GH Transcript Friday 5/21/21

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/21/21


Episode #14706 ~ While mourning the death of World Security Bureau agent Sean Donely, Felicia Scorpio, Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio, Anna Devane and Laura Collins are pulled into a mystery involving Sean's daughter Annie.

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(This still needs extensive editing)

Annie: I can't believe how many of you came all the way from america.

[ Breathes sharply ] That's how much everyone loved your dad, annie. And how much we all wanted to be here to support you and your mom. Thank you. It means a lot knowing you came to honor him. Your dad loved you, annie. You were his pride and joy. Thank you. The, um, inn is just over the hill. I hope you can stop by. Sure. Yes. -Of course. -Okay. See you there. Yeah. Hey, felicia, um, do you have a minute? Uh, maybe we could just talk. Not the time. Come on, mac, let's go.

[ Vocalizing ] Robin: My first thought when I heard the news was, "why didn't I make more time to come and see sean and tiffany in ireland?" The kids would've loved it.

[ Breathes deeply ] You know, maybe we shouldn't have left mom and felicia at sean's grave. I mean, at least mac's there. I don't think I've ever seen felicia so angry before. We're almost there, baby. We just have to make sure your father's removed from the equation. Trust me, it's for the best.

[ Knock on door ] Peter: Maxie, it's me. I just want to say goodbye before you head off to the spa. Speak of the devil. It was a beautiful service, wasn't it? Laura: Mm-hmm. The priest was really eloquent. And tiffany... oh! ...Oh, my goodness, that was so brave.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] I don't know how she held it together like that. I was really proud of her. Me, too. And I was watching her, and I was thinking of -- of me standing there at alan's funeral. It's all so surreal. You know, you've lost your life's partner and you're trying to get through the loss and just -- just be grateful for all the good times. And sean donely was definitely a man who appreciated a good time.

[ Both laugh ] And now that all the religious stuff is over, I think he would want us to remember and celebrate his life. Hear, hear. Mm-hmm.

[ Chuckles lightly ] Hi, peter. I'm just packing for my spa trip. Oh, where's chloe? I thought she understood that she's to be with you at all times until the baby's born.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Ooh, see, mac, it's right here. I knew I dropped it. Yeah. Felicia, please... could you just stay so we can talk? Trust me, you do not want to hear what I have to say. I do. We c-- we can't get past this until we go through it. Uh, look, if I may... we just said goodbye to sean, and, uh, you were two of his favorite people, and he would hate to see you at odds. So if it's possible to talk it out, think of it as a last way to honor sean. I'll stay. For sean. Thank you. I love you. I love you both. Annie, is your mom here? I barely got to speak to her at the service. Uh, no, she, uh, she and connor took some of my dad's ashes to spread them at his, uh, local village, annascaul. Yeah. Sean, uh, told me stories about that place. Said it reminded him of your namesake, anna. If you don't mind me asking, how bad was the dementia? Did -- did he know who you were? Um...

[ Sighs ] Yes and no. My last good memory of him was, um, this last christmas when he gave me this ring. Oh! Oh, beautiful. -Yeah. -Yeah. Dad's last years had been, uh, pretty muddled, but...

[Voice breaking] There were some days where he was sharp as a tack. He knew that the christmas star was going to be visible in ireland for the first time in [Sniffles] 800 years.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] He said seeing it was a miracle... just like me. Laura: That's lovely. Does the ring have significance? Cubanite is known to attract magnets. Magnetic. That's how he saw you, annie. Magnetic. I hear the cell service is a little bit better outside... yeah. ...So I'm going to step out and give your mom a call. Oh, she would be thrilled to hear from you. Good night, sweetheart. Let's sit down for a second.

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Line rings ] Tiffany: [ Breathes deeply ] Laura!  Or am I supposed to say "madam mayor" now?

[ Laughs ] Just laura. Oh, god, it's so good to hear your voice.

And yours, too, darling!

 But, listen, I want to hear about you, too, and your life, you know, everything -- the good, the bad, everything in between. 'Cause, you know, tiffany, you don't have to edit for me -- you know, you can just say whatever you're feeling. I want you to know that I'm here for you. Tiffany:

As you always are, darling. I spoke to tiffany a while back. She said you'd applied to the bureau. How's that going? Well, I-I was hellbent on following in my father's footsteps. "Was" meaning past tense? I was accepted into the training program, I completed it, and then nothing. They were supposed to contact me for my final test, but they never did. So I can only assume I didn't make the cut. Well, don't be too disappointed because it's not easy to get into the bureau. The wsb did contact me after dad died, but it wasn't to pass on their condolences. Dad still has very sensitive wsb documents. They're sending a -- a courier for them tomorrow. Look, I know this is a lot to ask, but, um, well, anna and I worked closely with your dad in the bureau, and we still have clearance. I was wondering -- would it be possible for us to have access to those files? Tiffany: You know, what a blessed life I've had. From the moment that sean walked into my life until the second he left it -- oh! He was heartbreakingly handsome, oh, exasperating, and hysterically funny and fun. Oh, and he had the driest sense of humor with the slyest twinkle in his eye. And, you know, even that -- even that time when he broke my heart -- but for -- oh, it was 35 years -- we have lived the most magical life together. Oh, my sean donely was the best time I could ever have dreamed of. Not to mention he gave me a wonderful stepson, connor, and an utterly amazingly fantastic daughter. Oh, laura, darling, I can't wait to see you tomorrow. Me, too, tiffany. I love you. I love you, too, my dear, dear friend. Tomorrow. Oh, dear, dear.

[ Sighs ] Aah! I gave chloe the afternoon off. She needs to pack for our spa getaway. Well, it doesn't take the entire afternoon to pack. You know what? I'll -- I'll stay with you until chloe gets back. I don't want you to be alone, maxie. Maxie's not going to be alone. I'll be with her. I'm going to take care of maxie. can go. Now. Have either of you seen laura? No. No. Why? I went outside to call patrick, and I found this. I'll go check it out. My dad was very protective of his old files. I mean, he designed the safe himself. It requires a -- a retina scan to open it. Wait a minute. Now that he's gone, no one can access it? I can. There's an old case that, uh, your father worked on, similar to something we're working on right now. Those case files of his may hold the key. I'm sorry. I can't give you access. Thank you for staying to talk. I, um, I appreciate it. Look, I know I deserve your anger. I -- this isn't anger, anna. This is rage at what you did to my daughter. Maxie's life is in tatters, thanks to you. You're her godmother, and she believed in you because I put you in a position of trust in her life. Peter was faison's son, and he admitted to working with him. We all should have been more suspicious. Oh, no, wait, wait. I take that back. I was suspicious, but you convinced me to give him a chance, and it was because of you that maxie believed in him and she loved him. The second that you had any doubts about him, you should have let me know and mac know. And if you didn't feel comfortable with that, you should have at the very least told maxie about it! You didn't protect your goddaughter. And worse, you, my closest friend, didn't give me a chance to protect my own child! I'm sorry.

Has anyone seen laura and mac? Yeah, robin here finds laura's key outside. Mac goes off to look for laura, and now he's gone. I haven't seen them. No.

[ Door opens, closes ] I got one down. Now, can we concentrate on finding laura? Look, I hate to admit it, but I couldn't find laura's room. I mean, this place is like a -- a rabbit warren -- this property. And the rooms aren't ordered with any rhyme or reason. Uh, you rented this place for all of us. Do you suppose you could take me to laura's room? Yeah, no problem. -Mom? -Yeah. I've been really worried. Were you able to talk to felicia? Felicia talked. Uh. Well, she "unloaded" would be more accurate. I mean, I suppose I had it coming. Well, I guess felicia does have a right to be angry with you... yeah. ...But you have a right to explain your side, too. Ohh. Try again. Be brave, like you've always taught me to be. Oh, god, I love you.

[ Door opens ]

[ Chuckles ] Right back at you. Mm. Look, everything you said to me is true. I-it's true. You know, I-I just -- I don't know how to begin to apologize. Then don'T. Because I don't think I can forgive you. I can stick around, too. I mean, there's no harm in that, right, bobbie? I am the baby's father, after all. Yes, well, I am a licensed nurse with decades of experience. And I know all about maxie's high blood pressure issues. I also know that your presence exacerbates them. So, you can leave, or you can be escorted out. Fine. Since you're in such good hands, I'll go. But I'll miss you, maxie. I'll see you after the babymoon. Bobbie, thank god you came. I have a question -- what the heck is a "babymoon"? And why was it urgent that I come over tonight? I need you to deliver my baby. [ Sighs ] What's up? Laura's room. The -- the door's open. Alright. Laura?! God, the room's a wreck. Looks like it's been ransacked. I'm going to call laura. Hey, what's going on? Um, we don't know. It looks like someone jimmied the lock to get into laura's room. Wait. What's this? Laura's not answering. A mexican flag and a toy gun? Wait a second. M-my dad worked in mexico under the alias "el patron." Yeah, he was an arms dealer, not one of his finest hours. Okay, so laura's missing, someone broke into her room, and someone left this for us to find. Could all of this have something to do with my dad? Well, I noticed we were running low on ice in the main room, and the ice maker in the kitchen is empty. Oh, oh. Uh, the caretaker told me there is an extra refrigerator in the garage. I'll check it out. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Feeling stressed in your skin? Not with new olay retinol body wash. Which improves skin 3x better. From dry and stressed, to bright and smooth. So, I can feel my best in my skin. Olay body. Fearless in my skin. I-I made terrible mistakes, you know, where -- where peter was concerned, and, um, I just let the whole thing go on for too long. Maxie was literally at the altar with peter when the horrible truth finally came out. Yeah, I know.If you had just warned me, I could have made other arrangements in texas and came back home and was by her side. But now my daughter is broken. Oh, she isn't, felicia. She's not. She's your daughter. She may be down, but she's certainly not out. Is that what you're telling yourself? That she's strong enough to overcome this disaster that you made for her? I-I don't know! I did this, okay? I did this. I-I-I wanted to believe the best in peter. And -- and I kept ignoring all the warning signs, and I kept seeing what I wanted to see. And by the time I realized how wrong I was, the wedding was upon us. I regret my actions every single day. And maxie's starting to forgive me, I think, and I'm doing everything I can to put peter away. So please just tell me that that -- that counts for something.

[ Sighs ] Oh, anna. I can hardly remember a time that we weren't friends. My god, we've been through so much together. Yeah. With me and frisco, and you and robert. And there wasn't anyone better suited for maxie's godparents than you and sean. And you were there for her long after sean and tiffany left town. And for me. Do you think we can eat this now? No, we have to save it for frisco. He gets hungry when he does police work. They don't seem to need any excuse these days. Did robert leave you with any details? No, he just said that everything went very well and to get extra pepperoni. How can I make amends? You know? What can I do so that you will forgive me? I'm gonna try to call the local police. Um, they're not very close by, but you should be able to get them on the phone. Go to the window by the hall. I've had very good luck with cell reception there. Okay. Can I see that?

[ Sighs ] It's no secret that my dad had enemies. Could one of them be targeting dad's friends? You know I trust you as much as I trust my own mom, right? Obviously, you're in some trouble. Okay. I made plans with my ob-gyn to deliver louise and keep her safe from peter, but those plans fell through. Okay, so, what's the new plan? Well, I made arrangements to go to this spa that caters to pregnant women. That's the babymoon part. And while I'm there, I'm gonna ditch the private nurse that peter insisted I hire. Then I'm gonna make it look like my water broke, and I've gone to the hospital, but really, I'm gonna go to beechers corners to have the baby. Dr. NAvarro said it's safe to induce. Oh, so that's where I come in. I have assisted in enough births to know exactly what to do. My contacts at G.H. Could get me all the supplies I need. I can meet you at beechers corners. Oh, thank you so much, bobbie. I have one question. Who do you have lined up to care for the baby until peter is no longer a threat? Robert: Spoke with the local police. It's gonna be 20 minutes before they get here. What do you think's going on, robert? For all the good work that sean did with the wsb, he also spent a bit of time on the opposite side of the law. I mean, he could be absolutely ruthless when he had to be or when the payoff was high enough. I mean, he tried to kill me once.

[ Grunting ] Oh, no. Aah! Aah! Scorpio! I'm well aware of my dad's past mistakes. He would just hate thinking that his mistakes were coming back to haunt his friends. Look, my parents have a lot of experience with situations like this. Whatever is going on, we're gonna get you through it. Felicia: You know, anna, i really didn't want to come here, partly because it's so close to maxie's due date. But also because I knew you would be here, and I wasn't ready for this conversation.

[ Sighs ] But in the end, I knew I owed it to sean to be here, and to myself. Sean was always very special to me. He was like a father to me.

[ Chuckles ] He watched over me always. Me, too. Maybe he still is. I know what he would say if he was here right now. He would tell me to forgive you. And he would be right. We have too many years invested in this friendship to just throw it all away. We were always able to overcome the odds. Right. And we need to do that again. So I need to overcome our differences and work with you through this. For maxie. Okay. Oh. Thank god. Guys, we seem to have a bit of a situation on our hands. Laura is missing. What? There are signs of forced entry in her room. And I found something that leads me to believe whoever did this is aware of my dad's days as el patron. Okay. Does anyone know where monica is? Wait a minute. Oh, my. Okay, monica's not in the kitchen. What happened here? She's not in her room, either. Hmm. Hmm. Oh, my god. What is it? What's that? Oh, it's mount rushmore. Remember, where we fought the terrorist group? Yeah. You, me, sean, tiffany, duke? Is some terrorist group targeting my father's friends? Wait, what happened to mac? Mac? Oh. What is happening?!

Well, I'm gonna go look for mac. Not by yourself, you're not. Come on. I'll come with you. Okay, let's try and be logical. Yes, this place is very old, but there are a lot of valuables. So there has to be security cameras somewhere, right? Yes. In most public areas. Great. Where is that security footage stored? There's a computer in the caretaker's office. Lead the way. Okay, before you go, I'm convinced that there's some information that we need that's in your father's files. No -- is there any way that you could just open the safe for us, please? I already explained this to robert. Even though I'm not a wsb agent, that oath that I took means something to me. Okay. Let's at least look at the security camera footage, okay, and just, you know, see what that tells us. Sure. Mm-hmm. I have a plan, and the less you know, the better. But I've made certain that my baby will be loved and cared for. I won't press you. But I know the pain of giving up a child. So no judgment here. And I am going to support you through all of it. I am so sorry, bobbie. I did not mean to make you think about losing B.J. Oh, honey, of course I miss B.J. I always will. But I am deeply grateful for her legacy, the heart that's beating in your chest. B.J.'S heart made my life possible, and my children's lives. I'm forever grateful to you for that. Kind of ironic. If sean was here right now, he would know exactly what was going on. Oh, without a doubt. I always had faith in him, from the very first time we met. Didn't he give you the nickname "princess"? And that's always how he treated me. Are you absolutely certain about this wedding? Oh, I am, sean. I love frisco. And if he wants to be a cop, I'm gonna be a cop's wife, and I'm gonna learn to be the best one I possibly can. I'm the happiest girl in the whole world.

[ Chuckles ] That's my princess. You know the password? Annie: I do. Uh, 791elsiemae. Oh, I love that. Tiffany's real name.

[ Computer beeps ] Are you sure that's the password? Absolutely. Oh, no, look. Look what's happened to the screen. Wait, let me reboot. Um, I don't think that's gonna work. It looks to me like the hard drive was wiped clean. How could that be so? Sometimes magnets can do that. Didn't you say that your ring had a magnetic component to it? Yeah, but I was never close enough to the computer to do any damage.

[ Felicia screams ] Robert? Dad! Robert, robert! Robert, what happened? Um... are you alright? ...I'm not so sure. Can you get up? Here, here, here. Yeah. Put your back here. Yeah, sit up. I'm walking around with felicia. Yeah? And next minute, I'm being propped against the door with a headache as big as australia. Ohh. Your head? Oh, my god. Well, where's felicia? Yeah, we heard her scream. Felicia's with the others. Huh? What -- what's that? What is that? Oh, would you look at this. I think it's meant to represent felicia's aztec jewels. Look at it. Your father and robert fought to the finish over these. I thought sean nearly killed you. Yeah, well, things got a little dicey for a bit there, but our...friendship survive. Well, whoever took felicia obviously knows the story, much like the incident on mount rushmore and my dad's days as el patron. This is all about my dad. They're picking us off one by one, and any one of us could be next.

Okay, we need to get him some ice for his head. Oh, okay. Yeah, you should come with us, annie. You -- you shouldn't be left here alone. I-I-I promise, I'll -- I'll be right there. Alright. Okay. Come on. You alright? Can you walk? Slowly. Yeah.

[ Sighs ] No.

[ Sighs ] So, what happens next? Um... anna, can I talk to you? Oh, yes, of course, yeah. Alone? Mm. Uh, okay. Uh... it's important. Right. Are you okay with him? Yeah, yeah, uh, I'm fine. I'll take care of dad. Okay. So, just stay here. Be careful, and I'll be in the hallway, I guess, if anything happens. Here. Let me take it. I feel really bad for annie. I promise you, this... will all be over soon. I hope so. Do you think there's anything in sean's files that will actually bring peter down? So, what couldn't you say to me in front of robert, huh? After laura went missing... mm-hmm. ...Robert said he called the local police and said that it would take 20 minutes to get here. Okay. Robert dropped his phone, so I checked to see what time he made the call. But there is no record of it, anna. Robert never made the call. He lied. Uh, well, yeah, but we can't jump to any conclusions. What else is there to conclude? Robert has to be in on this. He has to know where the others are. Well, you saw the bump on his head. He didn't do that to himself. Okay, so, perhaps the people that are taking our friends, they -- they tampered with his phone. Why would they do that? To make us doubt each other, the way you are right now. Annie, you have to trust us. We all loved your father very much. And we will get to the bottom of this, but we have to stick together, you understand? Yeah, um, I just -- I just need a second to gather my thoughts. Alright. Um, well, I'm gonna go back to robert, so don't stay out here alone too long, alright? Okay. You just be careful. Mm-hmm. Oh, uh... what? Oh, my god. How's the patient? Well, you see, in these trying times, it's nice to be sitting here with my ex-wife and my daughter fussing over me.

[ Footsteps approaching ] I'm sure. It's both of you. What? It's both -- both of -- both who? Your parents, robin. They are involved with whoever is taking my dad's friends. What? What do you mean? Robert, I found your phone. You never called the police. And, anna, I found a magnet in your bag, the same magnet that wiped the computer's hard drive. Now, where are the others, and what did you do with them?!

You're talking about my parents. I mean, how can you possibly suspect them? Your mom had a magnet in her purse, which she just so happened to place close enough to the computer to wipe out its hard drive. Explain that. No, I -- well, I can't, because I-I certainly didn't put that -- that magnet in my purse. I can only assume that whoever's been kidnapping our friends planted it there when I was out of the room. Annie, whoever's behind this will surely win if we all turn on each other. Okay, listen, I'm convinced that in order for us to find everyone, we need to access your father's files. So could you please just open that safe for us? Because I can't think of any other way we're gonna find them. I know I'm not allowed to fly in my third trimester, but I really wish I could have gone to ireland for sean's memorial. Yeah. I thought about going, but, well, then I got this feeling that I should stay close to home. And now that I understand your precious situation, I know where that feeling came from. Sean would have wanted that for his goddaughter.

[ Chuckles ] Who knows? Maybe sean aligned the stars so that you could be here for me. That's what godfathers do, isn't it? That's what sean does. Annie: It is clear you have not been honest with me since you set foot here.Oh. I believe you made the others disappear to manipulate me. So you can do whatever you want. I cannot and I will not open that safe. Okay, annie, but what if you're wrong? You won't even consider opening the safe and possibly save your dad's friends? I swore an oath to the wsb. They might not have taken me as an agent, but that oath was a lifetime commitment. If I broke it, I would dishonor my father's memory, and I am not going to do that! Spoken like a true agent. What's going on? Why are you smiling? Laura? Mac? W-what's going on? Are you okay? Yes, annie, we are okay, all of us. I don't understand. Congratulations. You passed your final test. The bureau reached out to us and, uh, asked us to help. Everything that happened was a setup. I asked the caretaker to usher everyone to a secret location so robert and I could test your loyalty to the bureau. We set up all those calling cards to make you think that your father's enemies were upon us. I left my phone lying around for you to find it. But, robert, you got hurt. Felicia: Oh, yeah! Oh, I'm so sorry about that. You know what? [ Laughs ]Thank you. I know I conked you on the head just a little bit harder than I was supposed to. But, you know, I had to make it look real, right? Oh, I'm sure my brother deserved it for something or other.

[ Laughter ] Wait, so, your purse? Anna: Right. Yes. I left that for you to discover. And you're right. We were trying to manipulate you into opening your father's files, but you kept your vow of secrecy. So now, annie donely, you are an official agent of the wsb. I don't know whether to be furious with you or [Chuckles] Shout with joy.

[ Laughter ] You be as proud of yourself as we know your father would be.

[ Voice breaking ] It's my dad's badge number. Yeah. And now it's yours. Congratulations. Thank you. Congratulations. Hear, hear.Hear, hear. Hear, hear.Hear, hear.

[ Bagpipes playing ] Maxie: I hope sean really is watching out for me. Louise and i are gonna need it. I believe he is. Congratulations, annie. A job well done. Oh, agreed. Do you hear that, mom? I'm officially a wsb agent. Tiffany: Oh, congratulations, my darling annie. Now you know why I had to keep my distance. I'd never have been able to go through with that charade. You just ask any of my friends there with you, since all of them know that I definitely would have had to just jump right in and try to give you some clues. But then they'd have had to kidnap me! Probably. [ Chuckles ] Besides, I was absolutely confident that you could handle it on your own. Just always remember, my darling, that you are your daddy's daughter, every bit as brave and resourceful as sean was. Well, I mean, I'd like to think I have a little mom in me, too. Oh, annie, I am so proud of you. And your daddy's forever watching out for you now, protecting you. He's loving you. You just need to feel that love of his. Just look up and remember that night, that night the two of you watched the most beautiful christmas star together. And, annie, please always cherish that memory. Sean, I mean, he -- he made us laugh through thick and thin. I, sean donely... officiant: ...Take you, elsie mae crumholz...

[ Laughing ] ...Take you, elsie mae crumholz... be my wife. ...To be my wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward. To have and hold till this day forward. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer... for better -- for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer... sickness and in health... sickness and in health... love and cherish... love and cherish... ...until we are parted by death. ...Until we are [Laughs] Parted, elsie, by death! Now, elsie mae... well, it's goodbye, old friend. Boy, I am so gonna miss you.

[ Sighs ] Till we meet again. May god hold you in the palm of his hand.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

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