GH Transcript Tuesday 5/25/21

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/25/21


Episode #14708 ~ Brando tries to reason with Cyrus. Sonny thinks Nina is in danger. Carly calls Spinelli for help. Peter meets with the decoy nurse. Willow and Sasha catch up.

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[ Doors opening ] Why aren't you returning my calls? We have to make sure everything is ready before you take maxie to the spa. I just arrived at G.H. Meet me on the seventh floor. Hold it. Seventh floor, please.

[ Elevator doors close ] So, you tired of taking the stairs? Excuse me? Well, I saw you earlier -- slipping into the stairwell with brando corbin. If I tell you, you have to promise me you're not gonna tell another soul. I promise I will never betray your confidence to anyone. Is something amiss with little louise? No, she's -- she's great, healthy, kicking up a storm. You said that when she's born, you might not even be able to hold her, that you'd have to say "goodbye" before you said "hello." What does that mean? What -- what's gonna happen to her? Ooh. Oh. It's cold. I love that we found that radio station. Oh, sometimes you just need some good old rock 'n' roll to get the juices flowing, to get you in a good mood, you know, not having to hear all about all the depressing things going on in the world. Ugh. I mean, it's not like there isn't more than enough tragedy to go around, right? Like violence and conflicts and natural disasters and... people suffer devastating losses every day. What difference does it make if one more person gets a terminally ill diagnosis? Elijah crowe's office was broken into and robbed the other night. What does that have to do with me? Elijah claims you and nina reeves are behind it. Alright, you know what? Nina is with elijah right now. They're on a date. So if he's accusing her of breaking into his office, that means that she's in -- hey, hey, I only have your word that nina reeves is with mr. Crowe. I'll certainly want to talk to her about the break-in after I interview you. I mean, we can do it here, if you like, or down at the station. Whichever you prefer. Okay, so this is the famous founders' day signature cocktail. Oh, brings back good memories of past founders' days with lenny and phyllis. Mm. Unfortunately, when I went to order it just now, the joker in line next to me called it a nixon's folly. Oh, maybe because of the downturn in the economy. Oh, but this drink is still really delicious. Um... thanks for agreeing to go out with me again. The truth is, I didn't think you would. Well, why? Be-- was it because you had to cut the date short last time? Well, you had a really good reason. Your office was broken into. Oh, not just that. I wasn't sure our interest in one another was mutual. I mean, since you and Mike seem to be a team. How's frank? He has a bad bump on his head. Still a little out of it, but he told me what he remembers, which isn't much. What the hell happened? He said he heard commotion in the stairwell, went to go check it out. Somebody got him. Yeah, and took gladys. Damn it! I'm sorry, mrs. Corinthos. What do you want to do now? We need to get her back! What the hell?! It's in my back. Guess you won't be needing this.

[ Sobs ] Brando.

[ Muffled ] Tell him. Tell him this is just a mistake! Cyrus: I think she's trying to tell you something. I wonder what it could be. That she was about to betray me? No! No! Yes. [ Laughs ] I think that's exactly what it is.

 I should -- I should check your dressing. It probably needs changing. I'm fine. Fine. Right. [ Chuckles ] I forgot. You get a bullet hole in your side, it doesn't slow you down. You just make up your mind, and you power through. I'd ask you for pointers, but what good would that do since I can't power my way through huntington's with a good mental attitude? Sorry. Sorry for what? Talking about something that can't be changed

[Voice breaking] That I don't even want to think about.

[ Sniffles ] I mean, what good will it do? We both know where this is headed. Losing ability to control my movements, twitching and jerking, rigidity in my muscles, impaired walking and balance. And at some point, I'll lose complete independence. I'll need -- I'll need constant care. And I won't know how to speak anymore or swallow. And then, after years in bed, I'll die. Go on. Go on -- go on what? Well, just keep talking. Because you won't? What do you want me to say? You think of Mike and me as a team? A team of what? A tennis team? Bowling? It just seems like you two are close.

[ Chuckles ] You know, he... he pours me a cup of coffee in the morning, and then he gives me a glass of wine in the evening. That's about as close as Mike and me get. You sure? Because Mike's circling the drain. And I'd hate to see you go down with him. Elijah, I have no idea what you're talking about. Mike's the one who broke into my office. What?! Why would you think that?! I mean, what could Mike possibly want in your office? "Just Mike's" been in my face since the day we met. Maybe it was for fast cash or to -- to mess with my head, but it doesn't matter. The state troopers are investigating. In fact, Mike's being questioned as we speak. I don't have time for -- what's going on? Is there a problem? There wouldn't be if Mike would just answer some questions. Okay, we don't have time! Nina's in trouble because of elijah, lenny. We are searching all of renault's properties that we know of. What does that mean? The guy's good at covering his tracks. He uses shell companies to cover his real-estate purchases. We watch him, but he got places we don't know about. Okay, well, we're gonna have to find those places because gladys corbin can exonerate jason and tie cyrus renault to obstruction charges that will get his ass thrown back in jail. Mm-hmm. Mm. Not to mention, I promised gladys that I would keep her safe. I've got to find her. I'll get back to searching. Okay, I'm gonna check the security feed and see if there's anything there I can use. I need you in touch with me every 20 minutes because I have to know what's going on. You're keeping tabs on me? I was just surprised to see you were still at the hospital. That's all. I didn't realize my whereabouts were any of your business.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Have a nice day. You saw brando with sasha gilmore? And what makes you say they were "getting chummy," as you put it? They were stepping into the stairwell, cyrus, like they were stealing some one-on-one time. Stay focused, peter. You've got more important things to worry about. I have a plan. To protect louise from peter. Excellent. I'm -- I'm at your service.

[ Cellphone rings ] It's carly corinthos. We've been working together to uncover evidence of peter's crimes. Well, take it. She might know something that can help us. Greetings. Spinelli. Something's come up. I need you. Can it wait? Sasha? Willow. How are you? How's chase? Unfortunately, the symptoms are pretty severe, and they haven't been able to diagnose him yet. But he's desperate to be released. Dr. Finn agreed only because michael insisted he stay at the quartermaines', where he can be monitored 24/7. Sounds like michael.

[ Chuckles ] I know. He's always so thoughtful. How about you? Are you here for an appointment? Um...

[ Clears throat ] Sasha? Is everything okay?

[ Chuckles ] You're gonna hear about this soon enough. In fact, lucy's planning to build an ad campaign around it, so... sasha! Are you pregnant? What did my mother do? Mommy dearest went over to the other side. Gladys let carly convince her to go to the police with information that could prove damaging to me. I can't imagine what she offered in exchange for it, but I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that sasha gilmore is carrying your child.

I don't have any proof yet. I talked to a couple people in corinth, where elijah did -- he did some real-estate, you know, deal with the strip mall. I got some information. Like what? Elijah was behind the vandalism at the hardware store and the tan-o, and he also paid the thugs to rob the firehouse dance. So because of elijah, nobody's coming into nixon falls to live or do business. Elijah loved living here. He'd have no reason to destroy nixon falls. Here's what he does. He drives down the real-estate prices through vandalism and robbery, and then he turns around and buys property below market value and sells them right to the developers. If you had sold him the tan-o, he'd have made this into a restaurant chain. Alright, you can chat about business another time. I have questions about the break-in at mr. Crowe's office. Elijah's accusing me and nina of breaking into his office, and nina's with him right now. And you think nina's in danger? Yes. What will it take for you to let Mike go? Mr. Crowe claims Mike broke into his office on the evening of may 13th between 8:00 and 9:00 P.M. If you have an alibi, I'll walk out of here. No harm, no foul. I was here. Remember? I don't remember what I had for lunch, never mind what I did a few days ago. Let me check the logs. I'll be right back. Elijah, do you have any proof that Mike was the one that broke into your office? Just a hunch, but I suspect once the police do a deep dive into Mike, they'll find out his past is less than spotless. Well, all I know is that lenny and phyllis, they really trust Mike. After all, they're letting him stay above the tan-o, like they let you stay there. I mean, do you have any information on Mike that the rest of us don't know? That he's not the good friend you all think. Like I said, my instincts are working overtime. If I'm wrong, I'll apologize to Mike. Okay, I'm gonna hold you to that. You know, I really didn't want to spend all our time together talking about Mike. Come on. There's a pond I want to show you nearby where bullfrogs sit on lily pads. For real. Oh, that sounds interesting. You'll love it. Is this where you give me the lecture about how I could have years of health before I start to get sick? How I could join a huntington's group online, share my story, raise funds for research? You know, one woman actually wrote on a huntington's website how she never wanted to have kids and now she doesn't have to worry about passing along the gene. Lucky for me, the only child I ever carried wasn't biologically mine, so [Sighs] I guess I found the silver lining. I'm just in the middle of something. With maxie. Okay, listen to me. This could help maxie. I need you to find gladys corbin so she can testify that it was actually peter who killed franco. I see. Meet me at the metro court. Room 808. That sounded important. Yeah, it was. Carly might have a way to bring charges against peter. That's great. Okay, but what about your plan to keep your baby safe from him? If you can help carly put peter in prison, then I can just -- I can just relax at the spa and wait to bring louise into the world. Sounds like an excellent plan. And soon you'll be holding that precious baby in your arms. Give georgie and james a kiss for me. Take care of yourself, okay?

[ Sniffles ] And that soon-to-be bundle of joy. I will.

[ Door closes ] What the hell took you so long?! Maxie wants to get to that spa tonight! Dial it down, okay? The longer you spend yelling at me, the longer it'll take for me to get what we need. Stuff the attitude, or I'll find someone else to handle the situation. At this late date? Maxie's due to pop at any minute. The kid will arrive whether you're there or not. Fine! Just do what you need to do. Just make it quick.

what happened here? Carly: Oh, spinelli. Thank god. I-I was keeping gladys safe, so I thought. I mean, she was gonna recant her statement about seeing jason ditch the murder weapon outside of franco's studio and testify that she actually saw peter do it. Well, that is most welcome news, indeed. Wait. What changed her mind? Because renault was maybe targeting brando. And so the only way for gladys to keep herself and her son safe was to make sure cyrus went to prison. So I had her here under guard while diane was at the pcpd negotiating some kind of, you know, immunity deal. But clearly, gladys is gone. And you think it was peter? Or cyrus? I don't know. I don't know. But they're obviously working together. And I don't know if gladys had her phone on her or if the kidnappers dumped it somewhere. Right, right. Say no more. -Thank you. -I'm on it. There are a lot of huntington's carriers who believe that a cure will be found before the disease manifests. I was never an optimist. It could be years or decades before you start to show symptoms. I never thought of you as an optimist either. I'm a realist, and right now you don't have any symptoms.

[ Breathes deeply ] Britt. You're strong. Mm-hmm. You're healthy. And you have a clear mind. Right now, that's a lot. You know, I can't tell you to appreciate this moment. But I know that I do. Those are pretty serious allegations you made against mr. Crowe. Yep. You say you and nina reeves talked to people in corinth? There's nothing illegal about that. True, but it is unlawful to break into someone's office and hack his computer. I'm just a bartender. I don't know anything about computers. Maybe. Maybe not. But you better hope that lenny comes up with an alibi for you.

[ Cellphone rings ] Finchley. Oh. I'm on my way. I'll be back later to take your statements. There's an open fire hydrant on maple needs investigating.

[ Door closes ] Neither phyllis nor i were working the night elijah's office was broken into. You were here alone. Lenny. No, let me finish. Lenny. That's why I opened up the hydrant. To get rid of finchley. You're right, elijah. This is lovely.

[ Frogs croaking ] Isn't it? Great weather, a wonderful "musical" backdrop, and perfect company. Yeah, I'm sure the other founders' day revelers are gonna join us soon. I just hope no more armed robbers come and terrorize them. Why would you think that? Oh, no reason. It's just, you know, it just seems to be a pattern these days -- vandalized stores, terrified residents. It's just, suddenly, nixon falls seems like a really dangerous place.

[ Gasps ] This pregnancy was definitely unplanned. Like I said, lucy's thinking about incorporating it into a deception campaign, but I only just started to tell people. Carly knows. Promise me you won't tell michael. I want him to hear about it from me. Of course. I won't keep you from your checkup. Wait. I just realized how that must sound. Michael is not the father.

[ Chuckles ] I know that you're with chase now, but you're wiley's parents. And I just want to be clear -- wiley's not getting a sibling. Got it. At the moment, I can't tell you who the father is. The situation is, uh, complicated. Sasha told you the baby isn't mine.

[ Laughing ] She was lying, probably to protect you. So, tell me, did you and sasha sleep together to defy me because you know I have a soft spot for her? You have a soft spot for the woman you almost killed? We've already discussed your inability to follow my orders. Is it because you've been confiding in her? Pillow talk, shall we say? I'm sure she's already told you to stop working for me. Just get to the point. What do you want in exchange for letting my mother go?

We're all set. Everything we need is in here and ready to go. And it's safe for pregnant women? Especially at this late stage?

[ Sighs ] Yes, peter, as I've told you a thousand times already. I'm not taking any chances with your child. I can only imagine what you'd do to me if things went wrong. Good. And no one was suspicious? Yeah, I used to work with the pharmacist on call tonight, so I was able to use my real name and nursing accreditation. So you'll deliver maxie to me in pautuck? Yes. And I will deliver your baby girl to you. Then we'll leave pautuck. And we'll leave port charles behind. Start our new life together -- maxie, me, and the child. Little louise. Are you ready for our adventure, louise? I'm really happy that I did not tell spinelli the truth. He would have just told me how dangerous my plan is. He would have insisted that I let him use his computer skills to sabotage peter. We don't have time for that. Are you all set? Good. Then I'll see you in beechers corners. And, aunt bobbie... thank you. Hi. This is maxie jones. I booked the babymoon package with you. I was just calling to make sure that my baby nurse is all set to be pampered, too. Could you confirm that chloe jennings is booked for the deluxe mani-pedi, full body scrub, and two-hour ultimate transcendence?

[ Laughs ] Generous? No. Nurse jennings has been so good to me. I just want to repay the favor.

[ Sighs ] Oh, good. Both burner phones are working. No, I'm not being paranoid. Peter could easily be monitoring me, and it's important that you use a burner phone, too. I have the nurse all set with spa treatments. I'm going to act like my water broke and then convince the staff that I'm going to the hospital. Will you be able to ditch yuri, your bodyguard? Okay, don't blow it. No, brook lynn, I don't doubt your skills. You're a great liar. You have the gold medal in subterfuge. Me? I'll be fine. Because if my choice is giving my precious baby girl to you or peter, then there is no choice. I'll see you soon.

[ Sighs ] We can do this, right? I think that was a kick of agreement. I know this is gonna be hard for both of us, but... it'll be worth it to keep you safe. Are you and the father on good terms? Excellent terms. He's a wonderful guy, but there are circumstances that make this pregnancy difficult for us. You said "us." Does that mean you're a couple? Like just about everything else with this pregnancy, we're still figuring that part out. I didn't do anything! I wouldn't betray cyrus! Brando, help me! I did everything you told me to do. I told the cops exactly what you -- -shut the woman up. -Permanently? Gladys: No! No. No! I'm gonna leave that for brando to take care of. Thanks. Any luck? The head of my security said that someone had hacked into the metro court's surveillance system to create a loop to run when gladys was being taken. Okay, so let me guess. The camera showed the bodyguard outside the room the entire time. Do you want me to trace the hacker? No, no, no. We have to find gladys. Any luck on locating her phone? Um...

[ Pinging ] That ping is the location of gladys's phone. Whoever kidnapped gladys was smart enough to relieve her of her phone.

[ Pinging stops ] Not as smart as you may think. I gave gladys a burner phone, and it was not under the bed with this one. Well, look at you! Give me the number, and I'm back in business. We'll find her. I know we will. Okay. You actually have feelings. Who would have guessed? Don't tell anybody. Cross my heart, hope to die.

[ Breathes deeply ] Ooh. There's that word again. It happens to all of us, you know. Yeah, I know, but my -- my death comes with all sorts of fun little side effects.

[ Sighs ] Turns out I lied. What did you lie about? Why I went through with the test. I told myself it was because the not knowing was torture, and that's actually true, that... it is. It was. But...

[Voice breaking] Deep down, I convinced myself that if I was brave enough to take the test, I'd be rewarded with the answer that I wanted. I'd find out I didn't have the genetic marker for huntington's disease and I had the rest of my life in front of me. You still do. You believe me about elijah? You understand that nina's in trouble? I don't know what to think about the stuff you're accusing elijah of. I know you and phyllis, you care about him, but if you don't believe me, why'd you let the trooper go? Because if you're right and elijah hurts nina, I'd never forgive myself, and neither would phyllis. Do you have any idea where elijah might have taken nina? She said something about a barbecue. And then I was trying to look here in the phone, and the trooper interrupted. Where could elijah have taken nina?

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry. I just noticed your earrings. They're the same ones you had on the other night. Excuse me? During our date. After the break-in, you came back to my office to find the earring you lost. Yeah, that -- that's right. You know, my -- my brother, he gave them to me, and naturally, I didn't want to lose one. That makes sense. Does your brother live in port charles? No. Elijah, my brother is dead. He was shot, murdered. I'm so sorry. Nina, I-I didn't realize. And I couldn't help but think of my brother j when the shooting broke out at the firehouse dance. And we've already talked about all the terrible things that are happening around nixon falls. Just, I want to ask you, elijah -- why do you think this is happening? You think i had something to do with these crimes? No, I-I didn't say that, elijah. You know what? I think it's time for us to get back to the barbecue, okay? But it's so nice here. I -- oh! I'll get it.

[ Gasps ] Oh. Um... look at this. Printouts from my office computer. How do you like that?

Chloe. Maxie. How are you and the little baby bump feeling? Great. A little nervous. I am so ready for our babymoon. Mm, me too. I parked the car in front of the building, and I didn't want you to do any unnecessary walking, so I brought you this. No, I do not need a wheelchair. Maxie, I didn't want to have to say anything, but I noticed your blood pressure is still high, and if you refuse the wheelchair, well, then I may have to tell peter, and you know what that means. Yeah, he'll put me in the hospital and tell dr. NAvarro to induce labor.

[ Gasps ] This is blackmail! Call it what you will, but it is my job to protect you and the baby. So no wheelchair, no spa. Anything?

[ Clears throat ] This work requires intense focus, and hovering has the opposite effect. Sorry. You know how important this is, right? Believe me, no one wants peter august arrested and charged more than I do. Maxie and her baby will not be safe until he's incarcerated. Okay, well, the fastest way to make that happen is for gladys to testify that she saw him ditch the murder weapon. So we have to find her, spinelli. Thank you, joseph. You can leave the premises. I'll let brando handle it from here. Handle it? How? Don't be obtuse, brando. You know perfectly well that gladys has become a liability. If you take care of it, at least you'll know that her demise was accomplished as painlessly as possible. I am not killing my mother. Brando, gladys is going to die. If not by you, than by someone who's more loyal to me than you are. And if that happens, then sasha dies, as well, along with your unborn child. You wouldn't! Try me. Are you insensitive or just plain cruel? The life I have ahead of me is a slow deterioration leading to an inevitable death. Yeah, or you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. No, not a lot of bus traffic out here. Britt. A hundred million things could happen before you start to show symptoms. Amazing things. Disappointing things. Mm. But there's no way to predict because that's not how life works. The future is an idea. It's not a guarantee. I mean, the only thing we do know is that it won't go according to plan.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Crying ] So why not make the most of the time that you have?

Happy now? Very. Thank you. I'm not spending my babymoon in this wheelchair. Just so you know. Maxie, you really need to calm down. You know that stress isn't good for the baby. Oh, I'm calm. I'm feeling really zen right now. Well, I was before you showed up with this completely unnecessary wheelchair. You -- what the... I need a chopper, fueled and ready to go, at the private heliport in pautuck. Just keep it Available. I'll let you know the specifics later. There will be three traveling -- two adults and a newborn. If elijah took nina to a barbecue... ah! They're at the nixon falls founders' day picnic! Where's that? At nixon falls park. You sure? Elijah loved attending the founders' day celebration when he was living here. Now go! Okay. Thanks. Bring nina home. These documents list the payouts to the various players in your scheme to drive down the real-estate prices. Nina, I am hurt by your lack of faith in me. These documents are, "a," private and privileged, and, "b," don't prove a damn thing. Elijah, we'll let the police decide that. I got to go. You didn't think it would be that easy, did you? Got it. Oh, spinelli, I love you. Alright, I'm bringing jason home. Okay. Trent, do you have the team ready? That's right. I know where gladys corbin is. Your mother is a parasite. All she cares about is money. She sells herself to the highest bidder regardless of consequences. She told Sonny and his family that you were dead. You traveled halfway across the country just to avoid her. Don't tell me her life suddenly has value to you now, especially as it compares to sasha's and your unborn child'S.

[ Crying ] I really don't know my baby's father all that well. But you said he was wonderful. He is. We started out as friends. I can't lie. I was really attracted to him. We used to flirt like crazy. And one thing led to another? You can put it like that. I think we could be really good together. And he does, too. After the sacrifices you and chase made for michael and me so we could keep wiley, you deserve to be happy, whatever that looks like for you. The test tells you that you have the genetic marker for huntington'S. It doesn't tell you how you're gonna die. It doesn't tell you how you're gonna live. You're the only one who gets to decide that.

[ Breathes deeply ] Mm. So treat every day as a gift. Da!

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