GH Transcript Monday 5/24/21

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/24/21


Episode #14707 ~ Sonny is troubled by Nina's actions.  Britt tries to stay calm while she awaits news. Gladys meets with Carly. Spinelli worries about Maxie. Cyrus summons Peter to his office.

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It's simple, gladys. We're going to go over what you are going to say to the police with my lawyer.

[ Sighs ] So where are you and your security hovering over me? Are you afraid I'm going to run off or something? That's exactly what I'm afraid of. But you can't afford to run. We need to put cyrus behind bars before he finds out that brando is the father of sasha's baby. Do you need me here for anything, mr. Renault? I have a meeting in my office shortly. Go to hr, ask janine if she's set up the interviews for the chief of staff position. Have you heard something about britt westbourne? She ran off with jason morgan, aided and abetted the escape of a known felon and a suspected murderer. Whatever happens next, dr. Westbourne won't be returning here.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Sasha. Is everything okay with the baby? What are you doing? You can't be here. Maxie: Hi. Oh. My sincere condolences on the loss of your godfather. Thank you, spinelli. Um, I really appreciate you and ellie taking james for a few nights. I hate to be away from him, but I know he's in good hands. Well, georgie is always excited to have her little brother stay with us. As am I and ellie. And we are happy to support you as you Avail yourself of some much-needed rest and relaxation. You deserve it. Thank you. Plus, once the baby's born, I imagine it'll be a while before you sleep through the night [Chuckles] For the most blessed of reasons, of course. But I can imagine you're going to have your hands full with james and little louise. But every moment will be a miracle. Britt. Shh! I'm becoming one with nature.

[ Water burbling, birds chirping ]

[ Breathes deeply ] What are you doing? Nothing. Well, stop. You're being distracting. Do you want to be alone? No. I was hoping the sound of the water would drown out my thoughts, but it's not working. All I keep thinking about are those test results.

[ Door opens ] I'm surprised that the door was locked in the afternoon. Yeah. Lenny! Hey, there's a note. Oh. Uh, "Mike, picking up a new part for the jukebox. Will be back by 5:00." Yeah. Hmm. Well, I'm glad we told them we were on the road, on our way back, but telling them what we've been up to and why we were gone all night, now, that's another thing altogether. They're going to understand. You know why? Mnh-mnh. Because we're going to tell them about their friend elijah. Yeah. You know phyllis and lenny. They're so sweet. They're kind and generous. I almost dread telling them that elijah has betrayed their trust. They're going to be hurt, but they need to know the truth. And as far as I'm concerned, the sooner elijah's behind bars, the better.

 ah, gosh, a-a thousand apologies. I didn't mean to make you cry. No, you didn'T. It's -- it's nothing. Just hormones. Oh. Are you sure? Has -- has -- has peter done something to make you reconsider this wholly inexplicable second chance you're giving him? We agreed not to discuss peter. Yes, I know, but if he made you upset -- I'm just taking sean's death hard, okay?

[ Sniffles ]

[ Voice breaking ] It's made me realize, you know, time is passing. This person who I admired and looked up to as a little girl is gone from the world. And it makes me sad, because [Sniffles] You know, people leave you. Even if you really want them to stay. Oh, my god. See? Okay. Now I'm rambling, and I'm emotional! It's hormones. I told you. It's why I need this spa getaway.

[ Sniffles ] It would seem to be more than hormones. Uh... e-even georgie's noticed. She said -- she says that you get sad when you talk about the baby. Oh, no, I don't want georgie to worry about me. But our -- our daughter is very perceptive. Well, as am I. I mean, lest you forget, I've spent years learning the fine art of reading you.

[ Scoffs ] I think I know what's going on. We shouldn't be seen talking together. If cyrus catches us, it will only add to his suspicion that you're the father of my baby. Cyrus is in his office. He has a meeting. Can we just talk for five minutes? Okay. But not here. Gladys, you know diane miller. Gladys: Sonny's lawyer.

My lawyer. Oh, how could I forget? Because you're in charge of everything these days.

[ Laughs ] Soon, you're going to make everybody curtsey when they come in the room like you're the queen of england. I would just settle for you making a full disclosure to the police.

[ Sighs ] Gladys, carly has filled me in on the situation. So let's go over what you're going to say to the police. Mm, mm. Not so fast. [ Chuckles ] Oh. I mean, I want to do whatever I can to protect my son and my grandchild, but I have to be practical, too. I could be accused of committing a crime. Of course. And you know that perjury and obstruction of justice are both criminal acts, both of which you committed when you lied in your statement to the police. Well, then I want to make sure I'm not prosecuted. You're supposed to be a f-fancy, hotshot lawyer, aren't you? I need you to make some kind of deal to make sure that my interests are protected. Actually, I think the D.A. Would be open to negotiation, because cyrus renault is a big get. And it was your testimony that linked him to your aforementioned perjury and obstruction. Cyrus renault's conviction is going to generate a lot of publicity. And anyone who had a hand in it, well, they're going to be a hero. Oho, I... never dreamed I'd be famous.

[ Both laugh ] Wow. Do you think the talk shows will want to book me as a guest? Oh, I would love to be interviewed by joy behar. Carly: The only person you're going to be talking to is a corner when you're called down to identify brando's body, if you don't focus and cooperate with diane! You don't have to put it like that. Joy behar is definitely going to want to interview you. Absolutely. That's why it's so important that I review what you are going to say when you recant your statement to the police. I'll just say I made a mistake. It wasn't a mistake. Cyrus paid you to lie. You have to implicate cyrus to keep brando safe. Okay. Cyrus renault paid me to say I saw jason morgan throwing the gun down the garbage chute, but it was a lie. And then you're going to tell them who you really saw. Peter august. I know when those results come back, my life will be changed, no matter what they say. If the test comes back negative, all the fear I've carried the last five years will be lifted. Ugh, it'll be like paradise.

[ Laughs ] Like a dream come true.

[ Water burbling, birds chirping ] But I'm afraid to hope for it in case it's the other outcome. Well... then you would just deal with it. Yeah, I-I have to. I have no choice.

[ Breathes deeply ] Right now, I just want to enjoy these last few hours of ignorance. I tried meditating. I got nowhere. Any tips on reaching serenity? Tips? I --

[ Chuckles ] I-I wouldn't know. I-I don't know how to meditate.

[ Chuckles ] Meditation is seeking clarity by being fully in the moment. And from what I can see, that is where you live, my friend. I just wish I could join you there.

[ Telephone rings ] Yes? Oh, good. Send him in.

[ Receiver clicks ] Hello, cyrus. You summoned me? Yes, pal. I'd like a small favor. I don't like the idea of hurting lenny and phyllis, either, especially phyllis. But you know what? The elijah she rescued a long time ago is not the same man. He might have taken a wrong turn. I don't care. I want him out of their lives. No, you're right. Everything you're saying is absolutely right. Right. Despite the disappointment, lenny and phyllis are better off knowing. I just wish, Mike, that this stuff we found in elijah's office, we could give it to the police as evidence. Mnh-mnh. But considering how we got it, it's not admissible, is it? Right.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh. Hang on. Huh! It's elijah. No, no, don't -- no -- hey, elijah, what's up? Yeah, I remember you telling me about it. Why?

[ Whispering ] Hang up. Hang up. Oh, it's, uh, today? Wow. What time? Uh, yeah. Yeah. You know what? I'm not su--

[ Sighs ] On second thought... sounds like a lot of fun. You know what I could do? I could, uh, change clothes and meet you there.

[ Chuckling ] Okay. Yeah, I look forward to seeing you, too. Okay, bye-bye. What the hell was that?

So, you didn't say. Are you -- are you here because of the baby? Is everything okay? Yes. I'm getting my medical records transferred to mercy. I found an ob-gyn there. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I don't want cyrus having access to anything about me. I don't think that's paranoid. I think that's smart. Did he say anything to you after I left yesterday?

[ Scoffs ] A lot of self-serving garbage about how he wanted to talk to the baby's father on my behalf. Yeah. [ Sighs ] He implied that it might be you, and I told him it was a one-night stand. He believe you? I'm not sure he was convinced, but I think I established reasonable doubt. Well, I-I have to give you credit for taking the reins on this.

[ Sighs ] It's called crisis management, getting ahead of the story, something I've learned from deception. You've got some guts, sasha. The way you stand up for yourself. I've had to do it all my life. Yeah. And the way you stood up for me. And don't think for one minute I won't do the same for you. You already have. So, you called me over because you think... I owe you. But just to be clear, cyrus, framing jason morgan benefited us both. Well, you more than me. And yet I'm sure you still appreciate having him out of the way. Too bad you couldn't capitalize on the opportunity. Well, I'm not sure I follow. Don't you have some kind of power behind the scenes at pentonville? Why didn't you just take care of him while he was there? Or better yet, at G.H. With a little ingenuity, you could have arranged for some tragic medical error to take place. How remiss of me not to think of it. So, tell me, do you have any leads on where he and my sister are? I'm sure they're in canada by now. Good. I prefer jason morgan as far away from port charles as possible. I'd prefer him dead. Well, that would work, too. So, what can I do for you, cyrus? It would be nice if the invader exposed the true natures of carly corinthos and mayor laura collins. In what way? Carly's declared herself the new head of the corinthos organization, and the honorable mayor collins is working with her. And do you know this for a fact? Well, the facts are your department.

[ Scoffs ] But I think the world should know that carly and laura's public personas are pure hypocrisy, that they both consider themselves above the law. It's time they got their reputations dragged through the mud, like they tried to do with mine. Gladys? I'm saying jason didn't do it. He'll be off the hook. That's what you guys want, right? If you want the deal of immunity, you can't hold back anything. Alright, why don't I just say that I made the whole thing up, and I didn't see anyone at all? What the hell? You're protecting peter now? Is peter august paying you, too? No! Gladys, your testimony led the police to the murder weapon. So, obviously, you saw something. Do you want the police to start investigating you? No. Okay, okay. I'll tell the cops everything. Only if you get me immunity. Well, that's the plan.

[ Chuckles ] Robert scorpio's currently out of town. I will be dealing with his ada and commissioner ashford. Gladys, it's imperative -- it's really important that you stay out of sight. I will call you when it's time for you to talk to the authorities, okay?

[ Clicks tongue ] Thank you, diane. My pleasure. Mm-hmm.

[ Door closes ] You really are doing the right thing.

[ Laughs ] And aren't you surprised? Ah, you really don't think much of me, do ya? It's beautiful here.

[ Water burbling, birds chirping ] It reminds me of camping in lower saxony hills, in germany. Wait, wait, what? Camping? You -- what do you mean? You camp? You said in the cassadines' barn that you don't -- don't misunderstand. I am in no way attracted to roughing it. Ah. I prefer all the amenities within easy hiking distance.

[ Water burbling, birds chirping ] But I enjoy the forest. Full of life, but still peaceful. Yeah, I get that. Yeah, I just -- I like to get on my motorcycle and just ride until... I'm on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Then I'll park it and... just hike into the trees, no plan, no destination, no -- no sound but the wind. I can just really feel myself breathe. Exactly. No way in hell you are going to elijah's apartment. It's -- it's not his apartment. W-- it's a barbecue, and I'm meeting him there. Why did you say yes in the first place? Because I realized it's the perfect opportunity for us. You know that stuff that we got in his office? Uh, yeah. What if there's something in his house that we can find to give to the police as evidence? I will keep elijah busy at the barbecue. And you, my man, will search his house. Okay, I-I never -- we never talked about this. I don't know -- I don't know the layout. I don't have a plan. Well, you just improvise! I am sure that you are more than capable. And it's for a very worthy cause. When I think about how elijah and his associates have just ruined all these lives, these family businesses that were lost, these small towns, Mike, that were gutted just to make rich men richer? I want to stop elijah before he does any more damage. I agree with all this, except the part where you make yourself a decoy. Okay, I am sorry that I blindsided you, okay? But we can do this. We make a great team. I agree.

[ Pounds table ] But this is not happening. I guess having a high-risk pregnancy has been hard on me. And, you know, it's almost over. Well, I-I'd imagine that, that, coupled with remembrances of how james was born on the side of the road, would bring up some traumatic feelings. And, of course, now with britt, you know, missing, you've lost a vital part of your support system. She was supposed to deliver the baby, was she not? Yeah, having britt with me was a comfort. You know, maxie, I'm -- I'm just going to say it. Uh... you're afraid of losing this baby, aren't you?

[ Voice breaking ] I am. I am. [ Sniffles ] And it's breaking my heart.

 Ll elijah back.Tell him you can't make it. Excuse me? I don't take orders from you. Well, you gave me orders to break into the man's house. Mm. Nina... it's too dangerous. Mike, it's a barbecue. We're out in the open. We're surrounded by people.

[ Sighs ] But you don't know how safe you're going to be. You -- this guy's already shown that he's capable of hurting people to get what he wants. But elijah, he -- he -- he has other people do his dirty work. Well, elijah isn't violent himself. Well, he -- he's capable of it.

[ Breathes deeply ] You know, he likes me. And he believes that I am buying into his whole act. And he doesn't know that it's you and i that broke into his office, okay? Why -- why take any more risks, is what I'm saying. Listen, we're not going to be able to get elijah arrested. But you know what? We're going to finish him in nixon falls. Once we tell lenny and phyllis what we discovered, it's over. Why do you want to risk trying to get more? Do you get what I'm saying? I do. It's, like, ridiculous, what you're doing. Okay, I get what you're saying. The minute that I feel like something is off... yeah? ...I will make an excuse, and I will leave, and... I will call you right away. It's too risky. I don't even know where the guy, you know, lives or --

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, I do. He just texted me his address. See? Oh. How nice.

[ Telephone ringing ]

[ Sighs heavily ]

[ Telephone beeps ] Tan-O. Mike speaking. Alright.

[ Sighs ] Damn. Okay, listen, that was, uh, the beer delivery. I got to go open the door for them. But we are not done with this conversation. Before cyrus showed up last night, we were getting into some important things about the baby and about us. And no pressure, but I-I want to keep talking. Absolutely. I would never shut you out. But just to be clear, it was my decision to keep the baby, so it's my responsibility. I don't want to pressure you. I don't -- I don't feel pressured. I-I feel that I have a chance at something amazing here, something that I-I never expected or even knew that I wanted. But now that it's here, like, I want to be a part of this child's life. And yours. I'll put one of my top reporters on carly's trail. We'll work that "madam mob boss" angle. That sounds like a winning headline, but don't forget the corruption in the mayor's office. Laura's looking the other way for carly, tacitly condoning organized crime, just as she did with Sonny.

[ Cellphone rings ] Yes. When? Thank you. No, uh, uh, uh, just keep me posted. Bad news? Uh, it's my source at the courthouse. It seems diane miller's working out an immunity deal for gladys corbin. She's talking to law enforcement now about immunity? She must have changed her testimony -- you told me she was solid! She was! The woman is a greedy narcissist. She resented Sonny. She resents carly even more. That's why she was thrilled when I took brando into my organization. She's an easy mark. I've worked with her before. I don't know what would incite her to flip on me now. I-I've got to find brando and have him convince her to do otherwise. I just saw him -- brando. He was getting chummy with sasha gilmore. Britt: What time is it? I don't know. It's about 5:00, I think. Why? Shouldn't they have called by now with the test results? I mean, who am I kidding, right? All this -- this talk of stillness and being in the moment? I can't handle this, jason. I-I-I -- [ Sighs ] Okay. Hey. It's alright, just -- just calm down.

[ Exhales heavily ] Can we just try -- can we try something? Like what? Um... 20 questions? Okay, sure. Um, is it bigger than a breadbox? Oh, does it have an engine?

Is it your motorcycle? No, no, shh. The more you talk...

[ Sighs ] ...The less you hear. Excuse you? If you're always thinking about what you're going to say, you're not -- you're not listening to what's going on around you. Alright, close your eyes. Sure. Fine. I can do that. Okay. Okay.

[ Water burbling, birds chirping ]

[ Inhales deeply, sighs ] What do you hear? The water. Wind in the trees.

[ Bird chirping ] A bird. [ Chuckles ] What do you feel? The breeze on my face. Just focus on that.

[ Sighs ] It's no use. I get lost in the thoughts, and then the darkness starts caving in on me and -- okay, just -- just keep your eyes open. There's no darkness here. It's beautiful. Mm. It's calm. It's peaceful. You know, and that thing you're worried about hasn't happened yet, and it might not. But right now, in this moment...'re good. I am. Thanks. Maxie: [ Voice breaking ] I keep thinking that I'm not gonna hold my newborn baby in my arms. That a-after all these months of hope and anticipation, louise will just be gone. Okay, but don't let your fears run away with you, okay? I-if britt's unAvailable, G.H. Has amazing doctors. They will -- they will bring your baby girl into the world safe and sound. And what if they can't? What if I have to say goodbye to my little girl before I even get to say hello?

Alright, nin-- damn it.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Must be the clinic. No one else has the number. The test results are in. Okay. Time to face the music. Jason? Thank you. You haven't done much to endear yourself to me, gladys. If I've been pushy in the past, it's because I wanted Sonny -- god rest -- to treat brando like a full member of the family. So, of course, when brando was hired by mr. Renault, I was thrilled he had the opportunity for advancement that he never had with Sonny. Yeah, and you made sure that would happen by telling cyrus about dev, because you wanted to endear yourself. But all you did was give cyrus leverage over all of us, including brando. I know cyrus is a powerful man. I have sense enough to be afraid of him, which is why doing what you're asking terrifies me. Okay, was diane not clear? Did you not understand what she said? The only way to keep you and brando safe is to make sure cyrus goes back to prison. And, yes, cyrus has a laundry list of crimes he's committed. But the only ones we can prove are perjury and obstruction, and you can speak to those crimes. And, yeah, jason's going to be exonerated. But I don't think for one second you care about doing the right thing. You only care about saving your own skin. So that's exactly why you should do this -- to make sure cyrus is no longer a threat. I get it, carly. I'm going to do what needs to be done. And, yeah, I'm doing it for myself, but I'm also doing it because I love my son and I'll love my grandchild, too. I hope so. I hope so, because their future depends on you.

[ Cellphone ringing ] What's going on? Okay. Well, isn't olivia around?

[ Sighs ] Alright, yep, I'll be right down. I have to go downstairs and take care of a situation with a guest. After I hear from diane, I'll be back up here to take you to the pcpd.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Door closes ] I need you to keep an eye on things, frank. Ms. Corbin is going to stay in this room, and if she gives you any trouble, I want you to call me. I'll have my filet mignon medium rare with mushrooms on the side. Uh, and mrs. Corinthos will be taking care of the bill.

[ Phone beeps ]

[ Sighs ] I pray for a safe and smooth delivery, because I can't wait to meet my little girl. But what happens after she's born? What if I can't protect her anymore? I mean, right now, she's safe with me. But once she's out in the world, I'm going to have to let her go, and that's killing me. I'm -- I'm sorry, let her go? I mean, yeah, we all have to release our children into the world, but [Chuckles] It happens slowly over time. I-I mean, you've done -- you've done it with georgie and james. You'll do fine with louise. See, I-I'm -- I thought you were worried about complications during childbirth. But fear not, maxie. Once -- once louise is born and you see that she's fine, you'll stop worrying. We can't exactly be part of each other's lives if we're hiding the fact that you're our baby's father. I'll think of something. I'm pretty resourceful when I'm motivated. Oh, I know.

[ Chuckles ] I like you, sasha. I know that, too. It's why I'm pregnant.

[ Laughs ] It's not about the sex, although I-I very, very much enjoyed that. And you being drop-dead gorgeous doesn't hurt, either. But I feel a deeper connection here. I think we could really have something together. I feel it, too. So, um... are you willing to see where this goes? I-I don't know how we can, as long as cyrus is around. Cyrus can go to hell. You saw brando with sasha gilmore? And what makes you say they were "getting chummy," as you put it? They were stepping into the stairwell, cyrus, like they were stealing some one-on-one time. Oh. You know what? Forget your chauffeur's love life. We need to focus on gladys. She can place me in the hallway at franco's studio. She saw me toss the gun. The murder weapon, cyrus! Gladys corbin cannot change her statement now. No, of course not. It just looks like we each have some work to do.

 Please leave your message, and I'll return your call

as soon as I can.

[ Beep ] Nina, it's Mike. If you're with elijah, call me back.

[ Telephone beeps ] A barbecue? What the... what barbecue? Church? Community... church? Where did you let him take you, nina? We will find a way around cyrus, okay? Don't worry. When's your next visit with the doctor at mercy? Three weeks. You want to come? It's a date.

[ Laughs ] A date? Talk about doing things backwards. It's not backwards. It's just us. Us. That has a nice ring to it.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] Duty calls. Cyrus? I need to, uh, make a pickup and deliver it to him. If we didn't have to keep this a secret, I would ask you to dinner tonight. I have a tricky relationship with food these days. Maybe I would suggest we order in.

[ Both chuckle ] If you need me, for anything, just call me. I'll be there. Discretion be damned. You're in more danger than I am. Take care of yourself. I will...if you will. I promise. I can't -- I can't talk about this. Spinelli, no one can know. Maxie, is there -- is there something wrong with louise that you've been keeping a secret? 'C-- 'cause if so, you don't have to shoulder this burden alone. I mean, yeah, we're privileged to be georgie's parents, but we're also the -- the oldest and closest of friends. W-we've seen each other through... struggles and -- and difficulties and shared with each other our -- our fondest hopes and our -- our darkest fears. So... why should now be any different? Please let me in. Let me help you. Dr. Gannon: I'm glad we were able to get you in today, mrs. James. Got your test results right here.

[ Sighs ] We ran a complete screening for the marker for huntington's disease. And the results -- stop -- just s-stop.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ] Silly goose. Probably room service. Just a minute!

[ Sighs ] Sorry. That took me a second.

[ Gasps ] Hello, gladys.

There better be something abouta barbecue here somewhere.

[ Door opens ] We're closed! Lenny and phyllis aren't here. Oh, uh, I'm glad you're here. We need to find nina reeves. I'm afraid ms. Reeves is gonna have to wait. You need to answer some questions. About what? Elijah crowe's office was broken into and robbed the other night. What does that have to do with me? Elijah claims you and ms. Reeves are behind it.

[ Voice breaking ] I don't know what to do. Trust me. Rely on me. You know I'll do anything for you and your baby. I know you will. I'm counting on it. Okay, then... then tell me the truth. What has you so troubled? Why -- why do you fear the loss of your baby? Mrs. James, is something wrong?

[ Sighs, sniffles ] No, no, I'm, uh --

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] I'm okay.

[ Exhales heavily ] Um, I'm ready. Mrs. James, the test results show that you have the marker for huntington's disease.

[ Sobs ] I'm very sorry.

[ Whimpers ]

[ Sighs, sniffles ]

[ Crying ] Oh, I'm sorry.

[ Door opens ] You did well. And you get points for expediency. Your turn. Keep me posted about jason morgan. Yeah, of course. Frank?

[ Knock on door ] Frank.

[ Door beeps ] No. No. Cyrus: Come in. Brando. I finally found a way to shut your mother up.

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