GH Transcript Friday 5/28/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/28/21


Episode #14711 ~ Brook Lynn awaits Maxie's call. Chase gets the wrong idea. Jordan questions Brando. Anna is apologetic. Portia receives an unwelcome surprise.

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 okay, maxie's "must-have" items -- let me see if I've got them all. Diapers, check. Extra bed sheets, yes. Receiving blanket -- I don't even know what that is, but I have it. Bag of ice, thermometer, rubbing alcohol -- yes. Duct tape -- duct tape? Maxie's really gonna have to explain that one. Okay, "once you've assembled your supplies, you have everything you need for a happy, successful home birth." Everything except a mommy. Where are you, maxie?

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] She's here. And she's beautiful. Can you hold her up so I can see her? Austin? Mm-hmm? What is it? What's wrong? Wait, why isn't she crying? Okay. Hey. Baby louise, mama wants to say hi. Think you can say hi back? Can you do that?

[ Louise crying ] Oh, thank god. That is the best sound I've ever heard.

[ Crying continues ]

[ Door opens ] Hmm. Elizabeth: Finn? You need to take a break. Go home and get some rest. I can't stop until I find an antidote to the toxin. You know, if we were doing this properly, we'd have dozens of people working around the clock. Instead, it's Elizabeth, what if I'm not capable of... solving this in time to save chase? You know, I watched you cure hayden when she was exposed to blackwoods. You were flying solo then, too, and you managed to save my sister. You'll do it again. I have faith in you. I appreciate the vote of confidence, but it's gonna take a lot more than faith.

[ Sighs ] Hi. Sorry. Um, I just came straight from the airport. I hope I'm not too late. I want you to sit down and rest now, chase. I still think you're pushing yourself too hard, too fast. What? No, not at all. The fresh air did more good for me than all the doctors and nurses at G.H. Don't let Finn hear you say that. Look, I know Finn is working overtime to cure whatever's wrong with me, but I just wish he'd be honest with me and tell me what I actually have or -- or what -- how did I get it, you know? Oh, hey, chase. I've got you. You're good. Hey, chase, you okay? Yeah, never better. Yes, I am calling about the status of my liquor license for my new club, the savoy? Okay, yes. Could you expedite that, please? Uh, I-it's not just for my benefit, but for -- for -- for the benefit of my hardworking staff who would love to get to work. All right, good.

[ Sighs ]

[ Portia chuckles ] All right, you can say it. I'm pushy and impatient. No, not at all. You're the proud owner of what's gonna be the swankiest, sexiest hotspot that this town has ever seen. Oh, okay. Well, for that, can I offer the lady a drink? Yes, I could definitely use a drink. All right. I just got a glimpse of the dangerous world that you left behind. Sasha. Hey, what are you doing here? I thought -- I thought carly said that she -- she had you in a safe place? See this guy? My very own personal bodyguard, courtesy of carly. But as soon as I heard about the shooting at the warehouse, I knew I had to come. Were you involved? Yeah. Uh, but I-I'm fine. My -- my mom, she was shot. She's in surgery right now. Gladys was shot? Why? Yeah, that's a good question, ms. Gilmore. Detective falconeri and i would also like to hear your answer, mr. Corbin. Better yet, why don't you just tell us where your boss, cyrus renault, is? No, no! This is your big plan? To set up an ambush with this fool? I have no idea why nikolas is here, but we had a deal. You blew the deal! Now, your friend and i are leaving, and you'll be seeing him again in pieces. You're not taking him anywhere! Put him back in the truck.

[ Gunshot ] Let him go, or I drop you.

Maxie, it's me. I'm at the house in beechers corners, just like we planned, but I haven't heard from you since you left for the spa. Were you able to ditch your private nurse? And is bobbie gonna meet us? Just call me on the burner, okay?

[ Sighs ]

[ Louise cooing ] Oh. [ Gasps ] Hi. Oh, you look perfect to me, louise. Perfect in every way. You have no idea how happy I am to be holding you in my arms and to count your 10 little fingers and your 10 little toes.

[ Sighs ] I don't even know how to thank you. You just did. So, here I was, stumbling through the woods, and I run across a doctor who is looking like a half-naked mountain man.

[ Laughs ] I'm so glad you did. Maxie, now that I have a minute, I'm gonna try and get some cell service, okay? We need to get you into an ambulance. No, you can't do that. He's gonna find us. If you want me to leave, just say the word.

[ Grunts ] Please, stay. Elizabeth knows everything. That peter was responsible for the toxin that was intended for me but wound up in chase. Yeah. It all comes back to peter, doesn't it? If only people hadn't covered for him. If only he hadn't been coddled so much, chase's life wouldn't be hanging by a thread, jason wouldn't be on the run, and franco would still be alive. You know what? I-I-I don't even think I'm gonna try to justify or explain any of my past actions, because, quite frankly, it's too late for that. But what I do want to do is urge us to act fast. Valentin believes that peter is planning on leaving port charles.

[ Exhales sharply ] Okay? Well, that means the drug that's keeping chase alive will be leaving with him. Yes. So, I'm hoping that my trip to ireland could help you in some way. Consider this a gift from the late, great sean donely. You've had your walk outside. Now you need to sit down and rest. Hey, I'm going to go into the kitchen and get you something to eat.Yeah, willow's right. You need to build up your strength. I still can't believe I live in a mansion with actual staff.

[ Chuckles ] It can be intimidating. There are so many rooms. I was lost at first, but eventually, I found my way. Um, I-I'll help you find something to eat. You know, I'd kill for something simple, like a pizza. Help me feel more -- more normal again. Okay, well, you know what? You are in luck, because our kitchen has a pizza oven. Come on.

[ Sighs ] Having chase live here is going to be harder than I thought.

[ Sighs ] But until he's out of the woods -- we have to put him first. Help him, support him, do everything we can to get him well. Come on. Come on. You got this. You got this. You got this. Damn it.

[ Sighs ] Just relax, man. You're not dizzy. You're not dizzy. Come on, come on. So, while I pour you this drink, you can tell me about your brush with violence. Unless you'd rather not. Uh, I think talking about it might actually help me. You know -- you know brando corbin, right? Yeah. Sonny's cousin, cyrus' driver. I don't think he's cyrus' driver anymore. Not after tonight. What happened? Well, brando's mother was shot in some sort of -- I don't know -- gangland battle. And brando didn't wait for the ambulance, so he carried her bleeding into general hospital. And I was the attending. Got her into a cubicle. We rushed her to the O.R. Thankfully, one of our best surgeons was on duty, so she's operating as we speak. A-and you reported all this to the cops? That's the law. You know, you're not the only one who thought that they had moved on. I thought that after I divorced marcus, I was done with that world. All that life, you know? But I-it -- it doesn't matter. It seems like whatever I do, it just follows me wherever I go. Yeah. It seems it does. I don't work for cyrus renault anymore. When did you offer him your resignation? Remember, you don't have to say anything without your lawyer present. She's right. We could go down to the station. You could answer all of our questions there. I'm not going anywhere until my mother's out of surgery. I'm sorry that your mother was injured, so please try to help me understand. There was a shootout at a warehouse a few hours ago. Two known associates of the renault organization were killed. None of that proves that brando was involved. Sasha, it's okay. You're not any part of this. Too late. That train has left the station. Brando, how did gladys manage to get caught in the crossfire? Cyrus abducted her. He wanted to make sure that she wouldn't recant her statement about seeing jason morgan ditch the gun that killed franco. He had me pick up a package and deliver it to him at the warehouse. My mother was already there. He was planning to kill us both. What did you do to make him turn on you? That would be where I come in. Turn spinelli loose. I think I'll keep him as a guarantee we leave the pier alive. Ohh!

[ Gunshot ] Get down, get down. Cover carly and stay down!

[ Groans ] Cyrus got away? Yeah, looks like it. Jason, jason. Carly. You're okay. Okay, I-I-I-I-I told you to stay down. I did stay down. I meant until we're safe. Well, it looks safe to me.

[ Sighs ] You're the reason why cyrus turned on brando? Why? Cyrus once had a romantic interest in me, which I did not return. When he found out that I got pregnant by his driver... let's just say that cyrus' fragile ego got bruised. The guy is not a good loser. Brando: And cyrus gave me a loyalty test. Either kill my own mother, or sasha would suffer. And that's when all hell broke loose. Shots were fired. I tried to protect my mom, and in the craziness of it all, cyrus got away. And that's when I realized my mom got hit, and I rushed her here. You can see how worried brando is, right? Can this be enough for now? For now, yeah. I do hope your mother makes a full recovery. Thank you. So, uh... if gladys corbin admits that she lied about jason... and renault put her up to it, let alone paid her, we got him on witness tampering, perjury, obstruction. Well, the D.A.'S way ahead of you. Robert scorpio and diane miller are in the process of hammering out a deal of immunity for ms. Corbin in exchange for testimony. That's when we got word about the shootout at the warehouse. So, gladys is a target as long as renault's running around free. We gotta protect her. Yeah, I'll make sure she's guarded when she's in recovery. But in the meantime, based on brando's statement, I have more than enough to make an arrest. Time to put out an apb on cyrus renault. I got distracted from that drink I promised you.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, yeah. You know, I didn't just stop by for some good conversation and to see a friendly face. I, um -- I wanted to see if I could book your club for a private party. Oh, a fundraiser for G.H., Huh? No, no, no, no. A-a graduation party for Trina and her friends. Oh, okay. Yeah. This year's been, you know, traumatic. So full of loss and grief. I just wanted to do something special -- something positive for them. Yeah, I like the sound of that. You know, if it all times out, we can use it as a soft opening for the savoy -- you know, before the official opening. Mm-hmm. Gotta tell you, though -- it's kind of fitting that you're my first customer. Remember when I brought you here on my very last stakeout? You were all in favor of me buying this place.

[ Laughs ] Well, it seemed like a good fit. You know, this place looks good on you. I could tell that very first night. Yeah? Well, I like to think of myself as an optimist. I'm not gonna remember last year as the year my life fell apart. Instead, I'll choose to think of it as the year my good friend stuck by me. And that meant a lot to me. I think maybe olivia's onto something. Making that pizza was fun. And baking it in an actual pizza oven -- never done that before. Well, I had fun making it with you. And now I have to explain to chase that he's being granted the rare privilege of being able to eat pizza in the kitchen, since my grandmother told the staff to do whatever it takes to help chase. So we are -- we are taking full advantage. I'm not so sure moving chase in here is going to work. What, are you kidding me? What? We got -- we got valentin here. We got charlotte, brook lynn. I mean, the baby's gonna be here soon. It's already a party, so -- that's not what I'm talking about, and you know it. You're putting your life on hold. And so are you. Look, you and wiley are my life. And if we have to wait till chase is back on his feet, I mean, that -- that's worth any sacrifice. I heard you guys talking just now. So, I-I studied the file all the way back from ireland, and there are detailed notes in there -- formulas. They might not be the exact toxin that poisoned chase, but possibly...

[ Cellphone beeps ] ...They're related in some way, you know? Excuse me. I'm needed down the hall. Okay. Look, I-I understand if you -- if you didn't want to say anything in front of elizabeth. I get that, but you really need to be honest with me. Do you think that there's anything in there -- in sean's file that could help save chase? Who's this guy that you're so frightened of? Should I be calling the police and an ambulance? No! No, I-I just need to get to beechers corners. Why beechers corners? Because someone is waiting there for me, and it's the only place my baby and I will be safe. Awesome. Um, you just had a baby in the forest with zero medical supplies, and I think it's important for your welfare to go to the hospital -- and the baby's, as well. No, there's no time. Please just take us to beechers corners. I'll take you wherever you want. Right after we swing by the hospital. So, I'm gonna call an ambulance.

[ Thud ] You didn't really think that this was over, did you?

Ugh. Oof. Ah. Ugh, maxie. When you get here and after all of your hard work, we are gonna party like it's 2019. Then I'm gonna present your little girl to valentin. He's gonna love her, keep her safe -- make sure that lying worm peter never gets his hands on her. Stay away from us. Oh, I don't think you're in any position to be giving orders. What if you killed him? So what if I did? He's expendable. You and your baby are coming back with me to the house. Did peter send you after us? Oh, what? You think I was gonna tell him you got away from me? No way. So, he doesn't know that I had the baby. Soon as I get cell service, he will. Now let's go. I just had a baby in the woods. I don't know how you can expect me to -- come on. I just heard you tell your new friend that you had to get to beechers corners. So, if you are strong enough for that, you are strong enough to walk back to the cabin. I am not gonna ask you again. He's coming to! What? Ugh! Aah!

[ Louise crying ]

[ Gasps ] Oh! Aah.

[ Groans ] Aah. Oh, you bitch!

[ Groaning ]

[ Breathing heavily ] You are gonna pay for that. Maybe something in this file will lead me to creating an antidote. Or maybe it will just be another dead end. But if peter's really leaving town, I don't really have a lot of time to talk about it. Okay, yeah, yeah. I-I hope it does some good, anyway. Yeah. Hey, anna? Yes? Thank you. I know this wasn't easy to get. I...appreciate it. It's the least I can do. That part about getting back on my feet -- that it is worth any sacrifice...

[ Scoffs ] If I ever doubted your friendship, I feel -- I feel foolish for questioning it. I-I was -- I was just so eager to get out of the hospital, and I-it -- it -- it didn't occur to me what it would cost you. The time, the -- the trouble. I-I -- michael: Hey, no, chase. Hey, hey. It's -- it's, uh -- it's -- it's no trouble, you know? Not at all. Um, your, uh -- your pizza, it's ready for you to eat in the kitchen. Nice dodge, but I'm trying to thank you here. And I-I-I kn-- I know you don't want to hear this, but I-I promise you that once I am better and I can -- I can get back to my place, willow and I... we are never gonna impose on you again. Your pizza is waiting. And once you're done eating, you need to go to bed and get a good night's sleep. You know, I'm -- I'm actually not that hungry now. Chase. Uh, m-maybe we'd better get you to your room. No, gu-- I'm fine. Whoa, hey, hey, hey. Whoa, chase. You know, it could be hours before there's news of my mom. You don't have to stay. I want to. Unless you would rather be alone. Um, I'm -- I'm glad you're here. It's vital that we get gladys corbin's statement against cyrus on the record. She gotta make it through surgery first.

[ Cellphone chimes ] There's been a report of gunfire on the waterfront. Pier 55. Looks like what happened at the warehouse earlier was just the beginning. Hey, you -- you okay? Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[ Stammering ] I'm -- I'm u-unharmed. How about you? I'm fine. Deepest apologies for being taken hostage. I should have been more aware. I'm so glad you're okay, spinelli. Thank you. Nikolas. I heard cyrus' men had you. They did. They did, but everything's gonna be okay now. Everything's gonna be okay.

[ Breathing heavily ] Nikolas, what the hell were you thinking? You ruined everything when you showed up. That was not a part of the plan.I won't apologize. I wasn't gonna stand by and let anything happen to Ava. You are infuriating. My hero.

 I love you for wanting to protect me, but I could strangle you for putting yourself in danger. Me? You were the one who volunteered to stand in for gladys at the hostage exchange. I was safe. I was completely safe. I was in a bulletproof car. I think it was bulletproof. Okay, Ava, I appreciate you acting as the decoy -- I really do -- but nikolas almost got us killed. So can you just get him out of here, please? Please.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Body thuds ] It's good that carly provided you with a bodyguard to shadow your every move.

[ Sighs ] Can't be too careful, right? No. [ Sighs ] I mean, cyrus has always been a dangerous man. And now that the cops have a reason to arrest him, he'll be even more dangerous. Cyrus and I went out a couple of times. And then, you know, he gave me some of his latest product, which nearly killed me. It's ridiculous how possessive he feels about me. Yeah, well, I didn't say it was rational. But it is a fact. I mean, I failed his loyalty test. Even worse, me -- his lowly driver -- got you -- the woman he was interested in -- pregnant. I am just trying to keep you and our baby safe. I appreciate that. But I am not gonna be intimidated by cyrus renault. He does not get to dictate how I live my life. The way I see it, we're in this together. I really can't wait for this club to open up. Yeah, I'm really excited about this newest chapter of my life. You know, when I left the hospital tonight, I was in a really, uh -- I don't know, dark place. All I could seem to think about was how close I came to losing Trina to the same senseless violence that gunned down gladys corbin. And if it hadn't had been for you that night, I honestly don't know -- well, you -- I didn't do anything superhuman or heroic. I just reacted in the moment. I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit. I mean, most people run away from danger. You -- you ran towards it. No, um, Trina and cameron were caught in a situation that they had no idea how to deal with. So it wasn't even a choice. I had to protect them. But you know what? What's even more exciting? Flash forward one year, and I'm even more excited about running a venue where those teenagers get to celebrate graduating high school. Well, either way, it seems like you're always there for Trina when she needs you. And if I'm being honest? I need you, too. Whoa, whoa. Wheelchair, please. Yep, right here. Finn, I told them we didn't need to come here, okay? All right, all right. Come on, come here. Why won't any -- you know Finn. We're just being cautious. Why won't anyone listen to me? I'm fine, oka-- can you hang onto that for me? Of course. I think we're gonna need it.

[ Louise crying ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Ow! Ah! Maxie!

[ Cackles ] Ooh! Aah!

[ Crying continues ] Fake chloe: Give it up, maxie! You're never gonna get away from me! I run marathons, and you just had a baby! I'm gonna do this, louise. For you.

[ Wood creaks ] Maxie, stop! I'm going to catch you!

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunting, groaning ]

[ Laughs ] I knew you couldn't outrun me! Face it, maxie! It's over! We're gonna do things peter's way! Now stop making this so difficult and come with me!

[ Police radio chatter ] Come on. I'm going to, uh... need you to hand over your weapon, jason. Nice and slow. Let's run ballistics on this from the bullets found in the casualties, see how many came from that gun. It was self-defense, dante. Secure the area, get a paramedic down here. Let's tape off this crime scene, okay? Carly, you're at two shootings now, right? First at the warehouse, now down here at the docks? Cyrus is the one you want. Mm. He's already run off, being the coward that he is. Yeah, he was, uh, shot and bleeding, too, so his trail should be easy to follow. You let cyrus escape? Looks like you might be losing your touch, huh, jason? Cyrus threatened my daughter. I need to go and be with her. If you need statements from me and my wife, contact our lawyers. Of course, we'll give our full cooperation. You two are free to go. Y-you know, in that -- in that case, we'll take our l-leave, too, so you can get to your good work. Okay, spinelli, you and carly can go, too. But not you. I wanted to update you. More shots were fired at pier 55. It appears that cyrus has been wounded and is on the run. Could this be true? Is cyrus finally finished? I wouldn't count cyrus out. Not until he's six feet under. You still need my mother to change her statement, right? That's right. Unfortunately, if your mother dies, the rest of our case against cyrus could fall apart. I'm -- I'm sorry. Did I, um -- did I misread things, or...? Oh, wow. I guess I did misread things.

[ Laughs ] Oh, I'm sorry. I-I-I haven't eaten, and I'm drinking, and it's just -- portia, stop. My judgment is off. I'm sorry. Stop, stop. It wasn't the cocktail. You didn't misread anything. And if I gave you mixed messages, that's on me. Maybe it's because I just signed divorce papers.

[ Scoffs ] I'd better get going. Look -- portia, look, I don't want to leave things like this. No, I-I-I'll get back to you about Trina's party.

[ Exhales sharply ] Look, I just got a little dizzy. It's nothing, really. I-I want to go home. Wherever that is. His blood pressure's dropping again.

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ] What do you think is in that file anna's reading? I don't know. But she's treating it like it's the holy grail. That's what chase needs now.

[ Sighs ] A miracle. Face it, maxie. You don't have the strength to outrun me. If you truly care about that baby, you will hand her over. We can go back to the cabin and wait for peter to come. Never. I'm guessing you don't have any children. I don't, not that it's any business of yours. If you did, you would know that a mother would do anything to protect her child. So you're gonna have to pry this baby out of my cold, dead hands.

[ Laughs ] Well, that's fine with me if you want to play it that way. I mean, peter can always find another mommy. I might even volunteer for the job myself. Is that why you're doing this? Stop! I want that baby!

[ Screams ]

[ Wood creaking ] Oh, thank god.

[ Sniffling ] Oh, god. Oh, come on, maxie. What's brook lynn's burner number? You know this!

[ Breathing heavily ] Um...

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ] Hello? Who's this? Maxie: Brook lynn,

stop talking!

It's maxie! Maxie, what? W-w-whose phone are you calling from? Are you okay? No! Please, listen to me! There's no time to explain! I had the baby! Uh, she's healthy. She's okay. But I-I'm in the middle of nowhere. I'm gonna send you a pin. I need you to come pick us up. Okay, uh, none of this is making any sense to me. Brook lynn, please! Just come get us! Oh, my god.

[ onitor beeping ] Leave the file. Yes. Go find peter. Mm-hmm. Chase needs another dose of the antidote. I'm on it. Finn, I need you. Finn, stop. I have been watching you and anna exchange all these looks and coded phrases. Chase believes you haven't been honest about his condition, so what are you keeping from him? Brando: It's funny. I spend so much time complaining about my mom. She's too pushy. She's too blunt. She's never too shy about putting her two cents in -- about anything, even when it's not warranted. I'm always thinking negative thoughts about her. I never stopped to ask myself... how I'd feel if I lost her. And the truth is... I'd be a little lost. She shaped my life... for better or worse. That's really lovely, brando. When she's out of surgery and recovering, make sure you tell her that. I need to call you back. Doctor. Uh, how's my mom? Dante, you realize that none of us would be alive if jason hadn't come back. Yeah, yeah, cyrus took me hostage, threatened to mutilate me in order to coerce carly into meeting his demands. You know what? I can't wait to read all about it in your statement, spinelli. Instead of wasting time on jason, you should be after cyrus. He's the threat. Carly. Jason hasn't even resisted. Carly. We have an apb out for cyrus renault, okay? We're gonna find him, okay? Right now, we both know I have a job to do. Then do it. Jason! I'll call diane. Jason morgan, you're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Should you give up the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. You understand these rights as I have explained them to you?

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] What was I thinking?

[ Sighs ] Welcome home, dr. Robinson.

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