GH Transcript Wednesday 6/2/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 6/2/21


Episode #14713 ~ Laura makes an unsettling discovery. Curtis reaches out to Jordan. Jackie is sympathetic. Gregory suspects Finn has been avoiding him. Peter is backed into a corner.

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a psychologic standpoint and dr. NAvarro wants you admitted. We're just waiting on a room to open on 4. Thank you. Can I get you anything? Call anyone? Not right now. I just -- I need a minute. Alright, I'll be back in a minute to check on you. You can do this. You can do this for your daughter. Maxie. I saw the nurse leave. They're going to admit me. What about the baby? What did you mean when you said she was gone? I keep hoping that this is just some nightmare, that I-I'm gonna wake up,

[Voice breaking] But I know it's not. I know that it's real. And I feel so empty. It's almost unbearable. Are you saying louise died in childbirth? No, peter, I didn't lose her. Oh, thank god. Okay, well, then where is she? Wh-where's our daughter? You know that nurse that you insisted I hire to keep our baby safe -- chloe? Nurse jennings. What about her? Oh, god, peter, it was so awful. She took her. She stole our baby. Hi, hey. Hey. Have you seen peter? Anna said he was on his way to G.H. With a dose for chase. No. No sign of him. But I did hear the most unbelievable story about his baby. Honey. Mom, dad, what are you guys doing here? What? Hamilton texted to let us know you were re-admitted. I was hoping Finn would have found a cure by now, but I know it's not for lack of trying. Harry, can we get you anything? Yeah. My badge. Hey, jordan, have you seen peter? It's really important that I speak with him. No, but you're going to have to take a number. I just met with gladys corbin about the night that franco baldwin was killed. What did she say? More than enough for me to arrest peter august for murder. Oh, no. What did portia say? For a second, it sounded like she was trying to tell me something urgent, and then the phone went dead. That's strange. Laura, I think portia's in trouble. You're a doctor! You know what kind of damage a bullet could do to Trina! No! Don't! No more stunts! No more tricks! That was very unprofessional, doctor. You took advantage of your patient's momentary weakness to call your friend. Curtis called me. If he's suspicious now, it's because you panicked, not me. And people say you have ice water in your veins instead of blood. If there's any more blood spilled tonight, I'll tell you this -- it won't be mine.

Hang on, hang on. Before we jump to conclusions, call her back.

[ Line ringing ] Portia: Hi, you've reached dr. Portia robinson. See? Voicemail. I'm unAvailable to take -- okay, but look, she's a doctor, right? So could she be on an emergency call? Yeah, but she picked up before. So if she was in the middle of some medical emergency, she wouldn't have done that. Okay, laura, I'm going to portia's house to see if she's okay. Okay. In that case, I'll go with you. Medically speaking, I-I've done all I can do. The bullet is out. I-if you don't want to risk infection, you need to go to a hospital. I-it doesn't have to be general hospital, but you need proper medical attention. What good does it do to be the boss of G.H. If you're too afraid to go there? I'm not sure which one of you I admire more. You, portia, for your medical expertise, or your daughter for her attitude. It's too bad I have to choose. What are you talking about? Much as I regret leaving G.H. To other people, it's time I say farewell to port charles, at least for now. I'd say you'd be missed, but my mother taught me not to lie.

[ Chuckles ] No need to worry on that count. We'll be leaving town together. Maxie had her baby. She gave birth out in the middle of the woods somewhere. By herself? No. No, luckily, some country doctor was out for a hike and came across her and helped her deliver. Was peter there? Is that the reason why he hasn't shown up with the dose for chase? As far as I know, he wasn't involved. Honey, why do you want your badge? 'Cause I'm a cop. It's not just what I do. It's -- it's -- it's who I am. I'm supposed to help people, not have all these doctors and nurses helping me. Son, I know it's hard to be patient, but you have to try. Harry might need some alternative therapy. And I think I know what it is. Gladys was anxious to recant her previous statement. What, the eyewitness account that led to jason's arrest? Completely manufactured. Gladys said that cyrus forced her to accuse jason of franco's murder. Yeah, but she has to have seen something, because she led you to the murder weapon. She did. She saw peter dispose of the gun. She saw peter. Mm-hmm. Right. Right. That's -- that's what I thought. Um, it's different when it's -- when it's confirmed. If -- if a jury believes her, then it's over for peter. He'll have to face the consequences of his actions. We have to get our hands on him first, anna. You put out an apb? I advised the department to use extreme caution. Peter should be considered armed and dangerous. No, no, no, no, it -- it can't be right. Chloe jennings was hired to take care of you and -- and louise. I can't imagine she would run off or do anything to harm you. I know that you checked her out through her private nursing agency. I even interviewed her myself, but she fooled all of us. Maxie, this sounds awful. Tell me everything. Well... chloe drugged me. She took me to this house in the woods near some small town -- pautuck. She said she wanted to induce my labor. I managed to get away from her, but I wasn't very far into the woods before my labor actually started.

[ Stammering ] And then what? And then I gave birth in the woods. By yourself?! As you know, it's not my first unconventional birth. I think that's probably what kept me so calm, knowing I had done it before. She's so beautiful. Our perfect little louise. Just like her mother. Maxie, then what happened? I -- I know this must be awful for you, but please tell me everything. I need to know. Well, obviously, giving birth isn't quiet. I couldn't help but scream from the pain, and -- and it wasn't hard for chloe to find me. Once she did, she claimed the baby was hers, grabbed her, and took off. What? Where?

[ Stammering ] Where was she going?

[ Voice breaking ] I don't know, peter. She took her. She took our beautiful little girl.

I never imagined chloe could do anything like this. I don't know where she is, but I promise you, I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to her. I will find our baby. You understand? I will find louise and I will bring her back to us. But how? Chloe could be anywhere by now. How will you find them? It's not easy to disappear with a newborn. You have to make frequent stops. Diapers, formula, and there are security cameras. I don't know where chloe is, but I will find her. No, peter. Chloe is sick and twisted. Who knows what she's capable of? Do you know what she said to me? She actually tried to convince me that she was working for you, that...drugging me, taking me to that house to give birth -- that it was all your idea. Can you believe that? I recorded gladys' statement on my phone. I made multiple copies, and I forwarded one to the da's office and robert. Hmm, wheels of justice are gonna turn swiftly. Anna, you had to know that this day would happen sooner or later. I mean, peter has damaged so many people's lives, including your own. Please don't shed a tear for him. No, no. I promise. No tears. No, no. He's been on this self-destructive path for a long time. He deserves to face the consequences. He really does. But you have to bring him in alive. I mean, the pcpd will do their job, but if peter resists arrest -- no, he is responsible for someone else's life. You have to bring him in alive. Chloe blamed me? She claimed that you wanted me to give birth in the middle of nowhere. She said that you were going to join us and you were gonna take me and louise, and the three of us would leave the country and never come back. That is -- some people will say anything. It sounds like she really wanted to get her hands on our baby, maxie. I know you have tried so hard to prove that you are not your father's son. And there are times I've doubted you, I've -- I've let anna and the others get to me, but I know how devoted you are to me and louise and I know you would never hurt us. No, no, never. I just wish that... you could access that dark side of peter...

[ Sniffles ] The one who would do anything to get our daughter back and damn anyone who gets in the way. Then that's exactly what I'll do. No, peter, I can't let you. Hey, what do you think you're doing? Get back in bed. Hamilton, I'm taking my son for a short walk. What's the worst that could happen? I'm already in the hospital. Listen, I strongly recommend -- I strongly recommend that you enjoy your walk. I know chase is frustrated, but he's handling this like a champ. Your family should be proud. You know, whatever grace chase is showing, he learned that from you, dad. Because I'm sure as hell failing him. I'm going to find our daughter and I'm going to bring her back, maxie, whatever it takes. But what does that mean? Threats, bribes, calling in favors from my father's old associates. Nothing's off the table! Not when you've worked so hard to reinvent yourself. We should just let the pcpd handle this! Ahh! They have to follow protocol and they don't even know where to look. Mac is the head of detectives. He will find chloe and louise. Chloe jennings isn't even her name! I hired chloe jennings, and now you're telling me that's not her real name. How would you even know that? What the hell do you mean you're not Available? Make yourself Available. Bring a car. Br-- running out of friends? Trina, don't push it. Listen to your mother. No, you already took me as a hostage once. I'm not gonna be afraid of you again. You're the one who should be afraid now! No one wants to help you! No surprise there! You think this is a game? That I'm holding a toy? That you can defy me and insult me and I'll do nothing?! Curtis, wait. I'm assuming the name she gave was fake. Everything else she told us turned out to be fake, right? So maybe she gave a fake name, too. Chloe isn't the only one who's fake. That house she took me to cost money. Chloe said when the baby was born, we were gonna be airlifted by a helicopter. Helicopter's a little pricey on a nurse's salary, don't you think? Clearly, this woman is delusional, maxie. You know, from the first day I hired her, she had this... uncanny ability to anticipate my every need. Not every pregnant woman has the same cravings or the same health issues, but chloe seemed to know all of mine. And there is no way a new person in my life could know all of this information unless someone I knew was feeding it to her! Someone like you! I can't believe that you would buy into what this woman -- what did you call her? Sick and twisted? Takes one to know one, you demented son of a bitch! Does scrubbing feel like a workout? Scrub less with dawn platinum. Its superior formula breaks down and removes up to 99% of tough grease and food residue faster. So you scrub less. Tackle grease wherever it shows up. Scrub less. Save more. With dawn. Both of you, step back or I shoot dr. Robinson right after I shoot her daughter. Curtis, just do what he says. Come on, we got to go. He means it. He means it. Trina, go close the door. Trina, stop! I don't trust you not to pull something. Portia, go close the door and don't try anything because my gun is aimed directly at Trina. Peter poisoned chase? No -- well, Finn was the target. He wanted to hurt him in order to hurt me, and I don't know, chase -- he -- he -- just took the wrong glass or something, which makes me feel worse, quite honestly. But peter has the antidote. He does. Yes. He's supplying it to me as long as I follow orders. I had to facilitate this reunion with maxie. But he's just -- he's just parceling the antidote out one dose at a time. And you're just now seeing fit to clue me in? Anna, you know how much I care about chase. Yeah, but that was the deal. I couldn't tell anyone. Certainly not you. Not with chase's life hanging in the balance. Peter is going to leave town. You have to find him, because when he goes, the antidote vanishes with him.

[ Cellphone rings ] Curtis, this is not a good time. Jordan, cyrus is holding Trina and portia hostage in portia's house. Laura and I are outside right now. Here she is. Jordan, cyrus is desperate and he has nothing to lose. We need you here now. We need help. Okay, I'm on my way. Just stay there. Cyrus is holding portia robinson and her daughter hostage. What? I have to go. Oh, my god. My people will keep looking for peter. Yes, I will, too. Good luck.

[ Knock on door ] Why do I get the feeling you're avoiding me? I'm not avoiding. I'm trying to save chase's life. Tell me the truth. You know what's wrong with chase, don't you? Slow and steady. Slow and steady. Hey, detective chase. We have really missed you back at the station. I hope you get back on the job soon. Hey, yeah. Uh, mom, this is -- this is sergeant larue. Sarge, this is my mom, jackie templeton. Pleasure to meet you. You should really be proud of your son. He is one of the best. Well, you won't get any argument from me there. I'm incredibly proud of what harry's accomplished. Okay, I think, uh, we should get you back to the room, yeah? Thank you. Hurry back, detective. Okay, come on. Maxie, you must be in shock. It's understandable -- our baby's missing. That's the only explanation for you to talk to me -- the only explanation?! I can think of plenty of others, and they all lead back to the same thing. You are a horrible person, peter. Correction -- henrik. God, it feels good that I don't have to pretend anymore. And the only reason I did that was to protect our baby, but she's gone... because of you. Does that hurt? I hope so. I hope you feel every bit of fear that I felt every time you would show up at my apartment or my birthing classes or anywhere else. I couldn't get away from you! This is the grief talking. No, it's called the truth. And thank god valentin and liesl stopped our wedding in time to tell me my fiancé is a cold-blooded killer! Once I learned that, everything changed. Every time you smiled at me... every time you touched me... I was repulsed. It took every ounce of resolve I had not to run from you screaming! Does that hurt badly, henrik? I wonder if it's as bad as what you did to drew cain or franco or any of your other victims. Was the real chloe jennings one of those? She got in the way and I had to get rid of her. Get rid of her?! Because I put a star on her résumé?! It was all for you and the baby! Don't you see that?! Anyone that got in the way, they had to be eliminated! Maxie, it's not too late for us. Of course it's too late, you arrogant bastard! You lost our baby to a lunatic that you brought into our lives to kidnap me...henrik. Stop calling me that! I'm going to go find louise and I'm gonna bring her back. I'm gonna bring her to you. You're not gonna get the chance. What are you talking about? What are you talk-- I've recorded this entire conversation, every word you've said. Maxie jones, give me that phone. Maxie. Maxie, no! Look at that. Message sent to mac. I'm sure it's only minutes before the entire pcpd is listening to that conversation, which means your next stop... is prison.

you turned me in? I'm the father of your child. You love me. No, i loved peter august. But that man wasn't real. Every kind, caring, and thoughtful thing he did was -- was a cover. A disguise. Because henrik faison is cruel, manipulative, and selfish... to his core. I would say that you're as bad as your father, but you're not. At least faison was an evil genius. You're just some cheap imitation knockoff. Everything okay here? No, call security. Excuse me? Peter august is a murderer, and he had me kidnapped. Security needs to detain him until the cops get here. I'm on it. I can't believe you did this. I can't believe you thought you could get away with kidnapping me and dragging me and my baby out of the country! I'm gonna find louise. And when I do, I'm coming back for you. I will. Maxie, I notified security. You kind of freaked me out. Are -- are you okay? No, I'm not. But I will be. Knowing what's wrong with chase isn't the same thing as finding a cure. In other words, you can't tell me. It's okay, I'm not a doctor. My knowing what's wrong with chase isn't going to change the situation. I am a doctor and I haven't been able to change the situation. This reminds me of a time in sixth grade when you flunked american history -- my very field of expertise. Right. I hid my report card from you. When I finally did see it, do you remember what I said to you? I believe you said... "don't try so hard to please me, hamilton. Just do your best because --" "because your best is good enough." And it still is today. Elizabeth, I'm looking for peter. Have you seen him? No, but I have seen maxie. I just heard they moved her from the E.R. To the fourth floor. Why was she in emergency? Was there an issue with the baby? Well, she had her baby. She -- but why was she in E.R.? Was there a problem? All I know for sure is that peter wasn't present for the birth, and for maxie's and the baby's sake, I hope it stays that way.

[ Groans ] Maxie: Does that hurt?

I hope so.

I hope you feel every bit of fear that I felt every time you would show up

at my apartment or my birthing classes

or anywhere else. I couldn't get away

from you! Jordan: Curtis. Jordan, did you tell taggert what was going on? Not yet. I wanted to assess the situation. The last thing I want is taggert storming in here trying to take down cyrus on his own. Yeah, I had the same impulse. We heard raised voices through the door, so I kicked it in. Cyrus threatened to kill Trina and portia if we didn't back off. And then we called you. Okay, well, I've called for a hostage negotiator. Hopefully he'll reason with cyrus and things will end peacefully. Yeah. What if we can't end it peacefully? Yeah, curtis is right. We don't get to decide that. Cyrus is holding all the cards. Portia: Look, whatever I may think of you, I recognize that you're an intelligent man. The police have the house surrounded. It's time. It's time to give yourself up.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello? Cyrus, there's been enough bloodshed tonight. I have a hostage negotiator on the way, but in the meantime, why don't we try to work things out, you and me? Nothing would please me more, commissioner. Now, if you will kindly go away. You know I can't do that. Let's start with the two people there with you. How are they? Oh, dr. Robinson and her daughter are fine -- for now.

And you?

We've got

multiple reports

that you were shot

on the pier tonight. I assume you chose dr. Robinson's house for a reason.

I can still hold a gun

with a fresh clip in it. Of course, I only need two bullets, unless you give me what I want.

[ Sighs ]

 okay, cyrus, I'm listening. Go on. Cyrus: Let's call

this my exit strategy. The three of us will walk out of here and get into a car and be driven to a private airstrip where a private plane will take me and my new best friends far away. Once I'm safely out of the country, portia and Trina will be free to return home. How do you expect me to make that happen? Well, I'm sure my sister is listening in. As mayor, she can make all that happen. Can't you, sis? You're giving me way too much credit, cyrus. Your best op-- your only option here is to lay down your weapon and come out. Please, cyrus. Listen to laura. Shut up. Jordan: Everything depends on you, cyrus. You have to demonstrate good faith. What do you propose? The only thing you can do -- release your hostages. Good? Yeah. Okay. Don't blame mom. I ran into a sergeant from work. We had a nice chat. I actually felt like a cop again for a few minutes. Mm. Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need dr. Finn. Okay. Be right back. I thought you'd want to know peter is here. Peter's here? Yeah. Apparently, he and maxie had a huge argument down in the E.R. Deanna called security, and now they're looking for him. I have to find peter, alright? Will you please stay and monitor chase's condition? Wait, Finn. Um, maxie's talking about turning peter into the police. He's desperate. He's dangerous. Please be careful. I will. Hi. No, absolutely not. My patient needs her rest. Yeah, I-I spoke with elizabeth. She said that maxie'd had -- maybe you didn't hear me the first time, but you and your questions are going to have to wait. Yeah, I -- I have to find peter before the police do. Do you understand? Wait, how do you know that mac is looking for peter? Oh, it's not just mac, honey. It's the entire pcpd. I'm so sorry. Peter's wanted for franco's murder. Yeah. Alright, I want you to listen to me very carefully. There's been a change of plans. The helicopter's no longer landing in pautuck, and you're no longer picking up three passengers. Now it's just one -- me. I want you to pick me up on the roof of general hospital in port charles. Yeah. Understood? Hurry. Hey, yeah, I'm here at the heliport. Where are you? No, I need you here now. Hurry. Yeah, okay, I'm waiting. Go!

Cyrus: Good faith is

a two-way street, jordan.

Not giving you something

for nothing.

So, you pull your people back and make the arrangements for us to leave, or you'll force me to make an example of someone. It doesn't help anyone to escalate.

I'm just being practical. Two hostages are one too many. We don't have time to wait for a hostage negotiator. I don't have an alternative. I sure as hell can't give him what he's asking. You promise him everything he's asking for, okay? You keep a police presence outside. Meanwhile, I will sneak in by myself and disarm him. No, that is a nonstarter. You just said you don't have an alternative. Curtis, you aren't a policeman. If I send you in there and something goes wrong, the pcpd would face so many lawsuits, it would bankrupt the city. Besides, anyone going in there increases the risk of Trina or portia getting caught in the crossfire. You heard the man say two hostages are too many. He's posturing. He's desperate, jordan. Okay, if he feels like he's -- he's about to go down... he could kill both of them out of spite. There is another option.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Cyrus, it's laura. I'm not talking to you as the mayor now. I want to talk to you as your sister. Cyrus:

Oh, please, laura. How big a fool do you think I am? You've made it clear that you despise me, that you think our relationship is an accident of biology, nothing more. Now you expect me to buy into some fantasy of "not too late to be a family, cyrus"? No, I'm not saying that. I'm not saying that at all. I'm -- I'm trying to bargain with you, cyrus. Look, you seem to be looking for a hostage, so here's my offer. Let both portia and Trina go and take me instead. Okay, I really have to put my foot down here. Maxie just gave birth -- not in a hospital, not with any pain meds, but in a forest. Her body's been put through a tremendous situation. She needs to rest. Deanna... I appreciate you having my back. I really do. I think it's important I talk to anna. You sure? Yeah. Thank you for taking care of me. Do not upset her. I-I won't, I promise. So it's true? Yeah. Well, gladys amended her statement to the police. Apparently cyrus forced her into accusing jason. It was actually peter that she saw dispose of the weapon that killed franco. And now there's an apb out for him. I-I have to find peter before the police do. To help chase. Yeah. He was readmitted a few hours ago. Finn is doing everything he can to beat the toxin, but chase has to have another dose of that antidote now. His -- his life depends on finding peter. Yeah, well, another life depends on never finding peter. Maxie... has something happened to your baby? He's still so warm. It's not healthy for someone to have a fever for this extended period. We can't let anything happen to him, gregory. I'm sure it's comforting to chase to know that... you and I can still be in the same room at the same time. I'm grateful for that, too. We're still family. Mm-hmm. All of us. Elizabeth, I-I just felt harry's forehead. He is so hot. Is Finn coming back? He's getting chase the help he needs. I don't see you anywhere! Where the hell are you?! You call me -- stat!

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Helicopter blades whirring ] Yeah? A delay? No, no, no, no, for what I'm paying you, you should be where I want when I want. I don't care! Hurry! I got to get the hell out of here! You're not going anywhere.

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