's it. Hmm. Maybe. But I know my son, and when he told me that he reached out to nina about wiley, I could tell he wasn't telling me the whole story. What did you say to michael to make him call nina? No, I was -- I was simply being honest with him. About what? T-the importance of -- of nina being in wiley's life. I mean, why shouldn't she be a grandmother to him? Those are very careful words, jax. Ohh. They are. And I'm sure they're true.

[ Scoffs ] I'm also sure they're not the whole truth. What aren't you telling me? Nina, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, that was -- that was -- you look great. Getting away really agreed with you. Yeah, it did. How's charlotte? How is she doing? How is she doing with her new baby sister? Well, she's slow to warm up to bailey lois, but I think it has more to do with the current living arrangements. Yeah, well, I can't say that I'm surprised. I mean, it must be... awkward living here. Mm. I mean, it's beautiful, but... I'm sure she'll warm up to her baby sister. She has this big, beautiful heart. Hope so. I'd love to see her while I'm back. Oh, you're not staying? I don't know. I mean, I really desperately want to see wiley, spend some time with him, but I'm not sure that I can leave behind what I found in nixon falls. What is that, exactly? Someone I never expected to find. Jax? Any chance of a reconciliation? No.

[ Footsteps approaching ] I texted michael. Um, he said he'll be here soon, but he, uh, wants to meet you outside the gatehouse, so I'll take you. Oh, thanks. Can I see you again? Let's just arrange a time for me to see charlotte, okay? Oh, bailey lois, I just made a real fool of myself. I think nina has moved on. She's found something in that little town that helped her to heal, and I should be happy for her. I am...happy -- I will be happy for her. You've helped me to heal, haven't you? You and your sister both. I wasn't much of a man before I was a father. I don't know what I was, but I was broken, and you helped me to heal. You're a gift from the universe that I've done nothing to deserve. And I'm a lucky man. Too lucky to ask for more, but I'll let you know a little secret -- I do. I do want more. Anna: Valentin? Oh, hi. Oh. Mm. The guard told me that you were in here. He sounds like he's from belarus. That's yuri. Mm-hmm. Man, you have good ears. Oh, I do.

[ Gasps ] I know who this beautiful creature is. Oh, my goodness.

[ Sighs ] I've just been so involved in trying to find maxie's daughter that I had forgot yours had put in an appearance. I can hardly believe bailey lois is mine. Uh, ellie and I haven't told georgie and james anything. We weren't sure what you'd want us to say. I'm not sure, either. But I'm glad you and ellie didn't say anything. It's my job to explain -- to make it okay for them. Well, if you're ready, I'll take you home.

 I was hoping that I was overreacting... mm. ...But the longer this conversation goes on and the more you dance around giving me a straight answer, the more I'm convinced that you twisted michael's arm and you forced him to let nina see wiley. Wow. Do you really think so little of michael that you think he has to be forced to do the right thing? Oh, my -- there you are -- you're evading. Just -- there's something you don't want me to know, and there's something michael doesn't want me to know. No. And why is that? Okay, alright, the only thing I can think of is that michael is staying true to form. He is. He's always been a fixer, always the one who wants to preserve the family. And you have known michael since he was a little boy, so you know this. Michael would never want to fight...

[ Sighs ] And he would never want to put josslyn in the middle. Not only do you know this, you're counting on it. How is maxie? Did she have her baby? Uh, yes, she -- she did. I can hardly wait to see them. Yeah. Hi. Hey. I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I didn't realize you'd be coming back to port charles so soon. Uh, yeah. A friend of mine in nixon falls insisted that I come tonight. He knew how excited I was to see wiley. You know, I've got to get back to bailey. Enjoy your stay, nina. Nice to see you. Okay. It's nice to see you. You, too. Hey, look, um,before you see wiley, we need to go over some ground rules. Yes. Oh, yeah, of course, I understand. And I promise that I will not mention nelle's name again. Oh. Thank you. Yeah. Uh, w-willow and I, we -- we managed to straighten things out with wiley. He knows that willow is his mother, but, uh... I can't have willow hurt like that again. Do you -- can you understand? I completely understand, michael. And I am so grateful for you giving me a second chance, and I promise... I'm not gonna mess it up this time, okay? So, can I see my grandson? Yeah. Valentin: Have you gotten any closer to finding maxie's baby? Unfortunately, no. There's an apb out on the nurse who took her. We're trying to establish her real I.D. Thank you. We're also searching for peter, who appears to have teleported himself out of the hospital without a trace. What about chase? How's he? Oh, chase. Finn thought he had a breakthrough in formulating a cure, but, um... it didn't work out, chase's condition is really deteriorating. So, if you don't find peter and this antidote...? I don't think he's going to last much longer, unfortunately. I should have killed peter. I could have killed peter. I wouldn't have involved you -- I just would have put a bullet right through the man. I know. Hindsight is 20/20. Let's look at the facts

[Sighs] As we have them. Peter was last seen at G.H. There's no record of him leaving, but there are so many people that go in and out of the hospital on a daily basis that it's possible he could have disguised himself. What about his car? Where's his car? His car is still there in the hospital parking garage. Well, general hospital is a labyrinth. I think it's entirely possible he's inside, hiding somewhere.

[ Monitor beeping ] S-sorry. I'm interrupting. No, you could never interrupt.

[ Beeping continues ] How are you feeling? I'm happy to see you. Can you -- can you sit? I want to talk to you. W-we'll be right outside if you need us.

[ Smooches ] Thanks. Okay.

[ Beeping continues ] Finn has no idea why the cure didn't work... or what else there is left to try. What does that mean? Chase, what's going to happen to you? What happens to me depends on you. Me? Yeah, this -- this toxin has, uh -- it's narrowed my world, and my focus is seeing you here every day, every night. I mean, you -- you didn't run... like so many others would have. You stuck by my side.

[ Sighs ] You showed me love in all the ways that count. And I hope you know how much I love you. Willow... will you marry me?

Well, james is down for the count. You played with your little brother so much, he's exhausted.

[ Giggles ] I made you a present, mommy. You did? Let me see. Come here. It's beautiful, georgie. Thank you. Can I see my baby sister now? Um, not yet. You see, when, uh, louise was born, a friend of mine was with us, and she instantly fell in love with louise. She doesn't have any children of her own. She's usually very sad and lonely, but being around louise made her really happy. And I knew it would make her very, very happy if she could take care of louise just for a little bit. Will louise ever come home? Oh, of course she will, honey.

[ Stammers ] Yes. And we will have a party with balloons and cake. But when?

[ Sighs ] Peter could be anywhere, using an alias, prepared for any eventuality. I'm just so concerned that he disposed of all the antidote before he ran. You know how vindictive he is. He'd want me to blame myself. Ohh. Well... the only one to blame for peter's actions is peter. Yeah, I know. He can't be saved. He can't be redeemed. He has to be stopped. It's the only way we can save those we love. Like little bailey. I'm head over heels in love. It looks good on you. I want to help with the search. You're going to need more than lucky guesses to save chase's life. Save chase's life? What's going on now? I-I'm sorry I can't get down on one knee, a-and I don't even have a ring. So, if you want to turn down my less-than-romantic proposal, feel free. I-it'S...not that.

[ Sighs lightly ]

[ Sighs ] This isn't how I remotely planned it. And, yes, I-I did. I planned it. Or I'd started to plan it before sasha and i hatched that brilliant idea for you and michael to get custody of wiley. I was going to ask you to marry me.

[ Coughs ] Instead, I pushed you away. But michael and i did get custody. Yeah, but I-I still broke your heart. And now I'm being totally, totally unfair to you by asking you to marry me. But -- but Finn told me he doesn't know how long I have. Like they say in the movies, "my -- my days are numbered." Chase, don't joke. But they are, willow. And I want them to be filled with you as my wife. Now, look, I-I know I... ...I know I sprung a lot on you just now, so if you want to -- if you want to run from the room... feel free. I don't want to run from the room, chase. I'd be honored to be your wife.

[ Breathes sharply ] Hi, wiley! Hi! I-I don't know if you remember me, sweet man, but I'm your... grandma nina. Hey, look. I brought you something. Oh.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. You know, my, uh -- my dad used to give me toy trucks like that when I was wiley's age. Yeah. A... a friend of mine said that I should bring him a toy, and I went to a toy store before I got here, and this toy truck just called to me. Alright, well, uh, I'll leave you -- you two alone. Um, um, I'll be upstairs if you need me, okay? Uh, okay. And, uh, michael, thank you so much for letting me visit with wiley, and I promise I am not going to mention... ...well, y-you -- you know. Yeah, well, thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, look it. I don't know why, but it kind of goes up and down like that. Can you tell me why? I don't know.

[ Laughs ] You don't know. It's a mystery. Hey, little guy, I missed you so much. Like, I missed you so much. What could I possibly have on michael? Besides, michael is above reproach, right? Oh, you know, just because michael has a good heart doesn't mean he has no secrets. Hmm. What could you possibly have on my son? You know, carly, when you can't find anything, maybe, just maybe, that's your answer. Okay, michael knows that if nina returns to wiley's life, that would cause problems for him and willow, not to mention wiley.

[ Sighs ] Okay... you know, when I find out what's going on between you and michael, if it's what I think, you're going to regret it. You are the sweetest, most precious thing that has come into my life in a very long time.

[ Toys thumping lightly ] I, um... I ran into your grandpa, wiley. And I -- I really care about him, and he is happy... and he's free. He's free. And I tried to do the right thing -- I tried to tell your grandma carly, but she was so mean to me on the phone. You know, she can be like that sometimes. And she even said that she was going to make sure that the judge kept me away from you, but then here we are, right?

[ Sniffles ] I'm free to visit you, my grandson.

[ Voice breaking ] Like it should be. I just don't know what to do. Hey, wiley... you think that I should tell grandma carly that grandpa Sonny is alive? Come here! I've got big news!

I'm not sure exactly when, but I promise louise is coming home, okay? You and james will have your little sister to play with. Why don't you take this beautiful drawing to louise's room so it's the first thing she sees when she comes home? Okay, mommy. Okay. Georgie believes you. She'll be waiting for her baby sister to come home. She is coming home, spinelli. Oh, maxie, I -- peter will be caught. Louise will come home. I have to believe that. I can't give up hope. No. Y-y-you don't have to. Hey. I promise you, we'll find a way to bring her home. Oh, my god, chase. That's awful. I'm so sorry, brook lynn. I know you and chase have been close.

[ Sighs ] If you'll excuse me, I-I promised maxie I'd keep searching for peter. And louise. Yes. Uh, maxie doesn't believe she's going to be safe until he's arrested. Take care of yourself. Yeah. Look after your family. Are you and anna a thing, now? And I have a long, fraught history. We're friends. Friends? That's what you're calling it? What do you call the thing that's between you and chase?

[ Telephone rings in distance ] Gregory and jackie are heading back to see chase. Do you want to join them or stay here for a while? I'm not ready to surrender chase to this toxin. You have done everything humanly possible to save him. I don't want to stop. But I'm all out of options. Chase: Hey, you're just in time. Jackie: In time for what? I asked willow to marry me, and she said yes. Really? That's wonderful news. Congratulations.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Line rings ]

[ Phone rings ] Michael. Nina's here at the gatehouse. She's with wiley. Satisfied? Thank you. Don't thank me, jax. Just keep your end of the bargain. Nobody can know about me and willow. When I had to leave port charles, when I had to leave you, oh, wiley, I was so empty inside. But now, my handsome boy, now that I have you in my arms, I am full of happiness. That emptiness is gone. I love you so much... and I always will.

[ Smooches ] And from now on, grandma nina is going to spend lots and lots of time with you.

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