GH Transcript Thursday 6/10/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/10/21


Episode #14719 ~ Sonny steps up when he and Phyllis are caught by surprise. Finn considers a big decision. Michael tells Willow about his encounter with Jax. Carly is suspicious. Brando and Sasha grow closer.

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are you ready for softball season? Oh, right. You mean when aurora shuts out the pcpd in the opener? Oh. You have it very wrong, my friend. When I take the mound and throw my famous slider, you'll be embarrassed to call yourself a player. All right, all right. Let's not get ahead of yourself here. You're gonna be taking it easy for a while. The guy doesn't want me to leave. Come on. I'll be fine. I can already feel the antidote working.

[ Sniffing ] Hamilton. Yeah. Is this a side effect you didn't tell me about?

[ Groaning ]

[ Alarm blaring ] Can we clear the room?! Come on! Let's get you out of here. Okay. It's okay. I need two milligrams of lorazepam right away! Come on. Okay. It's gonna be okay. If I knew you'd be taking such good care of me, I would have gotten shot sooner. Be honest, mom, you love the attention you're getting from the media.

[ Scoffs ] "Heroic woman survives shootout, names real killer of franco baldwin." And don't forget, I also confirmed cyrus renault coerced me into making a false statement. Yeah, I know. By claiming jason morgan disposed of the murder weapon. I know. I think at this point the entire world knows. But there is an upside now. Oh, all those lovely gift baskets from the media outlets who want to interview me? Mm! I was going to say that, uh, we're both free of cyrus. And we can finally think about the future.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Miss corbin, brando. I took a chance you might be here.

[ Door opens ] Martin: Laura? Forgive me, I hoped to catch you after the board meeting. One of the nurses told me she saw you headed in this direction. Mm. Well, if you're curious about what the board decided to do about cyrus, they will make an official statement tomorrow. Considering our brother is currently under arrest for a veritable laundry list of criminal offenses, I assume he'll be replaced as chairman of the board. What's amazing to me is... I almost feel sorry for him. Cyrus always had such big dreams. Built on lies and extortion. He actually thought he could take the place of Sonny corinthos. It's interesting, isn't it? Sonny prevails even in death. Business is picking up. Mm-hmm. We ran into the chief of police at the market. He said crime is down. Now that elijah got arrested, nixon falls is back to normal.

[ Chuckles ] Is nina dropping by for a drink later?

[ Sighs ] She got a call from her grandson's father and, uh, they -- he's gonna let nina be part of the child's life. Oh. Well, that's wonderful. Yeah. I can't wait to give nina a hug to congratulate her. Well, that hug's gonna have to wait, 'cause she's, uh, on her way back to port charles right now. Hey! Where's my lawyer?! I have a right to see him! Mrs. Corinthos. You went to law school when I wasn't looking? I didn't go to law school, mr. Renault, and if I did, I certainly wouldn't be representing you. Then you can't be here. Yet here I am. And there you are, arrested and handcuffed to the bed. Sure is funny how things work out.

How much did you pay the cop to let you in? I don't have to pay for favors. Oh, yes, the corinthos name commands so much respect. Too bad you didn't realize that months ago. You could have saved yourself a lot of time and trouble, maybe even avoided your present circumstances. Merely a temporary setback. Mm. I don't know if you know this, but peter august is on the run, so he won't be showing up to rescue you. And why would I care about the publisher of the invader? Has he done something I should know about? You mean like kidnap gladys corbin and take her to a warehouse where you ordered her son to kill her?

[ Laughs ] You keep believing that, carly, while I'm temporarily in pentonville, rebuilding my network of associates, and my lawyers are busy having the charges against me thrown out. Your lawyers are gonna have some bad news for you, I'm afraid, 'cause you're not going to pentonville. But you'll wish you were. Nina says she's gonna come back, but...I don't know. I mean, once she gets to port charles, she sees her grandson, she could change her mind. Oh, don't be such a pessimist. Nina loves it here. And she has that article about nixon falls to finish. Phyllis, what do you think she's gonna want more -- finishing that article or spending time with her grandson? I got the sense that there was more tying nina to nixon falls than that article. After what happened with elijah, the two of you have been closer than ever. Yeah, we had a good talk. And? And then she got a call from the -- her grandson's father. She left. So that's it? You and nina say goodbye, no regrets? No, uh, actually, I gave her, uh, my special sauce so she wouldn't forget me. You hope to win a woman with tomato sauce? Get on the next flight to port charles, man, and surprise nina. Would you give us a moment, mom? You okay? All good. I just had a checkup with dr. NAvarro. The baby's fine. That's great news, and of course, I'm glad to see you, but I thought you were transferring your care to mercy. Yeah, that was before cyrus was arrested. I don't feel like I need to look over my shoulder anymore every time I step into G.H. Ms. Corbin, it is good to see you out and about. Yes, I'm told I'm making a good recovery, thanks to my son's love and care. Mom. Don't be modest, brando. You know he saved my life.

[ Sighs ] I would have died for sure without him. I don't see him doing any less. But I owe you a huge debt. You're the one responsible for getting cyrus arrested. You have freed me and brando to figure out our future for ourselves. It has been a very long day. I'd like to get home to my husband. Of course. Yeah. Laura. I'm sorry. For cyrus. Been saying that my whole life. But I am relieved and grateful that you have emerged from your hostage ordeal more or less unscathed, that you have a family to r-return home to. Not all of my family. Not my daughter. No, I know. And I'm sure you suffer her absence every single day. I know what that's like. Martin, do you want something? Fair play. Cyrus still refuses to tell me where he's hidden mother. I was hoping that perhaps, and believe me, I know this is a big ask, but perhaps you could visit our brother, ask him where he's keeping her. What makes you think he's going to tell me? Because unlike me, you got something to bargain with -- his sister's love. His blood pressure is dropping. I need two milligrams of lorazepam, iv push! Hurry! Got it. Coming in. Why didn't the cure work? Why didn't it work? Hey. Any change? Not that hamilton shared, no.

[ Chase breathing heavily ] Finn: Come on. Hey. Look, I know it's frightening, but Finn and elizabeth are the best. They'll get the seizures under control. I-I don't understand why chase had a seizure in the first place. Finn was so convinced he had the cure.

His breathing and blood pressure have stabilized. Thank god. How long will he remain stable? Could be a couple hours. Hopefully, it's gonna be longer. Without an antidote, it's hard to know for sure. I don't understand. I thought you'd found the cure. What happened? I don't know. I truly believed the answer was in combining your dna and mine, a trojan horse to trick his body into accepting it. It should have worked to combat the toxin that's poisoning chase. What about the short-term treatment? Can't you give him another dose? Unfortunately, that's not Available. Then order more. That's not possible. I did send chase's blood work out to a lab that I work with. They're good. They're fast. Maybe they will find something that I missed. Then there's reason to hope? There's hope. Jackie: I need to see my son. I really thought it was almost over, that chase was going to be okay. Hey, there's still a chance. You're right. I have to keep believing. Finn won't give up. Neither will chase. Martin, I think you overestimate the influence that I have on cyrus. I tried to talk him down when he was holding me hostage. I couldn't get anywhere. In fact, I really believe that if it had gone on any longer, he would have killed me. Well, I'll tell you this much. He would have killed anyone else a lot sooner. Make no mistake, the only person that has more influence over cyrus than you do is mother, and she's his motivation for everything -- for wanting to succeed, trying to be the king of the world. And you understand that. You were able to engage with him, laura. You kept the man talking long enough to avoid A...tragedy. Maybe, just maybe, you get him talking again, we can avoid another. Look, I know I can get cyrus to listen to me, but I don't believe for a minute that he's gonna tell me where your mother is. Alright, then. I'll leave you to it... your reflection and your husband. Safe home. Martin, wait. What's the worst cyrus can do? Say no? Laura collins, god bless you for trying. Always happy to help, but, um -- yeah, I am a bit tired. Brando, do you think you could take me back to my room? I have to go anyway. I need to pick up prenatal vitamins at the pharmacy downstairs. I'll go with you, if you don't mind waiting while I wheel my mom back to her room. I don't mind. Ms. Corbin, it was nice to see you again. Please call me gladys now that you and my son share a child. And, brando, honey, don't worry about me. I'm sure a staff person can get me back to my room. You go with sasha. I-I-I'm not gonna let you fend for yourself. Excuse me. Would you mind taking my mom back to her room? There. All settled.

[ Chuckles ] Um, I will talk to you later. And don't eat all the chocolate out of the gift baskets.

[ Laughs ] Do you remember the boat that blew up in the harbor? Class a drugs were found floating in the water, all surviving the explosion. What does that have to do with me? The dea traced the ownership of that boat back to one of your shell corporations. So not only is drug enforcement sniffing around your businesses, so are the feds. Let me guess, the district attorney is ceding jurisdiction to the U.S. Attorney's office. And you will be facing rico charges for federal racketeering, in addition to multiple counts of kidnapping and attempted murder, et cetera, et cetera. Pentonville will seem like a spa compared to the maximum security facility the feds are gonna send you to. Well, perhaps you'll be joining me there, as I intend to tell law enforcement all about your family sheltering an illegal immigrant from turkey, giving him a false identity as Sonny's cousin and an american citizen. What? You even made your lovely daughter, josslyn, an accomplice. Don't you dare mention my daughter's name. I wonder if they have mother and daughter prison cells. I will mention her name and yours and, of course, dev corbin'S. Or you could capitalize on all of that respect the corinthos name commands and intervene for me with the U.S. Attorney. 'Night, ed. Say hi to joleen for me.

[ Door closes ] All right, where were we? Well, you know, I was thinking of going with nina, and then I-I thought, I'm just -- I'm just gonna get in the way. Suit yourself. Yeah. Mm. Just a reminder of what you're missing.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Chuckles ] Oh, I don't think we've seen the last of nina.

[ Chuckles ] She'll get her fill of patty-cake and "here comes the choo-choo train" and then she'll start thinking of nixon falls and everything and everyone she's missing --

[ Body thuds ] Oh, lenny!

Can you hear me? Lenny, answer me. Phyllis? Your pulse is a bit rapid, lenny. Nothing feels broken. Did you hurt yourself when you fell? I don't think so. Let's get him up. Come on, buddy. Okay. I'm gonna call 911. Over my dead body. What do you mean? I just got a little dizzy. It's nothing to write home about. You could be dehydrated. Mike, get him some water. I'll get the blood pressure monitor. I don't need my blood pressure checked. I'm fine. It's either that or the clinic. Your choice. Here you go, lenny. You want to tell me what's going on? I told you, I'm fine. I know what you told me. I know what you didn't tell phyllis. How bad is it? You son of a bitch. I should have realized you'd stoop this low. And I did. When I brokered the deal with the feds to grant gladys immunity, I also got immunity for my family. You're bluffing. Diane has the signed agreement on file. The U.S. Attorney agreed that dev's identity and his legal status would not be investigated. So your threats are as empty as you are. Have a nice time on the inside. You know, my attorneys and i will figure a way out of this. But you, carly, on the other hand, won't find it so easy to fill Sonny's shoes. No one can and no one ever will. Not even you? I know better than to even try. So you'll be running Sonny's territories your way? I have many resources, starting with jason. But I do have to say, it was smart of you to team with peter and frame jason for franco's murder, although it had no chance in succeeding long term. You had to know that. I doubt gladys corbin would have made a convincing witness on the stand, which is why I was hopeful that jason would never make it to trial. Because you wanted him dead in pentonville. And when that didn't work, you wanted to kill him here at general hospital, but you failed. Jason's free, and he's competent, and Sonny's territory is secure and it's gonna stay that way. You know, under other circumstances, I'd advise you to watch your back. It would be a cakewalk for morgan to eliminate you and take Sonny's businesses for himself. Okay, that shows how much you don't know about me and jason. He is either devoid of ambition or completely in your thrall. Either way, it does put you in the driver's seat. You know, I sense that you enjoy the power, but be careful what you wish for, carly. The deeper you wade into this business, the harder it is to get out. I had a real wake-up call today when I saw...this. Meet your son or daughter, brando corbin. I made this? Don't be so greedy. It takes two to tango.

[ Chuckles ] I could never forget that particular tango. Now that cyrus no longer has a hold on us...what's next? Suddenly, we have time to figure out a lot of things, including this. Okay, w-why don't you wait over there, okay? I think it's gonna be better if I talk to cyrus alone. Alright.

[ Exhales deeply ] I'd like a W... I'd like a word with mr. Renault. Don't you mean the prisoner? Actually, I mean my brother. I'm glad you don't hold a grudge.

[ Scoffs ] Who says I don't? Any reason why laura would want to visit cyrus after he held her hostage? Well, in truth, my sister's doing it for me, or, more precisely, for my mother. I mean, thankfully, jason may now be free, but mama's still being held in captivity. And even if it's gilded, it's still a cage. Okay, well, the dynamics have changed, mr. Grey. I may be able to help you get your mother back. He looks so peaceful. You'd never know.

[ Bottle thuds ]

[ Sighs ] Here. Michael, is everything okay? Um... look, I was -- I was gonna -- I was gonna tell you this earlier, but... nina's on her way back to port charles to visit wiley. Oh. Well, we agreed to give her another chance, but I thought you'd let me know when you decided to reach out to nina. Yeah. Um, jax insisted that I call nina tonight and extend an invitation. I know jax has been advocating for nina, and, of course, he's josslyn's dad and part of your family, but isn't he overstepping a little? He blackmailed me. Wait. What? He saw us together that, uh -- that night in the gatehouse.

Together together? Only -- only briefly. But, uh... yeah, he said that chase doesn't have to know if I agree to let nina back into wiley's life. Michael, I am so sorry. God, if things had been different, jax never would have had the chance to make good on his threat. If what things would have been different? I almost told chase about us.

[ Sighs ] Nothing?

[ Door closes ] I've checked the formula a thousand times. In theory, elizabeth, I did everything right. It was perfect. In practice, I failed, and not just any patient. I failed my son. And if that wasn't bad enough, I killed the one person who had an antidote. Finn, wait. Wait. Where are you going? I'm gonna turn myself in to the police.

I'm here to speak for someone who can't speak for herself, someone you claim to care about more than any other. Tell marty not to worry. Our mother is getting the best of care. She deserves nothing less. She deserves to be able to see martin. She could be living in the lap of luxury, and it wouldn't matter if she couldn't see her own son. Oh, yes. The golden child who could do no wrong. Unlike me. Cyrus, do you think you could put aside your anger just for a moment? Think only of your mother. Who will take care of your mother when you go to prison? The people that you've hired to watch her? See, I think they will abandon your mother and you as soon as they stop getting paid. And if you're the only one who knows where she is, I think it's likely that she could be left alone. She could suffer, or worse. I won't let that happen. If you can use your influence as mayor to have my sentence reduced.

[ Chuckles ] It's -- it's okay. Cyrus isn't lurking around the corner ready to spring. He's three floors down, guarded 24/7, a prisoner in his own hospital. Mm. I think it's gonna take me a while to get used to the fact that he's no longer part of our lives. Believe me, I'm -- I get it. I got so used to being under his thumb, avoiding what I care about, not showing weakness, it's gonna take me a minute to relearn how to just live. We talked about dating, like, going to a movie or having dinner out. Catching a baseball game. Oh. That all sounds so normal. I'm not even sure I can do normal anymore. If it makes you feel any better, making a baby before you ever go on a first date isn't really that normal. I guess we've never done anything in the correct order. Does that make us messed up? I don't think so. No. 'Cause we did something exactly right. Whatever you tell me, I will not repeat to phyllis, but she already told me you went to a clinic three weeks ago. I was having chest pains. Told phyllis it was heartburn, but she knows I have a bad ticker. She insisted on having my doctor check me out. And? And he showed me a picture of my heart.

[ Exhales sharply ] It's not pretty. And phyllis doesn't know? Unh-unh. Well, she -- she's gonna have to know. You gotta -- you guys have to make decisions about things. Phyllis isn't gonna know, and you will keep your mouth shut because this is my life and my decision. Lenny. Not yours. Phyllis is a nurse. She can handle whatever you throw at her. You're not worried about phyllis. I know what you're -- you're scared. You're talking to a marine, son. We're not scared of anything. Except your feelings. You think it was easy for me to tell nina how much I cared about her? I don't -- we don't even know each other. You and phyllis have been together for a lifetime. She has a right to know what's going on here. She's not gonna love you any less. Okay. Let's do this. Chase had amy fix up the room. It was supposed to look like nantucket. Casey's family has a house there, and we made plans to visit a long time ago. Chase was so sweet, wanting to do something nice for me. And I realized the longer this goes on, the worse he's going to get hurt. And I just couldn't lie to him anymore. But before I could tell chase the truth, Finn rushed in and said he discovered the cure. A cure that doesn't work. Making it a really bad time to tell now. We have to wait until he's better, and he has to hear the truth from me, not jasper jacks. Carly: What about jax? You're making a mistake. Wouldn't be the first time. Finn. If you decide to confess, there's plenty of time to go to the police, tell them whatever you want, but not now, not when chase's life depends on you. Did you hear anything I just said?! I took my best shot, my only shot, elizabeth, and I failed! I failed. Maybe the theory was flawed. Maybe it's karma's payback for pushing peter down a flight of stairs. You're a scientist. You know better. Science hasn't been very good to me lately. Science saved you from blackwoods, and it can cure chase. You have no right to lose faith. Not now, not ever, Finn.

[ Cellphone chimes ] It's the outside lab where I sent chase's blood work. The results are in.

What did I miss? Ask lenny. I'm sticking to bartending. Not good? I think you knew that already. After all these years, if you -- if you don't talk to me, then I don't know what we have, but it certainly isn't a marriage. I love you. But you have no idea how scared I am of losing you. Carly: Why are you guys talking about jax? Well, uh, nina's on her way back to port charles to see wiley.

[ Scoffs ] Is this permanent? Uh, we're gonna talk about boundaries first. I'm gonna make it clear that she cannot mention nelle. And assuming nina can abide by the rules, michael and I thought it would be good for wiley to have both his grandmothers doting over him. Okay. What does this have to do with jax? You just can't help yourself, can you? You just love to manipulate people. Can't wait to exploit those vulnerabilities, right?

[ Sighs ] I hate to disappoint you, but I have no influence to use on your behalf. And even if you did, you'd never help me. You didn't ask me for help. You tried to extort it from me.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Chuckles ] Martin. Have you gotten anywhere with our brother? What do you think? Do you mind putting him on the line? There's someone here who would like to speak with him. It's for you. Martin, there's nothing you can say that will make me change... mother?

[ Door opens ] Mom? You're back. Did you get what you need? I did. Brando and I thought that you would like to see this.

[ Door closes ] My grandchild. Brando: We can't tell if it's a boy or girl yet. Doesn't matter. I can see a family resemblance.

[ Chuckles ] Mom, you can't tell anything from the ultrasound. You're wrong, sweetheart. This little person is gonna need all the love they can get. They're gonna need me as much as you do. Well, uh, jax made the request. Yeah, he -- he, uh -- he still cares for nina, and he's -- he's convinced that it'll be good for both wiley and nina for them to be, uh -- be in contact. Okay, what do you think? Jax is extremely biased. Do the two of you think that nina will be good for wiley? Hold on.

[ Sighs ] Hamilton, have you figured out what went wrong with the antidote? No, not yet. What about the lab? Did you hear from them? The toxin's still in chase's system. For reasons I can't explain, the cure I synthesized... has made the symptoms more intense. Well, there must be something you can do. Finn just needs more time. If you'll excuse me, I need to check in on chase.

[ Sighs ] Lenny: But I-I didn't want you to worry. How awful for chase's family. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Yeah, no one should have to go through what they're going through. I have to go. You have no idea how much I love you. I love you, too. Okay. Um, a-and just so you know, don't -- don't, um, worry about nina. Um, I-I won't let her pull another stunt with wiley like she did last time. I'm not worried. Goodbye, willow.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Sighs ] Thank you for sharing this with me. Thank you for sharing your son with me. I should go. I'll call you later. Yeah. So, grandma. I'll, uh, frame a copy of the ultrasound for you to take to bridgeport. I've been meaning to talk to you about that. There's nothing for me back in bridgeport. There's so much more here, which is why I'm gonna move in with you until we find a larger place and I can take care of you and my grandchild. Cyrus: N-no, mother. That's not true. I only want what's best for -- mother? Mother, are you there?

[ Monitor beeping ] Well, good for martin. He found your mother and he will take charge of her care. With carly's help, I'm sure. Kind of poetic justice, isn't it? Carly's going to return your mother to the brother who will care for her. You're defending carly corinthos? I understand carly corinthos. She wants to do anything she can to stop you from hurting anybody else. You know, I-I don't want another lecture, sis.

[ Sighs ] So, please, just go. I need to call my lawyer. Before you do that, cyrus, I'd like you to reflect, please, just for a moment. You know, with your intelligence and your determination, you could have...built roads, fed the poor. You could have done so much good in the world that they would have built a statue to honor you. But instead, you chose to be selfish and cruel. And that has left you alone and feeling unloved. But you have no one to blame here but yourself. If that's true, next time we meet, I'll have nothing to lose. If there's a next time, I'll be ready. Why didn't it work? Huh? Where did I go wrong? How long have I been out? A while. I was in the lab. And? You've run out of tricks? I'm gonna die, aren't I?

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Michael (to Willow): I guess what happens next depends on Nina.

Valentin (to Nina): This is Bailey Lois -  she's my daughter.

Maxie (to Spinelli): Can we just call it even and move forward?

Anna (to Elizabeth): You do have options - Peter.

Finn (to Chase): I'd be lying if I didn't say that was our best shot.

Carly (to Jax): Not only do you know this - you're countin' on it.

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