GH Transcript Wednesday 5/26/21

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/26/21


Episode #14709 ~ Nina feels trapped. Brando reaches a breaking point. Britt worries about Maxie. Chase thanks Michael. Valentin keeps an eye on Brook Lynn.

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chloe: I swear, mr. August, if my car needs a new suspension, I'm charging you for it. I know, maxie. These country roads are the worst. At least you get to sleep through it. By the time that sedative wears off, we'll be at the house. And then we'll just wait for mr. August to join us. Maxie, it's me. I'm calling you from the burner phone per your orders. Um, I'm heading out as soon as I take care of yuri, which I'm about to do right -- brook lynn. Oh, hi. How are you feeling? Yeah, you know, nesting. Good. Um, the new crib came. It's actually -- it's up in the nursery. Oh, excellent. I look forward to, uh -- to taking a look when I get back. What? Nothing. Just be meeting our baby soon. I know it's been taxing. Yeah. That's one word for it. Well, it'll be worth it. Everything's coming together. Yeah, sure is. Here we are. Home sweet home. Only until I'm better. However long it takes. Do you mind if I sit down? I know I just got out of the car, but... yeah, yeah, sure, right this way. Chase, what are you doing here? I was going nuts in the hospital. Oh, then get a room at the psych ward so that they can help you in case you relapse. Well, I planned on going back to my place, but michael was kind enough to invite me to stay here. Gee, what a great idea. Elijah, you -- you really want to let me go. It doesn't matter what either one of us want anymore. Okay. Come on. Come on, elijah. What are you gonna do? This is a -- this is a public park, unless you want to get arrested for assault. I don't know, nina. It's pretty quiet around here. Okay, it's gonna get a lot louder once one of us starts screaming! That won't be necessary for now. All we're gonna do is talk. First thing I want to know is what is really going on between you and Mike and why do you keep getting in my way?!

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Whimpers ]

[ Cries ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Gun clicks ] Performance issues? Hi. Excuse me. Um, could you tell me if mr. Renault is around? I just checked his office, but his assistant is not at her desk. Mr. Renault left for the day. Would you like for me to message him for you? No, no, no, that's okay. I'll catch up with him another time. But thank you. Mm. Damn it. Ava. Hi. Hello, darling. What are you doing here? I...I... I'm here just to bring some -- some paperwork, because avery's physical is coming up. Right, right. Or you came here to see cyrus, didn't you? In case you're wondering, this one's loaded. I knew you were Sonny's plant from the start. I gave you chance after chance to choose the winning side, but you didn'T. Brando, I regret to inform you that you failed your final test. Do you have your men in place? Okay, trent, stand by. We have to wait for spinelli to get eyes in the warehouse. You guys need to know what you're walking in on. Pray to god we get gladys out of there in one piece. Jason, you don'T... you don't have to -- I-I know. But do you want to?

[ Groans ] What? I-I just -- I forgot. So did I. Are you sure about this? Yeah, I'm sure.

I wanna know you

wanna feel how fast my heart beats with you

close to me

I wanna show you

wanna let you loose inside my brain

to see

if you'd run or stay

ooh, ooh, ooh

I can't hear your whisper are you sure you don't want to go straight to your room? Uh, yeah, I think I can make it. Ah. In a minute? How about I go get your pain meds? It'll make the trip upstairs a little easier. And thanks for letting me stay here. Very generous of you. Yeah, it's our pleasure. But, um... just don't expect much peace and quiet around here. Thanks. Yeah, I know your family can be a little...contentious.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, that's a good word. I got to say I'm -- I'm sorry to impose, but I'm -- I'm glad to be here for willow's sake. Why is that? 'Cause I feel bad -- all that time she spent with me in the hospital. I realize she must've wanted to be here instead. Eli, okay, you want to know who Mike is? I want to know who he is to you. Okay, other than one of phyllis's "strays," like lenny likes to call him, I don't -- I don't know anything about Mike, okay? Except for the firehouse dance, I don't think I've ever seen him outside of the bar. Yeah? I'm not buying it. You know, I thought you were a nice lady. Classy. But you were never real with me. You broke into my office, stole information that you had no right to see, let alone take! Okay, listen, maybe I did. And maybe I was just looking for my lost earring. Do you remember? It doesn't matter now, though. Listen to me. That information right there is out there and neither Mike nor i are gonna let you take the tan-o away from phyllis and lenny! Yeah? Yeah? How are you gonna stop me? Because Mike right now is giving a copy of that bank statement to the police. That was our plan all along. I was gonna go out with you. I was gonna keep you busy, and then Mike was gonna drive the last nail into your coffin! Damn you! Aah! You have ruined my life!

[ Whimpers ] I don't know what's worse, Ava -- you coming here to see cyrus alone, or you coming here to see cyrus at all. Oh, please. And what might you be doing here, huh? I was here for cassadine industries business. Oh, stop it. I know that you came here to see cyrus, too, and that's after we agreed that we would handle him together as a team. All right, well, you did the exact same thing. So don't pretend like you have the high ground. Yeah. Well, I suppose we have to get used to this teamwork stuff, huh? Apparently. So, why did you go rogue without me? I just thought if I was alone, that cyrus would be more receptive when I told him that I'm actually on his side in all of this. What about you? Similar, you know, olive branch, tell cyrus I want to work with him, provide a front for his business, make a lot of money together. Okay. We're gonna make a deal, then, that we're gonna work together now. Like we did with ryan? Well, hopefully a little better than that. We decided to let him live and now he's sending me those creepy gifts. Yeah, we can't make the same mistake with cyrus. No. No, we have to take cyrus out for good. Come on, spinelli, call.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Gasps ] Okay. Spinelli? What's going on? Okay, yeah, your team's here. I'm trying to get a lay of the land. I successfully threaded a fiber optic cable with a camera through a vent. What do you see? Uh, well, nothing yet, but I do have some audio. Just one moment while I adjust the angle. Do you hear gladys? Not yet, but hear someone. Is that brando? I was willing to take your orders up until the moment you asked me to kill my own mother. Yet here she sits, still breathing, which means your loyalty has limits. If you were in my position, you would have done the exact same thing. I would have. Unfortunately for you, I'm a devout believer in double standards. No, brando. I'm afraid neither you nor your mother are going to leave this warehouse alive. No! Please. Let me say goodbye to my mom.

[ Sighs ] Make it quick.

[ Sniffles ] I-I-I know we haven't always seen eye to eye, mom... but I do love you.

[ Sniffles ] I love you, too. I do. Time's up. Sniper, get down!

[ Gunfire ]

Ooh, ooh, ooh

I can't hear your whisper

there's nothing that I could do

to want to escape from you

from you

ooh, ooh, ooh

I can't hear your whisper

there's nothing that I could do

to want to escape from you

from you

ooh, ooh, ooh

I can't hear your whisper

there's nothing that I could do I'm sure that willow doesn't regret any of the time she spent with you at the hospital. Well, I'm sure she'd deny it, but how could she not? I mean, day after day there she was holding my hand, listening to me whine and mutter deliriously. And all that time she could have been here, you know, with wiley. Yeah, I-I promise you that wiley was not neglected by any means, and I'm sure willow wouldn't have been there if she -- if she didn't want to be. Yeah, yeah, I know. But hey, at least now it'll be easier on willow. All of us in one place.

[ Door opens ] I'm sorry, nina. I really am, but you brought this on yourself, sticking your nose in my business, pushing me and pushing me! What is -- eli, please, listen to me! It's not too late for you! Maybe not, but it's too late -- aah!

[ Thuds ]

[ Screams ] You okay?

[ Cries ] Spinelli! Spinelli! Are you okay? Yeah, uh, I'm uninjured. Um, just one moment. Shooting seems to have stopped. Okay, we have to know what's going on inside that warehouse. Let's just hope my camera wasn't a casualty. Brando? Clear. Carly sent us to get you and your mother out of here. There you are. Ma, it's okay. Let's go. Mom, come on, come on. I need help here. You hit? My mom's been shot. Hold on.

[ Groans ] Okay. All right, undo her hands while I put pressure on the wound, right?

[ Breathing heavily ] Okay. Hold on, mom. I got you, okay?

[ Groans ] All right. Look, once she stabilizes, we'll take you two to a safe house. No, there's no time. We need to get her to a hospital. Go. Let's go. Come on. Are you for real? Chase is staying here? Yeah, well, we ran it by monica, so... monica's not the problem, okay? She's letting valentin and charlotte and that ukrainian mountain man stay here. Okay, so what is the problem? I thought you liked chase. Of course I like chase. It's impossible not to like chase. It's just this is a disaster waiting to happen. Chase is still a detective. So? Well, detectives notice things like -- like gestures and behaviors and longing, aching, yearning looks. Okay, I'm telling you, cuz, it's just a matter of time before chase catches on that you and willow are in love.

[ Groans ] Where am I?

[ Door opens ] Chloe? Where are we? Oh, this is definitely not the spa where I made a reservation. Oh, yeah, sorry. There won't be any pampering for you tonight, I'm afraid. Wait. Did you drug me? Mm-hmm. This is where little louise will be born tonight.

 Spinelli, can you see inside? We need to know what's happening on the ground. Alas, the camera was, indeed, damaged, but I do still have audio. Just one second.

[ Sighs ] We have triumphed. Cyrus's men have been routed. Great. What about cyrus? Uh, I-I-I don't hear his voice. Just -- just hold one second. Um, trent? Uh, this is spinelli. Do you read? Over. Copy. Um, according to trent, gladys was shot and brando insisted on taking her to the hospital himself. I'm on my way. Spinelli, get out of there now. I'm like the wind. Greetings and salutations. Fortunately, m-Mike found me and he knocked him out before elijah could really hurt me. Well, I'm glad you're okay, ms. Reeves. And to confirm, you're telling me that these documents will connect elijah crowe to the robberies in corinth. And around nixon falls. Right. And mr. Crowe just happened to be carrying incriminating printouts of illicit activity on his person? Well, I-I certainly haven't seen them before. And they fell out of elijah's pocket. And then when I saw them, I picked them up and I gave them back to elijah. And then that's when he was so desperate, he said that there was no way out. Right. We'll have a forensic accountant look at these. Okay, I'm sure they're just gonna verify everything I just said. And, um, Mike and I, we were looking at those papers before you guys came. So you handled these documents, too? Yeah. Yeah. When she showed them to me. Well, you can save the details for the station. You're still under suspicion for breaking and entering into elijah's office. So you're gonna have to come with me. Yeah, willow and i are just friends, and wiley's parents, that's -- that's all. Okay, okay. Just in case I'm right, just be careful. Okay, thank you for your concern, but I-I got this. I'm hoping against hope that you do. Feeling any better? Just being out of the hospital makes me feel better. Well, remember what the doctor said, take it easy, don't push yourself. Copy that. Actually, uh, you're the one that I'm worried about. Oh, did you check out the crib yet? Uh, not yet. I will. I was halfway out the door, realized I'd forgotten these important documents upstairs. Oh. I think it's the imminent arrival of our child has me all distracted. Yeah, I can't stop thinking about it, too. So where you going? Uh, have a dinner meeting. You were actually in the room when I told cook that I'd be dining out. Oh, right. Right. W-why do you get along with cook, you and charlotte? I mean, it's weird. Well, we all speak the same language. What? The language of pure evil? There are those who call that french. Well, bon fromage. Who doesn't like cheese? A plus tard. Au revoir.

[ Sighs ] Time to hit the road. Just got to get rid of my shadow. I'm not giving birth until next week. Mr. August decided to move up that timeline. Well, he didn't say anything to me. He felt you didn't need to know. Excuse me? It was my job to get you here. Mr. August will join us very soon. Uh, but for now, I am going to induce labor. No, no, I-I can't give birth here. I need to be in a hospital. Oh, we have everything we need here. Even an incubator upstairs if the baby needs oxygen. It's all under control. Oh, is it? That's just great. Help! Help! Somebody help me!

[ Sighs ] What? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine. Um, that was just, uh... unexpected, not in a -- not in a bad way. Um... that was... ...just not how I thought this day would end, you know? Yeah. Is your -- is your side okay? Is it bothering you? Yeah, my side'S... it's -- it's fine. Right. Okay, well, um... ...that happened, and we're both okay with that and, um... thanks. We need help! I need a gurney. What happened? She was shot only once, as far as I can tell. Okay, what's her name? Gladys. Gladys corbin. She's my mom. Okay, just keep her steady. It's all right. Okay. Here's the gurney right here. Easy, easy. Okay. All right, mom. Here you go. Here you go. You're gonna be okay. Okay, gladys, you're here at general hospital and we're gonna take good care of you. Keep pressure on this wound and get her to a cubicle right now. No, uh, you have to wait right here. Hey, w-what happened? It's my mom. She was -- she was shot. Cyrus was holding her -- wait. C-cyrus shot your mother? I-I don't know who shot her, but there was gunfire and cyrus had kidnapped her. Can you tell us why?

[ Sighs ] Because he found out she changed her mind. She was trying to protect me because he was gonna... I-I have to find sasha right now.

You know what, trooper -- uh, is this really necessary? Come on, o-obviously, elijah is -- is -- is accusing Mike because we got close to finding out what elijah was up to. We can sort all that out at the station.

[ Sighs ] Trooper finchley, do you have any evidence that I broke into elijah's office? Not yet. So, no. Well, then I guess you're free to go. Yep, and you can look on the bright side. At least you got those bank statements. I'm -- I'm not a lawyer or anything, but I-I think that's probable cause to look into elijah's finances. I'll need both of you down to the station tomorrow to give your official statements. We did it! [ Laughs ] Brando. Sasha isn't picking up. Sasha's okay. Sasha's okay! I have to find her. Cyrus is looking for her. I took care of it. You did? Yes, ever since your mom agreed to speak to the D.A., I had one of my guys protecting sasha. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. Okay, so how's gladys? I don't know. Ava and I were here when brando brought gladys in. Portia said that s-she'd be out as soon as they know anything. Okay, thanks. So what happened? Cyrus tried to kill gladys because she could testify against him. He used her to frame jason. I was thinking we can't stay in the canadian wilderness forever, no matter how much we like the scenery. We eventually have to deal with peter so maxie and louise won't have to look over their shoulders the rest of their lives. You're right. Oh, I was expecting an argument. Okay, great. I mean, now, you know, that I've had a little time to recover, I can -- I can act instead of just reacting. "We." We can act. I'm your accomplice, remember? Britt, you've done enough. Help! Help me, please! Maxie. I've been abducted!

[ Chuckles ] Maxie. Help! You really need to save your strength for labor. I mean, all this screaming isn't gonna do the baby any good. Much better. Besides, ever since the mine closed down, pautuck's really shrunk, so there's no one really around to hear you or help you except me. Lucky me. Don't worry, as soon as little louise is born, peter will come and take you away. Away? Away where? I don't know. But you're definitely going in style. Peter booked a helicopter to come pick you up here in pautuck. Now, you relax. I-I put the kettle on for some tea. Do you want some? Okay, look, chloe, if that is your real name, I-I don't know what peter told you, but it's a lie. He's a killer. He's dangerous. Mm, he told me you may say something like that. Okay, here's something he didn't tell you. You know what peter doesn't like? Witnesses. He hires people to do his dirty work and then he eliminates them. You are desperate enough to say anything. Believe me or don'T. Whatever he's paying you, you won't be alive long enough to spend it. Mm. Chamomile or peppermint? Why would you be worried about me? Well, as much as I appreciate all the time you spent with me on top of your nursing classes, I'm just -- I'm worried you're gonna run yourself ragged.

[ Sighs ] Hey, all you have to worry about is getting better. I'm holding up just fine. Yuri! Yuri, where are you?! Come quick! Yes, miss brook lynn. Oh, my god. Thank god you're here. Yuri, they're trying to kill my baby. Who? Look, I found these underneath the crib, and then I checked the crib a-and it was super rickety. Uh, what is, uh, super rick... you know, it's -- it's -- it's -- it's loose, you know, shaky. It's bad. Oh, bad. Bad isn't good. Yeah. I-I -- no. I am convinced that the delivery guy assembled it wrong and that it's gonna collapse the first time I put my precious baby in it. Oh, not sweet baby. Will you please fix it? Miss brook lynn, for you I fix. Oh, yuri, thank you. For a guy who can kill someone with their thumb, you are such a sweetheart. Oh, valentin [Clears throat] I thought that you, uh, left. I did. I was pulling out the driveway and I realized I still had charlotte's science book in my car. Are we going somewhere? Uh [Chuckles]

 Wow. Just what a gal wants to hear from the dude she just slept with. "You've done enough." That's -- that's not what I meant. Really? So y-you're planning on abandoning me in the great white north after pity sex? Well, I -- first of all, I don't pity you. Thanks, but I wasn't referring to me. Face it, jason, I am way out of your league and everyone can see that. Yeah, are -- are you finished? No. Just because I have the genetic marker for huntington's doesn't mean I'm useless. Not yet anyway. I don't think you're -- you don't think what? That I'm useless? So then why are you trying to leave me? Gladys can testify that cyrus renault committed a criminal offense to put him away? Yes. Well, let's not count our chickens, though. I mean, this is cyrus we're talking about. I can't get into this right now. But thanks for staying with brando, but you guys can go. Well, there's no way that I'm leaving now. You? Nope. No way in hell. Well, if you must know, I'm going to visit my friend cecilia. Yeah, she's gonna throw me one last girls' night before the b-day. I don't think that's such a good idea. I didn't think you would, and yet I don't care. Look, I'm not your hostage. I don't need your permission to live my life. Brook lynn, I-I know that, but we've been over this ad nauseam. I have enemies. Well, that sounds like a you problem. Not while you're carrying my baby.

[ Sighs ] I need you to take this more seriously. Okay, I wasn't gonna say anything, but I had a little bit of a wake-up call today at wyndham's, of all places. What kind of a wake-up call? Someone was following me. Are you sure? Yeah. I noticed this guy was, like, lurking by the dressing room. And at first I thought he was just a random perv. But then I noticed him looking at me while I was picking out baby clothes and I realized not so random. Why didn't you tell me this before? Well, because of yuri. The big lug was right there a-and he made me feel safe, which is why I've decided that I will not set foot outside this house without him by my side. Good. All of these ways to say thank you, valentin, for taking such amazing care of me and our baby. You're welcome. Great! Hang on a second.

[ Clears throat ] I also am not done. Let me assure you, peter doesn't want to hurt you or the baby. He's crazy devoted to you. No, he's just crazy. Would a sane person toss me and a newborn onto a helicopter taking me away from my other children, georgie and james? I can't be without them. Oh! Oh, no. What is it? Nothing. I-it's just a cramp. Ohh. You know, I'm not feeling so good. Can I have some of that tea? Oh, of course. Mm, how lucky. We may not even have to induce. How long have you been cramping? I am not in labor. Well, it's fine if you are. It would be so much better if you go into labor naturally.

[ Grunts ] No, no, no. This can't be happening. Here is your tea. Hope it's not too hot. No, it's perfect.

[ Screams ] Oh! Oh. You sure you're okay? No, I'm fine, I'm fine, um, thanks to you. It's just -- wait. How did you know where we were? I never told you where elijah was taking me. Well, when you weren't at the barbecue, I-I started thinking maybe I-I guessed wrong. And then I started thinking, where would elijah take nina? So I started asking people if there was a make-out spot, you know, where there -- there was privacy. And [Chuckles] This was the second spot that I checked. Good detective work. Yeah. I wanted to stop elijah, you know, and protect lenny and phyllis, just like you. I-I just didn't want to put you in any kind of danger 'cause, you know, I mean, you're im-important. More than an-- you know, than all this. Yeah, I'm sorry. You know, when I realized that elijah knew that we were the ones who broke into his office, I knew that I was in danger. And I am so grateful that you showed up.

[ Sighs ] Do me a favor, okay? Mm? Never leave me behind again.

 I think I know who's having you followed and I am going to address the situation, so you and yuri enjoy girls' night. You leaving soon? Yeah, as soon as yuri gets a move on.

[ Speaks russian ] You speak russian. You don't spend as much time in little odessa as I did and not pick up a few things. Little odessa? Brighton beach. Right.

[ Door closes ] How's it going, yuri? So loose screw. Sweet, sweet man. Hang on, maxie. I'm coming. I gotta say, you surprised me. I didn't take you as the love 'em and leave 'em type. That's not... "that was fun. Bye." Britt. What? I'm not leaving you. Hey. Hey. How is chase? He okay? He's sleeping. How about you? Are you... yuri: Need special wrench. Where is miss brook lynn?

[ Fake chloe grunts ]

[ Winces ] Ahh. You will never get my baby, bitch! Mm! I didn't expect that to happen, but I -- I'm glad it did. What are -- what's wrong? Um, no. Nothing. It's just... I'm fine. I'm -- I'm really fine. It's just, um... it's been a long day and, um, I-I need to -- I need to go home. I need to go home. Okay. So...bye. How's my mom? We've taken her up to surgery, but I think that you should know that I-I'm required by law to report all gunshot wounds to the police. So they're here now and they would like to speak with you. Okay. Lead the way. Okay. Gladys could be in surgery for hours. You should probably go. I don't know. I think it might be worth it to stick around a little bit longer.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hello? You have something I want, and as it turns out, I have something you want even more.

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