GH Transcript Tuesday 6/1/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 6/1/21


Episode #14712 ~ Willow confronts Finn. Anna grows suspicions of Peter's actions. Maxie makes the most of a terrible situation. Laura helps out a friend. Curtis receives an unsettling phone call.

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Maxie: [ Sighs ] We did it, lu. You are so brave, and you're so beautiful -- even more than I ever could have imagined. I'm just sorry your entrance into this world was so bumpy.

[ Sighs ] Come on, austin. You have to be okay. Just like my little louise is okay thanks to you. How am I ever gonna let you go?

[ Louise fussing ] I have to. I have to do what I need to do to protect you, because I'm sorry to say -- your dad is not a good guy, and I can't let him hurt you like he's hurt so many others.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Chase needs another dose of the antidote. Oh, okay. I'm on it. Alright.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Oh, sorry. Finn, I need you. Finn, stop. I have been watching you and anna exchange all these looks and coded phrases. Chase believes you haven't been honest about his condition, so what are you keeping from him? I can't get into this right now. Is chase's condition more serious than you're telling us? Doctor, how's my mom? Surgeon: Your mother's out of surgery. She's going to pull through.

[ Exhales sharply ] Um, how soon can I see her? Portia:

If I'm being honest... I need you, too.

[ Keys jingling ] Oh, no. Am I too late? Well, for you? Never. Flattery will get you everywhere and everything, including your liquor license! Which I thought deserved a special delivery. There you go. You can officially open your doors now. Well, thank you, laura. Um, much appreciated. I...was expecting a little more enthusiasm.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, no, this is a big deal. Yeah, it absolutely is. Why aren't you celebrating, curtis?

[ Door slams ] Welcome home, dr. Robinson.

[ Grunts ] Get away from the door. Move! What are you doing? You're bleeding all over my home. I wound up on the wrong end of a bullet. So, naturally... I thought of the best doctor under my employ.

Maxie?! Maxie! Hi! Maxie: Brook lynn. Thank god, it's you. Oh, my god, she's here. Why didn't you tell me you were gonna give birth in the woods? Thank god I wore flats.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god! Who is that? Is he dead? Uh, his name's austin, and he's pretty incredible.

[ Sighs ] Well, why is he all cold, then? Brace yourself. I have a lot to tell you.

[ Breathes sharply ] I'm getting really tired of the voicemail, "nurse jennings." I need to know whether or not you and maxie made it to the cabin!

[ Scoffs ] Call me back! Can I help you with something? Yeah, are you going somewhere? Dr. Finn. I could really use your help with a notation in the patient's chart. Okay. Hold on. Finn, if you -- if you know something that you're not telling us -- please. This has been going on for weeks now. If you know something, tell us so we can prepare. I'm sorry. This will be difficult to hear. Chase's condition is more serious than we thought. We're no closer to finding a cure, and chase is only getting worse. We're optimistic, but your mother still has a recovery ahead of her. Uh, can I -- can I see her now? I'd advise against a lot of talking, but you can sit with her. She'll be in a room shortly. Just check with the charge nurse. I really can't thank you enough. Thank you.

[ Breathes sharply ] Go see your mom. I'll be here. Hey, I have an update on gladys corbin. Pass this on to detective falconeri. She's out of surgery, and things look good. Jason morgan's in custody? Well, I'm still finishing things up here. Hey, a-any -- any eyes on cyrus renault?

[ Sighs ] Damn it. Okay, we'll keep looking. You have no idea how many phone calls I made trying to get this thing.

[ Laughs ] Thank you for delivering it personally. You're welcome. Flawless timing seems to be your thing. Curtis, if something's going on, you can talk to me about it. You know, we are friends, right? We sure are. And that's what happens when we save each other's life more than once. So, what do you think? I was thinking either here or by the door. I think this is a good spot. I mean, it's visible, but it's not obvious. Unlike your attempt to change the subject. You don't want hear the sordid details about my love life. I absolutely do.

[ Sighs ] I really, really do. So, come on, now. Why are you holding back? Actually, I'm wondering how soon after a marriage ends is too soon to move on. You don't need that gun. I'm a doctor. I took a vow to heal people, no matter who those people are. So, I-I-I can stop the bleeding and get you stable un-- until the ambulance gets here. Put the phone away. Put it over here. I'm pretty sure the bullet is still in me, and this needs to be handled here. You've clearly mistaken my home for an or, 'cause you need to go to the hospital. Oh, context, doctor. I can't go to a hospital. Imagine why that might be. Oh, I see. They're finally on to you.

[ Laughs ] You want me to patch you up while you plan your escape from port charles -- is that it? I'm relying on your expertise. Really? Because you've terrorized my family for years. You've trafficked in drugs that have killed countless people. Maybe the world's better off without you. A-and what about that sacred oath of yours? Maybe by keeping you from doing further harm, I'm keeping my oath. You are being very foolish right now. Trina: Mom! Can I spend the weekend at joss' -- no, Trina! Close the door. Well, this changes the calculus now, doesn't it?

After all the drama that we went through to get together, by the time we signed those divorce papers, it was like the marriage was already over and had been. Hmm. It's like you went through the five stages of grief before the death. Yeah. You know, as someone who had a long, protracted divorce, I know exactly what you mean. But, curtis, I also know that you didn't take the end of your marriage lightly in any way. I suppose you didn't have these feelings when you got involved with kevin. Do you mind if I sit here? Oh, yeah. Let me get that out of your way. Um... I had been divorced longer, but I was still kind of gun shy. Uh, but kevin and i were friends first. That's the same with me and portia. Uh... dr. Robinson. She's a lovely person. Yeah, we knew each other back in the day, and we reconnected about a year ago. The whole time I was going through this with jordan, she was there for me -- just as a friend. She'd give me space when I needed, and she'd show up when I didn't want to sit alone. Gotta tell you -- it meant a lot to me. Well, if you want my advice, I say just go really slow and see where it goes.

[ Ice clinking, cup taps lightly ] Excellent advice. Except for tonight, we kissed. Mom! I-I-I-I'm okay. Everything's okay. Just -- just stay calm. Stay calm. You hear that, Trina? Everything's gonna be okay. Just as long as your mother listens to reason. You need my help. Right, cyrus? Uh-huh. Let Trina go. I'll help you. Aw, don't be naive, dr. Robinson. You're gonna treat me, and Trina's gonna help, because... the alternative would be just... unfortunate. Get my medical bag, please. Do that, Trina, and come right back for your mother's sake. But -- no, no. Just do it.

[ Clears throat ] Before you go, just, uh, give me your phone. Just put it down over here. That's a good girl. Now go get the medical bag. Play this smart, dr. Robinson, we're all gonna walk away alive. Thank you for letting brando go in to see his mother first. I know you want to question her. You have no idea. But I also want to respect the doctor's advice and give the victim time to process their trauma. It's difficult balance, because time is usually of the essence. Hey, mom. It's me.

[ Monitor beeping ] Never wanted you to get caught up in all of this. I'm so sorry. We've been at odds for so long, and it took something like this to happen for me to see just how unimportant it all is. What a waste of time, huh? 'Cause no matter what, I love you, mom. Elizabeth: I'm sorry, but this can't wait. I'm sorry.

[ Telephone ringing in distance ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Sighs ] Are you okay? Not at all. Just breathe.

[ Exhales sharply ] I hope you're not mad at me for running interference. Mm? No, no, you did me a favor. I was seconds away from telling them about peter, telling them everything. It's okay. It's okay. You just had a moment because you're tired.

[ Sighs ] You're working nonstop. You're barely sleeping or eating. And you're scared for someone you love. I'm really scared, elizabeth. All my research, every lead, I can't find a damn cure. Chase will beat this, because there's no way we're gonna let peter august win. Not again. I'm cleaning out my personal safe because this will no longer be my office.

The invader's been sold to a private investor. The transaction happened quickly, but I was able to turn a profit. Oh, congratulations. It'll be a real loss to journalism. Not much of a loss, really -- especially when the only point of having something like this is to present yourself as an upstanding member of society. And you and valentin did such a nice job ending that, didn't you? No, I think you did that all on your own. You were given a lot of chances, and this is what you did with them. You know, peter, I'm being held accountable for my choices, and I think pretty soon you're gonna be held accountable for yours. You just keep telling yourself that, anna. Oh, of course, if you could prove that I'm actually guilty of something, you could always arrest m-- oh, wait a second. You don't have any evidence of any wrongdoing on my behalf, do you? And even if you did, there's nothing you could do about it because you still need something from me. Don't you? Am I right? Isn't that why you're really here, anna? Okay, the ambulance is on its way. Oh, hang in there, buddy. Help is on the way. Wait a minute. So, let me get this straight. You lured your psycho nurse onto some rotted wood so she would fall into a mine shaft? That is absolutely genius improvisation. Oh, my god. She is so beautiful. Maxie, she's gorgeous. I just -- what a trooper. And -- and how about you after everything you've been through? I don't know w-what came over me that gave me strength.

[ Sighs ] I just knew I had to protect my daughter. I still do. Which is why you need to take her. Maxie, chloe can't hurt you now. It's okay. Yeah, but peter can. He's still the ultimate threat. Look, with chloe gone and austin still u-unconscious, now is the perfect time for us to go through with our plan. Okay, let's just take a second -- brook lynn, wait! This was your idea to begin with, okay? You convinced me you could keep my daughter safe from peter. Was that a lie? Was it a scam? No! Okay! Peter hired chloe to drug me, kidnap me, and force me into labor! That is not a rational person! It's also not one who's ever gonna change or ever going to stop! You told me you could keep louise safe from peter if she was with you and valentin. Please, you have to take her.

[ Sighs ]

Just give me a minute, okay?

[ Austin groaning ] Ooh, boy.

[ Sighs ] No, no, we don't have a minute, and the ambulance is probably almost here. Just take her. Don't you want to say goodbye? If I say goodbye to her, then I'm not gonna be able to let her go. If you don't, you won't be able to forgive yourself.

[ Louise fussing ] Okay, lu. You're gonna go with your auntie brook lynn now. And she's gonna take really good care of you until I can come running back to you, okay? And you have a family that loves you very much, and we'll be waiting for you to come home. Until then, I-I'm gonna be really close by watching over you, making sure that you're okay.

[ Voice breaking ] And I'm gonna be thinking about you all the time.

[ Sniffles ] And just remember that I love you very much.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffling ]

[ Louise fussing ] Oh, oh. Just know I'm gonna keep her safe, and I'll make sure that she's loved, okay? Okay. For what it's worth, maxie... you're the bravest person I know.

[ Sobbing ] Chase needs another dose of the treatment. Fine. Not a problem. I'll hold up my end of the bargain since you held up yours. Okay, so, maybe, you and I, we can go and grab it, and then I'll take it to the hospital. Nice try, but that's not how this works. You can go to the hospital alone and I'll meet you there with the vial. Fine. I'll be seeing you, anna devane. You know... ...I really did try to love you. I just tried to believe the good in you. But I don't think you even believe that in yourself, do you? You're just playing a part, and other people saw that long before I did. But then, I eventually saw you, too. The real you -- not the one that I wanted to see. Are you done? No, actually, I'm not. You've been given so many choices in your life. They're like forks in the road, you know? You can choose light, or you can choose darkness. And all along the way, you just kept choosing the dark. Well, I'm afraid the sun's out now. And now everyone is going to see you for who you really are. Everyone. Now I'm done. You understand? There's no way to neutralize the toxin because there's no way to isolate it. As long as chase is still breathing, there's still a chance to find a cure. You'll find a solution because you are hamilton Finn, and that's what you do. You're a gifted researcher. You save lives, and you'll save chase'S. That's a lot of faith. No, that's an order. Peter took your relationship with anna. He -- he took my husband away from me. He doesn't get to take anything else from us. Where -- where -- take it easy. You're in the hospital. You're safe. Cyrus? He won't hurt you. I got sho-- shot. At the warehouse. I thought I would die. You thought wrong.

[ Chuckles ] You saved me. Only after you put your neck on the line in the first place. I didn't have much choice, did I? Whatever has happened between us, I will do everything I can... to do right by you... and... the baby you have on the way. Jordan: Hey, try this. Oh, thanks. I guess I got overwhelmed by everything going on. Yeah, I had morning sickness until my fourth month. It's not fun. Tell me about it. I imagine it's even more challenging with cyrus in the mix. I hate how he's still out there. This should be a happy time, but he has corrupted it, just like he corrupts everything he touches. Oh, I hate the way he leers at me. And, yeah, brando says I poke the bear too much, but I do it to let cyrus know that he does not control me. That I'm not afraid of him... even if I am. Yeah, I know from experience how cyrus treats women. How misogynistic he can be. And he's drawn to powerful women, and then he feels compelled to conquer them with bribes, or flattery -- threats. I just want to survive him. Hopefully, we all will. Between me, you, gladys, laura... hell, even carly... cyrus' time is up. I hope I'm not holding you up with my personal problems.

[ Chuckles ] No, not at all. I mean, I really like that you trust me enough to confide in me. Yeah, well, maybe I shouldn't have kissed and told. Are you ashamed of something, curtis? No. And for the record, nothing happened with portia and me while I was married to jordan, okay? I wouldn't even let my mind go there. And I believe you. I really do. It's just that, now that you're a single man, your mind can go wherever it wants. Yeah, but it's like it didn't get the message. I know my marriage with jordan is over. But [Sighs] Still, kissing portia felt like betrayal. Well, doc? What's the situation? Removing the bullet is going to be a, um, difficult procedure. It's very delicate. If I make the wrong move, I could paralyze your arm. Well, then, I'd better not flinch, and you'd better not make the wrong move. You're gonna need a sedative to relax you, so -- I don't think so.

After what you did tonight, I know you love me.

[ Chuckles ] And I know... you'll do anything to protect your kid. You're gonna make a great dad.

[ Smooches ] Mom, you should rest. You're still under medication.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Ms. Corbin. I was told that you're conscious and talking. My mother needs to rest, commissioner. She's not up to answering any questions right now. I -- I want to talk. I have to. You sure? I do have some questions for you, ms. Corbin. And I'll answer all of them. But I -- I need to get something off my chest first. Something that'll put a stop to all of this. Portia: You broke into my home so that I could treat your wound, didn't you? So let me treat you. Yeah, so, the second I'm out, you call the police. If I don't administer a sedative, you'll likely pass out from the pain, anyway. I've had worse, doc. Trust me, I'm no stranger to pain. Okay, fine. Have it your way. Trina, go in the kitchen and grab me a wooden spoon, okay? Is someone baking? I've been doing triage my whole adult life. I know a little something about pain, too. Huh. You don't want a sedative? It's fine with me. But you're gonna need something to bite on. The way I handled it -- talk about awkward.

[ Scoffs ] Portia couldn't get out of here fast enough. Ohh. I am attracted to the woman. She kissed me, and I froze. And I'm sure she took that to mean that I was disinterested. So, now she's upset, I'm conflicted and confused...

[ Scoffs ] ...And I'm here talking about it like a teenage boy instead of handling it like a grown-ass man.

[ Laughs ] Look, I'm sure that if you talk to portia about this and you explained how you were feeling, that she would understand. Yeah, but first, I have to explain it to myself. What you're feeling is not uncommon. I mean, it isn't -- not at all. In my own case, I -- I-I don't know that there's an objective measure for when it's too soon to move on. I think your heart tells you. And if this year taught us anything at all, it's that our lives and our time with our loved ones can be unbearably short.

[ Sighs ] So, I say, why delay happiness? Especially when it's standing right in front of you. Thanks. You still look upset.

[ Sighs ] I shouldn't have lashed out at Finn like that. He's been working as hard as he can. Well, you know, you call it "lashing out." I call it being assertive, but who am i to demand answers? Finn's not even the one I'm angry with. He's not responsible for chase ending up back here. Neither are you. Not physically. But what about emotionally? Spiritually? I haven't been honest with chase. Yes, because you're trying to help him.

Am I helping him? Oh, how's chase? No change. Did you find peter? I did, yeah. He said he's going to bring a dose here. You don't sound very confident. Voicemail again? Really? Well, I'm headed out of here, and I want to know where the hell you and maxie are. What happened? Um, you were attacked, but you're gonna be okay. I used your cellphone to call for help. An ambulance should be here any minute. Gotcha.

[ Insects chirping ] Um, so, miss maxie... ...where's the baby?

Remember when we were at home talking, and we looked up and saw chase was there? Before he passed out, in that moment, I was stricken... wondering how much he'd heard. I felt so guilty and ashamed. Hey, look, d-- please don't feel ashamed for wanting to help chase and give him something to hope for. Is that what I'm doing? All this lying and -- and sneaking and hiding our love. It's tarnishing us, and it's eating me up inside.

[ Sighs ] What should be joyful... now feels wrong. Hey, it doesn't feel wrong to me. Not "wrong," I suppose, but it's not right. Da scorpio and diane miller have finalized an immunity deal for you.

[ Monitor beeping ] You wouldn't happen to have it on you, would you? No, it's sitting on my desk. But it's ready for signatures. I'm not up for going to your office. So... no time like the present. Mom, shouldn't you talk to your lawyer? Just to make sure the deal is what you want it to be. You could call diane miller if that would make you more comfortable. But anything you say that would lead to the arrest of cyrus renault would be greatly appreciated. What's most important is setting things right.

[ Beeping continues ] I'm ready now.

[ Device beeps ] This is commissioner ashford. I'm taking the statement of gladys corbin from her hospital bed. The witnesses are brando corbin and sasha gilmore. Ms. Corbin, what is it you wish to say? My name is gladys corbin. And the reason I was grabbed today... kidnapped and tied up at the warehouse -- was, um, to prevent me... from telling the police the truth. And that truth is... jason morgan is not who I saw... dispose of the gun that shot franco baldwin. I repe at -- I never sawjason morgan dump that gun. I only said that because cyrus renault made me lie to the police. And that's the god's honest truth. Portia: Mm. Still don't need something to bite on, huh? Just do your job. You're taking a real chance here. How do you know my mom won't clip the wrong artery on purpose? Trina. She could kill you right now and make it look like an accident. Okay, okay. I know because your mother is a dedicated doctor. She takes her sacred oath very seriously. That's why I can trust her. You, on the other hand, I can'T. That's why I'm holding the gun. Honest question -- how would you feel if you kissed a man and he suddenly backed away?

[ Sighs ] Uh, I think I'd do exactly what portia did, really.

[ Sighs ] I mean, you want to save some face. Yeah. I can't believe I messed things up.

[ Chuckles ] Curtis...

[ Sighs ] You just have to try to be honest with yourself, you know? Are you interested in pursuing something more with portia, or you just feel like you're not ready yet?

[ Sighs ] I think I'm ready. I probably blew things after tonight. You know, I have a history of pulling out of relationships with portia. It's complicated from a long time ago, but I am amazed that we reconnected. After today, though, I'll be lucky to get back in the friend zone. How long ago did it happen? Was it like, I don't know, a day? An -- an hour? A couple hours? Is time really a factor when you crash and burn like I did? Call her. I mean, think about it. She put herself on the line for you. I think you should do the same for her. You're a lot like your father, aren't you? Shh -- j-j-j-just stay still. Mm.

[ Panting ]

[ Grunting, groaning ] Oh, oh.

[ Panting ] Okay, okay. The bullet's out. Trina, honey, pass me the saline and some more gauze, okay? I got to clean out the wound before I stitch you up. Now, wiggle your fingers for me, please?

[ Groaning ] Okay. Oh, your -- your mom does good work, Trina.

[ Panting ] This, uh, war between... my family and yours, it -- it -- it goes back a long time. I -- I s-- I suppose the one silver lining in your father being alive is...

[Groans] That I have a chance to kill him again.

[ Groaning softly ]

[ Telephone rings in distance ] Maxie! What happened? Medic: Term, post-delivery in the field. Gravida 3, para 3. Umbilicus is firm at the fundus, and light bleeding. Bp 124/75. Pulse 82, temp 98.6. Denies any allergies, alert and oriented.

[ Voice breaking ] No, I'm okay! Elizabeth, you need to help him. He's been in and out of consciousness. He saved my life.

[ Crying ] Okay. Get ob to the er. What have we got? Head trauma, possible concussion, glasgow coma score 2/4/5. Pupils are equal and reactive. Bp 134/78. Sir, can you hear me? We're gonna take good care of you. Let's get him to radiology. Dr. NAvarro will be here soon. We'll be taking you into a cubicle in just a moment. Thank you. Mm-hmm.

Peter was cleaning out his safe. And when I questioned him, he had no problem admitting that he'd sold the invader, which confirms what valentin and I suspected -- that he's moved up his exit date for maxie, himself,and the baby. Okay, what about the antidote for chase? Is he still bringing it? He's said he's going to bring it. And he knows that if anything were to happen to chase, that -- god, that there would be no corner of hell where he could hide. Maxie, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be at -- I-I thought you were at the spa with chloe. Is it the baby? Maxie, talk to me. What happened to the baby? She's gone, peter. The baby is gone.

[ Louise fussing ] Welcome to the world, little girl. First thing to know is that life can be a little complicated. And I'm sorry you've had such an unconventional start, but it's just gonna make you into an amazing, think-outside-of-the-box kind of person. And I promise I'm gonna take really good care of you. I'm gonna keep you safe and -- and happy and make sure your psycho father never gets anywhere near you. So don't you worry about a thing.

[ Sighs ] I've got everything under control.

[ Sighs ]

[ Louise crying ] Yeah, I don't believe me, either. You made a statement that led police to the murder weapon. If you didn't see jason morgan dispose of the gun that killed franco baldwin, how did you know where to tell police to look for it? Because... I did see someone throw the gun down the garbage chute.

[ Monitor beeping ] The real killer. Did you recognize this person?

[ Beeping continues ] Yes. It was peter august. I got to get going. Laura, um, thanks for stopping by, thanks for bringing me the framed certificate, and thank you for your advice. Mm, any time. Have you decided what you're gonna do about it? Uh...

[ Sighs ] Okay, I'll leave you to it.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Whispers ] Get the phone.

[ Ringing continues ]

[ Whispering ] Curtis? Curtis, no, no, no. Listen to me. We're -- portia, portia, look. I want to apologize for what happened.


just listen to me. Portia?

[ Line clicks ] What happened? Portia?

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