GH Transcript Thursday 6/3/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/3/21


Episode #14714 ~ Laura and Kevin have an emotional conversation. Jordan grows restless. Finn confronts Peter. Liz lays into Valentin. Michael receives a surprising phone call.

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All right, dr. No reason to think tugh! Come on, come on, come on, come on.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Yeah? Delay?! No, no, no, no, no -- for what I'm paying you, you should be where I want, when I want. I don't care! Hurry! I gotta get the hell out of here! You're not going anywhere. Stay out of my way, Finn. My daughter's out there. And my son is dying downstairs. Give me what I need to save him. Nurse baldwin. I am looking for anna devane. Have you seen her? You can try maxie's room up on four. Maxie? She's here? Has she had her baby? I haven't seen her baby. Well, is she alright? Well, physically, she's fine, no thanks to you. I beg your pardon? You looked the other way. So did anna. You both knew what peter was capable of, and yet you still unleashed him on the rest of us. Maxie. Has something happened to your baby? Thanks to peter, my daughter I-is gone. Nice and dry now, huh, kiddo? You're happy now. Look at us. Just a few hours old and you're already in your first hotel room. 9.3 guest rating. You could do worse. Wow. You are really real. I mean, I always knew you were gonna be real, but... it's just so much more impressive now that you're here. Oh, boy. We got a long road ahead of us. Hi. Hi. Just want to check in, see how you're doing. I tried to rest, but... I still feel guilty.

[ Sighs ] Look, chase asked us to leave, right? Yeah. But tonight, when he sent us home, all I could think about was how I wanted to be with you. You're looking to keep a hostage. So, here's my offer. Let portia and Trina go... and take me instead. How about this -- I trade Trina for you, but the good doctor stays. You release both of them, and then I come in. That's my offer. Think it over.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Tell me you were bluffing. I meant every word. Laura, you can't turn yourself over to that man. He'll kill you.

I know you're concerned. Laura, I was called here to negotiate a hostage situation. I can't do my job effectively if my wife is offering herself up as one of the hostages. Okay, but this makes sense because I have a connection to cyrus. Well, that appears to have been severed. No, not completely. If I can use that connection to let portia and Trina go free -- or -- I gotta try. Or we let the police do their job. Or you let me do mine and negotiate. Which is better than risking the mayor's life. Jordan: I agree. Trading you for portia and Trina, it's too risky. I cannot let you go in there. Jordan, with all due respect, you can't stop me, either. What are you telling me? What? I'm so sorry, sweetheart. Oh. Look, I am gonna do everything I can to protect you and get my new granddaughter back. I know you will. Um, peter's confession? I didn't have a chance to check it before I sent it to you. Did it go through okay? Clear as a bell. And is it enough to lock him up? You are amazing. You're amazing. I don't know where you found the wherewithal to get peter to confess, not to mention the presence of mind to record it. I did what I had to do. Um, just please promise me that he's not gonna get away with it this time. I think we've got him. On top of the confession, gladys corbin named him as franco's killer. W-we've got an apb out. We're doing a floor-by-floor search of the entire hospital. I'm on my way right now to security to check the footage. Are you gonna be okay? As okay as I can be under the circumstances. Anna, will you stay with her? Of course. Thanks. Please, just find peter. What did you get peter to confess? Well, I, uh -- I hired a nurse to help with my pregnancy. Mm-hmm. Unfortunately, peter replaced that nurse with an impostor to kidnap me and induce labor. The impostor double-crossed him. She took off with our child. Oh, my god. This is awful. Are you sure that it wasn't another trick, though? And that this -- this woman, she didn't hand off the baby to peter? Trust me. Peter has no idea where our daughter is. Okay, kiddo. This next part is a little tricky. Can't just march right into the q mansion. That would be chaos. Not to mention the lecture I'm gonna get from valentin. Which, from his perspective, will be completely justified. Oh, valentin is gonna take one look at you and fall madly in love with you. He's gonna give me back the elq stock. That's what we call "collateral benefit." The most important thing is he is gonna take care of you like nobody's business. He's gonna protect you.

[ Sighing ] But first things first. We got to get you home. Which means I have to think of someone who I trust enough to lie to. Valentin: You're right. Excuse me? About everything that you just said. You're right. I gave peter far too much leash, and,'ve suffered enormously. And I am truly, truly sorry. Yeah, well, apparently, gladys corbin just told the police it was peter who killed franco, and not jason. Any thoughts on that? Just that I'm sorry. But I do have to find anna to warn her, because peter is far more dangerous when he's cornered. I'm sure he is. Excuse me. I'm sorry if chase is unwell, but I don't know what that has to do -- you poisoned him! I beg your pardon? Drop the act. I know you tried to poison me, but the toxin got delivered to chase instead. Are you listening to yourself? Stop reading so many spy novels before you -- you're playing with my son's life! Holding the antidote over anna's head so she'll fall into line, threatening to withhold it if she doesn't do what you say. Yes, this does sound like something anna would make up.

[ Cellphone chimes ] But for you to believe her, well, that's just gullible. Damn it! You want to play games with anna and the wsb, you go right ahead. But I am not gonna let chase die. I don't know what to tell you, Finn... except if chase dies... blame anna. Cyrus, please. Keep me. J-just let Trina go. No! I'm not leaving you alone with that psycho! Shut up, both of you! Just sh-shut up! Cyrus! Point that gun away from my daughter. You have no say in who comes or goes. You have no say in anything! Understood? Fine. If you get the chance, I want you to run. Mom -- no, listen to me. Just do it. Okay? -Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! -Hey, hey! Stand down! Marcus, you stand down, too! Right now! That son of a bitch has got Trina and portia in there! This isn't gonna help anything. Don't try to stop me. Look, tag, tag -- taggert, listen to jordan. Come on, man. You know she's right. Listen to her. The hell is going on out...? Oh -- [ Gasps ] What are you doing? No! Aah! No! Get your hands off of my daughter!

[ Screaming ] No! No!

Anna deceived us both, Finn.She betrayed us both! And you let her! Well, I'm not gonna do that. I won'T. Don't you see, Finn? There has to be consequences! Not for him. Not for chase. He doesn't have anything to do with this, peter. Alright, you're right! It was you that was supposed to be in that hospital bed fighting for his life. What can I say? I missed. This is not about anna anymore! Oh, on the contrary. It's absolutely about anna. The rules were very clear. She was only to get the antidote if she didn't disclose my involvement. She broke the rules! She broke the rules to save chase's life! No! To save his life with this, she had to follow them. Now, if you're through wasting my time... where do you think you're going? To find my daughter. No! Consequences, Finn. I didn't sentence chase to death. Anna did.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Cyrus, please! Answer it. Tell them to get back. Jordan? I-I need you to get your people back away from the house. Portia, are you and Trina alright?

We're fine. We're fine. Cyrus:

It's, they're fine for now.

It's not a promise

I can keep

if marcus taggert

decides to play hero. Don't worry, cyrus. Marcus understands what's at stake.

Good. Now get my sister back on the phone. She's the only one who appears to understand the situation. The mayor stepped away to deal with the press.

Get her back! Now! Hang up.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Another move like that, and I will lock you up. Do you understand me? You want to stay? Stay out of my way. You know what? In fact -- officers, take him away from this area. And if he tries to rush the house again, cuff him to a squad car.Let's go.

[ Sighs ] I'mma go check on the mayor. Okay. You are wearing a vest. Okay. Will you get that for me, please? Thank you. My team's in place. We have the house surrounded, and we're ready to breach on your signal. Okay, good. Well, dr. Collins insists that laura wear a bulletproof vest. There's no talking her out of this, is there? You could cuff her to the squad car with taggert. Fine. If laura insists on going in there, then we need to use her relationship with cyrus to our advantage. I feel bad for chase. I do. But I'm -- I'm not gonna feel bad for loving you. I love you, too. But we agreed -- well -- ...this wouldn't be a good idea. I changed my mind. Look, we did our best for chase. And us being together tonight... that's not gonna hurt him.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ] You should answer that. Or I could just ignore it. What if it's the hospital?

[ Sighs ]

[ Ringing continues ] Hey, what's up? Oh, my god. What? Peter! Hey! Let it go, Finn. Where do you think you're going, man? You're not walking out --

[ Grunts ] Get off of me! Aaaah!

[ Footsteps approaching ] Elizabeth: Peter? Peter, it's elizabeth. Can you hear me? Peter!

[ Dramatic music plays ] Is he...? My daughter is lying in a hospital bed, and she may never open her eyes again because of that man. I couldn't live with myself if I were to let that happen to another child or to another mother. I'm sorry if that's not what you wanted me to say. No, it isn'T. But it is who you are. Right now, I hate that I love that about you. Thank you for understanding. And thank you for loving me. My pleasure.

[ Laughs ] Always. Jordan: Okay. Cyrus has agreed to the plan. Both portia and Trina are coming out in exchange for me? Yes. But I need to stress, you don't need to go through with this. I have a swat team in place. I know that, but I think we can all agree that this is the best way forward. So, when portia and Trina come out and I go in, I want you to take whatever action you believe will be most effective. I will not let you go in unprepared. Portia: You're bleeding. It's nothing. It's an infection waiting to happen. You should let me change your bandage for you. Can Trina get me some fresh gauze? Why can't you get it? Because it's easier to work on you if you don't have a human shield in front of you. Trina, the gauze is in my bag. Sit down. I'm watching you. I always wanted to have kids. Guess that ain't gonna happen. Children require sacrifice. Parents need to think about them first. Think about what's best for them, and not you. Children make you vulnerable. What are you implying? I'm not surprised you didn't have any. I'm so sorry, maxie. Why? It's not your fault. It just sickens me. The thought of your baby out there with some stranger. It's awful. It is.

[ Sniffles ] I keep thinking, at least she's not with peter. Well, that much is true. You know, I've -- I've realized... the only thing worse than being peter's enemy is being loved by him.

[ Sighs ]

[ Baby fusses ] Oh, kiddo. Are you feeling lonely? Shhh. After all that time cuddled up inside your mama? Oh, I can't imagine how much she's missing you right now. Never thought I'd hear myself say this, you know. She and I never really got along. But your mama is one strong lady. So strong, in fact, and she loves you so much that she gave you to me. I mean, not forever. Just for right now, until your daddy goes up the river. Can you say "penitentiary"? Not yet? Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. In the meantime, my job is to keep you safe, which is exactly what I'm gonna do. This vest has a built-in mic. I'll be monitoring you the entire time you're on the inside. Great. Okay. Anything else? I have a swat team in place. Okay, but you're gonna give me time, right? I want time to try to talk him down and try to get him to turn himself in. Do you really believe that's a possibility? Possible, yes. Likely, no. But I have to try. Okay. Well, my priority is to get you out alive. So I will give you time, but not much. And we need a signal. A signal? Just a word. Something that won't make cyrus suspicious. And when we hear it, I will signal the swat team to breach. Okay, h-how about his mother's name? Florence. Okay, that works. Laura, just please don't say it by accident. No -- oh, right. No, I'll be very careful. Please do. Okay. Let's do this. Okay.

[ Exhales deeply ] Be careful, be careful, and be careful. I love you. I love you.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Laura?


it's kevin collins. Oh, my erstwhile brother-in-law. No, thanks for reaching out, but I'm not really interested in your services. I'm not calling as a psychiatrist or even a hostage negotiator. I'm calling as laura's husband. I see. So, did you talk her out of coming in or are you trying to talk me out of trading dr. Robinson and her daughter's lives for my sister's? Actually, I was unable to dissuade her from coming to you. So I asked the commissioner if I could talk you through the exchange. Given that we each have as much to lose as the other.

[ Laughs ] I think we both know that's not true. Well, I guess it's a matter of perspective. Either way, I need you to get ready.

Laura's approaching

the house now. Trina: No. And how do I know... I'm not gonna be shot the moment I open the door? Because my wife will be standing directly in front of you. Open it. Finn. I'm so sorry. I'm not getting anything. No pulse, no breath. I think he's gone. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Come on, come on, come on.

[ Breathes deeply ] I just killed the one person that could save chase's life.

How is she? She's alright. She'S... she wanted to be alone, so I've just been watching her from the door. Thanks. Of course. Thanks.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Did you find him? Not yet. Not yet. We're still searching. Has maxie had her baby? She did, yes. But something happened. Her baby's missing. Peter's dead. And the police are looking for him. We have to tell someone. Why? Because we have to. How many people has he hurt, Finn? He killed franco. He deserves to rot. What, we just leave him here? Well, they'll find him soon. In fact, they're probably looking for him now. We need to go. You go. I can'T. Why not? 'Cause I did this. I threw him down the stairs. I killed him. I begged him for the antidote.

[ Sobbing ] I begged him! And he just -- he threw it off the roof and I just, I lost it. Look, Finn, if you tell the police what happened, there will be an investigation and you will lose precious time you need to save chase. At worst, you'll go to prison and violet will lose another parent. Can't just leave him here. Oh, look. Look, the -- the passports with fake names. Maxie is "jennifer brady." Look at this. Do you think she knows about this? Do you think she consented to this, or do you think he was planning on taking her someplace against her will? I will not let you go to prison, Finn, for killing a man who deserved to die. It doesn't matter! The antidote is gone. You know peter said? If chase dies, it'll be anna's fault. Turns out, it's gonna be mine. It's peter's fault and no one else'S. He poisoned chase. He withheld treatment. But you -- even without the vial, you are chase's best shot at survival. But you can't save him from behind bars. Elizabeth, we can't leave him here.

[ Knock on door ] Brook lynn, it's michael. Be right there! Showtime, sweetie.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Sighs heavily ] Michael. Hey. And willow. How are you? You okay? Yeah, I just didn't realize you were bringing a plus-one. Oh, yeah. Hey! Yeah, she, uh... you called when I was at the gatehouse. No, yeah, it's -- it's fine. The more the merrier, really. Thank you so much for coming. Can you believe I thought I could drive myself home?

[ Chuckles ] It's crazy, right? Yeah. Thank you for the vote of confidence. I can barely be on my feet. Of course you can'T. You just had a baby. Yeah. And she's -- she's beautiful. She really is. 10 fingers, 10 toes. She's really here. So -- so, what happened? I thought you were going to visit a friend in bensonhurst. Yeah, well, that was the plan. And then while I was driving, I started getting contractions. And then before I knew it, my water broke. So then I called my friend cecelia, who, thank god, knew a doula in the area. And after that, things were just moving like a speeding train. We checked in here, and the doula came, and then the baby came. And then housekeeping came to change the sheets because obviously the shee-- whatever. You get it. Yeah. So anyways, mommy and baby are here, safe and sound. That must have been terrifying. Yeah, it was something, that's for sure. Michael, come look at her. Hey, you. Do you have a name? Bailey. Bailey lois quartermaine. Oh, blq the second. Nice.

[ Chuckles ] Has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Yeah. It's perfect. Hello, bailey. Welcome to the world. I know your mama is so glad you're here. She sure is. Now, I just want to get my baby, um... home safe and sound. Mm, and that's what we'll do. Oh, great. Well, after we stop off at G.H. What? I don't need to go to the hospital. Yes, you do, brook lynn. You just had a baby. Yeah, in a hotel room. A three-star hotel room, thank you, and we're fine. And I'll take you home once you and the baby get looked at. I'm here, cyrus. You can let them go. Go. No, no, no, let -- let Trina go first, please. Portia, Trina will be right behind you. Go. Now.

[ Police radio chatter ] Okay, Trina. It's gonna be okay. We're gonna switch places. Alright? I'm gonna step between you and cyrus. And when I do that, he's gonna let you go, okay? And then I want you to run straight back to your parents. Okay, good. We're gonna do it on three. Ready? One... two... three. Run! Oh, my god. Oh, baby!

[ Both sobbing ] Oh, baby! Oh! Oh, thank god. Welcome. I'm glad I'm here. If you truly are here as my sister, you'll treat me as your brother, not a criminal. Okay. Tell me how I can do that. Take off the vest.

[ Dramatic music plays ]

Okay. Vest is off. I'm here as your sister. You were the one so eager to join me. I'm guessing you have a particular conversation in mind. I do. I'm here because of your mother. She's such a sweet woman, cyrus. I -- I know that this isn't what she would have wanted for you.

[ Laughs ] This is your plea? The woman who can barely tolerate to be in the same room with me --

[Laughing] She w-wouldn't want this. Okay, kevin. Time to call in. Make him think we're worried. As if we're not?

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Aren't you gonna answer it? No, they -- they can wait.

[ Chuckling ] I'd much rather hear more of your theories about my mother, whom you've met... once? Uh, it's just that I know a mother's love. Mm. Yeah, I -- I don't think that it's in your mother's nature to cut you out of her heart completely. Well, not everyone is you, laura. The world is filled with terrible mothers. Well, if your mother is so terrible, why do you care what she thinks? Because she's my mother! And she's not terrible. She just... disapproves of my choices. And I think if she didn't care at all, she -- oh, then th-this wouldn't bother her so much. Well...

[ Laughs ] Okay. We have some time to kill. Let's say I believe you. How would you suggest I go about opening my mother's heart? You could be the person that your mother wants you to be. That she longs for you to be. Somewhere deep down inside... is the little child that she lost. Bring him back. Damn, she's good. Yes, she is. Do you think it'll work? We'll know soon enough.

[ Sighs ] I heard you yelling. Yeah, for all the good it did. You came to get me. You weren't gonna let him hurt me. Not in a million years. Curtis: Portia. How are you? I keep seeing cyrus holding that gun on Trina. Honestly, I can't stop shaking. I should've just let him bleed out and bleed all over my rug. But then I feel bad for thinking that and...

[ Sighs ] I can't stop shaking. I get all of that. I thought you might. Well, trauma takes a long time to process. So, if you want to talk... yeah, no, thank you. Yeah. I mean it, portia. I want you to know that I'm here for you. Hey, um, curtis. Yeah, I, um...I just want to thank you for talking me down. I mean... they mean the world to me. Trust me, I get it. You're more my sister than you know. Okay... how -- how's that? You instinctively know how to find a person's weakness and then surgically drill down and turn it into an asset. I do? Oh, you know you do. And you won't admit this, but you're cruel. I'm cruel? Yeah. What else would drive you to...

[Breathing shakily] ...W-wound me so? Cyrus. You're so used to fighting with people, you can't even tell when someone is trying to help you.

[ Scoffs ] I -- I don't want to wound you.

[ Crying ] I don'T. I'm trying to save your life. Maxie got peter to confess to hiring this nurse who kidnapped her and ultimately stole her baby. I suspect I've underestimated maxie jones. Mm-hmm. She's a brave woman. She really is. But she's just in so much shock right now. She's -- she's relieved that her daughter isn't with peter, but the potential outcome of this situation hasn't quite hit her yet. I don't know when it will. Search again. The whole building. I'm sorry, sweetheart. You didn't find him. Not yet. But we will, maxie. And when we do, he'll give us the kidnapper's real name. I've got to go find Finn.

[ Sighs ] I'm really not sure about this. The police know peter was on the run. All we have to do is let them think he got away. No one will ever know he's dead.

[ Dramatic music plays ]

I've been looking for you. It's about peter. He has had maxie's baby kidnapped. Wait, her baby was kidnapped? Yes, yes. The woman that he hired to take maxie and deliver her baby double-crossed him for some reason and took off with the child herself. Oh, my god. Poor maxie. I know. It's -- it'S... he didn't show up here with the antidote, either. Do they have any idea where he is? He disappeared. Which is what I suspected he would. I'm so sorry, Finn. It was a mistake to rely on peter. Okay, the best thing for chase is to find an actual cure. And that's what we're gonna do. And for what it's worth, you have my word -- as long as peter is out there, I won't stop looking for him. Let's find a place for you to sit. There. You know, michael did not have to just drop us off by the front doors and park the car. I know it might astonish you, but I am perfectly fine to sit on the bench by myself. Oh, you're just an excuse so I get to hang around bailey. Well, I can't blame you for that. I'll go get someone to help you. Okay. I don't like this. We need to get cyrus back on the line. You know, with you calling every few minutes, he won't know that we can hear him. He'll think he has the upper hand. He does have the upper hand. His tone is starting to shift. He's becoming more unstable. You're right. We need to go in. With anyone else, maybe. But not my wife? I realize I don't know your wife the way you do, but laura and i have been through some dangerous situations. She's always cool, man. If it gets too dangerous, she'll use the code word. Can't you wait for that? Help me to save your life. Answer the phone and tell them that I'm okay. They'll just have to trust me. Because you let portia and Trina go, and that was good. And it did buy you time. It really did. It's just that the time is running out now. Well, if that's true, this is not gonna end well for you, laura. Cyrus. The only way that this is gonna end well is if we both walk out of here together. And then what?! I go to prison and you just walk away! Step back into your life the way it was before I entered it. I'm back in pentonville, and martin, he'S... oh, maybe you'll accept him. Maybe you'll reject him completely. I don't really care. Then why did you bring him up? Because no matter what you think, he is family. Like my mother, like you, and family matters to me. Okay. Then let me save your life, please. Incarceration is not a life! God! [ Sobs ] I will not throw away everything I've achieved, everything I've built, just so you can have me locked back up into solitary. I will not be an afterthought or a bad memory. That's it. Get in position, wait for my signal. It's simple, laura. Either I walk out of here a free man or... neither one of us is getting out of here alive.

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