GH Transcript Tuesday 6/8/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 6/8/21


Episode #14717 ~ Stella talks to Portia about her presence in Curtis' life. Alexis and Shawn make a discovery. Jax backs Michael into a corner. Ava runs into Laura at the hospital. Elizabeth and Finn work together to rehash Chase's case.

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 I don't know why you were calling me, curtis. But in that moment... you had no idea that it was the most important phone call of our lives.

[ Voice breaking ] You saved me... saved my Trina. You just keep showing up for us.

[ Groaning softly ] There you are.

[ Grunts ] Oh. What'd I miss? Ava: Well, you did it, laura. You finally brought cyrus renault down. I hope so. He still has to be prosecuted and convicted. But the hospital has called an emergency board meeting to have cyrus ousted, so they will be free of him. Oh, that's great! And that is a win!

[ Sighs ] Yeah. I think I'll feel better when I know that curtis is gonna make a full recovery. Where is nikolas? Uh, he -- he's on his way. He had some business to take care of. Hi. [ Laughs ] We have to stop meeting like this. I had to call in one last favor so I could see you today. What do you mean, "one last"? I am no longer in negotiation to privatize this prison. Mike, I think that we should talk about... that kiss. Yeah, I was gonna say the same thing. It's kind of, like, not in my nature to talk about my feelings. Hmm. How would you know?

[ Laughing ] That's a fair point, right? Mm. I just wanted to say that the -- that kiss, I-it didn'T... come out of nowhere. No, it didn'T. So, what is this about? Uh, well, I, um... I know what's going on between you and willow.

[ Scoffs ] What are you talking about? Willow and I are -- we got our marriage annulled. It's -- it's -- no, you can s-- you can save your breath, michael. I mean, I happened to be walking down this way last night, and, um, I -- I caught a glimpse of you and willow th-- uh, through the window in an intimate moment. And, of course, I im-- I immediately left. Jax, jax, please. You -- [ Sighs ] You have to promise me you're not gonna say a word about this to anyone. Chase can't find out about me and willow. Chase, one of the nurses said you surprise.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Seaside-themed ambiance

playing over phone ] What do you think? Peter: Don't you see, Finn?! There has to be consequences! Finn: Not for him! Not for chase! Where do you think you're going? To find my daughter. No! Consequences, Finn. I didn't sentence chase to death. Anna did. You're not walking out on me! Get off me!

[ Grunts ]

[ Hollers ] Peter? Peter, it's elizabeth. Can you hear me? Is he?

[ Sniffs ] Alright, guys, no insurance talk on beach day. -I'm down. -Yes, please.

[ Chuckles ]

Elizabeth: Hey. You okay? Hi. Um...I'm sorry. I must have dozed off and... you dreaming about what happened to peter? Are you psychic now? Just had the same nightmare. Been working around the clock, haven't you? There's no time to rest. No, no, here. Give that to me. What? I'll get you a fresh cup. Better yet... why don't you go home, take a shower and a nap.

[ Sighs, sniffs ] I'll take the fresh cup of coffee. Thank you. But I'm not going anywhere, elizabeth. Not until I figure out a way to formulate a cure. If I don'T... I might as well have just killed chase myself. I think the nurse went a little overboard getting you here. Sorry for worrying you. It's okay.

[ Laughs softly ] What is all this?

[ Inhales deeply, sighs ] The trip we never took. Do you remember when we first got together? We were gonna spend the weekend away at my parents' place. On nantucket. We never got there. Maybe never will. So I decided to bring the getaway to us. Michael: Willow and I got our marriage annulled. But we couldn't exactly, uh... annul our feelings for each other. Mm. We wanted to move forward together as a family. You know, I mean -- a-- and sasha and I, we already split up, and -- and -- and willow was on her way to tell chase the night that he fell ill. I see. Yeah, a-and willow and I, we agreed to wait to be together until chase had recovered. And -- and -- and we -- we tried to st-- keep our distance. And then, last night, our -- you know, our feelings got -- yeah, you know, the whole thing just sounds really complicated. Yeah, well, it would have been a lot more complicated if anyone else would have seen us last night. Which you're not gonna say anything, right? Jax? Oh, you know what? Now -- now would be a really good time to -- to continue our conversation about, uh -- about nina. I'm sure you've noticed how phyllis is pushing us together. Yeah, she just wants us to be as happy as she is.

[ Laughs softly ] I make you happy? You've been a good friend. No, th-- that's not -- listen, tha-- that's a coward way of telling you the truth. And wha-- what's the truth? I care a lot about you. More than -- than just a friend. Easy, easy. No, no, no, take it easy. You just had surgery. Ah. Is everyone okay? How's Trina? Everybody's safe... thanks to you.

[ Sighs ] I didn't do it alone. Mac, thanks, I-I have to go. He's awake! Hey, there. Jordan: Hi. So happy that you're awake. How about that? Stella: I'm not surprised one bit. Aunt stella. Wha-- [ Laughs ] What are you doing here?

[ Chuckles ] You saved the world and nearly got yourself killed. Where else would I be? I hopped on the first plane flying. Don't you ever scare me like that again. Mm. I'm okay, auntie. How long have you been awake? Just a few minutes. I opened my eyes and... portia was right there. I-I-I'm gonna get, um, Trina now to get dr. Singleton. Honey, honey, tell dr. Singleton that curtis is finally awake. I will. Okay? So glad to see you, curtis. And thank you again. It seems that Trina's come to a whole new appreciation of you. Well, that's no surprise. He saved her. And me, and laura. Oh, no, no, no, no. Don't -- don't try to make me out into some kind of hero. I am. You are. Deal with it. Excuse me, nurse? Have you seen dr. Singleton? Trina, any news about curtis? He's awake! I-I'm trying to find dr. Singleton. He's awake! Oh, I-I just saw her. I'll get her. Okay. I'm fine, I promise. Just give me a hug already, will you?

[ Sighs ] The state vetoed my bid to purchase pentonville for cassadine industries.

[ Sighs ] Oh, damn. I mean, I'm -- y-you know I'm not a fan of -- of prison privatization, but now I'm dependent on cyrus' goodwill toward me. Well, not anymore. Cyrus was arrested last night. For? Attempted murder, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, witness tampering...

[ Laughs softly ] To name a few. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Renault's associates have already started flipping. Like rats on a sinking ship. The investigation extends to pentonville. Renault's people have basically been neutralized. You're safe, alexis. That's the best news I've heard in a while. Fingers crossed, I'm about to hear some more. How did your parole hearing go? Please tell me that the board... gave you your overdue release.

I appreciate everything you tried to do, but it's a no-go. They denied your parole? On what grounds? They don't need grounds. It's completely at their discretion. They still consider me a "danger to society"... even though I've done everything right since I've been here. That is wrong. I'm sorry, shawn. I'm sure you're disappointed. Hmph. But you don't know what I'm thinking. You kn-- you know what, nikolas? Thank you for -- for, uh, stopping by, but this is -- this is not a good time. But I appreciate you -- you giving me an update on the news. Yeah, of course. I'll visit you, uh, through regular channels again. Take care of yourselves.

[ Sighs ] Jordan and the pcpd were amazing.

[ Laughs softly ] Thanks to them both, cyrus might finally be out of our lives forever.

[ Monitor beeping ] Singleton: Oh. Mayor collins told me you were awake, but -- well, I didn't expect a party.

[ Laughter ] I'll need a moment alone with mr. Ashford. Of course, dr. Singleton. Let's step outside. I'll be back. I know you will. So, how are we feeling today? Mm. Hey, I need to call tj and tell him the good news. Okay. Uh, excuse me. Dr. Robinson? Yeah? I'd like a moment with you, please. Driving yourself this hard isn't gonna help you find a cure for chase. I killed the man who was keeping my son alive. I lost it. And in doing so, I lost the best chance I had to save chase. You know, on top of all that, what would chase think if he found out I had killed someone? I've spent most of my adult life helping heal people, so I don't take lightly what I'm about to say. Peter august got what was coming to him. And now he's disappeared. He's gone. That's all anyone needs to know. Yeah. He's gone, elizabeth. He's gone, and so is the antidote. Peter was gonna hang the antidote over your head and torture chase until he was done with him. Peter was never gonna cure chase. It was always gonna come down to you.

[ Scoffs ] Now, there's gotta be something in sean donely's files. Anna thought they were important, so I agree. Elizabeth, I have been going over them all night. If the answer is in here... I cannot find it. What you need is a fresh cup of coffee and someone to bounce ideas off of, and I can provide you with both. Now, get back to work.

[ Door closes ] I can't believe you went to all this trouble. Well, in -- in all fairness, amy did most of the work. I'm not exactly mobile. But why? I-I mean, of course, it's -- it's charming, and I love it. But you need to preserve your strength and stay focused on getting better. No. No, I-I c-- I can't keep doing that. Last night, I stopped by the main house to see you to continue our conversation about, and you never got back to me. Yeah, I've been a little busy. Yeah, I -- I realize that. But -- but I think it's time to stop putting off the conversation, michael. Look, nina just wants to be a part of her grandson's life, and I think deep down, you know that would be beneficial for wiley. Now, I-I-I understand that nina has crossed the line, and she's made some mistakes with your family. Mm-hmm. Yeah, she told wiley that willow wasn't his mother. She does regret saying that.

[ Sighs ] Look, now that nina has come to terms with, um, nelle's death... there must be some way to reach a reasonable compromise. Really? Yes. Since when did blackmail become a reasonable compromise? The more I've gotten to know you... ...the more that I'm drawn to you. Now, I'm hoping you feel the same way. Unless I got the wrong idea. No, you didn'T.

You go again --saving my life. You'll catch up.

[ Monitor beeping ] You went through one hell of an ordeal with cyrus. How are you holding up? How am I?

[ Laughs ] You're the one in the hospital bed. Oh, well. I didn't volunteer myself as a hostage or have my brother threaten to kill me. Laura, I could hear it in cyrus' voice. He was unspooling. Yeah, well, I am glad that he's been brought to justice.

[ Sighs ] Still, you know, I can't help but wonder... what might have been, you know, I-if he had been offered forgiveness or a chance at redemption when he was younger. I guess... there but for the grace of god go I. Cyrus made his choices. I'm quite sure he had opportunities to make different ones, but he didn'T. It wasn't in him. I've made some pretty bad choices, too.

[ Scoffs ] Laura, there's no comparison between you and cyrus. You are someone who makes sacrifices for the people you care about. That makes two of us, my friend. I'm happy to make time for you, ms. Henry. Of course, dr. Singleton is curtis' physician, but I'm sure I can answer any questions that you may have. Good, because my questions don't involve my nephew's injury. They involve his heart. Now, I realize you and curtis are adults, and believe me when I tell you, I know better than to interfere in his personal life. But I know my nephew, and I know what I saw in that room. And the way you two were looking at each other makes me wonder. Ms. Henry, I -- I mean, I'm known for my directness, and you certainly seem like someone who would appreciate that, so I'll cut to the chase. Nothing is going on between curtis and me. Thank you. I appreciate your honesty, and I'm glad to hear it. For your sake. So, the toxin peter gave to chase isn't the same one faison gave to tiffany hill? No, but the compounds are similar. Whoever designed the toxin that was used on chase was clearly inspired by the original. And designed a very complicated variant. So, wouldn't the antidote also be a derivative of the one you saw in tiffany? You'd like to think so, right? Listen, I ran this test a thousand times over, and my results point to the same thing, all right? Chase's immune system is working overtime to wipe out the toxin. Mm, so it's doing its job. It's attacking anything foreign that enters his body. Right. His immune system is neutralizing the very thing that could save him.

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to snap. I just -- I am so frustrated trying to stay hopeful when hope is the -- the last thing I am feeling these days. You're entitled to feel how you feel. You don't have to pretend for me. You have been my rock through all of this, even with everything that you have going on. I mean, nursing school, wiley. And you've been here for me by my side whenever I need you. Well, you have been incredible, so I thought I'D... thought I'd do something for you after all the sacrifices you've made for me. Jax: Do you really think that I would blackmail you into allowing nina to see wiley? Well, you know what? If that's not your intention, now's the time to clear that up. I am trying to think of what's best for everyone here, including wiley. Mm. I mean, why should he be deprived of nina's presence in his life? Wiley met nina twice. He doesn't even miss her. Michael, that's not the point. That is his grandmother. Look, I know she's not perfect, okay? But her intentions are good, and she's not a part of some, you know, criminal enterprise. She loves wiley. And she's learned not to overstep with you and willow. You know what else? The more your mother gets involved with the mob, the more wiley will need a stable presence in his life like nina. All r-- all right, jax. Jax, enough. I-I-I -- you made your case. You tied it up with a nice little bow of family togetherness. Now, if this -- this really is about wiley and -- and -- a-and what's best for him and -- and our family, a-and not about blackmail, what are you gonna do if I tell you that I don't trust nina to be in wiley's life right now? What, are you gonna go to -- go to chase's hospital room and tell him that willow and I are together? Well, I hope it doesn't come to that. I don't know how or when it began, Mike, but one day, I woke up, and I realized you're the first person that pops into my head in the morning. And then, I noticed that you are the last person I think about before I go to sleep. I find myself smiling over something that you said or you did, and... I'm looking at the man right in front of me. I'm not thinking about your past. I'm not thinking about my past. I'm looking at you. Good or bad... the happiness and peace that I have found here, I have never had in my life. And there are a lot of choices I can make right now. Perhaps selfishly, the choice I want to make, I want to make the choice of peace. And being here with you and lenny and phyllis has meant the world to me. And the one thing that I hope... and pray for... that you always remember the peace that you found here. Me, too. I'm sorry, Mike. We can never be together. It would only mean heartache for you -- and believe me, for everyone else. Why would you say that?

Tj is very happy that you're awake. Expect a visit later. Right. How are you feeling? Honestly? I've been better.

[ Grunts ] Well, I don't know whether to arrest you for interfering with my op or to pin a medal on you. The medal. Definitely the better option. Besides, I was just keeping cyrus busy long enough for you to swoop in. One step ahead of me. As usual. What do you mean by that? Well, you gave me an opening to move in on cyrus and...take him down for good. Sure, it's my job, but... you knew it was personal, especially after he kidnapped tj and nearly killed taggert, compromised my professional career and my life. He cost me my... my marriage. You're still standing. And you had a lot to do with that.

[ Monitor beeping ] So, thank you. I just wish, um...

[Laughs softly] ...We could have taken the bastard down and found a way to stay together. Me, too. Should I be offended by that comment? I meant no offense. In fact, I'm sure you're a very nice person. But I wasn't born yesterday. I know people can get caught up in relationships they have no business being in. You were married when you met curtis, and you didn't tell him. And here you are back again, right when curtis' marriage falls apart. If you're insinuating that I had anything to do with that, rest assured, I did not. Curtis and i are friends... but that's all. Well, just so you know, my nephew needs to recover. Not only from his injury, but from the end of his marriage. The last thing he needs is a rebound relationship. So, if you truly want what's best for my nephew, you'll back off and let him get on with his healing before getting any closer to him. I thank you for your time, dr. Robinson.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Thank you again for making sure the parole hearing went our way. Oh, and be on the lookout for a token of gratitude from cassadine industries. Well, this -- this doesn't make any sense. You know what makes me even angrier? That I actually let myself believe this would change things. It should have. Why would it? Look at me. It doesn't matter that I actually didn't do that crime. Talk to some of those kids who got thrown in here for doing way less than what I was convicted for. Kids barely out of school who don't have a friend who used to be a high-powered attorney. No, only an overworked public defender who can barely pronounce their names, let alone remember them. We were set up for this life. Which is no life at all. It's just the way it is, alexis. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I am aware of the injustices. I am. I -- I just -- I just f-forget sometimes.

[ Chuckles ] You have that luxury.

[ Sighs ] Listen, thank you... for your troubles, though. Seriously, thank you. It's not fair. It's not. We were both convicted of the same crime, and you've already been in prison longer than my whole sentence will be. Yeah, well, when judge carson took over sentencing -- man, she threw the book at me. Did you say judge carson? Peter got his money's worth. This toxin is the most sophisticated I've ever seen. I just hate that I was so busy blaming jason for franco's death while peter was free to walk around and do this to chase. Hey.

[ Sighs ] If I don't get to blame myself, you don't get to take it on either, okay? I know, I know. I just can't believe that I actually thanked him for saving franco's life when his so-called heroism was just some trojan horse to worm his way into maxie's life. What'd you say? What? The -- the la-- the last part, about, uh, saving franco's life. What was that? Saving franco's life was just a trojan horse so peter could manipulate maxie. T-- tr-- trojan horse. No, no. Finn? No. No, no.

[ Sighs ] Amy did a great job. I had her look up nantucket beaches. She kind of went nuts.

[ Laughs softly ] See that box over on the couch? Grab it. Okay.

[ Monitor beeping ] You don't wear this, do you? [ Laughs ] No, no, no. You do. Here, lean in. Uh, here. There. Now, if I would have taken you to the island, we would have gone out on my family boat. And you guys wear these? Are you kidding? We'd look ridiculous.

[ Laughter ] You know, maybe we'll still get there. Yeah, maybe. Chase, stop. You used to be my stepfather. You took me and morgan to disney world your josslyn's father. My -- my sister loves you. And -- and you blackmail me?! What? I'm not -- threatening to break chase's heart... oh... while he's sick in -- in the hospital to get what you want?! You know what? Hey, let's not say anything here right now that we can't take back, okay? Can we just concentrate on the matter at hand? The irony is, is that we could have just talked about this, take the steps to get nina a-and wiley together. You didn't have to play this card with me.

[ Stammers ] And now that you've forced my hand, any relationship with wiley and nina going forward is gonna be based on a lie. Is thi-- is this really how you want to play this, jax?

[ Sighs ] Just make the call. Mike, I am not the person that you think I am. Trust me, I will only hurt you. Is this about your exes who lied to you? Because I'm not like those guys. With me, what you see is what you get. No, no, this -- this is about me. Who I've been and who I am. They say we all have baggage, right? Who knows, I may have a truckload.

[ Laughter ] But the thing is, you know, not having a past, it's freeing! And I am so glad that you are free. Y-you can be, too. Maybe we -- we wound up... in this town for a reason. Maybe it's our chance for...happiness. You don't think we owe it to ourselves to... ...give it a shot?

Oh, I'm so sorry, I can come back later. Jordan: No, no, no, no. It's okay. I -- I was just leaving. Um, get some rest, okay? I'll be back to get your statement later. I'm not going anywhere.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Hisses through teeth ] Well, your vitals look really good. Are you comfortable? Uh, about as good as can be expected, I guess. Good. Um, do you have a few minutes? Sure. I just want to say, the reason I called you last night is because of the way I responded to our kiss. You know, now really isn't the time to get into -- I-I-I just want to explain why I pushed you away. But there's no need, because I-I'm actually glad that you did. I'm glad you shut that down. Finn, what is all this? You're familiar with how mrna treatments work, right? In this scenario? Yeah, a -- a messenger protein would need to be injected into chase's bloodstream to teach his body how to produce the antidote on his own. But isn't his immune system rejecting everything foreign that we're putting into his body? Not if we convince his body that the messenger protein is already being produced as his own. And for that, all we need to do is introduce a trojan horse into his system so we can let the messenger protein do its own thing. And that'S... behold. The trojan horse. Did I do something wrong? No, no, of course not. I just... I don't want to jeopardize your health. You can't let your bp spike or heart race. So...let's enjoy nantucket. I'll be right here wearing this ridiculous hat. Willow, are you sure that's all it is? I want you to stay in nixon falls... not because of some article... ...but because of us. "Us"? I want to see where it goes. You know? What do you say?

[ Cellphone rings ] One second. Hello? Hi, it's, um... it's michael corinthos.

 I hope you are not going back to the office. Girl, go home. Fill a tub, light some candles, and settle in for a nice, long soak. You've earned it. It's still too early for a victory soak, stella. I will not be able to relax until cyrus is convicted and sent away for a long, long time. I understand you not wanting to move on too fast. Mm-hmm. And I hope that applies to everything in your life. What do you mean? I mean you and curtis. I'm not ready to give up on your marriage. Now, I'm sure the papers have been signed and filed and -- no, actually. They're not. Um, curtis signed, and he dropped the papers off at my office, and I have had every intention of signing them and sending them off to be filed. I just -- I haven't gotten around to it. But I will -- as soon as I get back to my office. Whoa, whoa, why? Wha-- what's the hurry?

[ Sighs ] C-- [ Sighs ] Look. You still love my nephew, jordan, and there's still time to make things right.

[ Laughs softly ] I -- no, no. Wait, wait, wait. You don't understand. I-I was calling to explain that -- I wasn't thinking clearly last night. I mean, we've --

[ Scoffs ] We've both been through hell this past year. And I don't want to risk our friendship over something that... neither one of us seemed to be ready for. And from what I can see... feel the same way. Right? Right. Trina: I'm so glad curtis is feeling better. Mm. Is Ava still here? She and nikolas had to get back to avery. Mm. You and Ava are good friends, aren't you? Oh, yeah. She's taught me so much -- and not just about the art business. In the time I've worked for her, Ava's changed so much, and I think that's because of your son. Mm. Ava's so happy, and I'm so glad things have worked out for her. Me, too. I've never seen nikolas happier.

[ Sighs ] I am glad to have a little time alone before avery gets here. Ava: Yeah. Me, too. Oh, no. [ Laughs ] There's not enough time for that. Oh, we'll see.

[ Door closes ] Your sentencing judge was judge carson? Naomi carson? Yeah. Why? That was my judge. And considering the severity of the charges, I got a slap on the wrist. Yeah, but you weren't Sonny's right-hand man. That's not what you were alluding to just a second ago.

[ Sighs ] You know what? Maybe there's another way to get you out of here. This really isn't a good time. Uh, yeah, so sorry to, uh, call you out of the blue. I just, um... I-I wanted to let you know that willow and i have reconsidered. It's -- it's -- it's time that we give you seeing wiley another go.

[ Gasps ] Wha-- really? Yeah, yeah. We'd, uh...[ Sighs ] ...Like to set up another visit for you a-and wiley as soon as you are ready. All you have to do is come back to port charles. I can see it on your face. What's wrong?

[ Monitor beeping ] You're building me up to be... more than I am, chase. Of course I-I want to help you. Of course I'm -- I'm going to see you through this. But... what? What is it? You can tell me anything. There's --

[ Door clatters ] I think I figured it out. I know how to cure you.

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