GH Transcript Thursday 5/27/21

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/27/21


Episode #14710 ~ Maxie prepares for the baby's arrival. Valentin threatens Peter. Cyrus gains the upper hand. Ava offers to help Carly. Britt hears Jason out.

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 chloe, check in with me as soon as you get to the house. I want to make sure we're on schedule for louise's birth.

[ Both grunting ] You will never get my baby, bitch! Aah! Someone help me! Hi. Hi yourself. First to the pcpd, and then you join the softball league. I would say that's a pretty major comeback. Can I have one of those? Sorry. Team rules. Mmm, it is refreshing, though. Mm-hmm.

[ Clears throat ] You know, I've been, uh, watching you out there. Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm. Scouting out your competition, huh? Yeah, you know, maybe, little bit. Um, you -- you really take your, uh, pre-season really quite seriously, huh? Why would you say that? I've never seen anyone practice sliding quite as much as you do. Or were you just tripping over yourself? Wouldn't have pegged you for the love 'em and leave 'em type. That's not what -- "that was fun. Bye." Britt. What? I'm not -- I'm not leaving. I'm sorry. Uh... did you not say that you had to go back to port charles? Just for a few days to figure things out. Okay. Two days, two weeks, you're still leaving. Okay, I-I just need you to trust me, okay? And stay here. I promise I'm coming back for you. No.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hello? You have something I want. And as it turns out, I have something you want even more. I have no idea what you're talking about. Well, then by all means, let me explain. Say "hello." Uh, d-don't worry about me, carly. I-I'll be fine. Spinelli? He speaks the truth. Your friend will be fine, provided you hand over gladys.

Oh, I'm sorry. The lazy, tragically confident pcpd would have no idea what it's like to be a committed player. Commitment? I-is that what you call that slide? Head first, baby. Practice hard. Play hard. Is that the aurora model? It should be. Mm. But just so you know, we do intend to win this year. What is so funny? Why do you keep laughing at me? Nothing! I'm sorry! You guys -- you just -- you kind of suck. You've been in the basement ever since you came into the league. There's a first time for everything. And you know what they say about the underdog? It gives you the mental advantage. Mm. Do you know what would give you an actual advantage? Someone on your team learning how to hit. Okay, look, it doesn't -- it doesn't have to be here. I can have spinelli fly you to the island. So my options are puerto rico or canada? I'll stay in canada. So, you'll stay.

[ Sighs ] For now. But let's be clear, okay? I am not some package that you can just deposit somewhere or a damsel in distress just waiting for your orders. I'm not, uh -- I'm not ordering you to do anything.

[ Chuckles ] Really? I'm asking you... to stay here until I can make it safe. Please. Just -- just give me the chance to make this right. Make what right?

[ Sighs ] I'm the one who got you involved in the whole cyrus investigation. I opened the door, and you were there, and I know you -- you took me up on the challenge -- willingly. Right, but... I still feel responsible. Truth? I would like to think that I would have figured out that cyrus was using the hospital as a front on my own. And I would have made the choice to work against him instead of turning a blind eye. And maybe I would have. But what I know is that when you showed me who cyrus really was, when you opened that door, I walked through, not because you forced me, but because I wanted to. I get that. Okay. And I get that you're a professional rescuer, but this is not how I operate, jason. Sitting around while the big, strong, manly man fixes things. And not to mention, sexual performance notwithstanding, you are not fully healed. On top of that, you're the fugitive. Maybe I'm the one that should go back to port charles. No, I'm the fugitive from the law. You're the fugitive from cyrus. He still wants you dead. No question. But that's not why those guys were in your office that night. They were there to kill you, sent by cyrus to his own hospital. Do you know how risky that is? That's how bad he wanted you gone. So please just stay here, stay safe. Give me enough time to end this. Gladys is a woman, not a library book. I'm not even sure if I can get access to her. Well, for your friend's sake, you'd better figure it out. Pier 55, one hour. You, not one of your minions. Don't keep me waiting.

[ Exhales sharply ] Son of a bitch.

[ Sighs ] Carly, what happened? That didn't look good. I can't talk about this right now. So, let me guess. Cyrus, right? He has some kind of leverage on you? He's very likely... holding someone for ransom? It's written all over your face, and it's hardly a leap, right? It's how the man does business. Look, carly. We have a couple very important interests in common -- keeping avery safe and stopping cyrus. So we can do this. We can do it together. Let me help. Cyrus has spinelli, and he wants gladys in exchange, and I've got one hour. Gladys is in surgery. Yeah, I know. Okay, so what you need, then, is a stand-in for gladys. Yeah. You got any ideas? Me.

[ Panting ] Okay, louise. We need to find a road or any semblance of human life, actually. Where are we?

[ Sighs ] Okay, look. You have to stay put just until I can find someone to help us, or better yet, a hospital. Aah! Ah! Oh, no! Please! You can't be born yet!

[ Breathing heavily ]

So when you say, "end this," what do you mean, getting leverage over cyrus or getting him arrested? I mean end it. I mean, you're -- you're a good doctor, right? That's what you do. I try. Well, this is what I do, uh, not nearly as often as people -- people think, but I'm capable. And it's time. I think you're underselling yourself. You know, um... ...when, uh -- when Sonny first gave me a job, I was -- I was grateful, you know, not -- not just for the work, but... just to have someone treat me like a competent human being. Mm. And then I figured out pretty fast how well I could use a gun. And it was a skill I could develop. And then, uh, Sonny needed an enforcer, somebody he could trust. So Sonny needed you to do a job, and you did it well. I never questioned if it was the right choice to make. I just made it. But now the choice is when and how to use that skill. Certain circumstances call for it, and this is one of them. Are you proud of that skill? No.

[ Sighs ] But I'm grateful for it, you know, to be able to use it to -- to protect the people that I love. I've given you a lot of grief. But don't worry, there's more where that comes from.

[ Both chuckle ] An endless amount, actually. Mm. But I see now that people make a lot of assumptions about what you do and how you live your life. They think you don't feel. I think you do. This is insane. You are not standing in for gladys. The only way to stop cyrus is to stop him. What does that even mean? Look at the situation. He's taking hostages. He tried to kill somebody, and he failed. So this man, who hasn't made a single mistake up to now, is clearly now spiraling out. He's getting sloppy. He's leaving himself open. This is our chance. No. All I have to do is fool him long enough for carly's people to make their move. Isn't that right? That's right. I don't care how vulnerable you think cyrus is. This isn't happening. If you're serious about this, I can set it up so you're not in any danger. Is this some kind of a joke? You are not a mob boss. You are a widow, and you're making it up as you go along. You think cyrus is spiraling? How did he get his hands on spinelli or gladys in the first place? Because she's out of control. Come on, Ava. We're -- no. Nikolas... I'm not going anywhere. Ava... I love you, and I supported you when you did what you felt you needed to do with cyrus' mother, even though I didn't agree with it. Now it's your turn to support me. Alright, well, excuse me if I'm not gonna stick around to watch this. You don't have to do this. I know.

[ Elevator bell dings ] I need some time to iron out some details. You know trent, Sonny's bodyguard? I do. Okay. Meet him at the hospital entrance. Ava. Thank you. What you don't seem to understand, carly, is that I want this bastard taken down just as badly as you do. Brick, it's me. Stop whatever you're doing and assemble a team right now.

[ Grunting ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ] What do you want? Don't you have your hands full toying with detective chase? Why do you have to torment an innocent pregnant woman on top of it? Aah! What is it with my children and the great outdoors?! Oh. First james, and now you? Can't even wait a hot minute to discover nature -- you have to be born here.

[ Sighs ] Aah! Okay! Okay, okay, okay. Okay. I hear you. I hear you. You're ready. I'm sorry this is happening. But trust me, this is better than what your father had planned.

 Understandmy instructions? Okay, I'll let you know when everything's in place.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] You seem to know a lot about a little, old softball league that you haven't played in in, I don't know, years? Yeah. Yeah, man, I missed it. Ooh, itching to get out there? You -- are you, uh, making fun of me? Aww, you're cute. Cute? Cute? You mean tough? No, I said cute. Ohh, man. I cannot wait to play you guys. I really do hope you try and steal third base, because I'm gonna tag you so hard, you're not gonna know what hit you, but you will know, because it'll be this glove right here. Wait, you play third base? Uh, no, shortstop. Well, that's the plan. But I play shortstop. Oh, yeah? Yeah. Hmm. Maybe I can actually give you a few pointers. Oh, yeah. Hell, yeah. That'd be great.

[ Laughs ] Nope. Gotcha. I would never do that. You're my enemy. Well, actually, I was just, uh, humoring you. You are so full of yourself. Hey, I should be! Come on. I got literally thousands of hours of -- of baseball under my belt... ooh. ...From stickball to little league to J.V. To varsity. Wow. Is there a bomber jacket there? Yeah, you know, my mom has it, not to mention the lifetime I've spent watching major league and minor league baseball. I mean, I can literally rate and rank any player within 10 minutes of watching them. Oh, yeah? Yeah. How do you rate me?

[ Sniffs ] So now do you see why you have to stay here? Yes, I see that that's how I stay safe. But, I mean, jason, what's the point?

[ Sighs ] What -- what does that -- what does that even mean? What -- I fully accept that cyrus is trying to kill me and could kill me if I went back to port charles before you "ended this." But if we're honest, he'd be doing me a favor. Oh -- he would. I have a death sentence, jason, not just any death sentence -- the most horrible, agonizing, horrific death a person can possibly experience. So cyrus shooting me or drugging me or whatever he plans to do, I mean, it'd be a picnic in comparison. Do you really believe that? Yeah, I-I do. I finally get what it means to live like you were dying. God, when I think about all the fries I didn't eat...

[ Laughs ] ...Or the wine I didn't drink or... all the chances I didn't take.

[ Voice breaking ] I'm not like you, jason. I'm not fearless in the way that you are. The idea of being in pain or uncomfortable

[Scoffs] No, thank you. And death, I mean, that was the scariest of all. But I'm not afraid of it anymore. Now that I know what's coming, it makes everything -- and I mean everything -- between now and then look better. Well, what if between now and then is like, you know, 30 years or more? What if it's six months? It's still time you could have lived. It's your life. It's your choice. But, you know, for what it's worth, I'd really like to still know you... six months from now.

[ Voice breaking ] I would like to know you, too.

[ Cellphone rings ] Carly. How healthy are you? What happened? Brook lynn quartermaine is being watched, peter. You expect me to believe you're not responsible? And what use would I have for brook lynn quartermaine and her child? I don't know. You find use for a lot of random people -- detective chase, for instance. How is he feeling, by the way? Oh, you think you have me over a barrel 'cause you're toying with his life? Don't I? To a point. Chase dies, anna's devastated -- I don't want to see that happen. But if you start messing with my daughter or her mother, I will kill you. Killing chase in the process. So be it. Do you think I'm an idiot, valentin? That I don't know how easily you could end me? Anna -- she's all wrapped up in her guilt, but, you, I know you. You want what you want, the rest of the world be damned. And what you want is your children. Damn right. So two things I know for certain, and I know them to be fact. Number one, I'm still breathing only because of your sentimental attachment to anna. Number two, making trouble with you would be a death sentence. So if someone is following brook lynn...

[ Sighs ] ...It isn't me. Okay. This is all gonna work out. I'm gonna get you born and then figure out what to do next. Just know whatever that is, I'm gonna do everything in my power to protect you.

[ Exhales deeply ] Okay.

[ Breathing heavily ] Okay. Alright. Okay, this is good, actually. This is good. They say that the third baby comes faster than the first two, right? Okay, this is just you and me. Let's do this. No! Put britt on the phone. Carly, wh-- put britt on the phone, or I'm hanging up.

[ Sighs ] Hello? How is jason? And before you answer the question, this is life or death. I am begging you to tell me the truth. He's remarkably healed. Are you sure? His would is clean. It's closing. I wouldn't recommend lifting anything heavy or getting into a boxing ring, but he's not in danger of bleeding out anymore. Okay. Alright, can you, um, put jason back on the phone? Okay, what's going on? Cyrus has spinelli. What does he want? He wants gladys. She was gonna exonerate you, but cyrus grabbed her, and then there was a gunfight, and she was hit. Are you okay? Yes. Yes. I-I'm -- listen, I am okay, but gladys is in the hospital. I couldn't give her to cyrus if I wanted to. That's fine. All that matters is that you agree to the exchange. Yeah, well, it's not like cyrus gave me much choice. I'm supposed to meet him on pier 55 in less than an hour. Okay, uh, we can work with that. Have, uh -- have trent handle the trade. We can't do that. Cyrus made it clear he will only deal with me. O-okay, well, you need to make it clear that cyrus does not see gladys until you see spinelli for yourself. Okay, I got it. You have somebody who can be the decoy? Yes, that's all set. Okay. Listen. Don't get too close. Whatever happens with cyrus or spinelli, don't get within 15 feet, okay?

[ Cellphone beeping ] Carly? Yes. Okay. Brick's on the other line. I have to go.

[ Sighs ] I hope you know I lied for you. Everything I told carly was a load of crap. One punch to your stomach or anything else, and you are definitely bleeding out. Well, then I won't get punched in the stomach.

[ Chuckles softly ] I got to go. I know.

Okay. Uh... you're actually -- you're actually pretty damn good. You have good mobility. You're quick. You could use some throwing accuracy help and -- and, you know, your hitting's a little bit weak. Hitting? I hit every single one of those balls tonight. Yeah, exactly. Well, then, what do you mean? I-I mean that your pitcher, he's -- he's either throwing you easy pitches 'cause he knows you're the boss, or he's a bad pitcher. Either way, you know, you're gonna get smoked out there 'cause y-your stance is all wrong. Show me. No way. You're the enemy, remember? I can't -- please! Show me? Please? Okay. Come here. Okay, stance, little bit more than shoulder width apart. There you go. Bend at the hip little bit. Bend your knees a little more. Sit, sit, sit, sit down. Arms up. Put your hands back by your back shoulder there. Yeah. Put your elbow up a little bit. Okay. Now, the most important part is... don't take your eyes off the pitcher. How's that feel? Good. Good. Uh, yeah. So, um, you know, forget everything I just said, because you actually might start hitting the ball now, and -- and you guys will get out of the basement. We're headed to the penthouse. Yeah, well, I'll believe that when I see it. Keep your eyes peeled, falconeri. Yeah, I will. Oh! Oh, thank god you're not peter. Thank god you're not a bear. There are bears out here? Oh, yeah, there's tons of them. They love themselves some blueberries. I was coming around the bend just -- no, yeah. So, the other day, and I saw the most beautiful mama bear, and she had this adorable little three baby cubs. And I ran the fastest mile I've ever run. Oh, you don't say. Yeah. So who's peter? Aah! Aah! Oh! Do you want to call 911 or someone, anyone, I don't really care who? Yeah, the cell service is a little spotty out here. Oh, that's great. So, how long has it been between contractions? Uh, couple minutes. I'm not really sure. Okay. So, your choice -- I can kind of wander around, maybe try and find some cell service, or I can deliver your baby for you. Oh, yeah? You happen to be a doctor? I am. Wait, seriously? Yeah, I happen to be a doctor. You're not just some crazy, mountain-man nut-job? You're the one having a baby in the forest, ma'am. That's a good point. Don't call me ma'am again. Noted. Yeah. I'm austin. Maxie. So nice to meet you, miss maxie. You ready to have this baby? Oh, not even a little bit. You've always been good at prioritizing. Thank you? Top of your list -- charlotte and the baby. That's correct. Then brook lynn, because she's carrying said baby. Then anna and nina, the women you supposedly love. But at the end of the day, they all get sacrificed for the children. See, I know that about you. That's why I would never go near charlotte or the baby and, therefore, brook lynn. Strange. For the first time in months, I feel like you're telling me the truth. Excellent. Now, if you're through threatening my life, there's the door. No, not yet. Anna's left town for a funeral. Old friend. Well, that'S...bold. Yes, I know. But if she hadn't gone, it would have raised eyebrows. In the meantime, I am watching over chase, and there's something I want from you. I'd like a dose of the antidote in hand. And why would I do that? Chase is staying at the quartermaine mansion. As it happens, charlotte and i are also staying at the quartermaine mansion. Should chase fall ill, I would like a dose of the antidote ready to be administered. Or would you prefer chase dead? And as you so aptly pointed out, lose my upper hand. Where's gladys? Not until I see spinelli. And now? Gladys wasn't feeling very cooperative. Gladys is locked up in the car. You should be grateful I'm taking her off your hands. She is a piece of work. Well, before the exchange takes place, I have an alternative I'd like to discuss. Oh? There's another way for us to resolve this.

[ Echoing ]

I don't carry the antidote on me, but I'll have a vial prepared for you. Good. I'll go. Valentin. There is one thing left that I do still admire about you. What's that, peter? The fact that you're a good father for charlotte. You've somehow managed to make yourself a better man for her, probably only for her, because in every other facet of life, you are an awful person. Do you have a point? My point is, you're the one who showed me that it's possible. And I intend to do the same for my child, to be a better man for her. Don't get in my way. Well, good luck with that, peter. You may find it's more difficult than you think.

[ Door closes ] Aah!

[ Panting ] The contractions are coming -- coming quicker now. Yeah, and getting monumentally more painful. This is no big deal. You just got to breathe. That is easy for you to say.

[ Inhales deeply ]

[ Inhales deeply ] In through the nose. Yeah. Out through the mouth.

[ Exhales deeply ] So, do you hike these woods often? I bet you're probably wondering why I'm out here. Nope, not at all. It's my job to keep you calm, focused.

[ Panting ] So, you have other children? Yeah, this is my third. Okay, so, a-a little medical history. The other deliveries were easy? Uh, depends on what you consider easy. And how far along are you? Oh, full term. My doctor actually recommended that I induce. Uh, I have been doing, uh, prenatal yoga, taking my folic acid religiously. Folic acid! Awesome! Yeah. Yeah, that's great. This is all great news, maxie. Yeah. Yeah. Except for the whole "giving birth in the woods with a stranger" part. No, no, that's -- that's so beautiful. That's the best part, man. Yeah. That's gonna be such a great story that you can tell your little -- your -- do you -- do you know what you're having? Oh, a girl. Louise. Oh. [ Laughs ] Oh, okay, another one's coming. Okay! Yes! Yes, another one's coming! We're gonna bring baby louise into this world! Maxie, are you ready? Uh! Okay. On the "e" of three, I want you to bear down. Can you do that? Mm! Alright. One... two... three. Ah!

[ Screaming ] Look around. The wheels are coming off your bus. Is that right? Yeah. You barely managed to grab gladys. The police know that she's been abducted now, and there was a shooting at a warehouse. Everyone knows you're losing control and about to be exposed for the criminal that you are. And you have a solution, I gather. Cut your losses and disappear. It's your best bet, cyrus. Hand over spinelli and walk away. It's not like you don't have the money or the resources. And you'll get no pushback from me. Just a clear path to the exit. You're a smart man. Take the out. Something's wrong. This is taking too long. You need to move your people into position. I don't work for you. We go when carly says we go. You are very good, mrs. Corinthos, very persuasive. You even threw a compliment in there. But if anyone's out of their depth here, it's you. I'll hand it to your husband and mr. Morgan. They commanded a great deal of loyalty. The men they worked with continue to follow your orders. But that won't last. The horrible botch you've made of this show them you're no leader at all. So, I'M... offering you this out of the goodness of my heart. Get your friend back and retreat, because if you come at me again, I will show no mercy. Or I could keep spinelli and send you a couple of his fingers. Get gladys. It's show time. Found him lining up a shot. Don'T. Don't!

you'll see, valentin. I will get the happiness that I was denied my whole life. And I will give my daughter everything I never had. Say hello to your daddy, sweetheart.

[ Chuckles ] Isn't she beautiful? Just like her mommy. Anna, it's me. Give me a call when you get a chance. I have a sinking suspicion peter is about to make a run for it. She's here. She's here. She's here. And she's beautiful. Can you hold her up so I could see her? Austin? Mm. What is it? What's wrong? Why isn't she crying?

[ Cellphone rings ] Falconeri. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, tell the commissioner I'm on my way.

[ Waves crashing ] Are you sure about this? Yeah, I'm sure. No, no! This is your big plan, setting up an ambush with this fool? I have no idea why nikolas is here, but we had a deal. Well, you blew the deal, and now your friend and I are leaving. You'll be seeing him again in pieces.

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