GH Transcript Friday 6/4/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/4/21


Episode #14715 ~ Britt is caught off-guard. Laura's life is threatened. Carly receives an urgent text. Willow is sympathetic. Jax confides in Olivia.

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[ Sighs ]

[ Telephones ringing in distance ]

[ Baby fusses ] Valentin: Is that, uh...? Our little girl. She, uh -- she decided she didn't want to wait any longer. My daughter. Yeah.

[ Breathes sharply ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Baby cooing ]

[ Doorknob rattles ]

[ Shouts ] Mom? Hello, liebchen. Hey, honey. Hi. Sorry for the late visit. Oh. I was, uh, trying to get a hold of michael, and then I heard about the shots fired at the docks. Ohh. And, uh, I got worried that maybe he'd got caught up in it. Oh, no, no, no, no. Michael's fine. Willow just called to check in, actually. Oh. Uh, I guess the plan was to come home late, grab wiley, and head on down to the gatehouse. Oh. Good thing that kid sleeps like a log. That's good to hear. Yeah. How is wiley? Oh, he's great. I swear, that kid learns something new every day.

[ Chuckles ] And nina's missing all of it.

[ Cell door clanking ] Hey, michael. I'm with jason. Yeah, we're just waiting for diane to work her magic and get the da's office to formally drop the charges. Should be pretty straightforward, right? I mean, now that gladys gave her statement saying that it was peter that she saw, and not jason. I hope so. Look, I'm just glad that you're okay and that jason doesn't have to run anymore. Me, too. What about cyrus? Any word? Not yet. But it's only a matter of time before jordan finds him. We go on my signal. Wait. Give me one more chance to reach cyrus. Do you really think he's gonna pick up? It's worth a shot. Laura hasn't used the code word yet -- she must still think she can make some headway. Okay, one more try. Alright.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Sighs ] You are the one who is in control here. You can decide to let everyone walk away from this completely unharmed, just like you decided to let portia and Trina go.

[ Ringing continues ] Oh, t-that -- that -- that damn ringing! Just pick it up. Tell them what you want.

[ Ringing continues ] Trina. Can you tell me where your mother is? She's giving her statement to the police.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Then I'm gonna need your help. Is she alright? Brook lynn: She's safe and sound. What happened? I was, um -- I was on my way to bensonhurst when my water broke. In the car? Yeah, it's gonna need a good detail. Hey, maxie, what are you doing out of bed? Maxie, what are you doing? I'm okay. I'm okay. What are you doing? What are you -- hey. Easy, easy. Easy, easy. It's okay. I got you. It's alright.

Why did you break in? I didn't know if you were sleeping. I didn't want to wake you. No, giving me a heart attack is so much better. My britta is made of stronger stuff. Mother, I could have hurt you. I'm made of stronger stuff. It's good to see you. You, too.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] You seem well for someone on the run. Mm. [ Chuckles ] Wait. I'm so confused. We were so careful about covering our tracks. How did you find me? Mr. Morgan called me. Hey. How's michael? It's -- well, it's been an eventful night. What the hell is taking the da's office so long? These aren't exactly regular business hours, carly. I don't care. You shouldn't have been here to begin with. I want you out. Okay, I'm gonna get out. Well, not soon enough.

[ Sighs ] I'm so happy you're home. It's been insane without you, and I'm so sorry I made you run. See, we -- we've been over this, right? Well, in my defense, you know, you would have gotten away clean had you not gone back in to get britt, okay? But I had -- I had to go back. I know. I know. And I finally get what you mean -- like, when a plan's in motion, it can twist in unexpected ways, and I'm just sorry I forced you to escape.

[ Voice breaking ] I'm sorry. Okay. Hey. It's okay. I promise I will never put you in that position again. Okay, I'll try not to put you in that position again. How's that? And I'll take that. So you gave birth in some hotel with a random doula? Well, once they see your nether region, it becomes not-so-random. Why didn't you call me? I did. What are you talking about? Sooner. When you went into labor.

[ Scoffs ] I'm sorry. I was a little bit busy. Well, you're lucky. Things could have gone very, very poorly. Well, it didn'T. Thank god. Do you want to hold her? Very, very much. Come sit. Just protect her head. Oh...I remember. Bailey, this is your daddy. Bailey? Bailey lois quartermaine. Hello, bailey.

[ Baby coos ] Nice to meet you. She's beautiful. I know. She's tiny, and she's perfect. You had blood loss with childbirth, and you need to replenish your fluids. I know how impossible it must feel -- waiting for word on louise. Waiting for word? What happened? My daughter is gone. What? The nurse peter august hired kidnapped maxie, induced labor, and ran off with her baby. Oh, my god. Maxie, I-I don't even know what to say. I'm sure they'll find her. They have to. I just want her as far away from peter as possible.

[ Line ringing ] It's not working. Just wait.

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Line rings ] Cyrus: What?! Cyrus, thank you for picking up. Is laura alright? She's fine. For now. If you want her to stay that way, you will clear the road and get me that car. We can work on that. Stop stalling and do it! Just remember, whatever happens to me happens to laura, too. We go down together. W-w-what exactly are we talking about? No, dad, it's okay. I want to help if I can. I need to know the layout of your house, okay? Are there any other ways to get in besides the front or back door? Uh, a bulkhead door to the cellar, maybe? Uh, my bedroom window. It's closed, but not locked. Okay, I need to know exactly where that is. It's your call, commissioner. What do you want us to do? We give cyrus what he wants.

 So, have you talked to britt? Jason, I'm sure she'd like to know that you're okay.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, carly, look... look, I have never been a fan of britt westbourne. She did a lot of horrible things to a lot of people. But many people said the same thing about me. Britt saved my life. I know. That's what I'm trying to tell you, is that my opinion of britt has definitely changed. Jason called you? Why? He wasn't exactly chatty, just said you were safe and gave me an address where I could find you. Huh. So... now that I'm here...

[ Chuckles ] ...Give me all the juicy details. Ohhh. Uhh. All that matters is... jason saved my life and I saved his. What?

[ Laughs ] Nothing. Don't "nothing" me. Just say it. After wasting your time with men like nikolas and patrick drake, you've finally met your match. Hasn't been lost on me that... thank you. ...Ever since Sonny's been gone and jason busy with other things, not impossible that carly would step in to take care of the family business. Now, would I do that? I don't know. I've never been in that position. I only care about my daughter's safety. So whatever carly's doing, I hope that it's over sooner rather than later. Maxie, you're safe here. You don't have to worry about peter. You don't know that. The police are looking for him. He's not gonna come back here. Where do you think you're going? To find my daughter. No! Consequences, Finn. I didn't sentence chase to death. Anna did. I just wish he would disappear...forever.

[ Monitor beeping ] Passed your checkup with flying colors. Nice work, baby girl. I think you should be checked, also. Okay, I will, just, uh, not tonight, okay? It's late. I'm really tired. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Okay, how about we get our daughter home? Yeah. You think I'm an idiot? No. Y-you think I believe for one moment they're going to give me what I want? [ Laughs ] No. They're just stringing me along until they can... get a sniper to take me out. Well, that's not happening. Cyrus, if you'd just listen to me for just a minute -- you know, this is... your fault, really. All I wanted was to be your brother, to bask in one ounce of the love you have for everyone else. Oh, you want my love, do you? Yes! Well, then, earn it! Damn you! I would have helped you. I would have helped you. If you had just been the tiniest bit sorry for the things that you did, if you were even the tiniest bit willing to let someone help you. But no. No. You want to bond with me while you torch the rest of the damn world! So it's all on me. It doesn't have to be. Not yet. You still have time. You can redeem yourself. Turn yourself in. Turn yourself in. If you do that, I will stand beside you. It's -- it's too little, sister. And it's far too late.

everything okay? Yeah. Brook lynn? You alright? Oh, my god! Who is that? Is he dead? Uh, his name's austin, and he's pretty incredible. Yes. I just got a little startled. I'm sorry. No worries. Congratulations. What? Well, I-I can't see his or her face, but I'm sure he or she is just beautiful. Oh. Thank you. So, I'm looking for room 401. Any ideas? Around the corner on the right. Great. Thanks so much.

[ Sighs lightly ] Maxie, I am so sorry.

[ Monitor beeping ] You know the quartermaines will help in any way we can. Thank you, michael. We'll, uh, leave you alone so you can rest.

[ Beeping continues ]

[ Sighs ] Maxie must be losing her mind. I know. I almost feel guilty, going home to see wiley right now. You still want to take him to the gatehouse? Unless you think we'll wake him.

[ Scoffs ] The kid who slept through a fire alarm when cook started a, uh, grease fire? Good point. Home? Home.

[ Elevator bell dings, doors slide open ] Finn: I'm going to administer a sedative. No! You need to get some sleep. And let my guard down? What if peter comes back? I told you, it's not going to happen. You can't know that. I do. Peter's not gonna bother you again. He can'T. You are being ridiculous. You know that, right? Am I? Yes, jason is not my match. We're not anything. Just two people on the run together. Exactly. Did you have sex with him? Mom! Did you? Of course I did.

[ Laughs ] I knew it.

[ Both laugh ] And? And it was... amazing. But it doesn't -- it doesn't mean anything. You know how these situations are. Everything's heightened. People are drawn to each other when they normally wouldn't be. Right. Men like that are brute instruments. Good with a gun, great in the "sack," as they say...

[ Chuckles ] ...But no one to plan a future with. Actually... I'm wrong? Uh, jason did something for me that, in a way, was just as important as saving my life. He helped me face something that I've been running from for years. What is that? Mom, I lied to you. So, tell me what happened at the meeting with the five families. I told you. They backed me. That's it? Yeah. What do you think -- I screwed up somehow? No. No, you did great. You kept the family safe while I was gone. And I would expect nothing less. You're always the one who believes in me. I always will. Cyrus: You have no idea what you're asking. You want me to go back to prison with no jordan to pressure, no blackmail to use -- just spend the rest of my days rotting in that hellhole?! 10 years was an infinity! I can't go back. I'm never going back!

[ Groaning ] Oh! Oh. We're alike, laura. Whether you admit it or not. We're both just wild creatures who can't be contained. What does that mean, cyrus? What are you going to do?

[ Cyrus panting ]

[ Gasps ] Drop the gun or she dies.

[ Breathing quickly ] Take it easy, cyrus.

[ Screams ] Curtis! Curtis! That's enough out of you.

[ Door crashing open ]

[ Clears throat ] So, um... are you okay? I mean, with, uh... maxie and everything, I... it couldn't have been easy for you. Me? Um. She's the one who lost her little girl. Thanks. Yeah, I know. I-I just didn't know if it

[Breathes sharply] Brought up any memories, or...

[ Sighs ] Seeing maxie alone in that hospital bed...

[ Sighs ] I remember that feeling. The emptiness. The ache. First, when I gave my baby up... ...and then later, learning that he had died. I'm sorry.

[ Laughs ] Why? I don't know. I'm just really happy you're here with me. Me too. When I told you that I had been screened for huntington's and that I didn't have it... that was a lie. I didn't do the test. I chickened out. The truth is, britta, it's your decision whether you want to know or not. I should never have pressured you. Well, for years now, it's -- it's been at the back of my mind, wondering... "do I have it? Don't I have it?" And then it moved to the front of my mind. And then, eventually, it began taking over my life. Every ache, every pain, wondering, "is this it? Is this -- is this the beginning of the end?" Britta. And I wound up telling jason that I might have it. And he was -- he was amazing.

[ Breathes sharply ] He didn't tell me what to do or try to jump in with advice on how I should run my life. He listened. He even talked a little, too, if you can believe that.

[ Both laugh ] What did he say? "If it suffocates you instead of frees you, you should find out." And I knew in that instant that I needed to know. You got the test. Mm-hmm. And? I have the genetic marker for huntington'S. Carly: All charges were dropped? Mr. Morgan is free to go.

[ Sighs ]

[ Laughs ] Carly: Oh, god. Okay, okay. Let's get you out of here, and let's get you home. Okay.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. Oh, my god. What? What is it? We have to go to the hospital. I'll explain to you on the way. Come on.

[ Sighs ] Maxie, there's something you need to know. I --

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to check on the patient. Miss maxie, how are you? Fine. Um, come on in. Finn, elizabeth, this is the man who delivered louise. Can you believe I managed to find a doctor in the middle of the woods? Only you, maxie.

[ Chuckles ] Well, uh, it's -- it's -- it's nice to meet you, dr., Uh...? Oh, austin. I'm off-duty, so just austin. Okay. Um, dr. Finn, do you have time for a consult? Yeah. Yes. I-I'll be back.

[ Monitor beeping ] So [Sighs] How's your head doing? It's still on my shoulders. That's a plus. It is. Um, I'm only sorry that I didn't come to you sooner, 'cause I might have been able to help you out with that nurse, and... if I'd done that, then you'd have your baby in your arms right now. Olivia: [ Gasps ] You had the baby? Brook lynn: Yeah. Nobody told me! Valentin: Things move quickly. It's hard to keep up.

[ Door closes ] Oh, my goodness. Bailey, meet your granddaughter, olivia. Oh, brook lynn! She is a literal angel. Isn't she?

[ Gasps ] Oh, w-what -- what -- what happened? Are you okay? Yeah, can we actually go into the living room? I've got to sit down. Yeah. Of course. Of course. Okay. Anything you need, you just -- you just say the word. Well, congratulations. Thank you. Another daughter. You're a very lucky man. Come in. Curtis! Oh, my god. Okay. Okay, curtis. I need something to stop the blood! Dr. Robinson's bag. All clear!

[ Police radio chatter ] Jordan: Stay with me. Somebody get dr. Robinson right now! Here. Oh, thank you. Gauze. Thank you. Laura?! Oh. Thank god. I'm fine. I'm fine. Help -- help curtis. Curtis? You're gonna be okay. Curtis? His pulse is thready. Hang in there, curtis!

[ Breathing deeply ] What happened? Cyrus is down.

[ Exhales sharply ] It's over. Oh, my god. Dr. Robinson... you're needed inside. Uh. Uh. Okay. Stay with me. His pulse is weaker and even more erratic. Curtis, stay with me! Oh, dr. Robinson. Oh, my god. He's been shot. So you're alright? Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks to curtis. Let me take a look at the wound. Okay. Okay, okay. Help me roll him over to see if there's an exit wound. Okay. Easy, easy. Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. Easy, easy. Jordan, keep pressure on the wound for me. We've got to -- portia, please save him. Please. Curtis. Open your eyes, okay? Don't you dare give up on us!

[ Breathes sharply ] Can I hold her? Of course.

[ Chuckles ] Oh! Just be careful of her head.

[ Baby coos ] Oh, my goodness. Oh, look, she's so beautiful.

[ Sobs ] I gotta get this all in now because [Sniffles] Ned is not gonna want to let her go. Ah. Actually, my dad doesn't even know I had the baby. I'm sorry, what? This is my fault. What? My obsession with cesar is what led to this. Mother, no. Oh. [ Sighs ] I know I wasn't the best mutter. Far from it, especially when you were young. But the older you got, the prouder I was of you. So smart and strong, capable. You have become everything I could have asked of you, britta, and the fact that you have this horrible disease, that you're having to deal with it at all, is because I chose that wretched man to be your father. Wow. I bet you hadn't thought of it that way. No, I haven'T. Because it's not your fault.

[ Voice breaking ] The "wow" is because this is the first time I've heard that I was everything you wanted in a daughter. You're not just saying that because I'm sick? I'm saying it because it's the truth.

[ Sighs ] You were gonna tell maxie... that peter is dead, weren't you? We can't leave her terrified that he's gonna come back when we both know he won'T. And then what, Finn? You get arrested and chase dies because you can't work on a cure. No, I don't -- I don't think maxie would be going to the police. How do you know that? I -- [ Sighs ] I don't know. Listen, I... I guess, if, uh, she was willing to keep our secret, that makes her an accomplice to murder, doesn't it? Look, I just -- I hate seeing her scared and in pain. I know. I-I know. I agree. It's awful. But the truth is, telling maxie about peter won't bring back her daughter. Honey, you've got to tell your father. He's gonna be absolutely over the moon. I know he will. I just -- it's been a really long day, and to be honest, I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed. Of course, honey. Honey, that is totally normal right now...

[ Sighs, clears throat ] ...And you're gonna be feeling that way for the next couple days or weeks or even months.

[ Sighs ] And when that happens, you rely on your family. Okay? I will. I will. Okay. Well, now I really am leaving, so... okay. Um. Congratulations again to both of you. Thank you. I'll walk you out. Okay. Uh, I'll take her. It's okay. I've held a baby before. Ohh! Yeah. Okay. You got her.

[ Sighs ] There's my sweet girl. Just wait till your sister meets you. She's gonna fall in love with you just like I have.

[ Door opens, closes ] Most people would have closed down. After losing a child, they would have locked up their hearts so they couldn't be hurt again. But you opened your heart to wiley, because you have so much love to give, and I am so grateful, willow. He's the best thing that ever happened to me. One of the best things. Do I make that list? I'll have to check. You are the list.

[ Sniffles ] How is he? They're prepping him for surgery as we speak. It could be a, um, lengthy procedure. But he's gonna be okay, right? We don't know yet, sweetie, but they're doing everything that they possibly can. And cyrus? Clean shot through the leg. He's admitted, but he'll survive. I have to go. I have to deal with the fallout from what happened. I understand. Okay. Okay, just keep me posted, please. Of course I will. Okay. Taggert. Hey, welcome home. Thank you. What -- what happened with cyrus? Ah. Jordan got him in the leg. Unfortunately, he's gonna survive. But curtis might not. Curtis? He snuck in trying to get laura out before the swat team was necessary.

[ Sighs ] Curtis saved my life.

chase's life is at stake. You need to get to work on finding a cure. I have been working. Nonstop. And I'm -- I'm no closer to figuring this out.

[ Sighs ] We're running out of time, elizabeth. No. No, the clock's not ticking? Y-yes, of -- of course the clock is ticking, but you've got this. I have faith in you. I wouldn't have come up with this crazy plan if I didn'T. I'm sorry I got you involved in this. I'm not. Peter doesn't get to take another life. We won't let him. Alright, I'm gonna let you get some rest. Austin, thank you for helping me. I'm never gonna forget you. That sounds like a goodbye. Are you saying goodbye? I just figured you'd be heading back to pautuck. Yeah, I will. But I'd like to lend a hand with the search party. I did help bring louise into this world, and I... I feel vaguely responsible for her, so I'll be in touch. I know those woods like the back of my hand, and we're gonna find louise.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Softly ] That's what I'm afraid of. Well, this situation is about as far from planned as you can possibly get, but I have to say, out of all the guys in the world to be this baby's father, I'm really glad it's you. You are? Yeah. I mean, elq stock aside, I can tell you really love her. Who wouldn't? Look, you're committed.

[ Coos softly ] You're gonna make sure nobody hurts her, and that matters, valentin. That's all that matters. You wouldn't let anyone hurt her, either. I know that about you. We're in this together. The whole way. We're gonna do right by our daughter. We're gonna make bailey lois everything, for always. We're gonna give her a really great life. You hear that? You lucked out.

[ Breathes sharply ] That's right.

[ Baby coos ] I'm talking to you. Hi, baby.

[ Cellphone rings ] Jason? Yeah, it's me. Is everything okay? Uh. The charges, uh, were dropped. Really?

Yeah. Most importantly, the cops got cyrus. That's great. Yeah, it is. Uh, did -- did your mom get there? Yup. Thanks for that, by the way. You're welcome. No, I mean that. Thank you. Anyway, I didn't -- I didn't want you to be alone. Any word on peter? Has he been arrested? Not yet, but cyrus is neutralized, so, you know, it's -- it's safe for you to come back home. Okay. Well... I will see you soon. That was jason. So I gathered.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] He's been exonerated, and cyrus is under police custody.

[ Sighs lightly ] So you're free to go back to your life. Whatever that looks like now.

[ Chuckles ] I'm so sorry, britta. It's okay. At least now I know what I'm dealing with. You know something else -- you know you have me. I love you so much. I love you, too.

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ]

[ Handcuffs rattle ] Jordan: Mrs. Corinthos. Commissioner. He's in police custody. He's not going anywhere. Good. Taggert: You did good today. Took a lot longer than we thought, cost a lot more than we ever imagined. But you did good. You finally nailed the bastard.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Hm? Are you sure you don't want to get checked out? Yeah, I'm sure. I mean... I'm fine -- physically, anyway. I'm fine. I could hear cyrus's voice. I know what it sounds like when someone's about to crack. You almost died tonight, laura. By god, you are brave. Thank you. I love you. I love you. Oh. Do me a favor. Mm-hmm. Don't ever do that again.

[ Breathes sharply ] I'll try. I can't promise, though. Ohh.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Suspenseful music plays ]

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